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15 January 2016 Volume 29 Issue 1
    Effect of 316L Selective Laser Sintering Parameters on the Properties of Sintered Parts
    REN Naifei,HANG Yahui,ZHAO Yan
    . 2016, 29(1):  1. 
    Abstract ( 533 )   PDF (875KB) ( 394 )  
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    The selective laser sintering technology provides a new approach to manufacture metal parts.The properties of the metal parts are affected by many factors.In this paper,the single factor experiments are employed to study the indirect SLS of the mixed powder of 316L and epoxy resin.The factors investigated are laser power,scanning speed,scan spacing and layer thickness.The compressive strength and dimensional accuracy of the parts are measured.The influence of different factors on the properties of the parts is obtained.The compressive strength of the parts increases with the addition of the laser power and lower scanning speed,and decreases with greater scanning space and layer thickness.The dimensional accuracy of the parts is reduced by the addition of the laser power and the lower scanning speed,and improved by addition of the scanning space and layer thickness.The surface roughness of the parts is improved by the addition of the layer thickness.

    Design and Application of LED Collimating Lens Based on TIR
    WANG Weiwei
    . 2016, 29(1):  5. 
    Abstract ( 602 )   PDF (907KB) ( 477 )  
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    A design method for collimating LED lens with free surface is introduced and a practical collimating lens with the method based on TIR (Total Internal Reflection) is designed by approximating for the final 3D model successfully.The maximum diameter of the lens is 1 mm with a height of 2 mm.Computer simulation with the lens matched with CREE -XPE shows an efficiency of 84.8% and a K value of 125.8 cd/lm.With the lens applied to 35 W searchlight,a spot of a diameter of 8 m results with the spot center illumination up to 60 lux 100 m away 3.2°.Tests on the fabricated collimation lens show a beam angle of.The lens is used in the actual searchlights.

     Design of Signal Acquisition and Processing System for Laser Doppler Vibrometer
    WANG Jingjing,SHANG Jianhua,HE Yan,LUO Yuan
    . 2016, 29(1):  9. 
    Abstract ( 524 )   PDF (827KB) ( 368 )  
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    A visual data acquisition and processing system is presented to satisfy the signal processing specification of the laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) working for the optic-acoustic remote sensing of the shallow terrain and to resolve the questions of low sampling rate,inconvenient man-machine interface and the less number of channels for sampling.VC+[KG-1.5mm]+ is employed in the post-development of PCI5616 to achieve real-time display,acquisition,storage,and real-time data-processing of the signals.With good processing capacity,flexible operation,good real-time performance and high integration,this data acquisition and processing system realizes the real-time acquisition and processing of the output signals of LDV and meets the demand of topographic mapping under the hydrodynamic water surface.

    Identification of Multi-defects in Plate-like Structure Based on Time-reversal
    XU Baiqiang,YE Jiajia
    . 2016, 29(1):  13. 
    Abstract ( 476 )   PDF (916KB) ( 366 )  
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    Based on Mindlin plate theory,the scattered wave fields of the interaction between ultrasonic guided wave and the micro damages in the plate-like structure are analyzed by means of the small perturbation method.The ultrasonic guided wave in the plate-like structure with damages generated by a pulsed laser is researched by the finite element method (FEM).The transmission matrix of scattered waves is rebuilt,and the images of mini structural damages obtained by the time reversal imaging method are evaluated.The time-reversal imaging method is more sensitive in terms of the reconstructed damage images than the traditional phased array imaging method,offering both accurate identification of multi-damages in the plate-like structure and higher resolution images of damages.

    Research on Temperature Field in Metal Foil Irradiated By Femtosecond Laser
    LIAN Zuchang,ZHAO Shuyi,YE Yunxia
    . 2016, 29(1):  17. 
    Abstract ( 513 )   PDF (953KB) ( 518 )  
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    the temperature field of copper foil with femtosecond laser pulse based on the two temperature model is numerically calculated to analyze the temperature field in metal and its influencing factors.The evolution rules of the electron and lattice temperature with time and depth are studied with a laser pulse width from 100 to 800 fs and a laser pulse energy density from 509.30 to 2 546.48 J/m2.Results show that the electron temperature peaks in 10-13 s while the lattice temperature remains constant with a thermal equilibrium of the two achieved in several picoseconds.A shorter laser pulse width leads to faster electron temperature rise,higher peak temperature and shorter electronic and lattice coupling.And a higher laser energy density results in faster electron temperature rise,higher peak temperature but longer electronic and lattice coupling time.

    Temperature Field Simulation of Laser Transmission Welding PA66 Based on Volumetric Heat Source
    MENG Dongdong,WU Yanwei,FAN Cailian,CAI Ye
    . 2016, 29(1):  22. 
    Abstract ( 535 )   PDF (953KB) ( 422 )  
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    The majority of temperature field models of laser transmission welding in China are established based on surface heat source without the influence of carbon black in consideration.A 3D transient finite element model based on volumetric heat source is presented using APDL language of ANSYS to simulate the temperature field of laser transmission welding PA66.The simulated results are compared with that of surface heat source model and experimental results respectively.The results indicate that the simulated shape of heat affect zone (HAZ) under volumetric heat source agrees very well with the experimental observation,and the dimensions of HAZ predicted by simulation also maintains relatively high accuracy.It is evident that volumetric heat source has obvious advantages over surface heat source in temperature filed simulation and can be used to characterize the influence of carbon black very well.

    Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on Gradient Search Strategy
    YANG Jun,WEI Jingxuan
    . 2016, 29(1):  25. 
    Abstract ( 568 )   PDF (656KB) ( 400 )  
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    The differential evolutionary algorithm is effective in solving global optimization.An improved adaptive differential evolution algorithm based on gradient search strategy is proposed to improve the accuracy of the solved solutions.The improved gradient search strategy is introduced into differential evolutionary algorithm to solve large scale optimization problems.The proposed algorithm is capable of both global and local search.The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has better results compared to SaDE,NSDE and CMAES for benchmark functions 1~14 in CEC 2005.

    Customer Segmentation Strategy Based on Hybrid Clustering Algorithm
    WANG Hong,SUN Hong
    . 2016, 29(1):  29. 
    Abstract ( 494 )   PDF (720KB) ( 363 )  
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    An improved algorithm is put forward to fuse the hierarchical clustering method and the K- means clustering method to solve both the poor scalability of the former and the sensitivity to the initial clustering center of the latter.The computing complexity analysis of the improved algorithm and the test data of UCI database testing results show that the hybrid clustering algorithm increases the sample clustering accuracy to 94% with a higher efficiency and better practicability.In addition,this algorithm is applied to the car sales company in the management of customer segmentation,where the differential is obtained obviously of customer segmentation categories,showing that the improved algorithm has higher detection rate and stronger interpretation ability on customer behaviors.

    Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Cauchy Distribution
    LI Hongling,LUO Lin,PU Dongmei,LIU Haobin
    . 2016, 29(1):  33. 
    Abstract ( 509 )   PDF (776KB) ( 394 )  
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    This article uses the Cauchy distribution function and density function respectively to improve the inertia weight and location update formula in view of the local optimal characteristics and slow convergence of traditional particle swarm optimization algorithms.Compared with the standard PSO algorithm and the Cauchy distribution improved inertia weight,the improved algorithm can converge to the global optimal solution quickly.Simulation of four classic test functions shows that the improved algorithm has high precision and good stability of the solution,especially in solving multimodal functions.

    High-Speed Hardware Design and Implementation of AES Algorithm Based on 51 Core
    ZENG Xiaobo,YI Zhizhong,JIAO Xin
    . 2016, 29(1):  36. 
    Abstract ( 561 )   PDF (785KB) ( 487 )  
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    An AES algorithm scheme is proposed for higher algorithm efficiency,lower complexity of key operations and better resistance of the key against brute-force attack and time attack.The AES principles and its on-chip implementation based on 8051 soft-core are presented with workflow system and hardware modules design given.The efficiency analysis and verification results on the hardware platform are provided.Simulation results show that the AES IP core by look-up table method has high efficiency,and offers support for algorithm engine in the SoC decency password product development.A substantial increase in the efficiency of the algorithm is achieved at the mere cost of a small area of the exchange rate compared with conventional algorithms.

    Short-term Load Forecasting Based on Rough Characteristic-component Algorithm
    MA Lixin,ZHENG Xiaodong,YIN Jingjing
    . 2016, 29(1):  40. 
    Abstract ( 436 )   PDF (683KB) ( 395 )  
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    The key characteristic of mining influence the load is always an important problem in power load forecasting.A reduction algorithm through rough characteristic-component algorithm is introduced.The key characteristics of the date of weather and history load data are discussed,and then a model combined with radical basis function neural network is established.Forecasting results of calculation examples show that the forecasting accuracy is obviously improved and more suitable for short-term load forecasting compared with traditional radical basis function neural network model that chooses input parameters in the light of experience.

    SBHCF:An SVD-based Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm
    SU Fanjun,TANG Qigui
    . 2016, 29(1):  44. 
    Abstract ( 440 )   PDF (817KB) ( 343 )  
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    The traditional CF recommendation algorithms are poor in accuracy because of its irrational neighbor-retrieve.In this paper,an SVD-based hybrid collaborative filtering algorithm is proposed to solve the challenge.The method combines SVD model-based CF algorithm and PCC memory-based CF algorithm.Several parameters and JACCARD are introduced to revise the similarity.The experiment in the public data set proves that the SBHCF algorithm effectively improves the recommendation accuracy with a reduced MAE by at least 7.7% than the traditional CF algorithm.

    Medical Image Depth Information Recovery Based on Binocular Stereo Vision
    GUO Shuyan,LIU Qiao,LU Jin
    . 2016, 29(1):  48. 
    Abstract ( 508 )   PDF (844KB) ( 404 )  
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    A Harris-SIFT algorithm is proposed to extract the medical image feature points at first for real-time medical image depth information recovery.The Euclidean distance is used as the similarity criterion for matching the feature points.This matching algorithm reduces the feature points and time consumption of SIFT extraction.The denser disparity maps are processed by the triangulation method to recover the depth information of medical image.The experimental result shows that the proposed algorithm effectively reduces the medical image depth information recovery time and improves the accuracy.

    Parameters Matching and Simulation for Power Train of Pure Electric Vehicle
    SUN Jinglun,ZHOU Ping,SUN Yuedong
    . 2016, 29(1):  51. 
    Abstract ( 557 )   PDF (969KB) ( 393 )  
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    A dual-objective optimization method based on MOGA-Ⅱ genetic algorithm is proposed for the ratio of power train to be matched reasonably to the drive motor of pure electric vehicle.Drive motor and power battery of power train are matched for a two-speed pure electric vehicle based on the vehicle parameters and design requirements.The GT-drive vehicle simulation models are built to analyze and validate the rationality of the matching.The transmission ratios are optimized by multi-objective optimization software modeFRONTIER.The results show that the driving range of a single charge and initial acceleration time is increased by 5.5% and 2.9% respectively by optimization.

    Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Generator
    ZHANG Qinglei,GAO Mengxue
    . 2016, 29(1):  56. 
    Abstract ( 537 )   PDF (835KB) ( 364 )  
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    The steam generator side of the stator end winding of tur-generator is studied with a modal analysis by finite element method to establish a more accurate finite element model of stator end winding of tur-generator.The modal experiment data are analyzed to show the error sources,based on which the modification parameters of the finite element model are selected.After the sensitivity analysis of modal parameters based on Ansys Workbench,the high sensitivity parameters retained are updated.The results demonstrate that the model updated by simulation calculation can reflect the real dynamic characteristics of the structure with the difference between simulation and experimental less than 5%.

    Fractal Rectangular Ring Microstrip Antenna Based on the Left-handed Material
    HU Cancan,TANG Lei,LIU Xiao,WANG Jijun,XU Leijun
    . 2016, 29(1):  60. 
    Abstract ( 441 )   PDF (709KB) ( 420 )  
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    In this article,the fractal rectangular ring antenna is embedded in the left-handed material to compose a fractal rectangular ring microstrip antenna based on the left-handed material.The finite element method is used to analyze and simulate the composite fractal antenna.It is found that the proposed antenna has a higher gain at different frequencies with a relatively low return loss and voltage standing wave ratio,favorably matching with single chips and improving the antenna's performance parameters.The proposed antenna has potential applications in such fields as mobile communications,satellite communications,and aerospace.

    A Synchronization Method for Discrete Chaotic Systems Based on Nonlinear Controller Design
    ZHOU Shuang,XIE Shaobin,WAN Kang
    . 2016, 29(1):  65. 
    Abstract ( 473 )   PDF (582KB) ( 375 )  
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    In chaotic communication engineering,signals are required to be received and processed in real-time,thus the need for fast synchronization.A fast synchronization scheme based on nonlinear controller design is put forward.The nonlinear controller in response system is designed for discrete chaotic systems by adopting the Lyapunov function method and feedback synchronization principle.The simulation results show that synchronization error can quickly stabilize to near zero,verifying the correctness and effectiveness of the fast synchronization method.

    Development and Simulation of 25 kV High Voltage Adjustable DC Generator
    LU Xudong,CHE Long,LI Hongda,ZHAO Hongyang,LI Xin,MENG Xianjiang,ZHAN Yanyan,YIN
    . 2016, 29(1):  68. 
    Abstract ( 374 )   PDF (734KB) ( 409 )  
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    A 25 kV adjustable DC generators is designed to study the effect of the DC high voltage generator on Mg-Al material refinement with improvement on the traditional DC high voltage generator that has large volume,poor work stability,and fixed voltage.The adjustable DC high voltage generator of the designing adopts the technology of linear regulator and voltage doubling rectifier technology;it produces the output voltage of the wide range and high stability.The generator has strong versatility,safety and economy.The analysis of the experimental and simulation show that the adjustable DC high voltage generator exhibits a maximum output power of 12.5 W and a stable amplitude for DC high voltage of 25.2 kV through the divider in 0.1 ms time with the an adjustable range of output voltage of 14.2~25.2 kV.The experiment shows that the adjustable DC high voltage generator meets the design requirements.

    Anti-interference of Wireless Communication Networks Based on Adaptive Adjustment of Transmitting Power
    CHEN Huan,WANG Zhengxiang,FU Zhongyun
    . 2016, 29(1):  71. 
    Abstract ( 511 )   PDF (788KB) ( 461 )  
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    A wireless data transmission module using CC2530 from Texas Instruments is introduced for wireless communication network nodes based on adaptive adjustment of transmitting power to solve the interference between ZigBee network and WiFi network in the intelligent building.In this paper,the reliability testing based on testing methods is applied in ZigBee nodes in the different environments.The relationship of the communication distance,packet loss rate and RSSI (received signal strength indication) are analyzed.RSSI is used to evaluate the reliability of communication according to the practical application of changes in the environment.ZigBee nodes based on RSSI can adaptively change the transmitting power.The test shows that a RSSI greater than -51 dBm suffices to offer a packet error rate of nearly zero.

    Simulink Spread Spectrum Communication and Performance of Multi-Access Based on New Chaotic Sequence
    WAN Kang,XIE Shaobin,WENG Muyun,ZHOU Shuang
    . 2016, 29(1):  75. 
    Abstract ( 786 )   PDF (778KB) ( 385 )  
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    A novel improved Bernoulli chaotic map is proposed according to reconstruction principle for better performance of chaotic spread spectrum sequence.The new map has a weak structure.Then the multi-user spread spectrum communication system is constructed by Simulink.Anti-multiple access capability of the chaotic sequence generated by the improved map and the Bernoulli map is analyzed.Simulation results show that new chaotic sequence has the better ability against noise and multiple access interference than the Bernoulli sequence.

    Design of NLPID PID Neural Network Controller Based on ESO
    GAO Qiuhua,ZENG Zhezhao
    . 2016, 29(1):  78. 
    Abstract ( 415 )   PDF (763KB) ( 409 )  
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    A nonlinear PID neural network control method of strong anti-disturbance ability is proposed for better adaptability and immunity.Through the ESO,the method feeds the forward compensation for the uncertainties in modeling and the external disturbance of the system in real time,and combines with the nonlinear PID neural network to achieve the optimal control of PID control for the nonlinear,time-varying,uncertainty and unknown external disturbance immunity system,thus solving the problem of the large computation and poor immunity for PID control.Comparison between the Matlab simulation results and the traditional method of PID control and the classic ADRC method shows that the method has better dynamic and static performance and is of great application value in the field of nonlinear control system.

    Security Comparison of ±π/2 and 0/π Phase-shifted Superstructured Fiber Bragg Grating Encoding
    ZHANG Xuedian,YAN Zefan,JIAO Jiajie,CHANG Min
    . 2016, 29(1):  83. 
    Abstract ( 446 )   PDF (849KB) ( 365 )  
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    In this paper,0/π-phase-shifted SSFBG (0/π-SSFBG) and the ±π/2-phase-shifter SSFBG (±π/2-SSFBG) are used to encode the optical pulse signal.A comparison is made of the security performance of the 0/π-SSFBG and the ±π/2-SSFBG.We evaluate the security performance by the investigation of the encoded waveforms of both encoders.The existence of dips in the waveform encoded by 0/π-SSFBG allows eavesdroppers to extract code sequence straightforwardly.Nevertheless,the ±π/2 SSFBG based encoder improves the security by concealing the code information in the encoded waveform.

    Current Sharing Technology of Parallel Buck Converter
    JIN Aijuan,HAO Chenxiang,MA Zhongxue,LIU Yaqiong,MEI Yan
    . 2016, 29(1):  87. 
    Abstract ( 631 )   PDF (762KB) ( 482 )  
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    In a parallel multi-phase DC/DC converter,the current of each module should automatically balance,the key to which is the parallel current sharing.This article verified that the current sharing technology offer the circuit good dynamic response in the master-slave control of parallel Buck converters.In the practical application of the circuit switches,the long-time high temperature operations will reduce the service life.The current sharing technology with temperature control is adopted.

    A Compound Pass Card Design Based on RFID and Contactless Mifare 1
    ZHOU Shijing,TIAN Tao
    . 2016, 29(1):  91. 
    Abstract ( 725 )   PDF (703KB) ( 410 )  
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    Under the condition of the highway connected into a net,there may be a variety of paths from the entrance to export.A compound pass card base on RFID and Mifare 1 are designed to accurately identify the path of the actual driving.RFID is used to record the path information received during driving,and the Mifare 1 is used to record the toll information like entrance and vehicle information.The information is read at the exit to accurately identify the drive path,thus providing the basis for reasonable collection and correctly charge the highway tolls for the highway administration.

    Ladle License Plate Recognition Based on Image Processing
    YU Hao,ZHANG Rongfu,CHENG Jinguang,GUO Shiping
    . 2016, 29(1):  94. 
    Abstract ( 520 )   PDF (995KB) ( 392 )  
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    The complexity of the steel plant environment leads to high requirements for real-time detection and identification of ladle license plate.An image segmentation method based on the HSV color space information is proposed for real-time detection and dynamic tracking.According to the HSV color space,regardless of the relation of brightness and color,the color image is converted from RGB space to HSV space.We can locate the position of the ladle license plate according to feature selection principles based on color and shape of the numeral cards,and the lean angle of image is found out according to the method of linear least squares fitting.Then the original oblique image can be adjusted by using the method of rotate transformation.Experiments show that the method can locate the Ladle license plate and correct tilt with high reliability and stability.

    Plate Recognition System Based on SVM and BP Neural Network
    ZENG Quan,TAN Beihai
    . 2016, 29(1):  98. 
    Abstract ( 651 )   PDF (901KB) ( 509 )  
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    This paper presents an effective license plate recognition algorithm based on SVM and BP neural network for accurate license plate location and character recognition.First,plate regions that conform to the license plate characteristics are preliminary located by the contour rectangle area with the aspect ratio acquired by HSV color model and morphological methods.Then the more precise plate region is located by SVM machine learning.Finally,the plate characters are classified by the BP neural network.Experiment results show that this system is good in accuracy and speed and suitable for complex environment.

    An Effective Distance Measurement Method Based  on Correlation Imaging and Image Quality Evaluation
    WEI Kai,DAI Bo,QIN Chuan,ZHANG Dawei
    . 2016, 29(1):  102. 
    Abstract ( 489 )   PDF (732KB) ( 381 )  
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    Existing distance measurement methods are capable of only distance measurement.An effective distance measurement method based on correlation imaging and image quality evaluation that can measure distance and image is proposed.The detection intensity is obtained from experiments,and the reference intensity of different propagation distance simulated by computer.A series of images can be obtained by calculating correlation of above two intensities.The peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) is employed to evaluate the quality of images.The reference distance of image of maximal PSNR is the measured distance.Matlab experiments show the method can accurately measure distance and obtain the images.

    Sorting Technology Based on Industrial Robot of Machine Vision
    LI Junyan,MI Yueqin,GONG Jing,LIU Pengfei
    . 2016, 29(1):  105. 
    Abstract ( 542 )   PDF (891KB) ( 410 )  
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    A sorting system based on industrial robot of machine vision is proposed to solve the low efficiency and poor quality control of the traditional manual sorting operation.The system combines the image segmentation with image matching to overcome the disadvantages that traditional visual algorithm is affected by light and noise.The experiment system collects chess pieces and scene image and carries on the image processing,extracts the coordinates and classification of the black and white chess pieces,implements the coordinate conversion,maintains the movement trail of the sorting chess pieces,and controls the movement of the robot to realize the sorting action.The experimental results show that the hardware and software design of the control system is correct,and the success rate of the sorting is high with easy implementation.

    Development of USB Device Drivers of Linux
    ZHU Enliang,ZHAO Lacai,RU Wei,HU Yufan
    . 2016, 29(1):  108. 
    Abstract ( 532 )   PDF (623KB) ( 389 )  
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    Linux platform is widely used now while the requirements of device driver based on this platform are needed by more and more developers.A URB combining with DMA development method for the real-time and high bandwidth USB communication between a data collection system and a PC is provided after a brief introduction to Linux device drivers and USB logical organization.The system requirements can be satisfied by this development method after large capacity data reading test of the driver.The reading speed of a single USB endpoint reaches 30 MB/s.

    Simulation Design of Water Level Monitoring System Based on MCU
    CHANG Min,CUI Yongjin,WANG Haoyuan
    . 2016, 29(1):  111. 
    Abstract ( 540 )   PDF (1301KB) ( 420 )  
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    The water level monitoring system based on STC89C52 microcontroller is discussed in this paper.The water level signal is gathered by the ultrasonic ranging module DYP-ME007 and the level displayed continuously through the monolithic integrated circuit and LCD1602.The software programming of the interface circuit is performed using the related algorithm and simulated in Proteus.The result indicates that this system can realize real-time display,processing and alarm functions,and has the characteristics of simple structure,reliable operation,good anti-interference performance and portability.

    Remote Control System Based on Android
    LIU Xiu,LI Ye,LIU Zhaokun
    . 2016, 29(1):  114. 
    Abstract ( 539 )   PDF (849KB) ( 384 )  
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    An Android-based remote control system for familial intelligent devices is proposed in this paper.The system uses Android phones as a control terminal to send the control instruction.The instructions are received and analyzed by the lumped controller through 3G network,so as to achieve the control of various intelligent devices for home uses.The control system uses the Java programming based on socket,which realizes the network communication between the client and the server.Experiments show that the control system is capable of remote control of smart home devices with accurate location,fast response and good adaptability.

    Substation Pointer Instrument Reading Based on Image Processing
    SHI Wei,WANG Chaoli,CHEN Jianshuai,HOU Xuhong
    . 2016, 29(1):  118. 
    Abstract ( 542 )   PDF (856KB) ( 451 )  
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    In order to solve the working strength and high reading error of substation manual checking pointer instrument,this paper puts forward an automatic reading system for the substation pointer instrument based on image processing.Firstly image graying and binarization processing of the reading pictures is performed.Secondly the improved Hough transform is used to extract the straight lines of the image for the pointer calculation and the display of pointer readings.And the image model libraries of the pointer instrument are established based on the OpenCV function library for the system to choose a different model library based on the new image.The experimental results show that the pointer instrument automatic interpretation system can accurately identify the pointer readings with better accuracy than artificial reading.

    Design and Implementation of a Simple Web Server
    WANG Dong
    . 2016, 29(1):  121. 
    Abstract ( 828 )   PDF (742KB) ( 392 )  
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    This paper describes the detailed implementation of a web server under Linux with the HTTP protocol.This web server program running on a computer with Ubuntu Linux can be normally accessed by other computer in the LAN,thus verifying the correctness of this Web server.

    Image Recognition Based on Improved Sparse Auto-encoder
    YIN Zheng,TANG Chunhui,ZHANG Xuanxiong
    . 2016, 29(1):  124. 
    Abstract ( 691 )   PDF (788KB) ( 554 )  
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    The traditional sparse auto-encoder lacks invariant translation and is sensitive to non-Gauss noise.A method convolving the original pixel block is proposed to increase the network invariance with the mean square error (MSE) replaced by the maximum correntropy criterion (MCC) in cost function to improve the anti-noise ability.The proposed method is evaluated using the MINIST and CIFAR-10 datasets.Experimental results show that the proposed approach improves the recognition rate by 2% in the condition of non-noise and by 6% in the noise condition.

    Design of a Security System Using SOA
    XU Gui,MA Xiaoyan,MA Xiaojuan
    . 2016, 29(1):  128. 
    Abstract ( 514 )   PDF (643KB) ( 405 )  
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    Each part of the conventional security system is mutually independent without an integrated management system.This paper proposes and designs a software management platform by integrating each security system,namely SOA security system,adopting the Web Service integrated technology on SOA to achieved data-called and analysis through simplified and unified different subsystems of user interface,thus improving monitoring efficiency and analysis capacity and implementing the system of "integrating & integrated" management.The whole security system interacts and really improves the level of security.

    Combine Harvester Remote Monitoring System Based on ARM
    CHEN Jin,YANG Guangjing,XU Kai,CHEN Si
    . 2016, 29(1):  131. 
    Abstract ( 383 )   PDF (1105KB) ( 366 )  
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    A remote monitoring system of combine harvester based on ARM is designed to acquire the real-time status of the combine harvester in the operation and to facilitate the data transmission between the operation personnel and the monitoring center.The system uses ARM as the master controller to receive the rotational speeds and forward speed in process of operation,which has the functions of data processing and fault diagnosis.The data remote transmission module can adjust the forward speed of combine harvester automatically through the intelligent control algorithm of speed difference pattern recognition.The tests show that the system has simple operation,good human-computer interaction,strong practicability and high degree of intelligence.

    A Method for High-speed Maneuvering Targets Imaging Based on the Compensation of the Cubic Item of the Instantaneous Range
    WANG Kai
    . 2016, 29(1):  136. 
    Abstract ( 432 )   PDF (1084KB) ( 339 )  
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    The long integration time required to improve the signal detection performance causes serious range cell migration,and the accurate imaging of weak target is currently achieved by efficient estimation of parameters.In this paper,a new high resolution imaging algorithm is proposed for the high speed moving target.The second-order Keystone variation results are obtained by estimating and compensating the parameters of the motion parameters.The frequency domain phase of the three terms is obtained by using the principle of stationary phase for effective estimation of the target motion parameters.The simulation results show that the algorithm can effectively accumulate and compensate the high speed weak target,and realize high resolution imaging.

    Development and Application of Test Program Set (TPS) for Short Wave Radio Automatic Test System
    LIU Yujun,LIU Yunjiang,CAO Le
    . 2016, 29(1):  142. 
    Abstract ( 382 )   PDF (921KB) ( 413 )  
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    A TPS development method based on the automatic test system hardware platform is proposed for short wave radio automatic test system with the design and development process given.The practical application shows that the development ideas reduce the development effort with both the failure checking cover ratio and testing accuracy greater than 90% and enjoy convenient upgrade and maintenance.

    Double Digital Watermarking Technique for Color Images Based on DWT and HVS Characteristics
    WAN Zhiyin,TANG Guohong,LI Guilin
    . 2016, 29(1):  145. 
    Abstract ( 563 )   PDF (885KB) ( 373 )  
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    The human eye has different sensitivity to the red,green,and blue in the HVS.The human eye is least sensitive to the blue component,so the embedded watermark has a good transparency.But in the red component of the embedded watermark is robust.In order to solve the problem of visual distortion in watermarking,we take a watermark embedding scheme that different color corresponding to different weighting coefficients.While the color watermark image is embedded in the host image color as well as multiple embedded low frequency bands to increase the robustness of the algorithm.Simulation results show that the algorithm has good transparency and good watermark extraction.

    Static and Dynamic Characteristics of the Swing Shaft of Ball Feeding Mechanism of Ball Mounter
    LIU Jinsong,JIANG Wenqing,WANG He
    . 2016, 29(1):  149. 
    Abstract ( 376 )   PDF (957KB) ( 362 )  
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    The static and dynamic characteristics of the swing shaft of ball feeding mechanism is of great significance in the ball feeding stability,the success rate for ball feeding and ball mounting.Therefore,it is necessary to conduct the static and dynamic characteristics of the swing shaft simulation analysis.A simplified swing shaft mechanical model is established and the finite element analysis software ANSYS is used for a static analysis of swing axle swing angle of  0° intermediate position and ±45° limit position to obtain the stress and deformation nephogram of the shaft wobble at these positions.The modal analysis of the swing shaft is carried out,and the natural frequency and the vibration form of the first six natural frequencies are obtained.The results show that the preliminary design of the swing shaft meets the design requirements and that the swing angle±45°  position is the dangerous position.It provides references for the subsequent design and optimization of the ball mechanism.

    Research on Improved Personalized Courses Recommendation Technology Based on Mixed Mode
    QI Ting,TONG Guoxiang
    . 2016, 29(1):  152. 
    Abstract ( 451 )   PDF (764KB) ( 358 )  
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    Problems of lacking in individualized curriculum recommendations and inefficiency exist in current course selection systems of institutions of higher education.In allusion to these limitations,this paper presents a improved mixed model algorithm based on the content,project and user attribute-value through analysis and study of personalized recommendation technology.The proposed algorithm has been successfully applied to the elective system.Experimental results indicate that the proposed approach can solve cold-start technology in personalized recommendation algorithm,improve the related indicators significantly,achieve a personalized recommendation and new courses recommendation and reduce the blindness by the MACE data sets.

    Finite Element Analysis of Guide Rail Gantry and Design of Auxiliary System
    DU Baojiang,YAN Shenliang,ZHA Liang,YE Qihan,LI Fusheng
    . 2016, 29(1):  156. 
    Abstract ( 427 )   PDF (1155KB) ( 358 )  
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    The traditional guide rail gantry design suffers long cycle,low efficiency and poor precision.In this paper related analysis and calculation is conducted by Ansys workbench,and corresponding physical experiments are performed to verify the accuracy of analysis results.The period of continuous interval result were acquired by Matlab curve fitting interpolation.The above results are integrated into the database,and ultimately a front desk assistant system is set up by using SQL database and.net-based platform C # programming technology.The system is greatly convenient for the designers to guide the design process of the gantry with improved design accuracy and shorter development cycle,providing a new train of thought for new product design and development.

    PMSM Control System Based on RBF Neural Network
    ZHU Weiyun,FU Dongxiang,GE Donglin
    . 2016, 29(1):  161. 
    Abstract ( 416 )   PDF (826KB) ( 382 )  
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    This paper first proposes the establishment of PMSM mathematical model.Then,the conventional PID control is discussed to achieve PMSM control system by using an incremental PID.The learning ability of RBF neural network offers adaptive PID controller parameter to improve the performance of PID controllers.The particle swarm optimization (PSO) is also proposed to improve the performance of RBF network in.The simulation results indicate that the mode control system based on RBF neural network can improve the performance of PID controller compared with conventional PID control with higher convergence speed and tracking accuracy of PMSM control system.

    Research on Electric Power Steering Performance
    GU Shizhang,SUN Yuedong,ZHOU Ping
    . 2016, 29(1):  165. 
    Abstract ( 456 )   PDF (799KB) ( 381 )  
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    Fuzzy PID control and joint simulation of Carsim-Simulink are applied for the problem that the study of electric power steering system ignores the influence of control strategy on steering system with the whole vehicle interconnected to the steering system.The multiple model control is proposed according to different working conditions of multi-objective control requirements and the motor current controller model is designed using fuzzy PID control to build the Carsim-Simulink joint simulation.The simulation results show that the simulation model is effective,and the control strategy designed better meets the control requirements of the system.

    Review of Research Methods for Dynamic Scheduling of Carrier Aircraft
    BIAN Dapeng,HUANG Xiangzhao,DAI Lihong,TONG Jian
    . 2016, 29(1):  169. 
    Abstract ( 344 )   PDF (869KB) ( 609 )  
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    Restricted by time,space and resources,carrier aircraft dynamic scheduling,a complex issue with multiple tasks,is an important guarantee for the combat efficiency of aircraft carrier.This paper introduces the application and characteristics of carrier aircraft scheduling,makes a comparative analysis of the optimization,simulation,multi-agent method,intelligent research and planning concerning applicability of the research methods of carrier aircraft dynamic scheduling,and concludes that one of the main solutions to carrier aircraft dynamic scheduling is the intelligent planning,which requires command staff's experience during the process of plan making and carrier aircraft scheduling.


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