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  1. (吉林电子信息职业技术学院 信息中心,吉林 吉林〓132021)
  • 出版日期:2010-12-15 发布日期:2010-12-30
  • 作者简介:陈显亭(1956-),男,副教授。研究方向:计算机应用。

Export Transformation Technology Network

 CHEN Xian-Ting, JIA Xiao-Fei   

  1. (Information Center,Jilin Institute of Electronics and Information Technology,Jilin 132021,China)
  • Online:2010-12-15 Published:2010-12-30



关键词: 网络服务, 网络层防火墙, NAT地址转换, 内外网解析朗读


In the current Internet age,most enterprises have their own network service system.In order to meet the different needs,more than one network export access is included.How to solve the relationship between the network services and the network access and improve the network service system interface bandwidth and access speed are the problems which multinetwork access users need to solve.In this paper,the above issues are analyzed and studied on the basis of the authors work experience with Web sites as a service object.The results are practical.

Key words: network services;network layer firewalls;NAT address translation;inside and outside the network analysis


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