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  • Dear Authors and Readers:


    Thank you for your long-term support and love for our magazine! With the continuous increase of the number of contributions and high quality manuscripts, the publication delay of our journal has been greatly prolonged, which not only brings a long waiting period to the authors, but also delays the opportunity for excellent manuscripts to seize the right of academic first issue, which is not conducive to the development of science communication. In order to solve this problem, the editorial department decided to implement network priority publishing in an all-round way based on the platform of China HowNet. After periodic data preparation, our journal has the ability to implement priority publishing in an all-round way. The data before the 10th issue of 2019 have been uploaded to China HowNet one after another. Readers and authors are welcome to download and read it.


    From now on, all manuscripts accepted by this journal will be retrieved and distributed on the China Knowledge Network within three months after their employment, and major scientific research achievements will be retrieved and distributed within one week after their employment.


    We hope that all authors and readers will continue to support the publishing cause of our journal and give priority to the latest publications of our journal. Thank you!


    If you have any questions, please call the Editorial Department for consultation: 86-29-88202440

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