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  1. (1.西安电子科技大学 理学院,陕西 西安 710071;2.西安应用光学研究所 光学室,陕西 西安 710065)
  • 出版日期:2011-02-15 发布日期:2011-02-23
  • 作者简介:陈祖红(1985-),男,硕士研究生。研究方向:光信息处理与图像识别。 张培琨(1966-),男,硕士生导师。研究方向:光信息处理与光通信。 李婧(1986-),女,硕士研究生。研究方向:光电子信息处理。

Identification and Synthesis of the Simulation Image with Rotation

 CHEN Zu-Hong, ZHANG Pei-Kun, LIU Jia-Ying, LI Jing   

  1. (1.School of Science,Xidian University,Xi'an 710071,China;2.Optics Room,Xi'an Institute of Applied Optics,Xi'an 710065,China)
  • Online:2011-02-15 Published:2011-02-23



关键词: 匹配变换相关, 联合变换相关, 联合功率谱, 复共轭, 平面旋转角


Two methods for identifying the revolving image on the computer are put forward: the matched transform correlator and the joint transform correlator.Comparison of the analog data of the two algorithms shows that the joint transform correlator algorithm is better in recognizing the target object.And simulation experiments show that computer simulation recognition is superior to the real optical pattern recognition in succinctness and significance.

Key words: matched transform correlator;joint transform correlator;union power spectrum;duplicate conjugate;rotation angle in the plane


  • TP391.41