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  1. (成都理工大学 信息科学与技术学院,四川 成都 610059)
  • 出版日期:2015-03-15 发布日期:2015-03-12
  • 作者简介:贺成佳(1991—),男,本科。研究方向:嵌入式系统。E-mail:jiaay08@163.com

Infrared Touch Screen Base on STM32

HE Chengjia   

  1. (College of Information Science and Technology,Chengdu University of Technology,Chengdu 610059,China)
  • Online:2015-03-15 Published:2015-03-12


红外屏是利用红外线方向性好的特点,对平面坐标进行定位。将多个发射-接收管排布到屏的四周,通过对接收管信号的采集处理,得出触摸点的位置。该系统使用Cortex-M3内核的STM32F103作为主控制器,通过USB HID协议实现标准USB触摸设备,无需用户手动安装驱动,即可实现触摸屏输入。触摸笔只要直径>5 mm,并且能够遮挡红外线即可,例如手指、毛笔等。写字、缩放、旋转等操作都可以通过触摸完成。设计的触屏安装简单,只需USB接口直接与PC相连即可,抗干扰能力强。

关键词: STM32, 红外触摸屏, HID 协议


The infrared screen performs plane coordinates positioning using the good infrared directional characteristics.It obtains the location of touch point by arranging several transmitter-receiver tubes around the screen and by collecting and processing the signals from the receiver tube.The system uses the STM32F103 Cortex-M3 core as the main controller to realize standard USB touch device via protocol of USB HID (Human Interface Device),without the need for manual installation of l the driver for touch screen input,as long as the diameter of touch pen is over 5 mm so as to block the infrared (such as a finger,brush,etc.) Operations like writing,scaling,and rotating can be completed by touch.Installation is simple by connecting the USB interface directly to a PC with good anti-interference ability.


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