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15 June 2015 Volume 28 Issue 6
    Research on Real Time Energy Efficiency Assessment and Intelligent Rating Method
    MA Lixin,ZHU Run
    . 2015, 28(6):  1. 
    Abstract ( 638 )   PDF (789KB) ( 568 )  
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    Energy efficiency grading is the base of energy efficiency evaluation,but there are many limitations of traditional methods.This paper presents an intelligent rating method by which the RBF neural network is applied to the efficiency assessment of the power user.And an energy efficiency rating model is established based on the RBF neural network saving the need for a particular explicit mathematical expression.The core of the model is the RBF neural network,which is trained using the Orthogonal Least Square algorithm,considering the energy efficiency,power quality pollution and economic efficiency.The trained system can quickly and effectively evaluate the grading standards of energy efficiency for power users,and propose the countermeasures.The example given in this paper shows that the RBF neural network model of energy efficiency assessment for power users is of high reliability,good applicability,and practical value.

    Wind Farm Reactive Power Optimization by Bacteria Foraging Algorithm
    XU Feifei,JIAN Xianzhong
    . 2015, 28(6):  5. 
    Abstract ( 593 )   PDF (769KB) ( 509 )  
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    For the problems of changing flow distribution and increasing network losses as the wind farm incorporates into the power network,a new algorithm for bacteria foraging optimization is proposed and applied to the reactive power optimization of wind farms by establishing the mathematical model of the reactive power optimization of asynchronous wind generators.Taking IEEE-30 node for example,we use the traditional algorithms,particle swarm optimization algorithm and bacteria foraging optimization algorithm to achieve rates of network loss decline of 30.29%,28.70% and 36.98%,respectively.Experiments and analysis show that the method is efficient,strong in global search capability and easy to be out of local extremes.

    Improved Watershed Algorithm for Segmentation of X-Ray Medical Image
    DAI Cheng,CHEN Sheng
    . 2015, 28(6):  9. 
    Abstract ( 656 )   PDF (829KB) ( 617 )  
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    This paper proposes an improved watershed segmentation algorithm to improve the quality of medical image segmentation.Firstly,the medical image is pre-processed before using this algorithm,including the application of minimum threshold method to the region of interest,the separation of foreground background area,and the determination of the candidate regions by operations of dilation and erosion.Then in the process of watershed transform,the connected clusters of the same characteristics with the primary cluster are added to the segmentation result by the pixel clustering combination rule to give the merge area.Experiments prove that this improved watershed algorithm can effectively extract the lesion region from the medical image while diminishing segmentation.

    Research on Object Tracking Method Based on Local Feature and Mean Shift
    XI Zhihong,LI Yongjia,DUAN Lian
    . 2015, 28(6):  13. 
    Abstract ( 647 )   PDF (836KB) ( 508 )  
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    Accurate tracking results are unobtainable by the traditional algorithm of Mean Shift due to noise,rotation and changed scales of the target etc.A shape context tracking algorithm for Mean Shift objects is proposed by combining the current popular target tracking algorithm and local features.The contour information and features of shape context are extracted from the target.Then a shape context histogram is established according to the locations and spacing of sample points and the histograms of all the points constitutes the shape context feature of the image  after which the Mean Shift algorithm is adopted for tracking.The experimental results show that the algorithm can accurately track the object with scale change,rotation,noise and is of good accuracy and robustness.

    Initial Virtual Machine Placement Based on Improved Grouping Genetic Algorithm
    LI Juntao,ZHOU Qili
    . 2015, 28(6):  17. 
    Abstract ( 644 )   PDF (892KB) ( 587 )  
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    Recently,virtualization technology has become an important technology to improve the energy efficiency of data centers.This paper designs a new genetic algorithm for initial virtual machine placement based on improved Chromosome encoding and mutation operators.The simulation results show that compared to heuristic method and genetic algorithm,the proposed algorithm has significantly improved energy efficiency in the data center.

    Simulation of TT&C Based on Secondary Development of STK
    DING Xueyong,CUI Jinhua
    . 2015, 28(6):  21. 
    Abstract ( 608 )   PDF (901KB) ( 690 )  
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    In the aerospace mandate,a high TT&C coverage can provide real-time,continuous,reliable information support.A simulation model of monitoring and control links is established based on VC with STK secondary development.The STK/X module is employed for better display and Access module for calculation and display of the link margin and coverage of the control links.For different ground station deployments,the TT&C of the spacecraft are computed.VC with STK integrated secondary development can greatly decrease the development time of control systems.

    Precision Analysis of 4-Satellite Location Based on TDOA
    REN Yuanbo
    . 2015, 28(6):  24. 
    Abstract ( 689 )   PDF (1249KB) ( 507 )  
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    The GDOP (geometric dilution of precision),based on TDOA (the difference of arrival),of representative 4-Satellite of Y,inverted T,square and diamond are simulated.The influence of the satellite altitude and the length of baseline on the precision of location are analysed.The simulation results show that 4-Satellite location of Y distribution based on TDOA achieves the best precision.The increase in the length of baseline and appropriate irregular distribution contributes to improving the precision of location.

    Optimization of Rapid Directional Differential Projection Image Interpolation Algorithm
    CHEN Wei,XU Xian
    . 2015, 28(6):  28. 
    Abstract ( 627 )   PDF (934KB) ( 521 )  
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    A fast differential projection image interpolation algorithm is proposed to address the problems of reduced image resolution and poorer quality of perception in image magnification with complexity of calculation in consideration.The loss of the high resolution image pixels is determined by low resolution image gradient diffusion and the algorithm is optimized by a special denoising method and compared with the nearest neighbor interpolation method and bilinear interpolation algorithm.The experimental results show that the method has higher resolution and lower computational complexity than other methods.

    Design of Web Service Using Multi-original Remote Sensed Images Based on RFM and SVG
    FANG Chen
    . 2015, 28(6):  33. 
    Abstract ( 552 )   PDF (876KB) ( 502 )  
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    A strategy that automatically calculates rational polynomial coefficients (RPC) and establishes imaging geometry model with the results of fast image matching based on wavelet transform is proposed to deal with the complexity of different platforms,resolutions or time phases and possible mis-registration.The Oracle spatial database is employed to provide web services,and SVG to render data and response operations on web client side.Experiments shows that location data of high consistency can be achieved the proposed strategy for different remote sensed origins and can serve as a reliable source of web GIS system;by using SVG to transfer and render data of remote sensed data,the Web service achieves resolution independence scaling,browsing,updating or comparing on client-side.

    DOA Estimation of Incoherent Broadband Signal Based on Root-ISM Algorithm
    GUO Yaping,CHEN Jianchun,PENG Jinlong
    . 2015, 28(6):  38. 
    Abstract ( 610 )   PDF (660KB) ( 454 )  
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    A new algorithm called ‘Root-ISM algorithm’ is proposed in this paper based on the ISM algorithm for the large amount of calculation and poor performance of the traditional ISM algorithm in condition of low SNR in wideband incoherent signal DOA estimation.The algorithm not only effectively reduces the amount of calculation,but also achieves a better performance of DOA estimation than the traditional ISM algorithm.The new algorithm is improved by combining two existing algorithms.The simulation has verified that the improved algorithms based on Root-ISM algorithm can further improve the performance of DOA estimation.

    Applications of Basic Expansion Algorithm in Channel Estimation
    CHEN Yizhi,REN Zhengyun,ZHANG Renye
    . 2015, 28(6):  41. 
    Abstract ( 440 )   PDF (683KB) ( 476 )  
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    Based on the basis expansion algorithm,a complex exponential function is used to minimize the required data of channel estimation and obtain the other channel data response through the part of the channel that is calculated,thus reducing the number of actual measurement channels.The changes in model accuracy with different basic expansions and numbers of points in a transmission symbol block are studied and methods for achieving best performances are proposed.

    Digital Watermark Scheme Based on Parity of Data in Wireless Sensor Network
    CHEN Qing,LI Jiajun
    . 2015, 28(6):  45. 
    Abstract ( 1141 )   PDF (618KB) ( 472 )  
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    This paper proposes a digital watermarking scheme for ensuring the data integrity of wireless sensor networks based on the parity of data.This scheme embeds watermarking signal by changing the parity of data,thus realizing fast and accurate extraction of the watermark sequence.Extensive experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme in identification of illegal tampering,high security and good transparency without additional storage cost,thereby significantly reducing the power consumption of the wireless sensor network.

    Call Admission Control for OFDMA Systems Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
    LIAN Xiaoping,WU Zi'an,KANG Huiqiong
    . 2015, 28(6):  48. 
    Abstract ( 563 )   PDF (563KB) ( 485 )  
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    The call admission control (CAC) is playing an important role in efficient utilization of the system resources.This paper proposes a new admission control algorithm for OFDMA system.We calculated the total transmit power of users combining the ant colony algorithm,and achieved call admission control by this power of user.The proposed algorithm can reduce the total transmission power of the system and increase the number of users,thus an efficient use of the resources.

    Application of BP Neural Network Based on Genetic Algorithm in Multi-objective Optimization
    SU Yuxiao
    . 2015, 28(6):  51. 
    Abstract ( 707 )   PDF (820KB) ( 562 )  
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    For the existing problems in traditional more target optimization method such as target weighted value subjectivity big,optimization target only for each target weighted and in solution process optimization of not operation in the each target,this paper has proposed a novelty more target optimization algorithm,and it improved genetic algorithm and BP neural network based on genetic algorithm of BP neural network algorithm. The algorithm combining genetic algorithm with BP neural network algorithm,gives full advantage of global search capability of genetic algorithm and BP algorithm in local search feature,making multi-objective optimization problem can be solved,converging speed and improving accuracy.

    A New Digital Copyright Protection Method of the Three-dimensional New Medium Based on Integral Imaging
    LIU Yiqun,ZHANG Jianqi,WANG Xiaorui,LUO Peng
    . 2015, 28(6):  54. 
    Abstract ( 557 )   PDF (685KB) ( 490 )  
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    A new copyright protection method based on theorem of integral imaging and digital watermark is proposed for copyright protection and content identification of the new three-dimensional media,meeting the requirements for robustness and security.The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method are demonstrated by experiment.The proposed method opens up a new research perspective for the copyright protection of the new three-dimensional media.

    Design and Implementation of an SD Card User Authentication Scheme
    XIE Xuan,WANG Ruigang,YANG Xiaobao,TIAN Yuanrui
    . 2015, 28(6):  57. 
    Abstract ( 587 )   PDF (734KB) ( 459 )  
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    The analysis of the identity authentication of current cloud computing based on password and certificate model reveals such safety hazards as password leakage,certificate hijack,malicious attacks which lead to information disclosure.The portable security card of high certification efficiency and security is adopted to realize safety certification,key agreement and data cipher based on Elliptic Curves Cryptography (ECC) of the users and cloud servers.The design effectively solves the security problems of terminal users' identity authentication and strengthens the security of cloud computing service.

    Privacy-aware Access Control Scheme for Cloud Storage
    ZHANG Yinghui,ZHENG Dong,MA Hua
    . 2015, 28(6):  61. 
    Abstract ( 522 )   PDF (549KB) ( 453 )  
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    A privacy-aware access control scheme suitable for cloud storage is proposed in view of the inability of traditional access control methods to protect users' attribute privacy in cloud computing,.A hybrid encryption mechanism is adopted to realize data confidentiality,that is,encrypting plaintexts based on a symmetric encryption key which is encrypted by a public key encryption scheme.In the proposed access control scheme,a ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption technique is used for public key encryption.The security analysis indicates that the proposed scheme achieves chosen-plaintext security and resists collusion attacks from malicious users and cloud storage servers while protecting users' attribute privacy.

    Multi-pose Face Images Generation Based on Photographs for Second Generation ID Cards
    ZHANG Yangyang,ZHANG Huilin,CHEN Moli
    . 2015, 28(6):  64. 
    Abstract ( 656 )   PDF (1001KB) ( 506 )  
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    The conversion of a special single sample problem into a general pattern recognition problem is studied by generating several different virtual images using easy 2D transformation in the scope of the plane.The 3D space face pose problems are discussed by mapping 3D movement in 2D plane to generate vivid multi-pose face image.The shortages of the existing methods are analyzed and a modified asynchronous rotational mapping method on the basis of the original method is presented.The experimental results show that the generated images are more rotatable and realistic with lower distortion rate and effectively improved recognition rate.

    Fusion of Multi-focus Images Based on a Combination of the Weighting Fractal Features and Average Gradient
    NA Yan,DENG Kunming
    . 2015, 28(6):  68. 
    Abstract ( 1114 )   PDF (791KB) ( 484 )  
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    The fusion algorithm of multi-focus images based on combination the weighting fractal features and average gradient is researched.With only some of the properties of the image expressed by a single feature,it is difficult to obtain the ideal fusion results.Based on the multi-scale transformation,the fusion algorithm under the combination the weighting fractal features and average gradient is put forward.Experiments on the fusion for the multi-focus images show that this algorithm is superior to some fusion algorithms relying on the single feature,with better quality of the fused image.

    Application of Zigbee in Drowning Prevention System
    SUN Hong,PAN Yongjun
    . 2015, 28(6):  72. 
    Abstract ( 594 )   PDF (944KB) ( 440 )  
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    A drowning prevention system is designed to reduce personal loss caused by drowning.The system uses the Internet of Things (IoT) related technologies such as ZigBee,GPS and GPRS to link the terminal and location information service platform,and to provide remote location tracking,monitoring scheduling,information management,resource sharing and other functions for rivers,lakes and other areas prone to drowning.The system has the same structure as the IoT:the perception layer,server layer,network layer and sensing layer.CC2420 is used to simulate the information communication between the drowning prevention gateway device and the reference node.The simulation result shows the ability of the system to monitor and manage the areas of frequent accidents well and to reduce the occurrence of drowning events from the source.

    Human Motion Target Tracking Based on Video
    ZHANG Heng,JIN Xuanhong
    . 2015, 28(6):  75. 
    Abstract ( 627 )   PDF (940KB) ( 493 )  
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    The background in the real life is relatively complex,and the effect of the Camshift target tracking based on the color feature are undesirable in complex situations.The modified Camshift based on spatial edge orientation histograms and optimized Kalman filters are adopted to predict the next possible position of the target in the video,and related OpenCV functions are used to reduce the failure of tracking.The position of search window is obtained by calculating the edge histogram and Kalman filter is used for forecast and feedback the information to determine next frame window position,which can overcome the occlusion and noise interference.Experiments show that the algorithm has good performance in the detection and tracking of the target.

    Automation Test of DRL Based on LabVIEW
    HU Wenlong,DAI Shuguang
    . 2015, 28(6):  79. 
    Abstract ( 496 )   PDF (964KB) ( 503 )  
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    A set of daytime running lamp in head lamp automatic test system is designed in this paper.The test system consists of an industrial computer,a high performance digital camera hardware platform and an NI LabVIEW software platform.The industrial computer controls the camera to acquire image from a standard DRL as a template,and acquire the image of daytime running lamps to be tested and compare to the template.The test window is located by the template.The RGB model and HSL model analyses are made for each window to get the color and brightness of daytime running light.The system can simultaneously analyze multiple windows,and display in real-time the test images and results with a cycle time less than 6 seconds,and very good accuracy and repeatability.This system has been applied in practice.

    Fault Diagnosis of Airborne Electro-mechanical Systems Based on Immune Algorithm
    ZHANG Yukun
    . 2015, 28(6):  83. 
    Abstract ( 1031 )   PDF (578KB) ( 469 )  
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    In view of fact that the immune algorithm are very complex and time-consuming and that the airborne electro-mechanical system requires high reliability and real-time performance,this paper puts forward an improved immune algorithm for the airborne electro-mechanical system.The antibody proliferation ability of the algorithm is removed to reduce the complexity while reserving part of the algorithm's learning ability in order to ensure the performance of the algorithm and the algorithm reliability enhanced.The experimental results show that the fault diagnosis accuracy of the improved algorithm is improved.

    Automation and Measurement of Diesel Generator Set Based on PIC24F
    LU Wenchao,JIANG Nianping,GU Wenhua
    . 2015, 28(6):  86. 
    Abstract ( 624 )   PDF (858KB) ( 556 )  
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    A diesel generator detecting and automation system based on PIC24F is designed to overcome the defects such as special function,low integration,low precision and response.The experiments show that the design enhances the reliability and accuracy and inhibits the common interference,high-band interference,impact noise owing to its use of the differential amplifier with the low pass filter as a pre-sample circuit and the compensation algorithm.Compared with the dual supply source circuit with external AD convert,the circuit using a single supply source has lower cost and less external components,and smaller size.

    Research and Implementation SoftBus in Distributed Real-Time Simulation System
    YAN Lin
    . 2015, 28(6):  91. 
    Abstract ( 614 )   PDF (643KB) ( 485 )  
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    Since the current demand for simulation can no longer be satisfied by single commercial simulation software,the collaboration simulation utilizing multi subject models is in need.For this question,according the existing HLA/RTI framework and the actual project,this paper proposes and implements the Softbus in a real-time simulation system which is based on the better Lightweight-Loose-RTI framework.The real-time simulation system has been put into practical research.

    The Smart Home System Based on ZigBee
    CUI Jinwei,ZHANG Zhan,WEI Lu
    . 2015, 28(6):  95. 
    Abstract ( 637 )   PDF (1090KB) ( 555 )  
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    In the design,the STM32 controller serves as the gateway system,which is connected to the Internet by GPRS or WiFi and to lights and sensors sensing temperature and humidity,smoke,and pyroelectric infrared by ZigBee.The mobile terminals can detect and control the sensors.The system can achieve home security,fire alarm,temperature and humidity monitoring,environmental monitoring,home appliance control and other functions.

    The Simulation of Frequency Control of BLDC Motor Speed Control System
    WANG Feng,YANG Wenhuan,YANG Kaichen,JI Lili
    . 2015, 28(6):  100. 
    Abstract ( 637 )   PDF (693KB) ( 580 )  
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    A closed loop control system is designed to obtain good speed regulating performance of brushless DC motors.The motor speed feedback control offers more stable performance and the controller unit provides the inverter with pulse width modulation signal and the switching order of the switch tube so as to realize frequency control of motor speed control.The model of the system is built and simulated on the Matlab/Simulink platform,and the numerical simulation results show that the proposed control system has good feasibility and effectiveness.

    Design of an Integer Frequency Divider for High Speed PLL
    PANG Zunlin,GUO Rui
    . 2015, 28(6):  104. 
    Abstract ( 656 )   PDF (874KB) ( 513 )  
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    A programmable high speed integer divider based on the 65 nm CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor,CMOS) technology is designed according to the specifications of the phase locked loop in the IEEE 802.3ae XAUI protocol.A D-flip flow trigger is used to percale the output clock of voltage control oscillator,and the divider building blocks (the 4/5 dual modulus percale and 2- and 5-bit programmable counters) are capable of operating within the division ratio of 8~131.Simulation results show that the maximum operating frequency of the proposed divider is 4.375 GHz,and the current is less than 0.4 mA at 1 V supply voltage.

    Analysis and Simulation of Electric Field Distribution of Vacuum Interrupter
    ZHANG Yang,ZHUANG Huogeng
    . 2015, 28(6):  108. 
    Abstract ( 568 )   PDF (974KB) ( 511 )  
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    The vacuum interrupter is very important for the performance of vacuum circuit breakers.An electric field mathematical model of the vacuum interrupter is built using Ansoft Maxwell software and analyzed by the finite element analysis-method to study the electric field distribution inside vacuum interrupter.Ansoft Maxwell simulation results show that the shield of vacuum interrupter has great influence on electric field distribution.

    〗Design of Dual Frequency Dual Circular Polarization Antenna of Beidou
    QIAO Jianzeng,ZHANG Hui,GUO Bin,XING Hongbing,WANG Hongjin
    . 2015, 28(6):  111. 
    Abstract ( 598 )   PDF (770KB) ( 607 )  
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    A novel miniaturized dual band dual circular polarization microstrip antenna is designed by using diagonal corner cutting method on a square patch operating in two main modes to realize right circular polarization in the S band of Beidou satellite navigation system and etching asymmetric arm U-shaped groove structure to achieve left circular polarization and miniaturization in the L band of Beidou satellite navigation system.Compare to the ordinary circularly polarized antenna,the antenna is reduced in size by 24%.The simulation was performed using HFSS simulation software,showing that the antenna meets the Beidou system requirements for antenna performance.

    Design of a Low Noise Amplifier for GNSS Receiver
    ZOU Lu,BU Gang,ZOU Zhipeng
    . 2015, 28(6):  115. 
    Abstract ( 555 )   PDF (823KB) ( 492 )  
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    A wideband 1.13~1.95 GHz low noise amplifier (LNA) for use in a multimodal GNSS (GPS,BDS and GLONASS) receiver has been implemented in a standard 0.18 μm CMOS process.The LNA achieves a power gain of 10 dB with a noise figure of 2.2 dB,an input match of -10 dB and a P1dB of -5.585 dBm while dissipating 12 mA from a 1.8 V supply.

    Analog Circuits Fault Diagnosis Using Wavelet Statistical Features
    QIAN Li,YAO Heng,LIU Jian
    . 2015, 28(6):  118. 
    Abstract ( 615 )   PDF (809KB) ( 465 )  
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    In the process of the fault diagnosis of analog circuits,feature extraction and classifier design are two critical aspects.Most methods classify fault circuit via support vector machine (SVM) using extracted time or frequency features.In order to improve the diagnostic accuracy,we propose a new circuits fault diagnosis method based on wavelet statistical features.For a faulty circuit,we firstly emulate its time domain responses and decompose them into wavelet coefficients.Then we calculate the average,standard deviation,kurtosis,entropy and skewness of the detail coefficients before composing them into statistical feature vectors.Finally,all faulty circuits feature vectors are classified using SVM method.For optimizing the SVM parameters,cross validation is also exploited in the classification stage.Experiment results show that the proposed method is effective in the circuits fault diagnosis with an accuracy over 99%,better than that by traditional methods.

    A Method of Designing Low Loss Waveguide High Pass Filter
    KOU Yang
    . 2015, 28(6):  123. 
    Abstract ( 593 )   PDF (818KB) ( 514 )  
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    This paper presents a method of designing low loss waveguide filter for Ka band satellite communication system.After constructing simulation models based on the theory of cut-off waveguide and step impedance conversion,we get a proper result by optimization and variable sweeping in the software.The test results shows that is a high performance filter can be applied to practical engineering,the insertion loss is less than 0.4 dB in pass band (25~28 GHz),and greater than 40 dB in stop band (22~23 GHz).

    Near-Field Measurement for Antenna Polarization
    CHEN Xu,HUANG Wentao,LUO Lin
    . 2015, 28(6):  126. 
    Abstract ( 532 )   PDF (653KB) ( 485 )  
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    In this paper,starting from practical engineering application,a method of near field measurement for antenna polarization is addressed by combining with the electromagnetic theory.Based on elliptical polarization wave decomposition theory,a method for measuring the character of elliptical polarization antenna using linear polarization probe is proposed.Though the orthogonal test using linear polarization probe we can get the character of circular polarization antenna,such as far field pattern,axis ration,tilt angle and gain tec.also get the cross polarization character of linear polarization antenna.

    Error Analysis of Planar Near-Field Comparing Method Gain Measurement
    ZHANG Chongyang
    . 2015, 28(6):  130. 
    Abstract ( 589 )   PDF (712KB) ( 468 )  
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    According to planar near-field theory and comparing method gain measurement,we deduce the equation of antenna gain by near-field comparing method.Three particular error items are analysed by experiment,offer synthetically error lever in the measurement and improvement approach of antenna gain measurement.

    Research on and Design of a Fly-back PFC Switching Power Supply
    XIA Minghao,YANG Wenhuan,XIA Tianyu,SHI Jun
    . 2015, 28(6):  133. 
    Abstract ( 645 )   PDF (725KB) ( 517 )  
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    The switching power supply is an important device for power conversion and power transmission.However,the low power factor and high harmonic content of the traditional switching power supply brings a series of serious problems to the power system.This paper designs a simulation model of the fly-back PFC converter combining the fly-back circuit in traditional DC/DC transform and the PFC circuit based on Boost with average current mode control as the control strategy.The circuit is simulated by Matlab software.The simulation results show that the scheme is a valid control strategy.

    Space-Time Clutter Block Canceller Applied to the Airborne MIMO Radar
    WANG Kai
    . 2015, 28(6):  136. 
    Abstract ( 665 )   PDF (893KB) ( 492 )  
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    A space-time clutter block canceller (STCBC) applied to the MIMO radar is proposed.The equivalence between the spatial domain and the temporal domain information is exploited to make a cancellation between the clutter blocks by designing a coefficient matrix.The performance of following space-time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithms can also be enhanced.The simulation experiment shows that this method can effectively suppress the clutter in side-looking and non-side-looking airborne MIMO radar,and can further improve the moving target detection capability.

    Cable Fault Accurate Location Technology Based on the Polarization Sensitive Array
    MA Jing,KONG Dewu
    . 2015, 28(6):  141. 
    Abstract ( 435 )   PDF (782KB) ( 448 )  
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    In order to locate the cable fault quickly and accurately,this article uses the polarization sensitive array analyzing mathematic model for cable fault detection to acquire the precise estimation of fault location's angle and distance.The improved DOA estimation algorithm can estimate near field by adding a COLD two-dimension vector antenna.Computer simulation shows that this algorithm is available theoretically.

    Design of a Wideband and Widebeam Dual Circularly Polarized Antenna
    YANG Guodong,SONG Yue
    . 2015, 28(6):  144. 
    Abstract ( 609 )   PDF (545KB) ( 585 )  
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    A wideband and widebeam microstrip antenna for satellite communication system is presented.By feeding the stack dielectric with four orthogonal inverted-L-shaped pins,left and right hand circularly polarized operations are obtained.The proposed antenna is fabricated and obtain 20% relative bandwidth,3.2 dB axtial,and better than 120° 3 dB-beamwidth which is suitable for satellite system.

    The Hardware System Design of A Certain Radar Signal Processing Board
    ZHANG Jing
    . 2015, 28(6):  147. 
    Abstract ( 572 )   PDF (694KB) ( 487 )  
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    Development of modern radar technology rely more and more on signal processing.In order to meet the radar signal processing requirements of large amount of data and high real-time characteristics.a design scheme of high speed data acquisition and processing system based on double FPGA and DSP was presented.FPGA used XC2C1000-4FG456 chip.DSP used ADSP-TS101 chip.The caster chip and peripheral circuit was illustrated in the paper.This system had good operation ability  and had powerful universality.

    Realization of SAR Imaging Signal Processing Based on VxWorks
    XING Lianda,SU Zhenhua,FU Lei,ZHOU Ruiyu
    . 2015, 28(6):  150. 
    Abstract ( 617 )   PDF (899KB) ( 374 )  
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    A real-time imaging signal processing system of SAR based on embedded real-time operating system VxWorks with a PowerPC as the core is constructed.Compared with traditional SAR signal processing systems,the SAR system based on VxWorks has the advantages of high efficiency,real-time and multitask parallel processing.The composition of system modules and the working modes of the system are described in detail,and the software design steps of real-time multi-task SAR signal processing based on VxWorks are also introduced.Finally,the system is validated by outfield experiments,and the result shows that this system has high reliability.

    Realization of Beam Control System of Small Phased Array Radar
    GONG Xiaoyan
    . 2015, 28(6):  155. 
    Abstract ( 516 )   PDF (585KB) ( 472 )  
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    For the phased array radar is small,the beam control system in order to reduce the amount of hardware equipment,meet the requirements of fast beam transformation,the use of centralized control mode,the look-up table calculation method to realize beam control code operation and status code control.Design calculation of wave control arithmetic based search DSP code,FPGA code base according to the array according to the order of parallel computing in each unit of wave control code,effectively reducing the beam conversion time.Using DSP and FPGA combination of work style,fast operation speed,flexible programming,debugging convenient,also has certain reference for the design of distributed beam control.

    Research of Deception Jamming Technique Based on DRFM Method
    LI Yanshuan,PAN Ligang
    . 2015, 28(6):  158. 
    Abstract ( 651 )   PDF (1124KB) ( 410 )  
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    Coherent techniques such as pulse compression and MTD are widely used in modern radar for better anti-interference ability obviously.DRFM,which can store the coherent radar signal for a long time,is an important method for modern coherent radar jamming.Based on the DRFM interference,an efficient method for achieving intensive false target jamming is proposed in this paper.The number of false targets and the interval between false targets can be flexibly controlled by this method.Theoretical analysis and interference simulation demonstrate its good performance and potential practical value.

    DOA Estimation of Multipath Signals Based on Differential Temporal Smoothing
    PENG Jinlong,CHEN Jianchun,GUO Yaping
    . 2015, 28(6):  162. 
    Abstract ( 544 )   PDF (634KB) ( 405 )  
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    An improved DOA algorithm is proposed for the mixed signal model where independent signals and multipath signals coexist in the mobile communication environment based on the differential method and temporal smoothing principle.The algorithm increases the number of signal sources resolved and promotes the DOA estimation performance of coherent signals.Simulation results show that the algorithm has better performance in the mixed signal model than the traditional spatial smoothing method.

    An Input Output Rail-to-rail CMOS Operational Amplifier Design
    LI Youhui
    . 2015, 28(6):  165. 
    Abstract ( 593 )   PDF (934KB) ( 420 )  
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    With the power supply decreases gradually,the amplitude of the signals reduce at the same time.However the noise level retains which leads to the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) being worse.To get higher SNR under lower power supply,the amplitude of signals should be enhanced.Input and output rail-to-rail operational amplifiers can get amplitude near to power supply rails.Firstly theoretical analysis of advantage and shortcomings of input output rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifier main structure is developed,then the paper presents a new design of an input and output rail-to-rail operational amplifier.The circuit was taped out and verified on CSMC's 0.18 μm process.Test results show that the input range could be from 0 to power supply and the output range could be from 50mV to power supply minus 50mV,which achieves the target of input's and output's rail-to-rail.

    Design of a Novel Soft-start Circuit Applied to Step-Up DC-DC
    GUAN Yaobin
    . 2015, 28(6):  170. 
    Abstract ( 489 )   PDF (818KB) ( 363 )  
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    This paper proposes a novel soft-start circuit,which raises the output voltage from zero to regulated value smoothly.This circuit effectively suppresses the DC-DC switching power supply inrush current and output voltage overshoot during startup.At the same time,the soft-start circuit overcomes the shortcoming that the traditional soft-start circuit can not start up with heavy load.This circuit is easy to integrate into the DC-DC regulator,because we do not use the external capacitor which takes too much area.The Cadence Spectre simulation platform is used for circuit simulation and verification.In the synchronous boost DC-DC chip with an input voltage of 2.4~4.2 V,the load starts up within the range of 0~2.1 A,and neither inductor current nor output voltage overshoot appears.

    Design of a Broadband Microstrip Line to Soltline Balun with Band Notched Characteristic
    XU Ping
    . 2015, 28(6):  173. 
    Abstract ( 549 )   PDF (644KB) ( 471 )  
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    A broadband microstrip line to slotline balun with band notched characteristic is proposed.A broad operating band can be obtained by using a quarter-wave impedance transformer of 2 steps.A notched band can be realized by inserting a quarter-wave open stub on to the open stub of microstrip.The simulated results show that the impedance bandwidth with reflection coefficients less than -10 dB and insert loss better than -1.8 dB covers 0.38~2 GHz except the notched band 1.25~1.46 GHz.

    Multi-flavor Cereal Nutrition Soymilk Machine with Vending Function
    ZHOU Shuying,LIN Fanqiang,ZHOU Jingyu
    . 2015, 28(6):  176. 
    Abstract ( 522 )   PDF (688KB) ( 385 )  
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    A multi-flavor cereal nutrition soymilk machine with vending function is introduced.An embedded system is designed to achieve automatic ingredients mixing and grinding,cleaning,vending and transaction recording.Users can choose different flavors via the external LCD,and is served a cup of 200 ml soymilk by inserting coins.

    Design of Multifunctional Signal Source Based on AD9850
    REN Yanling
    . 2015, 28(6):  179. 
    Abstract ( 1107 )   PDF (1067KB) ( 435 )  
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    The multifunctional signal source choose the AD9850 chip as the core of multifunctional signal source frequencysynthetic,use 89C52 to control the DDS AD9850 and data processing.The system can realize much functions,The functions include that outputting sine single and square wave and other conventional waveformas well as AM,FM,ASK,FSK,PSK modulation.with keyboard and display part,Realize  inputting of parameter and display of information,constituted a complete frequency synthesizer,The design realizes arbitrary frequency output from 10 Hz to 40 MHz,step value can be adjusted.After the final test of the system,and the experimental data shows that,the system has good stability,high accuracy,wide range.

    Design of Oil Pipeline Stray Current Meter
    REN Hao,ZHU Shunhui,WU Shengrong,CHEN Yunsheng
    . 2015, 28(6):  184. 
    Abstract ( 1085 )   PDF (659KB) ( 461 )  
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    Based on an analysis of risks of the stray current corrosion and a comparison of the performances of existing stray current detection devices,this article discusses the design,performance indicators and implementation of the AC/DC stray current meter.A tablet is adopted as the upper computer and STM32F103C8T6 as the lower computer for acquisition and processing of stray current signals from the oil pipeline and the reference voltage signals.LabVIEW is adopted in the design of visual programming for the modification of the interface,which facilitates maintenance.Precision tests show that the design meets the requirements.

    Flux-weakening Direct Torque Control of PMSM Based on Fuzzy Logic Algorithm
    LIU Qingyang,WEI Guoliang,WANG Yongxiong
    . 2015, 28(6):  187. 
    Abstract ( 693 )   PDF (914KB) ( 446 )  
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    Flux-weakening control of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is a hotspot of motor research.However,the objectives of monitoring load conditions and parameters changes real time cannot be achieved by the existing PMSM direct torque flux-weakening control method at full speed only with no-load running.This paper puts forward a new method of flux-weakening control based on fuzzy control,which can intelligently adjust the value of reference direct torque control flux according to the changes of the real-time speed and torque value.The Matlab/Simulink simulation verifies the accuracy of intelligent flux-weakening control of the permanent magnet synchronous motor direct torque control.

    Design of a Squarer Slope Compensation Circuit for Buck DC-DC Converter
    GUAN Jinzhou,LI Jilei
    . 2015, 28(6):  192. 
    Abstract ( 590 )   PDF (573KB) ( 367 )  
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    A squarer slope compensation technique is presented for application in the current mode DC/DC converters.The slope compensation changes dynamically with the duty ratio,improving system stability and the chip's loading capacity and eliminating such disadvantages as the instability with duty ratios larger than 50% and the sub harmonic oscillation as well as sensitive noise,The circuit is based on a 0.35 μm BCD process and verified by Cadence simulation.Anticipated results have been achieved.

    A New Modeling Method for BLDC Motor without Position Sensor
    QIAN Shuangjie,JIAN Xianzhong,LIU Rui
    . 2015, 28(6):  195. 
    Abstract ( 620 )   PDF (914KB) ( 400 )  
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    The brushless dc motor control system with the hall sensor increases the size of the whole system,limiting its application in some special fields.A method of position sensor-less is proposed by detecting the location of the counter electromotive force,which determines the rotor position to obtain the same signal of rotor position.The system model is built in the Matlab/Simulink.The PI control regulation is applied to speed loop while hysteresis control regulation is applied to current loop,and the rotor position signal of counter electromotive force is delivered to the current loop.The simulation results show that the method proposed has good dynamic and static characteristics with the electromagnetic torque closely following the given signal,which verifies its effectiveness.

    A Smart Socket with Infrared Remote Control and Timing
    JIA Yufeng,LIU Chenggang,SONG Chengxiang
    . 2015, 28(6):  200. 
    Abstract ( 459 )   PDF (648KB) ( 566 )  
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    An intelligent socket with infrared remote control and timed on-off switch is designed with the STC89C52 microcontroller as the core and the keyboard,LCD1602 screen and infrared remote control module as peripherals.The socket realizes remote and timed on-off control at any preset time without the need for unplugging,thus reducing standby electricity loss.

    Laser Point Cloud Alignment Based on Unit Four Elements Method
    WANG Yingnan,DAI Shuguang
    . 2015, 28(6):  202. 
    Abstract ( 480 )   PDF (687KB) ( 386 )  
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    This paper describes an efficient algorithm for laser point cloud auto registration based on the unit four elements method.We find out the closest matching point by calculating the eigenvectors of the laser point cloud via repeated iterations,and obtain the optimum solution to the rotation and translation matrices of this point,thus achieving the precise automatic alignment of the point cloud.

    Ge Surface Corrosion in GeOI Preparation by Smart-cut Method
    DENG Hailiang,YANG Fan,ZHANG Xuanxiong
    . 2015, 28(6):  205. 
    Abstract ( 646 )   PDF (914KB) ( 426 )  
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    The surface blistering kinetics of Ge implanted by H ion based on different implantation conditions is studied for germanium layer transfer to SiO2 to obtain GeOI.The raw Ge surface based on smart-cut technology was etched by chemical solution (mixture of ammonia,H2O2 and deionized water) at room temperature for Ge surface planarizing and removing the amorphous Ge generated by H ion implantation.The characterizations were performed by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and cross-section transmission electron microscopy (X-TEM).The experimental results demonstrate that the surface roughness of the splitting germanium is improved the amorphous Ge layer originated by H implantation is removed while maintaining perfect germanium pattern lattice.

    Study and Progress of the Slip Ring Technology
    LIU Wenke,ZHAO Kejun,ZHENG Chuanrong
    . 2015, 28(6):  208. 
    Abstract ( 454 )   PDF (1109KB) ( 374 )  
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    An overview on study and progress of the slip ring technology is presented.The main electrical performance parameters of the slip ring,including contact resistance,insulation resistance,dielectric strength,crosstalk,electrical noise and standing-wave radio are analyzed.The research status quos on electrical contact structure,electrical contact materials and manufacturing process of slip ring are introduced respectively.The future directions of slip ring,namely miniaturization,integration,and expansion into residential areas,are pointed out.

    Construction of a Combination of Active and Passive Defense of Smart Grid Information Security System
    ZHOU Sheng,ZHAO Junyi,GE Yuanpeng
    . 2015, 28(6):  213. 
    Abstract ( 651 )   PDF (798KB) ( 374 )  
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    With extensive smart grid construction,and the resulting threats to further increase the importance of information security has become increasingly prominent.The paper focused on the main features of the smart grid,security requirements,active and passive defense techniques are analyzed and presented the overall structure and processes of smart grid information security system.Thus demonstrates the utilization of active and passive defense technology,can effectively protect against network attacks,to ensure a strong and stable power grid.

    Application of Multimedia Technology in College Sports Teaching
    SONG Baojie
    . 2015, 28(6):  216. 
    Abstract ( 534 )   PDF (514KB) ( 338 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    Information technology has been incorporated into the general college teaching,offering high-tech,interesting and interactive class experiences,which reform the traditional teaching methods.The content of classroom teaching is required to catch up with the trend of the development of information technology.A shift in college physical education from exclusive sports teaching to a more comprehensive,attractive and scientific mode is implemented with the characteristic and need of college students in consideration.

    Transmission and Reception of Digital Television Signals
    WANG Renlei
    . 2015, 28(6):  218. 
    Abstract ( 465 )   PDF (827KB) ( 375 )  
    References | Related Articles | Metrics

    The technologies for the transmission and reception of digital TV signals are discussed in detail.The stable source of signals and good anti-interference transmission are the guarantee of good quality of TV images,and fast distortion-free codec is the basic requirement of the receiver.A system-level application of digital TV signals is possible only if high quality emission,transmission and reception are achieved.The three links are covered respectively,and the trend of development of TV signal processing systems is pointed out.


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