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15 November 2014 Volume 27 Issue 11
    Heterogeneous Network Selection Algorithm Based on the Subjective and Objective Weights
    WANG Junxuan,WANG Lei
    . 2014, 27(11):  1. 
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    A heterogeneous network selection algorithm based on the subjective and objective weights is proposed for the selection of the most optimal access network.On the user side,analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is used to determine the user preference.On the network side,criteria importance by intercriteria correlation (CRITIC) method is used to determine the network objective state.Finally,the user preferences and network status collaborative judgment are integrated for the choice of the optimal network by technique for order preference by similarity to an ideal solution (TOPSIS).Simulation results show that the method can comprehensively consider the user service type and network performance objectively,and improve the rationality and validity of network selection.

    FMCW Radar System Simulation
    SONG Xingxiu,ZHANG Jian,ZHANG Taifu
    . 2014, 27(11):  5. 
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    The paper based on FMCW radar system model,the first use Matlab to triangular wave modulation simulation,and were in perfect condition and the effect of noise and phase error on the signal processing of the triangular wave modulation FMCW radar system simulation.The simulation results illustrate the impact of noise and phase error on the system,and analyzes the main factors affecting the results of the simulation process,and ultimately summed up the advantages and disadvantages of FMCW system,which provides a point of reference for the deepening of the specific application of FMCW radar.

    AOA Tracking Algorithm Based on Genetic Neural Network
    XIE Chuan,MAO Yongyi
    . 2014, 27(11):  8. 
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    An Angel of Arrival (AOA) tracking algorithm based on genetic neural network is proposed in this paper.The genetic algorithm is able to correct the initial weights of Back Propagation (BP) neural network and then the Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) errors can be corrected by the optimized GA-BP neural network.Furthermore,the positions of Moblie Station (MS) can be estimated by Least-Square (LS) algorithm combined with correlation detection gate,and the MS is tracked by the Kalman filter.The simulation results show that the algorithm performance is better than traditional BP neural network and LS algorithm in the dynamic state.

    Improved Processing Algorithm Based on Sparse Form of Beam
    ZHENG Chaohui
    . 2014, 27(11):  11. 
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    Based on the study of adaptive algorithm based on the formation of anti-jamming algorithm beam LCMV algorithm,this paper proposes a processing beam forming algorithm based on sparse processing.Small step traversal is applied to the angle of incidence between the interference and the target,while long stride traverse to other angles,greatly reducing the computing in pattern formation.Simulation results verify its correctness and show that operational efficiency is improved while meeting all performance requirements.

    A Three-channel Weight Perturbation Spectrum Estimation Direction Finding Method
    YANG Hongliang,ZHAO Yimin
    . 2014, 27(11):  14. 
    Abstract ( 641 )   PDF (488KB) ( 502 )  
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    A three-channel weight perturbation spectrum estimate direction finding (DF) method is proposed in this paper.Firstly,the array covariance matrix is obtained by the weight perturbation algorithm.Then the eigen-structure based algorithm is employed to estimate the direction of arrivals.Coherent signals in correlated environment are coped with by spatial smoothing technique.The performance of the proposed method is evaluated by extensive simulations,and computer simulation results verify that the method provide more effective and robust estimation results.It offers a practical approach to direction finding in the case of fewer receivers being used.

    A Security Hierarchical Routing Protocol Based on Node Trust Value
    MA Bao,WANG Huifang
    . 2014, 27(11):  17. 
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    Wireless sensor networks are susceptible to various attacks,so it is necessary to guarantee routing security during data transmission in wireless sensor networks.In this paper,a cluster head selection algorithm based on node trust value,node degree and node distance is put forward to select the backbone nodes of the network to establish a reliable hierarchical route.Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively evaluate the node value and solve the security problem of hierarchical route,which is caused by node failure or capture.

    Design and Implementation of an Improved GEP Algorithm for Synthesis of Reversible Logic Circuits
    XIA Kaixiang,ZHAO Shuguang,FANG Cong,YU Jinglong
    . 2014, 27(11):  21. 
    Abstract ( 729 )   PDF (776KB) ( 495 )  
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    Reversible logic synthesis serves as the fundamentals and difficult parts in the design and realization of reversible logic circuits.The paper proposes an improved Gene Expression Programming (GEP) algorithm which is able to automatically obtain the most simplified ESOP expressions used for constructing reversible logic networks based on anticipated logic functions.Preliminary experiments indicate that this algorithm is simpler and more effective than existing ones in certain cases.

    P Code Direct Capture Algorithm Based on FFT and its FPGA Implementation
    ZHAO Jinlei
    . 2014, 27(11):  25. 
    Abstract ( 643 )   PDF (570KB) ( 528 )  
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    The research on the global positioning system (GPS) is of great significance in improving China's own satellite navigation and positioning system.This paper mainly researches P code direct capture algorithm based on FFT and simulates its result with Matlab.The algorithm is implemented on Cyclone III EP3C120F80C8 chip.

    Adaptive Audio Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Energy Value Ratio Adjustment
    SHI Lei,YANG Bailong,WANG Yi,ZHAO Wenqiang
    . 2014, 27(11):  28. 
    Abstract ( 726 )   PDF (695KB) ( 510 )  
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    For the problem that most audio information hiding algorithm can't resist the mobile communication system coding,a new audio information hiding algorithm that can be used in GSM was proposed using the features that before and after RPE-LTP coding adjacent phonemes energy value ratio remained essentially the same,and according to the masking effect of human auditory system,selected the high energy speech segment adaptively to hide information.The experimental results show that,the algorithm has better robustness to the conventional type of attack,especially has very strong resistance for the GSM speech coding system;algorithm has excellent safety for using Logistic sequence to encrypt the secret date;the SNR of the voice carrying secret date is higher,so the algorithm has good transparency.

    Mobile Augmented Reality Technique Based on E-FAST-SURF Algorithm
    WANG Huixing
    . 2014, 27(11):  32. 
    Abstract ( 710 )   PDF (536KB) ( 565 )  
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    In view of the current limited processing capability of mobile devices hardware,the E-FAST-SURF algorithm is adopted for planar marker detection and tracking to improve the mark collection of feature points matching speed.Experimental results show that the algorithm can better adapt to the complex environment for the extraction of enhanced reality applications on mobile devices marked characteristics.

    The quick square root algorithm of micro-processor
    JIANG Hongwei,LIANG Fen,LIU Jigang
    . 2014, 27(11):  35. 
    Abstract ( 848 )   PDF (499KB) ( 525 )  
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    As the low speed and low efficiency calculation in use of traditional algorithm when equivalent calculation on valid value in automatic control system of microprocessor-based,which have an adverse impact on real-time control algorithm and results.A new square root algorithm was introduced base on iterative algorithm in view of the deficiency.The new algorithm can complete the square root calculation quickly,which only use a simple integer division after confirming initial value.The calculation results have high accuracy,it reduced calculation circle and increased calculation efficiency much more.Then,the algorithm has not limited by the microprocessor internal resources,it can apply to common MCU of 8 bit,16 bit and DSP etc,and it also can support integer square root and float square root calculation.

    Simulation of Laser-generated Ultrasonic in Layered Planes by Spectral Element Method
    XU Baiqiang,LI Junmin,XU Guidong,ZHANG Jingxiu
    . 2014, 27(11):  38. 
    Abstract ( 743 )   PDF (857KB) ( 588 )  
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    This paper presents a novel derivation to construct dynamic stiffness matrix of wave generation and propagation in homogeneous medium forced by line distribution loading.The frequency response of element dynamic stiffness is studied in both non-boundaries and boundaries conditions.Dynamic stiffness of the spectral element layer and the throw-off element as a function of frequency parameter for the plane case are given.An element matrix similar to finite element is proposed,which is referred to as spectral finite element method.And the modeling is established according to the matrixes to obtain the displacement response.

    Automatic Detection of Low-efficiency Solar Cells Based on Image Processing
    LI Jixun
    . 2014, 27(11):  42. 
    Abstract ( 817 )   PDF (842KB) ( 594 )  
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    As a clean and environmentally friendly green energy,solar energy has great application prospects.For various defects in the production of polysilicon solar cells,especially the low efficiency cells,the automatic detection of low-efficiency solar cells based on image processing is studied.This article first introduces the concept of polysilicon solar cells and the reasons of inefficient cells,after which a method for automatic detection of electroluminescence based on image processing is analyzed.Detection principles and detection system structure are described.The peak binarization methods for gray electroluminescence image binarization processing are studied,which avoid the given threshold binarization processing deficiencies.The algorithm's implementation process is also described.This designed automatic detection method provides theoretical basis for the detection of low efficiency solar cells.

    Research on the Model and Simulation of the Aerial Target Infrared Scene
    MA Haifeng
    . 2014, 27(11):  45. 
    Abstract ( 736 )   PDF (562KB) ( 563 )  
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    The effect of spectral emissivity on the simulation validity in the simulation scene of the aerial target is studied,and the GPU simulation is performed on the OGRE-based infrared scene platform.Atmospheric radiation and environment radiation of the infrared scene are calculated by Modtran.The data are sampled using the computer parallel processing technology of GPU to simulate the effect of the atmospheric radiation transfer and reflection characteristics.Finally,the fine simulation of the aerial target scene is achieved on the OGRE-based infrared scene simulation platform.The simulation results show that the method effectively increases the simulation authenticity only with a slight decrease in simulation efficiency.

    Design of Infrared Image Acquisition System Based on FPGA and USB2.0 High Speed Interface
    ZHANG Dongyang,BO Zhentong
    . 2014, 27(11):  48. 
    Abstract ( 770 )   PDF (931KB) ( 600 )  
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    The high speed data transmission system is introduced for the collection and storage of infrared images from medium-wave infrared thermal imager in real-time based on the core processor FPGA.The system consists mainly of USB firmware program,FPGA control program and PC software.High speed data transmission on USB interface is accomplished by the control of on-chip FIFO in the USB2.0 CY7C68013A working in Slave FIFO mode.The experimental results indicate that the system is high in speed and accurate in transmission.

    Storage IO Tuning for Linux Kernel in Mobile Terminal
    ZHAO Mengru,SU Ruidan
    . 2014, 27(11):  52. 
    Abstract ( 687 )   PDF (868KB) ( 568 )  
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    The mobile intelligent terminals based on Linux are commonly equipped with flash as storage devices,and Linux kernel provides system parameters which can be set to tune input and output of storage device in user space via Sysfs interface.This paper presents a practical scheme to optimize input and output of storage while analyzing the storage IO requirement of mobile terminal system.The scheme covers three aspects:Page Cache Pre-reading,IO scheduling strategy and EXT4 file system.Test on OMAP4 platform shows that the proposed scheme significantly improves the performance of storage IO.

    Research on Control System of Piezoelectric Actuator
    LIU Hongfei,LI Ketian,CHEN Wu,ZHAN Donghai
    . 2014, 27(11):  56. 
    Abstract ( 643 )   PDF (529KB) ( 501 )  
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    To meet the demand of fast tool servo (FTS),a control system of piezoelectric actuator is designed.Upon receiving the control command from PC,the microcontroller sends the control signal to PA96,and the actuator is controlled by the signal amplified by PA96.The results indicate that the system has the advantages of high precision,simple structure and stable performance.

    Design and Implementation of a Vending Machine Based on FSM
    LIU Zhong,WU Jialong,LI Kun
    . 2014, 27(11):  59. 
    Abstract ( 732 )   PDF (889KB) ( 550 )  
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    This paper presents a method for the implementations of a vending machine based on FSM (Finite State Machine).By using the finite state machine and VHDL,this paper describes the process of vending machines,a series of moves such as system initialization,administrator settings,merchandise selection,confirmation of the cancellation,coin processing,financial statistics,goods updating and changing.Meanwhile,the system also includes a button coding module,scanning display module and voice prompts module,allowing users to operate in a more humane way.

    Research on Virtual soldiers' Emotion Calculation Model Based on Order-Personality
    YANG Kan,GONG Qingge,WANG Danqing
    . 2014, 27(11):  62. 
    Abstract ( 627 )   PDF (690KB) ( 523 )  
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    The complexity of virtual soldiers' personality and their emotional states are greatly influenced by the order.The specific characteristics of order and personality are described by parameters with order attributes and personality attributes defined.The order and personality factors are used to define the emotional stimuli factor,and the relationship between order,personality,and emotion.Finally the Order-Personality calculation model of virtual soldiers' emotion is established.The results show that the model works well in calculating the virtual soldiers' emotional state by the driving of the order and personality.

    Design of a Medical HD DVR System Based on the DM36X
    CHEN Peng,CHEN Wenyi,YANG Hui,LI Ang
    . 2014, 27(11):  66. 
    Abstract ( 729 )   PDF (764KB) ( 1063 )  
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    In order to meet the requirement of portability of modern medical video equipment,a digital video DVR system is designed based on the DaVinci TMD320DM36x technology.The system could be connected with the external digital camera,or convert the external virtual camera through A/D.The integrated video processing subsystem could capture the real-time video,transmit through network and play the video which has resolution of 1 280×1 024 and transmission speed of 30 frames per second.Besides,with the portable hard disk connected,the function of recording and replay of large video could be realized,which enables portable medical video equipment to store and play video of high resolution and mass storage.

    Integrated Logistics Support of Underwater Vehicle Based on Prognostics and Health Management
    LIU Fengwei
    . 2014, 27(11):  70. 
    Abstract ( 707 )   PDF (836KB) ( 575 )  
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    Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) is the core implementation technology for integrated logistics support of weaponry,which not only enables online monitoring of weapon equipment performance status,but also achieves all-round failure prediction,diagnosis,evaluation,decision and processing.PHM is introduced and summarized generally,and an integrated logistics support for underwater vehicle is presented with the basic principles and the system component explained.Finally,the supportability,work modes,and command control are discussed.The system is of great significance in the construction of integrated logistics support system for underwater vehicles and in improving equipment intact rate and combat performance.

    Exploration and Implementation of C++ and Matlab Mixed Programming Model
    FU Huilin,LIU Fang,DENG Youyan
    . 2014, 27(11):  73. 
    Abstract ( 710 )   PDF (586KB) ( 586 )  
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    A Matlab and Visual C++ mixed programming model is studied with the dynamic link library and Matcom software as medium to realized parameters reception on C++ interface to invoke Matlab matrix operation and  drawing graphics functions,which facilitate the dissemination of the calculation results of Matlab function and the generated graphics through the Visual C++ onto the network.

    Research on Manufacturing Execution System in Cement Production
    SUN Li,WANG Jing
    . 2014, 27(11):  76. 
    Abstract ( 566 )   PDF (1111KB) ( 615 )  
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    The manufacturing execution system is the bridge between enterprise resource planning and process control system and the key to the process industrial integrated automation system based on the three-layer structure of ERP,MES,and PCS.According to the characteristics of cement production,the system structure and function of cement production process of MES are analyzed,and an MES function module is designed.Practice results show that the implementation of concrete implementations of MES information fusion and through real-time information and enterprise resource planning lower process control realizes the optimization of operation and management optimization and optimal control of cement production process,and improves the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

    Design of University Graduates' Employment Information Service Platform Based on the Web
    YOU Jinchong,LI Yinfeng,YOU Wujing
    . 2014, 27(11):  81. 
    Abstract ( 772 )   PDF (1065KB) ( 629 )  
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    In view of the actual needs of graduates,enterprises and the employment office staff in the current employment work,this paper describes the design and implementation of a university graduates' employment information service platform based on the Web.This platform is based on the B/S mode and built in the environment of "Linux+Apache+PHP+MySQL".In addition,the front-end UI uses jQuery,Ajax and etc.At the same time,the Zend Framework,which is based on MVC,is applied to the development of the website backstage.The new system facilitates the online interaction between graduates,enterprises and the school.

    Design and Implementation of Wireless Ordering System Based on Android
    WANG Na
    . 2014, 27(11):  86. 
    Abstract ( 673 )   PDF (672KB) ( 843 )  
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    A wireless ordering system based on Android is designed and implemented by integrating the technologies of Android mobile phones,WLAN and WEB .The B/S three-tier structure is adopted for development to reduce the coupling between modules and improve the maintainability of the code.The combination of the wireless order system and mobile phones not only saves the  hardware cost for businesses,but also optimizes the management process.

    Design of Voltage Monitoring Function for ARPA Navigation RADAR
    LI Mingli,YANG Chuanchuan
    . 2014, 27(11):  89. 
    Abstract ( 621 )   PDF (739KB) ( 530 )  
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    The ARPA Navigation RADAR has been used for target detection,ship positioning,navigation and sailing avoidance for safe navigation purpose,enabling automatic target acquisition and tracking.The dontrolling system is one of the core parts of the Navigation RADAR.Based on the FPGA-based ARPA Navigation RADAR,the voltage monitoring function is designed by the use of A/D converter named TLC0838.Experiments show that the design meets the requirements.

    Application of Moved Ticket Checking System in the Passenger Station
    YANG Hongjun
    . 2014, 27(11):  92. 
    Abstract ( 577 )   PDF (916KB) ( 568 )  
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    Manual ticket checking in the passenger station is inaccurate and has many drawbacks.To solve this problem,it is proposed that the technologies of WiFi,Bar Code,and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID),be integrated to establish a Computer Network.Software is developed and electronic technologies are adopted for real-time ticket checking.

    Design of Self-balancing Two-wheeled Vehicle Control System Based on STM32
    JI Pengfei,ZHU Yan,CHENG Chuantong,DU Xiao
    . 2014, 27(11):  96. 
    Abstract ( 1024 )   PDF (750KB) ( 1045 )  
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    This paper presents a design of self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle based on a STM32F and a digital motion sensor (MPU-6050).Kalman-filtering algorithm is used to fuse the gyroscope and accelerometer signal in order to get the optimal estimate of vehicle attitude angle and angular velocity.The self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle control system is achieved by digital PID algorithm which controls PWM signals of two DC motors.Experiments show that the two-wheeled vehicle can stably achieve self-balancing and simple movement under remote control.

    Process Administering of Software Testing Based on V-Model
    WEI Yinying,WANG Huanzhang,PI Jianjun,YU Yanwei
    . 2014, 27(11):  100. 
    Abstract ( 756 )   PDF (511KB) ( 525 )  
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    The software-testing model is the base of software-testing task,also a reasonable software-testing process is an important guaranteeing to improve software-testing quality.The paragraph finds its shortage by introducing and analysing of software-testing process based on V-model in V-model and GJB5000A system,and provides a more reseanable and more effective software-testing process combining current practise of software-testing project.The flow manages a series of activities of software-testing process better,and improves efficiency and quality of software-testing.

    Analysis and Design of A Compact UWB Loop Antenna
    QIAO Long,MA Shiwei,DING Xu
    . 2014, 27(11):  103. 
    Abstract ( 630 )   PDF (527KB) ( 521 )  
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    An ultra wideband antenna with a rectangular loop is designed.The antenna consists of two parts of resonance radiation,a loop and slot cycle,which achieves the ultra-wideband.The high-frequency electromagnetic simulation software HFSS simulation shows that the operating frequency of the antenna is 2.8~4.85 GHz and the input return loss is less than -10 dB,with a universal indicator pattern,return loss of the antenna given,which indicates that the antenna design is effective and feasible.

    LED Power Driver Circuit Design
    WANG Junyong,ZHANG Li,LIU Xingsheng,LI Hui,DU Xiangwu
    . 2014, 27(11):  106. 
    Abstract ( 688 )   PDF (556KB) ( 580 )  
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    The paper describes the development,advantages and prospects of wind-solar street lamps with focus on the design of the power drive circuit based onLF-F301 circuit according to the work criterion of LED.An analysis of the principle of the whole drive circuit is made.Finally,the lifetime and power utilization of wind-solar LED street lamp drive circuit are improved by optimizing the combination of the switch circuit and battery protection circuit.

    Application of Low Pass Filter and Orthonormalized Functions Decomposition Algorithm in Magnetic Target Detection
    YANG Yong,CHE Zhen,SHI Chao
    . 2014, 27(11):  109. 
    Abstract ( 677 )   PDF (677KB) ( 556 )  
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    Magnetic anomaly signal of magnetic target is low frequency signal by the analysis of time and frequency characteristic and SNR is low in magnetic anomaly detection.A new algorithm is proposed using FIR low-pass filter integrated into orthonormalized functions decomposition algorithm.Firstly constrained least square FIR filter is designed to filter the high frequency noise in the raw signal by the analysis of filter characteristic.Then the disposed signal is decomposed by orthonormalized functions decomposition algorithm to increase SNR.The simulation result demonstrates the method can filter the high frequency noise and increase the SNR to improve the detection ability of magnetic objects.

    Fast Filter Design Method Based on the Y Parameter
    LI Gang
    . 2014, 27(11):  113. 
    Abstract ( 593 )   PDF (564KB) ( 669 )  
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    The 3D full wave simulation of filters for coupling coefficient extraction is time-consuming and it is difficult to converge the extraction result.A method for extracting coupling coefficient based on the Y parameter of equivalent circuit is proposed and used in the extraction of the aggressive space mapping algorithm to improve the efficiency of filter design.A design example of a 4 cavity coaxial cavity filter is provided.Simulation results are in good agreement with the theory of electromagnetic filter synthesis results,confirming the validity of the proposed method.

    Research on Drain Voltage of Inverse Class F Power Amplifier
    ZHANG Rui,LI Jianxin
    . 2014, 27(11):  116. 
    Abstract ( 834 )   PDF (626KB) ( 572 )  
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    Inverse Class F power amplifiers improve efficiency of microwave circuit by adjusting waveform of drain voltage and current.For a better understanding of the nature,the waveform of drain voltage and current are analyzed theoretically and simulated.The result shows that if only the second and third harmonics are considered with the second harmonic and fundamental wave voltage ratio k=1/4,the drain voltage waveform is the most flat and the drain voltage tends to be a half-sine.Finally,an inverse class F power amplifier with k=0.271 is designed and the actual circuit is manufactured,with a peak power-added efficiency of 71% and an output power of 36.33 dBm.

    Application of a New Type of Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor MLE20/MJD20 in Class A Power Amplifier
    WANG Dongqi
    . 2014, 27(11):  120. 
    Abstract ( 793 )   PDF (649KB) ( 898 )  
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    A new class A power amplifier based on symmetric complementary differential amplifier circuit is designed and developed in the view of the shortcomings of traditional class A power amplifier with complex and poor circuit.The new power amplifier reduces the output impedance of the power amplifier and improves the driver power and stability of the circuit by adopting MLE20/MJD20 insulated gate FET as its current amplifier tube and by proper design of the parameters in differential input,the voltage amplification and output.

    Implementation of the Teleport Hardware Platform
    SUN Tingting,XU Zhanqi,WU Longbin,XIAO Yongwei,MA Tao,GUO Yantao
    . 2014, 27(11):  123. 
    Abstract ( 671 )   PDF (796KB) ( 726 )  
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    A converged satellite and terrestrial broadband communication network based on long term evolution (LTE) has the complementary advantages of satellite networks and terrestrial networks.Therefore,it achieves larger coverage.A teleport is a bridge that interconnects satellite networks and terrestrial networks together.Through the analysis of the function and performance requirements of the teleport hardware platform,three schemes suitable for Satellite-Teleport hardware platform are proposed on the basis of the hardware platforms of the existing network processor,professional multi-core processor and PowerPC processor.Therefore,suitable solutions can be chosen according to different applications.

    Analysis of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Radar Receivers
    LI Bei
    . 2014, 27(11):  128. 
    Abstract ( 718 )   PDF (1014KB) ( 662 )  
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    The widely used superheterodyne radar receivers suffer from the spurious interference severely.An analysis of EMC is given by using the ADS to present the behavioral model of the radar receiver,with focus on the most severe image interference.The S parameter and the spectrum are analyzed.The methods of the EMC reinforcement are given based on the simulation results.The improved receiver is simulated under the same conditions.The results show that the IRR (image rejection ratio) increases and the overall performance of the receiver is improved,providing an efficient method for the pre-evaluation of a receiver with good performance.

    Design and Evaluation of Portable Radar Tester System
    ZHANG Junjie,HUANG Bo,RAN Yan
    . 2014, 27(11):  131. 
    Abstract ( 758 )   PDF (1082KB) ( 536 )  
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    In view of the large size,low accuracy,and inconvenience to carry of the traditional radar testing systems,a portable radar testing system based on virtual instruments is designed with versatile modular instrumentation as the hardware platform and LabWindows/CVI as the system software.The radar testing system is designed to achieve the data collection and measurement,analysis and the assessment of radar parameters.Practical application and simulations prove that the system is simple to operate and easy to carry,with high precision and efficiency.

    An Improved Method of Multi-target Detection for Automotive Rader
    SONG Yang
    . 2014, 27(11):  135. 
    Abstract ( 774 )   PDF (667KB) ( 838 )  
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    The traditional FMCW (frequency modulation continuous wave) radar has its own defect of range-velocity coupling in multi-target detection.In this paper an improved method by using FMCW+CW is presented.Using the speed estimated by the Doppler frequency of CW echo to eliminate the false target of radar target detection,it can identify the true targets from the multi-objective effectively,and estimate the speed and distance information of the target,Computer simulation shows that the analysis is correct and the method is practical.

    Analysis of the Far Field of Communication Base-station Antenna on Flat Ground
    WU Kai,PAN Jin,XU Bin,LIU Xianfeng
    . 2014, 27(11):  139. 
    Abstract ( 788 )   PDF (595KB) ( 514 )  
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    A theoretical method for far-field distribution analysis of communication base-station antenna under the condition of flat ground is introduced.A proper 3D model is established by the ray tracing method based on the electromagnetic scattering matrix theory about the relationship between scattering field and incident field.The most common symmetric antenna (Electric Dipole) is used to simulate a 900 MHz base station antenna of floor type.The simulation result is compared with the measured data,which shows that the contribution of the incident wave and the reflected wave to the field of distant point should be considered for the comparable standard in the range of 30 m away from the base station,otherwise,only the incident wave should be considered.

    Radar Jamming Resources Allocation Based on Genetic Algorithm with Dynamic Selection
    ZHANG Yunhao,LIU Congfeng
    . 2014, 27(11):  142. 
    Abstract ( 614 )   PDF (752KB) ( 444 )  
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    Radar jamming resources allocation is an important issue in modern electronic warfare.A fuzzy comprehensive assessment model for jamming effect is built.Then this article introduces the dynamic selection probability into the selection procedure of genetic algorithm which can prevent premature convergence,and therefore obtains the global optimal solution.Simulation verifies the correctness and effectiveness of this method.

    Improved Control Method for Composite Energy Storage System
    WANG Zibing
    . 2014, 27(11):  146. 
    Abstract ( 733 )   PDF (1050KB) ( 510 )  
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    A complex storage system is proposed by combining t the lithium iron phosphate batteries and super capacitor by two-way half-bridge converter to stabilize the new energy power generation power fluctuations generated.According to the different demand for energy storage element power fluctuations frequencies,a low-pass filter is used to determine the energy storage element of a given power,and with a double-loop control structure for bidirectional converter control,taking into account the state of charge of the energy storage element of the system impact and optimizing the energy storage system control strategy.Matlab/Simulink simulation shows that the energy storage system improves the stability of the composite and reduces the loss of energy storage battery,verifying the effectiveness of the energy distribution plan and the proposed control strategy.

    A Reliable Communication Mechanism of Long Messages for Underwater Vehicles
    SHI Huijing
    . 2014, 27(11):  151. 
    Abstract ( 673 )   PDF (524KB) ( 438 )  
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    Currently,the protocol which applied to underwater vehicles filed based on BeiDou positioning performance mainly uses short message to realize "P2P" and "P2Multi-P" commutation.In this paper,a reliable communication mechanism for long message base on Beidou is proposed,which improves the communication efficiency between underwater vehicle and ground support equipment.

    Design of and Research on Underwater Platform Posture Monitoring Circuit Based on C8051F040
    JIANG Jun
    . 2014, 27(11):  154. 
    Abstract ( 540 )   PDF (580KB) ( 532 )  
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     A controller with C8051F040 as the data monitoring circuit is adopted to monitor the underwater platform's the course angle,the roll angle,the pitch angle and the depth.The platform posture data are calculated by the gyro and the depth values is obtained by transforming the simulated sensor output by C8051F040 ADC module,and these data are sent through the RS422 serial port.The application shows that the monitoring circuit meets the design requirement and is of practical value.

    Design of Wideband Digital Receiver RF Front-end Circuits
    FU Jin,ZHAO Zhibing
    . 2014, 27(11):  157. 
    Abstract ( 698 )   PDF (579KB) ( 705 )  
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    Wideband digital receiver has very important applications in the field of radio spectrum management,in which the RF front-end circuit parameters has significant effect on the device performance.This paper introduces a universal scheme of RF front-end circuit with focuses on the analysis of the RF components performance and its influence on the RF receiver chain and on radio monitoring and direction finding results.Finally,some corresponding measures and methods are proposed for improving circuit topology structure,and examples of engineering application are given based on the design idea,which has a good application effect.

    Common Defects in CCD Exposure and their Solution
    GAO Jianwei,XIANG Pengfei,DENG Tao,YANG Xiuwei,YUAN Anbo
    . 2014, 27(11):  160. 
    Abstract ( 622 )   PDF (687KB) ( 456 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    A variety of defects result during the exposure of CCD device,imposing a negative impact on the line and pattern.In this article,the causes of different defects are analyzed,and relevant solutions are provided to form rigorous process specifications for the elimination of defects,significantly improving make the process capability and yield.

    Analysis of Application Prospects of THz Wave in Radar
    LUO Yuwen,WANG Helei,HU Zhongming
    . 2014, 27(11):  167. 
    Abstract ( 699 )   PDF (804KB) ( 499 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The unique properties of THz wave are introduced.The advantages and disadvantages of THz wave's application in radar are analyzed.The application prospects of THz Radar are discussed.The analysis shows that THz radar has broad application prospects for its high range resolution,ultra wideband,high penetrability,low probability of intercept,robust jamming immunity,and superior anti-stealth capability.

     Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor-Elevator Traction Systems with Super Capacitor Energy Storage
    YANG Guang
    . 2014, 27(11):  167. 
    Abstract ( 556 )   PDF (740KB) ( 511 )  
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    In the existing permanent magnet synchronous motor-elevator traction systems,the elevator regenerative energy are often consumed by the resistor,thus a low efficiency.This paper introduces super capacitor energy storage using bi-directional DC/DC converter between the DC bus and the energy storage.By controlling the converter,the super capacitor bank stores the surplus energy in regenerative status and releases the storage energy in motor status to take advantage of renewable energy load and improve system efficiency.The simulation results show that compared to traditional methods,the super capacitor energy storage system can effectively recycle the renewable feedback energy of the system with a 58.6% energy saving exclusive of the efficiency of gear and sheave in the simulation case and,an overshoot of speed less than 2% during the dynamic process And a static error of speed and a torque less than 1% during the steady-state process.

    Functional Electrical Stimulation Instrument
    XIONG Ming
    . 2014, 27(11):  171. 
    Abstract ( 559 )   PDF (626KB) ( 472 )  
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    A functional stimulator based on STM32F103VET6 is introduced,which uses double DAC regulation circuit to address the nonlinear problem caused by DAC module near the 0 level.Several typical voltage values are used on the output regulation circuit to obtain the correction parameters of the corresponding revision.The output waveform shows that the design ensures the linear characteristics of the output voltage.

    Research on the Problem of Network Security Property Risk Assessment Based on Cloud Transform
    YANG Zhanwu,LIU Peng
    . 2014, 27(11):  173. 
    Abstract ( 595 )   PDF (580KB) ( 434 )  
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    A trapezium cloud concept generalization algorithm is proposed based on the stochastic characteristics of IOT security data distribution and the concept of merging and concept extraction experiment are provided.The data are obtained from the range and distribution from the quantitative data through the application of cloud transform,thus transforming the accurate numerals to appropriate qualitative description.Results show that by the cloud transform algorithm,the domain of quantitative attributes can be efficiently converted into corresponding qualitative concepts based on the cloud,on the basis of which the classification results are reasonably promoted to obtain easily accessible association rules,which objectively and accurately reflect the distribution of atom cloud.This research provides theoretical basis for the evaluation of network security attributes.

    Efficient Attack Detection of Network Steganography Information Transmission System
    QIN Ruifeng
    . 2014, 27(11):  176. 
    Abstract ( 508 )   PDF (1059KB) ( 420 )  
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    An efficient hidden form written information transfer system attack detection algorithm is proposed based on multiplexing beam domain constraints.The network steganography information transmission system model is designed.The signal extraction of intrinsic frequency is taken,group delay and envelope signal features are extracted,and block frequency on encrypted data link layer is detected.The multiplexed beam domain constraints are extracted to output frequency division multiplexing decomposition in order to improve the detection probability.By the minimum mean square error criterion,the beam domain constraint attack signals in network steganography information transfer system is obtained to achieve the formation,thus realizing orthogonal frequency separation,interference noise suppression,and efficient attack signal detection.The simulation results show that the algorithm has good anti noise performance and higher probability of detection with obvious attacks signal peak,and is of application value in network security design and signal detection.

    Research on Text Sentiment Analysis
    MA Li,GONG Yulong
    . 2014, 27(11):  180. 
    Abstract ( 1443 )   PDF (757KB) ( 701 )  
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    This paper reviews the research status and progress of text sentiment analysis.Three tasks of sentiment analysis are analyzed in detail:sentiment classification,sentiment retrieval,and sentiment extraction with focus on the sentiment classification methods based on sentiment dictionary and machine learning.The evaluation of sentiment analysis is introduced.Finally the trend of text sentiment analysis is concluded.

    Mobile Relay Communication Technology:Overview and Prospects
    LI Xiaobing,ZHANG Tingyuan,SONG Tao,LI Jing
    . 2014, 27(11):  185. 
    Abstract ( 957 )   PDF (745KB) ( 655 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    With the development of wireless communication,cooperative communication technology,such as relay,is regarded as one of the key technologies in future wireless communication system.Relay can be configured to provide coverage extension and capacity increase in a cost-effective manner.Currently,the study on fixed relay has been fruitful,and mobile relay is becoming a hot topic.Due to the characteristic of the mobile relay itself,it brings many benefits while posing some new challenges.In this paper,a survey on mobile relay is presented,which first demonstrates the applications of mobile relay and then summarizes the related key technologies.


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