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Some Conditions for the Realization of Laser Angle Deception Jamming

 DING Zhen-Dong, WANG Juan-Feng, ZHU Qi   

  1. (Department of Technology,63880 Unit of PLA,Luoyang 471003,China)
  • Online:2012-10-15 Published:2012-11-29


We establish a situation that the airborne optoelectronic pod directs the laser-guided weapon to attack the target on the ground and the laser jamming equipment jams it to achieve active laser angle deception jamming.A mathematical model is also established.The three conditions for ensuring the laser angle deception jamming are discussed.Emphasis is put on the power needed when the fake target is a small or big target.Two parameters are defined,one being β,the angle ratio of beam divergence of the jamming laser and guiding laser,the other being σ,the area ratio of the fake target and real target.

Key words: laser;laser angle deception jamming;angle of beam divergence;ratio of atmospheric permeation

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  • TN972