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15 January 2013 Volume 26 Issue 1
    Improved Infrared Dim Target Detection Algorithm for Cloud Clutter
    JIN Zhen-Hua, SHEN Qiang, WANG Xu, SHAO Xiao-Peng
    . 2013, 26(1):  1. 
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    The temporal models for different pixel type are given according to temporal characteristics of the target and background.An improved algorithm for temporal profile detection of infrared dim and small targets on background clutters is presented.Firstly,the background suppression procession algorithm based on temporal variance is adopted to filter stable background from the image.Secondly,the detection is transformed into the detection the positive and negative pulse whose value is approximated to acquire the moving trace of targets.The theoretical analysis and the experimental result prove that this algorithm has a good performance for various background clutters.

    Photonic Approach to the Measurement of Frequency Based on Optisystem
    YANG Sha-Sha
    . 2013, 26(1):  4. 
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    Because of the limitation of electronic bottleneck in radar signal processing,more attention is paid to microwave photonic technology due to its advantages.It is necessary to modulate the unknown microwave signal to optical carrier on optical modulator,so that it can get an amplitude comparison function (ACF) related to signal frequency,and then the frequency of the microwave signal can be worked out.In this paper,the theory of frequency measurement is analyzed,and the method of frequency measurement is verified in optisystem.Finally,the precision and range of frequency measurement are analyzed.

    Simulation of WDM for Free Space Optical Communications System
    YANG Mu, WEI Ji-Lin
    . 2013, 26(1):  7. 
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    After the introduction of WDM and FSO system composition theory,the model of the FSO transmission link is designed by use of the Optisystem software.According to the analysis of the simulation results of Q and BER in direct modulation mode,the feasibility and stability of WDM applications in FSO system is verified.

    Influence of MOCVD Pulse Growth on InGaN Solar Cells Materials
    JIA Wenbo,LI Peixian,ZHOU Xiaowei,YANG Yang
    . 2013, 26(1):  10. 
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    In this paper,the methods of InGaN alloy growth are compared.It is found that by conventional method the InGaN alloy tends to have a higher component because of a higher concentration of In atoms in the chamber but results in a poor crystallization quality as the pre-reaction.The one grown by pulse method tends to have a lower component of In and In drop because of a lower concentration of In atoms in the chamber but results in a good crystallization quality as the reduction of pre-reaction.

    Study of Mg-doped Nonpolar a-plane GaN Films Annealing Temperature
    YANG Yang,LI Peixian,ZHOU Xiaowei,JIA Wenbo,ZHAO Xiaoyun
    . 2013, 26(1):  12. 
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    The nonpolar GaN materials solve the polarization of conventional GaN materials,and thus have a good prospect of application.Mg-dopoed nonpolar a-plane GaN film is grown on r-plane sapphire by metal organic chemical vapor deposition method,and three temperatures of 650 ℃,750 ℃ and 850 ℃ are selected to study the annealing temperature of Mg-doped nonpolar GaN films.With an atomic force microscope (AFM),photoluminescence spectroscopy (PL) and Raman spectra (Raman),the surface morphology of the material,optical properties,and surface stress are studied.Best results are obtained when annealed at 750 ℃.

    Diagnosability of Folded Hypercube in the PMC Model
    LI Gangping,ZHU Qiang,GUO Yangyang
    . 2013, 26(1):  16. 
    Abstract ( 824 )   PDF (368KB) ( 668 )  
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    Diagnosability plays an important role in measuring the reliability of multiprocessor systems.In this paper,it is proved that in the PMC model,the (n+1)-dimensional Folded Hypercube is (n+2)-diagnosable with the precise diagnosis strategy for n≥3,and (2n+2)/(2n+2)-diagnosable with the pessimistic strategy for n≥4.

    Analysis and Reprogramming of PowCom Communication Software
    YU Youcheng
    . 2013, 26(1):  19. 
    Abstract ( 660 )   PDF (962KB) ( 636 )  
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    PowCom is a Windows-based communication program that is used to control and supervise Power-One's AC to DC power conversion system.The main window and menus of PowCom are analyzed.The communication procedures and menu commands are cracked.The communication software is reprogrammed.The trial run shows that the cracking and analytical results are correct,and that the reprogrammed communication software can completely replace the original one to perform monitoring.This provides valuable references for the operation and management and design staff of communication power supply monitoring system.

    Analysis of the Filtering Algorithm of SAR Image Speckle Noise Based on Statistic Theory
    FAN Jiangtao,YUAN Xiangyu,TANG Bo,LI Xiujin
    . 2013, 26(1):  24. 
    Abstract ( 809 )   PDF (593KB) ( 698 )  
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    Speckle noise in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images severely affects the image quality and the following object classification and identification.This paper compares and analyses the filtering algorithms of SAR image speckle noise based on statistic theory.It is concluded that it is difficult to smooth speckle and to preserve edge by single filter synchronously.

    Design and Implementation of SMS Monitoring System Based on AT91RM9200
    MA Xiao,LIU Jianing,SONG Hongjin
    . 2013, 26(1):  27. 
    Abstract ( 913 )   PDF (582KB) ( 699 )  
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    The GSM wireless modules used in embedded systems is introduced.The system uses the ARM9-based nuclear microprocessor AT91RM9200,and GSM wireless module of Huawei MG323.The software functions of the SMS module are implemented through communication control between ARM and MG323 in embedded Linux system.The system supports the SMS mode of PDU and Chinese SMS.

    The Cmbat-Effectiveness Appraisal of ECM System Based on the Modified ADC Model
    CHENG Keping
    . 2013, 26(1):  30. 
    Abstract ( 965 )   PDF (642KB) ( 777 )  
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    Based on the improved ADC and combining the combat operation effectiveness analysis method with the AHP,this paper analyses five critical factors that influence operational effectiveness,and builds a combat-effectiveness model of an integrated EW system to help the decision-making in the design of ECM systems with good practicality.

    Oil Well Environmental Parameters Display System Based on VC++
    JIAN Qinqin,FAN Junfeng,LIU Jianing
    . 2013, 26(1):  34. 
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    In order to collect information of the oil well,the environmental parameters need to be collected in oil exploitation.Without the display function,the oil well situation cannot be obtained.It is necessary to display the environmental parameters so that the workers can obtain the situation of the oil directly.A new display system based on Visual C++ object-oriented methods is designed in this paper.The design and implementation of our system are shown in details.And the characteristics of our system are summarized.

    Research on and Application of the ADO in Visual C++ Programming
    GUO Qiang
    . 2013, 26(1):  37. 
    Abstract ( 775 )   PDF (698KB) ( 767 )  
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    The application of Database is becoming increasingly important in corporate and commercial operations.As the core technology of today's database application development,ADO covers many aspects,including the solutions of database application from one layer to Multi-layers and the solutions of Web-based data-driven.Based on Microsoft Visual C++ development kit,this paper analyses the working principles and processes of ADO for high-speed and universal data access.Finally,two applications of ADO are put forward.The practice confirms that ADO is an optimized means to database access with good performance and high compatibility.

    Application of Transportation Security Incident Intelligent Analysis System in Extra Large Bridge
    WU Chenglong,XIAO Long,JIANG Yongli,YU Yongfang
    . 2013, 26(1):  41. 
    Abstract ( 993 )   PDF (988KB) ( 678 )  
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    In this paper,the traffic safety issues on the Hangzhou Bay Bridge are reviewed and an intelligent surveillance system is proposed to address these traffic problems.First,the inclement weather module is employed to obtain a better video quality for background modeling and tracking on the video screen by foreground method,followed by the final identification.A good solution to the traffic safety on the bridge event,the system can effectively improve the efficiency.

    FBG Sensor Weak Signal Preprocessing
    LI Baihe,WEI Jilin,QIU Xuanbing,GUAN Lile
    . 2013, 26(1):  45. 
    Abstract ( 916 )   PDF (648KB) ( 703 )  
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    In view of the weak signal of the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor,a low noisy photoelectric signal pre-processing circuit is designed which has the functions of current-voltage conversion,multi-level amplifier and filter.Simulation and experiment indicate that it is capable of great gain,high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR),high sensitivity to satisfy the requirements of the FBG sensing system and to achieve the measurement of the weak nano watt (nW) optical signal.

    200 kW Pulse Width Machine High End of the Curtain Gate Pressure Sampling
    JIANG Wenxin
    . 2013, 26(1):  49. 
    Abstract ( 679 )   PDF (839KB) ( 722 )  
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    200 kW pulse width machine high end of the curtain gate voltage is as high as 27,000 volts,while the sampling voltage is only a few volts.In real-time sampling of the pressure on the high end of the curtain gate,it is necessary to protect the security of the transmitter and the sampling circuit,which requires that the sampling circuit have the characteristics of high pressure and anti-interference.

    Design of a DDR SDRAM Controller Based on FPGA
    CHEN Genliang,XIAO Lei,ZHANG Jian
    . 2013, 26(1):  52. 
    Abstract ( 769 )   PDF (881KB) ( 712 )  
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    The basic working characteristics and timing analysis of DDR SDRAM are studied,and a universal DDR SDRAM controller based on FPGA is designed.The design function simulation is performed under Modelsim,and testing and verification of the hardware are also completed under the FPGA.Simulation results show that the controller can realize read-write control over DDR SDRAM with high read-write efficiency and simple interface circuit.

    Design and Implementation of Frequency Source Based on DDS Device
    LIU Tao
    . 2013, 26(1):  56. 
    Abstract ( 749 )   PDF (468KB) ( 716 )  
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    The frequency source is the core of modern radio communication systems,plays a decisive role for the normal operation of the entire system.The frequency source of the RF circuit is good or bad relationship with the overall system performance.Direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS) has an insignificant frequency tuning and phase resolution.Integration of analog and digital technology,DDS is the ideal way to produce high quality and high spectral purity wideband frequency.This paper describes the basic working principle of DDS,as well as the limitations of the DDS technology.Implements a programmable low phase noise frequency synthesizer based on FPGA+DDS,output signal range 170~228 MHz.The experimental results show that the frequency source has a high frequency resolution and low phase noise,meeting the design requirements of the communication system on the frequency source.

    Design of an Infrared Remote Digital FM Receiver
    WU Chen,CHEN Weiyuan,YANG Aien,ZHANG Daqiang
    . 2013, 26(1):  59. 
    Abstract ( 834 )   PDF (518KB) ( 697 )  
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    The design method of infrared remote digital FM receiver is introduced in this article.The core of the system is the microcontroller avr48v10au,which constitutes the FM digital radio system together with a digital radio module Si4702.It writes programs into the chip Si4702 and PT2315 from microcontroller to set the parameters like radio receiver frequency,working mode,volume and so on.The receiving frequency range of this circuit is from 87.5 to 108 MHz,capable of receiving 10 to 12 stations.The system is highly applicable with its high precision,good anti-interference performance and stability.

    Design of Triple-Band Monopole Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX
    LI Jianjun,YU Lijuan,DU Wenquan
    . 2013, 26(1):  62. 
    Abstract ( 941 )   PDF (648KB) ( 865 )  
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    This paper designs a triple-band L monopole planar antenna composed of three L monopole antennas,one of which is for the 3.5 GHz band,the longer one for the 2.4 GHz band and the shorter one for the 5 GHz band.This antenna is simpler in structure than other planar antennas designed for realizing triple-band characteristics.An electromagnetic (EM) model of the designed antenna is developed in HFSS for numerical analysis and optimization.The simulation results show that the antenna with Return Loss (S11) less than -10 dB at three resonance points that are 2.4 GHz,3.5 GHz and 5.8 GHz,respectively.The designed triple-band antenna is suitable for WLAN and WiMAX applications of communication system.

    Research on and Design of a Miniaturized Broadband Microstrip Antenna
    HAN Rixia,XIONG Junrui,YUE Manzhi
    . 2013, 26(1):  66. 
    Abstract ( 848 )   PDF (628KB) ( 715 )  
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    Based on the micro-strip antenna technologies and with the antenna working at ISM frequency as an example,the paper simulates the micro-strip antenna in different permittivity and different thickness plate,in slotting patch,and in loading parasitic patch using the simulation tool HFSS from ANSOFT.The effects of the dielectric constant,plate thickness,patch slot and parasitic patch on micro-strip patch antenna size and bandwidth is described based on the numerical analysis.Simulation shows that the design can realize antenna with a 36% greater bandwidth and 34.2% smaller size.

    A Design of Mine Intrinsically Safe LED Driver Power Supply
    CHAI Weirong
    . 2013, 26(1):  69. 
    Abstract ( 1038 )   PDF (352KB) ( 859 )  
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    In view of the inflammable and explosive environment of coal mines,a design of intrinsically safe LED driver power supply based on the switching power supply technology is presented.It has the feature of electrical isolation with a variety of protection functions,such as over voltage protection,over current protection and so on,thus guaranteeing that,the energy released is in line with national standards of intrinsically safe should circuit fault occur.It can improve the security and reliability of coal mine.

    Design of a UWB Printed Antenna with Triple-Band Notched Characteristic
    YUAN Geng,LIN Jiayang,LI Bo
    . 2013, 26(1):  71. 
    Abstract ( 967 )   PDF (854KB) ( 760 )  
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    A novel printed ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna for triple-band notched characteristic is proposed.Good impedance matching in a wide triple-band can be achieved by a copper coins shaped radiating patch and a coplanar waveguide (CPW) transmission line.It yields impedance bandwidth of 3.1~10.6 GHz with return loss S11<-10 dB,except for the three subbands of 3.3~3.7 GHz for WiMAX,5.15~5.825 GHz for WLAN and 7.25~8.4 GHz for downlink of X-band.These notched subbands are obtained by etching slits and U-shaped slots on the radiating patch.The antenna was successfully fabricated and measured,showing broadband matched impedance and nearly omnidirectional radiation pattern.

    Design of BPSK Signal Generation Based on AD9854
    PEI Shaojun,XU Jiajia,HUANG Keping
    . 2013, 26(1):  74. 
    Abstract ( 1159 )   PDF (543KB) ( 708 )  
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    In this paper,a method for generating the BPSK signal by using AD9854 controlled by FPGA is proposed,including the construct of the periphery,the configuration of each register,the calculation of the amplitude,the phase,and the frequency tuning word.Finally,an example of BPSK signal generation is given,and the correctness of the design in this paper is also verified.

    Design of a Fuze Signal Processor with Orient Identification Based on Multi-core Units
    CHEN Bin,SU Yuxiao
    . 2013, 26(1):  77. 
    Abstract ( 765 )   PDF (1114KB) ( 651 )  
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    This paper designs a signal processor based on FPGA+DSP system.There are three core units working with each other to achieve target detection and orient identification about multichannel doppler signals.The processor carries out the functions of target detection based on frequency domain,and realizes orient identification on eight quadrants,which improves the fuze-warhead coordination efficiency.Hierarchical design ensures real-time and flexible signal processing with massive scalability.

    Research on Chaotic Video Encryption Based on Camera Collection
    LI Jingyuan,HE Dan
    . 2013, 26(1):  81. 
    Abstract ( 888 )   PDF (887KB) ( 703 )  
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    The real-time video collection,storage and processing have been widely applied in each work and living areas.The overall framework of the video collection system design based on FPGA is introduced and the design process is described in detail.By means of the chaotic signal to encrypt the data,we can enhance the security of the video data.It is verified on the DE2 development board that this video collection system based on FPGA meets the demand for real-time video encrypting.

    Motion Compensation Method for High-Speed Target Detection of Ultra-Short-Range Radar
    MA Ke,LI Huimin,YU Yingchun,LI Bin
    . 2013, 26(1):  84. 
    Abstract ( 886 )   PDF (523KB) ( 744 )  
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    A new method is proposed to solve the problem of range-velocity decoupling and motion compensation for high-speed target detection of Ultra-short-range Radar.The transmitted signal is a hybrid signal composed of Continuous Wave and Linear Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave (CW and LFMCW).First,the unambiguous velocity of a high-speed target is measured by CW beat signal.Then the velocity information is used to compensate LFMCW beat signal.And the range information of the target can be easily extracted from the compensated signal.The method realizes range-velocity decoupling and motion compensation of high-speed target detection.The effectiveness of the method is demonstrated by simulations.

    Application of Virtual Instruments in Radar Testing
    Haoran,SUN Kai
    . 2013, 26(1):  87. 
    Abstract ( 754 )   PDF (922KB) ( 642 )  
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    Radar system performance measurement has an important role in radar equipment development,A portable radar test system is designed based on LabWindows/CVI.Firstly,the whole frame of system is given.Then based on test requirements,the design of the software framework is presented with the software operational process.The realization of the signal bandwidth measurement in the parameter measurement function module is introduced.The application shows that the test system has the advantages of easy operation,friendly interface and good stability.

    Synthetic Interference Technology for Spatial Countermeasure
    WANG Xiaoli,LI Peng
    . 2013, 26(1):  91. 
    Abstract ( 856 )   PDF (692KB) ( 749 )  
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    In the field of electronic warfare,space power synthesis technology becomes a hotspot because of its ability to break through constraints of the power devices.This article describes the basic principles and technology of the jammer space synthetic system,and analyzes the magnitude and phase synthesis efficiency.The two methods of frequency scanning and system configuration are presented to improve the synthetic efficiency.

    Design of a Kitchen Controller Based on PIC
    ZHOU Jinrong,CHEN Fu,WANG Hui,HE Anling
    . 2013, 26(1):  94. 
    Abstract ( 1149 )   PDF (821KB) ( 653 )  
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    The hardware and software designs of multi-functional kitchen control system using Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) are introduced,with PIC16F72 microcontroller as the control chip for processing the signal acquired by the external sensor detection module and the key scanning circuit,etc.The control chip sends commands to drive relays and control the gas stove,range hood,disinfecting cabinet,dryer and other kitchen equipment.VFD is used to display a variety of state with leak alarm,key child lock functions.

    Design and Realization of the Large Bandwidth DRFM Based on DDC and DUC Technology
    LIN Ying,DENG Ke
    . 2013, 26(1):  98. 
    Abstract ( 807 )   PDF (862KB) ( 709 )  
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    This article describes the large bandwidth DRFM based on the DDC and DUC technology,introduces the basic principles and carries out a theoretical simulation in Matlab.The modeling of the whole system and each module is accomplished in Quartus II,and the functional simulation of the whole system is made in Modelsim,providing theoretical and technical support for the DRFM technology in the future.

    Research on DRFM Technique in Electronic Jamming
    PENG Leilei
    . 2013, 26(1):  104. 
    Abstract ( 898 )   PDF (437KB) ( 745 )  
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    Digital radio frequency memory technology is more effective in electronic warfare technology,and it could jam enemy radar correspondingly by different processing and modulation of the received hostile signal.As the radar signal instantaneous bandwidth increases,the importance of technology of channelized DRFM has become increasingly prominent.This paper describes the basic principle of DRFM and the method for DRFM channelization,verifies the feasibility of DRFM by Matlab simulation,and analyzes the influence of the number of channels on the quality of synthesized signals,which provides a theoretical basis for DRFM in later project to realize the storage of higher instantaneous bandwidth.

    Design of a Smart Automatic Tracing Car Based on Renesas MCU
    DENG Peng
    . 2013, 26(1):  107. 
    Abstract ( 745 )   PDF (537KB) ( 700 )  
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    A smart car automatic tracing system is designed and implemented for the Renesas MCU super model car contest.The system adopts Renesas 16-bit microcontrollers H8/3048F as the core control unit,the optical surface of the tube RPR220 to collect information automatically,thus realizing a smart car of stability and high speed with automatic gear steering,and DC motor speed PID regulation.Experimental results show that the design is simple and reliable with good controllability,and meets the design requirements.

    Dual-port RAM Driver Development Based on MPC8313E and FPGA
    MA Xu
    . 2013, 26(1):  110. 
    Abstract ( 856 )   PDF (368KB) ( 716 )  
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    This paper deals with a Dual-port RAM Device driver based on a Embedded Linux system on the platform of MPC8313E.The Linux sever based on this driver takes the advantage of caching technology to read data from the Dual-port RAM of FPGA and finally transports huge amounts of image data to PC.

    Remote Control Timer Switch Based on STM32 and GSM
    XIA Jun,WANG Tian
    . 2013, 26(1):  112. 
    Abstract ( 883 )   PDF (818KB) ( 713 )  
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    In view of the drawbacks of the timer switches available on the market,a timer switch based on the STM32 processor is proposed.The device uses the GSM network to the remote control functions.The wireless communication module nRF24L01+ can remote control more than one randomly distributed switch within a certain range.The system has a friendly communication interface providing such functions as time setting,infrared remote control,touch screen control,and power-down protection.

    Research on the VIENNA Rectifier with One Cycle Control Technology
    LI Shaolin,LIU Hong,LI Zhibin
    . 2013, 26(1):  115. 
    Abstract ( 824 )   PDF (454KB) ( 795 )  
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    By the analysis of three phase three switch three level (Vienna) rectifier principle,one-cycle control method of the rectifier is studied,and the outer inner voltage-current dual closed loop control system is adopted,and reliability and stability and low harmonic distortion characteristics of the Vienna rectifier are realized.The Vienna rectifier simulation model is set based on Matlab simulation platform,and the simulation results show that the 8 kW three-phase PFC rectifier based on one-cycle control method has simple control structure,high reliability and stability with a harmonic distortion rate less than 3% and a power factor up to 99%.

    Realization of the DQ Eye Diagram Based on the PDA Algorithm
    SHI Xiaorong
    . 2013, 26(1):  118. 
    Abstract ( 930 )   PDF (755KB) ( 650 )  
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    PDA algorithm proposed by Casper introduces an accurate method of modeling the performance of high-speed chip-to-chip signaling systems.In this paper,in order to solve the problem of eye diagram simulation with long pseudo-random bit stream,this algorithm is used to model the system and calculate worst-case bit patterns and eye diagram quickly,thus realizing the worst-case bit patterns and eye diagram of DQ data.

    A New Adaptive Step-size Algorithm for ICA
    ZHANG Qingrui
    . 2013, 26(1):  123. 
    Abstract ( 831 )   PDF (685KB) ( 659 )  
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    An important problem in adaptive ICA algorithm is the opting step-size.This paper defines the measure of non-linear decorrelation which describes the separation states.On the basic of the measure non-linear decorrelation,a new ICA algorithm of adaptive step-size is presented.The algorithm divides the process of separation into three stages,in which different step-size algorithms are adopted.The simulation shows that this algorithm has both higher convergence rate and the lower steady-state error.

    A Fast Algorithm for Ground Clutter Simulation of Airborne Radar
    GUO Chuanchuan,JING Yuanyuan
    . 2013, 26(1):  127. 
    Abstract ( 804 )   PDF (809KB) ( 681 )  
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    The ground clutter in down scan airborne radar,which has high power,wide spectrum and wide range,consumes large amount of resources and time in computer simulation.To address this problem,we adopt the integral methods of distance-doppler unit division based on grid mapping to obtain the clutter power,and introduce a real-time fast algorithm,which quantitatively stores these data as antenna gain,backscattering coefficient and clutter area in advance,and reads these data accurately and rapidly using the method of look-up table.Therefore,a large number of computing units are saved,and the simulation speed is also improved to a great extent.The proposed algorithm meets the requirements of real-time fast simulation.

    Reliability Analysis of Multi-state n-1/n(G) System Without Being Repaired “as good as new”
    GUO Yangyang,SONG Yue,LI Gangping
    . 2013, 26(1):  131. 
    Abstract ( 753 )   PDF (567KB) ( 659 )  
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    In considering many faculty factors,faculty model is not single,and component is not being repaired “as good as new”.A multi-state n-1/n(G) system without being repaired “as good as new” is studied.It is assumed that the working time of the components in the system is exponentially.By using the approach of supplementary variables and method of generalized Markov process,the Laplace transform expression of availability and reliability of the system are derived and the MTTFF is obtained.Finally a linear consecutive-2-out-of-3(G) system is taken as an example to illustrate the practical value of the gained conclusion.

    An Anti-interference Algorithm Using Matrix Eigenvalue
    WANG Chun
    . 2013, 26(1):  135. 
    Abstract ( 748 )   PDF (490KB) ( 660 )  
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    The autocorrelation matrix eigenvalue of the signal reflects the power of each direction,and different characteristic values correspond to different signal spaces.With interference present,large eigenvalues generally corresponds to interference signal subspace,and small eigenvalues to signal subspace.Removing the corresponding interference subspace can remove strong interference signal.Based on this,this paper puts forward an anti-interference algorithm using the matrix eigenvalue that can effectively eliminate obstructive and tone-like interferences.This algorithm has the advantages over common FFT trapping-based algorithms of smaller amount of computation and simple logical realization,thus decreasing the complexity of anti-interference algorithms.

    Research on and Implementation of Ant Colony Algorithm Convergence
    ZHENG Enxing,LIU Ranran
    . 2013, 26(1):  138. 
    Abstract ( 937 )   PDF (781KB) ( 574 )  
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    The ant colony algorithm is a new bionic optimization algorithm,and has strong robustness,excellent distributed mechanism,parallel and positive feedback,and etc.At present the ant colony algorithm have been involved in many fields of application,especially in solving complex optimization issue.This paper studies the performance and mechanism of ant colony algorithm for with a detailed analysis of the influence of the parameters on the performance of the algorithm.On the basis of theoretical analysis,the ant colony algorithm is simulated,and the whole process of convergence is demonstrated on Java graphics interface,which proves the convergence of ant colony algorithm.By the adjustment and combination of the parameters,the best effect of convergence is obtained.This system builds the foundation for further research on convergence.

    Flash-based Flight Cockpit Display in Skyline
    XIAO Rui,QUAN Jicheng,YUAN Yuwei
    . 2013, 26(1):  142. 
    Abstract ( 704 )   PDF (782KB) ( 570 )  
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    As a three-dimensional geographic information platform,Skyline provides users with an intuitive image of 3D landscape and the powerful secondary development function.Based on the flight Simulator of the Skyline,the methods using 3D MAX and Flash for realizing the display of cockpit and instrument are discussed.Flight parameters for driving the instrument pointer are used to achieve a more realistic flight simulation.

    Electronic Circuit Fault Diagnosis and Treatment
    LI Lin,YE Yongan
    . 2013, 26(1):  144. 
    Abstract ( 873 )   PDF (501KB) ( 692 )  
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    Different faults of power electronic devices are analyzed and effective treatments are proposed base on the characteristics of the fault diagnosis to ensure the normal operation of power electronic device.

    Analysis of the Sinusoidal State Circuit Based on Multisim10 and Matlab7.0
    WANG Hanzhuo,CHEN Haihua
    . 2013, 26(1):  146. 
    Abstract ( 858 )   PDF (945KB) ( 564 )  
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    Computer simulation software can be used conveniently to assist students in the process of virtual experiment process and complex mathematical calculations.This paper provides a method for combing the software Multisim10 and Matlab7.0 to analyse and calculate RLC series of sinusoidal steady state circuit.The simulation process and results fully demonstrates the benefits of both of the software.This method can be introduced into classrooms to help the students understand and master the basic circuit analysis.

    Research on the Effect of Learning Mode in Teaching Based on the Network of Collaborative
    LI Jibiao,CEN Junjie
    . 2013, 26(1):  150. 
    Abstract ( 651 )   PDF (598KB) ( 709 )  
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    Study the problem of how to improve the effectiveness of teaching.Teaching Quality Evaluation using traditional algorithms,the computational complexity by evaluators subjective factors influence,can not guarantee a fast,objective and impartial evaluation of the quality of teaching.In order to avoid the above defects,a web-based collaborative teaching model.Fuzzy hierarchical analysis methods,evaluation of classroom content,interactive way,teaching methods and teaching achievements in the network,constitute a complete teaching quality evaluation system.Calculated the coefficient of the weights of the different assessment of the direction of the data quality of teaching evaluation system,using neural network method to establish network evaluation model of teaching quality.The experiments show that,the network collaborative teaching mode of teaching quality evaluation,able to improve the problems in the teaching,and thus improve the quality of teaching,with satisfactory results.

    Optimizing Operational Analysis of the Electricity Market for Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
    LIANG Ke
    . 2013, 26(1):  154. 
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    Based on the analysis of the operations scheduling status quo of the electricity market with the policy of energy saving and environmental protection,an optimized decision-making based on the fuel supply of the electricity market is proposed,and the influencing factors of electricity market operator scheduling are analyzed to build the basic model of optimized electricity operation.


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