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15 September 2015 Volume 28 Issue 9
    QRD-SMI Algorithm Based on MGS Algorithm and its FPGA Implementation
    BAO Zhiqiang,JIA Fuwei,ZHU Shaobin
    . 2015, 28(9):  1. 
    Abstract ( 549 )   PDF (999KB) ( 476 )  
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    Based on the theoretical analysis of adaptive beamforming algorithm,the modified Gram Schmidt orthogonal algorithm (MGS) is used in the algorithm based on the QR decomposition of inversion sample matrix (QRD-SMI) to propose the QRD-SMI algorithm based on the MGS algorithm with specific programmable gate array (FPGA) implementation structure given:multiplexing QR decomposition array (MQRD-IMGS) based MGS.The FPGA implementation structure uses coordinate rotation digital computer (CORDIC) to replace the division operational in MGS,effectively saving hardware resource consumption and the structure time delay.Hardware simulation shows that the highly modular MQRD-IMGS maintains numerical stability with good suppression of the interfering signals and small hardware resource consumption.

    Unitary-ESPRIT Beamforming Technology Based on Wavelet Transform
    ZHAO Jihong,HE Dan,WANG Weihua,QU Hua,LEI Pei
    . 2015, 28(9):  6. 
    Abstract ( 442 )   PDF (768KB) ( 314 )  
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    Based on the analysis Unitary-ESPRIT algorithm,the idea of denoising by Wavelet Transform is introduced and the Subspace Beamforming algorithm based on Wavelet Transform is put forward.The algorithm is a combination of Wavelet Transform denoising and Unitary-ESPRIT algorithm,using wavelet transform denoising principle to solve the problem that Unitary-ESPRIT algorithm cannot form a beamforming correctly because of wrong estimation of the wave direction under the condition of low Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and limited number of array elements.Simulation results show that the algorithm can correctly distinguish the wave direction and form the correct beam under low SNR and limited number of array elements compared with the traditional ESPRIT algorithm and the Unitary-ESPRIT algorithm.

    Quartering and Differential Correlation-Combined Algorithm for BD Weak Signal Acquisitionv
    NIU Jiahong,FAN Changzhou,LI Hongwei
    . 2015, 28(9):  11. 
    Abstract ( 388 )   PDF (1211KB) ( 326 )  
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    In order to solve the inability of the traditional satellite signal acquisition algorithm to meet the practical requirements under the condition of BD weak signals,a novel algorithm based on FFT is proposed,which uses the differential coherent accumulation method and estimates the position of the navigation data bit-flip by the Quartering algorithm.With a high data utilization ratio,this method is robust to the noise as well,as compared with the algorithm with alternating half bits and combination coherent accumulating.The simulation result shows that the proposed algorithm can capture the weak signal in BDS under 38 dB SNR and can improve the software receiver sensitivity.

    Analysis of Network Behaviors Based on Association Rules
    LIU Zongcheng,ZHANG Zhonglin,TIAN Miaofeng
    . 2015, 28(9):  16. 
    Abstract ( 491 )   PDF (728KB) ( 313 )  
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    The large number of web browsing records contains the implicit behaviors of users on the Internet,which however is difficult to find.Therefore,effective methods for extracting the information from the data,or the data mining applications are in urgent need.Among them,the association rules technology is one of the widely used.This paper adopts the Apriori algorithm to analyze the Web structure data mining for association rules,and the resulting rules reflect the page link between the relationships.Analysis of the results reveals the pattern of user access behaviors,providing an effective decision-making basis for the security and improvement of websites.

    Application of LMS Algorithm in the Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Measurement System
    LI Jinzhu,HU Xingliu,ZHANG Xiaowei
    . 2015, 28(9):  19. 
    Abstract ( 482 )   PDF (780KB) ( 337 )  
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    The core of a distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system (DTS) is signal collection and data processing.The measuring accuracy,spatial resolution,collecting speed and final response time are all affected by the noise in signal.The anti-Stokes signal contains very weak temperature information and is often completely overwhelmed by noise.Therefore,getting the useful temperature information from the signal is particularly important.A variable step size least-mean-square (LMS) adaptive filtering algorithm is researched for the characteristic of the noise signal in distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system and used to denoise the Raman scattering temperature signal.Matlab simulation shows that this algorithm has good denoising performance and improves the system measurement accuracy and spatial resolution.

    Assessment of Cabin Layout Options Based on TOPSIS
    WANG Yan,ZHOU Hang,DING Songbin
    . 2015, 28(9):  23. 
    Abstract ( 416 )   PDF (826KB) ( 303 )  
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    Selection of the cabin layout is an important part of the fleet planning.A set of indicators for cabin layout assessment is proposed covering economy,comfort,versatility,maintainability and airworthiness.The quantitative evaluation of cabin layout options is realized by reasonable quantification of targets and corresponding indicators dimensionless using TOPSIS theoretical model to calculate the proximity for sorting and comparison.Study of five cases in the program B787 cabin layout verifies the accuracy and validity of the method.

    Data Preprocessing of Ancient Pottery of Central China
    WANG Songhui,YANG Shanshan,LI Yunjuan
    . 2015, 28(9):  27. 
    Abstract ( 419 )   PDF (947KB) ( 279 )  
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    Data mining techniques are employed to analyze the ancient pottery data in Central China to explore the evolution of ancient pottery and the origins of roughly inheritance relation of the Central China between each type of culture,which is of great significance in archeology and anthropology.As the major step of data mining,data preprocessing can improve data quality,thereby helping to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the subsequent mining process.Because the ancient pottery in Central China has the features of complex types with large amount of incorrect,incomplete and inconsistent data,the data preprocessing techniques of data cleaning,data integration and data transformation are used,thereby greatly improving the quality of data mining models.

    Interface Design and Optimization of Network Traffic Monitoring Based on WinPcap
    XU Min,XIA Jingbo
    . 2015, 28(9):  31. 
    Abstract ( 392 )   PDF (933KB) ( 339 )  
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    With the development of network technology,it is more difficult to monitor and manage network because of the ever more complicated network structure.Aiming at this problem,this paper designs an easily manipulated interface of network traffic monitoring by WinPcap based on the system functional requirements.Specific system architecture is given with the function of each part optimized and the flow chart and operation interface given.The display of the size,change trend,protocol analysis and so on,of two flows is realized,laying a foundation for the application of flow analysis and IDS.

    Open Platform for Internet of Things Based on Raspberry Pi
    SU Xianglin,CHEN Wenyi,YAN Sasa
    . 2015, 28(9):  35. 
    Abstract ( 498 )   PDF (868KB) ( 349 )  
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    At present the Internet of things is applied more and more widely in every industry.This paper proposes the establishment of open networking service platform to meet the common demand of the Internet of things by providing an open service for world of the Internet.The access,management,storage,handling and application of sensor data are performed.The raspberry pi is used as a gateway device port for image data acquisition,connected through Http or Socket.IO to the cloud platform server for real-time data transmission.

    Research on Pinning Control Theory Based on Closeness Centrality
    ZHANG Bingbing,SHANG Lihui,LIU Dianyong
    . 2015, 28(9):  38. 
    Abstract ( 463 )   PDF (697KB) ( 317 )  
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    Complex networks have various performance indices,and the choice of the control nodes in the networks has a great influence on control effect.A method for selecting nodes basing on closeness centrality is put forward in this article.The effect of this method on the control near the center of the network is discussed.Results show that the method can efficiently improve the control of the networks.

    Three-objective Cauchy Particle Swarm Optimization for Reactive Power Optimization
    MA Lixin,LUAN Jian,WANG Jiyin
    . 2015, 28(9):  42. 
    Abstract ( 556 )   PDF (807KB) ( 333 )  
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    This paper establishes a three-objective hybrid algorithm,which takes into account of loss minimization,voltage level best target and maximum static voltage stability margin.The Cauchy particle swarm optimization (CPSO) algorithm is proposed and applied to IEEE-14 node system for three-objective reactive power optimization.Cauchy particle swarm optimization (CPSO) is basic particle swarm algorithm to join the Cauchy distribution,for each generation of the particle's velocity,position,and Cauchy mutation adaptive value,thereby increasing the diversity of population.When the population diversity is very poor,Cauchy mutation is performed by particles to cross in order to expand the search space,improve the population diversity and avoid premature convergence,thereby avoiding the problem of algorithm trapped in local optimal solution with improved convergence speed.By testing data and comparing rate of convergence,accuracy and global searching ability of the new algorithm,CPSO algorithm is found to be superior to the conventional DE algorithm and PSO algorithm.The results show the validity of the proposed model and algorithm,which has important theoretical guiding significance for the security and economic operation of power system.

    Server Load Balancing Algorithm Based on Dynamic Feedback
    LI Kun
    . 2015, 28(9):  45. 
    Abstract ( 489 )   PDF (954KB) ( 323 )  
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    Aiming at some existing disadvantages of load balance algorithm that the load balance algorithm can not reflect the situation of servers' load correctly and that the manual weight setting is inflexible,this paper puts forward an improved and new load balancing algorithm named adaptive weighted least-load algorithm.Server performance factors are considered,and the weight is dynamically adjusted according to the load of each server to make sure that the load of the server cluster is balanced.Simulation by OPNET indicates that the new algorithm can reduce the service delay,improve the average response rate and balance servers' load effectively compared with existing load balance algorithm.

    Reactive Power Optimization Incorporating Unified Power Flow Controller
    JIAN Xianzhong,WANG Jia
    . 2015, 28(9):  50. 
    Abstract ( 551 )   PDF (668KB) ( 277 )  
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    In order to control the power flow distribution of power system more effectively,to further improve the effectiveness of the power system reactive power optimization,and to achieve minimizing system loss,this paper proposes a new model based on PSO algorithm for reactive power optimization of a system with UPFC systems.The active network loss minimum is as an objective function using the power injection model of UPFC for effective control of the power flow distribution.This method is implemented and applied into IEEE-30 system and the calculation results indicate that this method not only reduces the active network loss and increases the voltage stability but also reduces the number of iterations of PSO algorithm.Simulation proves the presented model and algorithm are effective and feasible.

    Achievement of Frequency Tracking in Power Systems by RPLS Algorithm
    LI Zhenzhu,WANG Xiaohua,ZHOU Yong
    . 2015, 28(9):  54. 
    Abstract ( 417 )   PDF (719KB) ( 343 )  
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    In view of the complex derivation and large amount of calculation of the power system frequency tracking algorithm,a new algorithm for frequency tracking of power system using a Recursive Partial Least Squares (RPLS) is proposed.The sliding window method is used in the recursive process to update data,and the appropriate forgetting factor is introduced.The simulation results show that this algorithm has small computation complexity in power system frequency tracking with simple derivation,fast convergence and high accuracy.

    Design of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Bandpass Filters for Ku Band
    ZHANG Jing,YIN Zhiping,YANG Jun
    . 2015, 28(9):  57. 
    Abstract ( 428 )   PDF (603KB) ( 384 )  
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    In this paper,a Ku band bandpass filter used in the mobile communication is presented by using the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology.The equivalent circuit of the perceptual metal patch in the SIW is described.The transition characteristics of filter are simulated and the parameters of structure analyzed.An improvement of the bandpass filter bandwidth is achieved by comparing two design methods.The result of the simulation shows that this approach is feasible and effective.

    Tolerance of Effective Number of Bits in Analog Conversion Systems
    SUN Aizhong,ZHANG Wanzhen,ZHANG Binfeng
    . 2015, 28(9):  60. 
    Abstract ( 531 )   PDF (676KB) ( 334 )  
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    ENOB-data out of size are found in part of module's ADC circuit in the testing of some missile-borne computer.The fault tree analysis is made of the affecting factors one by one,and it is found that the signal source frequency plays an important role in ADC circuits.The fault position is accurately located by theoretical analysis and algorithm simulation.The problem is solved by redesigning clock circuit and changing the input of the signal.

    Hardware Design of NoC Boundary Scan Test System
    QUAN Zhaofeng
    . 2015, 28(9):  63. 
    Abstract ( 518 )   PDF (803KB) ( 311 )  
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    A boundary scan test system is designed with FPGA as the core for fault testing of complex network on chip systems based on 3×3 2D-Mesh structure of NoC system,the boundary scan test technology and the resource node fault types.The frequency meter,amplifier,SRAM,IEEE1500 Wrapper and the boundary scanning chains of resource nodes interface are implemented.The test software,signal generator,AVO meter,digital oscilloscope are used to checkout the whole hardware design through boundary chain.The test results show that the design offers stable performance and provides a hardware platform of boundary scan test in the research of NoC systems.

    An Improved MOS Charge Pump Circuit for Low Voltage Operations
    FAN Ming,DONG Qingchen
    . 2015, 28(9):  67. 
    Abstract ( 493 )   PDF (657KB) ( 395 )  
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    Due to the disadvantages of traditional charge pump for low output voltage using standard CMOS technology,the paper proposes a new basic charge transfer switch to improve the performance of MOS charge pump,based on pumping gain increasing circuit,the voltage gain of the charge pump can be improved by adding a third control signal at the output stage of the pump.In this paper,we use it as an energy wireless sensor circuit to produce a higher output voltage.The simulation results show that the improved charge pump circuit for low-voltage equipment has a high pumping gain.The output voltage (up to 8.5 V at 1.5 V) is higher than that achievable by any other charge pumps.

    An Auto-reconfigurable Switched-capacitor DC-DC with On-Chip Fly-Capacitor
    WEI Rongshan,DAI Ming
    . 2015, 28(9):  70. 
    Abstract ( 462 )   PDF (663KB) ( 346 )  
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    A high-efficiency boost mode electronic power management chip with on-chip capacitor is proposed.Compared to the conventional structure,the presented circuit has 11 patterns:six groups of 2×,3 groups of 3×,and 2 groups of 4× booster modes.It also has the advantage of low-ripple and so on.The chip size is greatly reduced by using MIM capacitance and accumulation NMOS capacitance in series,which increases the capacity value per unit area.The proposed circuit is implemented using SMIC 0.18 μm CMOS process.The Cadence simulation results show that the efficiency is up to 83.6% when the output voltage is 3 V.When the switching frequency is 20 MHz with the input voltage from 1 V to 1.8 V,the area of overall capacitor integrated on chip is 900 μm×900 μm and the output ripple is less than 40 mV.

    Implementation of Channel Interleaving of Broadband Carrier Power Line Communications Protocol Based on FPGA
    ZHANG Liping,WEI Wei
    . 2015, 28(9):  74. 
    Abstract ( 579 )   PDF (619KB) ( 326 )  
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    This paper introduces channel interleaving of broadband carrier power line communications protocol.On the basis of this protocol,the schemes of designing FPGA-based channel interleaving are presented.The channel interleaving physical layer implementation methods are described in detail and the main idea of the method is to control read operations for the ROM and control read and write operations for the RAM to achieve channel interleaving process,well meeting the dual requirements of resources and delay.

    Research into PAR of Synthesized Jamming Signal
    ZHANG Shaojin
    . 2015, 28(9):  77. 
    Abstract ( 443 )   PDF (767KB) ( 278 )  
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    The PAR of synthesized jamming signal has great influence on the power of emitted jamming signal which is related to the jamming effect.It is necessary to analyze PAR of the synthesized jamming signal.In this article CCDF is used to describe the features of PAR and the peak-cut method and random-phase synthesis are used to decrease the PAR.

    Design and Implementation of Wireless Temperature Transducer Based on WIA-PA
    JIA Shuting,WANG Kai,WANG Yagang
    . 2015, 28(9):  81. 
    Abstract ( 539 )   PDF (978KB) ( 335 )  
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    Aiming at difficult wiring and scattered distribution in some industrial fields,this paper briefly introduces the WIA-PA technology,and designs a wireless temperature transducer based on WIA-PA with the high performance and low power consumption 16-bit MCU MSP430F5438A as the core.Thermocouple temperature measurement circuit is built for compensation of the thermocouple at the cold terminal.The designs of communication program between wireless and temperature acquisition module are given.Tests on temperature acquisition prove that the wireless temperature transducer can communicate stably and reliably with a measuring precision within 5‰.

    Channelized Reception Processing
    LI Jianchun
    . 2015, 28(9):  86. 
    Abstract ( 523 )   PDF (566KB) ( 402 )  
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    Modern radar receivers require a wide instantaneous bandwidth,good sensitivity and dynamic range,and detection of signals arriving at the same time.We use the polyphase filter group of channelized receiver through which pass two linear frequency modulation pulse signals.After channelizing,sampling and frequency shift,channel separation for multi-channel signals and successful detection of the signals arriving at the same time is achieved,thus reducing the complexity of signal processing and improving the real-time processing performance,especially the full probability interception ability of radar receivers.

    Realization of Distributed Jammer Based on FPGA
    JIAO Longfei,MO Zijun
    . 2015, 28(9):  89. 
    Abstract ( 541 )   PDF (904KB) ( 383 )  
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    The distributed jamming technology is widely used in modern electronic countermeasure to effectively counter the awacs,new types of radar networks,communication networks and navigation systems.This paper analyzes the basic principle of distributed jamming,and realizes the distributed jammer based on FPGA.With the core of DRFM,distributed jamming uses FPGA's FIFO for the false target transmission and time delay,realizing the distributed collaborative coherent and noncoherent jamming of radar.

    Electrode Pin Control Signal Processing for Digital Microfluidic Biochips
    CHEN Chunyan
    . 2015, 28(9):  93. 
    Abstract ( 502 )   PDF (871KB) ( 296 )  
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    With the development of science and technology,most prior work on the research of the digital microfluidic biochips assume that the electrode uses a large number of independent control pins to control,thus a significant increase of the manufacturing costs.In this paper,according to the droplet routing path,we use the broadcast addressing method to assume the number of the maximum electrodes that one pin can drive after experiments,then use that value to partition the electrode-actuation sequence,and finally reduce the number of control pins.We evaluate the proposed optimization method by comparing with other methods of early research.Results show that our method can effectively reduce the number of control pins and process the control signals.

    Research on and Realization of Automatic Rice Cooker System Based on SIM900A
    ZHU Chao,GAO Xiang
    . 2015, 28(9):  97. 
    Abstract ( 489 )   PDF (736KB) ( 380 )  
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    Aiming at the inconvenient remote control of ordinary rice cookers,a design scheme of automatic rice cooker based on SIM900A is proposed with improved mechanical structure.Remote communication is realized between the STM32F103 microcontroller and the user mobile phone by short messages and GPRS technology.STM32F103 controls the rice cooker according to user instructions to realize fully automated process from rice taking to cooking,real-time detection of the working states and intelligent alarm.The test results show that the system runs stably and realizes the remote control of rice cooker with a fast,smart,and timely cooking mode.

    A Temperature Collection and Analysis System Based on the MCU and DS18B20
    SONG Quan,XIE Songhua,WANG Chao,MIAO Xinlong,TONG Yifan
    . 2015, 28(9):  100. 
    Abstract ( 446 )   PDF (787KB) ( 309 )  
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    A system for both temperature collection and analysis is designed.The functions of sampling of the measured temperature,storage and analysis are achieved.Based on the 80C51,DS18B20 with SQL Server 2008 as the database and Matlab as the analysis tool,the system uses the serial port,ADO component,MATALB engine to complete relevant functions.According to the testing,the system is capable of a series of tasks from temperature collection to analysis,suitable for temperature sampling and analysis.

    Design of Ethernet Communication Interface Based on Multi-core DSP
    JIAO Shuhong,JIAO Zhuang
    . 2015, 28(9):  104. 
    Abstract ( 524 )   PDF (806KB) ( 599 )  
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    For the demand of data communications between TMS320C6678 and external devices,a gigabit Ethernet communication interface hardware circuit is designed with on-chip Gigabit Ethernet switching subsystem as the core and 88E1111 as the PHY device.Under embedded operating system SYS/BIOS and network development environment NDK,the Ethernet underlying driver programming and TCP/IP protocol is completed.The communication tests between DSP and PC verify the correctness and practicability of the Ethernet interface circuit hardware and software.

    Design of the Dynamic Balance Detection System of Rotating Shaft Based on the Following Filtering and the Phase Sensitive Detection Technology
    LIU Zhen,ZHANG Renjie,CHEN Leiliang,LIU Hu
    . 2015, 28(9):  109. 
    Abstract ( 499 )   PDF (865KB) ( 375 )  
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    This paper studies the test experimental device of the field balance of typical rotating equipment,introduces the use of filtering and phase sensitive detection technique.Compared with the traditional dynamic balancing device,this device can take dynamic balance detection on the machine and unit motivated directly without disassembling rotary body.To make a correct and comprehensive assessment of the performance of the machine quickly,we improve the production efficiency through the field simulation experiment,which proves that the device has high accuracy and good repeatability in the range of 600~1 800 r·min-1 and can be a good field balance testing experimental device.

    Third-order Intermodulation of Passive Components  Research and Testing
    LI Peihong
    . 2015, 28(9):  112. 
    Abstract ( 383 )   PDF (792KB) ( 357 )  
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    The impact of non-linear passive components intermodulation products caused by the quality of communication is serous.Based on the diode characteristics,the mechanism of passive intermodulation is analyzed.The effect of passive intermodulation in mobile communications is discussed.Theoretical analysis shows that intermodulation in GSM900 system can decrease the performance of receivers.In order to accurately measure the intermodulation products,an effective passive intermodulation test programs is presented,which can accurately measure the low power quantity of intermodulation.

    Research on Electric Vehicle Battery Monitoring and Early Warning Systems Based on LabVIEW
    MA Wei,ZHANG Honghao,DONG Pengju
    . 2015, 28(9):  115. 
    Abstract ( 652 )   PDF (1140KB) ( 358 )  
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    The battery is the core part of electric vehicles,and the effective management and use of battery power and the improvement of battery life is a key to the development of electric vehicles.A battery hardware platform based on STC89C52 is built for the collection of the single cell voltage,current,temperature and other basic information with improved A/D conversion,serial port communication and thermo sensor control.The PC data processing platform is built using LabVIEW for the study of pure electric vehicle battery real-time monitoring and early warning system,providing functions such as the battery measurements,power estimates and fault alarm as well as effective battery management and control.The system works stably with good battery performance,laying the theoretical foundation for the future development of battery performance optimization.

    Design of an Automatic Test System for the Vehicle Bus
    CHEN Shijie,WEI Guoliang
    . 2015, 28(9):  120. 
    Abstract ( 958 )   PDF (1122KB) ( 418 )  
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    This paper illustrates the development of the automatic test system for the vehicle bus aim at OEMs testing requirement.This system has the advantages of easy configuration,scalability,and automated test.The target of the test system is networks consisting of ECUs in the vehicle.The test platform of the system can easily realize the allocation of network node,thus solving the problem that the traditional test system can test only limited vehicle types.The test system software is designed based on LabVIEWand to realize automatic test by means of oscilloscope,multimeter and CAN analyzer with the framework of multiple queue and multiple producers-consumers.The time of the test can be largely shortened by this automatic test system.

    Initial Coefficients Estimation of Ground Plane with Point Clouds
    DU Wanhe,YANG Jingdong,YANG Jinghui
    . 2015, 28(9):  125. 
    Abstract ( 450 )   PDF (1214KB) ( 325 )  
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    An approach is proposed for estimating initial coefficients of the ground plane with point clouds.The octree used first to store the point clouds that contain RGB and location information.The moving object's partial point clouds can be acquired by comparing leaf nodes of two neighboring frames.Then a set consists of centroids extracted from moving object's partial point clouds is utilized to fit a plane through RANSAC.Besides,clustering is performed on normal and distance space successively by ISOCLUS algorithm to segment planes.Finally,the ground plane is chosen from segmented planes according to normal of the plane of the moving object.This method achieves reliable results for estimating initial coefficients of the ground plane through experiment.

    Design of Remote Network Control of Traffic System Based on FPGA
    KANG Weixin,LI Dingyang
    . 2015, 28(9):  131. 
    Abstract ( 541 )   PDF (954KB) ( 375 )  
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    A design of remote control network based on FPGA platform is presented for traffic control systems.The system uses the TCP/IP transmission protocol to realize the transmission of control information from the control center to the traffic system.The Qt graphical interface for control center is clear and straightforward to use.On the basis of control information,transportation system will select the appropriate timing scheme for display.Tests show that the system is stable,accurate,reliable and low in cost.

    Electric Loading System Based on a Novel CMAC Control Strategy
    WANG Bangting,HUANG Yaoda
    . 2015, 28(9):  136. 
    Abstract ( 323 )   PDF (800KB) ( 277 )  
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    The disturbance of surplus torque and the nonlinearity deteriorate the precision of torque tracking in the electric loading system.This undesired effect cannot be removed satisfactorily by the conventional control.To deal with this problem,after analyzing the origin of instability of the traditional CMAC,we propose a novel CMAC composite control strategy based on optional weight and investigate its structure and algorithm.This control adopts the desired output and the actual output of the electric loading system as the incentive signals of CMAC,and treats the error between the desired output and the actual output as the training signal for the CMAC structure.A non-uniform quantization scheme is then proposed according to the characteristics of the incentive signals.In the conventional CMAC,errors are equally distributed into memory cells;while the novel CMAC allocates errors according to the Gaussian weighting coefficients.Simulation results show that the proposed hybrid controller effectively suppresses the disturbance of surplus torque and the nonlinearity such as friction,improves the control precision of the electric loading system and enhances the control stability of the system.

    Information System for Smart Home Based on PIC32
    ZHANG Qinglei,WANG Zhenzhen,WANG Chuangang,YANG Liang
    . 2015, 28(9):  140. 
    Abstract ( 497 )   PDF (859KB) ( 407 )  
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    The designed system uses PIC32 MCU as the core controller with embedded TCP/IP communication protocols and file system.WiFi module can be used to access system parameters and sensors' data stored in the SD card through a wireless network.The device parameters can be configured with data management for monitoring or control of the status of intelligent household system.The system can be conveniently accessed through personal computers or mobile phones.The system also has advantages of good scalability and low design and running cost.

    Image Super-resolution Reconstruction Based on Sparse Representatio
    SHEN Li,HAN Yanfang
    . 2015, 28(9):  144. 
    Abstract ( 450 )   PDF (904KB) ( 291 )  
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    A super-resolution reconstruction approach to single low-resolution image based on sparse representation is presented.We solve the sparse linear combination of the dictionary through jointing input low-resolution image and generated high-resolution image patches,and then use the coefficients to adjust the output high-resolution image patches.The results of simulation experiments show that the proposed algorithm is effective to improve the quality of the reconstruction of high-resolution image.

    IP Camera Platform Based on FPGA+DM36X
    LI Ang,CHEN Wenyi,YANG Hui,ZHAO Xiaoguang
    . 2015, 28(9):  148. 
    Abstract ( 387 )   PDF (884KB) ( 352 )  
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    This article proposes a program of IP camera platform based on FPGA+DM36X for a high dynamic range of security monitoring equipment.The program uses high dynamic image sensor for image acquisition with FPGA and DM36X as the core of image processing.FPGA is responsible for the high dynamic image enhancement processing,making up for the lack of DM36X in high-dynamic image processing.The advantage of DM36X in video encoding and transmission yields a high resolution of 1 280×720 at a transmission speed of 30 frames per second.

    Design of the Three-dimensional Pitot Speed Measuring System Based on Servo Motor
    YANG Jun,WENG Guohua,YUE Jian,FAN Zhihong
    . 2015, 28(9):  152. 
    Abstract ( 484 )   PDF (847KB) ( 327 )  
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     In order to improve the speed measuring method of pitot tube,the paper presents a three-dimensional pitot speed measuring system with the servo motor as the drive parts and the magnetic grid encoder as the position sensor.The framework of the control system adopts LabVIEW+PLC control structure.Experiment shows that the system effectively avoids interference factors such as flue gas in the turbulent,thus accurate measurement of flue gas velocity;the visual man-machine interface facilitates speed operation,data acquisition and data processing.The emphasis is put on the improvement of speed measuring principle,and the LabVIEW programming algorithm for the servo motor drive control system and human-machine interface.

    Research on the Method of Power Failure Fast Recovery
    GUO Yong,ZHANG Jian
    . 2015, 28(9):  156. 
    Abstract ( 480 )   PDF (633KB) ( 321 )  
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    The paper discusses the fault analysis of smart distribution network,network reconfiguration and fault recovery.First of all,the distribution network fault contains constraints fast recovery mathematical model is discussed and the research on network searching analyzed.A combination of network topology search and fault information matrix phase is adopted for fault location in distribution network.An actual 35 kV distribution network fault recovery case is given and analyzed,which verifies the reliability of the proposed method.

    Static State Security Analysis of Power System Based on PSS/E
    SHEN Shudong,MENG Xiang
    . 2015, 28(9):  159. 
    Abstract ( 471 )   PDF (874KB) ( 356 )  
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    This paper presents a power flow calculation software for large scale power grid to solve the problem of low efficiency in power system static security analysis owing to numerous repeated calculations.The application of the PSS/E-33 software to solve the power flow problems and various power flow solvers in the software are introduced in detail.Multi-faulted static security analysis of standard system of IEEE30 nodes shows that PSS/E software can effectively reduce the process of repeated calculations and improve the efficiency of power system security analysis.

    Simulation of Electronic Throttle Control System of Gasoline Engines
    LIU Jian,HAN Yimeng
    . 2015, 28(9):  162. 
    Abstract ( 382 )   PDF (729KB) ( 289 )  
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    This paper introduces the electronic throttle control system of gasoline engine and describes the electronic throttle control system in detail.A math model is built based on Matlab/Simulink to convert the model to PLC code using the automatic coding of Matlab.The processes and architectures of these models are simulated in the environment of TwinCAT.Simulation results and theoretical analysis results are basically identical,indicating a good agreement of the execution values with the instruction values sent by the main controller.

    Research on the Stability of Garnet DC Optical Current Sensor
    CHEN Lin,GAO Jun,LEI Wenfeng
    . 2015, 28(9):  165. 
    Abstract ( 492 )   PDF (883KB) ( 320 )  
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    Aiming at the detection of dc current in the smart grid,the reflection and transmission light path structures are designed for optical current sensors.DC current monitoring experiments are performed with permanent magnetic thin films with different thicknesses of garnet magneto-optic material as the sensitive element of the sensor to study the stability and sensitivity of the sensor.The experimental results show that both structures achieves high sensitivity with garnet magneto-optic material with different thickness of the permanent magnetic thin films as sensitive element of sensor;the DOP of sensor has lesser variations with 2 μm garnet material in the reflection structure and 1 μm garnet material in the transmission structure as a sensitive element,which means that the system has good stability.

    An Optimization Scheme of ASE Source
    NIU Yudi,SHEN Qingyun,TANG Xiaoxiong,JI Shitao,WEI Zhiwu
    . 2015, 28(9):  168. 
    Abstract ( 429 )   PDF (771KB) ( 265 )  
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    It has been proved that the length of fiber has great contribution to the performance of the 1 550 nm ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) source,both on the output power and spectral width.To improve the performance of the source,a series of experiments is designed,and the result shows that a proper length of fiber can improve the performance of the source.Under normal temperature,we analyze the connection between the length of EDF and output power,center wavelength and spectral width of the ASE source.Finally we derive curve of the ASE source output power and center wavelength under the different EDF length,due to the change of pumping source.The results show that when the fiber is 22 m,the performance of the ASE source is the best.

    Study on Characteristic Temperature of Al-containing and Al-free High Power Semiconductor Laser Diodes
    LI Yajing,PENG Haitao
    . 2015, 28(9):  172. 
    Abstract ( 486 )   PDF (703KB) ( 267 )  
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    At present,AlGaInAs and InGaAsP have been mainly used in 808 nm high-power laser diode active layer,and the semiconductor laser is very sensitive to temperature.In order to measure the temperature sensitivity of two active layer material LDs,the threshold current method are used for 808 nm high power Al-free InGaAsP/GaAs lasers and Al-containing AlGaInAs/AlGaAs/GaAs lasers to measure the characteristic temperature.We test the P-I curves at various temperatures and obtain the linear relationship between the threshold current and temperature by linear fitting.Experimental results show that the temperature properties of aluminum laser are better than those of the Al-free laser.

    Security of Internet of Things Based on Cloud Computing
    SUN Hong,YANG Li
    . 2015, 28(9):  175. 
    Abstract ( 558 )   PDF (944KB) ( 287 )  
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    The basic concepts of cloud computing and Internet of Things are introduced,the necessity of integration and the basic platform for the combination of the cloud computing and the Internet of Things are analyzed,and an architecture of the Internet of Things based on cloud computing is proposed.The security threats that the three-tier architecture of the Internet of Things based on cloud computing faces are studied with an authentication scheme for user authentication given,which uses division rules and permission allocation of patterns in database technology for strict certification and data security.

    Implementation of Manufacturing Execution System in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    CHEN Congwang,WANG Yagang,JIANG Yanxia
    . 2015, 28(9):  180. 
    Abstract ( 449 )   PDF (905KB) ( 495 )  
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    With the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry,its lack of competitiveness is a serious problem.Through the analysis of the present situation and relevant laws and regulations (i.e.GMP good operation standard) of the pharmaceutical industry in China,we propose the MES solution for the information management of the pharmaceutical industry,which can effectively improve the product quality,benefits and competitiveness of the enterprise.

    Current Status and Development of Detection of Photoelectric Encoders
    WEI Xiangyi,DING Hongchang,CAO Guohua
    . 2015, 28(9):  184. 
    Abstract ( 297 )   PDF (1063KB) ( 443 )  
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    The working principles of the photoelectric encoder are described.Photoelectric encoders are divided into two categories according to different coding modes.The performance features of two kinds of encoders and their advantages and disadvantages are summarized.According to the current study of encoder detection technology,the encoder detection methods and the common model are introduced firstly.Then the existing photoelectric encoder detecting technology and apparatuses are introduced.The characteristics,applicability and inadequacies of each detection method are analyzed by comparison.Finally,the future development trends of photoelectric encoder detection technology of high precision,high efficiency and high suitability are summarized.


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