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15 December 2010 Volume 23 Issue 12
    Implementation of an Angle Measurement System for Airborne Radar with TigerSHARC
    ZHENG Qiong, LI Ming
    . 2010, 23(12):  1-4. 
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    The automatic Angle Measurement of Monopulse includes confirming the value and sign of the angle error.By an improved method,the sign of the angle error can be fixed out without solving the phase of the sum signal and differential signal.According to the value and sign of the angle error,the exact measure of an angle can be realized by finding the S curve table.Therefore,the processing time and storage space of TS201 would be saved greatly with high accuracy.In this paper,a TS201 is used to meet the requirement of an angle measurement system for airborne radar.The design has the advantages of good realtimeness,high accuracy,automatic measurement of the angle,easy realization and good stability.

    Design of UWB Planarized Monopole Antenna Using DMS Technique
    JIANG Xu-Dong, LI Ping, LIU Ying
    . 2010, 23(12):  5-8. 
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    Aiming at difficult problems to further enlarge the current bandwidth of the UWB antenna,this paper uses two techniques to enlarge the bandwidth:(1)Using A variation of the novel technique called defected microstrip structure(DMS),the structure is demonstrated to lower the lower bandwidth;(2)The bevel technique in the ground plane near to the feeding point is used to increase the highest bandwidth limit.By using these techniques,effectively enlarge the UWB bandwidth.A L-shaped slot is cut in the radiator to obtain the band-notch function.Experimental results show that the S11 in the work band of 2~12 GHz less than-10 dB.The antenna has a band-notch function from 2 to 12 GHz,and inhibits the potential interference between ultrawideband systems and WLAN systems.

    Digital Adjustable Source of Resonant Excitation Based on Cortex-M3
    XIA Chun-Hua, QIU Xuan-Bing, BU Xiang-Jun, QIAO Kai-Xiao
    . 2010, 23(12):  9-11. 
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    A high-speed and low power multifunction digital adjustable source of resonant excitation based on Cortex-M3(STM32F103C8) chip is introduced in this paper.The emphasis is put on the discussion of  the CPU part,signal module,filter and amplifier module,and the software of the control system.Actual measurement shows that the digital adjustable resonant source has the advantages of USB Interfaces and high resolution over the traditional analog resonant source.The resonant source can not only be used to complete experiments about resonance,but also have broad application prospects.

    Design and Simulation of the Sequential Logic Circuit Based on Multisim
    CAI Xian-Cheng
    . 2010, 23(12):  12-13. 
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    By integrating a Gray code counter example,this paper introduces the functions and features of Multisim software,explains the principles and composition of the sequential logic circuit design based on the Multisim software platform,and simulates the design using this design software.Multisim combines traditional design methods with EDA technologies and thus provides a new platform for electronic circuit design and development.

    Imaging of Downward-Looking 3D Circle-SAR by BP Algorithm
    PANG Shou-Bao, ZHANG Xiao-Ling, WU Kun
    . 2010, 23(12):  14-17. 
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    Combining downward-looking 3D SAR and CSAR,we put forward an imaging structure of downward-looking 3D circle SAR.Deducing the receiving signal model,we find that it has the coupling term in along-track and cross-track direction,so the traditional RD,CS and Range Migration algorithm can't be used in this situation.The Back Projection algorithm avoids dealing with the coupling term by two-dimensional scene searching.The principle of 3D circle SAR by BP algorithm is analyzed and the flow charts of the whole imaging process are given in this paper.The three-dimensional simulation results verify the correctness of the analysis and the feasibility and effectiveness of the structure.

    Application of BP Neural Network in Radar Target Recognition
    CHEN Wei-tao, YANG Pei, LIU Chao-Yang,SHENG Si-Jia
    . 2010, 23(12):  18-19. 
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    In view of the complexity and diversity of radar target signals,the method of radar target recognition based on BP neural network is presented.BP neural network has a learning function which can improve the efficiency of the radar target recognition system.The test results show that the method is effective and practical.

    Analysis of Pixel Compensation Circuits for AMOLED TFT Uniform and Stability
    XIE Li, WANG Yong
    . 2010, 23(12):  20-23. 
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    The organic light-emitting diode(OLED) displays are used increasingly widely in small and medium size displays.However,the progress has been slowed in large sizes displays,because the requirements on the stability and uniformity are higher in AMOLED.Pixel compensation circuits are needed.Many pixel compensation circuits have been presented by related research groups.The article analyzes compensation circuits of  α-Si TFT and p-Si TFT used in AMOLED.

    Design of a Compact Ultra-Wideband Antenna with Dual Band-Notched Function
    GUO De-Jin, GONG Shu-Xi, PENG Chao, ZHU Yang, ZHANG Peng-Fei
    . 2010, 23(12):  24-26. 
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    A copolanar waveguide(CPW) fed ultra-wideband antenna with the dual band-notched characteristic is proposed.An E-shape slot is etched from the radiator to achieve a notched band at  3.75 GHz,and the other notched band at 5.5 GHz is obtained by etching two symmetrical slots from the ground plane.Good agreement between measurement data and simulation results is obtained.The voltagestanding wave ratios(VSWR) are all less than 2 in the UWB band except in the desired notched bands.The simulated radiation patterns as well as gains of the proposed antenna are also presented.

    A Compact Dual-band Printed Dipole Antenna for WLAN Applications
    PENG Chao
    . 2010, 23(12):  27-29. 
    Abstract ( 1833 )   PDF (760KB) ( 993 )  
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    A compact dual-band printed dipole antenna for WLAN(2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz)applications is proposed and analyzed.The antenna structure is achieved by making a slot in the dipole's arms to obtain the characteristics of miniature and dual-band.The Balun feed which is based on coupling feed gives the antenna the advantages of wide-band matching,simple structure,convenience in manufacturing and easy integration to wireless communication equipments.The simulation results show that the bandwidth with a VSWR less than two is about 590 MHz(2.13~2.72 GHz about 24.33%) and 700 MHz(5.24~5.94 GHz about 12.52%) for the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands,respectively.Well shaped patterns are also achieved.The antenna has the important advantages of simple structure,small size,low profile,low cost and great compatibility,which can meet the demand of the WLAN applications.

    A Low-power Design of the Dual-modules Dual-treats USB Data Card
    XU Yin-Fang, XIE Yong-Jun, LEI Zhen-Ya, WANG Xu
    . 2010, 23(12):  30-31. 
    Abstract ( 1441 )   PDF (680KB) ( 1027 )  
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    The dual-mode dual-treats consumer electronics currently available have the disadvantage of high power waste.This article proposes a new technical solution which can both reduce the system power and cost and improve the reliability of consumer electronics.

    Design and Implementation of a Solar Warning Light
    ZHANG Guo-Hua, LIU Ke-Tong, LI Xue-Xia
    . 2010, 23(12):  32-34. 
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    To meet the safety,municipal construction and other security need,a solar warning light is designed.With AT89C2051 used as the main controller and LM358 as the hysteresis comparator,the design of hardware and software is completed and a flashing alarm is achieved.The system is convenient in enlarging and secure in use and therefore has achieved good social benefits.With solar energy as the energy source and light dependent resistor as the sensitive component,the time and frequency of the flash are easy to adjust and good warming effect is therefore achieved effectively.

    The Design of Action Controller about the Self-balancing Robot
    TAN Ling-Yan, WU Jun, WEN Xian-Yi
    . 2010, 23(12):  35-38. 
    Abstract ( 1940 )   PDF (877KB) ( 935 )  
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    In order to solve the coordinated control of multiple joints of the self-balancing robot,and improve the system control quality,based on the computer system architecture in the hierarchical structure of system,the paper proposes a new self-balancing human motion controller method,and designs a corresponding control method according to the motion controller,which can help the robot system achieve the task of self-organized distribution and make the robot's balance control achieve a better result.

    Design of a Bluetooth Intelligent Clothes System with the Physiological Monitor
    WANG Jian, ZHOU Hong, ZHUANG Yi-Qi, ZENG Zhi-Bin, JIANG Yi
    . 2010, 23(12):  39-41. 
    Abstract ( 1881 )   PDF (877KB) ( 973 )  
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    An intelligent clothes system with the function of a multi_parameter physiological monitor is designed.The system acquires sampled data by the embedded piezoelectric_film sensor and temperature sensor,realizing the real-time monitoring of heart rate and body temperature.Blood glucose,blood oxygen saturation and some other parameters can also be monitored with additional modules.By Bluetooth,the processed data are transmitted to external devices such as the mobile phone,PC and so on,which orders services of data copy and long-distance medical treatment.The monitoring system has the advantages of convenience,security and stabilization.

    Design of a Portable Physiological Parameters Monitor Based on C8051F330
    ZHANG Xin, WANG Xin, WU Yang-Bo
    . 2010, 23(12):  42-44. 
    Abstract ( 2457 )   PDF (680KB) ( 1609 )  
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    The portable physiological parameters monitor is an equipment which can monitor the basic physiological parameters of the human body and the energy consumption in real time.The design uses the C8051F330 single-chip as the core,DS18B20 as the temperature sensor,HA35DE as accelerometer step-by-step modules and HK-2000A as pulse sensor,enabling the instrument to monitor and display the human surface temperature,pulse and energy consumption in real time.

    Design of a Video Electronic Aim-line Overlay System Based on MAX7456
    CHEN Yi, ZHANG Dian-Fu
    . 2010, 23(12):  45-48. 
    Abstract ( 1357 )   PDF (862KB) ( 1020 )  
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    According to the video image electronic overlay principle,a video electronic aim-line overlay system is designed,and electronic cross aim-line and prompt can be displayed in a field as a way of the screen memory mapping.The core of the system consists of the STC12C5608 single chip microcomputer,MAX7456 video overlay display chip,power supply circuits and some simple external circuits.It can achieve the synchronous display of overlay image and scene image and controlled full screen moving of the two-dimensional position of the cross aim-line.The system is installed to facilitate the use of light weapons and applied to the armed mobile platform.

    Beidou Passive Location Systems and the Analysis of their Kalman Filter
    ZUO Ling
    . 2010, 23(12):  49-51. 
    Abstract ( 1564 )   PDF (855KB) ( 1202 )  
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    The Beidou star navigation system cannot accomplish real-time three-dimensional passive navigation due to the limitation of satellites.One passive navigation engineering scheme using the rubidium clock as the receiver clock under the flight environment is put forward.The receiver can calculate the position of the user according to the three measured pseudo ranges and altitude message.The continuous position principle and the method of calculating of the scheme are introduced in detail.The present obtainable location accuracy is analyzed according to flight test  data.

    Design of a GPS Positioning System Based on the PXA270 Embedded Development Board
    GUO Kun
    . 2010, 23(12):  52-54. 
    Abstract ( 1461 )   PDF (677KB) ( 926 )  
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    With the popularization and application of GPS,the embedded GPS system is currently a development trend.The GPS module is combined with the PXA270 embedded development system to process the GPS signal,and locate,reconstruct and eventually display the electronic map in the LCD.

    Study on the affect of High-frequency Viscosity Reduction of Crude Oil
    WEI Ai-Jun, JIN Xin-Tao, ZHAO Gang
    . 2010, 23(12):  55-57. 
    Abstract ( 1481 )   PDF (661KB) ( 928 )  
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    Through the processing of treating crude oil with high-frequency to reduce viscosity of crude oil,then study the rheological of crude oil after high-frequency treatment and preliminary determinate the high-frequency treatment the impact on rheological of crude oil.Then change the time and current of the treatment and compare the results when they come out.By this way we preliminary explain the high-frequency treatment impact on rheological of crude oil.

    Simulation of Fast Capturing for Distance Finding by the Spread Spectrum Technique Based on FPGA
    LIU Zhi-Fang
    . 2010, 23(12):  58-59. 
    Abstract ( 2013 )   PDF (846KB) ( 1153 )  
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    This article introduces the principle and superiority of the spread spectrum distance finding and illustrates a model based on FPGA.It achieves rapid spread spectrum range finding by calculating the autocorrelation function by FFT IP Core.The result of simulation indicates that this program has the advantages of high speed,high efficiency,flexible design and small error.

    The Eigendecomposition Algorithm of Hermitian Matrix Based on the Method of Jacobi
    LIU Ting-Ting, LIU Jun-Qing, ZHANG Jian-Nan
    . 2010, 23(12):  60-61. 
    Abstract ( 1438 )   PDF (640KB) ( 863 )  
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    The eigendecomposition of Hermitian matrix is usually the transformation of the matrix to a real symmetric one.The computation is therefore large.In order to solve computational problems,we propose a direct method based on the Jacobi Hermitian eigenvalue decomposition algorithm,which greatly reduces computation and meets the actual real-time requirements.

    Study of Electric Load Forecasting Based on Association Neural Network Optimization Algorithms
    SHI Guang-Xian, LI Chun-Hui, LI Hong-Bo
    . 2010, 23(12):  62-66. 
    Abstract ( 2241 )   PDF (901KB) ( 979 )  
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    The artificial neural network has been applied in electric load forecasting based on the fact that it can process information intelligently by simulating the human brain and adapt to nonstructural and uncertain laws.This thesis analyzes the basic conception of load forecasting and the basic structure of forward modeling and backward modeling based on the prediction principle of the neural network.It also deals with association neural network optimization algorithms.The electric load forecasting model is designed,simulated and tested.The results of the experiment shows that the electric load forecasting which is based on association neural network optimization algorithms can improve the prediction accuracy further.

    Life Parameter Detection Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
    ZHU Li-Chao
    . 2010, 23(12):  67-69. 
    Abstract ( 1612 )   PDF (1063KB) ( 1000 )  
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    Life parameter detection can be used in searching wounded people buried in the debris after earthquake and hostage release in the action of anti-terrorism.However,the radar returned signal from micro-motion is usually very weak so that it is hard to be detected by traditional time-frequency analysis methods.In view of this problem,a life parameter detection method based on empirical mode decomposition is proposed.Firstly the returned signal is decomposed into different intrinsic mode functions.Then the intrinsic mode functions are analyzed by using time-frequency analysis,and the micro-Doppler frequency caused by human micro-motion can be extracted from time-frequency distribution.Finally the validity of the method even with low signal-to-noise ratio is verified by computer simulations.

     Improvement χ2 of Statistics Based on the Category Scale Factor and Average Distribution Inner Category
    ZHANG Yu, ZHANG De-Xian
    . 2010, 23(12):  70-72. 
    Abstract ( 1528 )   PDF (687KB) ( 834 )  
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    The χ2 statistical method has two defects.One has reduced the weight of the low-frequency terms and the other has increased the weight of the characteristics in the designated class.This paper proposes an improved χ2 statistical approach based on the category scale factor and average distribution inner category.A contrastive experiment is carried out and the results show that improved χ2 statistics is superior to traditional  statistical in feature selection.

    Export Transformation Technology Network
    CHEN Xian-Ting, JIA Xiao-Fei
    . 2010, 23(12):  73-75. 
    Abstract ( 1233 )   PDF (673KB) ( 916 )  
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    In the current Internet age,most enterprises have their own network service system.In order to meet the different needs,more than one network export access is included.How to solve the relationship between the network services and the network access and improve the network service system interface bandwidth and access speed are the problems which multinetwork access users need to solve.In this paper,the above issues are analyzed and studied on the basis of the authors work experience with Web sites as a service object.The results are practical.

    The Implementation and Analysis of LDAP Authentication
    WANG Yuan
    . 2010, 23(12):  76-79. 
    Abstract ( 1396 )   PDF (758KB) ( 977 )  
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    The management of various information resources is good to searching and query and also to network information safety.The directory service of LDAP is such a technology for managing information resources,and its authentication service is widely used.This paper studies the directory service and authentication implementation,simulates the directory storage and the authentication of LDAP and shows its advantages.Finally,the factors affecting the performance of LDAP authentication have been tested and analyzed,and LDAP has been optimized.

    A Technique of Battlefield Perception Localization Based on the Sensor Network
    ZHAO Kun, ZHU Ji-Sheng, REN Xue-Jun, ZHANG Min
    . 2010, 23(12):  80-83. 
    Abstract ( 1811 )   PDF (846KB) ( 1034 )  
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    The application of sensor networks to battlefield perception localization is discussed.A distributional MDS for the application of self-localization is proposed.This algorithm uses the method of the third party distance quantification to calculate the matrix D,and accordingly nodes can be executed in a distributed fashion,which overcomes the deficiency of classic MDS-MAP algorithm from the perspective of positioning accuracy and matrix complexity.Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that this method is simple to implement and is capable of meeting the requirements of self-localization.

    The Study of Computer Network Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance
    MA Wei
    . 2010, 23(12):  84-85. 
    Abstract ( 1297 )   PDF (539KB) ( 899 )  
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    With the growing popularity of computer,the computer network technology has developed rapidly,network maintenance and fault diagnosis is become more and more importent.This article is to help readers understand the cause of the computer networks failure,as well as diagnostic methods.

    Application and Development of SharePoint Server 2007 Workflow
    WANG Hai-Yan
    . 2010, 23(12):  86-87. 
    Abstract ( 1530 )   PDF (653KB) ( 883 )  
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    This article describes the perfect integration of Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and the intranet platform constructed by it and the development of the network office workflow which matches with the reality of enterprises.

    Coding and Decoding Procedure of RS and its Software Realization
    HAN Xue, JIANG Xu-Ping
    . 2010, 23(12):  88-91. 
    Abstract ( 1487 )   PDF (723KB) ( 1013 )  
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    Based on the characteristics of the RS code,its coding and decoding procedure is introduced.The use of the testified RS code in the development of the ultrashort wave frequency-hopping radio station is presented.Results show that the use of the RS code is flexible and reliable in the wireless communication system.

    Survey on the Methods of Image Segmentation Research
    HUANG Qin-Bo
    . 2010, 23(12):  92-95. 
    Abstract ( 2727 )   PDF (882KB) ( 1184 )  
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    Image Segmentation is not just a classical problem for researchers in image analysis also a basic technology in pattern recognition and computer vision field.This paper reviewed some new representation theories and methods,including fuzzy techniques,active contour model,genetic algorithm and neural network.The merits and the drawbacks of the methods were discussed too.Finally,the paper simply presented the tendency of image segmentation.

    Design of a Vehicle Traveling Information Processing System Based on the CAN Bus
    HUANG Lian-Li, JIANG Mu-Lin, PENG Qiang
    . 2010, 23(12):  96-98. 
    Abstract ( 1637 )   PDF (915KB) ( 998 )  
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    This paper designs a vehicle traveling information processing system based on the CAN bus.This system records and stores the running information such as time,velocity and switch data.It can not only implement the data collection process between data collection unit and data analyzing software,but also draw driving curves according to the information of the vehicle.The system is developed using Visual Basic.It has the advantages of simple and fast data query,beautiful interface,appropriate color,good anti-interference ability and reliable performance.

    Significance of Preservation of Functional Dependencies in Schema Decompositions
    YU Si-Jiang, WANG Xiao-Bing
    . 2010, 23(12):  99-101. 
    Abstract ( 1429 )   PDF (658KB) ( 972 )  
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    Normalization can improve the normal form degree of relations through schema decompositions,and the criteria are lossless join and preservation of functional dependencies.A theorem on preservation of functional dependencies is proved,and it is shown that the significance of preservation of functional dependencies do not affect the performance of data updates while reducing data redundancy.The concrete analysis of an example further confirms the conclusion.

    Design and Implementation of a Remote File Synchronization System
    SUN Jing, WANG Bao-Bao
    . 2010, 23(12):  102-104. 
    Abstract ( 1709 )   PDF (685KB) ( 1424 )  
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    The vector time pairs algorithm and the rsync algorithm are combined for remote file synchronization.The vector time pairs algorithm uses the vector time pair to detect file updates,additions,deletions and conflicts without any false positives and support partial synchronizations.Using the rsync algorithm to transfer different parts of files and reconstruct synchronize files when copying files can effectively reduce the network traffic.Rsync,Unison,and this system model are compared by an experiment,and the results verify the feasibility of the model.

    The Safe Random Number System of the Online Game
    LIU Hong-Yi
    . 2010, 23(12):  105-106. 
    Abstract ( 1387 )   PDF (677KB) ( 1141 )  
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    This paper describes a kind of safe random number system's framework for the online game and its realization.It analyzes online game's synchronous origin and builds the network pool of random numbers in order to ensure that every computer can get the same number.In addition,by means of controlling random numbers programmers,all kinds of subsystems can be replayed continually.

    Physical Education Teaching Quality Evaluation System for Universities
    SONG Bao-Jie
    . 2010, 23(12):  107-109. 
    Abstract ( 1334 )   PDF (634KB) ( 933 )  
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    Scientific and reasonable evaluation of teaching quality has the function of orientation,identification,improvement and incentive management.PE teachers are an important part of university teachers.Because of the special nature and complexity of their work,their quality evaluation should be different from the quality evaluation of other universities teachers.Based on the status of research on the PE teacher evaluation system,this paper analyzes the problems in an attempt to establish a sound,scientific and standardized evaluation system for PE teachers.

    The Application of MATLAB in Electronic and Information Engineering Courses
    DENG Hong-Tao, ZHA Zhi-Hua, TIAN Min, LI Wei
    . 2010, 23(12):  110-111. 
    Abstract ( 1916 )   PDF (959KB) ( 1091 )  
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    In view of the problems in Electronic and Information Engineering courses,such as the large number of softwares,their complex operation,difficulties in mastering them,etc,this paper suggests that MATLAB be used in courses for teaching and research to build a systematized teaching and experimental platform.In this study,the application of MATLAB in courses shows that MATLAB possesses powerful functions and high practicality.Its application in electronic communication courses can make teaching more vivid and content more substantial.Consequently,the modernization of the teaching method can be further improved.

    The Teaching Reform and Practice of PLC Experiment for the Electronic Specialty
    XU Bi-Rong
    . 2010, 23(12):  112-113. 
    Abstract ( 1541 )   PDF (540KB) ( 954 )  
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    The technique of PLC is a practical subject,in which the PLC experiment plays an important role,because the PLC experiment cultivates students' practical ability.The experimentation teaching of PLC is reformed from the aspects of raising students' perceptual knowledge,multi-level teaching of experiment contents and strengthening of comprehensive design experiment.It is proved to be an effective way.

    Application of Systemview to Design in the Communication Course
    YAN Li-Hong
    . 2010, 23(12):  114-116. 
    Abstract ( 1706 )   PDF (728KB) ( 894 )  
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    Some simulation softwares are compared and analyzed.The advantages of Systemview,its major function-model library and applications are introduced.A concrete example is adopted to introduce the use of Systemview.Finally,the teaching effect by this software and the use of this software in related course teaching are introduced.This software is suitable for design in the communication system.

    Study of the Reform of Higher Vocational Education
    GONG Zhi-Xia
    . 2010, 23(12):  117-117+119. 
    Abstract ( 1417 )   PDF (775KB) ( 1070 )  
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    Problems in vocational education are discussed and their solutions are presented on the basis of the author's teaching practice.

    Visual Demonstration for Classical Signal Theorems by Matlab Software
    ZHANG Ni, SUN Chao
    . 2010, 23(12):  118-119. 
    Abstract ( 1944 )   PDF (848KB) ( 1009 )  
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    In order for students to get a better understanding of the Classical Signal Theorems sampling theorem and convolution theorem,a demo package is developed in Matlab GUI.The sampling theorem and convolution theorem are illustrated by plotting graphs.

    The Dynamic Prediction and Warning System for the Educational Condition for the Academy
    ZHANG Ying, WANG Dong-Yun
    . 2010, 23(12):  120-121. 
    Abstract ( 1595 )   PDF (714KB) ( 682 )  
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    According to The Basic Educational Condition Index for the General Academy published by the Ministry of Education in 2004,the basic educational condition for the academy is analyzed through a real educational example by the static method.A new method for dynamic prediction and warning is provided and analyzed.

    Virtual Reality Technology in the Practice of Teaching
    HAN Yong
    . 2010, 23(12):  122-123. 
    Abstract ( 1765 )   PDF (548KB) ( 888 )  
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    Virtual reality technology as an emerging technology that has changed the way traditional educational principles and the framework for improving the efficiency of teachers to enhance the interest of learners,to develop learners ability to self-control knowledge has a positive meaning.In this paper,the analysis of the meaning of virtual reality technology and features starting on virtual reality technology applied in practice the advantages of teaching,application forms and current problems in the application in depth inquiry.

    Measurement and Testing Technology in Electrical Engineering
    ZHANG Zhi-Tao
    . 2010, 23(12):  124-126. 
    Abstract ( 1298 )   PDF (670KB) ( 736 )  
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    With the social development of electrification and automation technology,measurement technology combined with the application of power plays an important role.In this paper,an electrified railway stations for electrical power engineering,electrical engineering technology combined with measurement of the test is discussed,and combined with electronic information technology,Measurement and Testing Technology in electrical engineering in the analysis of future applications and prospects.

    The Role of the EDGE Technology in the Field of Mobile Communications
    YU Chen
    . 2010, 23(12):  127-129. 
    Abstract ( 1265 )   PDF (709KB) ( 668 )  
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    This paper discusses the effect of the introduction of EDGE technology on the second generation GSM network and mobile operators the role of EDGE in the later 3G.It also analyzes the EDGE networks role in the triple play,LTE model and the development of 4G networks.


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