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15 January 2014 Volume 27 Issue 1
    A Modified Nonmonotone Self-adaptive Algorithm for Trust Region of a New Conic Model
    ZHOU Xin-Hui,LI Xiao-Wei
    . 2014, 27(1):  1. 
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    A new modified nonmonotone self-adaptive trust region algorithm is presented for unconstrained optimization problems in this paper.While the nonmonotone technique has many advantages,there are also shortcomings,such as the easy loss of the optimal solution.In order to overcome these shortcomings,this paper puts forward a new nonmonotone technique.The nonmonotone technique is introduced into the trust region and a new modified nonmonotone self-adaptive trust region algorithm is presented.With proper assumptions,we prove the global convergence of the method.

    Parameter Estimation and Local Influence Analysis of Nolinear Ordinary Differential Equations Based on Case-deletion Model
    LI Hui-Hui, YUE Xiao-Peng
    . 2014, 27(1):  4. 
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    This paper presents a technique for estimating parameters of nonlinear ordinary differential equations by using B-spline Basis Functions.Case-deletion model is introduced to give formula of Generalized Cook's Distance.This algorithm can reduce computational load and improve the efficiency of computing.Effectiveness of the algorithm is checked by FitzHugh-Nagumo equation,and the superiority of the algorithm is demonstrated by a comparison with the algorithms available.

    A Smoothing Newton Method for Absolute Value Equations
    CHEN Yue-Qi
    . 2014, 27(1):  7. 
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    The absolute value equation(AVE) Ax-|x|=b,ARn×n,bRn is a special class of nonlinear equations and it is NP-Hard.Based on its semi-smoothness,a smoothing Newton method with advanced smoothing function is proposed.Theories indicate this algorithm has a global and quadratic convergence for the singular values of A greater than 1.Numerical results also show that the smoothing Newton method is an easily feasible algorithm.Fianlly,some improved means are given.

    Solution to Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Subspace Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
    SUN Liang-Shuai, LI Xiu-Feng
    . 2014, 27(1):  9. 
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    The alternating nonnegative least squares (ANLS),which is shown to be theoretically sound and empirically efficient,has been one of the most popular methods.Based on ANLS,this paper applies the active set conjugate gradient algorithm of bound constrained optimization to nonnegative matrix factorization.In solving subproblems,the index set is divided by employing the subspace strategy into four parts and then the conjugate gradient method proposed in [13] is used for updating the variables.The global convergence of the proposed algorithm is proved under mild conditions.Numerical experiments show the algorithm is efficient.

    Biogeography-based Optimization Algorithm for a Class of Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems
    JIA Fei, MENG Min
    . 2014, 27(1):  13. 
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    The paper deals with a class of nonlinear bilevel programming problems in which the low level objective function is convex programming and real-coded biogeography optimization algorithm is used to solve the problems.Based on the upper's objective function,a new fitness function is proposed that can be easily used to evaluate the quality of different types of potential solutions.We first use coordinate rotation method to solve the lower problem,and then examine solution result based on the lower the KKT optimality equivalent conditions.Four different migration models are used solving the problem,and experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is stable and effective.

    Auto-focusing Algorithm Design for Non-mydriatic Fundus Camera
    CHEN Jian, YE Qing-Zhou, PAN Lin, ZHENG Chao-Hua
    . 2014, 27(1):  18. 
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    Auto-focusing algorithm is critical for the fundus camera.Based on the analysis of different auto-focusing algorithms for retinal image and the characteristics of non-mydriatic fundus camera and retinal image contrast,an improved auto-focusing algorithm based regional scales is presented.The algorithm combines non-overlapping subsampling with gradient vector square function,improving auto-focusing speed while conserving sensitivity.Experimental results show that the new method has higher sensitivity and speed than the orignal algorithm and other auto-focusing algorithms available,andmeets the requirement of the retinal image auto-focusing.

    Fast and Accurate Algorithm of Pseudo-range/pseudo-range Rate
    SHANG Yu, LI Yao-Jun, ZHANG Jiang-Hua
    . 2014, 27(1):  22. 
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    A tightly-coupled INS/GPS integrated navigation system is put forward which takes the pseudo-range and pseudo-range rate of GPS as the observations.Errors of pseudo-range affect the integrated navigation system output accuracy,and the large computation of computing pseudo-range and pseudo-range rate restrict the tightly coupled navigation system data rate.The sources of pseudo-range error and pseudo-range rate error are discussed.The error of receiver is eliminated by using relative pseudo-range and relative pseudo-range rate.On this basis,a fast and accurate algorithm by using Hermit piecewise cubic interpolation to solve pseudo-range and pseudo-range rate in tightly-coupled INS/GPS integrated navigation is studied.The experimental results indicate that the algorithm can improve the accuracy as well as the speed of solving pseudo-range and pseudo-range rate.

    Parallel Modulation Recognition Based on the Communication of Non-weak Signal Characteristics
    WU Wei-Jun
    . 2014, 27(1):  25. 
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    Modulation recognition is the key problem in non-cooperative communication.An analog-digital modulation recognition algorithm based on decision theory is described in this paper.And the parallel application of the algorithm based on CUDA is proposed.The modulation recognition of most of the analog and digital signals is achieved through simulation.The parallel acceleration effect is significant based on CUDA.

    Selection-based Cooperative Beamforming Algorithm for Relay Networks
    LIU Xuan, LIU Yi, XIANG Wen-Hao
    . 2014, 27(1):  30. 
    Abstract ( 895 )   PDF (670KB) ( 595 )  
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    A cooperative beamforming scheme based on relay selection (S-BF) is presented.To minimize the end-to-end Outage probability,a near-optimal threshold is developed to select those "appropriate" relay nodes participating in beamforming.This method guarantees that the energy is only allocated to those "appropriate" relay nodes,thus improving diversity in the cooperative beamforming.The number of selection searches is equivalent to the number of relay nodes,which will decrease the complexity of selection procedure.Monte-Carlo simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme achieves an essential improvement in terms of Outage performance over "all participate" cooperative beamforming (AP-BF),as well as high energy-efficiency for energy-constrained networks.

    (1.Department of Human Resources,Xi'an Institute of Electronic Engineering,Xi'an 710100,China;
    2.Overall Unit 1,Xi'an Institute of Electronics Engineering,Xi'an 710100,China)
    CHANG Yan, YAN Chao, LUO Li-Qiang, MA Ke
    . 2014, 27(1):  34. 
    Abstract ( 886 )   PDF (596KB) ( 606 )  
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    An improved algorithm is presented to deal with the low accuracy of maneuvering detection and slow convergence of traditional singer algorithm.The algorithm is based on the average of innovation memory while adjusting process noise covariance matrix,changing the filter gain and reducing the position RMSE,to increase the speed and acceleration accuracy of the filter.Matlab simulation proves the feasibility of the algorithm.

    Analysis and Simulation of HFM Pulse Compression
    ZHOU Xu-Gunng, ZHANG Peng, WANG Dan, ZHOU Xuan
    . 2014, 27(1):  38. 
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    The thesis probes into hyperbolic frequency modulated (HFM) signal,which has large time-bandwidth product and good doppler invariance.And after pulse compression,it causes no problem of time frequency coupling.On the basis of theoretical analysis and with Matlab simulation,this paper indicates that compression output of HFM signal is little affected by Doppler shift and that it can better obtain the distance information of the target in actual speed range.

    A New License Plate Location Method Based on Image Decomposition
    DING Ya-Nan
    . 2014, 27(1):  42. 
    Abstract ( 877 )   PDF (590KB) ( 646 )  
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    In this paper,the image structure-texture decomposition is taken into account to address the complex background and low accuracy of the license plate location in the license plate location.In order to remove the noise,the small-scale particulars of the pictures are divided into the texture maps and the license plate is divided into structure.With a combination of the edge detection and the Morphological methods,the accuracy of the license plate location is observably improved.

    Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Bidirectional Principal Component Analysis and Compressed Sensing
    MU Xin-Liang, WU Ya-Jing
    . 2014, 27(1):  45. 
    Abstract ( 997 )   PDF (774KB) ( 678 )  
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    This paper proposes a face recognition algorithm combining the bidirectional principal component analysis (BD-PCA) and the face recognition algorithm based on smooth l0 norm(SL0).First we use BD-PCA to reduce the dimension of these training images,and then make each face image into a vector by stretching it according to each column,and use these vectors to comprise a dictionary matrix,and process test images in the same way,and finally solve the optimization problem by SL0 algorithm.Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm achieves high recognition rate and better reconstruction effect than those by BD-PCA and SL0 algorithm alone.

    Contrast Enhancement of Image Segmentation Based on Histogram
    ZHAO Jun-Cheng, ZHAO Yi-Gong
    . 2014, 27(1):  49. 
    Abstract ( 1159 )   PDF (841KB) ( 685 )  
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    In the study of image contrast enhancement based on histogram,a gray histogram segmentation processing technology is put forward.By traditional contrast image histogram enhancement techniques such as Histogram Equalization (HE) and Linear Gray Transform (LGT),the image contrast is improved at the cost of reduced gray level,thus blurry target images and troubles in the subsequent further image processing.Subsection histogram technique proposed in this paper can avoid this problem by threshold segmentation method.The image gray histogram is divided into target section,transition section,and background section,respectively,and then the fusion processing.This technology can achieve grayscale image processing after the still distributed throughout the 0~255 gray interval,retaining detailed characteristics of target and background in the image,to avoid the poor visual effect of image gray level merger.The feasibility and superiority in the image details of this method is demonstrated.

    QoS Unicast Routing Algorithm Based on Ant Colony System
    XIANG Hong-Jiao, LV Guang-Hong, MENG Li-Hong
    . 2014, 27(1):  53. 
    Abstract ( 746 )   PDF (694KB) ( 621 )  
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    In consideration of the user's QoS requirements,optimal utilization of network resources and load balancing,this paper puts forward the corresponding heuristic information and link cost calculation formula to improve the original algorithm model.Some improvements are also made on the basic algorithm to find the global optimal solution accurately and quickly.Results show that the algorithm can greatly optimize the traditional QoS unicast routing algorithm in the entire network performance,especially in load balancing.

    Minimum Boundary in Augmented Cubes
    YAN Xiao-Yan
    . 2014, 27(1):  57. 
    Abstract ( 765 )   PDF (416KB) ( 688 )  
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    The n-dimensional augmented cube network is one of the most popular interconnection networks in large-scale multiprocessor systems,which takes n-dimensional augmented cube graph AQn as mathematical model.The problem of boundary has become one of the tools of researching the properties of interconnection networks.In this paper,we explore the minimum vertex boundary and minimum edge boundary of augmented cubes and study the properties of the augmented cube in further detail.

    Wideband Internet Access Based on the Satellite
    LIANG Yan-Xia, XIAO Li-Yuan
    . 2014, 27(1):  60. 
    Abstract ( 777 )   PDF (889KB) ( 671 )  
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    In order to manifest the integrity and progressiveness of wideband network construction,the existing Wideband Satellite Communication (WSC) technologies are described.WSC and optical fiber communication are compared via analysis of the characteristics of WSC.And the necessity of WSC is elaborated.A practical wideband satellite communication system is designed as a reference for companies and government.

    Design of Dynamic Blood Pressure Measurement System Based on Pulse Wave Velocity
    ZHANG Xun, FU Wei-Wei
    . 2014, 27(1):  63. 
    Abstract ( 897 )   PDF (731KB) ( 841 )  
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    This paper presents a method for dynamic blood pressure measurement based on pulse wave velocity.The new wearable photoelectric sensors,rather than the traditional cuffs,are used to collect the pulse waves of finger and radial artery of the left side of body.Non-invasive blood pressure  measurement is achieved by analyzing the waveform of the pulse wave,calculating pulse wave velocity and building a mathematical model for non-invasive measurement of ambulatory blood.And we use the method of auscultation to make calibration and error analysis.The results show that the system,with the advantages of convenient measurement,high accuracy and good consistency by the method of auscultation,can measure the blood pressure continuously.

    Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis of Sand Layer Based on the Radiative Transfer Theory
    LI Yan-Liang, YANG Song, DENG Ze-Huan
    . 2014, 27(1):  67. 
    Abstract ( 710 )   PDF (524KB) ( 468 )  
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    Both surface scattering and volume scattering of sand layer are discussed in this paper.We study the former one with the small slope approximation (SSA) and the later one based on the radiate transfer (RT) theory,and compare the both results with those in the previous researches.The validity of the methods is suggested by the comparisons.

    Design and Realization of DDR3 SDRAM Controller Based on FPGA
    ZHANG Gang, JIA Jian-Chao, ZHAO Long
    . 2014, 27(1):  70. 
    Abstract ( 839 )   PDF (834KB) ( 1120 )  
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    The DDR3 SDRAM is the third-generation double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory,which has been widely used in many fields because of its large capacity,high speed and good compatibility.This paper briefly introduces the characteristics and operating principles of DDR3,and the realization of DDR3 SDRAM controller in the Virtex-6 FPGA series with MIG software tools,and gives the hardware test results.The feasibility of the controller is verified.It has the advantages of stable operation,small requirement on resources and good portability.

    Plasma Surface Characteristics Investigation of the L-shaped Silver Nano-antenna with Equal Arms
    HAO Ai-Wen, CHENG Long, LI Xin, LI Yan-Jun, CAO Sheng-Lei, ZENG Qing-Ping
    . 2014, 27(1):  74. 
    Abstract ( 788 )   PDF (826KB) ( 672 )  
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    The L-shape antenna resonance mode formed by silver nanowires is analyzes by FDTD method,and the field enhancement and resonance scattering spectral changes are studied.The local surface plasmon mode of L-shaped nano-antenna depends heavily on the incident optic polarization.Only odd or even order localized surface plasmon mode can be excited when the polarization of the incident light is perpendicular or parallel the symmetric axis of the L-shaped nano-antenna with equal arms because of symmetry matching.

    Research on Single Observer Passive Location Technology
    QIU Hui
    . 2014, 27(1):  78. 
    Abstract ( 995 )   PDF (500KB) ( 640 )  
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    This article is based on the azimuth and Doppler frequency received from a single observatory.It establishes the state transition matrix and the observation matrix.Then it uses the least square method for the passive location of emitter.Simulation results show that the single station passive location technology based on the azimuth and Doppler frequency is feasible.And the influence on the root mean square error from Doppler frequency measurement noise standard deviation is more obvious than that from the azimuth measurement noise standard deviation.

    System of Data Transmission Based on FPGA
    LI Cheng, LI Heng-Xing
    . 2014, 27(1):  81. 
    Abstract ( 906 )   PDF (580KB) ( 707 )  
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    A data transmission system is proposed.DVI video input is decoded via video decoder chip TFP401A,and then transferred to the FPGA register,where the data will be simply compressed and cut by the FPGA,,and then converted to LVDS format by a ping-pong operation of SRAMs.The data transmission system uses Xilinx FPGA chip,and the entire system consists of three modules:the reading module,the processing and SRAM module and the output module.Through simulating and debugging both in hardware and software,the system functions and desired goals are achieved.

    Realization of Dense False Targets Jamming Based on FPGA
    WANG Xue-Ru
    . 2014, 27(1):  84. 
    Abstract ( 926 )   PDF (567KB) ( 655 )  
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    In modern electronic warfare,radar jammers use deceptive jamming methods for the new radars.Based on the mechanism of DRFM,a detailed introduction is given to the dense false target mechanism of controlled variable interval.False targets are produced based on FPGA IP core internal FIFO,by controlling the depth of FIFO storage to generate the distance deception of false target signal and the transmission number by switch control false target.The validity of the false target mechanism is demonstrated by simulation analysis,and feasibility of the dense false target hardware is verified.A false target to realize hardware am/fm method is also given to provide reference for related radar jammer hardware implementation.

    A Design of Multi-channel Synchronized Radar-Echo-Signal Generator Based on AD9959
    WU Lin-Yong, LI Chun-Lin
    . 2014, 27(1):  87. 
    Abstract ( 1008 )   PDF (526KB) ( 736 )  
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    This paper presents a design of multi-channel phase adjustable radar-echo-signal generator based on a DDS chip.The whole design is based on AD9959 and controlled by FPGA,capable of up to four channels of synchronized signal simultaneously,and the phase,frequency and amplitude of each channel can be controlled.This method is simple in design,low in cost and easy to upgrade.

    Design of MCI Control System Based on DSP and FPGA
    ZHANG Pan, SHU Jian
    . 2014, 27(1):  90. 
    Abstract ( 755 )   PDF (1104KB) ( 698 )  
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    Based on EP2C35F484,one of the FPGA chips in Cyclone II series developed by Altera and TMS320F28335,one 32-bit floating point DSP developed by TI,this paper deals with the basic principles and implementation of signal acquisition and control of the digital stratum micro-resistivity scanning imaging system.Because of the large volume of traditional chip and ancillary digital chip,the underground circuit is overly complex and huge,and this implementation in the small diameter instrument is rarely reported.Combined with the small diameter of the instrument and the finite length,this system is designed consisting of four modules:the sending and receiving,signal acquisition,control output and CAN communication.The acquisition and control functions are achieved by the joint of DSP and FPGA.So the DSP and FPGA module designs are discussed in detail.The data transfer speed,the amount of information collection,data processing accuracy and system reliability performance are greatly improved.

    High Resolution Radar One-dimension Profile Research
    ZHAO Peng-Liang, ZENG Hai-Bing, CHEN Ke
    . 2014, 27(1):  95. 
    Abstract ( 918 )   PDF (631KB) ( 550 )  
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    In this paper the principle of HRRP formation is analyzed based on the scattering model.The results indicated that HRRP is sensitive to target aspect and the mean HRRP can improve its stability.It has theoretical value for feature-extraction and target-recognition.

    A Design of Digital Controller of Smart Car Based on Bilinear Transformation
    SUN Jia-Jing, SUN Wei, XU Jie
    . 2014, 27(1):  100. 
    Abstract ( 1031 )   PDF (803KB) ( 689 )  
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    PID algorithm is introduced to improve the precision of the control of the speed the angle for the car to achieve planned parameters more rapidly and stably.In traditional PID algorithms,the backward difference method is used to make the continuous digital controller turn into a discrete one,which has poor accuracy and cannot guarantee the same frequency response.The introduction of the bilinear transformation method to accomplish this process proves more simple and accurate,and the experiment shows that the smart car can run more stably and rapidly on different roads.

    Design of Energy Measurement Module of Stirling Solar Generator Control System
    RUAN Qing-Liang, ZHOU Han-Yi, TAO Qing-Dong, JIANG Yun-Zhi
    . 2014, 27(1):  104. 
    Abstract ( 1032 )   PDF (897KB) ( 722 )  
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    This paper introduces a design of energy measurement module based on ADE7758 and MCU,which is used mainly in Stirling solar generator control system.Freescale MCU MC9S12XS128MAL is chosen as the micro control processor and ADE7758 as the measure chip.The microcontroller communicates with ADE7758 via SPI bus interface and transfers data to PC via CAN bus.With stable and reliable operation,high accuracy,good real-time performance and cost-effective features,this design meets the requirements of Stirling solar generator's power parameter measurement.

    Design of Electronic Control System of Optical Phased Array
    LI Xin-Zhi, LIU Ji-Fang, SUN Yan-Ling
    . 2014, 27(1):  109. 
    Abstract ( 894 )   PDF (716KB) ( 680 )  
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    The Electrical control system is very important for the optical phased array.Based on the method of digital to analog conversion and serial communication,the control circuit of the optical phased array uses CPLD as the main control unit.The Multi-channel serial digital to analog converter module can be controlled independently and outputs accurate analog voltages.

    Analysis of Key Technologies in BIPV Micro-grid System
    ZHAO Hui-Hong
    . 2014, 27(1):  113. 
    Abstract ( 779 )   PDF (438KB) ( 597 )  
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    The development status of BIPV micro-grid system is reviewed,and the main scientific issues are presented.Based on the control bottleneck for current BIPV micro-grid system,the switching system theory,the fault tolerant control algorithms and the robust control theory are introduced to study the smooth switching of grid and island states,security protection,power quality control and energy optimization control.The control algorithms introduced in this paper are more accurate,more reliable and more efficient than the traditional ones,which will promote the BIPV micro-grid system applications and development.

    Crack-free GaN Growth on Si(111) with Step-graded AlxGa1-x N Intermediate Layers
    WANG Zhen-Xiao, ZHANG Jie, LI Tao, WANG Dan-Dan, HAN Meng-Xu
    . 2014, 27(1):  115. 
    Abstract ( 882 )   PDF (657KB) ( 638 )  
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    Crack-free GaN epitaxial layer is introduced by Low Pressure-Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (LP-MOCVD) with step-graded AlGaN buffer layers on Si(111) substrate.The sample has a good crystallization quality analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Aomic Force Microscope (AFM).There is tensile stress of 0.23 GPa in GaN epetaxial layer through Raman spectrum.

    Data Transmission Card Based on the PCIE Driver
    LI Huang, GONG Feng, CHEN Yan-Hua
    . 2014, 27(1):  117. 
    Abstract ( 1044 )   PDF (680KB) ( 726 )  
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    In order to improve data transmission rate,a set of data transmission and reception system based on the PCIE interface is developed.The system consists of four parts:the data transmission card,the data reception card,the PCIE driver and the PC application.After a brief introduction of the basic principle and composition of the data transmission card,the processes of developing device driver using WinDriver,data transferring with DMA controller and interrupt handling in Windows XP system are studied.Tests show that the system is stable and the driver developed can achieve the high-speed data transmission.

    Design of Real-time Image Adaptive Median Filter Based on FPGA
    BO Zhen-Tong
    . 2014, 27(1):  121. 
    Abstract ( 794 )   PDF (855KB) ( 706 )  
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    This paper designs a real-time image adaptive median filter based on FPGA using the algorithm of adaptive median filter.Compared with the other software realizations,the program requires fewer resources while meeting the real-time requirements.It is an easy solution and is verified on Xilinx FPGA hardware platform.

    Implementation of Data Transmission Scheme for BSN's Intelligent Client
    DONG Yun-Peng, WANG Ying-Long, SHU Ming-Lei
    . 2014, 27(1):  125. 
    Abstract ( 1196 )   PDF (652KB) ( 709 )  
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    Based on the construction of a small WBSN's overall architecture,this paper designs a data transmission scheme for BSN's intelligent client by two low-power WBSN's wireless communication technologies.This paper focuses on the design of several data transmission methods,by which to achieve the data transmission scheme in a wise medical system based on BSN.Practical tests show that the scheme meets the design requirement and is of practical value.

    Design of Multichannel Data Acquisition System Based on FPGA
    LONG Lei
    . 2014, 27(1):  128. 
    Abstract ( 816 )   PDF (611KB) ( 862 )  
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    In order to meet the needs of radar signal acquisition in scientific research,the paper designs a multichannel data acquisition system based on FPGA.The system consists of the Ethernet interface of the MAC layer,DDR3 control of reading and writing,FMC interface of data access and control.Combined test of hardware and software shows that each function of data acquisition is good,and each channel is synchronous with small channel crosstalk.The system can be widely used in radar and communications fields.

    Design of a Conference Paper Submission System Based on the PHP Framework
    YANG Zheng-Liang, LI Yin-Feng, CAO Shi-Cui
    . 2014, 27(1):  131. 
    Abstract ( 935 )   PDF (916KB) ( 843 )  
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    Based on an analysis of conference needs and the workflow,with open source PHP framework -Codeigniter,MySQL and Front-end framework-Bootstrap,an online conference paper submission system is developed in MVC model to implement functions of user registration,specialists registration,online submission,management and review,and web content management with a friendly multiple languages UI.The system was adopted at ISAPE2012 and MVFL2012 conferences and warmly received by the users.

    Design and Implementation of Workflow Engine Operation and Maintenance System
    SUN Jing, DU Qing-Wei
    . 2014, 27(1):  134. 
    Abstract ( 894 )   PDF (853KB) ( 624 )  
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    In the workflow reference model of workflow management coalition (WfMC),the workflow engine is the core of the reference model as both the task scheduler and the resource allocator.This paper applies the concept of FSM (finite state machine) in the design of the workflow engine.The workflow reference model,finite state machine model,engine scheduling and three layer B/S mode are described in detail.Finally the workflow engine is achieved by J2EE technology.The workflow engine is successful applied in the operation and maintenance system of an enterprise with good results.

    Methods of Image Registration Based on Matlab
    DENG Bing-Hua, ZHANG Ming
    . 2014, 27(1):  139. 
    Abstract ( 1014 )   PDF (665KB) ( 808 )  
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    Image registration is an important early step in image processing,and directly affects the precision of image processing.Image registration is applied to many research fields,such as medical image registration and multiple data source for remote sensing image registration.Matlab has advantages in image processing with its powerful matrix calculation function and abundant image processing function.This paper describes the process of image registration based on MATLAB,finally,and evaluates these methods.The combination of Matlab and VC programming can improve the speed and precision of program running with fewer codes and better effect.

    Electronic Schematics Verification
    LIU Xin-Ying
    . 2014, 27(1):  142. 
    Abstract ( 863 )   PDF (875KB) ( 657 )  
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    EDA(Electronic Design Automation) technology is the mainstream of electronic design technology of the time,and Design Verification technology is one of the bottlenecks of electronic product development.This paper presents a verification platform of secondary development of DxDesigner tools,which uses long-term accumulated corporate design experiences and design specifications to achieve DxDesigner schematic of the automatic verification.With database technology,a large number of rules can be made full use of and inherited,thus greatly improving the efficiency of the verification.

    License Plate Recognition System Based on Image Perception
    ZHOU Xiao-Jun, TAN Wei, ZHANG Liao, GUO Yu-Xia
    . 2014, 27(1):  147. 
    Abstract ( 871 )   PDF (1003KB) ( 350 )  
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    This paper designs an intelligent license plate recognition system based on image understanding by using horizontal and vertical projection to license plate localization.The character segmentation method based on vertical projection and template matching can effectively solve the plate's background changes,size changes and the character blur.In 120 images with the size of 472×332 are recognized using ORC recognition method based on template matching method,and correlation matching test experiment is carried out with the Hausdorff distance classifier.The recognition rate reaches 96.7% with a stable recognition time between 0.3 to 1.2 s.

    An Improved Bidirectional Authentication and Dynamic Password
    FU Zhe, LI Qing-Xia, WANG Huan-Huan
    . 2014, 27(1):  150. 
    Abstract ( 659 )   PDF (549KB) ( 572 )  
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    With the rapid development of the Internet of things and e-commerce,the security problem is becoming significant.The first to solve is the identity authentication,to which the dynamic password technology is an effective solution.In this paper,we improve a dynamic password algorithm,and implement the bidirectional authentication.The scheme based on CPK algorithm provides more secure authentication with the challenge/response mechanism.

    A Trusted Network Information Security Technology for the E-commerce Platform
    YAO Shu-Guang
    . 2014, 27(1):  153. 
    Abstract ( 710 )   PDF (796KB) ( 489 )  
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    Safety and reliability is an important index of the overall performance of the electronic commerce platform.In order to improve the dependability and security of electronic commerce platform,this paper analyzes the main security technology of e-business adoption,and proposes an effective security protection electronic commerce platform method to improve the application of modern encryption theory,integrity and security,intrusion detection,digital signature and authentication technology in electronic commerce.The experimental results show that the trusted security protection techniques proposed in this paper is of value for the ASP model of electronic commerce system.

    Design of PCB Layout Welding Plate and Wire Manufacturability
    XU Yao-Shan
    . 2014, 27(1):  157. 
    Abstract ( 995 )   PDF (730KB) ( 525 )  
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    The PCB layout of electronic products must take into consideration the manufacturability,the most basic requirement of which is the proper design of components board layout,the welding plate and the wire.This article summarizes the experience in actual production,discusses the design principles,requirements and methods of PCB layout,the welding plate and,the wire.Basic manufacturability of the design is the key to high efficiency,high quality and low cost production.The integration of manufacturability into the higher education teaching of PCB design is of great practical significance.

    An Overview of Non-local Image Denoising
    ZHAI Dong, DING Ya-Nan, LI Tao
    . 2014, 27(1):  160. 
    Abstract ( 1039 )   PDF (559KB) ( 446 )  
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    Image denoising by non-local means has been well acknowledged as an important approach to image denoising in recent years.This paper presents an overview of sparse model denoising based on Non-local means denoising research and analysis of recent domestic and abroad literatures.To begin with,this paper reviews the development of Non-local means research,then summarizes several methods in procedure of Non-local means denoising,and finally points out the problems and future directions of Non-local means denoising method.

    Informatization Standard System for Institute of Special Equipment Inspection
    WU Juan
    . 2014, 27(1):  163. 
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    This paper introduces the status and business demand of informatization for institute of special equipment inspection.With the principle and method of standard system for benchmark,models of informatization standard system that meets the actual needs of development of informatization for institute of special equipment inspection are proposed and analysed.The research lays a solid foundation for the development of informatization for institute of special equipment inspection.


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