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15 May 2014 Volume 27 Issue 5
    U-TDOA Positioning Method for TD-SCDMA Systems
    LI Wenlong,JIAO Ronghua,LI Xiaohui
    . 2014, 27(5):  1. 
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    The multi-BS positioning technology in TD-SCDMA systems is studied in this paper.The uplink-time difference of arrival (U-TDOA) poisoning method based on synchronous uplink (SYNC-UL) of TD-SCDMA systems is proposed,which doesn't need to improve the functionality of mobiles.To achieve the uplink synchronous of TD-SCDMA system,the length of SYNC-UL is twice as much as SYNC-DL.It is easy to measure the distance using correlation peek based on SYNC-UL.Then establish hyperbola mathematical model to calculate mobiles' position.From the simulation results we can conclude that the positioning performance of U-TDOA is better than the performance of the positioning method using SYNC-DL.

    VTS Radar Plane Position Indicator Display Optimization Based on Direct3D Technology
    LIU Duo,HUANG Xiaoyan
    . 2014, 27(5):  5. 
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    A scheme of optimal flexible ordinate transform and echo real time processing and display is proposed to address the VTS radar raw data processing and display.Real-time receive data loss problem has been solved using circle queue and two-level cache architecture.Through PPI display based on Directx3D technology and far region compensation method combined with multi-graph layer fusion solve the image defects caused by ordinate transform,the echo display is corrected,and echo displaying in multi-range switch is achieved.VTS radar PPI display based on Directx3D technology saves system resource with higher display speed and better display effect.This method is verified in practical project.

    Scenario Design and Engineering Implementation of Long Time Integration Technology
    YANG Zhen,ZHANG Hui,WANG Yuanyuan,LI Jian
    . 2014, 27(5):  8. 
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    Long time integration is an effective way to detect low observable targets by making use of the target energy during a period of time to improve the SNR and increase the coverage of the radar at the same time.But a long integration time causes range migration,Doppler spread or some other issues.The existing compensation algorithm has large amount of calculation and fails to keep the balance of performance and computational complexity.This paper presents a method of coherent integration in segment followed by noncoherent integration between segments.It has a good detection performance with lower amount of computation.Tests on hardware show that this algorithm can be efficiently and conveniently applied to engineering implementation.

    Adaptive Waveform Selection in Target Trace of Phased-array Radar
    YAN Chao,WANG Binbin,CHANG Yan
    . 2014, 27(5):  12. 
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    In view of the inconsistency between detectability and energy consumption of the phase-array radar,this paper uses an adaptive waveform selection method based on predicted detection probability.Simulation on a radar model proves that this method can effectively economize the energy while ensuring the detection probability.

    Real-time Processing and Implementation of Search Radar Video Data
    LI Long
    . 2014, 27(5):  15. 
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    In order to reduce the effects of the large amount of radar target echo noise,strong clutter and high false alarms in search radar video data,a set of data processing algorithms,including plot clotting,track establishment and management,are designed in this paper.These key technologies are also realized via software implementation.Through radar field test,the proposed data processing algorithms and real-time performance are validated which can meet the radar system requirements.

    EMC Analysis of Micro Air Vehicle Communications System
    WANG Xiu,YANG Bo,HUANG Zhanwu
    . 2014, 27(5):  18. 
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    This paper studies the UHF band radio interference of s-band receiver,establishes the s-band receiver RF front end electromagnetic model,which are then simulatedand optimized,and puts forward a UHF Radio carrier frequency modification method by which the higher radio harmonic interference is refrained very well.A comparison of the experimental data verifies the validity and accuracy of this method.

    Electron Beam Melting Furnace High Voltage Power Supply for Polysilicon Purification
    SU Zhenyuan,WEI Shouqi,WANG Zongkun,LIU Zhijie,ZHU Sisi,FEI Xiang
    . 2014, 27(5):  22. 
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    Polycrystalline silicon Polycrystalline silicon is the most widely used semiconductor material.With the rapid development of science and technology,high-quality semiconductor Polycrystalline silicon has become the foundation of modern information industry.Using electron beam melting furnace to produce and purified polysilicon is a new technique and has been successfully applied to the preparation methods of industrial production because of its efficient pollution-free preparation and energy conservation features.A voltage regulation using controlled reactor power control scheme is put forward considering the characteristics of electron beam melting furnace high voltage power supply controller and the existing shortcomings,and its working principle and characteristics of the circuit are introduced in detail.Experiments show that this control method can accurately adjust the output voltage with a natural current limiting characteristic,which fully achieves the performance indicators.The whole system is stable and reliable,and overcomes the disadvantages of traditional thyristors that use AC phase shifting to regulate voltage control.It has the advantages of small input resistance,large short circuit impedance,high power factor and efficiency,and no public nuisance to power grid.

    Study on Surface Dark Current of CCD
    LEI Renfang,WANG Yan,GAO Jianwei,ZHONG Yujie
    . 2014, 27(5):  26. 
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    The temperature characteristic and γ radiation characteristic of surface dark current of CCD is investigated.The results indicate that surface dark current is primary resource of CCD dark current and primary influencing factor of CCD dark current nonuniformity.Interface state density located Si-SiO2 interface increased with γ radiation dose,considerably increased surface dark current.That is primary influencing factor of increase on the CCD dark current after γ radiation.

    Deign of a High-performance Crystal Oscillator
    BAO Yuwen,XU Yao
    . 2014, 27(5):  29. 
    Abstract ( 917 )   PDF (696KB) ( 624 )  
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    A Pierce crystal oscillator for RTC is presented.Amplitude regulation scheme is used to improve the stability of the output frequency and amplitude and to lower power consumption.The design increases the output frequency calibration circuit to improve the accuracy of the output frequency.Working principles are analyzed,and a practical circuit is implemented using CSMC 0.5 μm-5 V CMOS process.The simulation results are presented.

    Design of High Performance High-power Filter Based on PCB
    NIU Shaowu
    . 2014, 27(5):  33. 
    Abstract ( 669 )   PDF (516KB) ( 610 )  
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    This paper introduces an implementation technology which can reduce the insertion loss and increase the out-of-band rejection for high-power filter.The design of high performance high-power filter becomes quite easy by choosing reasonably the structure of filter,related components and PCB material;fully considering the influence on different frequencies by PCB wiring in the process of designing filter;adopting uniform transmission line design for PCB wiring as far as possible;and combining the theory with engineering practice.

    Contrast Research of Phase Noise Testing Method for an Anti-vibration Crystal Oscillator
    CHEN Zhongping,XU Shuyi,JIA Yingqian,WANG Zhankui
    . 2014, 27(5):  36. 
    Abstract ( 1002 )   PDF (1033KB) ( 513 )  
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    At present,the phase noise of the crystal oscillator under vibration is required in electronic systems.The testing result can be abnormal according to the regular phase noise testing method for am anti-vibration crystal oscillator.The phase noise and testing method of the anti-vibration crystal oscillator under vibration was analyzed in this paper.In contrast to testing we find out some problems,that there can be the different testing result in the different test system.The test result can be according in the different test system,through system setting and experimental verification.

    Analysis of Microwave Power Synthesis Efficiency
    ZHAN Ting,WANG Jie,ZHANG Juan
    . 2014, 27(5):  39. 
    Abstract ( 657 )   PDF (546KB) ( 697 )  
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    The principles of power synthesis are introduced,and a more efficient calculation method for transmission loss is proposed based on an analysis of the reflection transmittance and effect of microwave attenuation.The calculation method is accurate and rapid in operation.A comparison with real product design verifies the accuracy of this method.

    Design of and Experiment on Solid State Modulator Switch
    WANG Xuming,ZHANG Jianhua,TAO Xiaohui
    . 2014, 27(5):  42. 
    Abstract ( 677 )   PDF (696KB) ( 609 )  
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    With the technical development of semiconductor and its application,the solid state modulator switch is applied in high voltage pulse modulator more and more.The design of solid state modulator switch module is based on Metallic Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) directly in series in this paper.The technical difficulty of the switch module is discussed.Finally an experiment on two switch modules in series is carried out and their waveforms are given.

    Research on Millimeter-wave Frequency Doubler Attenuation Assembly
    CHANG Wei
    . 2014, 27(5):  45. 
    Abstract ( 646 )   PDF (560KB) ( 543 )  
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    This article describes how Ku band signal can be shifted to Ka band signal by frequency doubling.A large dynamic attenuation in Millimeter wave is designed.The output signal adopts accurate digital attenuation to control the large dynamic change,achieving fine concatenation match through two stages of waveguide isolator,and finally realizes ultra attenuation dynamic range to secure 90 dB attenuation in Ka Band.A prototype is produced and tested with good performance parameter,meeting the requirement of project specification.

    Three-channel Function Signal Generator Based on FPGA
    HU Shanwei
    . 2014, 27(5):  48. 
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    This project adopts the DDS(Direct Digital Synthesis) technology to design a high-precision three-channel phase-adjustable function signal generator,with external D/A devices and AFS600 mixed-signal FPGA of FUSION Series manufactured by Actel Corporation.This function signal generator transmits parameters to the FPGA through the serial port,implementing the Synthesis operation of all kinds of signals,with the MCU,LCD screen and keyboard as man-machine interface.With the High-speed D/A Converter and signal conditioner,this signal generator is capable of desired high-precision phase-adjustable function signal outputs,such as sine,triangle,sawtooth,and PWM signals.All the functions mentioned above are tested,which show that they meet the design requirements.

    Implementation of Irregular LDPC Code Encoder FPGA
    XU Wei,YU Pai
    . 2014, 27(5):  51. 
    Abstract ( 703 )   PDF (962KB) ( 591 )  
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    This article implements the rules of a kind of low density parity check code (LDPC) on hardware.Under the condition of certain constraints,a check matrix structure is used to reduce the encoding complexity of LDPC codes.The design principle,structure and basic composition of the encoder are given.All module functions in the entire coding process are achieved using FPGA Verilog hardware description language on the Quartus  9.0 software platform and the ALTERA Cyclone series EP1C6Q240C8N as the hardware platform.Matlab simulation verifies the correctness of the encoding results.This encoding scheme can be flexibly applied to systems of different code lengths.

    Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna with High Gain
    WEN Yaotong,LIU Nengwu,ZHANG Zhiya
    . 2014, 27(5):  56. 
    Abstract ( 823 )   PDF (590KB) ( 636 )  
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    A wideband circular polarization antenna with high gain is designed.The antenna is excited by two coaxial baluns,and the feed network consists of a Wilkinson power divider and a 90°phase difference comparator,which can provide equal amplitude but in phase quadrature in the wideband frequency and improve the impedance bandwidth and AR bandwidth.By adding a rectangular ring around the bowtie dipoles,the effective radiation area is enhanced,and thus the gain of the antenna is improved.The measured results show that the proposed antenna can achieve a measured impedance bandwidth of 63.6% for VSWR≤1.5 and a 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth of 66.7%.The antenna has a stable peak circularly polarized gain better than 9.4 dBi ranging from 1.1 GHz to 1.6 GHz.

    Design of a Dual-band Omni-directional Antenna with Horizontal Polarization
    ZHANG Xiang,PAN Jin
    . 2014, 27(5):  59. 
    Abstract ( 677 )   PDF (560KB) ( 1261 )  
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    This paper analyzes a dual-band omni-directional antenna with horizontal polarization.A group of printed dipole antenna is used for omni-directional radiation.Double radiation arm and trapezoidal feed line are used to realize dual-band in 2.4~2.5 GHz and 5.1~5.9 GHz with return loss of generally less than -10 dB.The gain in low frequency is 1.2 dB,and its un-roundness is 0.2 dB.The gain in high frequency is 2.4 dB,and its un-roundness is 2 dB.The antenna has simple structure and good omnidirectivity.

    Vertically Log-periodic Antenna Near-field Coupling Impact Analysis
    CAI Zhiyuan,GONG Yongming,ZHANG Feng
    . 2014, 27(5):  62. 
    Abstract ( 687 )   PDF (660KB) ( 387 )  
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    The influencing factors of the vertical log-periodic dipole antenna near-field coupling are analyzed based on the method of moments.Such factors in practical engineering as front mast,oscillator tail lines and other near-field coupling are precisely calculated and some advices are proposed.It is of referential value in the accurate calculation of this kind of antenna and engineering.

    Research on Dual-band Conformal Thermostability Navigation Antenna
    LI Fang
    . 2014, 27(5):  65. 
    Abstract ( 660 )   PDF (858KB) ( 700 )  
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    For high temperature environments antenna design problem,this paper expatiates the operating principle and design method of conformal antenna,designs a dual-band conformal thermostability navigation antenna with dual-port.Some thermostability material is used in a L-band antenna structure,and a C-band antenna is integrated in it.This kind of antenna requires a smaller installation space and less material.This design has good electrical specifications on dual-band by simulation and optimization.

    A Satellite Mobile Communication Dual-polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna
    LIANG Jianfeng,CHANG Lixin,LIU Ning,HAN Guodong
    . 2014, 27(5):  68. 
    Abstract ( 743 )   PDF (815KB) ( 659 )  
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    In order,a multi-stack micro-strip patch antenna with dual ports excited by H shaped aperture slots is designed to meet the low profile requirement of satellite correspondence antenna.A Parasitic patch is set on the top layer to improve the performance.Then each parameter of antenna is analyzed,and the VSWR satisfies the requirement of satellite correspondence with bandwidths of two ports being 22% and 30.6% (VSWR<2) respectively.Isolation of two ports is higher than 30 dB,and the beam width of dual polarization of two ports are greater than 70 degrees.The simulation results show that the antenna can be applied in engineering projects,and can be a satellite communication terminal to realize receiving and transmitting function.

    Elimination of the Influence of Switching Power Supply on CDMA Receiver by LMS Algorithms
    ZHANG He,BU Gang,LUO Qiuxian
    . 2014, 27(5):  72. 
    Abstract ( 951 )   PDF (712KB) ( 584 )  
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    This paper researches the influence of the switching power supply frequency on the CDMA receiver in an attempt to extend the applications of the switching power supply.The noise of switching power supply and the common methods for reducing noise are analyzed.A CDMA communication system model is set up by the simulink with single frequency sinusoidal as the noise.The adaptive trap and LMS algorithm are used to handle the noise in the receiver baseband with a general decrease in BER,EVM entry value of varying degrees after processing.This method provides the basis for switching power supply in the field of RF.

    A Design of PCI Driver Based on MPC8280
    WANG Min
    . 2014, 27(5):  76. 
    Abstract ( 920 )   PDF (575KB) ( 581 )  
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    Software working in MPC8280 only supports 40 Mbit·s-1 switches in its high-point because the highest frequency of MPC8280 is 450 MHz,which cannot meet the capability of multiple 1 000 Mbit·s-1 switches.The design with MPC8280 connected to BCM56514 via PCI interface can break through the barrier.The PCI driver based on MPC8280 make it possible for the MPC8280 to configure and control the BCM56514 and update the router table in the BCM56514 with PCI memory space read/write,PCI configuration space read/write and PCI I/O space read/write,and bring MPC8280 into applications in the routers and switches.

    Design of Simple Intelligent Vehicle System Based on AT89S52
    BI Haiying,SHI Wen
    . 2014, 27(5):  80. 
    Abstract ( 792 )   PDF (651KB) ( 645 )  
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    This paper introduces the design of a simple intelligent vehicle system controlled by SCM AT89S52.The system detects the car using the signal angle sensor and controls the car to do corresponding movement on the seesaw.The board level angle of the angle sensor is zero so as to keep the car in balance,and the induction surface reflection type photoelectric sensor guide line is adopted to keep the car right on the track and guide the car in a specified region to successfully climb up on the board.RT1602 liquid crystal display system is used as system display to show the row spacing,and time.A stepping motor power supply directly powered by 12 V batteries is used as the power source,with a bridge circuit composed of STA475 transistors integrated chip to drive.The MCU ensures the normal operation of the car according to the signals of each module.

    Low Power Flow meter Based on MSP430
    WANG Qiangneng
    . 2014, 27(5):  84. 
    Abstract ( 681 )   PDF (600KB) ( 510 )  
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    A low power loss flow-meter is designed based on the MSP430F149 to cope with the high electricity expense caused by the lack of the external power supply or by the use of wires.Both hardware and software designs are presented.The system power source adopts two levels conversion:a logical judgment selecting circuit is designed for the primary conversion,as the pressure drop DC/DC and LDO have their respective advantages in transfer efficiency under different conditions;in the secondary conversion,LDO is used to lower the power line voltage of the simulation part so as to save the power loss.The system temperature and the pressure compensation modules adopt the intermittent sampling pattern,which cuts off constant current supplies in the sampling gaps from the upper voltage end using SPDT (single pool double throw),thus reducing the system power loss.The system mean current reduces to 470 μA,which meets the battery power supply design requirement.

    Design of a Basic Motor Control Circuit Based on PLC Technology
    ZONG Bingchen
    . 2014, 27(5):  88. 
    Abstract ( 758 )   PDF (396KB) ( 528 )  
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    Mainly the basics of PLC is introduced,and a design of three-phase asynchronous positive inversion motor control circuit based on PLC technology is presented.Experiments show that by changing the phase sequence,this design realizes the reversing motor control.However,the automation level of the design is yet to be improved to deal with the inconvenience in practical operation.

    Decoding of Quantum LDPC Codes over Unbalanced X-Z Channel by Using Feedback
    HAN Chunlei,WANG Yunjiang
    . 2014, 27(5):  90. 
    Abstract ( 685 )   PDF (532KB) ( 543 )  
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    For quantum LDPC codes widely studied recent years,the decoding strategy based on the feedback sum-product (FSPA) we proposed before is investigated for the case of unbalanced X-Z channel.And the analysis of the corresponding performance of the FSPA is given.The study shows that under the unbalanced X-Z channel model,the feedback strategy could still exploit the syndrome comparison,the error style of the frustrated checks,the channel character analysis to adjust the probabilities distributions of the concerned information bits,thereby significantly improving the decoding ability of the sum-product decoder.Finally,simulation results verified our statements.

    Design and Implementation of ICE Debug Module IP Soft core
    JIANG Zhengbin,ZHOU Jianwei,LI Dean,PENG Chongmei,YUAN Guoshun
    . 2014, 27(5):  93. 
    Abstract ( 831 )   PDF (595KB) ( 618 )  
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    Because of the restrictions of IP soft core of different processor chips,no complete program debugging module is available for the development of online emulators,resulting in a long development cycle and high cost.An IPcore with debugging module is designed in this article by combining top-down and bottom-up design methods.The design is verified on the XC3S700AN combining EM78P447S.

    Design and Implementation of a Robot Vision System Based on ATMEGA8 and CCD
    LIANG Weige,HAO Weidong,LI Jing
    . 2014, 27(5):  96. 
    Abstract ( 754 )   PDF (742KB) ( 535 )  
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    This paper puts forward a new simple and cheap and stable line inspection method based on the combination of ATMEGA8 and CCD for the line tracking robot,with emphasis on the analysis of the ATMEGA8 for image processing and the technical difficulties.The design of hardware circuit and software is also described.Experimental results show that the system is capable of reliable identification line.

    Application of Data Integration Technology in the Intelligent Community Management Platform
    KUANG Quan,ZHAO Bei
    . 2014, 27(5):  99. 
    Abstract ( 732 )   PDF (686KB) ( 673 )  
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    The present intelligent community management systems are expounded,and the system integration problems in the operation and management of the community are analyzed.A B/S architecture with JSP as the server development tool is proposed,which combines the distributed database technology to implement subsystem data publishing and integrated data platform.

    Design of a Multi-sensor Data Fusion Simulation System
    HUI Liming
    . 2014, 27(5):  103. 
    Abstract ( 648 )   PDF (1046KB) ( 649 )  
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    This paper introduces a multi-sensor data fusion simulation system,constructs the simulation circumstance of fusion arithmetic,and gives a detailed description of the architecture,work principles,system functions and Evaluation model.The basis idea and system design method are put forward.Versatile and practical,this system can not only study the performance of different data fusion algorithms,but also evaluate overall performance of the data fusion system.

    Implementation of Web-based Document Online View
    CHEN Yindi,LI Yinfeng
    . 2014, 27(5):  107. 
    Abstract ( 914 )   PDF (700KB) ( 802 )  
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    This paper proposes a document online browsing system on the web.With this scheme,users can browse all kinds of documents on web.This paper focuses on the efficient conversion of the document file into SWF file and the use of the FLEXPAPER open source platform for online browsing documents.Major functions such as document conversion,document transfers,and online browsing are achieve with good effects.

    Design of a Classroom Mobile Inspection System Based on Arduino and Android
    CAI Zhuofan
    . 2014, 27(5):  110. 
    Abstract ( 890 )   PDF (865KB) ( 853 )  
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    This paper introduces the construction of mobile inspection system using Arduino single-chip computer in the classroom.The hardware composition,function module and software design are described in detail.With Arduino Mega 2560 single chip microcomputer as control,the data of running state of the equipment and other relative information are acquired,and then the information are sent to the Android display device through the bluetooth communication module.The system has the advantages of low construction cost,high reliability and good practicality.

    Signal Collection and Analysis System Based on Visual C++ Platform
    SHAO Xuefei
    . 2014, 27(5):  113. 
    Abstract ( 578 )   PDF (669KB) ( 765 )  
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    A signal collection and analysis system with Visual C++ platform is designed,the signal data collection via serial communication using Activex controls is introduced,and such functions a data processing,display and storage are realized.This system has the characteristic of high flexibility and good expansibility.

    Design of Z85C30 Device Driver in Embedded Linux
    XU Shuangxia,ZHOU Yonggang
    . 2014, 27(5):  116. 
    Abstract ( 705 )   PDF (551KB) ( 626 )  
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    This paper introduces the development of Z85C30 Device Driver which supports multi-protocol and multi-chip.First,a brief introduction to Z85C30 chip and registers is given.Then,according to the design frame of driver of character device,the implementation of this driver is expatiated.The pointer of core interrupt process function is used to connect with the fact core interrupt process function of each protocol,which individualizes the process of each protocol.For on-line configuration of parameters of each channel in user space,the sccs_ioctl function is designed as API.Finally,a module of Z85C30 device driver is obtained via cross-compiling.

    Artificial Mark Recognition in Augmented Reality Based on FPGA
    LI Cong
    . 2014, 27(5):  119. 
    Abstract ( 862 )   PDF (807KB) ( 752 )  
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    In a mark points based augmented reality system,one need to register a computer-generated virtual object to the corresponding mark point in order to achieve the effect of augmented reality,which makes mark recognition the key process of the system.An artificial mark recognition system with FPGA as the core is designed in the paper.Video capture is implemented by adopting TRDB-D5M camera and DE2-115 FPGA development board;then a binary processing,an algorithm based on the mark abstraction of connectivity area and a method based on template match are adopted on the color image with marks,which realizes artificial mark recognition.The experiments results and analysis show the method can recognize the marks accurately and has important practical significance for the further development of the augmented reality system.

    Research on and Implement of Code Generation for 32-bit MIPS Processor
    YIN Juan,SUN Qiaozhi
    . 2014, 27(5):  123. 
    Abstract ( 930 )   PDF (739KB) ( 680 )  
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    Based on LCC compiler and embedded system 32-bit MIPS processor,this paper implements the LCC successful transplantation on the target machine MIPS processor.In order to quickly and effectively generate code generator,according to a new target machine features,the original macro assembly instructions area modified through splitting instructions and transforming between instructions,and then the machine description file is rewritten such that the generated object code has smaller instruction set and more compact structure.The opcode of object code is reduced by about 50% and the translation from the C code into assembly code is successfully done and passes the validation of MIPS simulator PCSPIM,while the performance is greatly improved.Finally,the machine code is generated using the assembler to verify the machine code on Xilinx ISE built-in simulation software (ISim) with a successful transplantation of LCC onto MIPS processors.

    Study and Implementation of Rationality Verification of SysML State Chart
    YU Xiaofeng,WANG Lisong
    . 2014, 27(5):  127. 
    Abstract ( 750 )   PDF (794KB) ( 492 )  
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    The formal semantics of SysML enables system rationality model validation before the generation of the target system,which reduces the target system test cycle.The SysML state diagram is used to represent the behavior of the system model,and behavioral model verification is performed in terms of architecture and business needs.The state diagram architecture is authenticated in accordance with the standard Semantic specifications and performance requirements.On the other hand,with the correctness of the architecture assured,the behavior of the state diagram objects is available by the implementation of the state diagram with action specification language.And then the business requirements are verified by judging whether the behavior is the desired one.The effectiveness and feasibility of this method is verified by experiments.

    Permanent Magnet BLDCM Control System Based on PIC18F4431 Microcontroller Design
    HE Qi,MAO Panfeng
    . 2014, 27(5):  132. 
    Abstract ( 804 )   PDF (1007KB) ( 654 )  
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    With the wide application of brushless DC motor to the field of motion control,a new generation of brushless DC motor control technology has been developed,combined with single chip microcomputer control technology.This paper introduces this new type of brushless DC motor control system based on PIC series MCU,with high performance and low cost.By using a high-speed A/D acquisition module,PWM module and hardware multiplier of PIC18F4431MCU,the system can control the generation of PWM signal,rotor position detection and achieve the speed and current double closed-loop incremental PI control.In addition,the realization of hardware and software of the control system is expounded in this paper.The results of simulation experiment show that the system has excellent dynamic performance and control precision.

    Attitude Visualization and Modeling of Three-axis Stabilized Satellite
    DAN Peng,ZHANG Dingbo,WANG Dan,LI Wanshan
    . 2014, 27(5):  136. 
    Abstract ( 811 )   PDF (694KB) ( 782 )  
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    The visualization rendering and modeling of three-axis stabilized satellite is an important part in the visualization implementation of the spaceflight launching and motioning system.,A general expression mode of the attitude rendering of these spaceflights is given in this paper,and the visualization rendering type,modeling method,and the implementation with OpenGL of euler angle and quaternion attitude are studied.Then attitude sphere rendering and modeling of attitude motion are presented.Finally,some visualized pictures using these methods are illustrated,which indicate that the rendering is practicable and of applicative value in attitude rendering and implement of 3D scene system of aerocraft flight.

    Feature Selection for Target Discrimination in SAR Images Based on Genetic Algorithm
    LIU Xuan,WANG Weihong,TANG Xiaobin,LI Peng
    . 2014, 27(5):  140. 
    Abstract ( 798 )   PDF (784KB) ( 571 )  
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    This paper offers a reliable and accurate method based on Genetic Algorithm for the application of feature selection in SAR images.First,19 common features used in target discrimination are described.Then,the GA is applied to select the best feature series from the 19 features.In the fitness session,weights and thresholds of the original fitness function are adjusted.The experimental results show that adjusting weights and thresholds of the fitness function accelerates evolution and increases the accuracy and effectiveness of feature selection.

    SURF Algorithm for Medical Image Based on Feature Points Matching
    LIU Qiao,YANG Zhengkun,LI Han
    . 2014, 27(5):  145. 
    Abstract ( 692 )   PDF (878KB) ( 555 )  
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    Image feature points fast matching in the minimally invasive surgery offers the computer real-time image recognition capabilities and improves the success rate.However,this algorithm is computationally intensive and time-consuming.A SURF-based fast image feature points matching algorithm is proposed.First,the image feature points are extracted using the SURF algorithm,then the main direction and the descriptors of the feature point are determined via Hear wavelet transform and the improved nearest neighbor search algorithm is used for matching feature points,and finally the first 50 to 100 points with the highest similarity are compared selected according to actual needs for matching experiments.Experimental results show that the algorithm has good robustness,high speed and high matching accuracy,and is of value in medical image processing.

    Applications of Rubber Strip Width Control Base on Image Processing
    LU Jiangjiang,LI Shiling
    . 2014, 27(5):  149. 
    Abstract ( 918 )   PDF (743KB) ( 709 )  
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    At present,the strip extruding machine control system is mostly open loop,and the controlling effect is poor when it is disturbed.This paper presents a double loop feedback control method based on image processing.The applications for PC are written using the Canny filtering and mathematical morphology.The feedback control system is performed by PID method.Matlab simulation proves that this method has a good control effect.

    A New Lattice Reduction Aided Detection Method for MIMO System
    LIU Xiaoguang,BAO Yachuan,SU Bin,ZHANG Fan,DUAN Shigang
    . 2014, 27(5):  153. 
    Abstract ( 976 )   PDF (729KB) ( 633 )  
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    Multiple Input Multiple output (MIMO) is one of the essential technologies in LTE,and the use of MIMO signal detection requires a reasonable compromise between complexity and detection performance.High detection complexity caused by increasing number of antennas is greatly decreased by applying lattice theory in MIMO detection.There are two typical lattice theories:LLL algorithm and Seysen algorithm.Based on these lattice reduction theories,we introduce OSIC and K-best,and thus propose KLR_OSIC,a new MIMO detection algorithm based on lattice reduction.Compared with the existing detection algorithm based on lattice reduction,our algorithm improves the performance of MIMO detection with a lower calculation complexity.As shown in our simulation,the new algorithm achieves a better performance than the existing algorithms based on lattice reduction,and is closer to ML algorithm.

    Optimal Fusion Method for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Under Noise Power Uncertainty
    DUAN Peng
    . 2014, 27(5):  156. 
    Abstract ( 706 )   PDF (750KB) ( 658 )  
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    The performance of spectrum sensing is investigated under the noise power fluctuation circumstances.Firstly,the lowest signal noise ratio (SNR) of which the base user can work normally is analyzed.And,when the SNR is larger than the twice parameter of noise power fluctuation,the reliable detection information can be attained.Moreover,under noise power fluctuation environments,the optimal fusion method can be proposed for cooperative spectrum sensing.Theoretical analysis and experiments show that the better performance of the proposed data fusion scheme can be attained in various SNR situations,especially in the larger difference of SNR environments.

    UWB Indoor Precise Positioning Algorithm Based on Multilayer Neural Network
    SHEN Dongdong,LI Xiaowei,SONG Xuwen,HE Zhinan
    . 2014, 27(5):  161. 
    Abstract ( 756 )   PDF (693KB) ( 386 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    This paper selects the IEEE802.15 channel model proposed by IEEE802.15 channel model working group for the UWB indoor positioning.The time difference of arrival (TDOA) and angle of arrival (AOA) hybrid algorithm improved by utilizing multi-layer neural network technology based on the study of the conventional indoor positioning algorithm.The positioning accuracy is analyzed by simulation.The simulation results show the positioning accuracy is considerably improved.

    Optimal Radius Selection Based on Differential Evolution to Avoid Energy Hole
    YANG Jinlong,CHEN Dan
    . 2014, 27(5):  164. 
    Abstract ( 724 )   PDF (781KB) ( 487 )  
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    For the problem of energy hole in the wireless sensor networks (WSN),this paper analyzes the relevant models of the WSN in which the nodes are distributed uniformly in a ring.Based on the analysis,we transform the energy hole problem into the problem of finding the maximum energy consumption of the nodes with the largest energy consumption of different emission radius.The objective function with discontinuous,un-derivable and multi-peaks characteristics is defined.Finally,this optimization problem is solved using the composite DE (CoDE) algorithm.The correctness and feasibility of this method is verified by simulation experiment.

    Cognitive Radio Network Sub-carrier Allocation Algorithm based on Generalized Nash Bargaining Solution
    LIU Wei,ZHU Yu,QI Feng
    . 2014, 27(5):  169. 
    Abstract ( 777 )   PDF (585KB) ( 433 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    Based on GNBS (Generalized Nash Bargaining Solution),for an OFDMA-based cognitive radio system a dynamic sub-carrier allocation scheme is proposed,which can make fair sub-carrier allocation for two secondary networks with different number of users and different service requirement.The proposed scheme can significantly outperform the resource allocation scheme which is based on Max-Min fair algorithm.

    An Improved LEACH Algorithm
    LI Hui,PENG Zhenrui,DONG Haitang
    . 2014, 27(5):  172. 
    Abstract ( 903 )   PDF (694KB) ( 344 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The paper puts forward an improved algorithm of the LEACH in wireless sensor network to effectively balance energy of nodes.Cluster heads are selected if the distance between cluster heads is greater than a certain threshold,since the cluster heads are distributed evenly in the monitoring area.Then a comparison is made of the improved algorithm of the LEACH with the LEACH in the aspect of energy consumption.Simulation results show that the improved algorithm of the LEACH is superior in balancing energy of nodes and extending the network life.

    Research on Network Traffic Anomaly Detection Based on PGM-NMF
    WANG Xiaoge
    . 2014, 27(5):  175. 
    Abstract ( 638 )   PDF (733KB) ( 411 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    A network traffic matrix is established based on information entropy by sampling the network traffic data and filtering noise by spatial variability of wavelet.the PGM-NMF algorithm is used for network traffic matrix decomposition to build residual matrix based on nonnegative subspace method.The network traffic anomaly detection is achieved by Q plot.Theoretical and experimental results show that PGM-NMF has a better detection performance than PCA in network traffic anomaly detection.

    Research on Multi-objective and Deadlock-free Ant Colony Optimization Scheduling Algorithm with Petri Nets
    HUI Xiaolong,GAO Zhenxin
    . 2014, 27(5):  179. 
    Abstract ( 823 )   PDF (609KB) ( 350 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The ant colony algorithm has been widely used to solve scheduling problems.Deadlocks and multi-objective problems are important researches for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP).This paper studies the RCPSP with deadlocks and multi-objective problems.Petri net model is established to study the ant colony scheduling algorithm.Optimization goal is the shortest time of finishing emergency project and all projects.Simulation results show the effectiveness and usefulness of the algorithm.

    Research on Set-Membership Estimation for Linear System
    ZHANG He
    . 2014, 27(5):  182. 
    Abstract ( 670 )   PDF (560KB) ( 335 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    This paper studies two set-membership estimation algorithms in the linear system:Norton set-membership estimation algorithm and OBE set-membership estimation algorithm.Norton algorithm optimizes time updating stage and measurement updating stage according to the minimum volume or minimum trace,but with huge amount of computation and low efficiency.OBE algorithm optimizes measurement updating stage according to minimum radius bounding ellipsoid,so as to simplify the algorithm and reduce the amount of calculation.Finally,OBE algorithm is compared with the traditional kalman filtering algorithm and Norton set-membership estimation algorithm.The simulation results prove the effectiveness of OBE algorithm.

    Improved WDV-HOP Algorithm and its Simulation Based on DV-HOP
    TANG Hui,JI Ping
    . 2014, 27(5):  186. 
    Abstract ( 607 )   PDF (911KB) ( 379 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The location information of the sensor node is of great importance.Node localization is one of the key technologies in Wireless Sensor Networks.In this paper,an improved algorithm WDV-HOP base on the DV-HOP is proposed.A Matlab simulation model based on WDV-HOP is made.Results demonstrate that our proposal improve node location accuracy by about 3% in with the same amount of anchor nodes and the same radio range.In addition,the WDV-HOP algorithm reduces the number of anchor nodes,reducing the network hardware cost.

    Simulation Based on HLA for Satellite Communication
    SHANG Qinghua
    . 2014, 27(5):  189. 
    Abstract ( 885 )   PDF (700KB) ( 642 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    A simulation framework for satellite communication based on HLA is put forward based on the basic concept and logical structure of HLA.The system structure,the information process and the modeling process of federates of satellite communication system are described in detail.The simulation system is capable of dynamic simulation of satellite communication link,presenting the real system environment effectively.

    Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Mamdani Type Intuitionistic Fuzzy Inference System
    SUN Qi,NA Yan,LIU Bo
    . 2014, 27(5):  193. 
    Abstract ( 777 )   PDF (782KB) ( 342 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    An image fusion algorithm based on Mamdani type Intuitionistic fuzzy inference system is proposed.The algorithm first makes inference rules and builds inference system according fusion,and then intuition fuzzes each pixel of source images and sends them into the inference system.The membership degree and non-membership degree of each pixel of fusion image are obtained after reasoning.Finally gray value of each pixel of fusion image is obtained by defuzzying the intuitionistic fuzzy set and making up the fusion image.Experiment results show the effectiveness of the algorithm.Because of the better description of uncertainty,the algorithm presented in this paper has a better fusion result than the one based on fuzzy inference system.


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