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15 April 2011 Volume 24 Issue 4
    Selection/Maximal-Ratio Combining Receiver in V-BLAST Systems
    ZHANG Yong-Hong
    . 2011, 24(4):  1. 
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    The selection combining/maximal ratio combining (SC/MRC) algorithm is introduced into V-BLAST system based on parallel interference cancellation (PIC),where the cancellation residuals signal at each receiving antenna are combined by SC/MRC,so that diversity reception is achieved.The diversity gain of as much as the number of receiving antennas is obtained by the scheme,and the ratio of performance to complexity can be arrived at by selecting the receiving antennas with better channel transfer characteristics and combining them together.The complexity of MRC is linear with the number of antennas selected to combine,which is much less than the pseudo-inverse in conventional PICs.Simulations are carried out in 4×4 and 8×8 MIMO channels,and the performance of the new algorithm is verified by the simulation results.

    Radar Signal Sorting Method Based on C-means Clustering
    JING Yuan-Yuan
    . 2011, 24(4):  4. 
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    With the development and the innovation of radar technology,the electromagnetic environment facing RWR has been increasingly complicated,so RWR is required to select sorting radar signals with rapidity and accuracy.The improved C-means clustering algorithm can sort pulse width,frequency and direction of arrival parameters of radar.In this paper,an improved C-means clustering algorithm is used,which is easy to achieve.The simulation experiments show that it is effective for the method to sort radar signals.

    Ship target recognition based on Relax algorithm
    WANG Jin-Zhang, WEI Cun-Wei, LIU Xian-Kang, LIANG Jing, REN Jie, SUN Fei
    . 2011, 24(4):  8. 
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    A method based on Relax algorithm and nearest neighbor fuzzy classification algorithm is proposed for ship target recognition.Firstly,data is preprocessed.Then,scattering centers are extracted from high resolution range profile by Relax algorithm.Finally,the targets are recognized by nearest neighbor fuzzy classification.The result of experiment with the simulation data of 4 ship targets indicates that the proposed method is efficient and very useful in ship target classification.

    Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Affine Nonlinear System Based on Neural Networks
    HU Hai-Xu, LUO Wen-Guang
    . 2011, 24(4):  12. 
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    This paper studies the adaptive control of a class of SISO affine nonlinear system.Here it designs a controller using the feed linear linearization method.The neural networks are used to approximate the unknown nonlinear functions.In order to improve the quality of this system,the approximation errors of the neural networks are introduced to the adaptive law.Theoretica1 analysis and simulations indicate that the strategy can not only solve the tracking problem,but also guarantee the stability of the systems.

    A New Signature Scheme Based on a Multitude of Mathematical Problems
    HE Jian, ZHANG Jian-Hang, BAI Wen-Hua
    . 2011, 24(4):  15. 
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    To promote the security of an algorithm under the same computational complexity,a new digital signature scheme is proposed.In this scheme,without expanding the finite field z*q,by increasing the number of the dimensions of the original roots,we can improve the classical Neberg-Rueppel algorithm on the basis of  the introduction of HASH function and quadratic residue.A comparison shows that the security of the new algorithm is greatly improved without a corresponding increase in complexity.

    A VLSI Design of High-Speed Reed-Solomon Decoder Based on the ME Algorithm
    MA Jian, WANG Wei-Min
    . 2011, 24(4):  17. 
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    Based on an analysis of the ME algorithm's VLSI architecture,this paper proposes a Reed-Solomon decoder using pipelining and minimized architecture of modified Euclid algorithm to meet the demand of ever higher data rate in certain applications.The synthesis results show that this architecture can make RS(255,239) decoder operate at a higher clock frequency of 210 MHz in the Altera's Cyclone Family FPGA implementation and its data processing rate is 1.68 Gb·s-1.

    Research on and Application of Ant Colony Algorithms Hybrid Genetic Algorithms
    BAI Jian-Pu, WU Qiang
    . 2011, 24(4):  20. 
    Abstract ( 1671 )   PDF (613KB) ( 894 )  
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    In order to solve the problem of multi-objective optimization in test paper generation under some restricted conditions,this paper proposes fusing an ant colony algorithm into the genetic algorithm on the basis of the advantages of the ant colony algorithm and genetic algorithm and the foundation for their fusion:using the global searching capability of the genetic algorithm at the early stage of test paper generation,transforming the optimal solution scheduled by the genetic algorithm into initial pheromone the ant colony needs,and then quickly forming optimal solution to the test paper by taking advantage of the fact that the ant colony algorithm has the positive and negative feedback and the characteristic of high efficiency.Application shows that this algorithm  improves the quality of the test and efficiency of the systems and the generated paper meets the requirement with desired effect achieved.

    Web News Retrieval Algorithm Based on the Semantic Group Vector Space Model
    WANG Qiang, ZHAN Zhong-Li, ZHANG Feng-Jun
    . 2011, 24(4):  24. 
    Abstract ( 1149 )   PDF (537KB) ( 880 )  
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    Based on the structural and content feature of Web news information and the analysis of the insufficiency of the traditional vector space model,this paper proposes an improved vector space model that the semantic group is formed according to the characteristic word.This model divides the characteristic word of a report into four relatively independent groups according to the semantic meaning:time,place,character and event,and thus forms four vector spaces.Then the characteristic weight and the similarity to each vector space are calculated.Theoretical analysis and the experimental results show that the improvement of the model adapts better to Web news information retrieval,thus improving the precision,recall and computation speed.

    Design of Data Model for the Enterprise Multilingual Service Bill Based on Compiere ERP
    BAO Hai-Shan, TANG Jian-Peng, BAO Wu-Ge-De-Le, JI Ri-Mu-Tu
    . 2011, 24(4):  27. 
    Abstract ( 1425 )   PDF (1605KB) ( 899 )  
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    A key of design the Multilingual Bills for ERP system is creates Service View Logic and select data elements from Database based on workflow in the transnational business between two enterprises.In this paper,mainly analyzed and rebuild the Data model of Invoice for Compiere ERP & CRM by way of Service View Logic,then to promote a flexibility design idea and solution to be realized for Service View Logic of Multilingual Bills of Compiere on Oracle10g Database.

    Differential Unitary Space-Time-Frequency Modulation Based on Cyclic Delay Diversity
    LI Shao-Hui, CHEN Jian-Chun
    . 2011, 24(4):  33. 
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    A new multi-stream differential unitary space-time-frequency code scheme is proposed which is used in the MIMO-OFDM system and based on cyclic delay diversity.The scheme uses the differential and unitary matrix together with the advantage of the orthogonal space-time code,and thus the bit error rate performance of the whole MIMO-OFDM system is improved greatly without channel estimation.

    Application of Rough Sets and Wavelet Transformation to Image Fusion
    ZHAO Guo-Bin, NA Yan
    . 2011, 24(4):  36. 
    Abstract ( 1428 )   PDF (665KB) ( 896 )  
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    An image fusion algorithm using rough sets and wavelet transformation is proposed for multi-focus images contaminated by pepper-salt noise.First,source images are enhanced by the rough sets theory,and then the images are fused using wavelet transformation to get the fusion image.The experiment result shows that the rough sets enhancement can remove noise and preserve details of the images effectively.On the basis of this,wavelet fusion is done,enabling the fused image to have better visual effect.

    Study of the Effect of Target Pose on RCS Dynamic Measurement
    WU Yong-Peng, LEI Zhen-Ya, SHAN Tuan-Biao
    . 2011, 24(4):  40. 
    Abstract ( 1382 )   PDF (693KB) ( 866 )  
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    In the RCS measurement of dynamic targets,there exists acute fluctuation in the measurement data.The major contributing factor to this problem is the rapidly changing attitude of moving targets.In this paper,the attitude model of dynamic targets is adopted to simulate the effect of changing target attitude on the RCS dynamic measurement.By calculating the uncertainty of simulation data,this effect can be specified.

    A Data Acquisition System of the Rolling Bearing Lifetime Intensifying Test
    ZHU Han-Ming, TAN Yong-Hong
    . 2011, 24(4):  43. 
    Abstract ( 1870 )   PDF (670KB) ( 910 )  
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    A novel data acquisition system with the architecture of both software and hardware is proposed for the rolling bearing acceleration lifetime intensifying test.An analysis of the development of routine design via VC IDE is made.The design procedure of the accurate timing data acquisition is depicted.This scheme achieves the function of timing and automatic data storage by checking the data length in user's cache without any requirements of the interruption sources from users.

    Application of User-Defined Collection in VB
    YU Hai-Ying
    . 2011, 24(4):  47. 
    Abstract ( 1336 )   PDF (553KB) ( 863 )  
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    The attribute,method and content of the collection are simply introduced.The implementation codes of adding,retrieval,and deleting operation of the user-defined collection made up of an array are listed.The access operation implementation of the user-defined collection composed of the user-defined type is elaborated.

    Multi Agent-based Distributed Database Management Systems
    LIU Ze-Hong, YU Hong-Peng
    . 2011, 24(4):  50. 
    Abstract ( 1870 )   PDF (632KB) ( 860 )  
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    The structure of the distributed management intelligence AGENT is studied on the basis of the architecture of the distributed database management,multi-Agent-based distributed data management model,and the coordination and collaboration among the multi-Agent issues.

    Optical Flow Field Model for Non-rigid Medical Image Registration
    LIN Cun-Hua, CHEN Hai-Feng
    . 2011, 24(4):  53. 
    Abstract ( 1067 )   PDF (791KB) ( 1376 )  
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    This paper proposes an optical flow field registration method with window function for the non-rigid medical image.These methods control image's fuzzy degrees by adjusting the window function to.By adopting image pyramidal decomposition the problem that the Horn optical flow field cannot deal with large displacement is solved.Experimental results show that the method can satisfy the medical image's requirement for registration accuracy and has high efficiency.

    Realization of an Electronic Image Stabilization Algorithm Based on TMS320C642
    ZHANG Cui, WU Cheng, ZHENG Sheng, FANG Wan-Li, FENG Sai-Sai
    . 2011, 24(4):  57. 
    Abstract ( 1360 )   PDF (487KB) ( 937 )  
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    This article describes a method for electronic image stabilization to solve the problem of the dithering video image.This system uses the projection algorithm and the fixed-point digital signal processor chips TMS320DM642 made by Texas Instruments to achieve image stabilization.The basic requirements of electronic image stabilization performance is introduced.The basic principles of image stabilization is presented.According to the requests,the image stabilization algorithm is selected to design the hardware block diagram of the system.Simulation shows that the algorithm has good performance and can meet the requirement for accuracy.

    Design and Implementation of IP Core of JPEG
    ZHANG Zhi-Xiao, HE Ming-Hua
    . 2011, 24(4):  59. 
    Abstract ( 1506 )   PDF (875KB) ( 991 )  
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    The paper presents the design and implementation of a soft decoder IP based on the JPEG image compression standard.The design adopts the IDCT algorithm architecture which is efficient for hardware implementation.In consideration of speed,a parallel and pipeline architecture is introduced.Based on the characteristic of Huffman code a new hardware structure of Huffman parallel decoding is introduced,replacing the complex pattern matching with the simple arithmetic operations,so that high decoding rate and low cost can be achieved.This IP can be conveniently integrated into various applications such as digital camera,cell phone,and color FAX.

    FSK/PSK Modulation Based on FPGA
    ZHAO Jing, WEN Shi-Xiang
    . 2011, 24(4):  64. 
    Abstract ( 1642 )   PDF (548KB) ( 916 )  
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    The paper presents a method which uses large-scale programmable gate array FPGA to implement FSK and PSK digital modulation based on DDS and VHDL hardware description technology.It describes the m pseudo-random baseband symbol generator,transition detector and DDS signal modules in detail.The parameter of the system is easy to modify and transplant,and the system performance is stable.

    A Circular Disc Monopole UWB Antenna with the 3.4/5.5 GHz Dual Band-notched Characteristic
    JIE Jun, GONG Shu-Xi, ZHAO Qing, ZHANG Lei
    . 2011, 24(4):  67. 
    Abstract ( 1470 )   PDF (797KB) ( 936 )  
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    A novel compact printed circular disc monopole antenna with the 3.4/5.5 GHz dual band-notched characteristic fed by micro-strip line is proposed and fabricated.Owing to the use of a defected ground structure,the antenna has a better impedance matching.The voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) is less than 2 in the band of 2.38~15 GHz.Thus,both the WLAN (2.4 GHz) and UWB band are covered.To obtain the dual band notched function in the 3.4 GHz WiMAX band and 5.2/5.8 GHz WLAN band respectively,double rectangular slots,which are similar to split-ring resonator(SRR),are etched on the circular disc.A good agreement is achieved between the simulation and the experiment.The antenna proposed has some practical value.

    Realization of the Sound Source Localization System Using FPGA Based on the Microphone Array
    REN Yong, HU Fang-Ming, LI Zi-Xue
    . 2011, 24(4):  72. 
    Abstract ( 1580 )   PDF (596KB) ( 1660 )  
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    The basic principle of the sound source localization algorithm based on the microphone array is discussed.The design methods for system modules using FPGA are presented.Emphasis is put on the principle and realization of the circuits.Experiment results based on FPGA design shows that the system makes full use of the advantages of FPGA,simplifies the system design,shortens the design period and meets the requirements for design.

    A Power System Multi-Channel Synchronous Sampling Based on DSP and High-Speed ADC
    WU Hai-Qiang, LING Yu-Hua
    . 2011, 24(4):  75. 
    Abstract ( 1705 )   PDF (889KB) ( 863 )  
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    This paper proposes a system structure which uses the TMS320C6711D DSP chip as the processing core and high-speed AD chip ADS8364 as complementary realize the analysis of the power system multi-channel synchronous sampling.Emphasis is put on the hardware design of the system.Test results and applications show that this design has the advantages of easy operation,good real-timeness,strong anti-interference capability,high measurement accuracy,and cost-effectiveness,and can therefore find wide applications in power systems.

    Application of Microprocessor on Analog Signal Processing of Navigation Equipment
    LI Zhan-Ming, LI Na
    . 2011, 24(4):  78. 
    Abstract ( 1145 )   PDF (398KB) ( 815 )  
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    It fully embodies the advantages of computer techniques in signal and data processing.It introduces the very microprocessor processing method and algorithm on the analogue signal in a navigation system.The use of the microprocessor effectively improves the system integrated level and achieves the target to improve the system reliability.

    Design and Implementation of a Radar Signal Processing System
    SUN Yan-Fang, LUO Feng, YIN Dong-Min
    . 2011, 24(4):  81. 
    Abstract ( 1576 )   PDF (760KB) ( 874 )  
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    The respective advantages of FPGA and DSP has made FPGA+DSP a common structure in the signal processing system.However,the structure is either in poor commonality or lacks introduction to function implementation.This paper introduces a common signal processing system,which has the qualities of both FPGA and DSP,good commonality and applications in different radar systems.The paper particularizes the representative application of this system to CW radar and pulse radar respectively.

    Effect of the Radar System on Radar Range
    ZHANG Jun-Hui, WANG Kai
    . 2011, 24(4):  85. 
    Abstract ( 1298 )   PDF (821KB) ( 878 )  
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    The contributing factors to radar-range are discussed based on the Radar-Equation.First,the range equation of the single pulse signal is gained by deducting the improvement factors of match filter.Then,the range after the pulse compression of the frequency stepped radar signal is compared with that after the coherent integration of the signal pulse signal compressed.Finally,the result is proved by simulation.

    Design of a Power Supply for the Fault Detector in Overhead Transmission Line
    LIN Lin, ZHAO Min
    . 2011, 24(4):  89. 
    Abstract ( 1337 )   PDF (855KB) ( 888 )  
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    This paper proposes a design proposal which combines the electric power obtained from the high side with thermal batteries by using the specially designed coil.It also introduces the principle and main design of this program.The result shows that it can provides stable power in case of normal current of the busbar and even shorted fault or broken fault.It can reliably protect other circuits in case of large current and provide a stable voltage output,and thus it effectively solves the problem about the power source of electronic equipments which are used in overhead transmission lines.

    Design of Human-Computer Interaction for the Intelligent Power Distribution Control System
    YANG Pei-Jun, MA Wen-Rui
    . 2011, 24(4):  92. 
    Abstract ( 1452 )   PDF (645KB) ( 911 )  
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    A hardware circuit and display driver are designed by using the  processor STC12C5A60S2 produced by Hongjing Company as the controller,the matrix keyboard as the input device,the 485 communication as the data updating method,and the LCD3202401 produced by Beijing Qingyun Company as the output device.On the basis of this a human-computer interaction system is designed.The improved HMI system is completed on the single chip system with low cost and scarce resources.

    Design of a Real-time Clock LCD Display System with the Lunar Calendar Base on ARM9
    SHI Xiong
    . 2011, 24(4):  96. 
    Abstract ( 1919 )   PDF (608KB) ( 937 )  
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    Based on the ARM9 core processor S3C2440 and the WXCAT35 liquid crystal display (LCD),a real-time clock(RTC) display circuit with the lunar calendar is designed.Communication with S3C2440 through a serial port enables the function of changing the time and setting the alarm time to be achieved.By the algorithm for the transform between the Gregorian calendar and lunar calendar,real-time clock(RTC) and lunar calendar display on the liquid crystal display (LCD) panel are realized.

    Design of an Efficient Embedded Interface for DDR NAND Flash
    LIU Gui-Ying, LIANG Qi-Wen
    . 2011, 24(4):  100. 
    Abstract ( 1374 )   PDF (622KB) ( 918 )  
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    This paper presents a new method for DDR/NAND flash.This method not only breaks through the bottleneck of the 50Mhz work frequency limitation but also has higher read and write speed,which meets the requirements for HD play and monitoring.The design of the software and hardware interface for the new flash is analyzed.

    Design of Wireless Serial Communication Based on Zigbee Mesh-Networking
    WANG Ke-Zhong, SONG Zhi-Chao
    . 2011, 24(4):  102. 
    Abstract ( 1677 )   PDF (1056KB) ( 905 )  
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    Wireless serial port communication can be accomplished by using Zigbee to form a Mesh-network with self-cure ability.A single module's transfer distance is 10m to 100m which can be improved to more than 1 mile by adding an amplifier,and the transfer speed is 250 kb·s-1,which can satisfy the demands of common users.

    Error Analyze And Compensation of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter
    MA Wei
    . 2011, 24(4):  107. 
    Abstract ( 1230 )   PDF (480KB) ( 1029 )  
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    This paper simply introduced the principle of ultrasonic wave,discussed various factors which affected the accuracy of liquid level meter,analyzed the causes and effects of reference error、transit-time error、time-delay error,and proposed correction methods of all kinds of errors.

    Design of an Intelligent Watt-Hour Meter for Student Apartments
    HUANG Hua-Jun, YU Shui-Bao, LI San-Bo, FENG Zhong-Jian
    . 2011, 24(4):  110. 
    Abstract ( 1469 )   PDF (637KB) ( 895 )  
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    The current management of electricity in student apartments fails to monitor electricity safely in real time.This paper introduces a design of an intelligent safety power watt-hour meter based on ADE7755,pyroelectric infrared and MCU.It can detect and limit high-power equipment intelligently,prevent unmanned electricity use completely and has good real-timeness,and realizes the monitoring of electricity use intelligently,and therefore has a wide application in the future.

    Development of Quenching Circuits of Single Photon Avalanche Diodes
    WANG Yi-Feng, MA Yu
    . 2011, 24(4):  113. 
    Abstract ( 1389 )   PDF (1030KB) ( 891 )  
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    Single photon avalanche diode(SPAD) is an avalanche photodiode (APD) operating above its breakdown voltage,or what is called Geiger-mode.For the detection of very faint optical signals,for example,in application of early warning of hypersonic vehicles,SPAD may be an ideal choice.SPAD must operate in association with avalanche quenching circuits.Based on the equivalent circuit model of the pn junction,basic circuit configurations suitable for SPAD avalanche quenching,such as passive,active,and mixed quenching circuit,are analyzed.Passive quenching circuits,which are simple and useful for SPAD device testing and selection,have fairly limited application.Active quenching circuits make it possible to exploit the best performance of SPAD.Mixed solutions can be an effective approach to designing simple and compact circuits or for satisfying specific application requirements.General operating characteristics,recent progress,and the measures of performance of the SPAD quenching circuit are briefly reviewed in this paper.

    Networking and Energy Reduction of Epiboly Call Center in the New Era
    HUA Ying
    . 2011, 24(4):  119. 
    Abstract ( 1352 )   PDF (888KB) ( 886 )  
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    This paper explains the construction principles of the Epiboly Call Center in the new era,contrasts the network between the traditional call center and “Green Customer Service Representative”,and analyzes the targets of “Green Customer Service Representative” on the basis of the realistic data about the current network.

    Study of Thermal and Mechanical Damage in Si-CCD Induced by Laser
    LI Jing, CHEN Zu-Hong
    . 2011, 24(4):  122. 
    Abstract ( 1446 )   PDF (747KB) ( 845 )  
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    Temperature rise after the absorption of laser and a variety of phenomena caused by temperature rise can cause detectors to suffer varying degrees of injury.The paper makes use of the thermal elastic theory to do research on oxygen-iodine laser's irradiating silicon material.According to a two-dimensional planar model,we can obtain transient distribution of the temperature field and thermal stress field which results from laser irradiation on semiconductor material through function calculation.

    Research on the Teaching Method for An Outline of Electronic Commerce
    HUANG Zi-Ling
    . 2011, 24(4):  125. 
    Abstract ( 1056 )   PDF (358KB) ( 781 )  
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    On the basis of the problems existing in the present teaching in Xi'an Fanyi University,this paper puts forward some new perspectives on the reform of teaching methods for this course.Teaching practice shows that the reformed methods have the advantages over traditional methods of better visualization,vividness,greater understandability and better teaching effects.


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