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15 March 2014 Volume 27 Issue 3
    Nonmonotone Multidimensional Filter Trust Region of a New Conic Model
    ZHOU Xinhui,LI Xiaowei
    . 2014, 27(3):  1. 
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    In this paper,a nonmonotone technique proposed by Gu and Mo is applied to the trust region method,and a new nonmonotone multidimensional filter trust region method is proposed.The current term is a convex combination of the previous nonmonotone term and the current objective function value.The global convergence of algorithm is proved under certain conditions.Numerical experiments verify the feasibility of the algorithm.

    Design and Implementation of a Color Correction Method
    SUN Xiya
    . 2014, 27(3):  4. 
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    The digital image mosaic is to get the single width view image or dynamic panorama by registering the overlap of digital image and fusing the video frame.In practical application,inconsistence in color of the images may cause many disadvantages in image registration and fusion.Therefore,it is necessary to do some research on the image color correction.In this paper,we first discuss the color space of the color images as well as the transformation of the relationship between them.Then,we introduce some commonly used methods of color correction.Finally,we put forward a color correction algorithm based on Gamma and linear adjustment.This algorithm will convert image to YCbCr color space by using the Gamma correction to correct the luminance components and correcting chromaticity components with linear correction.The experimental results show that the calibration results have certain improvement over current correction algorithms.

    Dynamic Gesture Localization and Recognition Algorithm Based on Skeletonization
    LIU Yaojie,SHU Chang,FU Zhizhong
    . 2014, 27(3):  7. 
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    A novel algorithm for dynamic hand gesture localization and recognition based on skeletonization is proposed,which satisfies the requirements of the user under different background conditions.With the presumption that pictures of the moving objects are taken by fixed camera,the ViBe algorithm combined with skin-color detection is used for detecting the hand area.In order to eliminate the variety and uncertainty caused by user's various dresses and motions,an innovation in this article is stated in the method of palm center extraction,which is skeletonizing the hand area,finding out the effective area and then the coordinate of palm center,and positioning and recognizing the hand gesture referring to the roundness and palm center polar coordinates.Experimental results demonstrate that,in the situation which the position of hand is higher than that of elbow,the algorithm works precisely under the complex background with good robustness and real-time performance.

    Research on Zigbee Routing Protocol Algorithm
    YANG Lu
    . 2014, 27(3):  12. 
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    This paper puts forward the short-cut route base on the Cluster-Tree neighbour table by studying of the Cluster-Tree and AODVjr routing algorithm in the ZigBee,and finds a node which can reach the destination node by using a few route hop from the node.The node which can be found by the improved Cluster-Tree algorithm can prolongate the network life cycle and reduce the energy consumption using the routing cost function.Experiments prove the feasibility of the idea.

    Illuminating Cartridges Simulation Based on the Particle System
    XU Litao,DENG Qiliang
    . 2014, 27(3):  15. 
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    The particle system has been considered the most successful graphic-generation algorithm for simulating fuzzy features.The operational principle of illuminating cartridges has been studied and a model of illuminating cartridges has been built based on particle system theory for illuminating cartridges simulation.Effects of illuminating cartridges simulation have been implemented using OGRE with dynamic and lifelike results.

    Multi-objective Network Optimization with Multi-constrains QoS Based on Genetic Algorithm
    MING Lihong,LV Guanghong,XIAN Hongjiao
    . 2014, 27(3):  18. 
    Abstract ( 763 )   PDF (673KB) ( 590 )  
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    Multi-constrains multi-traffic and multi-objective network optimization is a complex issue.A multi-objective network optimization algorithm based on genetic algorithm (MOPGA) is proposed in this paper.Firstly,the algorithm meets the quality of service of each traffic in terms of multi-constrains path set preprocessing.Secondly,it transfers a solution space of the problem into a search space of the genetic algorithm.Thirdly,the improved fitness function depicts the network total cost,link utilization variance and the maximum link utilization.Fourthly,the blast processing and the individual selection mechanism increase the diversity of population and avoid falling into local optimum.Finally,according to the actual error requirement of the different traffic,the algorithm uses the solution error as an end condition.The simulation results show that it can efficiently achieve actual multi-objective network optimization in high speed and balance every subgoal functions while satisfying the multi-constrains QoS.

    Non-fragile Synchronization Algorithm for Discrete-time Complex Dynamical Networks
    ZHANG Dan
    . 2014, 27(3):  22. 
    Abstract ( 685 )   PDF (578KB) ( 560 )  
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    Synchronization control of a discrete-time complex dynamical network model is investigated in this paper by introducing a proper feedback control scheme.Under the assumptions that uncertainty of the weight matrix of the complex matrix and the norm of the perturbation of the internal coupled matrix are bounded,the addictive non-fragile feedback control algorithm is designed.The stability of the algorithms is presented by Lyaounov theory.

    Research on and Implementation of Service Request Procedure of EMM Protocol Stack in LTE Core Network
    ZHANG Jialong,DIAO Ming
    . 2014, 27(3):  25. 
    Abstract ( 673 )   PDF (664KB) ( 732 )  
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    The service request procedure is a very important part of the LTE signaling system.It is the only combination between control plane and user data plane.The article focuses on the normal and abnormal signaling processes in service request and puts forward the signaling processes design and realization of the service request procedure.The design is tested by the wireshark network analyzer and the results meet expectations.

    Closure Computation on Attribute Sets Based on PHP
    WANG Xiaobing1,YU Sijiang2
    . 2014, 27(3):  28. 
    Abstract ( 767 )   PDF (483KB) ( 758 )  
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    The current program for computing closures on attribute sets is complicated and describes functional dependences indirectly.PHP is used to compute closures on attribute sets for addressing problems.Closure function is defined to compute closures on attribute sets,in which arrays represent functional dependences,and array functions in PHP realize set operations.The program example illustrates the initialization of functional dependence sets and the invocation of closure function.The PHP program is simple,short and easy to maintain.It can be interpreted independently or in HTML.

    Intelligent Pyroelectric Detectors Based on MSP430
    WAN Baoyue
    . 2014, 27(3):  31. 
    Abstract ( 828 )   PDF (695KB) ( 811 )  
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    In order to overcome the varying sensitivity of traditional pyroelectric detectors with changing ambient temperature,the low-power MSP430 microcontroller and high performance amplifiers are used t0 collect pyroelectric infrared sensor signal and the ambient temperature signal using efficient software algorithms real-time adjustment alarm sensitivity improvement in external conditions such as temperature changes,the cause of the alarm threshold sensitivity caused by falling or rising volatility issues,making the alarm system more sensitive and stable,thus a more intelligent alarm system.

    Test Bench for SHCAN61 Field Bus Instruments
    WANG Xingqiang
    . 2014, 27(3):  35. 
    Abstract ( 720 )   PDF (557KB) ( 669 )  
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    A test bench with automatic calibration and aging detection functions for SHCAN61 Field Bus intelligent instruments is proposed.The Field Bus is used for processing digital signals,and USB as the interface to PC.Experiment shows that this system realizes the designed functions and has the advantages of easy use,accuracy,stability and low cost.

    Design and Implementation of RT Terminal System Software in 1553B Bus Network
    ZHANG Qimin 1,SUN Jianbo 2,QUAN Yuntao 2
    . 2014, 27(3):  38. 
    Abstract ( 816 )   PDF (758KB) ( 650 )  
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    Based on the 1553B bus communication subsystem realized by using the 1553Bbus-chip BU-65170 and the 8-bit microcontroller,this paper discusses the improvement of the safety and reliability of the RT terminal system software.A detailed explanation of the implementation of important functions is shown in this paper,which highlights and analyzes a series of measures resulting in the improvement of the fault tolerance and self-correction capability of the system software.Protection is implemented in the security and reliability of the system software.

    Application of Fuzzy Control in Air Conditioning Control System
    ZHANG Jianlin1,DENG Xiaolong2
    . 2014, 27(3):  41. 
    Abstract ( 944 )   PDF (716KB) ( 682 )  
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    Some industrial air conditioning systems have nonlinearity and large inertia,and conventional PID control cannot ensure high precision and instant control.The fuzzy control technology is applied in this article with the design of Single Chip Microcomputer (SCM) and the software programming of control strategy implemented.The designed fuzzy controller achieves better control in the application in the actual control system in the air conditioning.

    Swarm Complex System Modeling Platform for the Establishment and Testing
    FANG Shoulin
    . 2014, 27(3):  46. 
    Abstract ( 893 )   PDF (572KB) ( 729 )  
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    Swarm is a kind of platform for Complex System.It reduces the burden of the model technology and rules the design of model.It is an fundamental significance for constructing swarm simulation plantform.Based on the thinking of Swarm as an Extension library of java,Swarm platform is constructed in Windows XP system.Jheatbugs is used to verified its correctness to establish the foundation of Swarm simulation development.

    Research on Recognition of Red Spider Based on Neural Network
    QIU Daoyin1,LI Junxia1,YANG Litao2
    . 2014, 27(3):  48. 
    Abstract ( 879 )   PDF (765KB) ( 616 )  
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    This paper introduces a method for recognizing jujube pest based on technologies of BP neural network and digital image processing for the automatic recognition of pests in preventing the jujube pests.Using image processing,this paper accomplishes the feature extraction combining with color characteristics and geometrical characteristics of jujube pest image.Using Matlab,this paper fulfills the training and testing of the neural network,constructs the automatic image classification,and realizes the automatic identification of insect pest images.Experiments on actual images show that proposed method successfully recognizes the most parking lines with a detection rate of 95.3%,which proves its effectiveness and robustness.

    Local Threshold and Boolean Function Edge Detection Algorithm Using CUDA
    YANG Hao
    . 2014, 27(3):  52. 
    Abstract ( 847 )   PDF (603KB) ( 699 )  
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    Edge detection is an important subject in image processing due to its importance in a wide range of applications.Massive parallelization of algorithms has become very popular in the recent years with the development of the programmable.Graphic Processor Unit,or GPU,has evolved into a highly parallel,multithreaded,many-core process or with tremendous computational power and very high memory bandwidth.A completely different concept is used in the local threshold and Boolean function based edge detection.In that case 3×3 blocks of the image are converted in bit blocks.Some patterns appearing in the bit blocks are considered as indicators of edge existence.This article introduces the principle of local threshold and Boolean function edge detection in detail and its implementation by using CUDA.This algorithm proves more effective and faster than traditional edge detection by comparing the time consumed.

    Design of Mine Communication Network Based on CAN and 485
    WANG Jiajia,YANG Chuanchuan,JIA Weigang
    . 2014, 27(3):  55. 
    Abstract ( 802 )   PDF (838KB) ( 656 )  
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    The paper designs a system communications network for underground mine protection.The network structure of the system employs 485 Bus to achieve interconnection of communication nodes,automatic address assignment,query on the number of nodes,fault detection and other functions.The system uses CAN bus for communication between the input and output module nodes that have been assigned addresses to realize underground environment monitoring.And the system can achieve long-distance communications with repeater.The network communication system is suitable for underground mine protection owing to its flexibility,automatic address assignment and other characteristics.

    Design of Video Surveillance System Based on Power Line Communication and Technology of Streaming Media
    LI Xiaowei,SONG Xuwen
    . 2014, 27(3):  59. 
    Abstract ( 980 )   PDF (758KB) ( 814 )  
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    This paper describes a video surveillance system based on power Line communication (PLC) and the technology of streaming media.The system takes S3C6410 as the central processing unit,achieves H.264 encoding on the video data captured by USB camera,packs the encoded data according to RTP and UDP,and then packs the data into PLC frame through the PLC modem and transports the data through the power line.The PC receives the data and displays the video in real time.Testing result shows that the system is low in cost,and meets the basic requirements of video surveillance and works well in ordinary power line environment.

    A Method for Digitizing Analog Filters
    HE Yajie
    . 2014, 27(3):  63. 
    Abstract ( 814 )   PDF (699KB) ( 874 )  
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    In signal processing,filtering has a direct impact on the accuracy of signals.While analog filters are fast but inflexible,digital filters are better but more complex.Based on an analog filter,a digital filter with the same function and adjustable parameters is designed,and exemplified by a second-order RC passive low-pass filtering circuit.The new design has the advantages over conventional analog and digital filters of simple algorithm and stability without the side effect of parasite parameters,precision and temperatures factors in the analog devices.

    Design and Implementation of Frequency Source Based on AD9911
    ZHANG Zhen
    . 2014, 27(3):  66. 
    Abstract ( 788 )   PDF (693KB) ( 822 )  
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    A program controlled frequency source based on MCU PIC18LF4520 and DDS AD9911 is designed and implemented.The frequency range is between 25 MHz to 75MHz.The system hardware and software design is elaborated,and the configuration of registers in AD9911 is introduced.The system design has simple peripheral circuitry and can conveniently control the output frequency,phase and working modes of AD9911.The experimental results show that the circuit can output signals with high precision,high resolution and low phase noise,meeting the design specifications of frequency synthesizers in communication systems.

    Design of Radar Echo Simulator Based on DDS Chip AD9852
    JIANG Zhichen
    . 2014, 27(3):  70. 
    Abstract ( 827 )   PDF (671KB) ( 708 )  
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    Based on the principle of direct digital frequency synthesis technology DDS,this article analyses the influence of the core factors of DDS output frequency.On this basis,the computer simulation proves the digits of the phase accumulator of DDS output frequency.This article introduces a DDS chip AD9852,and based on this chip,this article proposes a design of radar echo simulator,then analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of DDS chip.The design can be stable to produce 70 MHz carrier frequency of radar echo,needed to properly simulate the echo.

    Design and Implementation of Zero Intermediate Frequency Transmitters
    QI Xiuzhen
    . 2014, 27(3):  73. 
    Abstract ( 860 )   PDF (648KB) ( 733 )  
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    The circuit structure of Zero Intermediate Frequency (ZIF) transmitter consists only of DAC and IQ modulator without the need for the intermediate frequency signal generator,frequency synthesizer (PLL/VCO),intermediate frequency RF mixer or a SAW filter and so on.It reduces the complexity and the system size,weight,power consumption and the cost compared with the two times frequency conversion scheme.However,ZIF scheme leads to severe sideband and local oscillator leakage.In this paper,we analyses the principle of ZIF transmitter and the existing problems,and find a method for suppressing unwanted sideband and local oscillator leakage.An implementing scheme for ZIF transmitter is presented.The engineering testing shows that the 64QAM modulation mode has better key index than the 3GPP specification with EVM<4% and ACPR>53 dB.

    Design of a Monopole Antenna with Dual Band-notched Performance for UWB Applications
    LI Xiaodong
    . 2014, 27(3):  77. 
    Abstract ( 1056 )   PDF (646KB) ( 589 )  
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    A novel printed monopole antenna with band-notched performance is proposed for UWB applications.,Impedance bandwidth covering UWB band is obtained by using a modified trapezoid strip.In addition,two trapezoid slots are inserted on the FR4 substrate to produce two notched bands at 3.5 GHz and 5.5 GHz.The measurement results show that the proposed antenna can guarantee a wide bandwidth from 2.56 to 10.61 GHz (VSWR<2) with dual notched band at 3.18~3.76 GHz and 4.4~5.75 GHz.Omnidirectional radiation patterns over the operating bands are obtained by the fabricated antenna.

    Phase Detection in Phase-shift Laser Range Finder and Error Analysis
    ZOU Mengcheng
    . 2014, 27(3):  80. 
    Abstract ( 948 )   PDF (532KB) ( 536 )  
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    With the advantage of well directional property,good monochromaticity and strong coherence of laser,laser range finder can be used in many fields.Because the measurement of phase difference has high accuracy,it has become the best choice of laser range finder.In this paper,in consideration of the characteristics of laser range finder,several improvements are made for measurement of phase difference.On the premise of ensuring accuracy,the recourse consumption is reduced,so that the laser range finder can have faster response and more resources for function extension.Simulation results verify that the proposed approach achieves desirable results with a flexible program design on requirement of different precisions.

    Convex Type Dual band Filter Resonant Structure and Theoretical Analysis
    CUI Dongnuan1,2,WANG Jianhui3
    . 2014, 27(3):  83. 
    Abstract ( 618 )   PDF (540KB) ( 623 )  
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    Filters are essential components in modern communication system,and the dual or multi-frequency filter has become the focus of study.A new type of resonator is put forward,and its mode is analyzed.A dual-band filter is made by adding an open stub at the bottom of the resonator in weak coupling by proper coupling method.The experimental results of the fabricated filter measured by network analyzer agree well with the simulation results.

    An Adaptive MTI Filter Design Based on the Rule of Minimum Power
    DING Rongxin
    . 2014, 27(3):  86. 
    Abstract ( 660 )   PDF (502KB) ( 492 )  
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    In the reception of radar echo signals,the existence of clutters results in interference in the detection and extraction of useful signals,so they should be suppressed.This paper proposes an adaptive MTI filter based on minimum power criterion design.Simulation waveform shows that the method can effectively filter out the clutters.

    Design of Bootload for TMS320C6455 DSP Based on the External Flash
    KANG Kang,HE Meng
    . 2014, 27(3):  89. 
    Abstract ( 710 )   PDF (391KB) ( 686 )  
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    The load modes of TMS320C6455,especially the external ROM boot mode is described.A method for loading the user program via the data written in the Flash without data conversion is introduced with TMS320C6455 as an example.An experiment of LED lights blinking verifies the feasibility of automatic program loading.

    Design and Simulation of Circular Polarization Microstrip GPS Antenna Miniaturization Based on HFS
    ZHAO Yifei,YANG Yang,YANG Hongliang,ZHAO Yimin
    . 2014, 27(3):  91. 
    Abstract ( 961 )   PDF (803KB) ( 788 )  
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    This paper describes the design of a miniature GPS,which is circularly polarized microstrip square patch antenna.Miniaturization can be achieved by the method of grooving the surface to reduce the size of the antenna and improve the overall performance of the antenna.Implementation of circular polarized antenna works by cutting angle.Optimization analysis concerning all parameters of the antenna has been made by HFSS,and the effects of various parameters on the performance of the antenna are presented,which provides reference for further study of dual or multiple frequency circularly polarized antenna.The GPS microstrip antenna in design is 20% smaller in size than the circularly polarized microstrip antenna at the same frequency,S11 is -17 dB at the center frequency 1.575 GHz,and the bandwidth and axial ratio are improved.The design meets the requirements of the application of GPS.

    FPGA-based QPSK Modulation Implementation and Demodulation Verification for Beidou System
    GAO Liang,SONG Maozhong
    . 2014, 27(3):  95. 
    Abstract ( 742 )   PDF (731KB) ( 601 )  
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    A Beidou QPSK signal modulator is designed and implemented to develop the Beidou satellite navigation analog signal source.This paper analyzes the Beidou satellite navigation system B1 band signal quadrature phase shift keying modulation signal,and implements QPSK signal modulator on FPGA hardware platform based on the idea of software radio.The correctness of modulation and demodulation hardware unit is verified by power spectrum test on QPSK demodulation and simple serial information transmission.

    Roll Angle Identification of Projectile Based on External Illuminators
    SHANG Yu,ZHANG Jianghua
    . 2014, 27(3):  99. 
    Abstract ( 654 )   PDF (734KB) ( 606 )  
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    Roll angel information of projectile is needed in trajectory correction.This article proposes the use of the phase-locked loop to track the change in received waveform with roll and then to measure the roll angle.The PLL outputs frequency when steady as roll speed and phase as the roll angel.Semi-physical experiments are implemented to verify this algorithm.Errors of roll angle solved by PLL are analyzed by simulation,which shows that the errors of roll angle solved by PLL do not accumulate over time.

    Channelization Based on Polyphase Filter Bank and Its Implementation on FPGA
    ZHANG Cheng,WU Qin,HE Lang
    . 2014, 27(3):  102. 
    Abstract ( 856 )   PDF (742KB) ( 624 )  
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    In the complex electromagnetic environment of modern electronic war,a military receiver requires the ability to handle multiple channel signals,namely full probability interception.Channelized receiver can divide a complex signal into multiple channels,so as to facilitate the subsequent processing.This paper uses a simplified structure to verify the feasibility of this channelized scheme,which saves logic resources.

    Impact of Load Coil in Coupled Resonant Wireless Power Transmission
    HE Dong,WANG Jingmei,SHI Hongbin,ZHANG Chuanwei
    . 2014, 27(3):  106. 
    Abstract ( 1022 )   PDF (652KB) ( 689 )  
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    This paper introduces the working principles of the wireless power transmission system in coupled-mode with same resonance frequency coils.The effect of loading coil on system efficiency and distance is analyzed and simulated using Matlab.A wireless energy transmission system circuit is designed to verify the validity of the theory.The results are compared with theoretical analysis to provide references for the improvement of wireless power transmission distance and the optimized design of coil.

    Design and Implementation of a Broadband Signal Blocking Devices
    DONG Fengjun,YAO Guang
    . 2014, 27(3):  109. 
    Abstract ( 890 )   PDF (596KB) ( 797 )  
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    A broadband signal-blocking technology is used for wireless signal blocking to solve the problem that common block devices can work only in a specific narrow band which leads to the failure in full blocking of external exceptional signals.The system hardware and software designs are given.Experiments show that the product can implement better signals blocking.

    Decoder Design for QC_LDPC Codes with Large Girth Based on FPGA
    HU Juan,YANG Fengfan
    . 2014, 27(3):  112. 
    Abstract ( 910 )   PDF (734KB) ( 672 )  
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    This paper proposes a design of regular check matrix for QC_LDPC codes with girth 8 with the side effects of cycles,especially the short cycles,on the performance of LDPC decoders in consideration.The proposed construction algorithm for QC_LDPC codes designs 3 sub matrices with different given shifting functions,then combines them into one matrix,and finally expands the transposed matrix of the combination matrix into a desired parity check matrix using the identity matrix and the cyclic shift matrices of the identity matrix randomly.The layered-decoding algorithm is used for the special structure of check matrix.The design can achieve decoding with 1/2 code rate,3456 code length,and (3,6) regular QC-LDPC codes.The whole design is synthesized under EP3SL340 FPGA of Altera Stratix III.

    Design and FPGA Implementation of Timing Synchronization with High-speed Data Transmission
    ZHU Juanjuan,YAO Yuancheng,QIN Mingwei
    . 2014, 27(3):  117. 
    Abstract ( 808 )   PDF (709KB) ( 573 )  
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    This paper discusses a timing synchronization algorithm based on digital squared filtering which applies for burst communication in the case of high-speed data transmission.First,in the case of high speed data transmission,a parallel structure is used to implement the loop of timing error estimation,which greatly reduces the system requirements for the clock and is easier to implement.A comparison between the proposed timing control circuit and those in other papers indicates that the timing control circuit in this paper is better.Finally,the paper provides Matlab simulation and hardware implementation,whose results show that the loop circuit can realize the timing synchronization efficiently in any case.

    Implementation of Virtual Serial Port Communication Based on USB
    LI Zhimin
    . 2014, 27(3):  120. 
    Abstract ( 951 )   PDF (651KB) ( 733 )  
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    The communication between computer and microcomputer based on USB interface through virtual serial port is designed and implemented by taking a highly integrated USB bus adapter chip CH341 as kernel.The data transmission between host computer and lower microcomputer is achieved through MSComm control in the Windows environment.The design and implementation of USB to virtual port are illustrated in detail,and the system control software based on the virtual port is developed.Experiments show that the virtual serial port communication can meet various requirements of serial communication with simple structure,high speed,and easy software development.

    Research on Mono-pulse Imaging for Rader Seeker
    WU Yilong,LIU Hui,MO Guorui
    . 2014, 27(3):  123. 
    Abstract ( 697 )   PDF (621KB) ( 896 )  
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    Conventional imaging methods,such as SAR and DBS have high requirements for angles,and radar imaging of the target takes a long time and projectile trajectory is also complicated.In this article,the monopulse techniques are combined with high distance resolution to analyze the stationary and moving targets in the image,and the feasibility of a single pulse is imaged in this case is verified.

    Design of a General Timer Based on Auxiliary Clock in VxWorks
    SHAN Qing
    . 2014, 27(3):  126. 
    Abstract ( 754 )   PDF (530KB) ( 698 )  
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    The OS of VxWorks finds wide applications owing to its good real-time performance and  flexibility,but it dose not offer a common timer.This paper designs a common timer module based on auxiliary clock on the base of analyzing of several timers by utilizing interrupt of auxiliary clock and creating time-node and node list for an accurate timer for VxWorks system in certain airborne launcher's controller.Testing results show that the common timer module realizes the ms-timer,which satisfies the requirement of accurate timer for certain airborne launcher's controller.

    A Battery Management System of Electrical Vehicle Based on CAN Bus
    ZHANG Zhengyang,LIU Fang
    . 2014, 27(3):  129. 
    Abstract ( 981 )   PDF (718KB) ( 616 )  
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    A viable battery management system for controlling the use of Lithium-ion battery is described combining the technologies of ARM,MCU and Bus.The system uses STM32F107 as the main control panel and C8051F500 as the sub control panel to achieve the functions of battery protection,inconsistency inhibition and history data recording via communication using CAN bus.The system has low cost,good stability and accuracy,and fast response.

    Progress and Applications of 2 μm Tm3+-doped Fiber Laser
    LIU Bobo,DENG Zehuai
    . 2014, 27(3):  133. 
    Abstract ( 834 )   PDF (833KB) ( 633 )  
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    The 2 μm Tm3+-doped fiber laser has important applications in the medical care,laser radar,telemetry and optical parametric oscillation.In recent years,the output power of 2 μm TDF laser has achieved KW-level.This paper introduces the basic structure and the working principles of the thulium-doped fiber laser,rreviews and analyzes the development of thulium-doped fiber laser,and finally envisions the future development of thulium-doped fiber lasers.

    Research on and Simulation of Radar Receiver Based on ADS
    MEI Yongsheng,YANG Nan
    . 2014, 27(3):  136. 
    Abstract ( 738 )   PDF (898KB) ( 656 )  
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    In this paper,because the problem of,the performance parameters of the receiver system is analyzed in the study of the electromagnetic sensitivity of the receiver.Some important performance indexes are obtained by choosing the real integrated radio frequency module as well as simulating the sensitivity,selectivity and the budget gain of the receiver using ADS.These indexes provide valuable references for the study of receiver's Electromagnetic sensitivity.The modularization function of ADS greatly shortens the time spent on system design and research and reduces the cost.

    A Test Instrument for Digital to Analog Converter Board
    YAN Yisong,LI Taotao,YAN Chenyang
    . 2014, 27(3):  140. 
    Abstract ( 594 )   PDF (640KB) ( 381 )  
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    This paper designs precision test instrument for testing the accuracy and resolution of A/D converter board based on FPGA and ARM platform.This instrument has been verified by the actual test with a source resolution up to 20 μV and an accuracy up to 16LSB.

    Wireless Sensor Networks Distributed Multi-sensor Target Detection
    WEI Peng,LU Zanzan
    . 2014, 27(3):  143. 
    Abstract ( 700 )   PDF (651KB) ( 584 )  
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    Target detection in wireless sensor networks is an important application.This paper proposes an energy efficient distributed multi-sensor target detection method using multiple nodes collaboration different from the conventional single-objective approach to target detection.Algorithm 1 shows the discrete time series method,by which the target is obtained by the detected distance and multi-node information of the detected nodes is polymerized.Algorithm 2 finds an optimal transmission of data packet transfer path to the sink aggregate node.A comparison is made between the single node and multi node detection target collaborative detection through simulation of the probability of the target and the weight coefficient for the average energy consumption of the detection node.The optimum target detection data sampling period is given.

    Comparative Analysis of Torrential Rainfall Detection Equipment
    WANG Bo1,LI Zhicheng2
    . 2014, 27(3):  147. 
    Abstract ( 671 )   PDF (580KB) ( 616 )  
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    The tipping bucket rainfall counting method for rainfall measurement adopted by the meteorological department is limited in accuracy because of its working principles and structure,which affects the quality of observation data of rainfall and restricts the use of rainfall data.This paper studies 0.1 mm and 0.5 mm double tipping rain sensors,and analyzes the relationship between the data collected by the two sensors based on a review of recent error tipping bucket research.

    Abnormal Electricity Monitoring Based on Local Power
    CHEN Yangsheng,LI Mengchan,WANG Lipeng,SHANG Qiufeng
    . 2014, 27(3):  150. 
    Abstract ( 678 )   PDF (630KB) ( 439 )  
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    The unbalanced load results in electrical energy measurement error,which is commonly attributed to the line loss in master substation.This article presents a judgment of whether users have unbalanced load by and quantifies the measurement error.The voltage and current value in the power system of three-phase four-wire system power are calculated and the actual power is compared with the local power reference obtained by three-phase four-wire system power calculation to judge the existence of unbalanced load.It is important for anti-theft and loss reduction in power system.Simulations show that there is measurement error when users have unbalanced load,which results in a inadequate measurement of the electric energy consumed by such users.

    Overview of Indoor Localization Techniques and Applications
    ZHAO Rui1,ZHONG Bang2,ZHU Zuli2,MA Le2,YAO Jinfei2
    . 2014, 27(3):  154. 
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    As a hotspot of currently research,indoor localization has great influence on the military,economy and everyday life.This article introduces the application,development and main difficulties of indoor localization,presents some major indoor localization algorithms,including surrounding information,scene analysis,geometry localization,and various localization techniques derived from the localization algorithms,and finally points out some key issues which are urgent to be solved and some related breakthrough.


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