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  1. (中国电波传播研究所 第2研究部,山东 青岛 266107)
  • 出版日期:2011-04-15 发布日期:2011-03-31
  • 作者简介:张永宏(1976-),硕士研究生,工程师。研究方向:短波通信,射频电路。
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Selection/Maximal-Ratio Combining Receiver in V-BLAST Systems

 ZHANG Yong-Hong   

  1. (The 2nd Research Section,China Institute of Radiowave Propagation,Qingdao 266107,China)
  • Online:2011-04-15 Published:2011-03-31



关键词: MIMO, 选择性合并, 最大比合并, 并行干扰抵消


The selection combining/maximal ratio combining (SC/MRC) algorithm is introduced into V-BLAST system based on parallel interference cancellation (PIC),where the cancellation residuals signal at each receiving antenna are combined by SC/MRC,so that diversity reception is achieved.The diversity gain of as much as the number of receiving antennas is obtained by the scheme,and the ratio of performance to complexity can be arrived at by selecting the receiving antennas with better channel transfer characteristics and combining them together.The complexity of MRC is linear with the number of antennas selected to combine,which is much less than the pseudo-inverse in conventional PICs.Simulations are carried out in 4×4 and 8×8 MIMO channels,and the performance of the new algorithm is verified by the simulation results.

Key words: MIMO;selection combining;maximal ratio combining;parallel interference cancellation


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