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  1. (西安电子科技大学 电子工程学院,陕西 西安 710071)
  • 出版日期:2011-01-15 发布日期:2010-12-30
  • 作者简介:何龙兵(1986-),男,硕士研究生。研究方向:图像融合与分类。 那彦(1964-),男,博士,教授。研究方向:信息融合。

Fractal Fusion for More Spectral Visible Light Images and High-Resolution Panchromatic Images

 HE Long-Bing, NA Yan   

  1. (School of Electronic Engineering,Xidian University,Xi'an 710071,China)
  • Online:2011-01-15 Published:2010-12-30



关键词: IHS变换, 小波变换, 分形维, 图像融合


A more spectral visible light image and High-resolution Panchromatic image fusion algorithm based on the HIS,wavelet transformation and fractal dimension is developed for the domain of remote images.First,the remote panchromatic images and the component I of the remote multi-spectral image are decomposed to the domain of the wavelet transformation which has the advantage of good directions,and the remote image fusion is then implemented in different subbands.The  region energy fusion algorithm is adopted as fusion rules in low-pass subbands.In high-pass the fractal feature of every pixel is calculated by adding a size of 21×21 of window,and then images of high-pass are merged with different fractal dimension of every pixel as weight.Finally,the stretched grayscale fused image replaces the original intensity component,and the final fused image is achieved.The experimental results show that,the use of the fractal feature to determine the scale of the two source image in the fused image can effectively hold the edge and textures of the two original images,and avoid the vague phenomenon in the distributions.The fused image is easier to identify and has more volume.Therefore,the algorithm of IHS and wavelet fractal raised in this paper is effective and can achieve better results.

Key words: IHS transformation;wavelet transformation;fractal dimension;image fusion


  • TP319.41