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  1. (绍兴职业技术学院 机电工程学院,浙江 绍兴 312000)
  • 出版日期:2015-10-15 发布日期:2015-10-29
  • 作者简介:王元月(1977—),女,硕士,讲师。研究方向:电源技术。E-mail:wangyuanyue@sxvtc.com

Multiplexed Output Type Switching Power Supply Based on UC3842

WANG Yuanyue   

  1. (College of Mechanical Engineering,Shaoxing Vocational Technical College,Shaoxing 312000,China)
  • Online:2015-10-15 Published:2015-10-29

摘要: 为了使电源具有更好的使用效率和稳定性,文中设计了一种基于 UC3842 的多路输出型开关电源系统。文中分析了所使用芯片的选择原因,以及电源中主要模块的需求、原理。通过在特定软件上对所设计电源进行仿真,仿真结果表明,该开关电源各路输出稳定,误差< 1%(±12 V)、2%(±5 V);且工作效率得到了大幅提升,符合设计要求。

关键词: 开关电源, UC3842, APFC, saber

Abstract: In order,a multi output switching power supply system based on UC3842 is designed for higher efficiency and stability.The reasons for choosing the chips and the requirements and principles of the main modules in power supply are analyzed.Simulation using specific software show that the switch is stable under various power outputs with an error <1% (+12 V) and an error of 2% (+5 V);the work efficiency is also significantly improved.

Key words: switching power supply;UC3842;APFC;saber


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