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15 November 2010 Volume 23 Issue 11
    Construction and Optimization of the Virtual Campus
    LIU Hai-Chuan, WANG Xiao-Peng, WANG Lei
    . 2010, 23(11):  1-4. 
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    This paper is based on the study of the roaming system about the campus.Though three-dimensional modeling and texture mapping,using the technology of 3D virtual reality,the on-line tour of main viewpoints for 3D virtual reality scenes of the campus is achieved.Using different methods to construct sky modeling,building modeling and tree modeling separately,the virtual campus is really rebuilt.Then,some methods for optimization are adopted in order to reduce the data of the model file and accelerate the speed of the load scenario successfully.

    A Vehicle Plate Location Method Based on Digital Image Processing and Projection
    FENG Hui-Na, BAI Yan-Ping, HU Hong-Ping
    . 2010, 23(11):  5-7. 
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    An algorithm for license plate 1ocation based on the color characteristics,digital image processing and projection is proposed in order to improve the rate and accuracy of the positioning plate.First,the possible scope of the plates can be defined from hole images by using the color characteristics,and then horizontal difference and edge detection are used to process the image,and finally projection and the ratio of the length and width can be used to determine the specific location of the license plate.Experimental results show that the method apply to the blue license plate,and has good robustness and real-timeness.

    Application of Software Duplicate Technology in the Design of the Radar Simulated Training System
    GU Rong-Jun, GUO Fu-Cheng, ZENG Yong-Hu, YANG Jian-Bin
    . 2010, 23(11):  8-10. 
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    In order to reduce the time and expenses of radar simulated training system development,enhance the flexibility,maintainability and reliability of the software,and shorten the cycle of software development,the conception and technology of software reuse are adopted.The software reuse model of the radar training system is built.By using software duplicate technology,the efficiency and quality of software development is enhanced.

    Character Acquisition and Recognition System Based on ARM and Linux
    JIANG Chang-Jun, DING Wan-Shan
    . 2010, 23(11):  11-13. 
    Abstract ( 2047 )   PDF (1111KB) ( 1047 )  
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    A character image acquisition and recognition system based on the ARM microprocessor and embedded Linux OS is introduced. The image preprocessing and character recognition software which works on the embedded Linux OS can divorce from the hardware. This system can be widely applied in the calling card, barcode, serial numbers recognition and other character recognition situations and its universality is greatly improved.

    Application of Intelligent Lighting in the Military Academy
    ZHANG Ya, ZHANG Dian-Fu
    . 2010, 23(11):  14-15. 
    Abstract ( 1348 )   PDF (707KB) ( 951 )  
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    In consideration of the serious waste of electricity of lighting in classrooms and offices, this article introduces the composition and working principle of an intelligent lighting system, and introduces the meaning of illumination as well as the light intensity detection method. It also proposes the applications of the intelligent lighting facility. The intelligent lighting system can automatically turn off the lights in the absence of people in classrooms or offices or in case of adequate light and automatically turn on the lights in the presence of people and in case of inadequate light so that energy can be saved.

    Research of the Soft-tissue Surface Model Based on Three-dimensional Reconstruction
    MAO Lei, CHEN Jin
    . 2010, 23(11):  16-18. 
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    Building a surface geometry model is one of the key technologies for realizing the sense of reality in virtual surgery simulation.Currently,the surface model is constructed mainly by the isosurface algorithm.In this paper,a more sophisticated image segmentation algorithm is used to extract the edge of tissues,thereby reducing the possibility of a narrow triangle which may appear when carrying out triangulate segmentation,improving the accuracy of isosurface,preventing cavities in the surface model,and enabling the tissue's model to be more realistic.

    Applications of Multisim10 and Protel DXP in the Research on and Development of Electronic Products
    ZHENG Fu-Long, LIAN Gui-Ren
    . 2010, 23(11):  19-21. 
    Abstract ( 1948 )   PDF (701KB) ( 950 )  
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    With a passenger flow volume control circuit as an example,this paper illustrates the technique of circuit design and simulation on the predominant emulation platform Multisim10.Net chart files of Protel format are generated using Multisim10.Then by PCB design and Protel DXP net chart files are modified,elements and linking information needed by PCB design are transferred,and circuit boards are printed.Experimental results show that our methods can improve product design quality,shorten the design cycle and reduce research and development costs.

    Design and Implementation of the LCD Driver in the Embedded Linux
    CHEN Tao, YU Xue-Cai, ZHU Liang-Xiao, WANG Shi-Yang, SU Ke
    . 2010, 23(11):  22-24. 
    Abstract ( 2267 )   PDF (653KB) ( 1063 )  
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    The development of the device driver is introduced from the aspects of the device drivers role,classification and file operations.By introducing the theory of LCD and the framebuffer,the LCD device driver based on the framebuffer embedded in Linux is designed with the ARM processor S3C2410 embedded chip as the platform.In compiling and running the test program,the LCD displays the color stripe and the requirements of the driver design are met.

    Mine Miner Intelligent Safety Monitoring Management System of Charging Rack
    NIE Wei-Xiong
    . 2010, 23(11):  25-27. 
    Abstract ( 1239 )   PDF (839KB) ( 1130 )  
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    It is necessary for miners to have lamps,safety and management of the mine-lamps' have relationship with safety of coal production.In recent years,due to perform the use of coal mine and mismanagement and great accidents occur frequently.At present the safety performance is high,small volume,light weight,type of lithium battery miner's already gradually eliminate old miner's that the safety performance is poor.But the information management of miner's is still very weak.In order to adapt to the needs of the construction of modernization of coal mine,improve the lithium battery charging,perform the miner's performance of information management,in this paper analysised mine management and attendance management in a miner's battery management system.

    The Application of Access2000 in Admission Scores Statistics by Majors in College Enrollment Management
    WANG Jun
    . 2010, 23(11):  28-30. 
    Abstract ( 1193 )   PDF (1163KB) ( 914 )  
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    The admission scores statistics by majors provided by the colleges and universities is the key reference information particularly concerned by the examinees waiting for their enrollment.It is also a key reference for next year's examinees when they fill out their applications.For the colleges and universities, the statistics also bears great significance for complaint visitors and letters,as well as next years enrollment strategies.This thesis is on the application of Access2000 in admission scores statistics by majors in college enrollment management.

    The Application of Macro Replacement Command of Visual Foxpro 6.0 for File Batch Rename
    ZHAO Jian
    . 2010, 23(11):  31-32. 
    Abstract ( 1538 )   PDF (764KB) ( 949 )  
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    Visual FoxPro 6.0 Relational Database Management System(RDBMS)has been widely used.This thesis is written,based on the author's actual statistic work.After on-line enrollment is completed,the file of each admitted freshman's e-photo has to be renamed from the examinee's number to his or her student number.Thus the Macro Replacement function of Visual Foxpro 6.0 is artfully used for batch files rename operation.

    Data Translation Between the Processing of the Simulated System Based on Memory Mapping Files
    YANG Ming-Yuan, REN Jing-Guang, LIU Wei-Xue
    . 2010, 23(11):  33-34. 
    Abstract ( 1715 )   PDF (599KB) ( 1182 )  
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    Based on the requirement of an integrated simulated system for the rapid and real time translation of a large amount of data between the processing,this paper realizes the real time translation of a large amount of data between processing by the technique of memory mapping by analyzing the various methods for communication between the processing.The result shows that the memory mapping based rapid and real time translation of a large amount of data between the processing works reliably and steadily in the integrated simulated system.

    Design of a Capacitance and Inductance Measuring Tester
    WANG Ming-Juan, ZENG Fan-Zheng, QU Yi
    . 2010, 23(11):  35-37. 
    Abstract ( 2289 )   PDF (662KB) ( 3203 )  
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    This article describes the measuring principle of the capacitance and inductance measurement instrument and the circuit design method using the STC89C51 microcontroller as the computing core,LC oscillating circuit-level as the measuring circuit. Fixed inductors and capacitors are used to compose the LC oscillating circuit.The Microcontroller controls the measurement of frequency.The divided frequency is measured by a frequency tester designed with a single chip.The resonant frequency formula is used to compute the unknown capacitance or inductance value indirectly.The scheme of capacitance and inductance testing has the advantages of simple circuit and small size.

    Ideal Strong Electromagnetic Pulse Excitation and its Transmissi on Through Good Conductors
    LIU Xiao-Yuan, JIA Jian-Yuan, GAO Peng, XIE Zhen-Jie
    . 2010, 23(11):  38-40. 
    Abstract ( 1100 )   PDF (488KB) ( 924 )  
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    The capacity of the ideal strong electromagnetic pulse to penetrate through the goodconductor enclosure is discussed, and the wave equation of the ideal pulse electromagnetic transmitted in the good conductor is presented. The penetrating amplitude attenuation of the ideal pulse electromagnetic wave is calculated, which is compared with harmonic electromagnetic wave. Based on the principal of the equal amplitude attenuation factor, the equivalent harmonic frequency of the ideal pulse electromagnetic is presented, which provides a theory for the design of the electromagnetic shielding and defending technology.

    Design of a Bandgap Voltage Reference with High Accuracy and Low Power Voltage
    LIU Zong-Fu, MA Dong-Dong, ZHAO Dan-Hui
    . 2010, 23(11):  41-43. 
    Abstract ( 1554 )   PDF (671KB) ( 1409 )  
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    A bandgap reference circuit with low power supply,high PSRR,low temperature coefficient and low power dissipation is designed.The bangap reference is based on the sum of two currents with both positive and negative temperature coefficients,and some improvement is made on the traditional design.The voltage reference is implemented in a UMC 0.25 μm CMOS process and simulated with Hspice.The output voltage is 900 mV,the power supply can reduce to 1.1 V,and the temperature coefficient is 8.1×10-6/℃.

    Modulation of the MSK Signal by DDS
    ZHANG Hong-Wei
    . 2010, 23(11):  44-46. 
    Abstract ( 2186 )   PDF (699KB) ( 1037 )  
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    MSK modulation is one of the realization methods in practice in digital signal frequency band transmission. This paper discusses a DSP system based method for modulating MSK by a DDS chip with FPGA designing interfaces. In this way, the hardware circuit is simplified and the modulator is easy to miniaturize.

    Design of an Alarm to Regulate Volume by the Composite Pulse  Width Mode Based on MK7A23P
    JIN Yong-Gao, JIANG Xin-Xin
    . 2010, 23(11):  47-50. 
    Abstract ( 2118 )   PDF (789KB) ( 1134 )  
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    A large-power alarm to regulate volume by the composite pulse width mode is introduced,which uses the MK7A23P single chip.The alarm uses pulse width to regulate volume because the output power is large.For the present single pulse width regulated mode,however,with the volume changing,the timber is changed,and the lower the volume is,the larger the timber changes.In this paper,a large-power alarm to regulate volume by the composite pulse width mode based on the strong function of the MK7A23P single chip is presented on the basis of an analysis of the universal alarm system sound source.By the method,timber changing is avoided.The circuit of the whole system is simple and the efficiency is high,which can enhance the competitive power of the products.

    A New Method of Building Digital Down Conversion
    HUANG Ming-Hui, WANG Hai-Juan
    . 2010, 23(11):  51-54. 
    Abstract ( 1946 )   PDF (975KB) ( 1266 )  
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    The basic principle of digital down conversion(DDC) is introduced,and the top-down new method design of digital down conversion is achieved by using System Generator.Then the function is verified in Simulink,and the timing RTL simulation of the HDL code is carried out on the Xilinx FPGA.

    Signal Performance Analysis of Corner Anti-tear Structures on FPC
    HE Fei, WU Zhao-Hua, WANG Quan-Yong
    . 2010, 23(11):  55-58. 
    Abstract ( 1615 )   PDF (1637KB) ( 1030 )  
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    The FPC easily cracks or breaks under the influence of large stresses.An anti-tear structure is,therefore,used around the corner to better improve the anti-tear performance of FPC.The paper carries out a comprehensive study of various FPC corners' anti-tear structures using a full-wave electromagnetic simulator HFSS.The impact of multiple arc corners' anti-tear structures on SI and the cross-section electromagnetic field is analyzed by modelling and simulation,and the influence of various FPC corners' anti-tear structures on the transmission of high speed circuit signals is summarized.

    Frequency Character Analysis for the Electronic Ballast Based on the Fluorescent Lamp Simple Model
    XU Hong-Mei
    . 2010, 23(11):  59-60. 
    Abstract ( 1254 )   PDF (810KB) ( 1052 )  
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    The relationship between main frequency point and parameters of the output circuit is analyzed based on the fluorescent lamp simple model.The result of experiments shows that the matching of electric property frequency of the lamp with the electronic ballast can lengthen the life span of lamps.

    A Detection Method for Noise Frequency Modulation Signal Bsased on Energy Statistics
    WEI Yi-Fei
    . 2010, 23(11):  61-63. 
    Abstract ( 1368 )   PDF (802KB) ( 1612 )  
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    The thesis presents a detection menthod for noise frequency modulation signal based on the statistics of energy using its continuity.This paper outlines the basic character of noise frequency modulation signal and gives the principle of the detection method.Designed the hardware circuit of the method with QuartusⅡ and simulated the circuit to verify the effectiveness of the detection method for noise frequency modulation siganl.

    A Study of Wavelet Threshold Filtering Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition Applied in Suppressing PD'S Noise
    SHAO Lie, WANG Bao-Bao
    . 2010, 23(11):  64-66. 
    Abstract ( 1653 )   PDF (1003KB) ( 1062 )  
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    Wavelet transform is the most commonly used method in processing partial discharge's noise. However, it might cause waveform distortion due to wind range of the actual signal noise. This paper proposes a wavelet threshold filtering method based on empirical mode decomposition: the original signal is transformed through the EMD and decomposed into several IMF. The results from simulation and measured data indicate that using this algorithm better interference suppression can be achieved.

    Glint Suppression Based High Resolution Radar Angle Tracking
    ZHAO Dong-Tao, WANG Hao
    . 2010, 23(11):  67-69. 
    Abstract ( 1172 )   PDF (565KB) ( 991 )  
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    A new algorithm designed for the glint of the high resolution radar in near tracking is presented based on glint suppression. The return signal is processed into a one dimension profile, which has the range profile amplitude as the amplitude of the monopulse angular procedure; then we obtain the target's angular information within various range cells by the monopulse angular procedure; finally by the weighted average process, we obtain the position of the center in the target. The simulation result shows that this method can suppress glint and improve the angle tracking accuracy.

    Design of a Distance Measuring and Obstacle Avoidance System for the Armed Mobile Platform
    CHEN Yi, ZHANG Dian-Fu
    . 2010, 23(11):  70-73. 
    Abstract ( 1362 )   PDF (1167KB) ( 1079 )  
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    In order to achieve accurate distance measurement and obstacle avoidance for the armed mobile platform, an ultrasonic distance measuring and obstacle avoidance system is designed with four groups of ultrasonic sensors used to detect the barriers around the mobile platform using STC12C5412AD as a key chip collecting the environmental information around the armed mobile platform. This article particularly introduces the design of the software and hardware. The system's design is simple, and has lower cost and better real time features. Experimental results show that the system has good performance in distance measurement, which can be applied to obstacle avoidance for the armed mobile platform.

    Design of a LED Display Using LabVIEW to Generate Matrix
    ZHAO Jia, LIU Yun-Hong
    . 2010, 23(11):  74-76. 
    Abstract ( 2936 )   PDF (1601KB) ( 1431 )  
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    A design of a LED display based on LabVIEW and MCU for practical application is introduced. Arbitrary character matrixes are achieved by means of image information scanning and then transferred to MCU. In this way the character matrix is generated from PC, and thus the font store can be omitted and the display process is simplified, which enables the display to have strong practicability.

    Design of a Protection Circuit to Avoid Collapse of the Inertial Platform
    ZHAI Zhao-Song, MAO Duan-Hai, LI Shi-Peng, ZHENG Ling-Tong
    . 2010, 23(11):  77-79. 
    Abstract ( 1361 )   PDF (1062KB) ( 906 )  
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    The basic theory about the collapse of an inertial platform is expatiated.The angle measuring principle of a certain type inertial platform is depicted.A design idea about preventing the collapse of the inertial platform is proposed,and the hardware circuit design process is given in detail.Experiments show the validity of the circuit.

    Design of a 32-bit ALU Based on FPGA
    ZHOU Dian-Feng
    . 2010, 23(11):  80-81. 
    Abstract ( 2518 )   PDF (1250KB) ( 1349 )  
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    A method for designing a 32-bit ALU based on the programmable logic device FPGA and VHDL language is introduced. The ALU is designed by modules. It is composed of control module, add-sub module, multiplication module and division module. The ALU can perform 32-bit signed and unsigned binary digit's mathematic operations. It can also perform nine kinds of logic and six kinds of arithmetic operation. In addition, it can exchange high-byte and low-byte's data. Its simulation in QuartusII shows that the ALU designed is correct and can be used for testing directly.

    Design of a Music Water Lamp Controller System Based on FPGA
    TAO Xiao-Miao, WANG Zi-Ting
    . 2010, 23(11):  82-84. 
    Abstract ( 2361 )   PDF (1027KB) ( 1375 )  
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    A music water lamp controller based on FPGA is introduced and described by a hardware description language to complete music playing and synchronous lamp flashing respectively. An SOPC system is built and LCD module is integrated to show scale value of real time music and frequency intensity. Finally, the whole system is realized at Altera's FPGA multimedia development platform-DE2 board.

    Design of a Numerical Control DC Power Supply
    FU Li
    . 2010, 23(11):  85-87. 
    Abstract ( 2404 )   PDF (1174KB) ( 2199 )  
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    A numerical control stepping DC power supply is designed. The requirements of being people oriented, high standard and low cost are proposed. A digital DC power supply is designed with the micro controller as the core. The system is composed of the MCU, A/D converter and D/A converter. The system raises the usability of the CPU and facilitates the extension of functions.

    FOX-LI Numerical Value Iteration Algorithm for the Unstable Cavity
    XU Yin-Xin, GUO Zhen, WANG Shi-Yu, LI Bing-Bin
    . 2010, 23(11):  88-90. 
    Abstract ( 1340 )   PDF (1043KB) ( 1006 )  
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    The model for the unstable cavity is solved by the FOX-LI numerical value iteration algorithm.The oscillation of the light field within the cavity is simulated with Matlab.The amplitude and phase distribution of the light field within the cavity are given.The energy loss of each iteration is calculated.Results show that the distribution of the light field of the oscillation light within the unstable cavity is related to the structure of the cavity and irrelative to the distribution of the initial light field.And the energy loss is greater with the increasing model.

    The Analysis on Offshore Atmospheric Duct with Parabolic Equation Method
    DONG Cui, LI Li, WU Zhen-Sen
    . 2010, 23(11):  91-93. 
    Abstract ( 1246 )   PDF (1055KB) ( 1013 )  
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    Atmospheric duct is an important environmental factor affecting electronic information systems and the operation of offshore radars or other wireless systems.In this paper,the electromagnetic wave propagation mode of the offshore atmosphere duct was established using the Discrete Mixed Fourier Transform algorithm for the parabolic equation method,and the propagation loss of electromagnetic wave is compared with that for the case of the standard atmosphere,the evaporation duct and surface duct,the results show that the beyond-horizon detection of low altitude Goals can be accomplished by the abnormal propagation of atmospheric duct.

    CRC in the Bus Protocol and its Application in SATA Communication Technology
    GUO Hong-Wei, YI Mao-Xiang, LI Xin-Li
    . 2010, 23(11):  94-96. 
    Abstract ( 1340 )   PDF (922KB) ( 976 )  
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    This paper analyzes the algorithm for and implementation principle of CRC key technology.Implementation of the generative polynomial suited to the bus protocol CRC generator and CRC checker with a hardware circuit is proposed.By this method,the CRC generator and CRC checker verilog code we programmed by the SATA international standards are verified by the vcs simulator and integrated to the SATA bus successfully and SATA communication is therefore achieved.The scheme of the CRC generator and CRC checker has the advantages of high reliability and great practicality and that it can improve the rate of project development.

    An Algorithm Based on IP Protocol Identity
    ZOU Qiang
    . 2010, 23(11):  97-99. 
    Abstract ( 1304 )   PDF (582KB) ( 995 )  
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    This paper describes a header checksum based on the IP protocol architecture recognition technology.The input code stream is a binary sequence.The method of identification for the IP header of data operations is used to determine whether it is a valid header.VC ++ is used to implement algorithm simulation and testify the reliability of the algorithm.

    A Non-Data-aided Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm for Burst Transmission
    JIANG Xu-Peng
    . 2010, 23(11):  100-102. 
    Abstract ( 1460 )   PDF (551KB) ( 1011 )  
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    Because of the carrier frequency synchronization of linear modulation in burst communication,non-data-aided decision-directed and open-loop frequency estimation algorithms are studied.Research results show that decision-directedness has low computation complexity and is suitable for systems which have low performance requirement.The open-loop method has the advantages of simple computation and low complexity,and can be applied to burst communication systems.

    Research on PRI Transform Algorithm of Unknown Radar Signal
    WANG Yu
    . 2010, 23(11):  103-108. 
    Abstract ( 1310 )   PDF (827KB) ( 908 )  
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    This article aims at sorting exactly pluse repetition intervals of unknown radar signals in maintreatment,describes PRI transform algorithm for estimating pulse repetion intervals,and proposes PRI transform algorithm simulation and a new improved method for the PRI constant,PRI jitter and PRI stagger signal.

    Abnormal Behavior-Based Botnet Detection Algorithm
    YANG Qi, HE Ju-Hou
    . 2010, 23(11):  109-112. 
    Abstract ( 1646 )   PDF (1140KB) ( 908 )  
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    The zombie network communications and network traffic based abnormal behavior can detect the botnet channel effectively.This paper describes an algorithm which can determine whether the current IRC channel is a botnet channel or not through the analysis of the information on the response.The Anomaly-based detection model about the botnet channel is introduced,which extracts the information on the response and draws a conclusion by the testing algorithm.The experimental results verify the validity of the model.

    Hardware Implementation of FFT Algorithm Based on FPGA
    TONG Qing-Wei, CHEN Jian-Chun
    . 2010, 23(11):  113-115. 
    Abstract ( 1967 )   PDF (916KB) ( 1024 )  
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    A 1024-point FPGA-based 16-bit FFT algorithm is designed which is using the Radix-4 butterfly algorithm and pipeline operations to enhance the processing speed and improve the performance.A structure that the butterfly operation of the first level is made before the complex multiplication of the rotation factor of the second level is proposed,which is using of the hardware resources reasonably.The system is divided into several modules in Verilog HDL.After testing the function of system,the results ofjoint simulation of QuartusⅡ and Matlab is consistent.The system not only achieves the flexibility of DSP devices but also has the high-speed data throughput of dedicated FFT chips.This algorithm can be
    widely used in the field of digital signal processing.

    De-interleaving of Radar Signal Based on Improved PRI Transform Algorithm
    TIAN Fen-Fang
    . 2010, 23(11):  116-118. 
    Abstract ( 1720 )   PDF (661KB) ( 1015 )  
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    De-interleaving of radar signal is a key technology in the field of electronic countermeasures,and the pulse repetition interval of radar signal is an important sorting parameter.Up to now,several methods based on PRI parameter have been brought forward.PRI transform algorithm can estimate the PRI parameter precisely,and the method overcomes the subharmonic problem produced in the histogram method.After the intensive study of the PRI transform algorithm,An improved self-adaptive method based on it is advanced in the paper.

    Research on Time-domain Characteristics of Plasma Sheath
    FAN Kang-Qi, LI Xiao-Jiang, JIA Jian-Yuan, LIU Xiao-Yuan
    . 2010, 23(11):  119-122. 
    Abstract ( 1238 )   PDF (666KB) ( 960 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    Space plasma is a new rugged environment that computers and other electric equipments have to encounter.A one-dimension model of the particle layer is presented by simplifying the equipment surface to a plane.The Poisson equation is given to reflect the electric potential of plasma sheath according to the electrostatic field theory.The conservation equation of particle number density is provided based on the plasma theory and Boltzmann equation.The momentum equation of plasma is set up by Newtons law of motion.Based on Poisson equation,conservation equation of particle number density,and momentum equation of plasma,a dynamic model on space plasma sheath is established.The model can give such time-domain characteristics of plasma sheath as the variations of charge flux and electric potential with time,which provides a theoretical basis for the research on the protection of electric equipments from space plasma.

    Enhancing RFID-System Communication's Security by Digital Certificates
    PAN Xiao-Yong, ZHANG Lei, FAN Xue-Hui
    . 2010, 23(11):  123-124. 
    Abstract ( 1809 )   PDF (523KB) ( 1032 )  
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    A function of accessing the secure communications between devices by distributing digital certificates to RFID is proposed.The addition of the certificate enables the RFID server to label and recognize the RFID device with convenience and security.The use of the certificate allows the RFID device to be “silent” towards other malicious Read-Write operation and thus reduce illegal access.

    Undergraduate Teaching of Computer Mathematics Experiments
    ZHANG Hong-Fan
    . 2010, 23(11):  125-127. 
    Abstract ( 1224 )   PDF (552KB) ( 897 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    With the characteristics of computer science teaching as the starting point,this paper discusses the characteristics of undergraduate teaching of computer mathematics experiments.It also shows the procedures and effect of the combination of the people-centered philosophy with the teaching of undergraduate computer science experiments.


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