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15 April 2013 Volume 26 Issue 4
    A MAC Protocol Supporting QoS Guarantee for Ad hoc Networks
    YANG Hai-Dong, JING Bo
    . 2013, 26(4):  1. 
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    To minimize access delay for real-time nodes in Ad Hoc Networks,which contribute to QoS guarantee for multi-media traffic,a MAC protocol based reservation and slot-reconstruction is presented.Through slot-reconstruction and hierarchical access-control of idle slot,the new protocol achieves better conflict-solving capability and access-delay performance.

    Research on Rapid Development Framework for Sci-tech Project Management Systems
    LIU Qiang, XU Xiao-Liang
    . 2013, 26(4):  5. 
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    In order to solve the problem of repeated development in the field of sci-tech project management system,this paper designs a lightweight rapid Web development framework which is scalable,configurable and loosely coupled with the method in domain analysis and Open-source framework skill.System administrator configures the process of project management,contents,templates,users and authorities quickly,easily and individually on the Web console.The practical applications show that the framework generates the project management system which meets different needs by means of personalized configuration,and solves the problems of repeated development and irregularity effectively.

    Research into “Yes” and “No” Responses by Auditory Stimuli in Human EEG
    LI Zi-Guang, LIU Guo-Zhong
    . 2013, 26(4):  8. 
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    As an emerging technology,brain-computer interface (BCI) bring us a novel communication channel which translate brain activities into command signals for devices like computers,prostheses,and robots.The aim of the BCI research is to improve the quality of life of the patients who are suffering from server neuromuscular diseases.This paper focuses on the analysis of the different characteristics of the brain wave when a subject responses “yes” or “no” to auditory stimulations.Experiment using auditory stimuli by asking questions is adopted.The method of common spatial patterns (CSP) and support vector machine (SVM) are used for feature extraction and classification of brain wave,respectively.The off-line classification accuracy achieves 80.2% in the data records of healthy subjects.The experiment results show the feasibility of communication for neuromuscular injury patients and provide a basis for further research.

    Design of a Wireless Temperature Acquisition System Based on ARM9 and ZigBee
    CUI Jing-Wei, HUANG Hao
    . 2013, 26(4):  12. 
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    To achieve wireless monitoring of temperature,this article proposes a wireless temperature acquisition system based on ARM9 and ZigBee.The ZigBee wireless transceiver module is constituted by two chips of CC2430.One CC2430 chip collects temperature data and sends them to another CC2430 chip,and then the result is displayed on the ARM9.Experiments show that the design achieves the purpose of temperature real-time monitoring.

    Research on Executable Semantics in the Data Model of Domained Business Component
    QIAN Jing, XU Tao, ZHANG Yu-Ping
    . 2013, 26(4):  14. 
    Abstract ( 1292 )   PDF (517KB) ( 717 )  
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    To establish enterprise information system quickly and improve the reusability of system,we propose a description framework of the domained business component from the respect of enterprise application.Moreover,for the reuse and sharing of the corporate knowledge in the developed information system to facilitate the exchange and integration of the corporate data,we apply the executable semantic modeling to the business data model of the business component.In order to achieve the model,we refer to the description framework of the Semantic Web.

    Based on FSM Web Application Research on Test Case Generation
    CHEN Ya-Long, JIANG Guo-Hua
    . 2013, 26(4):  17. 
    Abstract ( 1149 )   PDF (805KB) ( 863 )  
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    Along with the fast evolution of Internet,Web application has become more and more rich and complicated.Software testing is an important way to improve the quality of Web applications,the core work of which is test case generation.Test case generation has two major steps:1、Extract FSM model from Web application.2、Traversed the directed graph which express the model and generated test cases.We used HTML analysis and Source code analysis to extract model,and then we used a composite heuristic search-Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm to traverse the graph under the Web application minimum test cost transition coverage criterion.Finally,we compare the effect of the traditional method and our heuristic search,and give example to show the method is greater than the traditional one.

    Logic Design and Realization of Real-Time Image Acquisition System Based on FPGA
    QI Xiu-Zhen, ZHOU Ying
    . 2013, 26(4):  22. 
    Abstract ( 1165 )   PDF (494KB) ( 767 )  
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    A design scheme of real-time image acquisition system is presented in this paper.The key technology of bus generation,high-speed buffer and Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) of the image acquisition system are expatiated.The control logic and realization of FPGA are presented.The AT system clock is more than 60MHz,and the pels clock is more than 30 MHz.The acquisition of grey and color image with high-resolution is realized without limit to the frame rate.

    Image Quality Measurement Based on Scale,Space and Orientation
    XU Man-Fei
    . 2013, 26(4):  25. 
    Abstract ( 977 )   PDF (720KB) ( 804 )  
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    In this paper,a metric that can measure image quality across scale,space and orientation (SSO-IQM) is proposed based on the fact that human visual system is highly tuned to the stimuli which are “narrow-band” in frequency,space and orientation.The newly proposed metric compares the structural similarity between the reference and the distorted image in the HWD space,which is then weighted by the correlation map to obtain the local quality measure for each subband.To measure image quality across orientation,the weighting factors of the subbands are assigned different values experimentally.Furthermore,extensive experiments indicate that the proposed metric SSO-IQM is more consistent with the subjective evaluation than all the other competing methods evaluated.

    Research on the SAR Images Range-Dependent Motion Error Based on Multi-Channel Autofocus Correction
    QU Ze-Xu, SHAO Peng, JIAN Qin-Qin
    . 2013, 26(4):  28. 
    Abstract ( 1142 )   PDF (900KB) ( 865 )  
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    Due to the characteristic of phase gradient autofocus(PGA) in the scene without special significant target of the application ineffective and minimum entropy and maximum contrast computing excessive autofocus methods,this paper proposes a new method which corrects range-dependent error.The characteristic of phase error of the local range-independent was used to estimate the phase error of each sub-block data.According to the motion characteristics of the platform of the aircraft and the respective sub-blocks of the phase error has been estimated,to calculate the aircraft platform in the vertical direction of the slant range error.The slant range error that has been estimated was used to fit the entire phase error in the range direction,and range-dependent phase error curve was got.Simulation result verifies the validity of the method,and eventually better imaging was got.

    Research into Cycle Generating Unit Fault-diagnosis System Based on CBR Technology
    NIE Jian-Hua, DING Lin, FENG Feng
    . 2013, 26(4):  33. 
    Abstract ( 1251 )   PDF (971KB) ( 848 )  
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    In view of the fault diagnosis problem of cycle generating unit in a steel company,a fault diagnosis system based on CBR technology is designed.VSM (vector space model) similarity classifier is adopted to complete the design of the key technology of CBR.Fault cases are represented by vectors through calculating the weight of feature items;the similarity between the cases is calculated by cosine method;and the cases whose similarity is greater than the threshold value are output.Finally,the fault diagnosis system is developed based on WEB on ASP.NET platform.Case analysis results show that the proposed fault diagnosis system based on CBR can improve the accuracy and efficiency.

    Manufacturing Process Test Based on Three-dimensional Model of Model Based Definition
    JIAO Xiao-Yan, LUO Xi, JIANG Hong-Ming
    . 2013, 26(4):  37. 
    Abstract ( 766 )   PDF (1072KB) ( 690 )  
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    According to the MBD information construction planning,manufacturing process test based on the MBD three-dimensional model is carried out on the basis that structural design can be achieved based on MBD 3D model design.Each step of the manufacturing processes of the three-dimensional model is analyzed based on the three-dimensional model,including the input of three-dimensional model,process analysis,NC programming of parts,and CNC machining of three-dimensional model.The initial design of three-dimensional and manufacturing process is realized.

    Novel Automatic Interpretation System Based on Power Line Carrier Communication for Museums
    CAI Si-Yu, SHANG Wei-Ping
    . 2013, 26(4):  41. 
    Abstract ( 1363 )   PDF (790KB) ( 929 )  
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    The traditional explanation machines for the museum only have a small amount of voice tutorials,can not be played automatically,and incurs high maintenance costs.Aiming at the above shortcomings,this paper puts forward a novel museum automatic interpretation system which combines power line carrier communication,wireless LAN and radio frequency identification.The new system greatly improves the level of the museum's informatization and digitization.A number of deficiencies of the original interpretation machines are analyzed,the integrated design of the new system is introduced,and the design of software and hardware of each module is also described.Finally,the advantages of the system are summarized.Power line carrier communication technology is the key to the system to achieve the goal of convenient arrangement,and its principles are explained in detail.

    Qualitative and Quantitative Integration Modeling Method Based on COSIM
    WEN Yan, ZHOU Yong
    . 2013, 26(4):  44. 
    Abstract ( 870 )   PDF (919KB) ( 805 )  
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    Compared to quantitative modeling technology,qualitative modeling methods can describe the chaos,uncertainty,and unpredictability of complicated systems better.To describe qualitative and quantitative complex systems systematically,qualitative modeling and quantitative modeling are combined.In this paper,a qualitative and quantitative integrated modeling based on theory of modeling and simulation for Multidiscipline Virtual Prototype (COSIM) is proposed.A description of qualitative knowledge and qualitative interface based on belief rules is given,and the formal description of hierarchical model structures of the integrated modeling is stated;a quantitative/qualitative collaborative solution is proposed based on unified dispatch of qualitative reasoning and quantitative calculation in simulation system.Finally,integrated modeling languages are given based on the expansion of the UML modeling language.The validity of the modeling method is verified by designing and realizing the simulation system of torpedo evasion.

    Pneumatic Handling Robot Control System Based on PLC Design
    WANG Li-Li
    . 2013, 26(4):  50. 
    Abstract ( 1048 )   PDF (609KB) ( 888 )  
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    The structure,function,and operation flow of an industrial pneumatic handling manipulator is introduced.PLC control pneumatic system is used to complete the required actions.S7-200 pulse output and the MAP library programming stepper motor are adopted to realize the precise control of the robot and the design of pneumatic manipulator.

    Design of Environmental Parameters Monitoring System
    HUANG Jun-Lin, DONG Jie, WN Yuan-Chun, WANG Er-Wei
    . 2013, 26(4):  53. 
    Abstract ( 1329 )   PDF (586KB) ( 903 )  
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    This system use ZigBee network to realize the sensor nodes and gateway data transmission,use STM32F107 with Ethernet MAC layer protocol from ST company and the physical layer DP83848 chip to realize gateway data transmission,and store the environment parameters from gateway to the web server,convenient for monitoring environmental parameter examination.

    Research on Consistency of Model in Task-oriented Combat System
    ZHANG Jie, YAN Xue-Feng
    . 2013, 26(4):  55. 
    Abstract ( 777 )   PDF (888KB) ( 732 )  
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    For checking consistency of task in combat system,a formal approach,based on the graph grammar,is proposed which transforms models of combat system to attributed graph and check conflicts and dependencies between functional requirements.A cycle dependency may lead to prevent execution of dynamic models;a wrong dependency shows that functional requirement does not agree with the execution process of dynamic model.So dependency relationships need to be verified detecting whether circle dependency or wrong dependency exist or not.And corresponding detection algorithms have given in this paper.Cycle dependency detection algorithm finds circles by the depth first search;wrong dependency detection algorithm makes depth first search in activity diagram to check if dependency relationship is consistent with the execution process.A consistency checking system is implemented based on the approach and verified with example in the end of this paper.

    An Airborne Embedded Symmetric Multiprocessor Systems Are Mutually Exclusive Strategies
    LI Juan, REN Xiao-Rui
    . 2013, 26(4):  60. 
    Abstract ( 741 )   PDF (924KB) ( 807 )  
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    commercial symmetric multi-processor (SMP) operating system mutex strategy,focusing on three key issues mutually exclusive strategies:Spinlocks design,long-term mutually exclusive failure,and deadlock issues.Learn advanced commercial analysis of the characteristics of the different types of shared resources and design an efficient spin lock and research deadlock competitive conditions produce conditions based on a clear solution.Finally,in the MPC7410 platform on system performance measurement,the results proved mutually exclusive strategies,small time overhead cost of effectively improve the processing speed of a computer system,a wide range of applications in the the airborne embedded computer field.

    Application of Building Intelligent Systems in Modern Detention Center
    DAI Xin-Fu
    . 2013, 26(4):  65. 
    Abstract ( 1074 )   PDF (945KB) ( 782 )  
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    With the development of computer network technology,the detention centre intelligent system  can take full advantage of state-of-the-art digital surveillance equipment with networking the entire detention center,effectively strengthen the management of the inmates,intuitive and reflect the important scenes in a timely manner.At the same time,centralized management and unified command can be realized of the detainees' behaviors on a day-to-day basis and in special cases to improve the security and efficiency.The paper elaborates the characteristics of building intelligent systems in modern detention center.

    Research on and Simulation of a Rapid Space-time Adaptive Interference Depression Method
    DONG Juan-Juan, WANG Chun, ZHENG Fei, LUO Feng, SUN Yan-Ni
    . 2013, 26(4):  69. 
    Abstract ( 986 )   PDF (541KB) ( 876 )  
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    STAP technology plays a very important role in GPS interferences elimination.The computational burden of STAP increases along with the degrees of freedom in anti-jamming capability.To deal with the problem,LMS arithmetic is proposed.However,the more time-delays,the longer time it takes to converge.To speed up the convergence of LMS,every element corresponding time-delays uses LMS.This method can decrease the computational amount meanwhile getting a higher convergence capability.

    Vehicles Trajectory Tracking Algorithm Based on Carsim
    CHEN Bo
    . 2013, 26(4):  71. 
    Abstract ( 799 )   PDF (650KB) ( 992 )  
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    The motion law of the centroid of vehicles can best embody the current vehicle's own motion.In the course of driving,the centroid of vehicle changes constantly and is difficult to position accurately.This article simulates the centroid movement of vehicle by using of Carsim.The set road curve can be regarded as the benchmark and the tested vehicle travels along the specified route.The simulation results are compared and analyzed.The test results show that one can identify the motion of the vehicle by the relative speed between wheel speed and systemic velocity.

    Direct Capture of P Code
    LI Chun-Xiao
    . 2013, 26(4):  74. 
    Abstract ( 1240 )   PDF (614KB) ( 860 )  
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    In order to ensure the high anti-interference ability of the GPS system,we need to achieve rapid GPS P-Code acquisition.This article studies the enforceability of the P-code direct acquisition and the algorithms of XSFAST,mean value and Doppler frequency domain compensation.The mean value method is improved and combined with XFAST method to realize coherent accumulation in the frequency domain.Simulation shows that this method is more conducive to hardware implementation.

    Tracking Algorithm for Maneuvering Target Based on Adaptive Kalman Filter
    TANG Zheng, HAO Ming, ZHOU Peng, DU Li-Gang
    . 2013, 26(4):  78. 
    Abstract ( 1126 )   PDF (675KB) ( 791 )  
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    The application of kalman filter in tracking the maneuver target is not available as it is used in tracking the target of uniform motion.Therefore,an improved method for tracking a maneuver target is proposed.By the proposed method,the maneuver detector provides the estimate of time instant at which a target starts to maneuver;and when a target maneuver is determined,the kalman filter model will be adjusted with varied target motion state.The maneuver,modeled as acceleration,is estimated recursively.Finally,the performance of the proposed approach proves to be superior to that of the kalman filters by simulation.

    A Belief Rule-based Fuzzy Reasoning Algorithm
    CHEN Chen, ZHOU Yong
    . 2013, 26(4):  82. 
    Abstract ( 854 )   PDF (683KB) ( 800 )  
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    The traditional fuzzy reasoning ignored the importance of antecedent to the rule,and cannot handle the distributed conclusion.It resolve the ambiguity but ignoring the randomness.The limitations result in system performance degradation.In this paper,a new algorithm based on belief rules is proposed.The algorithm is based on the knowledge expression of belief rules,which are not be enslaved to the continuity of antecedent.It weights the sum of these single antecedent match degrees according to their relative importance degree.The distributed conclusions are combined on the basis of their degree of belief.Finally,the algorithm gets the inference on the grounds of rule calculation.The new algorithm is realized as a new part of FuzzyCLIPS.The algorithm is implemented and certificated in the torpedo evasion system simulation.

    Analysis of the Localization Performance in Different Propagation Models about APIT Algorithm
    CHEN Qiang
    . 2013, 26(4):  86. 
    Abstract ( 1250 )   PDF (743KB) ( 778 )  
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    In this paper,we explore the impact of radio irregularity on localization algorithm.We take APIT algorithm from the localization family and analyze the impact,APIT require a higher beacon-to-node ratio than others to achieve a given level of accuracy.We run a set of simulation experiments to obtain the localization performance chart of the algorithm in each of the four different propagation models.We observe that with the increase of DOI(degree of irregularity) values,the localization error and network connectivity keeps increasing.

    Improved Algorithm Based on Coupling Program Slicing Metrics
    WANG Liang-Ping, JIANG Guo-Hua
    . 2013, 26(4):  90. 
    Abstract ( 753 )   PDF (469KB) ( 751 )  
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    The program slicing can extract all statements which affect the value of the variable concerned.The program slicing is divided into fine-grained slicing and coarse-grained slicing.The Coupling Metrics based on the program slicing can estimate the total amount of information flow,and therefore are more accurate than those who only check whether the information flow exists or not.The slice-based coupling metric algorithm is improved with better accuracy in this paper.

    Error Learning Encryption Algorithm Based on GPU
    MA Wen-Jun, CHEN Dan
    . 2013, 26(4):  93. 
    Abstract ( 931 )   PDF (492KB) ( 821 )  
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    Lattice-based cryptosystem is one of the important candidates for post-quantum cryptography and cryptosystem based on learning with errors is the most efficient in lattice-based cryptosystems with strong security proof.We present a practical implementation of LWE-based cryptosystem both on CPU and GPU.The experiment shows that besides the hardware speedup of GPU,the LWE-based cryptosystem has a more practical encryption and better decryption time.

    A Study of Initial Value Calculation of Relative Location Based on Link16
    ZHANG Guo-An
    . 2013, 26(4):  96. 
    Abstract ( 870 )   PDF (726KB) ( 803 )  
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    Link16 is an important military data link used in of America,integrating the three major functions of communications,navigation and identification.The Link16 relative location recursion filter uses serial working manner so as to adapt TDMA scheme,and thus requires an introduction of initial value of relative location.But inadequate arrangement of Link16 position reference around leads to calculation errors of initial value of location.This paper analyses the conditions that cause the calculation errors of initial value of location and brings forward some methods for avoiding such errors.Simulation result indicates that these methods can effectively prevent the occurrence of calculation errors of initial value of location.

    A Promotion on Bilinear Insertion Algorithm Based on Wavelet
    LI Bing, LI Yong, ZHONG Ming-Guang
    . 2013, 26(4):  100. 
    Abstract ( 1248 )   PDF (590KB) ( 821 )  
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    Bilinear insertion algorithm is widely used in image processing,this method is effective in some way,but also leads to large loss in high frequency information,resulting in degrading the quality of images.Considering the characteristic of the wavelet transform,I combine bilinear insertion with wavelet insertion,proposing an improved method on bilinear insertion algorithm based on wavelet transform.

    Analysis and Design of House Solar Photovoltaic Cells' Combination Based on Greedy Algorithm
    LIU Yue-Hua, LV Yong-Biao, LEI Chun-Xia, WANG Yi-Kang
    . 2013, 26(4):  102. 
    Abstract ( 1183 )   PDF (801KB) ( 732 )  
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    According to the anisotropic Hay's model of the sky-diffuse radiation and the calculation of solar total radiation,the calculation of solar radiation of tilted surface with various tilt angle and azimuth angle can be got.Taking into account the tilt angle and the azimuth angle,we firstly get the cells with benefits evaluation,and then match the inverter by greedy algorithm.But only the local optimum solution can be found by this method.For the solution to be more precise,a multi-step optimization algorithm is constructed to make the inverter matched based on the cost-benefit goal programming model and the greedy algorithm,by which the optimum combination of solar photovoltaic cells in the overhead conditions under the laying of the program can eventually be obtained,effectively improving the work efficiency of the battery pack.

    Thermal Performance Analysis of Electronic Equipment Liquid Coolant
    DONG Jin-Xi, YANG Ming-Ming, ZHAO Liang
    . 2013, 26(4):  106. 
    Abstract ( 947 )   PDF (678KB) ( 733 )  
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    The thermal performances of different liquid coolants for the liquid radiator are compared in three aspects-thermophysical parameters in different temperature,the heat transfer coefficient in different flow regimes,and the coolant temperature rise in the same power dissipation.As for the 65# coolant and PAO (poly-alpha-olefin fluids),the comparison study indicates that the 65# coolant is better than PAO in the thermophysical property between -20 ℃ and 70 ℃,but worse in the physical parameter stability.Using the two coolants in a radiator for identical power dissipation electronic system,the steady chip temperatures are compared.Experiment shows that the radiator with 65# coolant has superior cooling performance to that with PAO.The chips' steady temperature could be reduced by 10 ℃.

    Design of L/S/C Band Low Phase Noise Monolithic Phase-Locked Frequency Source
    LIU Yu, FENG Xiao-Dong
    . 2013, 26(4):  110. 
    Abstract ( 823 )   PDF (577KB) ( 785 )  
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    This paper introduces an L/S/C band frequency source implement on a area of 20 mm×20 mm PCB.At a frequency up to 4 820 MHz,the phase noise reaches -100 dBcVHz@10 kHz.If the step is set to 2MHz,at a loop bandwidth of 100 kHz,the clutter suppression is greater than 40 dBc and the frequency hopping time less than 200 μs;at a loop bandwidth of 40 kHz,the clutter suppression is greater than 60 dBc and the frequency hopping time less than 600 μs.This design can be applied in some low-end receiver and calibration source and in the radio frequency communication when spurious suppression was not seen as important.

    Research of Jamming to SAR By Rebound Mode
    WANG Qiang
    . 2013, 26(4):  113. 
    Abstract ( 978 )   PDF (719KB) ( 727 )  
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    The jamming to SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar) is an important and difficult issue to electronic warfare.This paper analyzes the works of jamming to SAR by rebound mode.Range compress and Cross-range compress is discussed in detail,and effect of jamming is got by the analysis.A method of raw data creation and data compression is used to simulate the jamming effectiveness.By Matlab simulation,the analysis results verify that the method affect the SAR image and can cover up the protected area.

    Speech Endpoint Detection of Double-Thresholding with High Impulse Noise
    LIU Chao, ZHUANG Sheng-Xian
    . 2013, 26(4):  116. 
    Abstract ( 1026 )   PDF (812KB) ( 699 )  
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    Endpoint detection of speech signals is crucial in speech recognition.Accurate endpoint detection can reduce the amount of computation of subsequent processing of speech signals and save system resources.Now many methods of the detection,such as instantaneous energy frequency value,spectral entropy and wavelet energy entropy,can accurately and effectively detect voice segments.This paper introduces a improved method for dual-threshold endpoint detection using short-time average zero-crossing rate and short-time average energy,then seting up a shortest timely restricted value to effectively detect Chinese speech in the high-pulse noise condition.A comparison with other methods shows that our method can effectively improve the recognition rate with high-pulse noise.Simulation results show that an accuracy of as high as 93% for endpoint detection can be achieved.

    Acoustic Emission Signal Noise Reduction Based on the Wavelet Theory
    ZHAO Xi-Wei, REN Bin
    . 2013, 26(4):  119. 
    Abstract ( 811 )   PDF (782KB) ( 533 )  
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    At present,the acoustic emission method has been widely used in many engineering fields,but noise interference in the acoustic emission signal acquisition process causes a significant deviation in the testing results thus the necessity of noise reduction processing for the collected acoustic emission signals.This paper discusses the application of the wavelet theory,the high-grade turning processing center in turning processing resulting from the acoustic emission signal de-noising treatment method,as a result of which the measuring result is more credible,and at the same time this method in other acoustic emission detection process also has a certain reference significance.

    Design of a Programmable PWM Controller Based on CPLD
    ZHOU Xin
    . 2013, 26(4):  124. 
    Abstract ( 1122 )   PDF (577KB) ( 768 )  
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    A programmable PWM controller based on the CPLD is designed.Programmable design makes it possible to be interfaced with a microprocessor.This design,as a basic kernel module,can be called by the user in other CPLD or FPGA applications.Simulation waveforms and experimental results prove that the design meets the expected requirements.

    PROM Extension Based on Minimum System of FPGA
    XU Jia-Jia, HUANG Ke-Ping
    . 2013, 26(4):  126. 
    Abstract ( 871 )   PDF (509KB) ( 873 )  
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    An extension of the PROM based on the minimum system of the FPGA is proposed in this paper.By controlling the FLASH chip with the SPI interface used for configuring the FPGA,the iterative usage of the flash chip is realized.The solution uses no other chips but the minimum system of the FPGA,and thus can predigest the design and decrease the spending of pins.A software design process of controlling the FLASH by the FPGA is also described,and the simulation wave of the design process is given.Finally,the correctness of the solution is verified by the observation of the ChipScope software.

    Pulse Radar Signal Processor Simulation System
    LIU Wen-Ye
    . 2013, 26(4):  129. 
    Abstract ( 1171 )   PDF (1022KB) ( 803 )  
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    In order to demonstrate the image of pulse radar signal processing flow and accurately test performance needs,based on virtual instrument LabVIEW universal radar signal processor simulation test system,demonstration test pulse radar system of general signal processing algorithm,including:pulse compression of PC,moving target indication(MTI),moving target detection(MTD),Doppler channel,CFAR.The simulation system in teaching and scientific research in engineering practice has practical value.

    A Study of Clutter Partitioned Suppressing for Airborne Fire-control Radar
    LI Jing-Jing, LUO Ding-Li, XIANG Cong
    . 2013, 26(4):  133. 
    Abstract ( 803 )   PDF (923KB) ( 678 )  
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    The clutter of airborne fire-control radar in frequency domain is usually partitioned into mainlobe clutter domain and clean domain in practice.Conventional clutter suppressing algorithms generally suppress the clutter with the entire data,thus the loss of signals.This paper proposes a method of clutter partitioned processing for sum and difference beams.First,partition clutter is done by doppler centroid estimation and clutter average power amplitude increment research.Then,the conventional adaptive algorithm is adopted to suppress clutter in mainlobe clutter domain,and constant false alarm rate algorithm for moving target detection (MTD) directly.Experimental results show that the proposed method has similar performance on MTD compared with conventional algorithms,while reducing the loss of signals with low computation load and high practicability.

    Antenna Design for the Beidou Multiband Microstrip Navigation System
    SONG Yue, LIU Lan, HAN Guo-Dong
    . 2013, 26(4):  137. 
    Abstract ( 1004 )   PDF (517KB) ( 872 )  
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    A multiband microstrip antenna for GPS L1,GLONASS and Beidou navigation system is designed.By the use of stack structure and wideband 3 dB directive coupler,multiband operation is achieved.With its easily modifiable structure and good integration with rear-end RF circuits,the proposed antenna can be used on various platforms.

    Voltage Series Negative Feedback Amplifier Simulation Based on Multisim8
    XI Da-Li
    . 2013, 26(4):  140. 
    Abstract ( 1006 )   PDF (787KB) ( 570 )  
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    A negative feedback amplification circuit is created using Multisim8,and the influence of negative feedback on the circuit are analyzed using the virtual instrument and powerful simulation function test.Simulation results of the actual working condition of the circuit are compared with the theoretical ones,based on which a series of negative feedback amplifying circuit based on Multisim circuit simulation is put forward.Multisim8 simulation analysis offers clear image,visual phenomenon and precise result,and is a good auxiliary experimental means.

    PMSM Control Based on Neural Network Compensation
    FANG Guo-Wei, LUO Wen-Guang
    . 2013, 26(4):  143. 
    Abstract ( 980 )   PDF (597KB) ( 560 )  
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    Permanent magnet synchronous motors using the vector control strategy,in order to improve the system tracking performance with anti-interference performance in consideration,can change speed loop control by one degree of freedom PID control to two degrees of freedom PID control.And since PID control parameters can not be change,in order to reduce the system error we can introduce the BP neural network algorithm to the system compensation.Simulation results show that both the system tracking characteristics and anti-jamming performance are improved.

    Design of a Temperature Monitoring Alarm System Based on the Microcontroller
    WN Jin-Hua
    . 2013, 26(4):  146. 
    Abstract ( 832 )   PDF (649KB) ( 757 )  
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    A design of temperature monitoring alarm system is presented using DS18B20 to detect temperature,and transform the temperature signal into a digital serial output signal automatically.Microcontroller 80C51 is adopted as the main control system to receive the converted digital signals The upper and lower limits of the temperature measurement range can be set by pushing buttons,and automatically reset with booting.The 4-digit LED dynamic scanning is used to display temperature values,and ISD1420 is adopted for voice broadcast of the temperature values.

    SPI Flash Procedures-load of ADSP-BF53x Series of DSP
    JIA Zhen-Yue, MA Zhi-Gang, YANG Chuan-Chuan
    . 2013, 26(4):  150. 
    Abstract ( 920 )   PDF (574KB) ( 696 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    DSP is a specific microprocessor,which is closely related to digital signal processing.It has strong function in digital signal processing in which the procedure runs through the procedures-load from external memory.In this paper,we introduce the procedure-load via SPI port of DSP,which belongs to the ADI BF53x line and the corresponding design of the system's hardware and debugging of software and so on.With high flexibility and requiring few resources,this method is highly practical.

    Review of Text Input Processing Softwares
    FAN Han-Chao
    . 2013, 26(4):  153. 
    Abstract ( 927 )   PDF (575KB) ( 581 )  
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    Text input processing software needed to be designed on request and constantly updated.As part of the post-processing of the input coding,the identification and re-coding of weight code characters and phrases,shortening average code length,and promoting the rapid and standardized coding are the aims of an intelligent input software.In this review,the principles and the advantages are discussed of four types of Chinese-character keyboard input intelligent processing software based on understanding,pragmatic statistics,template matching and context relation,respectively.Problems remaining to be solved are also pointed out.

    Application of Hodoop Cluster Computing in Telecommunications Bi System
    GAO Xiao-Pu, WAN Lin-Rui
    . 2013, 26(4):  155. 
    Abstract ( 1086 )   PDF (563KB) ( 576 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The traditional data analysis methods and related BI data analysis software fail to cope with mass telecom data.An efficient,reliable,scalable advantages open source framework,Hadoop can realize large-scale distributed computing and is widely used in cloud computing.Based on the analysis of cloud computing and Hadoop,this article introduces the Hadoop technology with its typical applications,and discusses the scenarios Hadoop can be applied in telecommunications BI systems.

    Research on the Improvement of Smelting Enterprises Electricity Power Factor
    TIAN Hao, WANG Cang-Ji, LIU Shao-Ping
    . 2013, 26(4):  158. 
    Abstract ( 1075 )   PDF (972KB) ( 677 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The improvement of IF furnace by reactive power compensation and harmonic control brings higher economic benefits,and is worth promotion in smelting enterprises and other enterprises using IF furnaces.The introduction of MSCGD high pressure filter compensation device to the IF furnace not only improves productivity and equipment reliability,but also saves energy and protects the environment.This article analyzes the methods for reactive power compensation and harmonic control in actual production.Practice shows that the proposed methods yield satisfactory results.

    Circuit Analysis Method
    SUN Hui-Li
    . 2013, 26(4):  162. 
    Abstract ( 680 )   PDF (503KB) ( 782 )  
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    The main methods of circuit analysis are introduced,with emphasis on their applications in the teaching and experiment of the low-frequency and high-frequency electronic circuits to help students master the basic knowledge of electronic technology and improve the ability of students to analyze and solve problems.

    A Survey of Slot Assignment Protocols for Tactical Data Links
    CHEN Xi, ZHANG Shi-Xiang, TIAN Wan-Yong, TANG Jun
    . 2013, 26(4):  165. 
    Abstract ( 1093 )   PDF (705KB) ( 973 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    In tactical data links,the complexity of modern battlefield environment leads to the diversity of slot assignment protocols,and the algorithms of slot assignment have major impact on delivery probability,transmission delay and throughput.In this paper,we review various kinds of slot assignment protocols at home and abroad for tactical data links.The merits and faults are discussed of the classical dedicated access,contention access and dynamic access slot assignment protocols respectively.Finally,we point out the future directions of research in network management system for tactical data links.

    Research on Synchronous Sequential Logic Circuit Design Steps
    CHU De-Xin, WANG Yan-Rong
    . 2013, 26(4):  169. 
    Abstract ( 859 )   PDF (498KB) ( 569 )  
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    In this paper,the design steps of the sequential logic circuit design part of the teaching process is researched,and the importance of the determination of the original state of the design process is emphasized.Some practical application examples are provided,and the timing logic circuit design steps are optimized.

    Application of Current Transformers in the Electric Power Meter
    PEI Gui-Ling
    . 2013, 26(4):  171. 
    Abstract ( 796 )   PDF (411KB) ( 727 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The current transformer is used to ensure the measurement accuracy of the electric power meter.The principles of the current transformer and are introduced and its applications in electric power meters are analyzed.It helps improve the precision and accuracy of the electric power measuring instruments with less measurement error and security risks.


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