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15 March 2013 Volume 26 Issue 3
    Design of a Novel Dual-polarized Microstrip-feed Horn Antenna
    ZHANG Wenhui,LI Ping,AN Hezhi,WANG Leilei
    . 2013, 26(3):  1. 
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    A novel dual-polarized microstrip-feed horn antenna is designed in the paper.The radiation element is metal material with a conical horn hole at the center.The feeding layer adopts double orthogonal microstrip-feed planes to achieve dual-polarization.A metal reflector cavity is used to suppress backward radiation and improve antenna gain.HFSS simulation results show that the VSWR of the novel horn antenna is less than 2 in the Ku-band uplink (14.0~14.5 GHz) and downlink (12.25~12.75 GHz) and the gains of the two ports are more than 8 dB.The antenna is small in size and high in gain with microstrip-feed features,which can be used as the antenna unit of the Ku-band satellite ground communication system.

    Design of Two-dimensional Blocking Matrix under Several Common Array Geometries
    WANG Chun,DONG Juanjuan,XU Tingting,LUO Feng,SUN Yanni3
    . 2013, 26(3):  5. 
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    The two-dimensional blocking matrix is established according to the two-dimensional array geometry (including the circular array,planar array,the Y matrix,cross array and L array).Blocking matrix is always employed in interference suppression or blocking desired signal in GSC array.Cascaded column of differencing (CCD) method is a simple and effective method with lower computational complexity,which has been widely used in array signal processing.However,the current study focuses mainly on one-dimensional linear array,while two-dimensional (circular array and plane array) and other formation (Y matrix,cross array and L-array) are rarely proposed,nor comprehensive.This paper studies the representative two-dimensional array geometry in detail and presents a simple method for designing a blocking matrix,namely one-column ladder accumulation.Simulation verifies the feasibility of this method.

    Electromagnetic Compatibility Task Scheduling Algorithm for Multifunctional Electronic System
    CHEN Cheng,MA Xiaoyan,YANG Ruijuan,CHENG Wei
    . 2013, 26(3):  8. 
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    In this paper,an algorithm for electromagnetic compatibility task scheduling is proposed to solve the electromagnetic compatibility problem of radio-frequency head in multifunctional electronic system,based on the analysis of electromagnetic compatibility and the constructed mathematical mode.The algorithm adopts multidimensional managing mode including air area,frequency area and time area to realize the goal of electromagnetic compatibility between tasks.In addition,the task losing proportion is analyzed and simulated.The result shows that the proposed algorithm is valid and efficient.

    Research into FMCW Radar Transmitter Leakage Signal Digital Cancellation Technology
    WANG Le,XI Yuanwang,LIU Hui
    . 2013, 26(3):  14. 
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    In view of the single antenna FMCW radar transmitter signal leakage,this article proposes a digital cancellation technology combining with the advantages of the digital adaptive system such as good data processing capability,accuracy,flexibility and universality.Simulation and experiment results shows that the program can effectively suppress the emission signal leakage problems caused by inadequate transceiver isolation.

    Study of MIMO Radar Jamming
    DONG Zitong
    . 2013, 26(3):  17. 
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    The multi-input multi-output radar adopts the space diversity and frequency diversity technologies,effectively overcomes the performance loss resulting from the angle glint of radar cross section.This paper describes the working principles of the MIMO radar,analyzes two effective jamming modes to the MIMO radar:false target deception jamming and distributed jamming,and simulates the effects of the false target deception jamming.Simulation indicates that effective jamming is achieved only if all the radars in the MIMO radar are jammed at the same time.

    Design of Baseband Jamming Source Based on Single Channel DRFM
    LIU Mingjun
    . 2013, 26(3):  20. 
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    The basic principles and the structure of single channel digital radio frequency memory are analyzed,and the advantages and disadvantages of single channel digital radio frequency memory are summarized in this paper.The DSP module is used to design a baseband jamming source based on structure of single channel digital radio frequency memory,which achieves wideband signal processing.

    Tracking Detection of SIAR Based on Multi-frame Correlation
    LU Di,ZHANG Yuan
    . 2013, 26(3):  23. 
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    In order to improve the detection range and small target detection probability of the SIAR (Synthetic Impulse and Antenna Radar),we reduce the threshold of signal processing system,resulting in a high probability of false alarm (usually 10-3).The conventional method fails to achieve track detection of the target,so we use the TBD.A TBD algorithm based on multi-frame correlation is introduced in this paper,which makes use of the target motion characteristics and the multi-frame data frame correlation processing to accumulate energy along the target track,thus improving the signal-to-noise ratio and achieving target track detection in the high false alarm environment.

    Detection of SAR Target Based on CFAR
    WEI Zongping
    . 2013, 26(3):  26. 
    Abstract ( 1034 )   PDF (622KB) ( 868 )  
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    Target detection on the basis of the CFAR is an algorithm that requires a given detection ratio and a strong contrast between target and background.The CFAR algorithm is realized by the comparison of the single pixel grayscale and threshold.The CFAR target detection algorithm is studied in the paper,and the concrete forms for fitted distributions are deduced particularly.Several typical CFAR detectors are given,such as the CA-CFAR detector.Simulation results show that in homogenous cluster area,all three detectors can detect targets,but the CA-CFAR has better detection performance.

    FPGA-based Multi-order Serial FIR Filter Design
    XIA Ronghua,ZHENG Yong2
    . 2013, 26(3):  30. 
    Abstract ( 1341 )   PDF (650KB) ( 981 )  
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    FIR filter design is divided into two parts:the calculation of the filter coefficients and the filter structure design.To better illustrate the flexibility of using FPGA to achieve FIR,this paper uses a multi-order Serial FIR filter instance,and gives the timing and functional description of the source code and related modules.MATLAB and QUARTUSII simulations verify the correctness of the FPGA hard filter.

    Multi-Channel Single-Ended/Differential Signal Sampling and Acquisition System Based on DSP+FPGA
    DENG Ke,FAN Junfeng,LIN Ying
    . 2013, 26(3):  33. 
    Abstract ( 941 )   PDF (536KB) ( 869 )  
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    This paper introduces a DSP+FPGA-based signal acquisition and storage system with 32 channels of single-ended or 16 differential channels by using ADS8517.The system is highly flexible in channel switching and the sampling rate changing.

    Design of a Signal Collecting Module of STATCOM Based on AD7606-6
    CHENG Hua,YANG Shengzhen,SU Zhishan,LUO Shijie,LIANG Yong
    . 2013, 26(3):  35. 
    Abstract ( 906 )   PDF (987KB) ( 945 )  
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    As a new reactive power compensatory device,STATCOM is real-time,quick,and accurate but requires the quick and accurate collection of three-phase voltage and current signal.To this end,a leading-end signal-collecting circuit based on AD7606-6 is designed.Firstly,the basic structure and working principles of STATCOM are introduced.And then,the characteristics,pin function and sequential logic of parallel-data-output are discussed.Finally,the signal conditioning circuit and interface circuit between AD7606-6 and TMS320F2812 are designed.The software-design section is also given.The test experiments show that this collecting module can meet STATCOM's requirement of collecting electric parameter.

    Generation and Simulation of Multiple False Targets Interference Based on PD Radar
    WANG Yuqi
    . 2013, 26(3):  39. 
    Abstract ( 1144 )   PDF (795KB) ( 862 )  
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    False target jamming is an important means of deceive jamming.When the number of false targets is very large,the false target interference will be full of the pulse repetition period,and the true target signal will be submerged in a large number of false targets jamming,thus achieving multiple false targets jamming.This paper builds a basic radar signal processing system,analyses the generation of the false target,and finally demonstrates,the multiple false target jamming effect with the help of Matlab simulation.

    Research into Charge Balance Control of Lithium Battery
    LIU Xinshuang,LUO Wenguang,CHEN Wenhui
    . 2013, 26(3):  42. 
    Abstract ( 984 )   PDF (580KB) ( 783 )  
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    To avoid battery performance degradation or even failure caused by individual monomer overcharge and over discharge,the balance control between monomer batteries is needed,so as to prolong battery service life.In this paper,the battery pack equalization controller is designed based on STM32F103RB,an equalizing charge control strategy is proposed for eliminating the inconsistency of single battery,and a theoretical basis for the identification of the upcoming end-of-life battery is provided.

    Design of Data Transmission Module Based on Audio Interface
    MENG Zhiguo
    . 2013, 26(3):  45. 
    Abstract ( 1211 )   PDF (498KB) ( 2747 )  
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    The data interfaces of Mobile terminals are not identical,which causes great inconvenience in data exchange.In order to expand the applications of audio interface,a special communication protocol is designed to ensure the reliability of the analog signal transmission.Coding and decoding of digital data are realized based on the embedded system and the control software,which can be downloaded onto cellphones.There are some useful explorations into the thread design,transmission algorithm and agreement on the format.Experiment shows that our design meets the requirement of the synchronization of serial communications.

    Application of MR-based Grid Analysis Method in TD-SCDMA Network
    ZHONG Ding,LIU An,LIU Jiayong
    . 2013, 26(3):  48. 
    Abstract ( 1100 )   PDF (672KB) ( 934 )  
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    A method based on grid analysis is proposed.The TD-SCDMA coverage areas are divided into 1 km by 1 km grids,whose network quality is evaluated according to the MR data on PS block error rate,PS switch rate and RSCP points,based on which the diagnosis and analysis of network coverage,resident ratio and TD shunting is made combining the grid core network and wireless side of statistical data.Tests are done on the Huangshi TD-SCDMA network by grid analysis method,and the results show that the network metrics are improved significantly.

    Error Analysis and Evaluation of Uncertainty in the K-type Thermocouple Test
    PEI Guiling
    . 2013, 26(3):  51. 
    Abstract ( 968 )   PDF (517KB) ( 781 )  
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    K-type thermocouple is emerging in industrial production and the use of broad-contact temperature measurement devices.Familiar with the works,to grasp and analyze the sources of measurement error,and uncertainty assessment would appear unnecessary production losses can be avoided to a large extent,and to improve the accuracy of the temperature measurement.

    Design and Implement of Multi-road Soggy Moment Noted Circuit Based on C8051F040
    JIANG Jun,LI Xiong
    . 2013, 26(3):  54. 
    Abstract ( 1030 )   PDF (491KB) ( 970 )  
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    The design of the suicide system for a certain type of aircraft requires a knowledge of the time of corrosion of the alloy at different temperatures in seawater.Modular hardware design is adopted using the water immersion sensor as the detection unit,clock DS12887 as the timing module,C8051F040 as the microprocessor and the serial M25P80 as the storage module to record the immersion time External data communication adopts the CAN bus.Practical uses show that the clock DS12887 work properly at the loss of electricity,but requires a resetting of time for accurate record if the loss lasts very long.

    Design of a NiosII-based Graphical User Interface
    ZHOU Xiao,ZHANG Xiwen,HOU Guo,SHI Yuanyuan,WEN Tao
    . 2013, 26(3):  57. 
    Abstract ( 927 )   PDF (378KB) ( 845 )  
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    The NiosII32 bit processor soft core is embedded into the FPGA Field Programmable Gate Arrays using system on programmable chip (SOPC) technology.The VGA display system is built through the VGA display control module.The system is small in size,low in power consumption,and reliable in operation.The combination of hardware and software design makes it easy to modify and reuse the system.

    Design and Application of the Telemetering and Telecontrol Navigation Mark
    CHEN Qiwei
    . 2013, 26(3):  59. 
    Abstract ( 735 )   PDF (747KB) ( 963 )  
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    The water level of the Changjiang river channel varies greatly during the year,leading to a deviation of the sail mark from its original point and a failure to mark the correct channel position,which poses a threat to the boats.In order to improve the efficiency of the maintenance personnel and lower the maintenance cost and workload,the navigation mark telemetering and telecontrol are very necessary.The paper gives the design and application of the sail mark system based on the GSM technique,which has been applied successfully on some channels.

    Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation Device for the EV Charging Station Based on Z-Source Inverter
    SUN Zhen,LIU Yucong
    . 2013, 26(3):  63. 
    Abstract ( 1037 )   PDF (641KB) ( 835 )  
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    As a new transportation approach with new energy source,EV brings about considerable social and environmental benefits.The integration of photovoltaic devices into the EV charging station incorporates a much cleaner energy source.In this article the z-sourced inverter topology is adopted in the photovoltaic powered systems.Saber simulation verifies the feasibility of this device.

    Design of DDS Source Used in the Measurement of Quartz Crystal Unit
    CHEN Nan,LI Dong,WANG Yanlin
    . 2013, 26(3):  66. 
    Abstract ( 1333 )   PDF (493KB) ( 1031 )  
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    This paper puts forward the measurement of quartz crystal unit in π network,which uses ARM chip STM32F103ZET6 as the MCU to control DDS in order to generate the stimulus signals.This measurement unit is simpler in structure and operation than the traditional PC measurement unit,and is more abundant in resources and faster than the ordinary SCM measurement unit.The DDS chip AD9852 will generate the signal of 0~100 MHz sweep sine signal in the control of ARM,and by analyzing the data of measurement we can come to the conclusion that the precision of the signal is up to  0.5×10-6,which meets the design requirements.This unit may find widely applications due to the advantage of  being compact,fast,and easy in operation.

    Design of a Solar Photovoltaic Junction Box Monitoring System
    SHA Tao,PENG Zhuliang
    . 2013, 26(3):  69. 
    Abstract ( 1055 )   PDF (514KB) ( 838 )  
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    Photovoltaic junction box plays an important role in photovoltaic power,which is mainly used for the connection between solar photovoltaic component and the DC control cabinet.The main circuit of photovoltaic junction box designed in this paper uses the single chip microcomputer STC12C5A60S2 as the control core,consisting of the current detection circuit,temperature detection circuit,communication circuit and power supply circuit,so as to achieve the photovoltaic junction box temperature detection.The Holzer sensor is used to make the current patrol of the solar photovoltaic module array;DC-DC principle is used to achieve the conversion of high voltage to the low voltage,and provides power for the main control circuit;in addition,the communication of photovoltaic junction box with the PC is achieved.The design is simple and practical with the advantages of low cost and high reliability.

    Image Optimization Based on Deconvolution in  Frequency-domain Coherence Tomography
    WAN Zhongqi,LIU Guozhong
    . 2013, 26(3):  72. 
    Abstract ( 995 )   PDF (634KB) ( 883 )  
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    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a new non-contact imaging method for medical diagnosis,with micron-resolution.This paper mainly uses Lucy-Richardson iterative principle and the method of image deconvolution based on Gaussian point spread function to recover the defocused spatial image that contains depth information,then we use image enhancement method based on the modified histogram equalization algorithm to increase the interval of the gray value of both depth information and speckle noise,separating useful information from speckle noise,which increases the image resolution.The processing results show that the proposed image processing method can improve the image longitudinal resolution and recover the deeper information of image.

    Study on Energy and Performance of the Detection Light-screen
    LI Haojie
    . 2013, 26(3):  75. 
    Abstract ( 690 )   PDF (526KB) ( 679 )  
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    In order to provide necessary data for data preparation and the theoretical basis for the design of larger detection light-screen,a research is conducted on the detection light-screen's energy and performance.This paper first introduces the principles of the light-screen target,and then through the analysis of a single light-emitting diode builds a single light-emitting diode's mathematical model by approximation processing methods and using the mathematical algebra and superimposed light energy distribution within the light-screen;and finally analyzes the performance of the light-screen from light the characteristics of the light-screen,the characteristics of the target,and the characteristics of detection circuit.This study lays a theoretical foundation for the design of light-screen with higher precision.

    Graphics Display Control System Based on DSP+FPGA
    FAN Junfeng,DENG Ke,JIAN Qinqin
    . 2013, 26(3):  78. 
    Abstract ( 951 )   PDF (571KB) ( 699 )  
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    Control system based on DSP and FPGA Figure line display,and each part of the system design methods and ideas.Take full advantage of the hardware DSP high-speed computing and FPGA parallel processing characteristics;graphic image,Kanji characters drive function gives software.Functions through the keyboard input and display graphic images,show that the actual use of the system can meet the more complex image,sine wave,triangle wave dynamic graphics display,and to good effect.

    Lighting Design in Machine Vision
    ZHU Baowei
    . 2013, 26(3):  80. 
    Abstract ( 962 )   PDF (632KB) ( 906 )  
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    The importance of lighting technology in machine vision is introduced in this paper.Some issues about light source types and basic lighting are analyzed theoretically,and application skills of lighting technology in project case are combined.The question and principle when people design lighting system are explored.

    Driver's Physiological Characteristics under Mountain Road Conditions
    MO Qiuyun,LI Rongjing
    . 2013, 26(3):  83. 
    Abstract ( 758 )   PDF (860KB) ( 727 )  
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    The road environment can directly or indirectly affect the driver's heart rate so that it affects drivers' behavioral responses.The mountain road has several complicate features including many route bents,long slopes,steep roads,high drops and short distance of sight,which often cause traffic accidents.This paper uses the graphical Biomedical engineering experiment platform to collect drivers' heart rate data and analyzes its variability and growth rate combining with medicine and psychology theory.The result shows that there are differences in the physiological indicators of drivers who drive in different mountain road environments under the identical experimental conditions.The study is of conductive significance for the alignment design of the mountain roads.This experimental platform is easy in operation and has powerful analysis functions.It can also acquire real-time effective signal and the collecting data are precise.

    Design of Automatic Flue-cured Tobacco Experimental System
    YE Qingzhou,CHEN Jian
    . 2013, 26(3):  86. 
    Abstract ( 659 )   PDF (703KB) ( 743 )  
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    The paper presents an automatic flue-cured tobacco experimental system based on ARM7 series microcontroller LPC2148.The system uses self-designed digital psychrometer to capture temperature and humidity information,based on which the microcontroller controls the power of heater and ventilation opening to control the temperature and humidity of the system.Meanwhile,temperature and humidity information can be displayed and set on LCD screen and stored in SD card for data analysis.

    Design and Implementation of Bionic Spider Robot
    SHI Wenzao,WANG Ping
    . 2013, 26(3):  90. 
    Abstract ( 940 )   PDF (634KB) ( 781 )  
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    According to the physiological structures and behaviors of biological spiders,a bionic spider robot is designed with  bionic operations of stable six-foot walking,including the action of turning,attacking and getting down.The functions of sleep mode,voice activation,and remote control are added.Biological features are given to the robot,not only imitating the appearance of biology spiders in the hardware,but also simulating the biological behaviors by software design.

    Improvement of FOCKE 350S Trademarks Library Small Plastic Cylinder Glue Control
    XU Pinghu
    . 2013, 26(3):  93. 
    Abstract ( 1327 )   PDF (876KB) ( 898 )  
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    The FOCKE350S packaging machines imported from Germany is a classic cigarette packaging unit,but the control system of the original small plastic cylinder glue is prone to detection error and thus downtime and quality issues.Based on long-term data analysis,the glue detection system is improved to increase the glue consumption monitoring alarm so that the FOCK350S trademarks library small plastic cylinder glue control system has a more accurate and stable operation.The number of faults and defective products of the improved packaging machine decreases significantly,thereby improving the efficiency and stability of the machine production.

    Remote Video Environment Monitoring System for University Library Computer Room
    LI Yubin,YUN Guangping,SU Liubang
    . 2013, 26(3):  96. 
    Abstract ( 944 )   PDF (787KB) ( 739 )  
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    Using the remaining part of the monitoring system,the authors set up an environment monitoring system for the computer room based on video server.Through the Internet,the room staff,wherever he is,can perform real-time environmental monitoring of the telecom room temperature,humidity,UPS status and infrared alarm state.By this,the room staff can find and deal on time with the room environment factors that may lead to various accidents.It can effectively reduce laboring time and intensity of the staff.

    Research on and Implementation of Data Mining System
    ZHU Yuanbo
    . 2013, 26(3):  99. 
    Abstract ( 797 )   PDF (533KB) ( 698 )  
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    On the basis of the characteristics of interaction between people in the in-depth study and analysis of virtual social relations,a reasoning and tracking system of potential Internet illegal organization members is designed and realized.In order to reproduce the virtual social interaction between people and their reasoning analysis,this paper studies and designs three power models,namely the data acquisition model (Web crawler model),the database model and the network analysis model.It is verified that the system meets the design requirements.

    Face Detection System Design Based on NIOSⅡ
    WANG Fengtao
    . 2013, 26(3):  102. 
    Abstract ( 908 )   PDF (582KB) ( 754 )  
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    A real-time face detection system is designed by using the embedded processor NiosⅡ.This paper introduces the method of AdaBoost face detection based on the Haar characteristics,and describes the face detection software realization process based on AdaBoost algorithm.Finally,the overall design for the detection system is implemented on DE-2 development platform with CycloneⅡseries EP2C70 FPGA as the core chip.The result shows that the system achieves higher detection rate,and meets the requirement of real time face detection.

    Field of Business Component Description System and Deployment
    WANG Zhendong,ZHANG Yuping
    . 2013, 26(3):  105. 
    Abstract ( 713 )   PDF (673KB) ( 726 )  
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    Software component is an ideal means to improve reuse.But now component has not reached the practical level in the area of enterprise information due to the lack of combination of theory and engineering practice.This paper presents the concept of macro component in the field of enterprise information,discusses the implementation of component architecture platform and finally verifies its feasibility through practice.

    Dynamic Animation Realistic Rendering Based on Lattice Boltzmann Method
    HUANG Rui
    . 2013, 26(3):  108. 
    Abstract ( 825 )   PDF (780KB) ( 799 )  
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    This paper presents a highly effective method of modeling and rendering based on LBM (Lattice Boltzmann method).Firstly,the LBM model based on shallow water equations is adopted to model the fluid volume and calculate the surface height field,and we simulate the Dam Break successfully.In addition,the Velocity field Equations are reduced and Denseness field Equations are added to improve the model of smoke,after which the GPU acceleration technology is adopted to achieve realistic rendering of smoke.

    Improvement of the Application of Median Filtering to Vascular Imaging in the Fatty Liver
    QIN Xiangping,FANG Yuan2
    . 2013, 26(3):  111. 
    Abstract ( 789 )   PDF (973KB) ( 631 )  
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    This paper presents a method for the extraction of fatty liver ultrasound image feature.Through the extraction,one can easily analyzes ultrasound images from clinical practices in fatty liver pathology.By selecting a region of interest in a B-ultrasonic image and introducing a median filter,the quality of the image is significantly improved.The selected image region is divided into several small regional areas.By changing the selected image gray-scale and making the average gray of these small pieces,the image features can be easily identified.The difference between abnormal and normal liver are finally identifies through multi-grade gray levels contraction.Experimental results from the proposed method demonstrated its feasibility and applicability for high performance fatty liver classification.

    Design of Cold Chain Logistics Monitoring System
    YANG Wenwu,DA Dongxu,HUANG Junlin,DONG Jie
    . 2013, 26(3):  116. 
    Abstract ( 907 )   PDF (554KB) ( 846 )  
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    The system is designed for Cold Chain Logistics,consisting of a terminal device and the server.The terminal equipment combines the technologies of low-power single-chip,sensor,remote wireless monitoring,and data management and compression.The server uses the B/S serve network technology,on which users can login the web page to configure the terminal equipment operation parameters,and check the status of the terminal equipment.The system for cold chain monitoring is of practical value and has great potentials on the market.

    Simulation and Analysis of Different Compensation Methods of Microstrip Line Discontinuity Based on HFSS
    CHEN Peng,CAO Mujun
    . 2013, 26(3):  119. 
    Abstract ( 1038 )   PDF (600KB) ( 1012 )  
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    In the microstrip circuit,corners cause discontinuity,which in turn forms reactance in the circuit,thus the parasitic coupling.In engineering,chamfered microstrip line or sweep are usually adopted to directly compensate the discontinuity.This article uses a linear variable to simulate in Ansoft HFSS the different sizes of the cut angle and sweep,and quantitatively analyzes their advantages and disadvantages by their effects on discontinuity compensation.

    Application of Cross-eye Jamming in the Penetration of Anti-ship Missile
    SHI Yubin
    . 2013, 26(3):  122. 
    Abstract ( 1183 )   PDF (665KB) ( 704 )  
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    In view of the mono-pulse radar menace in the penetration of anti-ship missile,the missile-borne self-screen jamming technique of mono-pulse radar is proposed.Cross-eye jamming technique causes a displacement of the tracking radar aiming point in the direction of the stronger jamming signal by means of wave-front distortion.Choosing the appropriate parameter of the jamming signal can make the jammed radar form the biggest direction error or like multi-path error.This paper discusses a way to realize the cross-eye jamming,presents the angle error analysis and computer simulation results of the jammed radar.

    Peak Distortion Analysis Algorithm Based on the High Speed Lossy Signaling System
    PENG Shasha
    . 2013, 26(3):  124. 
    Abstract ( 913 )   PDF (1027KB) ( 839 )  
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    In view of the complex high speed signaling channel loss problem,this paper puts forward the PDA (Peak Distortion Analysis) algorithm to evaluate the channel.The impulse response of the superposition method is used to obtain the worst eye diagram and the worst pattern of the high speed signal system.The PDA algorithm is a powerful tool for the analysis of jitters and noise characteristics of the signal chain.Simulation results show the effectiveness of the algorithm which achieves fast,efficient and accurate calculation of the worst-case eye diagram and pattern of the system.

    Sea Surface Simulation Based on OpenGL
    LIANG Mengjie,SHI Wan,XUE Wanjun2
    . 2013, 26(3):  128. 
    Abstract ( 936 )   PDF (533KB) ( 584 )  
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    The three-dimensional simulation technology is studied.This article analyzes the physical model of sea wave and studies the model of sea surface based on the sea spectra for the need of the sea scenes in military experiments.The Pierson-Moskowitz sea spectra are selected to simulate the sea scenes.The platform-Independent OpenGL graphic base can simulate sea scenes under different air speeds effectively and simultaneously.

    Study on WSN Clustering Routing Protocol Based on Location Information and Energy
    LIU Ruiqiong,QI Xiaogang,SUN Zhenghai
    . 2013, 26(3):  130. 
    Abstract ( 958 )   PDF (658KB) ( 516 )  
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    In view of the problem of energy loss resulting from non-uniform cluster generated by LEACH protocol,the LEACH protocol is improved from the cluster,cluster formation,cluster routing to achieve optimal distribution of cluster head in network and reduce the energy loss for research purposes.Through theoretical analysis and simulation experiments,the performance of this protocol is tested and compared with the LEACH and LEACH-C protoco1.Simulation results show that the protoco1 brings each node in the network a more balanced energy consumption and longer nodes survival time,thus extending the life cycle of wireless sensor networks.

    Research on and Implementation of AFDX-TAP
    XIN Dongjin,LIU Yang,WANG Quan2
    . 2013, 26(3):  134. 
    Abstract ( 808 )   PDF (557KB) ( 724 )  
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    This paper presents a type of series insert connection implantation method of AFDX network TAP device.AFDX networking verifies that the TAP device can achieve transparent monitoring.The hardware and software solutions are put forward,and it is verified that this type of AFDX TAP device can effectively monitor the AFDX network working status and test the reliability and stability of aviation switched Ethernet.

    Application of MPLS VPN Technique in Power Enterprise Wide Area Network
    SU Xuejuan,HUANG Yue,SUN Yu
    . 2013, 26(3):  137. 
    Abstract ( 756 )   PDF (766KB) ( 572 )  
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    To meet the isolation requirements of power enterprise networks,a security management system including the network core,aggregation layer and the access layer is built based on the principles of MPLS VPN and the reality of Chuzhou power system networks.The basic principles of the MPLS VPN technology are introduced.Practical applications show that the MPLS VPN not only can divide the existing network into logically isolated networks for the separation of different business systems,but also combine the advantages of the outer network and inner network to provide the users with high-quality network services.

    Digital Image Blind Watermarking Based on Turbo Code and HVS
    ZHANG Mao,YU Xiaoqing2
    . 2013, 26(3):  140. 
    Abstract ( 905 )   PDF (664KB) ( 620 )  
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    A new spread-spectrum digital image watermarking based on Turbo code and the DWT is proposed.First,chaotic sequences and m sequences are used to disorder watermarking,which is coded by Turbo code.Second,the host image is divided into small blocks (4×4 pixels),and the watermark is inserted in the texture area.The experimental results show that the algorithm not only improves the security of the watermarking,but also achieves better invisibility and robustness.

    Research on Watermarking Algorithm Based on Curvelet Transform
    JIANG Jun,WANG Zhaoxia,ZHUO Ga,FENG Jianshang,NIE Taoyuan
    . 2013, 26(3):  143. 
    Abstract ( 771 )   PDF (1080KB) ( 645 )  
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    This paper proposes a watermarking algorithm based on curvelet transform.The algorithm embeds the watermarking information into coarse scale coefficient matrix of curvelet transform,and chooses reasonable embedding strength according to the requirement of watermarking robustness and imperceptibility for better watermark image imperceptibility.Due to the selection of low frequency coefficient embedding that presents most energy of the image,the performance is rather good in resisting JPEG compression,noise attack and median filtering attacks.The algorithm has strong robustness and meets the watermarking system imperceptibility and robustness requirements.

    Evolution of Next-generation Mobile Technology and Research on Path Dynamics
    ZHANG Qiuxia,SUN Xiuying
    . 2013, 26(3):  147. 
    Abstract ( 780 )   PDF (750KB) ( 497 )  
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    The development of Chinese mobile communication technology beyond the third generation (3G) is discussed.Different standard platforms for mobile communication technology are compared and the evolution of the platform and the technical competition are outlined by simulation and rendering to investigate the interaction between the stakeholders behind the competition of different technical standards.The future development of China's mobile technology in the context of the emerging mobile industry has great uncertainty.This article explores the evolution of the key technical,commercial and institutional dynamic drive based on China's current mobile communications technology evolution path.

    Highway Traffic Control and Induction
    YANG Zhiwei
    . 2013, 26(3):  151. 
    Abstract ( 805 )   PDF (423KB) ( 537 )  
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    Besides its convenience,the development of the highway also brings problems,among which is the traffic congestion,a common but serious problem that must be effectively addressed.By analyzing traffic safety management factors,the highway traffic control and induction methods are described in detail and an intelligent highway traffic control system is presented.

    Recognition-oriented Face Light Elimination Pre-Processing Algorithm
    WANG Hongyong,CHANG Yan,WANG Qingqing
    . 2013, 26(3):  153. 
    Abstract ( 863 )   PDF (708KB) ( 645 )  
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    At present,the illumination change is one of the difficulties in the recognition preprocessing.Classical light elimination pre-processing algorithms,including image enhancement (histogram equalization,gamma transform,and logarithmic transform),illumination invariant extraction (eigenface and quotient image),Retinex algorithm and logarithmic transformation and the improved algorithms are analyzed and summarized.Finally the future trend of light elimination research is pointed out.


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