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15 June 2010 Volume 23 Issue 6
    Performance Prediction of the IR Imaging System Bases on TTP
    HE Li-Yong, LIN Hong-Jie, WANG Xiao-Rui
    . 2010, 23(6):  1. 
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    Given the existing problems of performance prediction of the current infrared imaging system,this paper adopts Target Task Performance (TTP) criteria and a performance evaluation model of the infrared imaging system for the tank's on-site performance test.It focuses on the analysis of the relationship between range and the probability of detection,discrimination and recognition,and the effects on the prediction probability of aliasing caused by under-sampling.Studies have shown that the model is consistent with the experiment data and can be used for current thermal imaging system performance evaluation.This paper concludes with a discussion of how to improve the performance model.

    Simulation of Infrared 3D Cloud Based on OGRE
    . 2010, 23(6):  4. 
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    The cloud radiation model is simplified according to the actual demand,and atmospheric transmittance and atmospheric radiation of the whole scene are calculated using Modtran.The data is sampled using the computer parallel processing technology of GPU,and the effect of atmospheric radiation transfer is simulated.Finally the simulation of three-dimensional cloud is achieved using the particle system based on OGRE and the simulation of the three-dimensional infrared cloud scene is achieved based on the characteristics of cloud radiation and the atmospheric effect.The results show that the simulation of the three-dimensional infrared cloud scene is realistic and practical and can be used as basic data for later research.

    Optimization of Diode-pumped Q-switched Solid-state Lasers
    YANG Yang, CHENG Yin, WANG Shi-Yu, GUO Zhen, CAI De-Fang, LI Bing-Bin
    . 2010, 23(6):  8. 
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    Through the numerical solution of the rate equations of a four-level laser and the modification of laser inputs combined with feedback,optimization and design of the diode-pumped Q-switched solid-state laser is proved.First,the laser outputs are obtained by solving the rate equation with the preset laser structure parameters and pump parameters,and then the outputs are compared with the design requirements in order to modify the preset laser structure parameters and pump parameters.The modification cycle will not stop until the laser outputs meet our needs.Three types of Q-switched lasers are designed according to the algorithm in the experiments,and the results show a good agreement with the calculation.

    The Life Characteristics of Laser Gyro at High Electric Current Stress
    BIAN Ting, LIU Ji-Fang, WU Xin
    . 2010, 23(6):  11. 
    Abstract ( 1439 )   PDF (586KB) ( 839 )  
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    In order to obtain the life distribution and life test method for He-Ne lasers with circular cavity,this paper assumes that the lifetime distribution of laser work at high electric current obeys Weibull distribution based on the existing experimental research and principle,and uses the method of accelerated life testing in constant stress with numerous test data of life test obtained in the shortest time.The Quasi best linear unbiased estimation method is used to process experimental data.Finally the life characteristics of laser gyro are obtained.Using this method the life of laser gyro can be estimated faster and more accurately.

    Numerical Simulation of Thermal Effect on Beam Quality
    WANG Hui
    . 2010, 23(6):  14. 
    Abstract ( 995 )   PDF (715KB) ( 874 )  
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    An anisotropic square thermal model of laser crystal is established.The temperature distribution in  Nd:YAG crystal has been obtained by solving a thermal conductance equation with the surrounding cooled and the two clear surfaces heat insulating.Finally,we determine the relationship between the impact of the thermal effect on beam quality factor and the curvature radius of the completely reflecting mirror,the curvature radius of the output reflecting mirror,cavity length,pump power and the pumping radius.This conclusion has provided a theoretical direction for the reliability of lasers and the thermal effect of crystal.

    Characteristics of SiCOI MESFET
    WANG Yang, LEI Tian-Min, ZHANG Zhi
    . 2010, 23(6):  19. 
    Abstract ( 1167 )   PDF (473KB) ( 1101 )  
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    A 6H-SiC SiCOI device structure is presented,and the MESFET structure model is established.By employing a 2D device simulator ISE-TCAD,simulations are made of electrical characteristics of SiCOI MESFET's.Results show that structure parameters such as gate length,doping concentration,and thickness of active layer have a great effect on the DC characteristics of SiCOI MESFET's.The breakdown characteristic of SiCOI MESFET is also studied by using ISE-TCAD.Simulated data provide a basis for further designing and optimizing the device structure of SiCOI MESFET.

    Analysis of the Carbon Nanotube-based Nano-optical Antenna
    SUN Wei, LI De-Chang, YAO Xiang-Wei
    . 2010, 23(6):  22. 
    Abstract ( 1452 )   PDF (994KB) ( 1056 )  
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    The nano-optical antenna made of carbon nanotubes can narrow down the received light waves to the sub-wavelength scale,so that the wavelength range of the light energy that solar panels can receive is expanded.It is able to collect infrared energy,and therefore provides a broad prospect for nano-photonics.

    Enhancement of Extraction Efficiency of Green LED via Surface Roughening
    LI Hui, LI Pei-Xian, SHI Hui-Fang, ZHAO Guang-Cai
    . 2010, 23(6):  25. 
    Abstract ( 1514 )   PDF (951KB) ( 1032 )  
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    An introduction is given to a method for decreasing total reflection by roughening the upper surface of LED.The optimal size of the triangular etching pit is calculated theoretically.The expected surface morphology is achieved by using molten KOH to etch the green LED epitaxial wafer.Then the LED epitaxial wafer is made into devices by the conventional process.The light power is measured.The experiment results show that the external quantum efficiency of the device which is treated by surface-roughening is enhanced by 25.7%.

    The Preparation and Electrochemical Performance of Ag/AgCl Electrodes
    HUANG Fang-Li, CAO Quan-Xi, WEI Yun-Ge, LI Yuan, LEI Meng-Bi
    . 2010, 23(6):  29. 
    Abstract ( 1931 )   PDF (1115KB) ( 1104 )  
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    AgCl powder was synthesized via a simple solid ball-milling and freeze-dried method,and then mixed with Ag powder by a certain percentage and finally was pressure formed and sintered.XRD,SEM and eDAQ electrochemical analyzers and Ultra-low-noise amplifiers were used as detection means for the phase composition of the samples,microscopic morphology and electrochemical properties.The results show that the prepared Ag/AgCl electrodes have good surface shape and few surface defects and that AgCl and Ag powders are well-distributed.The electrodes have good stability.Their fluctuation is within 0.1 mV or less in 24 hours.In 15 days,the fluctuation still stays within 0.1 mV.The electrode noise in the low-frequency performs well,achieving the nV level,and can be used to detect the weak electrical signals in the ocean.

    The USB2.0-based Design of the Uncool Infrared Thermal Camera Imaging Disposure System
    DENG Tao, HU Lin
    . 2010, 23(6):  32. 
    Abstract ( 1254 )   PDF (548KB) ( 1056 )  
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    The USB 2.0 high speed bus technology and video decoder SAA7114 of Philips are used to capture the IR image.The FPGA is adopted to finish the timing request of the data.The communication with the host is achieved through CY7C68013.The system can be widely used in various fields due to its features of great flexibility,easy operation and hot plug-unplug auto configuration of resources.

    Simulation of the Cross Talk Effect of Lasers on the Infrared Imaging System
    GAO Wei-Wei
    . 2010, 23(6):  35. 
    Abstract ( 1292 )   PDF (752KB) ( 1104 )  
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    This paper makes a detailed analysis of the mechanism of the crosstalk effect of lasers on the infrared imaging system.The radius of the laser projected onto the detector surface and its energy distribution there have been calculated.A cross talk model of the interference effect of lasers on the infrared imaging system has been built,and the imaging results of the system after laser irradiation are simulated through simulation software,which shows the influence of laser interference on infrared imaging quality.

    Luminance Uniformity Evaluation for the LED Display Panel Based on the Correction System
    YANG Cheng, LIANG Xiao-Xia
    . 2010, 23(6):  38. 
    Abstract ( 1434 )   PDF (483KB) ( 937 )  
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    Luminance uniformity evaluation for the LED display panel is an important parameter for image quality evaluation.This paper analyzes existing uniformity evaluation methods based on luminance measure devices,points out their shortages,analyzes and processes the luminance which is obtained from the correction system,and presents luminance uniformity evaluation for the LED display panel based on the correction system.This method can obtain the luminance data of the LED display panel quickly,fully and objectively.It also can evaluate luminance of the LED display panel validly.

    Design of Map Control Based on the MVC Pattern
    TIAN Xin-Li, BAI Sheng-Wu, DONG Qiu-Hong
    . 2010, 23(6):  41. 
    Abstract ( 1444 )   PDF (819KB) ( 985 )  
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    As a popular design pattern,the MVC pattern is designed for applications that need the same data to provide multiple views.It increases the program's maintainability and scalability.The paper gives a brief introduction to MVC patterns,on the basis of which it designs a custom map control with C language and achieves good results.

    Application of the Rough Set Method in Infrared Image Enhancement
    CHANG Peng-Bo, LI Dan-Hong
    . 2010, 23(6):  43. 
    Abstract ( 1346 )   PDF (806KB) ( 1226 )  
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    The rough set theory is a new mathematical tool in dealing with fuzzy and uncertain knowledge.In this paper,the rough set theory has been applied to infrared image processing and a new image enhancement method has been proposed.Combining with the algorithm based on the histogram,the infrared image is divided into the target area and the background area.The image is enhanced by processing the target and the background area respectively.The simulation results show that the method has great advantages over the histogram equalization method.

    Special Target Image Segmentation Based on the Otsu Adaptive Dual-threshold Method
    WANG Zhao-Li, YANG Ting-Wu, LIU Shang-Qian, LU Quan, BAI Hong-Gang
    . 2010, 23(6):  46. 
    Abstract ( 1621 )   PDF (846KB) ( 960 )  
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    To meet the requirement for the precise center location of the laser spot on the complex target,a method based on the Otsu adaptive threshold is presented.The theory of camber measurement based on laser collimation is proposed.First,pre-processing for images obtained in camber measurement is made.Then gray distribution and statistical characteristics of the image are calculated.Finally,a mathematical model of the adaptive dual-threshold is established.And special target image segmentation based on the Otsu adaptive dual-threshold method is realized.Experimental results show that the method proposed is stable and accurate,the results of special target image segmentation are better than traditional methods and the precise center location of the laser spot on the complex target is increased.

    Overview of Textural Feature Extraction Methods
    XIAO Peng, XU Jun, CHEN Shao-Chong
    . 2010, 23(6):  49. 
    Abstract ( 2019 )   PDF (639KB) ( 1342 )  
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    As an important feature of the image,texture exists in various kinds of images.This paper mainly presents the principle and process of several texture feature extraction methods based on the fractal dimension extraction method,wavelet extraction algorithm,Gabor filter extraction method and Gray level Co-occurrence matrix method.Finally,a summery of the advantages and disadvantages of each method is made.

    A Method of Infrared Image Edge Detection Based on Threshold Selection
    PAN Dong-Jie, DENG Tao
    . 2010, 23(6):  52. 
    Abstract ( 1427 )   PDF (1101KB) ( 908 )  
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    Given the characteristics of low S/N,low contrast and difficult detection by classical infrared image detection,a method of infrared image edge detection on threshold selection is presented.First,the target image is estimated by the threshold of maximal deviation.Then the noise in the target image is dealt with by gray transformation.Finally,the edge is detected by Sobel Operater again.A comparison with classical Roberts,Sobel,Prewwit,and Gauss-Laplacian shows that this method is practical and effective.

    Research on the Scheduling Method of a Distributed System
    ZHAO Hong-Yi, LIU Li-Jian
    . 2010, 23(6):  55. 
    Abstract ( 1495 )   PDF (692KB) ( 828 )  
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    The in-orbit spacecraft fault diagnosis system is a multi-process distributed system consisting of many servers,The urgent problem in the spacecraft fault diagnosis system is how to ensure the best overall efficiency,the efficient coordination of all processes,and the reasonable resource allocation of the system,According to the characteristics of the fault diagnosis system and based on the best overall performance of the distributed system,this paper designs a multi-process scheduling structure,which meet the needs of distributed process scheduling and spacecraft fault diagnosis,It is shown that this structure is well expanded and controlled for the spacecraft fault diagnosis system.

    Optimal Power Allocation for a Cooperative Scheme Utilizing Rotation Code
    YANG Peng, LI Jing
    . 2010, 23(6):  59. 
    Abstract ( 1458 )   PDF (745KB) ( 960 )  
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    To overcome the resource inefficiency results from equal power allocation (EPA),an optimal power allocation (EPA) algorithm is proposed for the cooperative scheme utilizing rotation code.The upper bound of the end-to-end system symbol error rate (SER) is first derived using the Chernoff bound,and then under the total power constraint,the power factor is obtained to minimize the SER bound according to the average channel gains.The power allocation information is transmitted to cooperative users through feedback channels,so that the system source utilization can be improved.The effectiveness of the proposed OPA algorithm is verified by simulations.

    Processing and Collection of Meta-search Engine Results
    LI Jian-Ting
    . 2010, 23(6):  64. 
    Abstract ( 1233 )   PDF (413KB) ( 849 )  
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    The exchange of information between the Meta search engine and component search engine is a difficult problem.To solve this problem,the two basic search engines Google and Baidu are selected and their retrieval,results collection and search records generation are achieved.The search results are sorted for users' second search.

    Design of the EMI Filter for Switched Mode Power Supplies
    FENG Yan-Bin, ZHANG Xun, ZHANG Li
    . 2010, 23(6):  67. 
    Abstract ( 1968 )   PDF (750KB) ( 1107 )  
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    This paper analyzes a typical switched mode power supplies circuit.With the help of Pspice software,the conducted EMI is simulated.A two stage passive EMI filter based on the component of the TDK mode is proposed which eliminates almost all spike interference of the output signal and has a good suppression of CM and DM noise.The insertion loss of the filter is studied in case of ideal impedance,which is of some practical value.

    Design of a Monitor Board for the Outside Full-color LED Display
    LIU Jian-Wei, ZHAO Yi, DONG Chun-Bo
    . 2010, 23(6):  72. 
    Abstract ( 1300 )   PDF (734KB) ( 840 )  
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    Measurement of environment parameters has been widely used.This design can measure current temperature,relative humidity and whether there is smoke.After hardware and software test,this monitor board can work steadily.

    Research on and Solution to Interference Based TV+DVD COMBO Open Circuit Reception
    HE Fang
    . 2010, 23(6):  75. 
    Abstract ( 1338 )   PDF (2585KB) ( 832 )  
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    The interferences easily occurring with TV+DVD COMBO in open circuit receiving are introduced.The interference sources,phenomenon,transmitting paths and sense organs are analyzed.The quality of TV signals in the receiving open circuit is improved by taking corresponding measures,with emphasis on the interference from power supply,the source of interference and the anti-interference methods.

    Current Situations and Future Developments of CCD Image Sensors
    HU Lin
    . 2010, 23(6):  82. 
    Abstract ( 1620 )   PDF (880KB) ( 877 )  
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    The basic structure and working principle of the CCD solid image sensor are described.Its development is introduced from the aspects of reducing the pixel's size and the dark current as well as improving the sensitivity and technical performance.Some unique concepts,structures and technologies are introduced to enhance the performance of CCD.

    The Impact of Cognitive Radio Technology on Wireless Standardization
    PANG Xin-Fa
    . 2010, 23(6):  86. 
    Abstract ( 1269 )   PDF (386KB) ( 3030 )  
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    The development status of cognitive radio technology is studied.Its content and direction is analyzed.The short-term and long-term effects of cognitive radio technology on  wireless standards and industrial development are discussed.

    Research on the Encrypted File System Based on EFI and the Dual-core Processor
    WANG Qun-Ce, YANG Bai-Long, PU Xuan-Ji
    . 2010, 23(6):  88. 
    Abstract ( 1264 )   PDF (611KB) ( 999 )  
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    A more reliable encrypted file system based on EFI and the dual-core is designed.All operations of file encrypting in this system are carried out by the EFI agent built in the EFI system,and this design meets the request for security well.

    Numerical Calculation of the Temperature Field in the Oil Tank
    XIONG Bo, YANG Wei
    . 2010, 23(6):  91. 
    Abstract ( 1317 )   PDF (461KB) ( 855 )  
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    An oil tank model is established according to two-dimension stable heat transfer.The finite difference method is used to format the model.The equation is solved by the column principal element elimination method and temperature distribution of gas space in the tank is determined.

    The Key Technology and Application of Alumni Website Constraction
    SUN Ning, FAN Wei, LIU Jian-Feng
    . 2010, 23(6):  94. 
    Abstract ( 1410 )   PDF (584KB) ( 878 )  
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    Alumni website is is a platform of communicating,connecting and cooperating between alumni and university.The paper introduced the construction ideas of an University alumni accociation new website,including the website orientation,program summary,system frame designation.The paper put emphasis on the accomplishment of technology frame on the basis of  J2EE and XML,to solve data exchange problem with other product with the application of XML technology.And the website property,entirety,specific implementation were discussed.

    Research on the Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System for the School-enterprise Cooperation Talent Training Mode
    LI Hong-Wei, FENG Lei
    . 2010, 23(6):  97. 
    Abstract ( 1882 )   PDF (507KB) ( 1277 )  
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    A scientific,normative and institutionalized monitoring and evaluation mechanism for teaching quality is essential both to the guarantee of the quality of college education and to the management mechanism for forming characteristics of university-run schools.Based on the discussion and analysis of the school-enterprise cooperation mode,guarantee mechanism and monitoring and evaluation mechanism,the paper gives a quality evaluation index system.This system can enrich the theoretical system structure of college education quality monitoring,improve the quality evaluation system of school-enterprise cooperation education,and guarantee the quality of school-enterprise cooperation education.

    Simulation of Kirchhoff Laws Based on EWB Technology
    ZHAO Hui-Ling
    . 2010, 23(6):  99. 
    Abstract ( 1284 )   PDF (768KB) ( 938 )  
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    An electronic simulation software based on EWB is used to testify the circuit theorem.The ideal value of each component provided by the component library is utilized to realize real-time output of the theoretical value.EWB artificial trouble setting is used to simulate the shorted or opened circuit which may occur in a circuit.All the status expresses a full scope of application of the theorem.The traditional test is compared with the simulation software,so that they can be matched to the best conditions.Experiments show that the use of EWB to achieve a comprehensive simulation of the circuit lays a foundation for the design and debugging of the real experiment.

    Application of the Circuit Emulating Technology in the Experiment of “Digital Circuit”
    WANG Bo-Huai, LIU Li
    . 2010, 23(6):  103. 
    Abstract ( 1273 )   PDF (691KB) ( 854 )  
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    The auxiliary function of the circuit emulating technology in the experiment of “Digit Circuit” is described.The advantages and disadvantages of the technology in the experiment of “Digit Circuit” is analyzed.Some suggestion for its application in the experiment of “Digit Circuit” are offered.

    Application of the Task-driven Method to Teaching
    TIAN Xi-Zhuang, HUANG Yan
    . 2010, 23(6):  105. 
    Abstract ( 1309 )   PDF (416KB) ( 873 )  
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    This article introduces the basic ideas and features of the theory of constructivist learning task,discusses the ideas for reform of the teaching objective,content,method and examination system of the course of Database Application based on the task-driven method,and proposes some ideas for the cultivation of the ability of students of the financial major to apply the database technology as well as their sense of innovation by teaching the course of Database Application.

    Teaching Research on the Course of Analysis and Design of the Accounting Information System
    ZENG Gui-Rong
    . 2010, 23(6):  107. 
    Abstract ( 1576 )   PDF (513KB) ( 869 )  
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    The shortcomings of the current teaching of Analysis and Design of the Accounting Information System are analyzed.The capacity cultivation model for teaching the course is established.Based on the above research,twenty one capacity-building projects corresponding to Analysis and Design of the Accounting Information System from the aspects of system analysis capability,system design capability,system operational capability and systems management capability,which are of great significance for the design of and education research on the course of Analysis and Design of the Accounting Information System.

    Application of CSCL in Curriculum Design
    HE Xiu-Qing, HE Ju-Hou
    . 2010, 23(6):  110. 
    Abstract ( 1208 )   PDF (741KB) ( 852 )  
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    The practicability of curriculum design using CSCL is discussed.The management of participants,curriculum,task subgroups,and the control and evaluation of the process are analyzed with Moodle as a platform.It is shown that the curriculum design using CSCL is efficient in training students' ability.

    College Computer-related Major “3+1” Personnel Training Mode
    CHEN Xiao-Hui, LI Hong-Wei
    . 2010, 23(6):  112. 
    Abstract ( 1477 )   PDF (455KB) ( 838 )  
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    The college computer-related major “3+1” personnel training mode helps to cultivate high quality talents by combining the advantages and demand of the school and enterprise.In implementing this mode,the reform and improvement of the school curriculum system and the construction of the team of practical teachers are promoted,the problem of lack of real practice environment is solved,the quality of students' employment is ensured,and a win-win result between the school,student,and enterprise is achieved.

    Research on the Teaching System Based on the Campus Network
    REIN Xiao-Qi, WANG Li-Xia, WANG Yan-Li
    . 2010, 23(6):  114. 
    Abstract ( 1082 )   PDF (549KB) ( 804 )  
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    The paper discusses how to find the potential of the campus network resources and develop the network teaching system.It also analyzes the necessity and feasibility of the network teaching system as well as its form and content.The author proposes such network teaching methods as network assignment,network examination,network classroom,network experiment and etc so that it can be a complete teaching system with modern educational ideology.

    Application of Moodle to the Online Learning platform
    YAO Qian
    . 2010, 23(6):  117. 
    Abstract ( 1579 )   PDF (567KB) ( 883 )  
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    MOODLE is a free software package for producing Internet-based courses and web sites,which educators can use to create online learning sites effectively.It supports the students-centered social constructionist framework of education and is widely used.

    Research on and Implementation of “Network Learning Community” Based on the Echo Framework
    SUN Lin-Chao, PEI Xin-Feng, CHEN Wan-Ying
    . 2010, 23(6):  119. 
    Abstract ( 1309 )   PDF (543KB) ( 817 )  
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    The paper aims at designing and building a “Network Learning Community” system with advanced architecture,powerful interactive capabilities and expansibilities.The characteristics of the Ajax technology and the technical features of the Echo framework are analyzed.With the consideration of the needs of “learning communities” a system model is established and a solution is proposed.Finally,the key technologies of how to build the “Virtual Campus online learning communities” with Java technology are analyzed by using Mysql and Tomcat as the support.

    Measures and Methods for Practical Teaching of Network Engineering
    MA Xiao
    . 2010, 23(6):  122. 
    Abstract ( 1295 )   PDF (396KB) ( 869 )  
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    Based on the specific needs of practical network teaching of higher education,this paper analyzes practical teaching from the aspects of laboratory building,experiment contents design,training bases building,graduation design,extra-curricular activities as well as classroom teaching.

    Research on the Network Course and Teaching Evaluation Based on the Concept Map/Mind Map
    CAI Yan-Ning, YE Xue-Mei, YANG Mei
    . 2010, 23(6):  124. 
    Abstract ( 1052 )   PDF (570KB) ( 855 )  
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    Designing high quality network courses and scientific teaching evaluation methods has been an important topic in network education.In traditional network courses,the knowledge is commonly described with a linear model.The model has some active influence on learning,but it also brings some problems such as learners' being misguided and cognitive overload.To solve the problem,the concept map/mind map method for network course design and teaching evaluation is studied with examples given.

    Study of “Database Theory and SQL Server” Teaching
    REN Hua, FENG Xiao-Lan
    . 2010, 23(6):  127. 
    Abstract ( 1231 )   PDF (405KB) ( 653 )  
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    This paper analyzes the teaching of the course of Database Theory and SQL Server and common problems facing students in their learning,discusses the advantage of case teaching in the teaching of this course and puts forward an effective model of teaching.

    Research and Implementation of Courseware Standardization in Remote Education Based On XML
    GUI Xiao-Lin, WANG Ning-Bo, LI Wen
    . 2010, 23(6):  129. 
    Abstract ( 1210 )  
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    With the rapid development of various disciplines,curriculum update,the education process in the network learning courseware to be updated frequently,in order to ensure that the teacher is focusing on teaching content,rather than spent on the production of courseware,practice and so we adopted great deal of research analysis,using template-based operation to provide the user with user-friendly interface,user-friendly courseware production and distribution;use of object-oriented encapsulation,the system can provide a unified interface,thereby increasing the versatility of the system;In order to realize data sharing,we use XML data to import and export data objects.


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