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15 October 2012 Volume 25 Issue 10
    Performance Analysis for the Frame Difference and Background Difference Methods in the Traffic Surveillance System
    SUN Huan, SHANG Xu-Feng, ZHU Zhao-Long, ZHANG He-Quan
    . 2012, 25(10):  1. 
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    The new monitoring system of traffic crossing has attracted wide public concern for its initiative to collect and analyze data to design processing and real-time detection.With the development of technology,scientists have created a lot of image processing methods according for different environments.This paper aims at two main methods:the frame difference and background difference methods.We analyze their general advantages and disadvantages.Computer simulation shows that the frame difference is better than the background difference method.

    Automatic Extraction and Preprocessing Technology for the Digital Map Based on the Ray Tracing Algorithm
    FENG Yong-Sheng, GUO Li-Xin, LIU Zhong-Yu
    . 2012, 25(10):  4. 
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    In view of the fact that the digital map of the urban microcellular is important to the ray tracing algorithm for mobile communications,the characteristic of the quasi three-dimension ray-tracing algorithm has been taken into account.The technology of extracting geometrical information of buildings and preprocessing the digital map has been found.This technology can extract geometrical information of buildings with high precision and speed,and contribute to eliminating geometrical factors that matter very little to prediction results.Therefore,a microcellular wave propagation prediction model with the advantages of practicality,high speed and high accuracy.Thus,the accuracy and efficiency of the microcellular wave propagation prediction model has been improved.

    Fast Image Matching Based on Sub-Image Content Matching Function
    ZHENG Xin-Ming
    . 2012, 25(10):  11. 
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    In order to solve the image matching problems in the field of missile guidance,target search and other fields,a fast image matching method-the matching function method based on the sub-image features is proposed to accelerate the speed of matching.The matching image and the search image are divided into a number of sub-images of the same size and their scale invariant features are calculated.These features form a sequence.The failure function produces the matching results by calculating the characteristic sequences of the two images.It takes advantage of the characteristic sequences of the image itself to improve the search speed of image matching.Due to the association of the image characteristic sequences,the algorithm does not restart its application from the original characteristics sequence,but according to the lapse function,producing a new position to matching.

    Based on the Content of Water Saving Irrigation Network System Design and Implementation
    XU Xiao-Ling
    . 2012, 25(10):  15. 
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    If the area is too large for the current regional irrigation in drought identification process exists recognition is not synchronized,the irrigated area is difficult to define,the irrigated area is not accurate,resulting in a large water problem.To solve this problem,a multi-zone irrigation system design approach based on Internet of Things and computer vision recognition technology,by collecting the images of different regions of the soil,the land of drought effectively identify,through the Internet of Things technology,different regions efficient irrigation,to overcome the traditional irrigation methods can not be divided on regional,large water defects.Experiments show that,based on a combination of computer vision of the Internet of Things can significantly save irrigation costs,higher precision.

    Distributed Temperature and Humidity Detecting System of Workshop Based on the CAN Bus
    XU Liang, DENG Xiao-Long
    . 2012, 25(10):  19. 
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    The paper describes the method of developing a temperature and humidity detection system based on the CAN Bus.With PIC18F25K80 MCU as the major controller,the system uses integrated temperature sensors and integrated humidity sensors.High integrated components shorten the developing cycle greatly.The test-run confirms that the system has the advantages of stable performance and long distance communication.

    Change Detection of SAR Images Based on Fuzzy Clustering
    JIA Cai-Jie
    . 2012, 25(10):  23. 
    Abstract ( 1513 )   PDF (703KB) ( 823 )  
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    This paper proposes two fuzzy clustering algorithms,namely Fuzzy C-Means(FCM) and Gustafson Kessel Clustering(GKC),which have been used to detect changes in SAR images.The Difference Images(DI) are obtained by the gray levels of multitemporal images.To show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithms,The multitemporal images of two difference regions are chosen.Results are compared with those of existing Markov Random Field(MRF) and neural network based algorithms.The proposed technique consumes less time and does not need any priori knowledge of the distribution of the changed and unchanged pixels.

    Design and Implementation of a Conference Management System for Shaanxi Province Medical Association Based on the PHP
    CHEN Chen, LI Yin-Feng, SUN Wei
    . 2012, 25(10):  26. 
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    The number of domestic medical conferences is increasing significantly.A conference management system is,therefore,designed to make it convenient for participants to submit paper and for organizers to review papers and schedule meetings.On the basis of the existing PHP techniques,The system mainly provides various conference management for participants and administrators,such as registration,information collection,hotel accommodation,paper submission,information release,statistical analysis,and system maintenance.The system is designed by using CodeIgniter framework under the guidance of MVC.Good user experience is realized.

    Design of a Gas Monitoring and Alarm System Based on the ZigBee Wireless Network
    CHEN Ji-Hai, WEI Xiao-Hui
    . 2012, 25(10):  29. 
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    The research aims at realizing wireless transmission data by use of ZigBee.This paper first presents a gas monitoring and alarm system based on the ZigBee technology.The system includes the terminal nodes,coordinator,GSM module,and mobile phone.It realizes communication between the terminal nodes and coordinator by ZigBee wireless networks.The system hardware and software design are analyzed.If the gas concentration exceeds a warning value,an alarm of voice or LED lights will be given.It is shown that the method for transmitting data by use of ZigBee technology is featured with low consumption,short time delay,small size,less investment and etc.

    A Bus Information Query System Based on the Internet of Things
    WANG Yi-Kai, LI Yang-Jie, ZHOU Shao-Fu, ZHANG Dong, LIU Yang
    . 2012, 25(10):  32. 
    Abstract ( 1411 )   PDF (734KB) ( 954 )  
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    This system adopts a technology concept named the Internet of Things,which plays an important role in a new generation of information technology,uses a variety of sensors (such as GPS,RFID,temperature sensors,and Bluetooth) to collect information,and transmits it to the comprehensive information processing platform by GPRS networks.The comprehensive information processing platform completes information storage,analysis and real-time update.Logining WEB interface of the platform by a mobile phone,users can obtain some specific information of the bus which they wish to take.It will bring unexpected convenience for users' travelling.

    A Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm System Based on the Information Fusion Technology
    HU Zhu-Ge, ZHAO Min-Hua
    . 2012, 25(10):  36. 
    Abstract ( 1087 )   PDF (826KB) ( 788 )  
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    The traditional fire alarm system is only used to detect a particular physical or chemical signal of the fire,and therefore false alarm and failure alarm can occur easily.To solve this problem,we apply the multi-sensor composite detection technology and wireless communication technology in the fire detection and alarm system,and design an intelligence distributed wireless fire detection alarm system,which is based mainly on the STM32 control chip.The system can collect the concentration of CO,smoke density and temperature of three fire parameters simultaneously.Using wireless communication technology for data transmission and adopting the intelligent algorithm to process and judge the information of fire,the system can give fire warnings timely and accurately after debugging.

    Realization of the Three Networks Integration in Intelligent Community Based on the FTTH Technology
    WU Min
    . 2012, 25(10):  40. 
    Abstract ( 930 )   PDF (704KB) ( 762 )  
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    The Three Networks Integration aims at forming a fully digitalized and unified network system by integrating the computer network,radio and television network and the telecommunication network.It supports all business communications including data,video and voice.FTTH(Fiber To The Home) technology,which has the advantages of super network bandwidth and easy maintenance and installation,is widely considered as the main form of the broadband access network in the future by experts.

    Design of a Video Speech Recognition System on the Online Learning Platform
    ZHANG Fei-Yu
    . 2012, 25(10):  43. 
    Abstract ( 949 )   PDF (887KB) ( 800 )  
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    On the online collaborative learning platform,speech recognition of videos is crucial to facilitate users in faster searching and choosing multimedia files in a network and completed the information retrieval operation in teaching videos.The teaching video speech recognition system in the paper,which is an application case of hidden Markov model in extracting texts from audio or video teaching files,has important application value.This paper makes a requirement analysis of applied software for speech recognition,and tests the performance of some related functions.The results show that the designed system can realize and display the conversion of audio information in video into texts.

    Design of a Module of Data Acquisition and Wireless Transmission Based on ARM7
    . 2012, 25(10):  46. 
    Abstract ( 1209 )   PDF (582KB) ( 762 )  
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    This paper proposes a module of data acquisition and wireless transmission based on the ARM7 embedded system.Firstly,we introduce a data acquisition station system based on LPC2220 chip,and shows the design of a wireless transmission module which is composed of the embedded LPC2220 microprocessor and the chip of nRF905.When it works at 868 MHz,the rate of data transmission is 1 Mbit·s-1.The effective transmission radius can reach 800 meters with good stability by using the high gain antenna.The design has the advantages of high precision,high speed and real-time data acquisition and wireless transmission.

    Design and Implementation of an Embedded Vehicle Navigation Electronic Map
    HE Jin-Er
    . 2012, 25(10):  49. 
    Abstract ( 1044 )   PDF (599KB) ( 742 )  
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    The vehicle navigation hardware and GIS software development for the vehicle remote terminal apparatus are studied in detail.A circuit with the SH7764 microprocessor by Renesas Electronics Company as the core is presented.The system structure and data management of the embedded electronic map are discussed.The second integration and development in MapX Mobile are also introduced.This system has been run in the experimental vehicles of Shanghai Pan Asia Technical Automotive Company Limited for more than two years,and proves reliable and can satisfy basic needs.

    Implementation of Serial Communication Between PIC and PC
    LI Wei, GENG Shu-Qin, HOU Li-Gang
    . 2012, 25(10):  52. 
    Abstract ( 1036 )   PDF (527KB) ( 819 )  
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    PIC SCM is a microcontroller with rich peripherals and high performance.It is widely used in various control systems.In the computer control system,information is often exchanged between PC used as the upper machine and PIC used as the lower machine.This paper mainly proposes an approach of serial communication between PIC18F452 and PC based on Visual C++,and hardware circuit and communication source program are provided.Debugging experiments indicate that the hardware design and software development achieve the preplanned function requirements.Therefore,the method provides good reference for serial communication between PIC SCM and PC.

    Study and Simulation of the Top-loaded Monopole Antenna
    AN He-Zhi, WANG Lei-Lei, LI Ping, ZHANG Wen-Hui
    . 2012, 25(10):  55. 
    Abstract ( 1262 )   PDF (555KB) ( 818 )  
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    The size of the shortwave antenna is a major obstacle to its application.The impact of top-load on the antenna performance is analyzed.The top-loaded monopole antenna is selected as the object of study and simulation.By changing the values of parameters such as the number,angle,length and diameter of the top-line,we simulate and analyze the impact of various parameter changes on the antenna performance.The results show that the top-load can effectively reduce the resonant frequency of the antenna and can realize the miniaturization of the antenna.

    Design of a Dual Band-Notched Ultra-Wideband Clevis-Shaped Antenna
    YUAN Geng, YAN Ze-Hong, LI Bo
    . 2012, 25(10):  58. 
    Abstract ( 1646 )   PDF (706KB) ( 752 )  
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    A novel ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with the 3.4/5.5 GHz dual band-notched characteristics is proposed.The antenna consists of a clevis-shaped radiating patch and a coplanar waveguide (CPW) transmission line.It yields an impedance bandwidth of 3.1~10.6 GHz with return loss S11<-10 dB,except for the two subbands of 3.3~3.7 GHz for WiMAX and 5.15~5.825 GHz for WLAN.These notched subbands are obtained by etching two slits and a U-shaped slot on the radiating patch.The antenna was successfully fabricated and measured,showing broadband matched impedance and a nearly omnidirectional radiation pattern.

    Microprocessor Based Programmable Current Source Design
    CUI Fang, GUO Yu-Hui
    . 2012, 25(10):  60. 
    Abstract ( 794 )   PDF (684KB) ( 910 )  
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    This paper describes the design of a programmable current source.The output of the programmable current source ranges from 200 mA to 2000 mA,and current frequency is 50 Hz.The keys can increase or decrease the value of current,and the step is 1mA.AT89C51 is used as controller outputs current control words to control the op amp and chip MAX539 is used for digital-analog conversion.The design has the advantages of high control precision and easy production.

    Study of RCS Reduction of Waveguide Slot Antenna Using EBG
    TIAN Yu, CHEN Yue-Ying
    . 2012, 25(10):  64. 
    Abstract ( 902 )   PDF (625KB) ( 729 )  
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    Due to the well-known characteristics such as compact structure and stable performance,waveguide slot antennas are widely used in various fields,though this kind of antennas can generate very strong Radar Cross Section (RCS).This paper studies the reduction of RCS about waveguide slot antennas by using two different EBG structures.The results show that the EBG structure has a good performance for reduction of RCS.

    Phased Array Radar State Identification Based on Dempster-Shafer Evidence Fusion
    CHEN Kai
    . 2012, 25(10):  67. 
    Abstract ( 999 )   PDF (756KB) ( 707 )  
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    Based on D-S evidence theory,Phased-Array Radar state and signal waveform are analyzed,and the method using the characteristic function to recognize Phased-Array Radar state is given.Simulation experiment is conducted with typical Phased-Array Radar,and the experimental results show that this method has a higher identification probability.

    ECC Design Based on FPGA and NAND Flash Memory
    XING Kai-Yu, CAO Xiao-Man, FANG Huo-Neng
    . 2012, 25(10):  70. 
    Abstract ( 1264 )   PDF (808KB) ( 770 )  
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    A certain high speed and large capacity storage system is designed using NAND Flash K9WBG08U1M as its storage media.Though NAND Flash is considered to be one of the most reliable storage medium,there is still small probability of single bit error.To detect and correct this error,an Error Correcting Code (ECC) algorithm system is designed and implemented in the Xilinx FPGA XC4VLX80,which is used as the core control chip of the storage system.Through comparing the two ECC codes calculated from the stored data during read and write operation,bit error can be located and corrected,and the correcting capability is 1 bit/4 kB.The ECC algorithm has the advantages of good correcting capability,less resources requirement and high speed.The design has already been applied in a satellite system to ensure the reliability of the storage system.

    Analysis of the Vulnerability of TDRSS
    GAN Chang, WANG Feng-Shuai, ZHI Shuang-Shuang
    . 2012, 25(10):  74. 
    Abstract ( 859 )   PDF (440KB) ( 710 )  
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    The weak links of the relay satellite system are analyzed for the transmission of data security of the relay satellite system.The analysis focuses on links and nodes,pointing out the vulnerability of forward/backward relay satellite links,the user spacecraft,and ground control station.This paper lays the foundation for the anti-interference of the relay satellite system.

    Design of Kitchen Controller Base on PIC
    ZHOU Jin-Rong, CHEN Fu, WANG Hui, HE An-Ling
    . 2012, 25(10):  76. 
    Abstract ( 1132 )   PDF (733KB) ( 748 )  
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    A hardware and software design method is introduced,using Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) in the control system of multi-functional kitchen.The PIC16F72 microcontroller control chip for processing the signal acquisition of the external sensor detects the module and the key scan circuit,etc.It send commands to drive relays and control the gas stove,range hood,disinfecting cabinet,dryer and other kitchen equipment.The system uses VFD to display a variety of state,with a leak alarm,key child lock functions.

    Working Principle and Recondition of Tongzhou NV7700 STB
    QI Gang
    . 2012, 25(10):  81. 
    Abstract ( 847 )   PDF (638KB) ( 797 )  
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    The NV7700 set-top box is a common digital television SDTV set top box.It is used mainly by urban and rural users.The popularization of digital TV and sharp increase of its market share lead to the frequent occurrence of such problems as TV collapse as well as unsuccessful upgrade and search.This article introduces the principle of the set-top box,elaborates the working principle of two NV7700 set-top boxes,and classifies the common fault principles.It is a reference for the daily use and maintenance of set top boxes.

    Implementation of TMBOC Modulation Based on FPGA for GPS
    LI Yong
    . 2012, 25(10):  84. 
    Abstract ( 1145 )   PDF (643KB) ( 684 )  
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    TMBOC modulation signal is used in GPS L1 frequency band,which has the advantages of compatibility and interoperability.In this paper,the modulation technique about TMBOC and the features of modulation signal are introduced.Then on the basis of theoretical analysis,a method for generating the modulation signal in a single FPGA chip is presented and the simulation waveform is given.The results show the feasibility of the method.

    Application of the Reactive Compensation Self-Control Program in Power Design
    ZHU Zhao-Hong
    . 2012, 25(10):  87. 
    Abstract ( 1113 )   PDF (676KB) ( 721 )  
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    This article firstly presents the cause,significance,means and ways of reactive power compensation.Then it introduces the design structure and principle of the traditional electronic automatic compensation control system,the auto-controlling system of reactive power compensation based on the SCM control technology and the auto-controlling system of reactive power compensation based on the PLC control technology.Finally,the author compares the three control systems and their circuit structure features to provide a reference for electric power design.

    Microcontroller-based Distributed Wireless Gas Detection Device
    XIA Jun, WANG Tian
    . 2012, 25(10):  90. 
    Abstract ( 1006 )   PDF (515KB) ( 758 )  
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    The gas detection equipment currently available has the disadvantages of single detection type and poor adjustability and applicability.This paper designs a wireless gas detection system,in which the user can choose the detection type.The system consists of MQ Series gas sensors,ADC0809,STC89C52,NRF905 wireless transceiver module,and LCD display.Tests show that automatic warning is given when the sensor detects exceeded gas concentration.

    An Improved Algorithm for Reducing Blocking Effects Based on Post-processing
    YANG Yi, WANG Guan-Yu
    . 2012, 25(10):  93. 
    Abstract ( 863 )   PDF (760KB) ( 733 )  
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    In the compression system based on DCT(Discrete Cosine Transform),the DCT is based on the block.Images are first broken down into 8×8 pixels pieces,then it gets 64 DCT coefficients through DCT for each block.Since each block gets DCT respectively,the correlation between blocks are ignored,thus the "Blocking Effects".This paper proposes an improved method for reducing blocking effect based on post-processing.When the images are reconstructed,four modes are proposed for the corner of four blocks,including three frequency-related modes (smooth mode,non-smooth mode,and intermediate mode) and a corner mode.A low computational deblocking filter is then adopted for different mode,and images are reconstructed.Both visual effect and image quality are improved.

    Interference-aware Routing Metrics Based on the Wireless Mesh Network
    FANG Hua-Jian, LV Guang-Hong
    . 2012, 25(10):  97. 
    Abstract ( 891 )   PDF (654KB) ( 711 )  
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    In the study of routing metrics in wireless mesh networks,the metrics such as minimum hop counts,ETX,ETT etc.fail to take the interference problems of wireless networks into consideration,and the paths selected based on these metrics generally are not the optimal path.Therefore,those routing protocols based on them will affect the performance of the whole mesh network such as the network delay,packet loss rate,and throughput.The proposition of interference aware metrics improves the performance of wireless mesh network greatly.

    Matrix Representation of the River Crossing Problem and the Iterative Algorithm
    WEN Hong-Hang, REN Xiao-Li, WEN Hong-Xiang
    . 2012, 25(10):  101. 
    Abstract ( 912 )   PDF (728KB) ( 705 )  
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    In order to solve the complicated river crossing problem,this paper suggests building a shore state matrix to show the combination state of synchronous personnel around the river bank.The paper also introduces a ferry operator to indicate the staff position on the boat.Therefore,the problem-solving process can be shown by the successive iteration from the starting point state towards the target state,and the constraints can be achieved by shore state matrix generation and operator selection.Moreover,this paper gives a further discussion of the range of the carrying capacity of n and illustrates it with graphic examples.

    A H.264/AVC Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on the Heterogeneous Computing System
    ZHANG Jian, YANG Feng-Fan
    . 2012, 25(10):  106. 
    Abstract ( 1083 )   PDF (677KB) ( 747 )  
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    Motion estimation is the most time consuming module with the highest computational complexity in the H.264/AVC system.In order to speed-up the encoding procedure,a parallel algorithm of H.264/AVC motion estimation is proposed in this paper based on a heterogeneous system composed of the computed unified device architecture(CUDA).A sequential search pattern is adopted in the algorithm,and the sum of absolute difference(SAD) information for other partitions is build with the SAD information for the smaller MB partitions.The algorithm is divided into three steps:obtaining SAD information for the smaller MB partitions,building SAD information for other partitions,and reduction to get the best result.The above three steps need to be executed sequentially but there are many threads executed parallel in each step.Experiment result shows that the execution time of the proposed motion estimation algorithm on NVIDIA's GTS450 platform is 50 times faster than that of the traditional algorithm when running on CPU.

    Several Algorithms for Nonlinear Geometric Programming
    ZHAO Yang
    . 2012, 25(10):  109. 
    Abstract ( 1086 )   PDF (556KB) ( 789 )  
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    This article describes the mathematical model of nonlinear programming,namely what with inequality constraints of the optimal solution for a class of objective functions for solving optimization problems.The most widely used method for solving nonlinear programming problems today is introduced,that is penalty interior point method algorithm.Interior-point method of path tracking and sequential quadratic programming method are presented for solving geometric programming problems.A comparison is made between the results of Interior-point method of path tracking and sequential quadratic programming method using examples.The results show that the sequential quadratic programming method is superior to the other two methods both in number of iterations and in the running final optimization solution.

    Platform Design and Realization for the Campus Network Based on the WiMAX Technology
    WANG Li-Hui, CHEN Lei
    . 2012, 25(10):  114. 
    Abstract ( 1109 )   PDF (1071KB) ( 716 )  
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    This article propose a brand-new solution which is applicable to the campus wireless network.According to the features of the wireless sensor network,it proposes having the wireless sensor module of CC1110 and the brand-new wireless access technology of WiMAX as the campus network access strategy.It also analyzes and designs the specific construction of the whole campus network on the basis of the technical feasibility and program enforceability.Tests show the superiority of this scheme.

    Design of a ZigBee-Ethernet Gateway
    WANG Yu-Hong, ZHANG Xue-Mei
    . 2012, 25(10):  118. 
    Abstract ( 1582 )   PDF (654KB) ( 778 )  
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    Based on a widely used ZigBee technology for IoT,a sort of ZigBee-Ethernet gateway connecting the IoT with the Internet is presented.The process of hardware and software development and test of the gateway are elaborated.The test results show that the gateway has strong technical superiority and broad market prospects.

    Some Conditions for the Realization of Laser Angle Deception Jamming
    DING Zhen-Dong, WANG Juan-Feng, ZHU Qi
    . 2012, 25(10):  122. 
    Abstract ( 1156 )   PDF (599KB) ( 2052 )  
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    We establish a situation that the airborne optoelectronic pod directs the laser-guided weapon to attack the target on the ground and the laser jamming equipment jams it to achieve active laser angle deception jamming.A mathematical model is also established.The three conditions for ensuring the laser angle deception jamming are discussed.Emphasis is put on the power needed when the fake target is a small or big target.Two parameters are defined,one being β,the angle ratio of beam divergence of the jamming laser and guiding laser,the other being σ,the area ratio of the fake target and real target.

    Study of Laser Radar Imaging for Rendezvous and Docking of Spacecraft
    YI Yu-Sheng, CHEN Xiao-Guang, LIU Chao
    . 2012, 25(10):  125. 
    Abstract ( 1940 )   PDF (900KB) ( 1970 )  
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    According to the characteristics of Rendezvous and docking,a 3-D radar imaging method based on pulse ranging is proposed in this paper,which conforms to the latest trend of the laser radar development.A plane scene and a random fluctuant scene imaging are simulated.Simulation results demonstrate the accuracy and validity of the proposed algorithms.This method serves as a reference for China's rendezvous and docking mission.

    Digital Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Image-Scrambling and ICA-DWT
    CHEN Yang, FANG Bao-Lei, ZHANG Xiao-Hua
    . 2012, 25(10):  128. 
    Abstract ( 1178 )   PDF (697KB) ( 728 )  
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    This paper presents a digital image watermarking algorithm based on image-scrambling and ICA-DWT.Firstly,3-Level discrete wavelet transformation(DWT) is taken to the original image.Then Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) will be done to the low-frequency sub-image obtained from above transformation.Finally,watermark scrambled by Arnold transformation will be embedded into the low-frequency sub-image by using the ICA method.The experimental result shows that the algorithm has better robustness to image processing,image compression and some geometric transformations and the invisibility of watermark is achieved simultaneously.

    Interlanguage in English Academic Papers by Chinese Authors in the IT Field
    TONG Wen-Ning, REN Jing, ZHANG Ming
    . 2012, 25(10):  130. 
    Abstract ( 994 )   PDF (702KB) ( 657 )  
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    International academic and technological exchange and information globalization make it necessary for Chinese scientific workers to have good English proficiency.An increasing number of scientific workers,college teachers and postgraduates are required to contribute to international periodicals or conferences.And most of the domestic periodicals require English abstracts.This paper analyzes the interlanguage in English academic papers by Chinese scientific workers in the IT field and its enlightenment of EST teaching in hope of improving both Chinese scientific workers’ ability to write academic papers in English and the effectiveness of EST teaching.

    Application of the Linear Displacement Sensor in the Injection Molding Machine
    TAO Yong-Liang
    . 2012, 25(10):  134. 
    Abstract ( 921 )   PDF (888KB) ( 961 )  
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    The control accuracy of the injection molding machine position matters much to the quality of plastic parts.In order to deepen readers' understanding of both the linear displacement sensor in the injection molding machine and its use,this paper introduces the disadvantages of the switch control method of the original injection molding machine and the advantages of the linear displacement sensor in the injection molding machine from the aspect of the significance of the accuracy control of the production process.It presents the future development of the plastic injection machine and the trend of using the displacement sensor technology in the molding machine.The application of the displacement sensor in the injection molding machine can improve the control precision of the injection molding machine,ensure the quality of plastic parts and reduce the production cost.

    Present Condition and Development Tendency of Listening
    LIU Yu-Hua, ZHENG Ye
    . 2012, 25(10):  138. 
    Abstract ( 942 )   PDF (560KB) ( 700 )  
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    Listening  is a confidentiality compulsory investigation measures with high-tech in response to the new changes of criminal means.It can make up for conventional investigative measures which checked out the crime fact,play the indispensable role in strike serious crime or some special types of crime.This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of current listening methods,and discusses the development trend of the listening techniques and research direction.

    The Online-test System of Pinyin Based on the Web
    CHEN Su-Fang, LI Yin-Feng
    . 2012, 25(10):  140. 
    Abstract ( 1100 )   PDF (670KB) ( 564 )  
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    The necessity of online-test system of Pinyin based on the Web is analyzed.The basic knowledge of and technology for its design are introduced.The main function modules of this system are explained.Finally,some assumptions for further improvement of the system are proposed.

    Applied Research on the Enterprise Information Technology of Cloud Computing
    WANG Shn-Yu
    . 2012, 25(10):  142. 
    Abstract ( 1150 )   PDF (543KB) ( 637 )  
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    Enterprise information management and construction is an effective way to improve the enterprise's comprehensive strength.Cloud computing,an advanced scientific management mode,is becoming increasingly important to the strengthening of the enterprise's information construction.To some extent,it reduces enterprise risk,shortens the cycle of business operation,improves enterprise information management and construction,improves their overall effectiveness,and makes up for the defects of the enterprise development.This paper introduces the concept,features and technologies of cloud calculation and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the calculation.It serves as a reference for the common development of cloud computing and enterprises.

    Design Scheme for Campus Network Security
    ZHOU Jun
    . 2012, 25(10):  145. 
    Abstract ( 928 )   PDF (442KB) ( 650 )  
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    This paper analyzes the various security threats facing campus network.With Nantong Shipping College campus network as the background,it proposes such practical and feasible suggestions and solutions as link backup,firewall and intrusion detection linkage,virtual private network,VLAN,port security and network storage.

    Computer Technology Application in Tantalum Wire Production
    MA Jin-Cheng
    . 2012, 25(10):  147. 
    Abstract ( 803 )   PDF (455KB) ( 726 )  
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    This paper introduces the establishment of computer network in production process.Production process under production technology requirements managed and controlled by computer programs instead of production data managed and device controlled by hands.Production efficiency and management greatly improved through solving those problems and then makes the enterprise rapidly grow as a world-class enterprise.


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Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
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The Editorial Department of Electronic Science and Technology
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China Intermational Book Trading Corporation
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