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    Thank you for your trust and support. In order to better serve the author and ensure that the manuscript can pass the review smoothly and even be hired and published in time, please read the following submission requirements carefully.

    The Editorial Department of Electronic Science and Technology of Xidian University began to launch a new version of the website in November 2018, using the leading manuscript acquisition and editing system, remote manuscript processing system and online journal system in China. Authors are invited to log on to the website of Electronic Science and Technology ( to submit online contributions and inquire about the current status of contributions.

    This journal is dedicated to creating a good platform for academic exchanges and the promotion of excellent scientific research results. It is a public academic journal without any publishing fees. I hope that the authors will attach importance to and cherish this resource. In order to improve the academic level and quality of this magazine, I hope that the majority of authors will carefully write papers and quote more from our magazine. The specific requirements for submission are as follows:

    1. The journal is open to both domestic and foreign publications, requiring the authors to be innovative and to contact the frontiers of the subject.

    2. Manuscripts must be arranged and typesetted in strict accordance with the requirements of the Paper Template published in our journal.The illustrations in the text must be drawn in strict accordance with the requirements of the specification for illustration drawing of our journal.

    3. Priority should be given to the research results generated by government funds at or above the provincial (ministerial) level (such as Natural Science Foundation, Science and Technology Research Foundation, 973, PhD Foundation, etc.). Please attach the project name and number when submitting the draft.

    4. The research fields included in this journal mainly include: communication and information engineering, signal and information processing, computer science and application technology, physical electronics, mechanical manufacturing and automation, circuit and system, microelectronics and solid electronics, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, applied mathematics (applied to electronic science), cryptography, radio physics and related cross-science. Section. Manuscripts from pure mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, management and other disciplines are generally not accepted.

    5. In order to improve the overall quality and level of our journal, teachers, graduate students and researchers are welcome to submit innovative, in-depth research, with a higher academic level, and with greater reference value to our journal.

    6. All authors must sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement to avoid academic disputes and damage to the reputation of tutors.

    7. Attention must be paid to the writing of abstracts and the awareness of serving readers should be established. Readers include peers, consultants, searchers and document compilers. Abstracts are of equal importance to the text and are particularly important for access to the retrieval system. Therefore, please pay attention to the following requirements:

    (1) Abstracts belong to secondary documents and must be short articles that can exist independently of the text. Its content is the main content of the text, including the purpose (object of study, problem solving), the method (theory, condition, material, means, etc.) and the results and conclusions, that is, the four elements. It is required to contain enough information in a limited space.

    (2) The abstract should reflect the content of the body truthfully, objectively and accurately, without supplementing and modifying the content of the body.

    (3) There is no need to describe the research background in the abstract, and if necessary, simply state the problems to be solved.

    (4) The abstract can not be independently identified by references.

    (5) The results and conclusions of the study should be truthfully expressed in the abstract, and there should be no language of praise, modesty and evaluation.

    (6) Only critical data need to appear in the abstract, which is consistent with the text.

    (7) Abbreviations in abstracts and key words should not be spelled out in the abstracts. When they first appear in the text, they should be marked with English full names and standard Chinese translated names respectively.

    (8) The abstract language should be concise and complex sentences should be seldom used in English. If you encounter long sentences that are difficult to translate, don't turn them over or delete them easily. They can be divided into several simple sentences to avoid loss of information or grammatical mistakes.

    (9) Do not repeat the title in the first sentence of the abstract.

    (10) Chinese and English abstracts should be relatively consistent.

    (11) In English abstracts, the third person is often used; the past tense is used for expressing one's work; the present tense is used for expressing results; and the future tense is avoided and the completion tense is used less.

    8. In order to ensure the quality of papers, facilitate the automatic management of computers, improve the efficiency of editing, reviewing and inputting, and ensure fair review, please include all authors when registering on the website, and the relevant information should be as detailed as possible.

    9. Submission and Manuscript Processing: When submitting online, we will reply immediately. For the first review (about 2 working days), peer experts are invited to review outside (about 10 working days). The editor screens the manuscripts to be recruited according to the experts'opinions and returns them to the author for revision. The author shall notify the author of the rejection information of the manuscripts that are not suitable for employment in time. The author revises and sends it to the editor to examine whether it is revised according to the reviewing opinions and whether there are any errors, so as to decide whether to recruit or not.

    10. Review fee and layout fee: No publishing fee is charged to the author.

    11. Publishing cycle: the network launch cycle of regular manuscripts in CNKI is about 1 month, and the paper publishing cycle is about 18 months. When the manuscripts are hired, the author will be officially notified in writing of the publication time according to the publishing plan; Excellent manuscripts that meet the requirements of special solicitation for major topics of our journal (see the 'news announcement' column for details) will be published first after being approved. The online launch cycle is about 10 working days and the paper publication cycle is about 60 working days.

    12. Appointment, Notice of Appointment, Publication and Return.

    (1) Recruitment: A manuscript passed through the first examination shall inform the author whether it is accepted or not within half a month from the date of receipt of the manuscript.

    (2) Appointment Notice: After acceptance of manuscripts, authors in need are requested to obtain written acceptance notice directly from the on-duty editors. 

    (3) Publishing: After the hired manuscripts are published, the magazine provides free samples for the authors of each article, but the authors are required to obtain them from the on-duty editors in time. The on-duty editors contact QQ: 1017996016.

    (4) Return: This journal will unconditionally reject the following manuscripts:①Manuscripts whose contents do not meet the acceptance criteria of this journal are rejected after first review; ②Manuscripts whose reviewing opinions are rejected after expert review; ③Manuscripts whose revision opinions are issued without revision or serious revision within the time limit of revision.

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