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15 October 2010 Volume 23 Issue 10
    Analysis and Design of Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna
    JIANG Xu-Dong, LI Ping, LIU Xin-Gang
    . 2010, 23(10):  1-2. 
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    In view of the overly sparse current distribution of antipode Vivaldi antenna on metal gradation surface,the slot-line is loaded in antenna radiation zone to solve the problem.Simulation and practical measuremen prove that to the antipode Vivaldi antenna designed by this method can realize well to IEEE802.11 a,b,g standard full coverage,the application frequency band in 2.26~2.6 GHz and in the 5.7~6.1 GHz frequency range,VSWR is lower than 1.4,gain may achieve about 7.5 dB with good directivity.The antenna is of application value.

    A Simulation of High-frequency Characteristic and Beam-wave Interaction of Multi-beam Millimeter Wave Traveling-Wave Tube
    YAN Xin, YANG Jun, LV Guo-Qiang, DENG Guang-Cheng
    . 2010, 23(10):  3-5. 
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    The characteristic of dispersion and interaction impedance of a slow-wave structure of Multi-Beam millimeter-wave Traveling-Wave Tube are calculated and analyzed.43 interaction structures of slow-wave period are built and the situation of electronic interaction from PIC simulating is analyzed,which comes to the conclusion that the working frequency of TWT is about 32.4~34 GHz,and with an input power of 10mW the output power is up to 121 W and the gain is up to 40.8 dB.

    GMTI Performance and CramerRao Bound of DOA Estimation for MIMO Radar
    ZHAI Wei-Wei, ZHANG Gong, LIU Wen-Bo
    . 2010, 23(10):  6-10. 
    Abstract ( 2853 )   PDF (653KB) ( 1416 )  
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    This paper studies the GMTI performance and Cramer-Rao Bound(CRB) of DOA estimation for MIMO radar.Firstly,the signal model of MIMO radar is builded.It can work on three different modes by setting the system parameters with different values.Then,the GMTI performance for MIMO radar is analyzed.And the CRB of DOA estimation using space-time domain information is derived.The simulation results show that MIMO radar behaves better for both GMTI performance and DOA estimation,especially the sparse-array MIMO radar.Meanwhile,using space-time domain information can effectively improve the CRB of DOA estimation for MIMO radar,especially when the targets doppler frequency has obvious difference.

    Study of the Electromagnetic Compatibility of the Program Transmission Scheduling System
    WANG Geng
    . 2010, 23(10):  11-14. 
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    With the rapid development of electron technology,highly integrated and solid-state devices are used in program transmission scheduling system,thus a very high demand for the electromagnetic compatibility of the system.The paper introduces the electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility,analyzes the interference signal coupling path of the program transmission scheduling system in a strong electromagnetic environment combining with engineering practice,and finally discusses the electromagnetic interference suppression inside and outside the system,and the improvement and enhancement of the system electromagnetic compatibility.

    Design and Analysis of the Second Order Active Low Pass Filter Circuit
    GUI Jing-Yi
    . 2010, 23(10):  15-17. 
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    This paper designs a second order active low pass filter circuit of voltage control voltage source,and simulates the amplitude/phase frequency trait and characteristic parameters using the advanced software Multisim10.The simulation results are consistent with theoretical calculation.It provides EDA references for the design of circuit parameters.

    5~12 GHz Broadband Microwave Amplifier Using A Novel Composite Transistor
    CHENG Hua, YAN Wei-Min, HUA Yu-Nan, HU Shan-Wen, GAO Huai
    . 2010, 23(10):  18-21. 
    Abstract ( 1712 )   PDF (617KB) ( 1035 )  
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    A novel broadband power amplifier is designed using a composite transistor consisting of an inverted transistor parallel-connected to a standard RF power transistor to alleviate the Kink phenomenon of GaAs HBT.Simulation and optimization results based on AWR soft show that the novel composite transistor can get a stable output impedance Zout within 5~12 GHz frequency range with a wideband amplifier's peak gain of 11 dB and a ripple in band less than 0.5 dB,and its P1dB is 26 dBm at 9 GHz operation frequency.

    A Research on Time-difference Localization of the Frequency-hopping Signal
    WU Bin
    . 2010, 23(10):  22-23. 
    Abstract ( 1908 )   PDF (687KB) ( 1061 )  
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    A research on time-difference localization of frequency-hopping signal is made.The basic principles of time-difference localization is introduced with emphasis on the measurement of time-difference.Estimating the time-difference of frequency-hopping signal with channelizing method has very high precision and can be implemented in FPGA.

    Implementation and Simulation Test of a Specialized EOC Full Duplex Filter
    LIU Bo, YANG Meng-Wu
    . 2010, 23(10):  24-27. 
    Abstract ( 1421 )   PDF (739KB) ( 1351 )  
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    This paper describes the implementation of a full duplex filter for the EOC device.This filter is composed of a LC low pass filter and a LC high pass filter.By simulation computing of ADS2005,this paper also researches the implemental availability of high performance filtering on FR-4 Board using the SMT capacitor and coil inductor.The result shows that the isolation level and Out of Band rejection performance are greatly enhanced by the use of the optimized design.By adjusting the space between the coil inductor of such filter,the EOC device can get better matching performance,and every metrics meet the national standard.

    Design of A Digital Filter FIR Based on Matlab
    ZHOU Yun-Bo, LIU Xiao-Qun
    . 2010, 23(10):  28-29. 
    Abstract ( 2244 )   PDF (352KB) ( 1493 )  
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    This article presents an optimal design of FIR digital filter based on Matlab.Comparison of three design results indicates that this optimal design has a great deal of advantages including optimal frequency response and attenuate response.

    Research into and Design of HD-SDI Down Conversion Based on FPGA
    YANG Hao, CHEN Ming-Yi
    . 2010, 23(10):  30-32. 
    Abstract ( 1220 )   PDF (795KB) ( 965 )  
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    In order to share the DTV program resource,a method for high-definition digital television signals down conversion base on FPGA is studied.The re-sampling technique is used to reduce the effective pixels of each line and vertical lines in the image and complete the HD-SDI to SD-SDI.The design is simple,which has been used in practical engineering.

    Modeling and Simulation of ZCS PWM DC/DC Switch Based on Matlab
    YANG Feng
    . 2010, 23(10):  33-35. 
    Abstract ( 1877 )   PDF (594KB) ( 1097 )  
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    The working principles of Zero Current Switching (ZCS) circuit switch and the setting of its major parameters are analyzed.The simulation model is established based on Matlab,which is tested and debugged through setting of parameters the simulation model and program.The result proves that the ZCS circuit can reduces the switch loss and enhances efficiency.

    Design of a Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System
    ZHU Nan, ZHAO Shu-Tian
    . 2010, 23(10):  36-38. 
    Abstract ( 1710 )   PDF (624KB) ( 1041 )  
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    This paper proposes an implementation of real-time temperature and humidity monitoring system.The features of SHT11 and MSP430F149 are introduced and the hardware connection diagram is given.The software design is also given to realize measurement data transmission.The measurement system can complete the function of monitoring temperature and humidity.

    Design of an Electronic Calendar Clock with Multi-Alarm Based on VRS51L3074
    SU Ke, YU Xue-Cai
    . 2010, 23(10):  39-42. 
    Abstract ( 1836 )   PDF (627KB) ( 1117 )  
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    This article discusses the design of electronic calendar bell system with multi-alarm clock.With VRS51L3074 single-chip as the control,serial clock chip- DS12887 is used to achieve the setting up of time and alarm clock.The use of keyboard and LCD facilitates the time and calendar display and multi-alarm clock time setting.This electronic clock is reliable,easy to use and of practical value.

    Use DELPHI to Carry Out Temperature Acquisition System Design
    GE Lei
    . 2010, 23(10):  43-45. 
    Abstract ( 1508 )   PDF (681KB) ( 973 )  
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    This paper introduces data collection,including the generation,development and the method of data collection.At the same time,demonstrates the serial port communication  method of Delphi programming language in the measurement and domination systemIt discusses the details of programming in a multiple-task concurrent executive environment and the general process of serial communication with multiple threads in Delphi

    Design of an Intelligent Burst Flashing Lamp with Wide Voltage Input Based on MK6A11P
    JIN Yong-Gao, JIANG Xin-Xin
    . 2010, 23(10):  46-48. 
    Abstract ( 1743 )   PDF (640KB) ( 1038 )  
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    This paper puts forwards a design scheme of intelligent burst flashing lamp with wide voltage input using MK6A11P single chip.It can automatically adjust the Charge speed and voltage,thereby greatly reduce the burden on field effect transistor and charging capacitor.The lamp works in multifold working modes,and has the protection of over-voltage and over-temperature.It can work in the wide voltage range of 10~48 V.As it uses high cost performance MK6A11P single chip,the whole circuit is simple in structure,stable in operation and low in price.

    Design of the Pseudo-differential Class-E RF Power Amplifier in CMOS Process
    LUO Zhi-Cong, HUANG Shi-Zhen
    . 2010, 23(10):  49-52. 
    Abstract ( 1625 )   PDF (849KB) ( 1102 )  
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    The non-ideal factors of Class E power amplifiers are analyzed with emphasis on the Parasitic inductance effect,which is effectively suppressed by using the pseudo-differential Class E power amplifier structure.Based on the ideal design equations and load pull techniques.an efficient differential class E power amplifier is designed in 0.18 μm TSMC process.Simulation results using ADS (Advanced Design System) show that the power amplifier can deliver 26.1 dBm output power with 60.2 % power-added-efficiency respectively under a single supply voltage of 1.8 V and input power of 0 dBm.

    Design of TFT LCD Panel Interface Based on Blackfin DSP
    ZHU Guo-Feng, XING Guan-Yu
    . 2010, 23(10):  53-55. 
    Abstract ( 1359 )   PDF (447KB) ( 1294 )  
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    Blackfin DSP processors are widely used in the area of equipment control,audio & video processing,in which display is indispensible.The paper introduces a simple but practical solution to the LCD interface design.

    OFDM Channel Estimation Method Base on Coding Feedback
    BAI Da-Bin, CHEN Jian-Chun
    . 2010, 23(10):  56-58. 
    Abstract ( 1757 )   PDF (657KB) ( 1035 )  
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    The OFDM channel estimation method base on decision feedback is analysed and correction capability of forward correction coding is applied to improve the performance of decision feedback method,and the channel estimation method base on coding feedback is proposed.Decoding and encoding modules are introduced into the decision-feedback loop,and the value of channel estimation is filter processed in the time domain,and finally frequency response of the channel is obtained by the FFT.In this way,the interference between subcarriers and impact of Gaussian white noise on the channel estimation could been reduced.The experimental results show that the new method can effectively reduce the cumulative error of judgments effectively and improve the BER performance of system in the condition of using less training symbols.

    High-frequency Characteristics of Resonance Cavity Based on the Vector Finite Element Method
    XU Jie-Tian, ZHANG Meng, LI Jie, XIONG Xue-You
    . 2010, 23(10):  59-61. 
    Abstract ( 1405 )   PDF (831KB) ( 1077 )  
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    The numerical method based on vector finite element is applied to investigate high-frequency characteristics of rectangular resonance cavity filled with PTEE.The harmonic wavelength of the dominant mode of propagation (TE101 mode) and its distribution of electromagnetic field in the cavity are presented.The results of the numerical calculation are in accordance with the experimental results,which prove the reliability of the results.

    Impact of Timing Error on the Frequency Synchronization Algorithm for OFDM
    WANG Li
    . 2010, 23(10):  62-64. 
    Abstract ( 1477 )   PDF (758KB) ( 933 )  
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    In orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system,there are many carrier frequency synchronism methods based on training sequence,which fall into two kinds: synchronization with the structural characteristics of the training sequence,and the known training sequence.The advantages and disadvantages of the two are discussed,and the impact of timing error on estimation is analyzed.Conclusions indicate that the former algorithm can effectively overcome the impact of timing error with proper training sequence.

    AR Modeling of the Rayleigh Fading Channel
    WANG Xuan-Chao, ZHANG Jing, LI Yi, HUANG Tao
    . 2010, 23(10):  65-68. 
    Abstract ( 1437 )   PDF (726KB) ( 1113 )  
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    The relationship between the autoregressive (AR) model parameters and the system pole position,amplitude response under different Doppler spectra is analyzed.Then the parameters of autoregressive (AR) model are modified by many times trials to improve the power spectrum defect that the pass band attenuation does not meet the theoretical requirements.The simulation accuracy of Rayleigh fading channel is also improved.Simulation results show that the matching degree between the simulation results with the theoretical value is improved by adjusting the system poles distribution.The method is simple and can improve the simulation accuracy and reduce the difficulty of the simulation analysis to a certain extent.

    A Time-frequency Ranging Detection Algorithm for OFDMA Systems
    BAI YA-Ni
    . 2010, 23(10):  69-71. 
    Abstract ( 1455 )   PDF (473KB) ( 885 )  
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    Based on the ranging code's correlation in frequency domain,a time-frequency ranging detection algorithm for initial ranging of OFDMA systems in IEEE802.16e standard is proposed,which not only guarantees high detection performance through adjusting two thresholds,but also effectively detects a ranging request,the number of ranging code and time offset and reduces the ranging calculation.

    Simulation of Correlated Generalized K-distribution Wide Band Radar Clutter Based on ZMNL
    CHEN Jin-Ming
    . 2010, 23(10):  72-75. 
    Abstract ( 1474 )   PDF (543KB) ( 1312 )  
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    The generalized K probability density function(GK-pdf) is one of the distribution model for simulation of wide band radar clutter.This paper discusses the GK model and its statistical properties and obtains the nonlinear connection.Then correlated GK distribution clutter is simulated using ZMNL method.The method using ZMNL to generate correlated GK distribution clutter sequence and its flow chart is presented,and several classic special GK distribution are generated.Simulated results show that the concept is valid and correct.

    Control Method for the Nonlinear Uncertain Time-delay System
    LI Qing-Ling, JIN Chang-Xin
    . 2010, 23(10):  76-78. 
    Abstract ( 1567 )   PDF (567KB) ( 952 )  
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    This paper proposes an improved method to control a nonlinear uncertain system with time-delay.In order to maintain the uniformity between the Smith-predictor and the object,a nonlinear PI controller is used to remove the influence of uncertain elements.It is proved that the proposed method can control this special system to attain ideal effects.

    A High-accuracy Frequency Estimation Algorithm Based on FFT
    WAN Ling-Da, YANG Xiao-Guang
    . 2010, 23(10):  79-81. 
    Abstract ( 2507 )   PDF (490KB) ( 3013 )  
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    The paper introduces a fast high-accuracy estimation algorithm for the signal which in the context of the Gaussian white noise.The algorithm theory,design ideas and algorithmic process and simulation it by MATLAB are presented.Computer simulation results are given and analyzed,which shows that this algorithm effectively inhibit the “fence” effect on the results,and has the advantages of high-accuracy estimation,good anti-noise performance and small amount of computation with the same accuracy.

    Passive Measurement of BitTorrent Protocol
    YAN Ding, YING Jun
    . 2010, 23(10):  82-84. 
    Abstract ( 1335 )   PDF (647KB) ( 927 )  
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    For the issue of the passive measurement of BitTorrent protocol,the framework of flow-based match does not require each packet to match the application layer,instead the BT application-level features are taken as the logo of BT streams,that is,the implementation of BT stream real-time measurement based on application layer features.This method has good accuracy and scalability,high efficiency and low rates of conflict.Through the establishment of the omissions algorithm model,the relationship between the feature packet and the length of flow is also analyzed,which indicate that the focus should be put on the application layer features of long-flow.

    Moving Objects Detection Algorithm Based on Background Subtraction and Hybrid Difference Methods
    CUI Xue-Chao
    . 2010, 23(10):  85-88. 
    Abstract ( 1714 )   PDF (983KB) ( 1239 )  
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    A novel moving objects detection algorithm based on background subtraction and hybrid difference is proposed for video surveillance system with static camera.First,the mixed Gaussian model is constructed for the color images,and the background model is updated timely,then the idea of hybrid difference is presented on the basis of the adjacent frame difference,and finally the background subtraction is combined with hybrid difference to gain exact moving objects.Experimental results show that the proposed method could construct background model accurately,and that it not only gets moving objects completely,but also adapts to the complex environmental change so that both the accuracy and speed are improved.

    Software Realization of Structured Serial Communication
    SONG Zhi-Qiang, XIE Guang-Jun
    . 2010, 23(10):  89-90. 
    Abstract ( 1409 )   PDF (703KB) ( 980 )  
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    This paper analyses some key points of software realization of serial communication and a method of structured serial communication is presented.Data transmission and processing are executed separately in the method which is suitable for a variety of communication protocols.The method also has good software portability and can improve the speed of response of the peripheral requests greatly.The result of long-term use shows that the method is stable,reliable and of great practical value.

    Application of Electronic Technology in Pipeline Detection
    LIN Chang-Ji
    . 2010, 23(10):  91-92. 
    Abstract ( 1640 )   PDF (622KB) ( 1132 )  
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    The article analyzes the necessity of non-excavation in the urban underground pipeline detection,focusing on the working principles of the GD-500 detector,which can detect the mileage,diameter size,valve,elbow of underground pipeline to provide scientific reference to urban pipeline reconstruction.

    Application of the Fault Tree in Equipment Maintenance
    MA Li-Ping, LI Xian-Quan
    . 2010, 23(10):  93-94. 
    Abstract ( 1152 )   PDF (1679KB) ( 1112 )  
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    Based on the maintaining status of electron equipments,this paper analyzes the necessity of using FT to assist maintaining work.And with an example of a reset system encountered in maintaining work,a method of maintaining FA suitable for user is provided.Compared with other methods,this one can meets user's requirements better.

    Loading of the Complicated Boundary Condition with the Language of Ansys APDL
    ZHANG Zhi-Wen, LI Qi, ZHANG Xue-Ling, SONG Tian
    . 2010, 23(10):  95-97. 
    Abstract ( 1794 )   PDF (920KB) ( 996 )  
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    In the application of the Finite element analysis tool Ansys in the mechanics analysis of parts,if the part's structure is comparative fixed or the boundary is complicated,using the language of APDL to carry out parametric modeling and loading can get twice the result with half the effort,shorten analytical calculation time greatly and improve calculation accuracy.This article takes the electricity coil support plank for example to elaborate the method and process of finite element analysis with the APDL language,which realizes the mechanics simulation analysis of parts under the complicated boundary condition.

    Design of a Device Driver Base on IEEE1394b
    CHEN Qian-Xue, LI Yu-Shan, BAI Xing-Xing
    . 2010, 23(10):  98-100. 
    Abstract ( 1694 )   PDF (547KB) ( 1089 )  
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    This paper introduces the development method of computer device driver of bidirectional data transmission system,which is based on IEEE1394b bus.Combined with the IEEE1394b bus standard,the main principles and concrete method for the development of IEEE1394b device drivers using FireAPI SDK under Windows OS is discussed in detail.

    An Extraction Method of Vehicle's Position and Direction Based on Perspective Transformation
    WU Kun-Ming, XU Gui-Li
    . 2010, 23(10):  101-103. 
    Abstract ( 1554 )   PDF (735KB) ( 1042 )  
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    In order to achieve normal operation of highway in fog,an method for guiding the vehicle in heavy fog with infrared thermal imager is proposed,which is based on the infrared light's higher ability of penetrating the heavy fog than visible light.Both sides of the road are paved with the infrared-induced signs,and vehicle location and direction are archived from the infrared-induced signs.First,the implicit model of camera calibration is used to calibrate the infrared thermal imager,and then an extraction method of the vehicle's position and direction based on infrared-induced signs is studied,which improves the vehicle's location and direction based on the perspective transformation,using the lane parallel lines and the shadow points to calculated the vehicle's position and direction.The result shows that the method is feasible.

    Texture Segmentation of Medical Images Based on the Gauss Filter
    WANG Zhen-Ming, WANG Bao-Bao
    . 2010, 23(10):  104-106. 
    Abstract ( 1683 )   PDF (1873KB) ( 1171 )  
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    Texture segmentation based on Gabor filter is introduced.An improvement on the direction of Gabor filter is made.Texture features are extracted by Gabor filtering in 6 directions rather than in only 4 directions,so as to basically meet the requirements of multi-channel resolution.

    Encoding Optimization of the CCSDS Image Compression Algorithm Based on Blackfin533
    LEI Ting, SHI Cheng-Xin
    . 2010, 23(10):  107-109. 
    Abstract ( 1555 )   PDF (513KB) ( 1033 )  
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    In this paper,the efficient implementation of encoder on DSP is achieved by the adjustment of program structure,optimization of the coding structure,and optimization in the assembly language.Experimental results show that the computational complexity of the optimized encoder is reduced,so as to increase the Real-Time Performance of the CCSDS image compression algorithm.

    A Simulative Training System Based on Flash Technology
    GU Rong-Jun, YANG Jian-Bin, ZHOU Zhi-Zeng, YAO Pu-Ting
    . 2010, 23(10):  110-113. 
    Abstract ( 1590 )   PDF (1331KB) ( 1076 )  
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    The radar simulative training software is used to replace the real radar to carry on the operation training.In view of the current problems and difficulties in the military equipment training,a Flash-based radar simulative training system development method is presented.The use of this training software can improve the equipment training effect,and help the operators to grasp the working principles,operating method and maintenance of radar as soon as possible.

    Study of Workspace of the Planar 3-RPR Parallel Manipulator
    XIAO Hong-Jun
    . 2010, 23(10):  114-117. 
    Abstract ( 2014 )   PDF (752KB) ( 992 )  
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    The determination and features of workspace of the planar 3 DOF (degree of freedom) 3-RPR parallel manipulator are investigated.Firstly,the factors effecting its workspace are analyzed by taking the constrain of legs' length,the conditions of the legs crossing with the moving platform and the angle limitations between the legs and the moving platform as the constrains.Then with the fast polar coordinate searching method the workspace of the 3-RPR parallel manipulator is determined.And finally,the relations between configuration parameters and workspace are discussed.

    Influence of Spatial Intensity Distribution of Pump Light on Transverse Modes Distribution in Cavity
    LIU Wei, WANG Shi-Yu, LIAN Tian-Hong, XU Yin-Xin
    . 2010, 23(10):  118-122. 
    Abstract ( 1856 )   PDF (744KB) ( 991 )  
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    Laser diode endpumped solid laser as the research object,with different spatial intensity distribution of the pump light,by numerical solving the rate equation,the variation regularity of the transverse mode distribution in the cavity are obtained.Then the influences of the spatial intensity distribution of the pump light on the beam quality are analyzed.The results show that as the radius of the pump light close to the radius of the oscillating light,the percentage of the fundamental mode will increase,while the influences of pump power on the mode distribution is not very obvious.

    A Micro-channel Heat Sink Design for the End-Pumped DPL
    ZHAO Jun, GUO Zhen, LI Bing-Bin, SONG Xiao-Lu
    . 2010, 23(10):  123-125. 
    Abstract ( 1395 )   PDF (802KB) ( 983 )  
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    This article discusses how to effectively control the solid-state laser crystal temperature in case of high-power pumping,and introduces a new type of cooling system: the decline of channel cascading fan spray cooling system.The end-diode-pumped solid-state laser cooling system is also designed.The cooling system is a semi-circular metal engraved with micro-channel groove Road closely integrating conduction cooling and liquid cooling.Theoretical analysis proves that the device greatly enhances heat transfer capacity and improves the efficiency of solid-state lasers.

    Discussion on Advanced Vocational School AutoCAD Teaching Method
    LIU Hong
    . 2010, 23(10):  126-127. 
    Abstract ( 1188 )   PDF (407KB) ( 979 )  
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    AutoCAD is one of most popular graphics software.The higher vocational college students should master its application method and the skill to meet their occupation requirements.The higher vocational college teacher should explore the teaching method according to his teaching practice and the student's vocational ability.With teaching practice and in academic exchanges in consideration,this paper discusses some specific teaching methods to improve students' ability.

    Teaching Non-linear Editing Techniques
    GAO Xiao-Yu, WU Xin-Ru
    . 2010, 23(10):  128-131. 
    Abstract ( 1377 )   PDF (708KB) ( 710 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    This article attempts to sort out the current application on the status of non-linear editing techniques on how to better Fei Xianbian Universities,laboratories,teaching effectiveness from the perspective of non-linear editing techniques to explore how to do the teaching.


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