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15 February 2014 Volume 27 Issue 2
    A Newton Method for Absolute Value Equations
    CHEN Yue-Qi
    . 2014, 27(2):  1. 
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    Absolute value equations(AVE) Ax-|x|=b,ARn×n,bRn is a special class of nonlinear equations and it is NP-Hard.It is proved that absolute value equations can be transformed into a smoothing nonlinear equation by introducing the maximum entropy function.A Newton method is given to solve the smoothing nonlinear equations and its convergence is discussed.Numerical results show that this method is feasible and effective.

    A Model of Optimal Park Road Design
    YUE Xiao-Peng, LI Hui-Hui
    . 2014, 27(2):  3. 
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    This paper establishes a proper model for solving three problems of "Optimal Park Road Design".The first problem is solved via adopting depth-first search algorithm and pruning method based on the traverse idea.The theory of "from local to the whole" is applied in the second and third problems.We divide the park road into four parts,employ the relationship between the overall network and sub-networks,and then start from the constraints which do not satisfy elliptical cover.Finally,results are checked by Steiner tree.

    Determination of Expert Objective Weight Based on Matrix Similarity
    SU Yan, LIU Shen-Yan
    . 2014, 27(2):  7. 
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    A determination method of expert objective weight based on matrix similarity is proposed for interval multi-attribute decision-making.Firstly,similarity matrices are obtained by comparing weighted standardization decision matrices;secondly,every row or column of the matrix similarity is added to calculate the rough value of the weight of experts,noted as rough weight and then a concept of interval ideal matrix is also presented;finally,by comparing the projection of weighted standardization decision matrix and the interval ideal matrix,the weight of experts is obtained.Compared with interval idea solution,the interval ideal matrix in this paper is more accurate.Examples demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method.

    EDA Algorithm for Solving a Class of Special Nonlinear Bi-level Programming Problems
    MENG Min, JIA Fei
    . 2014, 27(2):  10. 
    Abstract ( 942 )   PDF (674KB) ( 605 )  
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    This paper studies the nonlinear bi-level programming with the lower for linear programming and the upper for quadratic programming.The optimal simplex equivalent conditions and estimation of distribution algorithms (EDA) based on Gaussian distribution are employed to obtain the global optimal solution to the problem.The algorithm is combined with the optimal individual of the population for higher efficiency,and an effective crossover operator is given.In designing an algorithm,uniform design is used to generate the initial population,which can increase the diversity of the population.To overcome the weak local convergence of evolutionary algorithm,this paper proposes a new approach to increasing the local convergence of the algorithm.Numerical test results show that the proposed algorithm is effective and fast.

    Non-monotone Trust Region Algorithm PSO
    LI Xiao-Wei
    . 2014, 27(2):  14. 
    Abstract ( 1189 )   PDF (473KB) ( 630 )  
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    A class of non-monotone trust region algorithm for unconstrained optimization problems is proposed.And a trust region algorithm based on particle swarm is proposed which combines the good search performance of PSO and the good overall convergence of trust region algorithm.Under appropriate conditions,we prove the global convergence of the algorithm.

    An Improved Threshold Denoising Algorithm
    ZHANG Jin-Bang, SUN Yi-Xiao, WANG Run-Dian, XU Lei
    . 2014, 27(2):  17. 
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    An improved threshold denoising algorithm was proposed aiming at the problem of the invariable warp existing in flexible threshold and setting zero when the quotiety of wavelet was smaller existing in forcedly threshold.This algorithm has used exponent function to improve the threshold function came to the advantages of the flexible threshold.The simulation results show that denoised speech signal-to-noise ratio larger improvement,smoother signal,lower distortion,sharper noise reduction when compared with traditional algorithm.

    Nonmonotone Trust-region Method for Solving Semidefinite Programs
    QIAN Hui-Min, ZHOU Xin-Hui
    . 2014, 27(2):  21. 
    Abstract ( 974 )   PDF (499KB) ( 588 )  
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    As an extension of linear programming,semidefiniting programming is a nonlinear and nonsmooth programming.In this paper semidefiniting programming is transformed into nonlinear differentiable equations,and then into an unconstrained optimization,thus changing the solution of the semidefiniting programming into the solution of the unconstrained optimization,which can be done by nonmonotone trust-region method to avoid repeated sub-problems solving and reduce the number of calculations.Convergence of the algorithm is proved.

    Multi-dimensional Bayesian Network Classifiers Based on ICA
    TANG Xin-Jia, ZHANG Xiu-Fang
    . 2014, 27(2):  25. 
    Abstract ( 1015 )   PDF (590KB) ( 750 )  
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    Multi-dimensional Bayesian network classifiers (MBCs) are probabilistic graphical models proposed to deal with multi-dimensional classification problems,where each feature variable determines one or more than one class variable.For the problem of high dimensional of feature attributes and information redundancy,the Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is applied to decrease the dimension of feature variable which could completely describe data.Then,we construct a multi-dimensional Bayesian network classifier according to the decreased data.Finally,the performance of the MBCs is proved good by theoretical analysis.The experiment results show that for three benchmark multi-dimensional data sets,the multi-dimensional Bayesian network classifier based on ICA outperforms other algorithms in accuracy.

    Efficient Algorithm of Canopy-Kmeans Based on Hadoop Platform
    ZHAO Qing
    . 2014, 27(2):  29. 
    Abstract ( 1256 )   PDF (508KB) ( 791 )  
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    This paper studies MapReduce programming model under the Hadoop platform,analyzes the advantages and the disadvantages of traditional Kmeans and Canopy algorithms,and then proposes an improved Kmeans algorithm based on Canopy.The "minimum maximum principle" is used to improve the randomicity problem of Canopy-Kmeans algorithm to avoid the blindness of Cannopy.The MapReduce parallel programming method is carried out in massive news aggregation.The experiments show that this method has higher accuracy and stability than the traditional Kmeans and Canopy algorithms.

    A  Fault Diagnosis Algorithm Based on Grid Structure in WSN
    LIU Hao, LIU Ya-Hong
    . 2014, 27(2):  32. 
    Abstract ( 1001 )   PDF (636KB) ( 652 )  
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    In wireless sensor network,data information sensed by sensor nodes are spatially related,so network fault diagnosis can be made by comparison of data from neighbors.Sometimes,transient fault can affect the detect accuracy of the network.This paper presents a fault diagnosis algorithm based on grid structure,by which the sensor nodes are identified by comparison of history data from neighboring nodes to avoid the influence affected by the transient fault.Simulation results indicate that the detection is kept high and the energy consumption is reduced.

    An Improved Apriori Algorithm with Application in Association Analysis of Examination
    LI Qing-Xia, WANG Huan-Huan, FU Zhe
    . 2014, 27(2):  35. 
    Abstract ( 1100 )   PDF (627KB) ( 675 )  
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    As a classical association rule mining algorithm,Apriori scans the database repeatedly and has a large amount of connection times before the generation of candidate item sets,and a huge number of candidate item sets are generated.These defects result in low efficiency.An improved algorithm is proposed,which works in the following two steps.Firstly,some special affairs are deleted to reduce the times of scanning data.Secondly,the frequent k-1 item sets are reduced before generating candidate k-item sets,so the times of the frequent k-1 item sets connection and the number of candidate k item sets is reduced.Finally the improved Apriori algorithm is used in the analysis of the item relation of an examination to find the relationship among various questions.Experiments show that the improved algorithm is superior to Apriori algorithm in efficiency,and can get a good result.

    Minimum Boundary in Bubble-sort Networks
    YAN Xiao-Yan, ZHOU Jun
    . 2014, 27(2):  39. 
    Abstract ( 849 )   PDF (403KB) ( 618 )  
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    The  n-dimensional bubble-sort network is one of the most popular interconnection networks and it takes n-dimensional bubble-sort graph Bn as mathematical model.The problem of boundary is one of the tools for researching the properties of interconnection networks.In this paper,we explore the minimum vertex boundary and minimum edge boundary of bubble-sort.

    Classification of Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based on Otsu's Method and Fuzzy Kernel C-means Clustering Algorithm
    AN Jian, ZHANG Yang
    . 2014, 27(2):  42. 
    Abstract ( 883 )   PDF (1121KB) ( 682 )  
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    With the development of polarimetric technology,more and more high resolution SAR images are obtained,and classification of these images is time consuming.A modified algorithm combined Otsu's method and fuzzy kernel c-means algorithm is proposed.The algorithm is implemented by two steps.Firstly,the SAR image is segmented into some blocks coarsely by Otsu's method.Then the processed SAR image is further classified by fuzzy kernel c-means algorithm.The algorithm can not only has better precision,but also get higher calculating speed.

    Application of the Two-scale Method in Rough Sea Surface and Foam Layer Composite Scattering
    ZHANG Kai
    . 2014, 27(2):  46. 
    Abstract ( 749 )   PDF (625KB) ( 582 )  
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    This paper presents the two-scale rough sea surface scattering theory.An in-depth study is made of the two-scale rough sea surface with bubbles vector radiative transfer equation.Two-scale method based on the information obtained with the rough sea surface is employed to obtain the composite scattering coefficient.The effects of different types of foam under the horizontal and vertical angular distribution,and different incident angles and different wind speeds backscatter coefficient and bistatic scattering coefficient are discussed.Final results are analyzed to verify the effectiveness of the method.

    Common Power Spectrum Estimation Methods and Matlab Simulation
    DENG Ze-Huai, LIU Bo-Bo, LI Yan-Liang
    . 2014, 27(2):  50. 
    Abstract ( 1095 )   PDF (504KB) ( 1055 )  
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    An important part of the digital signal processing,power spectrum estimation is divided into classical and modern spectral estimation spectral estimation.Classical spectral estimation refers mainly to the periodogram method and its improvement.Modern spectral estimation covers parametric model and non-parametric model spectrum estimation.This paper describes the principles and characteristics of several common power spectrum estimation methods,and makes the Matlab simulation analysis to show that Burg method based on AR parameter model is better.

    WGS-84 Based on the Binary Difference/Frequency Difference Localization Algorithm and Error Analysis
    LI Rui-Ling
    . 2014, 27(2):  53. 
    Abstract ( 930 )   PDF (1198KB) ( 790 )  
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    The low orbit dual-satellites passive location of the ground fixed emitter by measuring the TDOA and FDOA is discussed in this paper.The dual-satellites TDOA/FDOA location formula consists of the TDOA localization formula,FDOA localization formula and WGS-84 ellipsoid earth model.An iterative method is used to improve the precision of location.By the combination of the positioning error algorithm and GDOP method,the main factors influencing the precision of location are systemically analyzed by simulation and comparison.The results are of significance to the dual-satellites positioning system application.

    Design of Contactless Low-power Power Transfer System Based on SG3525
    ZHANG Shao-Wei, ZHENG Peng, ZHENG Liang, SHAO Li-Huan, QIN Hui-Bin
    . 2014, 27(2):  58. 
    Abstract ( 905 )   PDF (663KB) ( 697 )  
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    SG3525 is a type of monolithic integrated PWM control chip.The system is designed with SG3525 as control core,and a stand-alone prototype of contactless low-power power transfer system possessing the over-current protection function is completed by applying various techniques including high frequency inverter technology,soft switching technology and capacitance compensates technology.The experimental results show that the power transfer efficiency can reach to 78.9% when the distance is 1mm between primary side and secondary side,which proves the system can realize the high-efficiency transfer of the power.

    Power-supply Noise Induced Jitter Sensitivity in PLL
    CHANG Bo-Hao, LIN Yong-Jia
    . 2014, 27(2):  62. 
    Abstract ( 1137 )   PDF (868KB) ( 702 )  
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    PLL is noise-sensitive devices and power-supply noise is the largest source of interference.For a high system performance,reducing power-supply noise is the only choice for most engineers.The concept is presented in the paper that power-supply noise induced jitter in different frequencies is different and that reducing noise alone may lead to over-design or failure.A SPICE model of PLL is built and self-developed software is used to illustrate the concept of jitter sensitivity.

    EMG Interference Filtering in ECG Detection
    LI Hong-En
    . 2014, 27(2):  66. 
    Abstract ( 1242 )   PDF (673KB) ( 702 )  
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    ECG signal detection is an important auxiliary means of doctor diagnosis treatment of cardiovascular disease,but due to the fact that ECG signal detection actual conditions are not ideal,ECG signal is often mixed with various kinds of interference signals,among which are EMG noise,the baseline drift and power-line interference.In this paper,the digital filtering method is used to eliminate the noises in ECG signals.The design of ECG signal filter improves both denoising effect and efficiency.

    Backside-illuminated Charge-coupled Devices (CCDS) Thinning Technology
    DENG Gang, HAN Heng-Li, ZHONG Si-Cheng
    . 2014, 27(2):  68. 
    Abstract ( 1007 )   PDF (607KB) ( 868 )  
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    Backside-illuminated charge-coupled devices (CCDs) need backside thinning.A novel chemical after mechanical thinning technique is proposed.Aluminium oxide abrasive is used for grinding thinning to reduce the thickness to 100μm,and solution mixed by HF acid,nitric acid and ice acetic acid for chemical corrosion.Experiments show that a ratio of 2:1:11 of HF acid,nitric acid and ice acetic acid achieves a substrate to epitaxial layer corrosion rate of 89:1.This technique is used to thin the 1 024×512 visible light CCD,which realizes backside-illuminated imaging.

    Effect of Sub-system Failure on Performance of Active Phased Array Antenna
    CHANG Li-Xin, HAN Guo-Dong
    . 2014, 27(2):  71. 
    Abstract ( 824 )   PDF (959KB) ( 559 )  
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    The sub-system failure can cause poor performance of active phased array,including the loss of gain and depravation of side-lobe level.With the normal distribution of random error on antenna elements of amplitude and phase in consideration,the variety of array performance is analyzed versus the antenna element failure,sub-array failure and TR module failure.Simulation results show that the deterioration of gain is less than that of side-lobe level,which are referential to the performance evaluation and project design of phased array antenna.

    A New Design of Phase Modulation by Using Microwave Phase Shifting
    CHEN Jie
    . 2014, 27(2):  75. 
    Abstract ( 832 )   PDF (540KB) ( 542 )  
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    There are many implementations of phase modulation,among which the most commonly used is orthogonal modulation.A new design of phase modulation by using microwave phase shifting is presented,by which 2,4,8,16,32 and 64 phase modulations are implemented.Tests show the phase shifting error of the new design is lower than 1.2°  with as good a bit error ratio (BER) as that of the orthogonal modulation.Besides,the new design does not require the digital to analog converter (DAC),orthogonal modulator and mixer that are necessary in the general applied orthogonal modulation,thus simplifying the system and reducing the cost.

    Target Allocation Based on Distributed Air Defense and Combat Favorable Analysis
    ZHANG Han-Guang, LI Wei, LEI Lu
    . 2014, 27(2):  78. 
    Abstract ( 880 )   PDF (633KB) ( 725 )  
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    Weapon Target Assignment is the most important part of the air defense of fire control.And with the development of various technologies,distributed cluster fire control turns into the inevitable trend of the air defense of fire control.Hence,there is a crying need for the target assignment model for the distributed cluster fire control.This paper presents a fight favorableness model on the base of integrating the traditional threat analysis methods,on the basis of which the target assignment methods of distributed air defense is proposed,and finally an all-purpose method for target assignment is presented by integrating the target assignment of common air defense of fire control.The application example shows that this method can be applied to the target assignment of air defense in the actual combat.

    High Frequency Meter Based on 51 Single-chip
    ZHANG Liang-Yu
    . 2014, 27(2):  82. 
    Abstract ( 846 )   PDF (511KB) ( 1208 )  
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    This article presents a frequency meter based on 51 single chip microcomputer with a test range between 1Hz and 10 Hz.It converts sine waves,square waves and triangular waves through the peak detection circuit and the effective value detection circuit to direct current signals and sends them into the single chip microcomputer.By writing corresponding program we can make the system calculate the radio of the effective value and peak to realize the purpose of automatic test.Finally,it shows the measured results through the display circuit.The circuit of this system is concise,software writing is simple,and the debugging is easy.

    Single Antenna FMCW Radar Transmit Leakage Signal Suppression Technology
    SU Nan, WANG Le
    . 2014, 27(2):  85. 
    Abstract ( 783 )   PDF (556KB) ( 621 )  
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    This paper proposes an adaptive cancellation technology to deal with the single antenna CW radar transmitter signal leakage.The adaptive system has the advantages of good data processing capability,accuracy and flexibility.Simulation analysis and experimental verification show that the program can effectively suppress the emission signal leakage problems caused by inadequate transceiver isolation.

    Design and Implementation of Coach Security System Based on STC89C52
    XU Jie, YE Hong
    . 2014, 27(2):  88. 
    Abstract ( 1145 )   PDF (695KB) ( 914 )  
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    In order to increase the security of coaches,the paper proposes a coach security system with overload prevention and anti-collision based on single-chip microcontroller STC89C52.The design is realized by studying the principle of ultrasonic ranging and pulse width modulation and monitoring the weight of the vehicle and the distance of the obstacle.Finally,the safety and precision of the system are tested.The experiment result shows that the system meets the requirement.

    Design of Reinforced Computer Motherboard Based on COMe Module
    CUI Qiang-Qiang, JIN Tong-Biao
    . 2014, 27(2):  92. 
    Abstract ( 1242 )   PDF (883KB) ( 949 )  
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    This paper presents the design of reinforced computer motherboard based on COMe.The COMe module integrates an Intel processor,the Intel chipset,the DDR2 controller,network controllers,and bus controllers.The motherboard based on COMe module has the advantages of reusability,scalability,flexibility,compatibility,and low power consumption.The board offers a variety of external bus interfaces,display interfaces,and expansion interfaces,and has been widely used in harsh environment.

    High-speed DMA Read and Write Design Based on Xilinx PCI Express Core
    LI Tao-Tao, YAN Yi-Song, YAN Chen-Yang
    . 2014, 27(2):  96. 
    Abstract ( 895 )   PDF (712KB) ( 716 )  
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    A design based on the Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA embedded PCI Express Core is presented,which implement the DMA read and write initiatively launched by the PCI Express board for high-speed data transfer between PC and PCI Express board.The design has been debugged and verified on the Xilinx evaluation board ML605.With a DMA write memory speed up to 1 520 MB/s,the design can meet the requirements of high-speed storage system.

    Simple Implementation of Serial Port Continuous Communication Based on MFC
    DENG Qi-Liang, XU Li-Tao, LI Xu-Guang
    . 2014, 27(2):  99. 
    Abstract ( 978 )   PDF (423KB) ( 817 )  
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    This paper designs a simple method for continuous packets transmission in serial port communication in MFC.This method applies MSComm control provided by Microsoft,models on MODBUS-RTU protocol,takes data whose time interval is less than T as a packet data,and processes the data in the timer.Debugging shows that the faster the CPU of computer,the smaller packets and the simpler data processing function are,and the smaller value of time interval can be set.This means the result of continuous packets transmission in serial port communication will be better.

    Design of DC Electronic Load Based on MSP430F149 Microcontroller
    AN Bin, SU Yan-Ping, WANG Zhi-Wen, LI Lan-Bing, BAO Ri-Nan
    . 2014, 27(2):  101. 
    Abstract ( 1091 )   PDF (546KB) ( 796 )  
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    In view of the wide application of the electronic load in the power equipment test,a DC electronic load with the MSP430F149 microcontroller as core processor is developed.The ADC12 module built in the microcontroller samples the voltage and current of the load in real time.The external 10 bit D/A conversion chip TLC5615 outputs analog voltage signal to drive MOS transistor.BP neural network algorithm is adopted in the internal control.The system achieves 4 operating modes:the constant current,constant voltage,constant resistance and constant power modes.Practical tests show that the adjusting time is less than 3 seconds with the voltage and current measurement error less than ±0.5%.With fast tracking speed and high accuracy,the design is of economic value.

    PIC Single Chip Controlled Lighter
    LI Li, LU Ju
    . 2014, 27(2):  104. 
    Abstract ( 1303 )   PDF (449KB) ( 690 )  
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    Compared with other ignition methods,digital ignition has the advantages of good adaptability,fast responsibility,and precise control of the time of ignition.This paper introduces a pre-ignition angle control system equipped with a PIC single chip.It can flexibly adjust the pre-angle,so as to assure best engine performance at different speeds.

    Design of an Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer
    JING Xu, HU Fang-Ming, REN Ai-Feng
    . 2014, 27(2):  106. 
    Abstract ( 824 )   PDF (566KB) ( 708 )  
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    Automobile exhaust has become one of the important sources of air pollution.In this paper a set of automotive exhaust gas analyzer system solutions is designed to detect the levels of carbon monoxide,hydrocarbons,carbon dioxide,oxygen and nitrogen oxide in the automotive exhaust.Parts of the signal conditioning circuits are designed and simulated by the Pspice.Simulation results show the effect of amplification and filtering.The relevant parameters can be processed according to national standard.It achieves the functions of the measurement data,determine,archive,query,statistics,and calibration.

    Graphene/NiAu Sheets as Transparent Conductive Layer Used in GaN LED
    ZHENG Lei, XU Chen, SUN Jie, XU Kun, CHEN Mao-Xin, GE Hai-Liang
    . 2014, 27(2):  109. 
    Abstract ( 1521 )   PDF (698KB) ( 833 )  
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    A Ni / Au layer prepared by sputtering method is used as insertion between the graphene and the P-type GaN layer to reduce the contact potential.We study the relationship of the thickness ratio of Ni and Au with GaN LED performance.The results show that under the conditions of 1.5 nm total thickness with the light transmission properties and good ohmic contact in consideration,a Ni and Au thickness ratio of 1 nm/0.5 nm is the best,in which case the Graphene / NiAu composite transparent conductive layer can significantly reduce the operating voltage of the GaN LED with a high light transmittance in the blue band,thereby improving the light emitting properties of the GaN LED.

    Effect of p-electrode Grid Spacing on InGaN Based Photovoltaic Cells
    YANG Zhuo, LI Pei-Xian, ZHANG Kai, ZHOU Xiao-Wei
    . 2014, 27(2):  112. 
    Abstract ( 962 )   PDF (571KB) ( 754 )  
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    In this study,InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well (MQW) structures photovoltaic cells are grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) on the sapphire substrate.Mesh grid p-electrode of two different kinds of shapes with varying mesh grid spacing are fabricated as well.It is found that as mesh grid spacing decrease,the area of the electrode increases and the absorption area decreases,causing degradation in the photovoltaic cells.It is also observed that cells whose p-electrode gird deposited at the edges of the chips achieve preferred performance due to the existence of stronger electric fields at the MESA edges.

    Solar Power Regulation Based on Freescale Dish Stirling
    REN Jin-Peng, ZHOU Han-Yi
    . 2014, 27(2):  115. 
    Abstract ( 1030 )   PDF (657KB) ( 629 )  
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    This paper introduces the design of automatic control system of Stirling generator based on Freescale microcontroller,which is mainly used to control the Stirling solar energy power generation system workflow.The automatic running of the whole power system is controlled based on the acquisition,calculation and analysis of the real-time data,and according to the overall requirements of the process.The system controls the cavity pressure by the  heating tube to regulate power.

    Security Guards Driving Based on Information Fusion and Multi-vehicle Networking
    CHENG Cheng, HUANG Jiang-Lin, LI Zhuo-Qian
    . 2014, 27(2):  119. 
    Abstract ( 920 )   PDF (615KB) ( 574 )  
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    This paper proposes a system to guarantee the security of the drivers while driving.The system achieves the goal from two aspects.The system reminds the drivers of their dangerous driving behaviors and analyses the drivers' performances based on a large number of statistics to regulate the drivers' driving habits.Furthermore,the system prevents the potential risks from the adjacent vehicles.Practical tests show the feasibility and value of this system.

    The Design of Academic Journal Electronic Papers Retrieval System
    JIANG Cong-Wen, LI Yin-Feng, QI Peng, YANG Zhi-Ying
    . 2014, 27(2):  122. 
    Abstract ( 828 )   PDF (610KB) ( 601 )  
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    Many academic journal have website on internet,so more people can search papers from it.This paper designs a system for collecting the electronic papers on websites to a database and providing retrieval service.The system has three modules.They are data acquisition,data analysis and storage,data retrieval.The first two modules are responsible for the storage of structured electronic paper on the Internet to the local database,The last one is responsible for the generation of database index and providing retrieval service.There have 1.5 million electronic papers in this system.

    Non-local Image Denoising Methods
    LI Tao, XU Yuan-Hao, JIA Xi-Xi
    . 2014, 27(2):  125. 
    Abstract ( 975 )   PDF (378KB) ( 613 )  
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    This paper presents a similar use of non-local image denoising methods.Multiple initial denoising images with parameters close to each other are obtained using non-convex function threshold,and then similar images blocks are selected from these preliminary de-noising images for image denoising recovery by non-local averaging method.Experiment shows that the proposed method yields good results with better PSNR than typical non-local averaging methods.

    Design of Drivers of L3G4200D Three-axis Digital Gyro I2C for Linux
    LIU Yang, HUANG Jin-Ying
    . 2014, 27(2):  127. 
    Abstract ( 938 )   PDF (681KB) ( 773 )  
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    This paper uses I2C bus protocol to design L3G4200D three-axis gyroscope driver on the Linux operating system with OMAP3530 as the hardware platform.Real-time digital high number of data collection of the L3G4200D three-axis gyroscope is realized using the fast mode of L3G4200D sensing I2C interface and the OMAP3530 hardware output I2C interface.

    Spatial-temporal Data Mining and Data Fusion of Meteorological Data Based on GIS
    WANG Wei-Min, YE Qiu-Ju, HE Wen-Li, LI Jing
    . 2014, 27(2):  130. 
    Abstract ( 1004 )   PDF (743KB) ( 829 )  
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    This paper discusses the basic concepts and technology of geographic information systems (GIS),data mining,and spatial-temporal data mining,and on the basis of which proposes an idea based on GIS to actualize spatial-temporal data mining and data fusion according to the characteristics of weather data of complexity and diversity,diverse formats,different manifestations,huge amount of data and growth speed.The framework of its application in meteorological services is designed,which improves the utilization of meteorological data and the accuracy of meteorological services.

    Neural Network Optimization Methods for Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis
    CUI Jin-Kui, HU Guo-Bing, YU Xin-Gang
    . 2014, 27(2):  134. 
    Abstract ( 1319 )   PDF (679KB) ( 558 )  
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    The features of fault diagnosis and analog circuits are introduced briefly,and the present situation and research methods of fault diagnosis are analyzed.In view of neural networks used in fault diagnosis of analog circuits,methods (such as:wavelet transform,genetic algorithm,fuzzy theory,particle swarm optimization algorithm and clustering algorithm) are elaborated to optimize the neural networks.The future direction is discussed.

    Impact of Natural Disasters on China's Power System
    LU Yu-Ye, ZHANG Jian-Zhao, QIAN Zhen, MA Song-Yang
    . 2014, 27(2):  138. 
    Abstract ( 937 )   PDF (622KB) ( 784 )  
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    With human economic and social development,global climate change,increasingly serious environmental degradation and natural disasters are endangering the safe operation of the power system.This paper reviews China's electric power system operation in recent natural disasters.The impact of nine kinds of natural disasters on the power system is analyzed,and countermeasures and suggestions are proposed.


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