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15 August 2011 Volume 24 Issue 8
    VPDN Business Solutions for Groups of WCDMA Customers
    YAN Li-Yuan, CHEN Chen, XIAO Yong
    . 2011, 24(8):  1. 
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    More and more attention has been paid to efficient and convenient communication system.The promotion of VPDN business solutions based on WCDMA net could achieve the complete mobile office mode,and in the VPDN,wherever the groups of customer is,they can connect the corporate intranet through seamless and secure WCDMA net.This paper analyzes the technical features of VPDN services and business models,and proposes new ideas for business promotion to enhance the customer query and security authentication in view of the customers' diversified services.

    Simulation of Real-time Fuzzy Scene Based on Particle System
    GU Da-Ye
    . 2011, 24(8):  5. 
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    Since particle system was proposed,it has been considered the most successful graphic-generation algorithm for simulating irregular and fuzzy features.Particle system is generally used for the dynamic simulation of natural scene,such as smoke,fog,and so on.In the article,the particle system is used to simulate some scenes,such as aircraft wake and decoy explosion.As the final operation platform is based on embedded DSP,some classic graphic API can not be applied.In order to simulate scenes comparatively real and fast,the article proposes different algorithms for different scenes,which achieve good results.

    An Improved MUSIC Algorithm for Estimating DOA of Coherent Signals Sources
    HE Wei-Gang
    . 2011, 24(8):  8. 
    Abstract ( 1305 )   PDF (604KB) ( 1105 )  
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    A new improved MUSIC algorithm for the estimation of the Direction-of Arrival of coherent signals sources is presented.After Eigen-value decomposing the receive data signal of coherence signals,the relationships between the signal subspace and the signal steering vector is used to achieve DOA effective estimation through searching the multidimensional wave peak.Compared with the traditional spatial smoothing algorithm,the IMUSIC has the following advantages.The simulation results show the proposed IMUSIC algorithm is effective.

    Fast Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on New Scanning Strategy
    LIN Chuan
    . 2011, 24(8):  12. 
    Abstract ( 1182 )   PDF (582KB) ( 895 )  
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    To improve the speediness of stereo matching algorithm,a new scanning strategy for improving algorithm is presented.During the scanning,the whole image is divided into groups of three columns from left to right,besides the first row;the scanning sequence is middle column pixel,left column pixel and right column pixel.According to the scanning strategy and the position of matching pixel in the image,the methods of reducing the execution time are given as follows:the adjacent pixels computed values of horizontal and vertical orientation are stored using less space.Experimental result shows that the proposed algorithm is the less calculation and the higher matching speed than traditional method under the same matching results and can be used in the environment requiring more real-time operation.

    Application of Improved BP Algorithm in Stock Market Prediction
    FENG Ju-Yi
    . 2011, 24(8):  15. 
    Abstract ( 1588 )   PDF (500KB) ( 876 )  
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    Stock price prediction is an important research topic of the securities industry and academia.Neural network has a strong power of non-linear approximation.The author utilizes MO-VLBP neural network to build the prediction model for Beijing Bank's closing price prediction.The experiment proves that the MO-VLBP prediction model applied into the stock price forecasting has the advantages of fast computing speed and good forecasting precision,and has a value of promotion and application.

    Research on Deformable Objects Collision Detection Based on Bounding Box
    WANG Yuan, YE Xue-Mei, LV Hu-Meng
    . 2011, 24(8):  18. 
    Abstract ( 1203 )   PDF (617KB) ( 836 )  
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    The bounding box method is a collision detection algorithm used widely in he current virtual reality technology.The paper analyzes in depth the axial bounding box (AABB) method,oriented bounding box (OBB) method and the fixed orientation package bounding box (k-dops) method of bounding box algorithm by building bounding box and intersection detection.The three methods are compared in six aspects,that is,the degree of difficulty from the structure,the intersection test complexity,compactness,degree of deformation applied collision detection accuracy and range of application areas.The comparison results show that the three methods can be used selectively according to specific applications.

    Quick Sorting Algorithms of High Repetition Rate Data
    CHEN Bao-Peng
    . 2011, 24(8):  22. 
    Abstract ( 1269 )   PDF (529KB) ( 1165 )  
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    In this paper,a new sorting algorithm of high repetition rate any type data is proposed.This algorithm with conciseness of the quick sorting method avoids recursive algorithm.It has the time complexity O(n) and space complexity O(1) only.Both theoretical analysis and experimental tests confirm that the performance of the new sorting algorithm is distinctly better than that of the others and is particularly suitable to the sorting of a great quantity of high repetition rate data.

    Research on MOS Varactor Characteristics and Estimation of VCO Frequency Based on Matlab
    PENG Jing-Yu
    . 2011, 24(8):  24. 
    Abstract ( 1688 )   PDF (516KB) ( 954 )  
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    This article researches and analyzes the characteristics of the MOS varactor based on software simulation.A method for estimating the VCO frequency precisely is presented according to the characteristics of the MOS varactor.The simulation experiments indicate that this algorithm has high precision.In circuit design,this method can be used to forecast the frequency or provide reference parameters,and thus it can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.

    A Fast Approach to Development of Elevator Control Algorithm Based on Model Design
    YU Zhang-Hui, ZHANG Zi-Qiang, GU Mei-Kang
    . 2011, 24(8):  28. 
    Abstract ( 1121 )   PDF (784KB) ( 1223 )  
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    An elevator control algorithm based on model design is implemented.The executable specification is designed and tested in Matlab/Simulink environment,and the VHDL code is automatically generated by HDL Coder.The code is simulated in Quartus environment.The results show that compared with traditional embedded systems development methods,the model-based design is a more rapid and effective.

    Design of Digital Modulator of QPSK Based on System Generator
    LIU Zhan-Xian
    . 2011, 24(8):  31. 
    Abstract ( 1327 )   PDF (455KB) ( 884 )  
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    The principle of QPSK modulation is introduced.A system design of QPSK modulator based on the System Generator platform is presented.The design starts with construction of functional modules in the environment of matlab/simulink to build the system model.The design of QPSK modulator is completed after functional simulation and verification.The simulation results show that the designed modulator can generate the correct QPSK waveform,which achieves anticipated results.

    Semi-Supervised Discriminative Spatial Patterns Based on MRP for Brain-Computer Interfaces
    LV Jun
    . 2011, 24(8):  33. 
    Abstract ( 1482 )   PDF (506KB) ( 785 )  
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    In the study of brain-computer interface,if the number of training samples is small,the features of movement related potentials can not be well extracted by discriminative spatial pattern algorithm.Thus in this paper,semi-supervised self-training scheme is employed to induce the unlabelled samples with high confidences and learn the discriminative patterns of MRPs iteratively.The results of experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

    A Recognition and Localization System of Target Sound
    GONG Xiao-Zhang
    . 2011, 24(8):  36. 
    Abstract ( 1334 )   PDF (682KB) ( 1076 )  
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    A system for recognizing and locating the target sound is designed and implemented,which is applied to distinguish the target sound and calculate its location direction.This system combines two functions together:sound recognition and location.Based on signal frequency domain characteristic,a similarity calculation method is used to detect target sound.Then an optimization of the traditional TDOA algorithm system is put forward in location implementation process.Combining preprocessing circuit and software calculation,the time difference of arrival can be easily obtained.Using mean algorithm with multiple calculation,angle of direction can be fixed with prior knowledge of sound pick-ups' location.The processor consists of two Sunplus SPCE061A SCMs,which are portable,robust,highly efficient and accurate.

    The Design of Software Based on Intelligent Temperature Control System of AT89C51
    PAN Qing-Long, GAO Qi-Kun, LIU Yang
    . 2011, 24(8):  39. 
    Abstract ( 1191 )   PDF (605KB) ( 820 )  
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    The article is based on the temperature control system to research the embedded system,which realizes the real-time monitoring and control of the industrial field temperature.With Microcontroller Unit AT89C51 as the control core and the typical large inertia link PID closed-loop control device,it can automatically control the temperature under the harsh situation so that temperature of the controlled object is maintained at a stable range.This system has a strong versatility,which makes it rather extensive application in control of industrial process.

    Distributed Multi-node Zigbee Sensor Data Fusion of Track Association
    LI Jin-Ming
    . 2011, 24(8):  42. 
    Abstract ( 1383 )   PDF (492KB) ( 907 )  
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    Data processing speed depends not only on the speed of the computer itself,but also to a large extent on the complexity of the algorithm.The algorithm computation directly affects the size of the quality of the equipment running.By the distributed multi-node Zigbee sensor data fusion of the trajectory related issues,estimates of node status are derived,thus a node status estimation algorithm,which is a simple,convenient,and practical track association algorithm.

    Design of Power Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System
    FENG Pu
    . 2011, 24(8):  44. 
    Abstract ( 1571 )   PDF (346KB) ( 787 )  
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    The design of the power supervisory control and data acquisition system is introduced and the scheme of system design is proposed in the paper.The signal recuperation circuit,A/D converter circuit,FPGA circuit,USB interface circuit and power module circuit are described in detail.The USB+FPGA structure is adopted in power supervisory control and data acquisition system,so the transmission rate is improved and the data storage and preprocessing flexibility are increased,which has strong applicability.

    Design of Navigation Mark Monitoring System Based on NIOS II
    WANG Yong, LIANG Wei-Zhong
    . 2011, 24(8):  46. 
    Abstract ( 1501 )   PDF (636KB) ( 896 )  
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    An introduction is given on how to design scheme for the Navigation Mark Monitoring System based on Nios II soft core,and how to design the VHDL of AD7862 control circuit.The intact designing scheme is put forward from the systematic angle and the block diagram of the controller is drawn based on Nios II soft core.The result is obtained from the simulation on Modesim.Testified by on-spot function,this system can realize real-time supervision the working status of the Navigation Mark and meets industrial standards,and is highly reliable,stable and convenient to maintain.

    Analysis of Hardware and Software Design Principles of Traction Motors
    ZHUANG Xin
    . 2011, 24(8):  49. 
    Abstract ( 1141 )   PDF (473KB) ( 841 )  
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    Locomotive traction motor is the heart of important equipment,which ensures traffic safety and control of key equipment of locomotives.Real-time monitoring of locomotive traction motors can reduce the failure rate,improve safety and efficiency of railway transport and also lay a good foundation for achieving the status of maintenance equipment.This article presents the overall design plan of the locomotive traction motor fault diagnosis device.Through a lot of theory and practice of authentication,single-channel DC voltage isolation sensor is adopted to achieve the accurate data collection of 6-channel traction motor current,and fulfill fault diagnosis through Petri net theory.

    Construction of Cloud-based Monitoring System
    TANG Hua-Wei
    . 2011, 24(8):  52. 
    Abstract ( 1291 )   PDF (537KB) ( 873 )  
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    In the construction industry,the key building processes require effective monitoring measures to ensure the quality and safety,but the traditional distributed control mode can not effectively use resources or meet the growing demand for monitoring the problem.Cloud computing technology is applied to monitor the system building process,and a cloud-based construction monitoring system design method is presented,which takes full advantage of cloud computing in resource management,shared services and other areas,and improves the building project monitoring efficiency.

    Simple Animations Making with 2D RPG Game Engine
    ZHANG Yang, TIAN Xin-Yan
    . 2011, 24(8):  54. 
    Abstract ( 1344 )   PDF (1315KB) ( 758 )  
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    Compared with the traditional animation process,making animation with the game engine has less technical requirements on the staff,thus making the creators focus better in the design and screenplay creativity.This paper proposes the use of 2D RPG game engine to make simple animation,and explores the significance of developing 2D animation engine and the development of specific methods.

    Smart Card Management System for Water Sale Based on RFID
    LIN Chang-Ji
    . 2011, 24(8):  58. 
    Abstract ( 1301 )   PDF (544KB) ( 862 )  
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    In this paper ,the technology of RFID is firstly introduced,and then the overall design of the smart card management system for water sale is presented.The technology of RFID and Singlechip are used to achieve the designs of non-contact card and smart water meter.Several key technical issues are discussed and studied.

    Application of Multi-scale Gabor Wavelet Transform in Image Retrieval
    ZHU Ming-Zhong
    . 2011, 24(8):  61. 
    Abstract ( 1791 )   PDF (1623KB) ( 904 )  
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    Texture is a very important feature in content-based image retrieval,which is difficult to describe.To improve the efficiency of texture feature extraction in image retrieval,the structure of Gabor filter banks is studied,and an approach to texture images retrieval based on multi-scale Gabor wavelets transform is proposed.A group of Gabor filters with multi-scale and multiple directions is designed,and the parameters are optimized before image filtering and feature extraction.An image retrieval system based on Gabor texture feature is designed,and some image retrieval experiments are curried.The results show that this method based on multi-scale Gabor transformation has an excellent performance on texture extraction.

    Application of Image Recognition in ATM Monitoring
    LV Fang-Yao
    . 2011, 24(8):  66. 
    Abstract ( 1361 )   PDF (669KB) ( 842 )  
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    This article analyzes the original Automatic Teller machines (hereinafter referred to as ATM) monitoring methods and principles.ATM monitoring and basic configuration are described,and the ATM of monitoring network measures used to enhance the bank security management are introduced,The problems and disadvantages of existing ATM monitoring systems,and the vulnerability of China's ATM security management are analyzed in detail.The paper introduces the image recognition technology in ATM monitoring system,and its functions in the monitoring are illustrated.A detailed description is also made of disadvantages and problems of the image recognition technology due to the equipment performance and the environment.

    Application of Struts2 and Ibatis in Graduation Defence Management System
    WU Hong-Bo
    . 2011, 24(8):  70. 
    Abstract ( 1293 )   PDF (577KB) ( 978 )  
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    Java has been widely used in Web Project,but using the single framework to build up the Enterprise applications has the disadvantages of complex structure,scalability,and maintainability.On the basis of an in-depth analysis of Struts2 and Ibatis,a framework of the integration of the two programs is constructed.This paper takes for example the school defense management system design and implementation to describe its application in the actual development process.

    Research on Signal Spectrum of Multi-rate Processing
    WANG Gui-Bao, JIANG Xiao-Jie, LIN Ji-Peng, WANG Lan-Mei
    . 2011, 24(8):  73. 
    Abstract ( 1499 )   PDF (482KB) ( 1211 )  
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    On the basis of the existing work,the spectrum of the signal after integer times extraction and integer times zero values interpolation is derived using Fourier Transform (FT).The influence of extraction and interpolation on the spectrum of the signal is analyzed.A number of simulations are made to point out the problems that deserve attention.

    Implementation and Design of Multi-channel A/D Conversion Control Module
    LI Yan-Wu
    . 2011, 24(8):  75. 
    Abstract ( 1134 )   PDF (538KB) ( 753 )  
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    The implementation and design of Multi-channel A/D Conversion Control module with MC143150 Neuron Chip and ADS7844 is put forward in this paper.The structure and principle of MC143150 Neuron Chip and ADS7844 are also given in detail,including collection,analysis and processing of the results of Multi-channel A/D Conversion by using Neuron C.Through long-time operation and testing,Multi-channel A/D Conversion Control module proves to be reliable and with high precision,which ensures the flexibility of the integration of automatic control system.It has practical values.

    Analysis of Efficiency of Class-F and Inverse Class-F Power Amplifiers
    XIE Bing-Yi, CAI Fei, ZHANG Hong, LV Guo-Qiang
    . 2011, 24(8):  78. 
    Abstract ( 1651 )   PDF (606KB) ( 1123 )  
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    The research aims at analyzing the efficiency differences between class-F and inverse class-F power amplifier.First,the efficiency of each amplifier was calculated on the theoretical basis.According to the formula,the inverse class-F amplifier had better efficiency than that of class-F amplifiers at identical output power level,owing to the on-resistance of the transistor.Then the two amplifiers were designed through software simulation.At identical output power level,inverse class-F power amplifier's maximum drain efficiency was 91.8%,and class-F power amplifier's maximum drain efficiency was 89.3%.

    Circuit Design with Multichannel and Programmable Gain Control in ERT
    LI Gai-Li
    . 2011, 24(8):  81. 
    Abstract ( 1272 )   PDF (623KB) ( 993 )  
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    A new design scheme of the circuit with multichannel and programmable gain control is proposed in view of the parallel data acquisition for Electrical Resistance Tomography,which has many channels and the wide range of variation for acquisition small signal.In order to meet the input requirements of Analog to Digital Converter,it is necessary to adaptively change the amplification factors of input signal in every channel by detecting the signal in sizes in the scheme,and sample by Analog to Digital Converter.The paper introduces the design scheme of programmable gain control amplification circuits based on AD603,implementation method and experimental result.The presented multichannel and programmable gain control circuit is universal.

    The Simulation of Modified Sierpinski Fractal Microstrip Antenna
    SU Xue-Juan, YANG Yue, HU Nan, YANG Ming-Fang
    . 2011, 24(8):  85. 
    Abstract ( 1499 )   PDF (340KB) ( 887 )  
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    The Sierpinski fractal antenna with two iterations and modified the flare angle is simulated by HFSS.Return losses and far fields radiation pattern are obtained in different conditions.The multiband properties of the Sierpinski fractal antenna are inherent to its self-similar fractal structure.The Sierpinski fractal antenna with two iterations has dual-band property at some flare angle,which can be applied to satellite communication and mobile communication.

    A Microstrip-fed Ultra-wideband Antenna with Dual Band-Notched Characteristic
    ZHANG Xu-Hui
    . 2011, 24(8):  87. 
    Abstract ( 1872 )   PDF (540KB) ( 887 )  
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    In order to meet the needs of ultra-wideband communications,we design a printed UWB Antenna in a small scale.We apply with five-sided metal fan as a radiation patch,adopt the U-shaped slot to achieve stop-band characteristics,and study the impendence characteristics and antenna pattern using simulation software HFSS.The results show that in the frequency range of 3.0 GHz to 12.5 GHz,the proposed antenna can provide an ultra wide voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR<2) and two notched bands of 3.25~4.10 GHz and 5.3~5.86 GHz,which can be used for ultra-wideband communication system.

    An Improved Ultra-wideband Horn Antenna
    LIU Xiu-Xiang, LEI Zhen-Ye, WANG Yong-Guang, WANG Jun-Peng, HU Hai-Peng
    . 2011, 24(8):  90. 
    Abstract ( 1722 )   PDF (502KB) ( 892 )  
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    Based on the structural characteristics of TEM horn antenna,the ribbon horn antenna is designed with two curved narrow ribbons superseding the top plate of the basic model.The ribbon structure can not only improve the utilization of the low frequency effectively,but also reduce the weight of the antenna greatly.Through further improvement of the structure of the ribbon,the analysis is obtained by the HFSS simulating software.The results show that the antenna has good ultra-wideband performance and the radiation performance is also greatly improved.The frequency band of the improved ribbon horn antenna is 0.1GHz to 4GHz for VSWR less than 2.0 via optimization.

    Analysis and Treatment of a Disconnector's Regular Test Malfunction
    ZHANG Yan
    . 2011, 24(8):  93. 
    Abstract ( 1166 )   PDF (540KB) ( 859 )  
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    This paper analyzes the malfunction of high voltage disconnectors insulated sleeve before running regular tests.With practical situations and experiences in consideration,the sources of fault is located and processed effectively.The emphasis is put on the treatment methods,and some preventive measures are suggested.

    Modulation Identification of Digital and Analog Signals Based on Decision Theory
    WANG Ting-Ting, YUAN Jin-Sha, ZHAO Jian-Li
    . 2011, 24(8):  96. 
    Abstract ( 1190 )   PDF (570KB) ( 966 )  
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    The six character parameters reflecting the differences of the modulations are extracted.These six character parameters are improvements of traditional parameters,which are relatively simple in computing methods and clear decision threshold.The classifier based on decision-theoretic algorithm is established,and thirteen typical digital and analog signals are identified.Simulation result shows that this classifier has better performance for modulation recognition.

    Communications Room Temperature Detection System
    ZHANG Hui-Kun
    . 2011, 24(8):  99. 
    Abstract ( 1334 )   PDF (477KB) ( 858 )  
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    The communications room communications equipment is very intensive with relatively high security requirements.In order to ensure the stable operation of communication networks,it is necessary to real-time monitor the communications room temperature,and therefore an intelligent,cost-effective communications room temperature detection system is of great practical significance.Temperature measurement system with the traditional measurement points is relatively small with poor system compatibility and scalability.The proposed communications room temperature measurement system is designed from the perspective of distributed communication with the advantages of simple structure,low cost,high reliability and accurate temperature measurement,which can be widely used in communications room,the temperature control of greenhouses,storage temperature and other fields.

    Emulational Training System of Radio Based on Single-chip Microcomputer
    LIU Feng, GUO Xin-Min, ZHAO Dan-Hui
    . 2011, 24(8):  102. 
    Abstract ( 1438 )   PDF (594KB) ( 788 )  
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    This paper aims at the problems in the training of broadcasting station,puts forward emulational training system of broadcasting station based on single-chip microcomputer,which can solve the disadvantages of radio training,and introduces the composition of system,finally describes the advantage and the applicational scope of system.It is positive for ensuring military mission much better and promoting the emulational training of arms in the army.

    Evaluation of Electronic Jamming Effectiveness
    HU Xiao-Wei
    . 2011, 24(8):  105. 
    Abstract ( 1055 )   PDF (454KB) ( 1106 )  
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    Based on the study of several existing evaluation of electronic jamming effectiveness algorithms,and analysis of their respective properties,the author points out that: the power rule and the information rule are applied to repressive effect of jamming and deception jamming assessment;the efficiency rule is applied to assess at anti-interference ability of a system;the efficiency rule is applied to assess at itself performance of a system.

    HN911-based Wireless Multi-channel Alarm System Design
    WU Yong-Ling, YANG Jie, PAN Xiao-Hui, YU Chang-Qing
    . 2011, 24(8):  108. 
    Abstract ( 1366 )   PDF (702KB) ( 1120 )  
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    In order to meet the demand of ordinary multi-dispatched alarm,a wireless radio technology multi alarm system is designed by the use of sensor technology,electronic technology and frequency division multiplexing.The overall framework of the system,modulation and demodulation,coded latches and other hardware structures are introduced.The software simulation model is established by Multisiml0 circuit simulation and experiments show that the performance index of the alarm system meets the design requirements and the system has practical values.

    Anti-interference Technology for Weather Station
    ZHANG Ji-Guang
    . 2011, 24(8):  111. 
    Abstract ( 1078 )   PDF (528KB) ( 926 )  
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    The automatic weather station is a highly integrated digital electronic equipment with corresponding supporting software.Due to its running circumstances,it is easy to be interfered by a variety of factors,among which is the electromagnetic interference.For the automatic weather station to function safe and normal,the collection of data must be in real time and accurate.The sources of interference are analyzed and corresponding anti-interference measures are proposed to ensure the normal operation of the weather station.

    Configuration of Motor Protection After Applying High Voltage Converter
    DING Ning, ZHANG Jie, ZHONG Wei
    . 2011, 24(8):  114. 
    Abstract ( 1173 )   PDF (557KB) ( 1211 )  
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    With the implement of national energy sources policy,more and more power plants use high voltage converters to drag motor to save energy.This paper discusses a new converter-motor differential protection relay developed by Wiscom System Co.,LTD.using sampled value differential theory.A new relay integrates transformer and motor protection,which use bypass switch transfer to enable standby protection.

    The Applications of the Fractional Fourier Transform in the ECG Processing
    CHANG Yu, XU Ting, HE Yong-Hui
    . 2011, 24(8):  116. 
    Abstract ( 1848 )   PDF (579KB) ( 804 )  
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    As one of the physiological signals,ECG is vulnerable to be influenced by noises.The purpose of the paper is to develop a denoise algorithm which is used to the non stationary,low frequency and random signals.The algorithm is the adaptive filtering in Fractional Fourier transform domain.The algorithm's aim is improve SNR without increasing computation at the same time.Experiments show that the approach could improve the SNR of the ECG effectively,and it could restore the ECG waveform and feature points more clearly.In addition,if a variable step size would be taken in the adaptive processing,the computation of the algorithm will be reduce significantly.

    Analysis of Current Status and Future Trend of UV Communication System
    WU Zhong-Liang, LIANG Jing, REN Jie, WANG Shao-Yu
    . 2011, 24(8):  119. 
    Abstract ( 1820 )   PDF (848KB) ( 1316 )  
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    As a new type optical communication system,ultraviolet communication system has the potential advantages of good security,high powerful anti-jamming,capability of non-line of sight(NLOS) and omni directional.It can be used as a dedicated local military secure communications means,under certain conditions as a complement to other means of communication can be widely used in armed forces,and has special practical significance for the future war and modernization of national defense This paper describes the development of domestic and international UV communication system,and analyzes its future trends.

    Recent Progress of Light Source on UV Communication System
    TAO Li-Qiang, LIANG Jing, REN Jie, WANG Shao-Yu
    . 2011, 24(8):  124. 
    Abstract ( 1719 )   PDF (722KB) ( 819 )  
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    This paper describes several ultraviolet light sources in UV communication system at home and abroad,and analyzes their characteristics in the aspects of the spectral characteristics,power and efficiency in the application of UV of communication.Finally,the paper points out future trend of the UV communication is high-speed and miniaturization of UVED.

    Application of Altium Designer Software in Print Circuit Design
    NIU Yao-Guo, ZHU Chao-Xia, RUI Xin-Fang
    . 2011, 24(8):  128. 
    Abstract ( 1518 )   PDF (587KB) ( 805 )  
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    Altium Designer Winter09 is one of the most popular EDA software,which finds wide application due to its high efficiency,accuracy and dependability.Based on years of teaching and practice,the author introduces to the beginners how to design PCB fast using Altium Designer.

    Internet of Things and its Key Technologies
    HE Yan-Peng
    . 2011, 24(8):  131. 
    Abstract ( 2329 )   PDF (819KB) ( 1082 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    After an introduction of the concept of Internet of Things and its architecture,its key technologies are analyzed,and the current problems and future trend are pointed out,including the signal leakage and interference,node camouflage,data integration and safety,security and data transfer application security issues,and the future development.


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