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15 March 2016 Volume 29 Issue 3
    A Joint Production Game
    LIU Gequn,ZHAN Zhiguo,HU Qi,LV Weizhen
    . 2016, 29(3):  1. 
    Abstract ( 536 )   PDF (828KB) ( 367 )  
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    Existing cooperative and non-cooperative games cannot satisfactorily describe the defections in joint production because such defections are generally underlain by cooperation.A non-fully cooperative game with two players is constructed to describe the behavior of jerry-builders in joint production.Two distinct versions of the model are given,one based on payoff and the other on rate of profit.The influence of parameters on the model features is analyzed.Based on rate of profit,evolution game on BA scale-free networks is studied and the cooperation density dependence of model parameter analyzed,revealing shoddy social reality in the field of joint production of electronics.

    Research on Prisoner's Dilemma Game Based on Reward Factor
    CHEN Weichun,SHANG Lihui
    . 2016, 29(3):  5. 
    Abstract ( 564 )   PDF (533KB) ( 391 )  
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    The evolution of cooperation is discussed according to the evolutionary game theory.We study the reward factor and memory during the strategy update process by introducing the reward factor in the spatial Prisoner's Dilemma Game.Firstly,we analyze the rate of cooperation and the temptation of betrayal,the relationship cooperative rate and memory length,and the relationship diagram of critical value and reward factor.A comparison with traditional Prisoner's Dilemma Game Model shows that increasing the reward factor or reducing the memory length effectively promotes the evolution of cooperation.

    Optimization Layout for Reversible Lane Based on Discrete Network Design
    YE Jingru,MA Xiaodan,XIA Xiaomei,ZHAO Jing
    . 2016, 29(3):  7. 
    Abstract ( 529 )   PDF (746KB) ( 463 )  
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    An optimal layout of the reversible lane is proposed to deal with the significant change of the relationship between the supply and demand of the urban road.A bi-level programming model is established in which transportation management section at the upper level disposes the reversible lane to minimize the total system cost while transportation users at the lower level follow stochastic user equilibrium assignment principle to select travel routes.For the traffic demand,three kinds of vehicles with different travel characteristics are considered:social vehicles,buses and emergency vehicles.For the network representation,the intersection is taken into consideration both in calculating the travel time and in optimizing the layout of the reversible lane.A solution algorithm is also developed,in which the upper level problem are solved by the particle swarm optimization approach and the lower level problem are solved by the diagonalization algorithm combined with method of successive averages.The overall travel time of the system is calculated to be reduced by 20%,a proof of the feasibility of the reversible lane design.

    Comprehensive Simulation Analysis of Structural Characteristics of Light Truck Cab
    GAO Dawei,YANG Fan,FENG Jinzhi
    . 2016, 29(3):  12. 
    Abstract ( 475 )   PDF (1173KB) ( 358 )  
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    The comprehensive analysis method for cab structural characteristics of a light truck is investigated with CAE analysis software such as MSC.Nastran and Ls-Dyna.The FEA model of light truck cab is established and the loads and the boundary conditions are set up.Mode,stiffness,strength and crashworthiness characteristics of the cab are analyzed and evaluated systemically.Meanwhile,according to safety standard ECE R29,the model of the crashworthiness analysis of a light truck cab is established to perform the simulation of the positive pendulum impact test.The living space of the passengers in the cab is analyzed and evaluated,referring to alternating the relative data of the side of the driver.Simulation shows that the horizontal distance between the leg protection plate of the driver and the front end of the chair is bigger than the thickness of the thigh of the dummy model,which guarantees the space for the dummy model.

    Evaluation of Oversaturated Intersection Group Adaptive Control Based on VisVAP Simulation
    ZHAO Yadong,WU Qilong
    . 2016, 29(3):  17. 
    Abstract ( 509 )   PDF (1068KB) ( 356 )  
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    An adaptive control strategy based on the improved TACOS model for the supersaturated state of traffic flow dynamic change is proposed to improve the efficiency of intersection group of adaptive control intersection.This method offers real-time optimization phase release plan with the intersection of the critical path through the vehicle maximum and average queue length minimum as the goal and release the green light for real-time control according to the flow direction of the maximum queue length.The Vissim VisVAP module is employed for multiple index evaluation analysis of intersection group of adaptive control strategy,which is compared with the timing control.Results show that the adaptive control method can effectively improve traffic capacity by reducing the average waiting time and delay of motor vehicles.

    Application of Markov Model in Functional Safety Temperature Transmitters
    MA Yuchao
    . 2016, 29(3):  22. 
    Abstract ( 449 )   PDF (708KB) ( 402 )  
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    A reliability analysis method based on the Markov model is proposed for analyzing the reliability of functional safety products.Based on the analysis of the structure of the product and study of the Markov state transition diagram of the system,the system reliability modeling is performed by the failure modes effects and diagnostic analysis method (FMEDA),with the state transition matrix   introduced.The model has been verified with the functional safety temperature transmitter as an example.Results show that application of the Markov model in the field of functional safety is feasible.

    Applications of Hyperworks in Dynamic and Static Analysis of Machine Tool Bed
    QIU Bowen,LI Haolin
    . 2016, 29(3):  25. 
    Abstract ( 460 )   PDF (981KB) ( 347 )  
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    Machine tool bed stiffness is an important factor in the machining accuracy of high speed machine tools.The finite element method is adopted to establish the dynamics model of lathe bed basing on double linear motor of high speed feed milling machine lathe bed,then the Hyperworks is used for dynamic and static analysis of bed to find out the dynamic and static performance of the machine bed weak positions,and finally the Hyperworks Optistruct module is employed for topology optimization of the bed structure.The optimized results show an average increase of 1 000 N·μm-1 in static stiffness in three directions and ~ 30 Hz in inherent frequency,and a decrease in frequency response by ~ 50% in the x and z directions.

    An Approach to Audio Fingerprinting Extraction Based on Improved Wavelet Packet
    ZHU Jie,DENG Kaifa
    . 2016, 29(3):  30. 
    Abstract ( 502 )   PDF (894KB) ( 416 )  
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    Digital audio fingerprinting technology plays an important role in the audio analysis and processing.Aiming at the problem that the traditional audio fingerprinting is extracted based on time frequency analysis using the energy of signal as a single feature parameter that can not fully characterize the complexity and irregularity,the paper proposes a method for audio fingerprinting extraction based on wavelet packet decomposition and reconstruction and combining the sample entropy of wavelet packet coefficients and the entropy singular value as a signal characteristic parameters to extract audio fingerprinting.Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is accurate in audio recognition,robust in common audio signal operations,and capable of distinguishing different audio and locate tampered position.

    Q-Learning Based Auto-scaling Algorithm for Virtual Machines
    ZHAO Mian,LI Ye
    . 2016, 29(3):  35. 
    Abstract ( 427 )   PDF (688KB) ( 348 )  
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    To solve the problem of service quality and resources cost when the service volume changed in large cloud environment,this paper proposes a scaling method for virtual machines based on the Q-Learning algorithm.First,the problem is modeled as a Markov decision process.In order to achieve a better balance between platform service quality and resources consuming,the agent outputs the best decision according to the current state of the platform.The platform executes the decision and transfers to the corresponding state.The simulation results show that the method can make scaling decisions in real time according to the change of service volume so as to provide appropriate resources of virtual machines matching the requirements of service.The method also can enhance the stability of the platform.

    A Fast Method of Superpixel Segmentation
    LIU Jun
    . 2016, 29(3):  39. 
    Abstract ( 446 )   PDF (727KB) ( 382 )  
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    This paper introduces a fast method of superpixel segmentation according to image segmentation algorithm in view of the fact that traditional segmentation algorithms have many problems such as the efficiency of the algorithm,computing costs and complexity.An improved algorithm,namely the superpixel segmentation (SLIC),is proposed to address these problems.Experiments and data comparison show that the proposed method offers better quality and higher computational efficiency than other state-of-the art algorithms.

    Improved Struck Algorithm for Real-time Face Auto-tracking
    XIAO Erliang,HAN Chao
    . 2016, 29(3):  42. 
    Abstract ( 530 )   PDF (1267KB) ( 540 )  
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    The classic Struck algorithm is incapable of automatic tracking of the human face and easily subject to the environment interference.In the paper,the classical Struck method is improved to achieve automatic real-time face tracking by the Adabboost algorithm.Firstly,the Haar feature of the face is extracted.Then the AdaBoost algorithm is used to detect face target and initialize the Struck tracker automatically.The similarity between the detected target and the last result is computed to get the best result,with Struck tracking the face continuously.Experimental results show the improved algorithm applies in such complex environment as partial occlusion,scale variation,illumination variation with good robustness and accuracy.

    Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Cosine Distance
    FANG Xinxin,GONG Rubin,LI Dawei
    . 2016, 29(3):  48. 
    Abstract ( 560 )   PDF (932KB) ( 360 )  
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    A multi-objective particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm based on cosine distance is proposed to tackle the drawbacks such as uneven individual distribution redundant overlapping individuals existing in standard particle swarm optimization.Based upon external elite storage strategy,this algorithm utilizes cosine distance crowing mechanism to select the most widely distributed particles.It amplifies the convergence and diversity of best solution set and strengthens the capacity of global optimization.Standard multi-objective optimization ZDTl~ZDT3 are adopted in simulation experiments to compare the proposed algorithm with the particle swarm optimization,chaos particle swarm optimization and multi-objective optimization algorithm based on crowing mechanism.Results show that the proposed algorithm not only outperforms other algorithms in terms of Pareto's frontier convergence and diversity but also obtains preferable efficiency.

    Research on Narrowband Interference Suppression Algorithm for Satellite Navigation Receiver
    ZHAO Yuelu,JI Lei
    . 2016, 29(3):  53. 
    Abstract ( 619 )   PDF (874KB) ( 363 )  
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    In GNSS service process,the power of the satellite navigation signal received on the ground is very small and easily affected by surrounding complex electromagnetic interference,which can lead to failure in satellite positioning.e.A new adaptive all-pass notch filter based on the Gauss-Newton algorithm by which the frequency points are trapped by tracking narrow-band interference frequency points is introduced for the common narrowband interference.This algorithm is improved by using the best convergence factor in each iteration to reduce the mean square error.This improved algorithm enjoys a faster convergence speed and higher estimation precision.The simulation results show that the IIR filter can effectively remove up to 70 dB narrow-band interference.

    Analysis of Relay Selection Algorithm in Two-way Relay System
    XU Pengfei,HAO Bin,GUO Mingxiao
    . 2016, 29(3):  58. 
    Abstract ( 451 )   PDF (561KB) ( 377 )  
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    In order to enhance the total rate bidirectional AF (Amplify and forward) relay system and reduce system outage probability,this paper proposes a minimum outage probability relay algorithm MOP (minimum outage probability),and describes the existing two relay selection algorithms with an analysis of the performance indices (signal to noise ratio,outage probability,and channel capacity) of the communication system.The simulation results show that the proposed minimum outage probability relay selection algorithm can significantly reduce the system outage probability with the performance of improve total rate of the system close to that of the maximum capacity relay algorithm.

    Two Small Signal Pulse Compression Algorithms and Their Implementation
    LU Wenliang
    . 2016, 29(3):  61. 
    Abstract ( 458 )   PDF (711KB) ( 363 )  
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    Based on a radar project,in which the result of two small TB signal (the LFM and Taylor) pulse compression methods are not good enough,the article firstly analyses the shape and characteristics of the two small TB signal.The optimum compressed coefficient is obtained by the reverse algorithm and the circulation algorithm respectively.Experiments show that the main lobe to sidelobe ratio can be improved by more than 10 dB compared with that by the traditional compression algorithms.

    Analysis of Signal Detection Algorithm in MIMO System
    GUO Mingxiao,XU Pengfei,WANG Ruishan
    . 2016, 29(3):  65. 
    Abstract ( 534 )   PDF (734KB) ( 410 )  
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    MIMO has become the mainstream 4G technology today.The detection performance of its receiving end determines whether it can enhance the channel capacity while reducing the error rate.This paper discusses the four main signal detection algorithms of ZF,MMSE,ZF-SIC,MMSE-SIC for the MIMO system.The error rates with different numbers of antennas and different numbers of antennas receiving antennas by the four detection algorithms are analyzed.The results show MMMSE-SIC has the best detection performance,followed by ZF-SIC and MMSE,with ZF being the poorest.

    Implementation of Real-time Binocular Stereo Vision System
    ZHANG Li,HUANG Yingping
    . 2016, 29(3):  68. 
    Abstract ( 518 )   PDF (916KB) ( 446 )  
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    According to the principle of binocular stereo vision,the design and implementation of system based on binocular stereo vision is studied.The components of system based on binocular stereo vision are introduced and the relevant key technologies of the system are discussed in detail.A system is built by using VS2012 software development platform and relevant hardware equipment.The system is capable of real-time image acquisition,edge detection and stereo matching with good parallax figure obtained by the use of the three validation algorithm to maximize the removal of mismatches.

    Design of Serial Manipulator Motion Control System
    YANG Guangze,MA Xiaoming
    . 2016, 29(3):  71. 
    Abstract ( 499 )   PDF (834KB) ( 364 )  
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    The accumulated error of processing and assembling,driver control,the flexible deformation of manipulator,and vibration interference and other factors in the work environment make it difficult to obtain accurate manipulator kinematics model and dynamic models,causing a large gap between the manipulator's actual performance and expectations.This paper studies s serial manipulator path optimization algorithm and designs a simple manipulator control variables and real-time compensation technology to reduce (or even eliminate) the serial manipulator kinematic errors.It improves the accuracy of equipment manufacturing arm movement to contribute to the development of key technologies.

    Crowd Density Estimation Method for Hospital Surveillance
    YU Mingjuan,ZHANG Yinglie,CHEN Linqiang
    . 2016, 29(3):  75. 
    Abstract ( 488 )   PDF (951KB) ( 338 )  
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    Crowd density estimation,with increasing attention,is the primary content of intelligent crowd surveillance.It plays an important role in the public security,management control as well as business decision.In this paper,we apply it in the situation of hospital with partition methods.We firstly divide the crowd image to sub images.Then for every sub image,we conduct quantitative analysis to the number of people with the function based on pixel feature and least-square line regression respectively.We also conduct a qualitative analysis of the density of people with the function based on gray level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) and support vector machine (SVM).The number and density distribution of different sub images included in the whole image are obtained for real-time monitoring of the number of people in hospital with accurate location of the local density abnormity.

    Design and Implementation of Cluster Rendering System Based on Embedded Linux Platform
    LIU Yao,GE Shuiying,LI Zhichao
    . 2016, 29(3):  79. 
    Abstract ( 436 )   PDF (864KB) ( 388 )  
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    3D graphics rendering has been the main factor affecting the production cycle and cost in the CG (Computer Graphics) movie and animation industry.For small studio or animation enterprises,lots of cost investment and high-end technical support are needed to build a cluster rendering system with commercial rendering capabilities.In view of the above problems,a distributed cluster rendering system based on embedded Linux platform is proposed using common smart devices and open source software and hardware.The choice of hardware and software,operating system transplant and configuration,hardware architecture building,and 3D scene rendering are covered.The test results show the feasibility of the system,which works well without affecting the rendering quality.

    Application of Multi-Sensor Track Fusion in Command Automation System
    YANG Ou
    . 2016, 29(3):  83. 
    Abstract ( 469 )   PDF (625KB) ( 382 )  
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    In this paper,the basic principle and technology of multi-sensor track fusion information process are introduced with a further analysis and illustration of the track fusion technology in the application of command automation system.Based on the serrated features after multi-sensor track fusion,we propose the use of the filtering technology to track processing for smooth tracks after fusion.The multi-sensor track fusion technology provides abundant information for command decision in the command automation system,thus higher decision-making efficiency.

    A Smart Home System Based on ZigBee Wireless Technology
    LI Bofeng,WANG Yagang
    . 2016, 29(3):  86. 
    Abstract ( 556 )   PDF (985KB) ( 425 )  
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    A smart home control system design based on ZigBee wireless communication is presented with the Android mobile phone as the center and ZigBee wireless communication as a bridge to form a star ZigBee network for smart homes.CC2530 single-chip of TI is used as the master control,and the terminal equipment collect data through the Z - stack protocol stack through the ZigBee ad-hoc network,which are sent to the ZigBee coordinator and passed via a serial port onto the computer and displayed on a mobile phone,thus realizing the centralized management and control of the equipment.Test results show that the ZigBee networking is successful and that the terminal nodes can easily detect the sensor signal of each module connection and can control node signal by mobile phones.

    Modal Analysis of Ball Screw System of Grinder
    LI Bo,LI Haolin
    . 2016, 29(3):  90. 
    Abstract ( 491 )   PDF (888KB) ( 363 )  
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    A finite element model taking the ball screw of a horizontal hone as the research object is established to study the effect of bearing preload on the dynamic characteristic of ball screw system.Elastic constraint is used to simulate the supporting to ball screw exerted by bearings.A modal analysis based on the finite element method is accomplished.The natural frequency under different pretightening force is obtained by modifying the support stiffness on different bearing preload.The results show that the stiffness of a ball screw system changes under different bearing preload,and thus the natural frequency of the system increases with increasing preload.

    An Intelligent LED Lighting Control System Based on the Internet of Things
    DAI Wenting,WANG Yagang,CAI Jiejie
    . 2016, 29(3):  93. 
    Abstract ( 805 )   PDF (1038KB) ( 464 )  
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    The paper introduces an intelligent LED lighting control system based on Internet of things technologies.The system hardware consists of JACE controllers based on Niagara platform,the pyro electric infrared sensors,and photo resistors.The program design is based on Niagara.According to the induction of the motion sensor detection and light intensity detection,the control system can judge the input signal and make necessary decision to turn on/off the light automatically and adjusts illumination of the LED.The Niagara platform is capable of both logic programming and remote system control,thus realizing the industrial control networking.The user interface can directly reflect the operating conditions and historical data.Experiment shows that this system achieves intelligent lighting control,energy saving and emissions reduction.

    Design of Embedded Storage Device Based on FPGA and NAND Flash
    WU Fan
    . 2016, 29(3):  97. 
    Abstract ( 532 )   PDF (942KB) ( 396 )  
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    A small size embedded storage system based on FPGA and NAND Flash is designed for special data storage requirements in size under harsh working conditions.The system selects FPGA as the control core,NAND flash as the storage medium,and LVDS interface for data storages and replay.Communicates with computers are performed via gigabit network,and data are managed as files with data integrity guaranteed by bad-block management and ECC technology.The experimental results show that the system has the characteristics of high bandwidth and small size,is capable of real-time storage,replay,loading,unloading and management,and can work steadily in the harsh environment.

    Research on Automatic Braking Control System for Large Civil Aircraft
    FEI Sicong
    . 2016, 29(3):  102. 
    Abstract ( 548 )   PDF (881KB) ( 332 )  
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    The automatic brake control system has become an urgent need to achieve the brake system of civil aircraft for the safety and comfort of passengers.Firstly,the paper introduces the automatic braking control system for large civil aircraft,analyzes the working principle of the system,and plans the structure and scheme of the system.The control rate of the constant rate reduction is studied and the control logic of the system is put forward with the control logic designed and the control logic model built by Stateflow tool.All digital and semi physical simulation results meet the system design requirements and the expected research objectives are achieved.

    Research on and Modeling of the Improved HK Network Model
    XU Yuzhu,ZHANG Damin,ZENG Cheng,SUN Yaqian
    . 2016, 29(3):  106. 
    Abstract ( 508 )   PDF (706KB) ( 285 )  
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    Two improved HK network models based on the HK network model with adjustable degree distribution and clustering coefficient are proposed.The improved models jointly consider the evolution mechanisms of preferential attachment,triangle structure,and internal evolution.The mechanism of TF moved to old nodes in the evolution of network when a new node (a single node or a community) joins in the network.Simulation results show that the two improved models not only inherit the high clustering and scale free properties but also overcome the single way of node joint and the TF mechanism limit between new and old nodes.

    System Design of Constant Temperature Dual-channel PCR Fluorescent Reader
    SHAN Qiuxia,LI Jianjie,WU Xiao,DU Yuchong,YUAN Xujun
    . 2016, 29(3):  110. 
    Abstract ( 499 )   PDF (794KB) ( 355 )  
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    A system of constant temperature dual-channel fluorescent reader is designed to improve the detection speed and accuracy of traditional ones.The system is based on the technology of real-time simultaneous amplification and testing (SAT),with which the time of amplification reaction can be greatly reduced.Since the technology of simultaneous amplification and testing still cannot avoid the false negative results,a dual-channel optical system is designed based on the technology to offer accurate detection of the characteristics of sample.Real-time monitoring of negative ones is also achieved.Experiments demonstrate that the system can indicate false negative results effectively within 30 minutes with high accuracy and good stability.

    Design and Implementation of WSN Based on ZigBee Protocol in Smart Home
    WANG Mingwei,CHEN Liwan,LI Hongbing,CHEN Qiang
    . 2016, 29(3):  114. 
    Abstract ( 501 )   PDF (785KB) ( 387 )  
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    Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based on the ZigBee protocol is the next generation of emerging sensor networks.ZigBee technology with high performance,low power consumption and low speed rate enjoys broad application prospects,such as industrial control.This study uses the ZigBee technology to establish the wireless network in smart home in stead of the traditional mode type with low power ARM11 as the core,embedded protocol stack as the data interface and embedded Web server as the gateway to improve the wireless node failure that affects information acquisition.Experiments show that the failure detection rate is 80% and the temperature detection error is 0.05 ℃,thus enhancing the security of the smart home and achieving the smart management of household life by the wireless sensor network.

    Mode Properties and Diffraction Efficiency of Subwavelength Grating and Their Applications
    TANG Yuankai,WANG Zhengling,LIU Qingya
    . 2016, 29(3):  118. 
    Abstract ( 584 )   PDF (992KB) ( 284 )  
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    Mode properties of the subwavelength grating is investigated by the modal method with the TE (or TM)-polarized incident wave in the grating region.The relations between the effective index of different propagation modes and other parameters (the condition of incident,periodicity,depth and fill factor of grating) are also studied.The diffraction efficiencies of two modes are obtained by the interference method.Then,a polarizing beam splitter is designed successfully for all TM-polarized light to propagate in the 0th transmitted order and for all TE-polarized light to propagate in the -1st order with the Littrow-mounting incidence.

    Efficient and Stable Green Phosphoresent OLED Based on CBP
    XU Yao,KOU Zhiqi,CHENG Shuang,BU Shengli
    . 2016, 29(3):  122. 
    Abstract ( 519 )   PDF (714KB) ( 556 )  
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    Green phosphoresent OLEDs have been fabricated by vacuum evaporation with the structure based on TCTA and CBP as the host.We find that it is more stable using CBP as host than TCTA.Then the blue phosphoresent material Firpic is doped into the emitting layer of OLED devices based on CBP with the concentration of 3%,6%,9% respectively.The best performance is found in the structure ITO/HAT-CNTAPC/CBP:8%Ir (ppy)3:3%FIrpic/Tmpypb/Liq/Al.The maximum power efficiency and current efficiency values are 54.3 lm/W and 64.8 cd/A for 3% FIrpic doping respectively,with a maximum luminance of 51 940 cd/m2.Research shows that doping FIrpic into green phosphorescent OLED improves the device's electro-optic performance without affecting the spectrum of the device.

    Design of Real-time Optical Power Acquisition System Based on Grating Diffraction Efficiency Measurement
    GAO Zheng,ZHENG Jihong,GUI Kun,WANG Qingqing,WANG Kangni,GAO Hui,LU Feiyue,LI Da
    . 2016, 29(3):  126. 
    Abstract ( 544 )   PDF (765KB) ( 318 )  
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    This paper designs a real-time automatic dual path optical power meter based on grating diffraction efficiency measurement in view of the flaws of ordinary optical power meters such as signal channel,complex measurement process and low degree automation.The design scheme is proposed based of the theory of common power meter.The hardware of this design consists of the preamplifier circuit,power boost circuit,A/D converter circuit,SCM control circuit and serial communication circuit design.The programs of A/D conversion control and data transmission,calculation and storage are designed as well.The working band of the design is 633 nm,and the measuring range of the two-way optical power is from 0.01 to 10 mW.The accuracy of the design is kept at ±4.5%

    Grid-connected Single-phase Photovoltaic Power Generation
    JIN Aijuan,XU Yanchao,LI Shaolong
    . 2016, 29(3):  130. 
    Abstract ( 493 )   PDF (759KB) ( 320 )  
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    A double loop control method is proposed to improve the conversion efficiency of solar photovoltaic power generation system based on the research of maximum power control system.The control method based on STM32 controller is presented.A photovoltaic output control system capable of maximum power tracking and power factor correction is designed through Matlab modeling.Simulation shows that the proposed method has the advantages of simple structure,convenient control and high efficiency.Its feasibility is verified through the material object.The control strategy can be applied to the single-stage photovoltaic grid system with maximum power point tracking control to realize the efficient parallel operation system.

    Design and Fabrication of 3 A/40 V Schottky Potential Barrier Diode
    WANG Fuqiang,MA Xingkong,QU Yibin
    . 2016, 29(3):  134. 
    Abstract ( 454 )   PDF (726KB) ( 345 )  
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    A novel Schottky potential barrier diode (SBD) suitable for die package has been successfully designed and fabricated to increase the breakdown voltage,decrease the leakage current and improve the utilization ration of chip area.The PN junction isolation is performed by simulation in Silvaco Tcad between devices surrounding which a protecting ring is designed using implantation technique.A 3 A/45 V Schottky diode with breakdown voltage of 45 V and forward voltage of 0.45 V was fabricated on 5 μm epitaxial layer doped at N-concentration of 7.5×1012 cm-3.[JP]The simulated characteristics of SBD are verified by the measurement results.The structure and technological processes for improving the performances of SBD are also presented.

    Performance Analysis of Varactors with Back-to-back Topology
    LIU Mingxin,FANG Mengxu,TANG Bin,FENG Wenying
    . 2016, 29(3):  137. 
    Abstract ( 550 )   PDF (726KB) ( 266 )  
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    In view of the parasitic modulation,frequency jitter,frequency distortion,AM to PM noise,etc.caused by the varactor nonlinearity in the actual application circuit,this paper uses back-to-back topology (BBS) varactors to improves the voltage-controlled linearity and to reduce the RF modulation frequency jitter and phase noise of the circuit.It parasitic modulation caused by the varactor nonlinearity is restrained with simpler voltage regulation.The study has important reference value to the circuits that widely use varactors as the electrically tunable components.

    Interference Alignment-based Interference Management in D2D Communications
    XUE Feng,MA Bei
    . 2016, 29(3):  140. 
    Abstract ( 391 )   PDF (893KB) ( 371 )  
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    An interference suppressing method based on interference alignment for cancelling the interferences of the hybrid networks of the cellular and D2D users is proposed.Firstly an k-pair D2D interference model is built,then the transmit and receive precoding matrices are designed to align the interferences to the null space of the receiver.The proposed strategy can effectively suppress both the intra-interference and the inter-interference.The simulation results show that the proposed IA-based power allocation scheme achieves better sum-rate than the other schemes.

    Design of a Novel Tri Band PIFA Antenna
    ZHAO Huanhuan,YAO Aiqin,SUN Yunqiang,YANG Jianxu
    . 2016, 29(3):  145. 
    Abstract ( 460 )   PDF (585KB) ( 283 )  
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    Aiming at the problem of multi frequency antenna,a novel planar inverted F antenna (PIFA antenna) is proposed by using the U shaped groove and groove on the radiation patch.Through the simulation analysis of the antenna model by HFSS13.0,the antenna is made up of the three frequency bands of GSM (890~960 MHz),DCS (1 710~1 880 MHz) and ISM2 400 MHz (2 400~2 484 MHz).The results show that the relative bandwidths of the three frequency bands are 10%,6% and 11%,respectively,which meet the requirements of communication.The antenna has good overall radiation performance and simple structure.

    A Method of Fast Carrier Leak Suppression
    WU Guangde,CHEN Jin
    . 2016, 29(3):  148. 
    Abstract ( 561 )   PDF (662KB) ( 301 )  
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    A fast method for suppressing transmitter carrier leakage is proposed to obtain more purified spectrum and suppress carrier leakage and useless side bank leakage.The cause and the suppression principle of carrier leakage are analyzed,and the method of using the parabolic two element method is put forward.This method can effectively control the transmitter carrier leakage,greatly improve the suppression efficiency,eliminate all kinds of adverse effects caused by the carrier leakage,improve the testing efficiency and save the test cost.The experiment proves that the method is correct and effective.

    Design of Double-gated Ultrasonic Analog Circuits
    LI Bianjun,YANG Lu,ZHANG Yanhua
    . 2016, 29(3):  151. 
    Abstract ( 512 )   PDF (874KB) ( 363 )  
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    A hardware circuit design characterized by differential-receiving,double-gated and peak-keeping is proposed for the long tail of detection signals and the low resolution of ultrasonic signals caused by redundancy capacitors existing in the analog board.Flaw signals are selected from the full-wave signal by designing a gate-select circuit in front of the detecting circuit to remove the tail of detection signal effectively and improve the reliability of ultrasonic signal.This article introduces the adjustment of receiving circuit in terms of hardware.The experiment shows the system has stable performance,high precision,and large range,and with a broad application prospect.

    Design of Linear CCD Signal Acquisition System Based on CPLD
    DONG Yong,HU Qi,GAO Pengfei
    . 2016, 29(3):  154. 
    Abstract ( 462 )   PDF (733KB) ( 303 )  
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    A high resolution linear array CCD signal acquisition system based on complex programmable logic device is designed in this paper.The Verilog hardware description language is employed in the CPLD control module and the logic unit of the program design.The special features of the A/D chip in the CCD are used to realize output signal processing and analog digital conversion.Real-time transmission is achieved through the USB2.0 interface.The design method of CPLD has the characteristics of high accuracy,fast sampling rate,strong anti-interference and stable output signal.The simulation results show that the overall performance of the system is good stable under different working conditions with noise within the range of the system and correct display of the CCD data by the computer.

    Design and Implementation of Multichannel Amplitude and Phase Measurement Device
    ZHANG Chuanlin,SUN Chuiqiang
    . 2016, 29(3):  157. 
    Abstract ( 405 )   PDF (739KB) ( 214 )  
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    A multichannel amplitude and phase measurement device based on field programmable gate array (FPGA) is proposed and implemented for the calibration signal source.The device takes advantage of the randomness of PN code and the method of correlating demodulation.Direct sampling at radio frequency is used to reduce measurement error and improve measurement precision.Test of amplitude difference in multi channels shows that the measurement precision of the amplitude and phase is 0.2 dB and 2° respectively.

    A Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm Based on Burg Spectrum Estimation and FFT
    CHEN Wei,XING Yiyi,LIU Mengting
    . 2016, 29(3):  160. 
    Abstract ( 513 )   PDF (690KB) ( 275 )  
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    A general frequency offset estimation method of BPSK,QPSK,UQPSK and 64QAM signals based on Burg spectrum estimation and FFT is proposed to solve the carrier frequency offset estimation of common signals in inter satellite link communication.First,the coarse frequency offset estimation is obtained by using the Burg spectrum estimation method,and the signal of the residual frequency offset is obtained after the compensation of the frequency offset.Then the improved fourth non-linear transformation is used to remove modulated information.Finally,the residual frequency offset value is estimated by FFT.Simulation results show that this method is of high accuracy and wide acquisition range.

    Methods for Improving Low-altitude Detection Performance of Radar
    ZENG Haibing,XIE Yongliang,CHEN Ke
    . 2016, 29(3):  164. 
    Abstract ( 493 )   PDF (842KB) ( 677 )  
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    In future war,the combat system should be combined with a variety of detection methods to form a better capability of low altitude defense.This paper analyzes the main factors affecting the low altitude detection performance of radar,and puts forward such measures as reducing the curvature of the earth and reducing the impact of multi path effects to improve the low altitude detection performance of radar.

    Finite Element Analysis of EM Field of Vehicle Drive Motor Based on Ansoft
    CHEN Shanzhang,ZHANG Zhendong
    . 2016, 29(3):  168. 
    Abstract ( 530 )   PDF (1001KB) ( 302 )  
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    Simplorer and Ansoft Maxwell are used to perform simulation analysis of circuit and magnetic field to show whether the Ansoft Maxwell electromagnetic simulation method is effective.The structure of permanent magnet synchronous motor is studied and the permanent magnet synchronous motor electric-magnetic field theory model and electromagnetic loss model established based on electric and magnetic field coupling theory.The simulation results are consistent with test results with an error less than 5% for all parameters.The above results prove that the electromagnetic simulation model and simulation method are effective.

    Thermoelectric Coupling Analysis of Flame-proof High Voltage Cable Connector
    ZHAO Jundan,SHEN Shudong,MENG Xiang
    . 2016, 29(3):  172. 
    Abstract ( 381 )   PDF (776KB) ( 273 )  
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    Flame-proof high voltage cable connectors are widely used in the mine transmission lines.The high voltage cable connector LBG1-200/6 is employed to analyze the accident causes of the cable connector.The electrical,insulation and thermal structure and properties of the connector are firstly introduced.Then the electromagnetic field and thermal field coupling model of cable connector are established by the finite element method,and its temperature distribution under different environments are plotted and analyzed.The additional temperature rise and the ampacity change caused by dielectric loss are quantitatively analyzed by example.Example shows that the proposed methods are efficient in security running of the mining cable connector.

    A Method of Driving Without Hall BLDC Based on Linear Fit BEMF
    DING Liang,DING Xueming
    . 2016, 29(3):  175. 
    Abstract ( 494 )   PDF (742KB) ( 260 )  
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    As for the scheme based on back EMF zero crossing detecting to drive the sensorless brushless dc motor,it is difficult to accurately detect zero crossing points in the drive of low speed stage because the back EMF value is too small.This paper puts forward a new method of the back EMF zero crossing detection at low speed.This method drives by linear fitting instead of hardware to determine the zero crossing at low speed,and the back EMF is sampled in pwm_off time,thus improving the control performance of low speed stage.Matlab simulink simulation proves that the scheme is feasible.

    Design of Wearable Smart Pedometer
    XU Bin,PEI Xiaofang,LI Taiyun
    . 2016, 29(3):  178. 
    Abstract ( 494 )   PDF (1009KB) ( 466 )  
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    This paper discusses the design of Pedometer based on high-precision triaxial accelerometer/angular velocity sensor MPU6050.With MSP430F149 MCU as master controller and MPU6050 as core acquisition module,the exerciser can real-time grasp performance and calories burned.The Bluetooth module is used to transmit data between MSP430 and acquisition module.The Sit-UP Partner function has been added to the system for exercisers.The test shows that the design is feasible and easy to carry.

    A Robust Image Watermarking Based on Harris Feature Points and Pseudo-Zernike Moments
    CHEN Qing,WENG Xufeng
    . 2016, 29(3):  183. 
    Abstract ( 488 )   PDF (817KB) ( 256 )  
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    The improvement of the robustness watermarking against geometrical attacks is still a difficult and open problem for watermarking researchers.This paper proposes a geometrically invariant watermarking algorithm based on Harris detector and the pseudo Zernike moment.First the Harris detector is utilized to extract steady feature points from the standard image,then the local feature regions are ascertained according to the feature scale theory,and finally the digital watermark is embedded into the local feature regions by quantizing the magnitudes of the pseudo Zernike moments.Experimental results show that the proposed watermarking algorithm is robust to geometric attacks as well as to common signal processing attacks.

    Switch Control System Scheme for New Trams
    YANG Xiaohui,QIAO Yurong
    . 2016, 29(3):  187. 
    Abstract ( 506 )   PDF (820KB) ( 293 )  
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    A main switch control mode and switch control system scheme kind of both safe and efficient is proposed for the new trams by combining the positive line switch arrangement of signal equipment.the composition,structure,switch control mode and interlock logic control software of the switch control subsystem involving the security of the trams signal system are designed and analyzed.The proposed system is capable of basic logic control functions of route arrangement and unlock,guaranteeing safe and efficient tram operation at the main track switches.

    Development and Verification of Large-scale and Complex Airborne Software
    CHEN Fu,MU Ming,DAI Xiaodi,DUAN Haijun,XU Ming
    . 2016, 29(3):  190. 
    Abstract ( 452 )   PDF (981KB) ( 274 )  
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    The difficulties and challenges for software development due to the exponential growth of software size and complexity with the rapid development of integrated modular avionics systems are analyzed.The development,testing and verification techniques and project management are discussed.The techniques of MDA,software reuse,virtual simulation,DO-297,and CMMI are employed to provides a solution for the development and verification of large-scale and complex Airborne software in an attempt to improve the reliability and shorten the development cycle of software.

    Development of Morden Stealth Technology
    ZHANG Yuhan,JIANG Wen
    . 2016, 29(3):  194. 
    Abstract ( 586 )   PDF (929KB) ( 379 )  
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    In this paper,low RCS shape technology,radar absorbing materials,plasma technology,active stealth technology,antenna stealth technology,RCS measurement technology and infrared characteristic signal control technology is introduced.Stealth structure technology is the most important and effective way in stealth technology.Radar absorbing material is the most challenging stealth technology.Plasma technology is a new technology to control the characteristic signal of the target radar,and the key is the formation and the appropriate application of the plasma.


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