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15 April 2012 Volume 25 Issue 4
    A New Algorithm for Modulation Classification of MPSK Signals
    FU Qin-Qin
    . 2012, 25(4):  1. 
    Abstract ( 1225 )   PDF (763KB) ( 862 )  
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    A new algorithm based on two-order and four-order cyclic cumulants is proposed for modulation classification of Mary Phase Shift Keying(MPSK) signals.MPSK signals are classified to BPSK and QPSK or more than 4PSK modulation subclasses by the feature of their two-order and four-order cyclic cumulants,then a feature parameter is picked up from signals' two-order and four order cyclic cumulants at the cyclic frequency which equals the frequency of signals,and finally BPSK and QPSK are classified by the feature parameter.Even if the probabilities of codes are unequal,the algorithm is still effective.Because the cyclic cumulants of Gaussian noise which are higher than two-order are zero,to some extent,the algorithm can depress Gaussian noise.The result of simulation shows that the algorithm is efficient.

    Maneuvering Target Tracking Method Based on IMM-UKF
    YI Kai, LIU Wei, ZHANG Bao-Tong
    . 2012, 25(4):  6. 
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    Aiming at the uncertainty of target motion-mode and the nonlinearity of target motion model,this paper proposes an Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) algorithm based on Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF).The constant velocity model,the constant acceleration model,the coordinated turn model for fixed angular velocity and the “current” statistical model are chosen as the model set,and the Unscented Kalman Filter is proposed to realize the nonlinear state estimation.The simulation results show that this algorithm has higher tracking performance than the traditional IMM algorithm.

    Research on 3GPP-LTE System Cell Search Algorithm
    CHENG Hao, NA Yan, LI Li-Guo
    . 2012, 25(4):  9. 
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    This paper proposes a method for signal over-sampling to improve the frequency shift estimation.The modification of synchronized signal,can simplify the whole system without affecting the timing synchronization performance.The simulation of AWGN channel and multipath fading channel shows that the improved method can meet the 3GPP-LTE system the search performance indicators.

    Research on Four-wheel Steering State Estimate Based on Kalman Forecast
    ZHANG Ya-Qi, ZHOU Chen-Yu, LI Jian
    . 2012, 25(4):  13. 
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    In view of the high cost of and difficulty in vehicle motion measuring,this paper proposes the Kalman filtering technology for the state estimation of vehicle.The estimation algorithm is based on linear two degrees of freedom vehicle model for the foundation,and yaw-rate,lateral acceleration in the process of four-wheel steering are estimated respectively.An analysis of the results shows that Kalman filtering algorithm can estimate with better  accuracy the yaw-rate lateral acceleration in the process of four-wheel steering;4 WS car uses reverse to control vehicle at low speed and homonymous turned to control vehicle at high speed,which can improve the low-speed  maneuverability and high-speed operation stability of the car.

    Research on Algorithm for Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Based on Side-Channel Atomicity
    WANG Hong, ZHU Feng
    . 2012, 25(4):  16. 
    Abstract ( 1526 )   PDF (674KB) ( 860 )  
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    This article brings forward an SPA(Simple Power Analysis)-resisting side-channel atomicity that can reduce the frequency of point doubling and point addition thus saving computation time.By exploiting Crypto++ Library we implement our scalar multiplication algorithm for elliptic curve based in 160 bit prime field given by NIST and find that our algorithm is 37.6% faster than Montgomery Ladder algorithm.

    Automatic Selection of the Decoupling Capacitors Based on AGA
    LAN Tian-Hong, TANG Wei-Feng
    . 2012, 25(4):  21. 
    Abstract ( 1702 )   PDF (696KB) ( 882 )  
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    To solve the re-design problem caused by manually choosing the number of decoupling capacitors,an automatic selection method based on adapted genetic algorithms for selecting the number of decoupling capacitors is proposed.This method mimics the process of natural selection presented by Darwin.By this method the scheme of using the smallest number of decoupling capacitors is selected and at the same time the target impedance constraint is satisfied so that the automatic selection can be achieved.A comparison between the simulation results and the result given by a full-wave simulation software for PCB demonstrates that this method can meet the requirement of engineering and has been adopted by a large IT company recently.

    Research into Model Smoothing and Mesh Refinement in Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Liver
    ZHAO Hao, ZHANG Dan, LIU Xiong
    . 2012, 25(4):  25. 
    Abstract ( 1216 )   PDF (614KB) ( 1107 )  
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    To fulfill the reality and accuracy requirements of 3D model for haptic rendering,which is reconstructed from medical images,this paper proposes a B-spline curve based smoothing method and a mesh refinement method.The former uses the original contour points as control vertices to generate the B-spline curve for model smoothing.The latter utilizes the nearest point searching and interpolating method to refine the triangle meshes for 3D liver reconstruction.Experiments validate and prove that the presented methods can improve the quality of the 3D liver model reconstruction and enhance the performance of haptic rendering system.

    Design of Network Video Compression System Based on Blackfin
    LIU Xiao-Jun
    . 2012, 25(4):  28. 
    Abstract ( 1059 )   PDF (602KB) ( 804 )  
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    The video decoder chip ADV7183A is used to collect and quantify analog video signals.The compression of video data is completed by the chip ADSP-BF561,and the compressed video data is transmitted to the network transmission module composed of ADSP-BF537 and LAN8187 chips through PPI transmission.Finally,the network transmission module sends the processed video data stream to the specified user through multicast and unicast.The proposed design meets the video monitoring system requirements for real-time and remote processing.

    Image Acquisition for Digital Camera Based on Emgu CV
    WANG Yan, CAO Yin-Jie, LANG Feng-Fa, HUANG Hui, YU Peng-Peng
    . 2012, 25(4):  31. 
    Abstract ( 1864 )   PDF (384KB) ( 945 )  
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    This paper introduces the Emgu CV based on Open CV image processing library on the .Net platform.Its characteristics and structure are introduced.In addition,we present the way we use Emgu CV in the environment of Visual Studio 2008.Using MV-3000UC as image acquisition equipment,we set the camera parameters such as resolution,shutter time and gain etc.before we acquire and save images based on Emgu CV,which has good performance and usability.

    Application of Drop Wei Kanuo Map in Logic Function Design
    HAO Bu, ZHANG Yang, CHAI Yi-Zhe, LU Chao
    . 2012, 25(4):  33. 
    Abstract ( 1173 )   PDF (532KB) ( 1326 )  
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    The selection of dimensionality reduction variables in lower Wei Kanuo Map is discussed.The logic function is given by the expression directly in drop Wei Kanuo map,with a falling Wei Kanuo map Simplification of logic functions of the specific steps and methods.An analysis is made of the design of combinational logic circuit diagram with the lower Wei Kanuo to construct the corresponding logic function in order to achieve its logic function.

    An Active Replication Technology for Load Balancing
    LIN Zhen, YAN Xue-Feng
    . 2012, 25(4):  37. 
    Abstract ( 1143 )   PDF (635KB) ( 824 )  
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    To solve the problem of wasting resources and taking long respond time during the process of active replication fault-tolerant technology,an active replication technology for load balancing which can apply to the system model of request-state related and request-state unrelated is proposed.According to the current load,every member of the fault-tolerant group can decide whether it carries out the request to make them achieve the state of load-balancing,but only the member having lightest load can respond to the request.Members in the fault-tolerant group take charge of different requests parallel,and feedback results directly.As a result,the redundant resources introduced by active replication technology are made full use of,and the respond time is reduced.The results show that this technology can reduce the average response time and improve the system operating efficiency.Under the request-state related system,the average response time for request rises with the increase of requests about state.

    Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of Circles on Temperature Fields and Stress Fields of Flanges
    LIU Wen-Qing
    . 2012, 25(4):  41. 
    Abstract ( 1063 )   PDF (552KB) ( 800 )  
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    The temperature field of flange during heating process is analyzed by Ansys software.The heat transfer boundary condition is studied,and the distribution and change of temperature field in the heating process are analyzed.The temperature distributions of flanges with and without circles are compared.The result shows that the temperature distributions and stress distributions are different,which provides practical reference for the heating control and the analysis of the residual stress in flanges.

    Remote Sensing Image Fusion Based on Compressed Sensing
    RUAN Tao, NA Yan, WANG Shu
    . 2012, 25(4):  43. 
    Abstract ( 1391 )   PDF (750KB) ( 843 )  
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    Compressed sensing,with far less than the Nyquist sampling theorem required rate on image sampling,can use the portion of the image information to reconstruct the original image,and can effectively reduce the computational complexity of the image processing as well as hardware requirements.A method of image fusion on compressed sensing is proposed,and the experiment with the multi-spectral and panchromatic remote sensing image is compared with the conventional approaches.The result shows that the proposed method has a good performance on image fusion for remote images.

    Application of Kalman Filter in Passive Target Tracking
    HAN Chun-Lei, CHEN Chi-Lian, SONG Ming, YANG Li
    . 2012, 25(4):  47. 
    Abstract ( 1626 )   PDF (653KB) ( 895 )  
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    The applications of Kalman filter in bistatic passive target tracking systems are discussed.The nonlinear model of bistatic passive tracking systems are discussed first,and then the procedures for extended Kalman filter which applied to such model are analyzed.The accuracy of estimation of different angle between the targets and passive systems are investigated by computer simulations.Simulation results illustrate that the extended kalman filter can achieve accurate parameter estimation.Moreover,the faster the angle between the target and the passive systems changes the smaller error is to be expected.

    Relationship Between Hybrid π Parameter and Y Parameter of Transistors
    MENG Fan-Xin, SUN Yu-Mei
    . 2012, 25(4):  51. 
    Abstract ( 1260 )   PDF (410KB) ( 888 )  
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    High-frequency small-signal equivalent circuit model of the transistors can be obtained in two ways:one is that the transistor can be seen as a two-port network,thus listing current and voltage equations,and developing a network model which meets the equation,in which Y-parameter model is often used;the other is to make the model according to the physical process occurring within the transistor,namely hybrid π-type parameter model.The same transistor applied to different occasions can be represented by different equivalent circuits.It should be mutually equivalent between the various equivalent circuits of the same transistor;the parameters of all kinds of equivalent circuits should also be interchangeable.

    Controlling System of Therapeutic Apparatus Based on STM32
    CHEN Gui-Fu, YE Bing
    . 2012, 25(4):  54. 
    Abstract ( 1399 )   PDF (458KB) ( 856 )  
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    Clinical research has found that high power fixed wavelength red light can promote the cell metabolism,improve muscle atrophy,accelerate tissue repair,and have a certain anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects,which is widely used in clinic.Its main clinical applications are:complex wounds,burns and other wounds,and diabetic ulcers,diabetic foot a variety of other ulcer,gangrene,fistula operation,etc.This paper,based on STM32 MCU,studies the red light therapeutic instrument realization principle,designs the control system of red light therapy apparatus,and overcomes the disadvantages of high cost,instable performance,complex operation,short operating time and other shortcomings of the red light therapeutic apparatus available on the market,thus bringing the red light therapeutic instrument a more extensive market prospect.

    A Design of ESD Protection Circuit for Multi-functional Digital Chip in CMOS Process
    ZHOU Zi-Ang, YAO Yao, XU Kun, ZHANG Li-Hong
    . 2012, 25(4):  57. 
    Abstract ( 1001 )   PDF (643KB) ( 867 )  
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    An ESD protection circuit is designed based on CSMC 2P2M 0.6 μm CMOS process.The circuit is simulated using Hspice and the process of the CSMC 2P2M 0.6 μm CMOS (06 mixddct02v24),the layout is based on CSMC 2P2M 0.6 μm CMOS and is used in a Multi-functional Digital Chip.The chip area is 1 mm×1 mm.The design has been successfully implemented by participating in the plan of the Multi Project Wafer.Measurements indicate that the wafer achieves the expected goals.

    Design of the Digital Audio Euqilizer Based on DSP
    WANG Chao, WANG Jin-Bao, JIA Zhen-Yue
    . 2012, 25(4):  60. 
    Abstract ( 1167 )   PDF (698KB) ( 868 )  
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    Audio Equilizer plays an important role in acoustics system,and can be used to adjust timbre.This article introduces a method for designing digital audio equalizer based on ADSP-BF533.Audio processing algorithms include the spectral analysis and equalization of audio signal.The results of test show that this system can achieve very good audio equalization effects and users can choose and customize the variety effects of audio through equalizer.

    Design of Wideband Frequency Synthesizer with Low Phase Noise and High Resolution
    TAO Chang-Ya
    . 2012, 25(4):  65. 
    Abstract ( 1275 )   PDF (547KB) ( 797 )  
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    A frequency synthesizer is designed by using PLL and YTO in this paper.A 3~7 GHz wide frequency coverage is implemented with a frequency resolution less than 0.2 Hz.The phase noise level is less than -108 dBc/Hz@10 kHz in all bands.It has a high practical value.

    Near-Space Low-Elevation Parameter Estimation
    LI Xiao-Qiang, DU Wei, LI Peng
    . 2012, 25(4):  68. 
    Abstract ( 1529 )   PDF (507KB) ( 797 )  
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    Near-space Telemetry,Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) communications are of great importance in military applications.Due to the existence of dynamic,wide-range multipath fading and Doppler frequency shift,the low-elevation TT&C communication is especially difficult in near-space TT&C communications.In this article,two fundamental problems in near-space low-elevation TT&C communications are studied:the channel model in near-space low-elevation TT&C communications is constructed;and simulations are correspondingly conducted.The parameters of the near-space low-elevation TT&C signals are estimated.Simulation results show that the proposed estimation method has good performance and meet the CRB requirements of joint parameter estimation.

    PCB Design for and Simulation Analysis of the LVDS Signal
    WU Jie
    . 2012, 25(4):  71. 
    Abstract ( 1332 )   PDF (728KB) ( 955 )  
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    With ever increasing frequency of the signal,traditional parallel synchronous digital signal will reach its limit in digits and the rate,thus turning to find a way out from the high-speed serial signals,among which the low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) is the most widely used.This paper presents the realization of LVDS signal from the aspects of PCB design,constraints,and signal integrity simulation setting with the design of high-speed FPGA-based signal downloader as an example.

    Design of Spectrum Analyzer Based on FPGA
    BAI Pu-Wei, HU Qing-Long
    . 2012, 25(4):  74. 
    Abstract ( 1353 )   PDF (908KB) ( 813 )  
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    This paper introduces a signal acquisition and spectrum analysis system based on FPGA.First the system is divided into several modules,and then the key design points of each module are given,and the Analog to Digital Change (A/DC) module,the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) module,the memory module and the Video Graphics Array (VGA) module are designed.Lastly both functional simulation and timing simulation are completed so that the design of these modules is validated.According to the experiment,the implement can realize the signal acquisition,spectrum analysis and display functions.The system is stable and reliable.

    Design of a 2D Sound Source Orientation System Based on DSP
    ZHOU Di, WANG Min
    . 2012, 25(4):  78. 
    Abstract ( 953 )   PDF (541KB) ( 821 )  
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    A two-dimensional sound source orientation system is designed with ADSP BF533 DSP as its processor.Analysis of the voice signal from two microphones is made using phase-matching algorithm,based on the technology of time delay of arrive (TDOA).The paper emulates the feasibility and accuracy of the algorithm,and then implements it on DSP.

    Design of a Wireless Network Communication System Based on High Performance Microcomputer and NRF24L01
    ZHU Hui-Yan, LIN Lin
    . 2012, 25(4):  81. 
    Abstract ( 1056 )   PDF (653KB) ( 908 )  
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    This paper introduces a wireless network communication system based on STC12L5608AD high performance Microcomputer and nRF24L01 wireless transmission chip.The hardware design and the key technology of software development are expounded and key points of software configuration are explained.Multipoint-to-point data bidirectional communication is also realized in this paper.Reading and Writing operations are achieved in EEPROM of MCU by this procedure save the system information.The result of operation suggests that the wireless communication is stably achieved.

    Design and Realization of Embedded Bluetooth PSTN Gateway
    HOU Hai-Tao, HU Jin-Hui
    . 2012, 25(4):  84. 
    Abstract ( 1134 )   PDF (844KB) ( 1291 )  
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    A PSTN Audio Gateway using Bluetooth technology has been proposed to handle the problems of mobile phone microwave radiation damage on human body and the incompatibility between mobile communication network and PSTN.Firstly an analysis on the necessity of the integration between PSTN and mobile communication network is made.Then we elaborate the function of the system.Finally the complete hardware architecture and software architecture is given.Practical tests show that the voice quality is good when the distance between the mobile phone and the gateway is within 10 m.

    Simulation of Multiple Frequency CW Ranging Radar Based on Quadratic Phase Difference
    BAI Ye-Xin
    . 2012, 25(4):  88. 
    Abstract ( 1155 )   PDF (598KB) ( 1166 )  
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    This paper describes the principle of ranging based on quadric phase difference in details,then simulates the performance of ranging based on quadratic phase difference and provides an analysis of the simulation,and finally gives a study on the problem of the multiple frequency CW ranging radar based on quadratic phase difference in dealing with multiple targets.Simulation results show that the quadratic phase difference-based multiple frequency CW ranging radar can only resolve the ranges of targets at different speeds,but not the ranges of different targets at the same speed.

    Simulation of Airborne Radar Countermeasure System
    CHEN Hua-Dong
    . 2012, 25(4):  92. 
    Abstract ( 1225 )   PDF (656KB) ( 943 )  
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    Before the design of radar system we need simulate the radar system.This can greatly shorten the design cycle,improve the design reliability and reduce the development cycle.This paper studies the radar system simulation process firstly,then focuses on the radar system of the basic model and interference model,and finally simulated the F16 airborne radar system.The simulation results show that the system serves well in the scheme design and performance evaluation of airborne radar countermeasure systems.

    Realization of Adaptive Side Lobe Cancellation Engineering in Digital Array Radars
    LI Bo
    . 2012, 25(4):  96. 
    Abstract ( 1183 )   PDF (640KB) ( 872 )  
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    The adaptive side lobe cancelling (ASLC) is an effective measure against active jamming.The basic principles of the adaptive side lobe cancellation are briefly introduced,and the theoretical formula for engineering implementation is deduced.With applications in certain radar,the module of the ASLC meets the requirements of anti-jamming performances of radar system.

    Design of Mini Wireless Serial Communication with USB Interface
    SONG Zhi-Chao
    . 2012, 25(4):  100. 
    Abstract ( 1110 )   PDF (676KB) ( 883 )  
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    RS-232 is one of the widely used communications protocols in asynchronous communication.It is widely used in the communication between terminal equipment.The replacement of wired communication by wireless communications is a technical trend,which requires compact and portable applications.To this end,the article develops a simple and practical compact USB wireless serial port using the USB interface of the mainstream Canadian wireless communications technology.The miniature wireless USB interface serial production methods are presented.The interface by the methods has the advantages of small size(only 54 mm×18 mm),great stability and a transmission distance greater than 100 m and therefore can be widely used in various practical situations.

    Research into and Design of the Broad-band Signal Source
    YAO Guo-Guo, LI Bao-Sen
    . 2012, 25(4):  104. 
    Abstract ( 1125 )   PDF (877KB) ( 1100 )  
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    The scheme of the board-width signal source is introduced in this paper.The factors which influence system stability and the performance of phase noise are analyzed respectively.The performance indicators of important device and loop bandwidth are illustrated.The simulation is implemented using simulation software.The test result of signal source is given,showing that the phase noise performance achieved in actual tests is close to simulation result,and the system requirements are met.

    Modeling and Simulation of Chaff in PD Radar Seeker
    LEI Cheng-Cheng, ZHANG Tao
    . 2012, 25(4):  108. 
    Abstract ( 1158 )   PDF (594KB) ( 820 )  
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    Chaff is a useful jammed material with passive electronic confrontation,which has been used widely in passive countermeasure of radar system.This paper sets up the chaff model of PD radar seeker and analyzes the chaff echo in time domain and in frequency domain.Based on the overall movement characteristic of the chaff,non-recursive filter method is applied to the chaff echo amplitude characteristic and the power spectrum characteristic simulation.The simulation results are consistent with the theoretical ones.The chaff echo model will serve as the foundation for the research on the PD radar seeker jamming and anti-jamming technique.

    Test of Quadrilateral Shape End Live Line Switch Conductive Loop Resistance
    GUO Lei
    . 2012, 25(4):  112. 
    Abstract ( 927 )   PDF (515KB) ( 865 )  
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    This article introduces the 500 kV booster station by Fujian Shuikou Power Generation Group Maintenance Company,which uses a special quadrilateral wiring with 4 high voltage switches.In the electrical environment of the high-load,a station blackout overhaul is impossible.In most cases it is a singleline power outage,in which one end of the switch stays live;as a result,the switch can not be normal for preventive trials.New test calculation detects the HGIS internal switch and disconnector contact resistance for easy comparison with factory data.It ensures the safety of equipment and maintenance personnel in the testing process,shortens the line suspended service time,and increases social benefits,thus deserving promotion under the new electricity environment.

    Research on the Integration of Heterogeneous Wireless Battlefield Network Security
    XU Xiao-Feng, ZHENG Lian-Qing, LI Qing-Peng
    . 2012, 25(4):  115. 
    Abstract ( 1243 )   PDF (374KB) ( 819 )  
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    In order to achieve network-centric warfare,an increasing number of heterogeneous wireless networks will appear in the future battlefield,and are to be integrated.This paper analyzes the battlefield integration of heterogeneous wireless networks and key security challenges facing the technology.It also presents some strategies for strengthening the threat analysis,filling vulnerabilities,building a security architecture,and developing as well as utilizing security technology and standards.

    Distribution Automation Terminal Selection and Implementation
    LIU Ling
    . 2012, 25(4):  117. 
    Abstract ( 974 )   PDF (376KB) ( 813 )  
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    In the construction of distribution automation in the Chengde area,in view of the RTU remote terminal operation mode of its main network,the concept of the RTU terminal is introduced to a complex distribution network environment.The pros and cons of the selection of the plant site automatic terminals in the distribution network automation are analyzed.And some measures are put forward to resolve the problems found in practical application.

    Implementation of Radar Terminal System Based on CPCI Bus
    XUE Ping-Bing
    . 2012, 25(4):  119. 
    Abstract ( 1136 )   PDF (506KB) ( 822 )  
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    The special mechanism of passive radar requires much more for the passive radar terminal system which is used for data processing and display control.A passive radar terminal system based on CPCI bus is introduced in this paper,which satisfies the requirements of high speed,high capability data process and transmission by passive radar.

    Computer Network Security Issues and Prevention Ways
    WANG Wei, LIU Bai-Hua, MENG Fan-Qing
    . 2012, 25(4):  122. 
    Abstract ( 1062 )   PDF (514KB) ( 807 )  
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    This article discusses computer network security issues and prevention,covering the concept and necessity of computer network security,common security problems in computer network,and computer network security prevention methods.

    A New Ring Signature Scheme with Multiple Functions
    HE Jian, LIU Biao
    . 2012, 25(4):  124. 
    Abstract ( 942 )   PDF (476KB) ( 1055 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    This article introduces concepts such as chain nature,timestamp,hash chain,salt,bilinear right,bit commitment into the ring signatures as a introduction based on the entity authentication in symmetric cryptography,thus making a multi-functional ring signature program with enhanced security,while the corresponding complexity is not increased.


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