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15 July 2012 Volume 25 Issue 7
    Research of Recommendation System for Technological Project Assessors
    HU Bin, XU Xiao-Liang
    . 12, 25(7):  1. 
    Abstract ( 786 )   PDF (740KB) ( 702 )  
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    Based on the issue of assessors' selection problem for technological project,this paper proposed a new hybrid recommendation system model,the model extracts keywords with TF-IDF algorithm on the basis of project and experts text information segmentation,then establishes vector space model according to the screened words,and finally proposes a new hybrid recommendation algorithm based on content recommendation which generates screened results with collaborative filtering recommendation and weight coefficient.Experimental results show that the proposed model can accomplish assessors recommendation effectively.

    The Research on Rapidly Distribution of Moving Target Information based on OWL-S Semantic Grid
    YANG Mei, LI Zhong-Ke, WANG Zhong
    . 12, 25(7):  6. 
    Abstract ( 969 )   PDF (820KB) ( 754 )  
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    Moving target tracking requires intelligence agencies to combat real-time receptionof multi-source information,and target information requires a subscriptiondepartments within a limited time subscription from the intelligence and quick access to such information.This information ncludes real-time changes in theremote sensing images,coordinates and other parameters of the data,large volumes of data,classification range,and the use of various types of informationsystems technology sector applications systems,data formats and transmission are not the same.This paper presents a grid-based distributed topology and P2P networks,the establishment of a unified intelligence information distribution system,using OWL-S language to get target information for multi-source semanticdescription and classification of ontology modeling,coordinated by the Multi-Agentinterested in recognition,semantic reasoning and information matching filter,to determine the final load balancing by routing to meet the information needs of large-scale simultaneous distribution of subscription.

    Image Extraction in Irregular Light Based on Self-adaptive Threshold Value
    ZHANG Si-Jun, WANG Le-Le, HUAN Hai, LIU Zhen-Yu
    . 12, 25(7):  10. 
    Abstract ( 1257 )   PDF (691KB) ( 669 )  
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    The extraction of the target image is often the main purpose of image processing.Studies have shown that lighting conditions is one of the major influencing factors in image shooting.The captured image will have high light areas,shaded areas,or irregular edge in uneven illumination that will affect the quality of the pictures and reading information.In view of these issues,this paper proposes an extraction method based on self-adaptive threshold value.This method can split the foreground and background quickly in order to extract the target information.

    Research and Realization of Three-dimensional Texture Volume Rendering
    WANG Guan-Yu, YANG Yi
    . 12, 25(7):  12. 
    Abstract ( 819 )   PDF (546KB) ( 722 )  
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    Introduce volume rendering,ray casting and 3D texture mapping method two types of commonly used algorithms.Re-use programmable shaders,integrated two types of algorithms advantages,through the experimental realization of improved three-dimensional texture volume rendering method,improved rendering effects.

    An Improved Dense Alignment Method for 3D Face
    LIU Tao, TAN Xiao-Yang
    . 12, 25(7):  15. 
    Abstract ( 862 )   PDF (532KB) ( 797 )  
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    Methods like ICP,NICP,optical flow method,etc.have been put forward to align 3D face in order to construct the morphable model.But they have limitations in face alignment accuracy and the accuracy of established correspondences.The strategy in searching local correspondences and energy function are modified based on standard 3D surface deformation method to improve the accuracy of correspondence.Finally,we present the 3D face iterative dense alignment method based on the framework of non-rigid algorithm.Experiments based on BJUT-3D Face Data show that alignment accuracy and accuracy of correspondences are improved by our method.

    Application of Temporal Information in Topic Tracking
    WU Jun-Na, CI Yin-Cheng, YANG Di, ZHANG Hua-Fang-Zi, LIU Ming-Jun
    . 12, 25(7):  18. 
    Abstract ( 780 )   PDF (460KB) ( 707 )  
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    Topic Tracking is one of the important tasks of TDT.And temporal information plays a role in describing a topic.In this paper,we discusses how to embed temporal information in Topic Tracking system and compares the reciprocal manner with the span-cross manner.Experiments show that the span-cross manner displays better in improving the TT system performance.

    Design of a Data Acquisition System Based on FPGA
    ZHANG Li-Yong
    . 12, 25(7):  21. 
    Abstract ( 1055 )   PDF (646KB) ( 774 )  
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    This paper introduces the data acquisition system based on FPGA,which is the core logic control module of the system.According to the top-down method,the whole system is divided into several modules with different functions.In the paper we discuss the function of the each module and its implementation.The VHDL language is used to describe each module.SAA7113H is adopted as the video decoder,which is configured using I2C bus protocol.The experimental results demonstrate that the design meets the real-time requirements.

    Panorama Stitching and Spread Based on Central Location
    ZHANG Zhong-Min, ZHANG Lei
    . 12, 25(7):  24. 
    Abstract ( 790 )   PDF (888KB) ( 713 )  
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    This article aims mainly at the special panoramic acquisition lens.By splicing and starting operation,the recognizable image for humans is obtained.The system lens is composed of two pieces of pixel array CCD of 4 096×3 072.The mosaic formed by the sensing region contains a 4096 x 4096 pixel array.This paper presents a stitching algorithm method based on the central location.By searching the two collected panoramic image circles,with the center of the circle as a benchmark for the shearing and location,this algorithm achieves an accurate image stitching.By improvement and application of the block look-up table method,the target image is transformed into a ring block.Operation is started on the spliced images.Simulation results show that the algorithm can stitch images collected by a special lens with fast speed and reliable performance.It meets the requirements of practical applications.

    Data Acquisition and Processing System for Measuring the Parameters of Intrinsic Surface of Hydraulic Ram
    QIN Zi-Rui, YU Lian-Dong, MENG Guang-Can
    . 12, 25(7):  27. 
    Abstract ( 1261 )   PDF (632KB) ( 689 )  
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    This paper introduces a data acquisition and processing system which could test parameters of intrinsic surface of hydraulic ram and based on PCI-1711 high speed data acquisition card.After being transmitted to principal computer,the acquired data are changed into coordinates by VB6.0 data processing software to fit the circle center and radius of the measured cross-section of the cylinder by least square method,and to calculate the diameter the straightness and the cylindricity of intrinsic surface of hydraulic ram according to relevant algorithms.The measured parameters could be used to test outgoing products.

    Transformer Maintenance Strategy Expert System Based on CBR And RBR
    ZHAO Xiao-Xia, YUAN Jin-Sha, LIU Lei, ZU Wen-Chao
    . 12, 25(7):  31. 
    Abstract ( 901 )   PDF (651KB) ( 762 )  
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    In view of the features of transformer condition assessment and the existing problems in the process of condition maintenance,this paper presents a in-depth study on constructing expert system separately based on Case Based Reasoning approach and Rule Based Reasoning approach.For their respective limitations,this paper discusses an expert system inference engine,which is based on a combined method of Case Based Reasoning and Rule Based Reasoning approaches.Experiment results show that the combined method of CBR and RBR improves the efficiency and accuracy of the expert system.

    Failure Analysis for the TJWX-2000 Rail Microcomputer Monitoring System
    XIA Guo-Sheng
    . 12, 25(7):  35. 
    Abstract ( 1012 )   PDF (539KB) ( 759 )  
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    The system structure and working principles of TJWX-2000 microcomputer monitoring are introduced.Several common equipment failure causes and failure approach are listed for helping the site maintenance personnel understand and deal with failure of the device overall ability,which effectively shorten the delay of the signal equipment failure and improve the management level of the signal equipment maintenance.

    Text-based CAPTCHA Cracking Based on BP Neural Network
    GAO Yuan
    . 12, 25(7):  37. 
    Abstract ( 1022 )   PDF (1154KB) ( 1009 )  
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    This paper introduces the method for cracking the CAPTCHA of one game site in detail.Our work is mainly divided into three parts:character extraction,character correction and character recognition.In the character extraction phase,we need to preprocess to reduce the extraction difficulty and this phase mainly adopts similar color statistics;in the character correction phase,an improvement is made of the traditional rotating to normalize the characters;and in the character recognition phase,BP neural network method is used with a success rate of 70% and an average time of cracking the web site of 1.625 s.

    Research on and Design of a High Building Fire System
    QU Ming-Wei
    . 12, 25(7):  43. 
    Abstract ( 741 )   PDF (782KB) ( 703 )  
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    The high building fire efficient processing method is studied.In highrise building fire,a fire alarm module is needed to send the fire alarm to notice of the highrise building fast personnel to leave the spot.The automatic water spray module is responsible for fire area extinguishing,thus completing high building fire system design.This fire system design can improve the efficiency of personnel extraction and fire area fire fighting,and ensure the high building and the safety of personnel.And satisfactory results have been obtained in experiments.

    Design and Realization of College Course Scheduling System
    ZHANG Xiao-Hong
    . 12, 25(7):  45. 
    Abstract ( 993 )   PDF (789KB) ( 1000 )  
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    With the rapid development of higher education,course arrangement is becoming more and more important.The artificial course arrangement has many defects including low efficiency,conflict-prone and heavy workload.With the actual scheduling needs in consideration,the paper adopts the B/S structure and uses the .Net technology as a development tool to design the course scheduling system of college,which not only solve the above questions well,but also improve the efficiency of course arrangement greatly.

    Application of Component-based Modeling Technology in Combat Simulation Training System
    WEI Li
    . 12, 25(7):  48. 
    Abstract ( 844 )   PDF (968KB) ( 704 )  
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    In order to solve the problem of army simulation training system model's high expansibility frequency requirement and complicated content,this article provides the component model solution and introduces component-based modeling technology.Based on army simulation training system's function and composition,this paper applies component-based modeling technology to create reusable and expansible system model structure and model composition,and studies in detail the component model interface and assembly technology.The introduction of component-based modeling in the combat training simulation improves the system extensibility,reduces workload of development,and the simulation system meets the training requirements.

    Design of A Web-based Electronic Homework Submitting System
    YANG Lu, LI Yin-Feng, YAN Lei
    . 12, 25(7):  53. 
    Abstract ( 1014 )   PDF (605KB) ( 718 )  
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    Traditional methods of homework submission fail to demands for fast and accurate processing of information from staff-student.How to improve the efficiency of resource use and alleviate the work pressure of teachers has turned into the most crucial issue for this System.The online homework submitting System is an important element in campus information and a tendency for enabling the teaching and management to be information oriented and network oriented gradually.“IIS+PHP+MySQL” forms a complete set of development B/S structure of the online homework submitting System.With this System as an example,this paper presents the development of technical difficulties and corresponding solutions.

    A Serial Turbo Code Continuous-phase Modulation
    YANG Jian-Feng
    . 12, 25(7):  55. 
    Abstract ( 801 )   PDF (483KB) ( 685 )  
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    In order to reduce the threshold of Continuous-phase modulation,to decrease the computation expenses caused by complicated code,and to simplify the structure,the paper proposes a serial Turbo code for CPM.The serial Turbo code CPM uses the accumulate frame of CPM as its inner coder,and convolution code as its outer code.Simulations demonstrate that this method is about 3 dB better than the parallel Turbo code CPM.

    Intelligent Frequency Hopping Wireless Digital Microphone System Based on ATmega8
    YANG Run-Feng, CHEN Xiao-Ning, ZHU Cai-Lian
    . 12, 25(7):  58. 
    Abstract ( 867 )   PDF (675KB) ( 690 )  
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    Wireless microphone system has been used to solve many engineering issues,such as to replace wiring,mobile use,etc.From the traditional U,V band mechanism,the wireless transmission has been developed in digital transmission via Infrared,Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless band technology.Wireless digital microphone system can be widely used in classrooms,venues,offices,homes and other fields.This paper presents an ATmega8-based low cost wireless digital microphone with an intelligent frequency hopping technique for channel address enquiry,which allows transmitter to be automatically recognized more quickly by the receiver.Any receiver can be matched with any transmitter.

    Research on Maneuvering Target Tracking Based on the TDOA Location System
    CHEN Ying-Ying, XIE Jian
    . 12, 25(7):  61. 
    Abstract ( 977 )   PDF (808KB) ( 737 )  
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    The IMM algorithm for the three-dimensional (3-D) TDOA passive location system is presented.The interaction and fusion of data can not be achieved directly by the IMM algorithm as a result of the inconsistent state variable dimensions among CV,Singer and CT model.A dimensional extension on the CV and CT model is introduced in this paper.Besides,a CV-Singer model suitable for 3-D Maneuvering Target Tracking is established.According to the simulations,the CV-Singer model performs better than the CV-nCT model.

    Algorithm for EMD and ICA-based Single-channel Voice Blind Source Separation
    ZHAO Zhi-Qiang, YAN Xue-Long
    . 12, 25(7):  66. 
    Abstract ( 1527 )   PDF (605KB) ( 734 )  
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    In view of the problem of the single channel speech signal blinding separation,using the advantages of the blinding source separation and the empirical mode decomposition,this article proposes a method for estimating the number of the single channel speech signal source and separating the blinding source.It adopts the empirical mode to disintegrating the speech signals,using the Baye algorithm to estimate the speech source number,reorganizing the multichannel pronunciation signal according to the source signal number,and realizing the blinding separation by the method of the isolated component analysis.The simulation experiments show that the proposed method can estimate the number of the single channel speech signal source and separate the blinding source effectively.

    An Improved Sentence Similarity Calculation Method Based on How-net
    LI Ying-Kai, XU Xiao-Liang
    . 12, 25(7):  69. 
    Abstract ( 916 )   PDF (646KB) ( 827 )  
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    In order to overcome the defects of information redundancy interference and local optimum of sentence similarity calculation based on lexical item,this paper proposes a new sentence similarity calculation method based on how-net.This method reduces the interference of redundant information by adding a step of screening of statements,which obtains the global optimal maximal matching using the improved algorithm of maximum matching of weighted bigraph based on participle and speech tagging.The experimental results show that the method proposed in this paper can effectively improve the accuracy of sentence similarity computation.

    Global Fairness Schedule Scheme for HSDPA Relay System
    DING Xiao-Gui, LIU Gui-Jiang
    . 12, 25(7):  72. 
    Abstract ( 1163 )   PDF (629KB) ( 769 )  
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    Due to the resource allocation differences between HSDPA and LTE,the schedule scheme of LTE relay system cannot be applied to HSDPA relay system.This paper proposes a new PF schedule scheme for HSDPA relay system.Through system level simulation,the proposed scheme is evaluated and compared with both non-relaying and two-hop PF schedule scheme.Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can improve user throughput while ensuring fairness requirements of users.

    an Improved Dynamic Frame Slotted ALOHA Algorithm
    WANG Yu-Qing, LI Kai-Yu, SUN Chun-Peng
    . 12, 25(7):  76. 
    Abstract ( 1003 )   PDF (555KB) ( 711 )  
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    One of the popular anti-collision algorithms,ALOHA-type algorithm shows good performance when the number of tags to read is small.However,as the number of tag increases,they generally require exponentially increasing number of slots to be identified.In the paper,we propose a new anti-collision algorithm called Improved Dynamic Framed Slotted ALOHA (IDFSA).It estimates the number of unread tags before adjusting the size of the frame to obtain the optimal system efficiency.Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm reduces half of the system time delay by the conventional algorithms when the number of tags is 500.

    Design of an Air-to-Air Missile Simulator
    ZHANG Shi-Xin, HAN Ying-Du
    . 12, 25(7):  80. 
    Abstract ( 923 )   PDF (741KB) ( 709 )  
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    A certain type of air-to-air missile simulator is introduced with its function and design of hardware and software given.Solutions to the key technical issues encountered in the system design are presented.The missile simulation system has been successfully used in the development of related tests of the missile to provide reliable protection,reduce the risk of weapons systems test and the cost of weapons systems testing,and speed up model development.

    Technology of Electrical Power Supply Filtering
    LI Wan-Feng
    . 12, 25(7):  83. 
    Abstract ( 735 )   PDF (488KB) ( 845 )  
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    A good design of power supply filtering can guarantee the reliability of the circuit system.This paper discusses the applications of RC filters and LC filters that are commonly applied in power supplies,and introduces the design method and the selection of filter devices.

    Research on Jamming Methods Against the LMS Adaptive Filter
    ZHANG Quan-Pu, QIU Li-Yuan
    . 12, 25(7):  86. 
    Abstract ( 1076 )   PDF (711KB) ( 709 )  
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    The adaptive filter,which can effectively increase the ability of the radar to adapt to the complicated electromagnetic environment,is widely used in radar signal processing.Its core technology is to design the filter on the basis of the response of the target to the illumination signal as well as the change of the electromagnetic environment so that it can adjust its structure parameter and finally present itself in a stable state.In this paper,the basic principles of the adaptive filter and the LMS algorithm are introduced.Then the defects of the LMS algorithm are presented.On the basis of this a jamming waveform is designed and analyzed.Finally,the jamming effect of the wave on the LMS algorithm is simulated with Matlab.The jamming waveform prevents the adaptive filter from automation and therefore degrade the performance of the radar.

    Application of Impedance Matching Circuit in Filter Measure
    WEN Ying-Chun
    . 12, 25(7):  89. 
    Abstract ( 837 )   PDF (485KB) ( 772 )  
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    To solve the problem of some type nonstandard impedance filter measure owing to sweep generator's aging,an impedance matching circuit is designed to measure filters by network analyzer.In this paper,measuring principles of sweep generator and network analyzer are introduced as well as their differences.The implement of network analyzer HP E5100B instead of sweep generator JW1252W in filter measure is given,and the principles of impedance matching circuit and its application in filter measure are expatiated.Experiments show that the use of the network analyzer can guarantee the consistency of numerical values to be measured.This method also has the advantages of easy operation and high precision and it can save labor and cost.

    Design and Implementation of a Frequency Synthesizer with Low Phase Noise and Quick Frequency Changing
    XIE Xie
    . 12, 25(7):  92. 
    Abstract ( 1175 )   PDF (607KB) ( 825 )  
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    The design and realization of a frequency synthesizer with low phase noise and quick frequency changing are described.The frequency synthesizer adopts DDS,different bandwidth method,frequency presetting and other methods.The frequency changing time is less than 80 μs.Experiment results show that the proposed synthesizer has good phase noise performance and short locking time,and is suitable for application in ultrashort wave radio.

    Design and Implementation of Communication Interface Module Based on FPGA
    ZHANG Wei
    . 12, 25(7):  95. 
    Abstract ( 1395 )   PDF (716KB) ( 722 )  
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    A communication Interface module is designed for the requirement of long range communication between the radio and the signal processing cell and central control machine.The module accomplishes three kinds of communication,including the control command which the central control machine sends to the front controlled module,the status information which the front controlled module sends to the central control machine and the command which the central control machine controls the communication Interface module to implement the information transmission.Simulation shows that the communication Interface module can fulfill the function of long range data transmission.

    Application of ADS in 16QAM Communication System
    LIU Shao-Ping
    . 12, 25(7):  99. 
    Abstract ( 748 )   PDF (597KB) ( 729 )  
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    This paper introduces the 16QAM communication system concept,working principle,and how to use ADS software to establish the model of communication system.A system analysis is made.Such technologies in ADS are simulated as modulation signal representation,pulse shaping,channel filtering,spectrum analysis (numerical spectrum and frequency spectrum),and customized modulation to realize the communication system simulation.

    Application of IBERT in FPGA
    XU Yan, MA Li-Zhen, ZHANG Li
    . 12, 25(7):  103. 
    Abstract ( 931 )   PDF (869KB) ( 712 )  
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    IBERT (Integrated Bit Error Ratio Tester) is a customizable core by Xilinx that can be used to evaluate and monitor the health of FPGA with Rocket I/O.The basic functions,working principles and related applications of IBTERT are covered in this paper.Debugging methods and steps the FPGA design using IBTERT are introduced in detail.

    Research on Forward Bias Safe Operating Area of SOI-LIGBT
    HUO Chang-Long, LIU Si-Yang, QIAN Qin-Song
    . 12, 25(7):  106. 
    Abstract ( 894 )   PDF (869KB) ( 667 )  
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    The plotting method of single pulse forward bias safe operating area (FBSOA) on the high voltage SOI-LIGBT is investigated in this paper.Firstly,the thermal resistance and thermal capacitance are extracted separately,and then the transient thermal impedance can be calculated based on the extracted values.Moreover,the FBSOA at DC and pulse conditions could be obtained by the relation between maximum power dissipation and the thermal impedance.Meanwhile,the relations between the second break down location and FBSOA are analyzed further,which gives the theoretic instructions for plotting FBSOA of high voltage SOI-LIGBT more accurately.

    A Digital IF Receiver and Recovery System Based on FPGA
    ZHANG Qian-Kun, TIAN Zhi-Jun
    . 12, 25(7):  110. 
    Abstract ( 901 )   PDF (887KB) ( 746 )  
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    A digital IF receiver and recovery system is proposed,which is divided into optical receiver unit,FPGA core unit and QDUC unit.The optical receiver unit completes high-speed serial data conversion using high-speed serializer / deserializer TLK1501.The FPGA core unit achieves a data decoding and CRC check.In addition,FPGA configures TLK1501 and AD9957.The QDUC unit achieves DUC and D/A conversion.Results of experiments verify that the system has the advantages of good real-time performance,low bit error rate,good stability and strong anti-jamming ability.

    Modeling Received signal of Radar Warning Equipment in Aerial Attack Aircraft
    MAO Wei, LIU Lin, WANG Yan, LUO Zhen-Ming
    . 12, 25(7):  114. 
    Abstract ( 1729 )   PDF (660KB) ( 674 )  
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    The modeling method for Received signal of Radar Warning Equipment in Aerial Attack Aircraft uses the signal of Radar radiated into space and the rule of RWE on working based on the background of aerial penetrating process.The paper describes the model of radar radiated signal and the model of RWE received signal,and provides a viable solution for simulating RWE intercepting the signal of radars in complex electromagnetic environment.

    Design of Remote Security Car PKE System
    DING Fei, YU Shui-Bao
    . 12, 25(7):  118. 
    Abstract ( 958 )   PDF (673KB) ( 764 )  
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    In view of the disadvantage of current car PKE system,this paper proposes a design with remote security function based on STC single chip microcomputer.We design high frequency launching circuit and low-frequency awakening receiving circuit for the key module,high frequency receiving circuit and low frequency launching circuit for the car-carrying module,and communications links between car module and the GSM module.We also analyzes the KEELOQ adding and decrypting process,and communication protocol between the key module and the car-carrying module.The design improves the current PKE security function,and can meet requirements of both communication and practical guarding against theft.

    Thermal Design and Analysis Technique for the New Generation Weather Radar System
    CHEN De-Sheng, WEI Yan-Tao, CHANG Yue, CUI Bing-Jian
    . 12, 25(7):  121. 
    Abstract ( 678 )   PDF (697KB) ( 629 )  
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    This paper introduces the work principle and structural characteristics of the thermal design system according to work environment and operation mode of the new generation weather radar system with emphasis on the evaluation of the hot channel and heat release coefficient about the transmitter.Descriptive statistic and analysis were carried out on the alarm datum of radar system in period of 2008-2010.The authors hold that computer room layout,refrigeration equipment,cool and hot passageway,data monitoring,refrigeration materials and some solutions need improvement and adjustment to realize the integration of the power supply,refrigeration,monitoring and manage.Major points and development trends of the next generation thermal design and analysis technique of the radar are also pointed out.

    EMC Analysis of a Switching Mode Power Supply for the Vehicular Charging System
    LI Min, QIU Zi-Jing, WANG Xiao-Ming, XU Yue
    . 12, 25(7):  125. 
    Abstract ( 987 )   PDF (917KB) ( 714 )  
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    The principle of a mode power supply on a vehicular charging system is introduced and the EMC problem is analyzed.The EMC problem of the PCB board were simulated by software Hyperlynx.The voltage waveform and spectrum diagram of the net where the PWM signal is present is obtained.The simulation results indicates that adding line distance,reducing net length,reducing the thickness of the dielectric layer,purification of the  aggressor signal and properly adjusting the termination of the net can effectively suppress the EMI problem of the switching mode power supply.The simulation results is of great significance for circuit design and layout.

    The Development of Inverter Circuital In Medium-Plasma Aqueous Digestion and Welding Machines
    ZHANG Kai, ZHOU Han-Yi, DING Fu, WANG Xin-Yu, GU Hong-Gang, WANG Jing
    . 12, 25(7):  130. 
    Abstract ( 763 )   PDF (500KB) ( 742 )  
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    Inverter circuit has an important role in the medium-plasema aqueous digestion and welding machines.The focus of this papor is to achieve scalable and stable power output through the rectifier and steady current by inverter circuit.Practical tests shows that the inverter circuit can make stable and sustainable work of medium-plasma aqueous digestion and welding machines.

    Framework Design of Multiple Signals Synchronous Processing Software Based on DSP/BIOS
    WANG Min
    . 12, 25(7):  133. 
    Abstract ( 782 )   PDF (514KB) ( 729 )  
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    Software which supports multiple signals process running synchronously is more and more important in the DSP design.It can reduce ASIC number,minimize PCB area,and decrease development period.This paper introduces a software framework based on DSP/BIOS,which not only meet this requirement but also make design faster.The code migration and arithmetic deletion or addition can be easier and more convenient with the use of the framework.This framework is being widely used and verified in many products.

    Position Determination for Colocated Geostationary Satellites
    HU Juan, CHEN Wen-Quan
    . 12, 25(7):  136. 
    Abstract ( 770 )   PDF (706KB) ( 686 )  
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    By colocated geostationary satellites is meant two or more satellites placed in the ±0.1°window of the geostationary orbit.The paper introduces the necessity of colocated satellites in the geostationary orbit and the principle of connected-element interferometry measurement.Analysis of the measurement accuracy of determination position shows that the connected-element interferometry technology can meet the request of position determination of the colocated satellites in the geostationary orbit.

    Soldering Process Investigation on Nickel-plated Used the Sn-58Bi Solder
    HUA Gen-Rui, WANG Hai-Tao, YUAN Jing, WANG Peng
    . 12, 25(7):  139. 
    Abstract ( 755 )   PDF (741KB) ( 603 )  
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    Based on the decreasing solderability of the nickel layer because of the oxidation. And the solder is Sn-58Bi,which is lead-free. We weld some aluminium alloy boxes with the plane heater in the air,then weld the others in the vacuum stove without oxygen. These experiments show that the void rate has no connection with the oxygen in the air. We solve the problem by adding flux which is confected by ourselves in the solder Sn-58Bi. And the void rate is within 5%.

    A Low-Cost Design of Remote Launch Controller for the Infrared Target
    WANG De-Zhou
    . 12, 25(7):  142. 
    Abstract ( 1124 )   PDF (552KB) ( 608 )  
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    As to the application of air-to-air missiles aero experiments,a design scheme of controller to power the infrared devices based on GSM is proposed.The commands transmission and performance use GSM module and single chip microcomputer.HUA WEI GTM900 module is used for wireless data transmission.This system has the advantages of low power consumption,high reliability and low-cost.

    Application and Development of Key Technologies of RFID Tags
    SU Xiang-Jun, GUO Guan-Qi
    . 12, 25(7):  145. 
    Abstract ( 1072 )   PDF (588KB) ( 630 )  
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    This paper begins with the basic principles of the RFID system,followed by an introduction to some key technologies of RFID tag,such as chip and antenna design,encapsulation and application of tags.The current status of tag research at home and abroad are reviewed,the development trend of RFID tags is pointed out,and the basic countermeasures on the application and development of electronic tags in our country at present are put forward.

    Applications of the Internet of Things in Hospitals
    ZHANG Ling
    . 12, 25(7):  148. 
    Abstract ( 999 )   PDF (510KB) ( 699 )  
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    The Internet of Things is briefly introduced,and a simple model for building a basic intelligent hospital is proposed.The applications of the Internet of Things in the intelligent hospital are described.


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