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The Image Fusion of Compressive Sensing with Adaptive Deviation Feature


  1. School of Communication and Information Engineering
  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-04-04

Abstract: For the problem that the traditional compression domain fusion algorithm combines single and poor fusion results, an adaptive rule of high frequency feature fusion is proposed.First,making a NSCT decomposition to the infrared image and visible light image, and after that to fuse them using regional energy criterion for the high frequency sub-bands to obtain a better fusion result than the traditional low frequency coefficients. Next,Since the decomposed high-frequency sub-band coefficients have high sparsity,they are compressed by CS and adopted adaptive fusion rule.Finally, it gets fusion image by reconstruction of compressive sensing and inverse NSCT transform for data which has been fused. When compared with the traditional compressive sensing method, The new method combines the background information and infrared target information ,which effectively improves the image fusion effect.

Key words: image fusion;NSCT;compressive sensing;standarn deviation

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  • TN911.73