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15 August 2013 Volume 26 Issue 8
    Encryption Broadcast Scheme Based on Secure Frameproof Codes
    SU Jiajun,WANG Xinmei
    . 2013, 26(8):  1. 
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    This paper presents an encryption broadcast scheme based on secure frameproof codes.Using the secure frameproof codes,an (n,k)-resilient encryption broadcast scheme is constructed,which is applicable for an especially encryption broadcast situation where the privilege user set has an upper bound.The scheme can accomplish the broadcast task if the broadcast center transmits the encrypted message one time and the user stores only one key.And when the privileged user set recovers the decryption key,the broadcast center need not broadcast any message.The broadcast system bandwidth requirement and memory complexity are less than the existing schemes.

    Joint Decoding of Non-binary LDPC Code Based on HMM
    ZHAO Danfeng,WANG Shili,ZHOU Xiangchao
    . 2013, 26(8):  4. 
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    This paper focuses on the joint source-channel decoding algorithm based on Non-binary LDPC code,by source estimation of HMM.Aiming at augmenting the performance,this algorithm improves the conventional decoding algorithm of Non-binary LDPC code by adding source redundancy estimated and modifying the iterative soft information in the iterative process.The result of emulation shows its superiority over conventional methods in AWGN channel.

    Target Tracking Algorithm Based on the Kalman Particle Filter
    WAN Qinglang,ZHANG Dianfu2
    . 2013, 26(8):  7. 
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    Target tracking has very important applications in the field of computer vision.In this paper,a detailed study is made of the moving target tracking algorithm,after which Kalman particle filter algorithm is applied to track moving objects.Matlab experimental simulations are conducted on the Kalman filter algorithm,the particle filter algorithm and Kalman particle filter algorithm.The experimental results show that the Kalman particle filter algorithm is faster and more accurate in tracking a moving target,and can be widely used in target tracking.

    Analysis of the Influencing Factors of EKF
    WANG Jingwei,DONG Dawei,HUA Chunrong,YAN Bing
    . 2013, 26(8):  10. 
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    The algorithmic process of Kalman filter is introduced.Five important parameters affecting the filtering effect are discussed.The impact of different parameter values on Kalman filter is studied by means of simulative experiment with the principle of parameter selection given.

    Modified KDJ Index Based on Wavelet Analysis
    BAI Yuchen,YIN Huachao,LIU Sanjun
    . 2013, 26(8):  13. 
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    In this paper,the RSV (Raw Stochastic Value) of KDJ index is extracted and decomposed,using different wavelet orthogonal basis and appropriate transformation level.After the high frequency and low frequency signals being reserved,the new RSV is reconstructed.According to these data,the modified KDJ index based on wavelet analysis is obtained.With the Matlab simulation,it is certified that the new index is more directive and less misleading than traditional KDJ,and can offer more effective assistance to the behavior of investors.

    Pedestrian Bridge Virtual Man Simulation by the Agent Method
    XIAO Xiaochun,SONG Jiancong
    . 2013, 26(8):  16. 
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    This paper adopts the method of Agent to study the interactivity of virtual human in virtual environment pedestrian bridge with walking.Improved AStar algorithm is used to compute the Agent of walking paths,precomputed navigation is employed for looking the right paths and the collision detection of geometric method is adopted to determine the virtual man's correct position in the pedestrian bridge.The virtual man is driven in real-time to perceive the surrounding environment.The results of simulation show that the process of pedestrian bridge crowd movement can be displayed visually,which can offer valuable references to real crowd movement analysis.

    Heat Radiation Design and Simulation of a Module
    LV Jingfeng,SUN Fei
    . 2013, 26(8):  19. 
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    Taking the heat radiation design of a module as an example,the author calculates the natural heat radiation in theory,and simulates and analyzes the heat radiation of the navigation module,which provides basis and reference for electronic equipments heat radiation design.Finally,the simulation results are analyzed and concluded.

    Preprocessing of Radar Track Based on Kalman Filter
    WANG Jinzhang ,SUN Fei,LIU Xiankang,LIANG Jing,REN Jie,YANG Ou,WEI Cunwei2
    . 2013, 26(8):  22. 
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    A new preprocessing method based on Kalman filter is proposed for radar track of ship.Outlier estimating and detecting model are established,and radar track is smoothed by Kalman filtering.The result of experiment with the actual measured data indicates that the presented method is robust and simple enough to meet the real-time requirement.Moreover,the proposed method is efficient and very useful in radar track preprocessing and ship target classification.

    Study on the Static Characteristics of 4H-SiC TSOB Junction Barrier Schottky Rectifiers
    MIAO Zhikun,LI Tianqi,XU Likun
    . 2013, 26(8):  26. 
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    Trench type schottky rectifier with oxide mass in trench bottom (TSOB) is simulated with Silvaco TCAD to enhance the reverse blocking capability and leakage current power.For improving the forward voltage drop (VF)-reverse current density (IR) trade-off and the breakdown voltage are simulated and optimized.The breakdown voltage of TSOB is 1 610 V and the forward voltage drop is 2.1 V at 300K.In order to improve the device characteristics,oxide mass is injected into the trench of TSOB.The breakdown voltage is 1 821 V,which is about 13% more than that of the TSOB.The reverse current density is reduced by 87% compared to the TSOB without sacrificing the forward voltage drop at reverse bias of 1 000 V.In addition,the optimized structure has a on/off current ratio of 1.3×104 (1 V/-500 V),whereas the TSOB exhibits a ratio of 2.6×103 (1 V/-500 V).

    Design of and Research on the Pistol Video Collimation System
    LI Rui,ZHANG Bohu
    . 2013, 26(8):  30. 
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    A video targeting system for anti-terrorism and urban combat is designed combining image acquisition,wireless transmission,video character overlay image display technologies.The design improves the shooter maximum covert shooting performance and shooting accuracy while meeting the requirements of miniaturization,integration,intelligent,low-cost,practicality,reliability and security.The system not only improves the operational capability of the Armed Police Force personnel,but also improves their viability on the battlefield and maximizes the human-machine performance.

    Influence of Intermediate Bandwidth Inserted Layer on the InGaN Solar Cell
    ZHANG Kai,WANG Zhenxiao
    . 2013, 26(8):  32. 
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    wxAMPS is used in this paper to simulate the InGaN based nonpolar P-I-N heterojunction solar cells with the Indium composition of 0.2 and the effect of inserting  In0.1 Ga0.9N to the P-I and I-N junction as a Mid-Gap interlayer respectively.We find that the efficiency of the cells first increases and then decreases with the increasing interlayer at P-I junction,and that it increases with the increasing interlayer at I-N junction but increases much slower with the thickness more than 10 nm.A new kind of P-I-N solar cell is proposed via using two interlayers at the same time and the final efficiency is improved from 10.7% to 11.2% with the total 15nm thick Mid-Gap interlayers.

    Design of the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Optical Periscopes
    ZHU Hailong
    . 2013, 26(8):  35. 
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    This article focuses on the optical periscope,describes the hazards of electromagnetic interference on electro-optical periscope proceeding from the three elements of electromagnetic interference and analyses optical periscope sources of interference and suppression of interference design strategy.The power electromagnetic compatibility design of optical periscope products,electromagnetic compatibility design of input and output signals,electromagnetic compatibility design of printed circuit board,grounding design,and shield design are presented respectively.Practical applications show that the electromagnetic compatibility of the products fully meets the relevant requirements of GJB151A and GJB181A with effective measures taken in the electromagnetic compatibility design.

    Design and Implementation of the Optical Glass ECT Photodetector
    WANG Chi,CHEN Yaoming,ZHANG Xiuying,WANG Shudong2
    . 2013, 26(8):  38. 
    Abstract ( 958 )   PDF (703KB) ( 746 )  
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    This article introduces the working principle of optical glass ECT and analyzes the accuracy of optical glass ECT,which indicates that the DC bias of the photodetector will lead to contrast overrun.A brief description is given of the photodiode principle and current-voltage conversion circuit,and a further discussion is made of the causes of the photodetector DC bias and its solutions.The test proves that our light detector meet the system accuracy requirements of optical glass ECT.

    Design of a 10 Gbit·s-1 Adaptive Transceiver Based on MCM Channel
    GE Yong,MO Wei,NING Yongcheng,WANG Zengfu2
    . 2013, 26(8):  42. 
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    Equalization and pre-emphasis technology is the key to the MCM high-performance transceiver.In this paper,a four-port [WTHX]S[WTBZ]-Parameter transmission line model is built based on MCM interconnects for the design of high-speed transceiver,and then signal attenuation is obtained.On this basis,we fabricate a transceiver using 0.13 μm CMOS process,whose data rate is up to 10 Gbit·s-1.The transmitter adopts a combination of 2-taps filter and CML driver,and the receiver combines continuous-time linear equalization and adaptive Feed Forward Equalization (FFE).The simulation results show that the -30 dB channel loss is compensated and inter-symbol interference (ISI) is reduced.The total consumption is only 23.3 mW.

    A Novel Structure of the Pipelined Booth Multiplier
    LI Feixiong,JIANG Lin
    . 2013, 26(8):  46. 
    Abstract ( 971 )   PDF (743KB) ( 859 )  
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    On the basis of the research on traditional Booth multiplier,a novel structure of pipelined Booth multiplier is proposed,which is based on radix-4 Booth encoding with Wallace tree compression structure and 64 bits Kogge-Stone prefix adder.The 32 bit×32 bit unsigned and signed rapid multiplication is realized by inserting 4-level pipeline registers in segment achieved 64 Kogge-Stone adder.The design is described in Hardware Description Language (HDL) and verified by Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).Then,the multiplier is synthesized by SMIC 0.18 μm CMOS process.Synthesis results show that the circuit's critical path delay is 3.6 ns,the chip area is less than 0.134 mm,and the power consumption is less than 32.69 mW.

    Performance Analysis of Hermite Pluses Based Ultra Wideband System in the Multipath Channel
    DENG Shuangcheng,WANG Xinmei
    . 2013, 26(8):  49. 
    Abstract ( 877 )   PDF (745KB) ( 709 )  
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    This paper analyses the performance of a Hermite pluses based Ultra Wideband system in multipath channels.Base on correlation function of Hermite pluses,the captured energy of Rake is derived considering the impact of timing jitter on the Rake receiver.The output signal to interference and noise ratio is deduced.Theoretical bit error ratio (BER) performance is represented under Gaussian approximation.Both theoretical analysis and simulation show that the energy of intersymbol interference is insensitive to the number of Rake fingers;the larger number of Rake fingers leads to a better BER performance;and the larger timing jitter range brings on the increased probability of error.

    A Low Power Consumption Digital Signal Processing Platform Based on Software Defined Radio
    ZHOU Jie
    . 2013, 26(8):  53. 
    Abstract ( 948 )   PDF (634KB) ( 830 )  
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    This paper introduces a digital signal processing (DSP) platform based on Software Defined Radio (SDR).By explaining the platform design structure,hardware implementation plan and software configurable function,it proposes the software implementation of GMSK and CPM wireless communication waveforms.With the OMAP+FPGA structure,the platform has good universality and expandability,suitable for high performance and low power consumption applications.It can be widely used in the field of wireless communication,navigation positioning and picture processing.

    Obstacle Detection by Doppler Frequency Shift
    JING Xiong,DU Zicheng,LI Fei
    . 2013, 26(8):  57. 
    Abstract ( 808 )   PDF (709KB) ( 767 )  
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    Currently most autonomous land vehicles use short range laser sensors to accomplish obstacle detection tasks,lacking of research on the methods using millimeter wave radar.This paper firstly describes the general idea of the obstacle detection using millimeter-wave radar and the selection of radar parameters.And then the relationship between the height of obstacles and the Doppler frequency shift is discussed.Finally we propose a method for the height estimation and classification of obstacles based on the analysis of the characteristics of the flat ground,protruding obstacles and trenches.The simulation results show that the algorithm is feasible as long as the radar frequency resolution meets the requirements.

    Analysis of Chaotic Binary Code Pulse Compression Property
    ZHENG Yuan,WEN Bo,MA Ruiping
    . 2013, 26(8):  61. 
    Abstract ( 1015 )   PDF (622KB) ( 655 )  
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    Coding signal is doppler sensitive,and doppler frequency can cause the decrease of the compression property.This paper analyzes the influence of the Doppler frequency on the chaotic binary codes based on ISLR and SNR loss.The correctness of the analysis is verified by simulation.

    Fast Analysis of Radiation Characteristics by FEM Algorithm in the Presence of Radome
    WU Gang
    . 2013, 26(8):  64. 
    Abstract ( 969 )   PDF (710KB) ( 902 )  
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    This paper presents an equivalent method based on vector finite element method to analyze the radiation characteristics of the antenna in the presence of radome.By the conventional finite element method,the entire solution region should be meshed.As there is a big gap between the electrical size of the local fine structure of the antenna and the entire solution region,mesh singularity often occurs,in which case we can not successfully mesh or the matrix cannot be solved.To avoid such a case and improve the computational efficiency,firstly,the authors simulate antenna model separately and obtain the radiation pattern in Project 1.Subsequently,we extract the electric field values on the radiation boundary in Project 1 and saved them as equivalent radiation sources in Project 2.Then,we set the equivalent radiation sources and radome together and do the simulation.In this way,we obtain the radiation characteristics of the computational model of the entire system fast and accurately.

    Study on Bandwidth Enhancement of the Planar Triangular Monopole Antenna
    HAN Hailong
    . 2013, 26(8):  68. 
    Abstract ( 1007 )   PDF (465KB) ( 816 )  
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    In this paper,a new design of planar triangular monopole antenna (PTMA for short) using a modified ground plane for bandwidth enhancement is proposed.By symmetrically etching a pair of modified L-shaped slots on the ground plane,the impendence bandwidth is increased to 2.5~10.8 GHz under the condition of VSWR<2.Compared with the original antenna (not slotted),the operating band of the proposed antenna is largely expended while good radiation characteristics are maintained.The measured and simulated results show that the operating band of the proposed antenna completely covers the frequency range of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB).

    A Method of Mobile Communication Base Station Antenna Test Based on the Vector Network Far -Field Measurement
    WANG Xinglin,AN Ning
    . 2013, 26(8):  71. 
    Abstract ( 897 )   PDF (941KB) ( 1096 )  
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    Introduce a mobile communication base station antenna test methods based on far field vector network measurement,with the characteristics of sweep measurement,effectively suppressing the reflected signal and interference signal outside the test site,to ensure accuracy of measurements of the antenna under test and reliability,while greatly improving the efficiency of the test,the better to meet the mobile communication base station antenna testing requirements,and verified.

    Design of a C-band Omni-directional Antenna
    ZNANG Dongfeng,ZHU Xinmin,AN Baoxin
    . 2013, 26(8):  74. 
    Abstract ( 901 )   PDF (563KB) ( 626 )  
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    This article proposes a C-band omni-directional antenna that adopts monopole transfiguration structure to improve the matching performance and expand bandwidth by adding short circuit braces.It is with plane structure and inset installation,and has the characteristics of close structure,high reliability,no effects on the aircraft aerodynamic performance,etc.The measurement results on the prototype show that the antenna can meet the specification requirement.The antenna is suitable for application in aircraft and other space-craft communication.

    Analysis of Anti-Jamming Performance of Fast Frequency Hopping Communication System Based on Simulink Fading Channel
    LIU Xiaoyang,XIE Hong
    . 2013, 26(8):  76. 
    Abstract ( 1174 )   PDF (578KB) ( 723 )  
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    The principle of hopping communication is introduced,a fast frequency hopping communication system simulation model is built using the simulink tools,and different interference modes are simulated and analyzed for their anti-jamming performance.Simulations in different channels are conducted to approximate the real interference environment.Simulation results show that the fast frequency hopping communications system has good anti-interference and multipath fading performance,which increase with the frequency modulation rate.

    The Design of Electromagnetic Relay Data Acquisition System Based on TMS320F28335
    XU Guangrui,WANG Yuye,XIANG Wei
    . 2013, 26(8):  80. 
    Abstract ( 930 )   PDF (820KB) ( 825 )  
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    This paper designs a micro relay test system based on a new floating-point DSP-MS320F28335.This system obtain the data which reflects relay characteristic parameters (coil resistance,pull-in voltage,release voltage and time parameters) through real-time sampling the value of the relay coil current,electric shock voltage,drive supply voltage by internal AD and external sampling electric circuit.These data are displayed on the LCD and transmitted to PC through the serial ports of DSP after being analyzed.The system is small,portable,low in power consumption and high in precise.It can accurately judge the performance of the electromagnetic relay.

    An Elementary Analysis of the Self-oscillation Circuit
    WANG Jinchan
    . 2013, 26(8):  83. 
    Abstract ( 906 )   PDF (541KB) ( 721 )  
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    This paper summaries the theoretical analysis and the batch durative ameliorating process of thick film integration self-oscillation circuit.The paper presents the circuit,the structure design,the analysis of how the disabled products result and corresponding solutions.It also discusses the design rules of self-oscillation circuit:batch process and high reliability,and the feature and trend of the sensor industry.

    Design of the Analog Control Circuit of the Automotive Taillight
    SHANG Yalei,LI Lin
    . 2013, 26(8):  86. 
    Abstract ( 1374 )   PDF (443KB) ( 678 )  
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    With the ever increasing traffic accidents,the safety and reliability of the car taillight control circuits become more and more important.This paper proposes a car taillights analog control circuit by the basic methods of digital logic design with 6 LEDs,9 integrated circuit chips,2 capacitors,and some resistors.Experiments show that the system can achieve the 4 common car taillights states of normal operation,turn left,turn right and temporary brake.It has high practical value with easy manufacturing,low cost,energy efficiency and reliability.

    Realization of a High-speed Frequency Hopping Synthesizer
    ZHOU Bingli,XU Boqiang,WANG Congdong
    . 2013, 26(8):  88. 
    Abstract ( 905 )   PDF (414KB) ( 789 )  
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    According to the current status of frequency synthesizing technology and its characteristics,we present a method for improving the performance of frequency synthesizer,which realizes the scheme of high-speed frequency hopping synthesizer in engineering,providing references for the design of high-speed frequency hopping synthesizer.

    A High Precision Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator in Wide Temperature Range
    SUN Min,LI Minqiang,CHEN Zhongping,WANG Zhankui
    . 2013, 26(8):  90. 
    Abstract ( 968 )   PDF (601KB) ( 855 )  
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    The article introduces a new type microcomputer compensated crystal oscillator (MCXO) for wide temperature.It employs an ASIC VCTCXO.In high temperature region VCTCXO is compensated and likewise in low temperature region.Noise reduction circuit is designed to get a lower phase noise.As a result,frequency temperature stability of 10 MHz TCXO is less than ±1.0×10-6.The measured phase noise is typically better than -140 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset frequency from the carrier frequency of 10 MHz.

    Redundancy Power Interrupt Design for Airborne Secondary Power Supply
    GUO Chen
    . 2013, 26(8):  93. 
    Abstract ( 803 )   PDF (652KB) ( 777 )  
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    An important part of the aerocraft power supply system,the airborne secondary power supply is an electric equipment that changes primary power supply into another form or standard to satisfy the demand of different airborne electric equipments.For the airborne secondary power supply to handle and save the important data parameters timely and effectively in power down,this paper proposes a circuit according to actual user demands,adjusting the parameter to satisfy the time of different processing data to meet the power supply requirements precisely and timely.

    Application of the Cirrus Chip in the Coalmine Seismometer
    WU Hai,JIANG Hao
    . 2013, 26(8):  96. 
    Abstract ( 1347 )   PDF (751KB) ( 889 )  
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    The seismic exploration chip set from Cirrus Logic Company is chosen as the core component of acquisition system of the coalmine underground seismometer.The characteristic,structure and operating principle of Cirrus Logic chip set are introduced,and the hardware circuit and control software are designed for its use in coalmine seismometers.Experiment results show that the designed seismometer can meet the need of intrinsic safety,small size,low power consumption,high speed,high accuracy and portability.

    Engine Synchronization Strategy Based ETPU Research
    LI Juan
    . 2013, 26(8):  100. 
    Abstract ( 823 )   PDF (543KB) ( 760 )  
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    The engine position synchronization was the basic of the fuel injection system.Based on the situations of the normal work and “ lamp home”,this paper researched in the signal checking,the design of synchronization policy,and software implementing.The first focused on the correct of signal;the second concentrated the real-time and efficiency of the algorithm;and the third met the low coupling requirement of cooperation components.Therefore,there was a test in project,which gave the evidence to the practicability of the method.

    Hardware Design of the Multi-Channel Pulse Amplitude Analyzer Based on S3c2440
    WANG Shengqin,GONG Xueyu
    . 2013, 26(8):  102. 
    Abstract ( 1069 )   PDF (687KB) ( 808 )  
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    The traditional multi-channel pulse amplitude analyzer based on single chip computer with low integration is difficult to design or update.A multi-channel pulse amplitude analyzer based on 32 bits microcontroller S3c2440 is proposed in this paper.The major circuit components are described including the pulse discriminator circuit,peak detector circuit,logic control circuit and A/D converting circuit.The discriminator circuit can remove low energy noise by setting a Threshold Voltage.The peak detector circuit can detect when the peak voltage come,and expands the time of peak voltage to adapt to the A/D convertor.The control circuit can precisely control the working time sequence of the whole system.The A/D convertor converts the Analog signal into digital signal.The experimental results show that the instrument can be used in practical fields for its lower INL/DNL,high-speed and stable performance.

    Design of a Temperature Sensor for Remote Thermometers
    ZHANG Rui,ZHANG Fucai,WANG Zhichao2
    . 2013, 26(8):  106. 
    Abstract ( 890 )   PDF (542KB) ( 730 )  
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    The paper introduces the digital thermometer designed with Y cut quartz crystal sensor,which has better linear relationship between output frequency signal and temperature and overcomes the problem of analog sensor temperature and time drift,etc.The thermometer can be used for high-precision temperature measurement and control system.The experimental results show that the digital thermometer resolution is 0.05 ℃.The system uses wireless data module to realize the temperature data transmission.

    Design of Intelligent Cars Based on AT89C51
    JIANG Tianliang
    . 2013, 26(8):  109. 
    Abstract ( 849 )   PDF (626KB) ( 737 )  
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    This design uses AT89C51 as the intelligent car control center to trace circuit testing road marking,guiding the car according to the orbit of the road.Car balance is maintained by the angle control unit controlling the car driver circuit working condition.Related hardware and software designs realize the intelligent operation of the car.

    A Slope Compensation Circuit with Pulse Skipping Modulation
    OU Jian,HUANG Chong,YUAN Zheng,XUE Chaoyao
    . 2013, 26(8):  113. 
    Abstract ( 849 )   PDF (542KB) ( 657 )  
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    A slope compensation circuit with pulse skipping modulation (PSM) is proposed in this paper.The proposed structure not only achieves slope compensation which maintains the system stability without affecting the maximum inductor current and load capability,but also does PSM which stabilizes the output voltage and improves efficiency in light load.Compared with common PSM circuits,the proposed one is easy to design and implement.Simulation results show that the variation of maximum inductor current is small with the duty cycle ranging from 15% to 90% and PSM greatly improves efficiency of the converter in light load.

    Feature Information Extraction in Fault Diagnosis of Analog Circuits
    PAN Qiang,SUN Biwei
    . 2013, 26(8):  116. 
    Abstract ( 1303 )   PDF (687KB) ( 567 )  
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    In the use of BP neural network to diagnose fault in analog circuits,the network input that represents fault signature is very important.The common characteristics of information structure and fault diagnosis method are introduced,and a new method based on multi-test point multi-feature information of the original sample set is proposed.The original fault signature set is constructed as the input of BP neural network to train the network.Simulation results show that the network trained with sample set by this method offers better accuracy than those by traditional methods in fault diagnosis of analog circuits.This novel method for fault diagnosis of analog circuits proves feasible.

    Applied Research on Modular GPS Receivers
    OUYANG Mingxing
    . 2013, 26(8):  120. 
    Abstract ( 943 )   PDF (702KB) ( 780 )  
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    This article introduces GPS receiver principle and composition of modular receiver,analyses the NMEA-0183 protocol and decoding process,designs a GPS-based satellite time clock with the advantages of real-time,synchronization and high-precision,which is far superior to radio wave timing.Modular GPS receivers are simpler in design and lower in cost.

    Application of GIS Technology in County Power Grid Planning
    WANG Jinghui
    . 2013, 26(8):  124. 
    Abstract ( 948 )   PDF (648KB) ( 700 )  
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    The user-oriented county grid is mainly composed of the transmission grid and distribution network.The county grid load is not concentrated but distributed in wide area featuring in long transmission line and many branches.Scientific and efficient planning and management of the county grid has become a top priority.The emergence of GIS technology can effectively solve the problem of planning the transformation of the county grid,thereby improving the efficiency of the county power grid planning.County grid planning becomes intuitive and visual by using GIS technology,which is also an important symbol of the intelligent county power grid planning and management.

    Method for Lens Distortion Correction in High Precision Image Size Measurement and its Realization
    HUANG Zhan,XU Du,JIANG Yongping
    . 2013, 26(8):  126. 
    Abstract ( 834 )   PDF (746KB) ( 727 )  
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    For the image detection of high-precision axial parts size,this paper proposes a method for the camera's radial distortion of rapid correction which is based on the standard method.We establish an ideal mathematical model which makes the world coordinate transform to the camera coordinate,and then switch to the image coordinates.Besides,we bring in radial distortion parameters,and finally establish an object which describes the relationship of the world coordinate with the image coordinate,so as to establish high time fitting error function for the error compensation curve.By using the coefficient matrix of error compensation function and radial distortion parameters,we realize the error correction of Lens distortion and improve the lens distortion caused by the detection error effectively.Experimental results show that this method can effectively improve the measuring accuracy and reduce the equipment cost with an accuracy of inspection up to 2 μm.

    Research into Non-binary LDPC Decoding Performance Factors
    ZHANG Han,DIAO Ming
    . 2013, 26(8):  130. 
    Abstract ( 573 )   PDF (741KB) ( 618 )  
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    The non-binary LDPC is the promotion to the finite GF(q) of binary LDPC codes.The parity check matrix elements is no longer 0 and 1,but collections (0,1,2,…,q-1),while the decoding still uses the efficient iterative decoding based on belief propagation algorithm.This paper focuses on the check matrix of structure of the quasi-cyclic LDPC codes (QC-LDPC) as well as the min-sum decoding algorithm.Then the LDPC codes decoding performance is simulated under different conditions in white Gaussian noise channel (AWGN) with Matlab.Finally,the impact of non-binary LDPC Decoding performance factors is analyzed.

    Face Detection Based on BitBP and Multi-cascade
    YANG Xiukun,ZHANG Shangdi
    . 2013, 26(8):  135. 
    Abstract ( 766 )   PDF (690KB) ( 589 )  
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    This paper proposes a distinctive feature extraction method using Bit Binary Pattern (hereafter referred to as BitBP) to represent facial image for frontal face detection.The BitBP feature encodes the integral image of rectangular regions by binary pattern operator.An effective face classifier is trained with the RealAdaboost algorithm and LUT weak classifier for front face detection.Experiments results demonstrate that the new BitBP feature is more distinctive than Haar-like feature and MB-LBP feature.Given a false positive rate of 0.1%,the classifier based on BitBP features shows 2% higher correct detection rate than the Haar-like feature and 0.14% higher correct detection rate than the MB-LBP feature.The training time is also efficiently reduced since the BitBP feature has a much smaller size.A cascade of classifiers which are already cascaded is constructed into the final classifier,and all the classifiers are based on BitBP features.

    Design of an Intelligent Water-saving Irrigation Control Network Based on the Internet of Things
    ZHANG Suying
    . 2013, 26(8):  139. 
    Abstract ( 717 )   PDF (820KB) ( 574 )  
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    In order to improve the irrigation water use efficiency and the level of intelligence of the equipment,a wireless sensor network based on the intelligent water control network system is proposed.The sensor network routing protocols are analyzed.The algorithm design is realized,by which various sensors constitute an intelligent sensor network.Solar power battery is used to improve the level of automation and intelligence.The use of network simulation method to the proposed algorithm is validated.The simulation results show that the design based on content networking intelligent water-saving irrigation control network can improve the accuracy of irrigation,improve irrigation water use efficiency.

    Cloudy Nuclear Extract-based Cloud Transformation Method in Image Segmentation
    LI Wanchen,TIAN Shujuan
    . 2013, 26(8):  142. 
    Abstract ( 657 )   PDF (837KB) ( 477 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    In view of the slow speed and great calculation error of the cloud model of the image segmentation algorithm based on cloud transform,this article propose a method based on cloud theory for cloudy nuclear extraction at the same time.The image gray scale information statistics is performed to find all the peaks in accordance with certain pattern.The peak is chosen as an Ex.Finally,according to the definition of cloud models,a normal cloud model is constructed,which is combined through experiments with multi-threshold segmentation images.Experimental results show that this method can not only quickly and accurately calculate the cloud model to reduce the error,but also offer effective image segmentation with good quality.

    Application of PLC in the Production of Liquid Hydrogen
    YANG Jiachun,GUO Yulong,WANG Yongfei3
    . 2013, 26(8):  146. 
    Abstract ( 888 )   PDF (481KB) ( 548 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    For the production in the liquid hydrogen filling and transcription system,this paper designs a control system using Siemens S7-300 PLC.The control system realizes such functions as data collection,archiving and monitoring,and the filling and transcription of the liquid hydrogen automation.The analysis of archived data provides a strong support for the improvement of the process system.

    Research on and Implementation of the QHSE Domain-wide Data Management System
    LI Yali,GONG Jei,LAN Yong,LIU Yixin
    . 2013, 26(8):  149. 
    Abstract ( 748 )   PDF (880KB) ( 758 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    With the development and improvement of the QHSE management system,a large number of dispersed data emerge,but the management is lagging behind.This paper discusses the design and realization of an information management system so that the discrete data and information resources can be linked with each other and shared.It also provides basis for making scientific decisions and solves the key problems in the management of company QHSE.

    Design of a Feedback Control System Based on the Packing Density of the S7-200
    CHEN Lei,HU Fayun,FAN Shengnian,ZHU Lianglong2
    . 2013, 26(8):  152. 
    Abstract ( 879 )   PDF (557KB) ( 438 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The packing density of hydraulic baler in leaf tobacco threshing and redring industry has large uniformity fluctuations,which fails to meet the packaging quality standards of tobacco industry.We design a packing density feedback control system based on s7-200,which can adjust packing density automatically,thus solving the problems of labor intensity and uncertainty of hand regulation.The packing density feedback control system has simple structure and high reliability,and the running practice shows good effect.

    Bus Transportation Management System
    WANG Lianjin
    . 2013, 26(8):  155. 
    Abstract ( 723 )   PDF (630KB) ( 526 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    〗A bus transportation management information system using the Java platform based on SQL Server 2008 database is developed.The system realizes intelligent urban traffic management and improves the operational management efficiency of public transport and social services.

    Printing Packaging Canned Detection in Automated Assembly Line Distribution
    WANG Yuejin
    . 2013, 26(8):  157. 
    Abstract ( 788 )   PDF (584KB) ( 402 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    In view of the presence of deviation of the testing result of detecting the flow distribution in the tank of the canned food production conveying line by single sensor,this article focuses on the detection problem and presents a solution based on the Siemens LOGO programmable controller.The results of application show that the combination of two different kinds of sensors is an effective method for detecting the different distribution of cans on the conveying line.

    Implementation and Verificationof LDPC Coding Based on FPGA
    MA Zhigang,PANG Shaolong,JIA Zhenyue
    . 2013, 26(8):  160. 
    Abstract ( 605 )   PDF (1088KB) ( 415 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    This paper describes LDPC coding design in the digital television transmission system and FPGA implementation and verification.LDPC code is based on the structure of quasi-cyclic LDPC code in the transmission system,and the check matrix is quasi-cyclic characteristic.The encoding needsagenerator matrixhavingaquasi-cycle characteristics,whichcanbe encodedusing a shift register andthe obtained by the cyclic shiftmatrix isstoredinto the RAM,andsavesthe space requiredofthememory matrix;thepipelinedoperationinthearithmetic modulesaves hardware resources.Then throughQuartus IIsimulation platform,testing、synthesis and simulation is done,and the LDPC code is debugin theStratix II EP2S60F1020C3 DSP Develoment Ezkihardware platformto runcodedresults.Finally,comparedto theMatlabmodelingsimulationresultsto verifythecorrectnessoftheimplementation process.

    Design of a Matlab-based PID Temperature Control System
    FAN Zhenrui
    . 2013, 26(8):  164. 
    Abstract ( 1702 )   PDF (730KB) ( 987 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    PID control is the most classic control theory and the most widely used control method today.The oil cooler temperature control system is studied.By system identification and the classic PID parameter tuning rule,the PID controller is designed using Matlab.Simulation shows that the controller design achieves the desired results.

    Application of Improved SIR Model in Information Transmission in Social Networks
    LI Kejia,WANG Yikang
    . 2013, 26(8):  168. 
    Abstract ( 761 )   PDF (705KB) ( 592 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    Based on the analysis of social network structure,this paper introduces the hot transmission node into network,and proposes an information transmission model based on the improved SIR model,which is simulated with the data-based Tumblr social network.The simulation results show that with the decrease of immune probability and the increase of contact between the Internet marketers or ordinary information disseminators and those easily infected,the information transmission scope and velocity in the network will be enhanced to some degree.Without artificial control,the information will be disseminated to a vast majority of the users in a specific social network.The improved information transmission model can reveal the inherent law of information transmission in social network more accurately.

    Design and Implementation of Data Submission Based on RBAC
    ZHAO Fei,LI Yinfeng
    . 2013, 26(8):  172. 
    Abstract ( 461 )   PDF (556KB) ( 540 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    According the importance of privilege management in data submission,we propose a privilege management method based on role-based access control(RBAC).In this method,department is introduced between users and role,and we can abstract relationship between users,department,role,and privilege by the relationships between users and department,users and role,and role and privilege in order to increase the permissions configuration of granularity,which realize the hierarchical management of data submission,and reduce the complexity of privilege management.

    Research on System Dynamics Model of Shaanxi Electronic Information Industry
    WEN Xiaoni,WANG Lu
    . 2013, 26(8):  175. 
    Abstract ( 630 )   PDF (661KB) ( 627 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    According to the characteristics of electronic information industry,its four subsystems are analyzed,namely the labor,capital,technology and market,to structure the system dynamic model which can reflect the development and change of electronic information industry.As the application of the proposed model,Shaanxi Province is taken as an example of the system simulation to verify the validity of the model.This model can offer scientific basis for management decisions.

    Microprocessor Line Protection Principles and its Future Trend
    SUN Xiaojuan,LI Shuai,GUI Han,YAO Li
    . 2013, 26(8):  178. 
    Abstract ( 566 )   PDF (604KB) ( 490 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    With the development of the power industry and the increasingly high level of safe operation of the power grid equipment,safety indicators become a major target of the power system.The generation and application of microprocessor-based protection can enhance electrical safety.Currently,practical set of microcomputer protection devices are generally employed in all domestic transmission line protection,transformer protection,or other electrical main equipment protection.

    Design and Implementation of Overall Solution to Employment Service Information
    WEI Zhijing
    . 2013, 26(8):  180. 
    Abstract ( 754 )   PDF (777KB) ( 532 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    In order to reduce the job supply and demand information asymmetry caused by frictional unemployment and further improve the success rate of human resource allocation,an overall solution to the employment services information is designed and implemented.The program proposed relies on a professional job recruitment sites,and different electronic terminals are researched and developed to meet the employment needs of different groups.The terminal hardware and software designs are described.The program extends the recruitment business to the streets (township) of human resources and social security,community,universities,supermarkets,railway stations,etc.,thus expanding the coverage of employment information.The program has found practical uses with good results.

    Implementation of an IP-based Mobile Softswitch Core Network
    DONG Hui
    . 2013, 26(8):  183. 
    Abstract ( 521 )   PDF (575KB) ( 672 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    IP technology provided an opportunity for the mobile softswitch network improvements.All mobile operators are performing IP-based mobile softswitch reform so as to improve competitiveness.The three methods of IP address planning,speech path network construction and network architecture innovation are discussed to explore the feasibility of IP transformation of the softswitch core network.

    Test Driving Development in the Embedded System
    QI Shansong,JI Jin
    . 2013, 26(8):  185. 
    Abstract ( 546 )   PDF (651KB) ( 1045 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    Test driven development (TDD) is a new method in contrast to the traditional development mode of program design methods.The program design is driven by code testing,thus greatly reducing the design and coding redundancy.It has better availability,extensibility and maintainability than the traditional test methods.The test driven development mechanism is discussed in depth,and the strategies of the embedded system test driven development are summarized.

    Construction of the Training System in High-tech Enterprises Based on PDCA
    YUAN Wei,LIU Ying
    . 2013, 26(8):  188. 
    Abstract ( 627 )   PDF (436KB) ( 391 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    This paper constructs a training system in the state-owned high-tech enterprise based on the PDCA.The system consists of four subsystems,namely the planning system,implementing system,checking system and improvement system.Through the cycle of these four subsystems the quality of training can be improved.


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