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19 December 2009 Volume 12 Issue 12
    Design of a Dual Band Printed Antenna for WLAN Applications
    PU Liang, ZHANG Xiao-Miao
    . 2009, (12):  1-2+5. 
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    A dual band printed antenna for 2.4/5.8 GHz WLAN applications is proposed.The dipole array antenna is composed of four dipoles.Each dipole array corresponds to a resonating frequency,and therefore the antenna can work at two frequency bands of WLAN.On the other side of the substrate,a balun is printed to feed the antenna.This antenna has the advantages of simple structure,small size,light weight,low cost and great compatibility.It is suitable for WLAN applications.
    Realization of the Audio Interface and AGC Method Based on AIC23
    DING Dan
    . 2009, 12(12):  3-5. 
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    To solve the common problem of fluctuation of the amplitude of the audio signal at the audio interface,this paper designs an audio interface based on audio codec AIC23 and digital signal processor TMS320VC5416.The method of automatic gain control(AGC)of the audio signal based on the variable gain amplifier in AIC23 is studied.The audio interface designed has a simple circuit,clear tone and steady volume.

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