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用Visual Foxpro 6.0实现文件批量重命名


  1. (西安石油大学 计算机学院,陕西 西安 710065)
  • 出版日期:2010-11-15 发布日期:2010-12-23
  • 作者简介:赵健(1974-),男,工程硕士。研究方向:计算机应用。

The Application of Macro Replacement Command of Visual Foxpro 6.0 for File Batch Rename

 ZHAO Jian   

  1. (School of Computer,Xi'an Shiyou University,Xi'an 710065,China)
  • Online:2010-11-15 Published:2010-12-23


目前,Visual Foxpro 6.0关系数据库系统的应用广泛。文中结合工作实际,运用Visual FoxPro 6.0的宏代换功能,解决了普通高等学校在网上招生录取工作结束之后,按照表中的相应字段,将被录取新生的电子照片文件名由其考生号批量重命名为学号的问题。

关键词: Visual Foxpro 60, 宏代换, 批量重命名


Visual FoxPro 6.0 Relational Database Management System(RDBMS)has been widely used.This thesis is written,based on the author's actual statistic work.After on-line enrollment is completed,the file of each admitted freshman's e-photo has to be renamed from the examinee's number to his or her student number.Thus the Macro Replacement function of Visual Foxpro 6.0 is artfully used for batch files rename operation.

Key words: Visual Foxpro 6.0;macro replacement;batch rename


  • TP311.132