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15 May 2016 Volume 29 Issue 5
    Research on Coupled Resonator Induced Transparency Transmission Characteristics in Parallel Micro-Ring Resonators
    ZHANG Shang,WU Rong,WANG Chao,XU Lisha
    . 2016, 29(5):  1. 
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    The transmission characteristics of parallel micro ring resonators are analyzed with emphasis on the structure parameters influencing the coupling induced transparency effect.In this paper,the transfer function expression is obtained by using the theory of the micro ring transmission matrix,and the influence of each parameter changes on the transparent effect is simulated using Matlab.The results show that the transparent effect weakens with greater coupling coefficient k,smaller propagation loss factor a or greater two ring spacing L.The increase in the Micro ring radius R does not lead to obvious change in transparent phenomenon,but the resonance wavelength changes.

    Design and Implementation of a Smart Garden Light Based on Solar Energy
    ZHANG Yi,LI Xihua
    . 2016, 29(5):  5. 
    Abstract ( 479 )   PDF (986KB) ( 1060 )  
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    A system of the intelligent garden light based on the solar panel is designed and realized for family yards with easy arrangement of wire.This system improves the ordinary garden light functionally to enhance user's experience.In addition,the system applies the STM32F103 as the main control chip,realizes the intelligent control based on the information collected by human pyroelectric and light sensor and collects data through the temperature and humidity sensor and rain detection sensor with Bluetooth sending the data to host computer.Test results show that the system is stable and the power consumption is low,which meet the needs of practical life.

    A New Driving Power Supply System Based on S3C2440
    WANG Chao,SUN Guoqiang
    . 2016, 29(5):  8. 
    Abstract ( 502 )   PDF (928KB) ( 350 )  
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    A suitable driving power supply is essential for the research about optical performance of polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials.In view of the low amounts of related commercial products,a design scheme of a driving power supply by using S3C2440 Micro-processor as the main controller is put forward.An output voltage within 400 V is achievable after boost and power amplification by using AD9833 signal chip to generate the waveform,frequency,and amplitude adjustable AC signal.The practical application shows that this system meets the requirement of experiment with simpler procedures and lower cost and overcomes the shortcomings of simple driver signals in conventional experiments.

    Study of a Piezoelectric Ceramic Micro-displacement Driving Power Supply
    ZHU Ting
    . 2016, 29(5):  13. 
    Abstract ( 483 )   PDF (788KB) ( 426 )  
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    Based on the research of piezoelectric ceramic micro-displacement,a driving power supply is designed according to the driving characteristics and requirements of piezoelectric ceramic.The single chip microcomputer Atmega128 and high voltage operational amplifier PA78 are used as the core components with relevant circuits as the voltage control type driving power supply.The functions and realization of the main module circuits are introduced,and the driving power supply is tested.The driving power supply can output continuous voltage ranging from 0 V to 300 V with a resolution up to 10 mV a static ripple less than 5 mV,showing that the power supply has the advantages of good linearity,stability,and resolution.

    Design of a 2~12 GHz Ultra-Wideband Stripline Coupler
    XU Yang,PENG Long,ZUO Yan,ZHANG Shuai
    . 2016, 29(5):  16. 
    Abstract ( 552 )   PDF (706KB) ( 500 )  
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    A new stripline directional coupler is designed by putting a coupled stripline segmentation processing with physical parameters for each section of the stripline reasonably designed to broaden the working band of coupler.Simulation optimization is performed to compensate for the coupler phase velocity difference between odd and even dies and to offset the influence of the parasitic parameters of the discontinuity for better directivity of the directional coupler.The software Ansoft Designer is employed for initial simulation optimization,and the resulting circuit layout is input in AutoCad format into the HFSS for further verification.

    Thermal Design of Control Cabinet Based on Orthogonal Experiment
    ZUO Xiaogang,CUI Guomin,WANG Jinyang
    . 2016, 29(5):  19. 
    Abstract ( 502 )   PDF (783KB) ( 311 )  
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    Control cabinet is the geometry space of all kinds of equipment to store and manage data.With the high performance,miniaturization and integration of electronic equipment trends,the cooling capacity of control cabinet affects the performance and service life of the electronic components.On the other hand it is very important to the stability of the system.Based on the review of current research on the cooling of control cabinet,the average temperature of the whole volume is the approximation of the environment temperature.The L64(98) orthogonal table is used to analyze the impact of important factors on its average temperature.The results show that inlet-left and electronic component A1 has the greatest impact on the average temperature.The average temperature obtained from the optimal combination of the range analysis is1.38 ℃ lower than that from the initial layout.The reliability of the control cabinet is improved by optimizing the layout of electronic components,which provides references for cabinet system thermal design.

    Multiple Boards FPGA Dynamic Configuration on VPX Platform
    CHEN Changming,SHAO Gaoping,LIU Xiaomeng,DANG Liming,GAO Fei
    . 2016, 29(5):  23. 
    Abstract ( 528 )   PDF (633KB) ( 413 )  
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    Currently,FPGA on VPX platform board usually loads configuration data from nonvolatile memory initiatively when power-on occurs,which has the disadvantage of inflexibility.This paper presents a multiple boards FPGA dynamic configuration method based on CPU+SPI bus+CPLD which offers FPGA configuration on boards without opening the box on VPX platform.It takes about 7 seconds to configuring data of 10.9 MB by this method with good flexibility and reliability.

    Analysis and Design of Low noise Low power Chopper OTA
    LI Wei,ZHANG Zhaohao,WU Cinan
    . 2016, 29(5):  26. 
    Abstract ( 595 )   PDF (733KB) ( 371 )  
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    The noise especially 1/f  noise of a CMOS operational amplifier will sharply increase as the decrease of total power.This paper presents a low noise low power nested chopper operational amplifier aiming at the application of sensor readout circuit.We simulate and verify using the Spectre tools based on SMIC 0.18 μm  CMOS process.The results show that the power spectral density(PSD)dropped to 23 nV/[KF(]Hz[KF)] at 100 Hz.The OTA consumes 14 μA of the total current,achieves 16.7 MHz of GBW and 1 193 of current efficiency at the 500 kHz of the High-chop frequency (fchop,high) and 2 kHz of Low-chop frequency (fchop,low).The overall performance of the OTA has advantages comparing to the papers published in recent years.

    Realization of High Speed Link Channel BER Eye Diagram Based on DER
    YAN Jinrong
    . 2016, 29(5):  30. 
    Abstract ( 410 )   PDF (1017KB) ( 331 )  
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    As the traditional worst eye diagram often leads to excessive design,a method for calculating the channel bit error rate (BER) eye diagram under a given data rate is proposed from the perspective of statistical domain.The DER (double edge response) method based on DDR4 ten lines model takes into account both the channel inter-symbol interference and the cross-talk effects.The final BER eye diagram is obtained by adding probability to bits and dealing with the result of the convolution operation.This method is not limited to the worst eye diagram,and thus is more practical.

    Relay Site Planning of TD LTE-A System
    HAO Long
    . 2016, 29(5):  34. 
    Abstract ( 468 )   PDF (780KB) ( 353 )  
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    In the LTE-A system,the use of relay enhances the cell edge user throughput,expands the area coverage,and improves the spectrum utilization efficiency.In this paper,a scheme of relay planning is proposed to realize the optimization of relay configuration.First,a relay planning method is obtained by combining with relay location selection and choice of relay served base station.Then the SINR of two-hop relay scenario is considered to get the optimal frequency efficiency of relay selection algorithm.Finally the above two are combined to obtain the relay planning scheme.The simulation shows that by using the scheme the SINR of the backhaul link channel is enhanced by about 2 dB and the cell throughput improves by about 13%.

    Design of and Experiment on a New Stirring Device with Dissolved Oxygen Electrode
    SONG Yuanming,YANG Lihong,YANG Gaoqiang,YUAN Xujun
    . 2016, 29(5):  39. 
    Abstract ( 463 )   PDF (797KB) ( 310 )  
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    The membrane dissolved oxygen electrode is an important tool for measuring oxygen content in solution,but there is limitation because of its chemical properties as the dissolved oxygen electrode measurement of oxygen consumption usually requires artificial stirring.A new dissolved oxygen electrode stirring device using BOD5 automatic measurement is put forward to increase the stability by using the centrifugal type mechanical stirring.Experiments show that the proposed stirring device offers stable measurement of the dissolved oxygen content in the culture bottle.

    An Lx Band PA with Transmit Antenna Selecting Function
    FENG Xingang,YE Zhenfeng
    . 2016, 29(5):  42. 
    Abstract ( 444 )   PDF (559KB) ( 360 )  
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    An Lx band PA using an improved circuit of power combination based on 3 dB hybrid is proposed,which offers transmit antenna selection.Theory calculation and simulated analysis based on ADS (Advanced design system) are utilized.And a prototype of a 350 W Lx band power amplifier is fabricated.The measured results agree well with the simulation.

    Application of MBSE in Avionics Communication Systems
    XUE Wei,JIA Chaoqun,LI Wen,SHI Yan
    . 2016, 29(5):  45. 
    Abstract ( 450 )   PDF (944KB) ( 381 )  
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    The traditional methods based on documents are confronted with a variety of problems,such as long periods of development,difficult verification of requirement and complex procedure of alteration.To address the challenges in the development of avionics communication system,this paper proposes a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) method.Based on the dominant Harmony method in the aerospace field,the requirement model,function model and physical structure model are built respectively through the requirement analysis,function analysis and design synthesis.This method not only ensures the traceability of data,but also improves the design efficiency and reduces the design risk of the project,hence providing references for the further utilization in the avionics system.

    FPGA Implementation of Random Noise Generation by Mix Congruence Method
    ZHAO Xiaoyan
    . 2016, 29(5):  49. 
    Abstract ( 502 )   PDF (570KB) ( 354 )  
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    In the field of electronic countermeasure technology,the method of modeling noise source by pseudo-random number with FPGA brings great convenience for achieving all kinds of noise interferences.The implementation of random noise generator with FPGA by mix congruence method and central limit theorem is designed in the article.The algorithm of traditional mix congruence method is simplified to avoid many multiplications and divisions.Test results show that the method is not only feasible and effective,but simple and efficient.The generated pseudo-random number has the characteristics of flexible and controllable key parameters such as cycle,mean,variance,and variable probability distributions,which can provide different noise samples for various noise interferences.

    An Electronic Reconnaissance Signal Simulator Based on DSP and FPGA
    GAO Chunfang
    . 2016, 29(5):  51. 
    Abstract ( 506 )   PDF (660KB) ( 418 )  
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    This paper advances a design of the electronic reconnaissance signal simulator based on DSP (BF531) and FPGA (XC5VLX30).This project adopts master control computer to set the electronic reconnaissance parameters data,then transmits the data to DSP unit which is used to control the output waveform through the USB interface.The data are processed by DSP and transmitted to the fully digital signal waveform synthesizer based on the high performance FPGA,after which various models of electronic reconnaissance signals are synthesized.

    Anti-Jamming Technology for Data Fusion Based on Composite Guidance
    MA Fumin
    . 2016, 29(5):  55. 
    Abstract ( 483 )   PDF (693KB) ( 428 )  
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    the active radar-infrared imaging composite guidance mode is put forward to address the poor anti-interference performance of the single guided mode.In the typical anti-jamming,the modeling and simulation of anti-jamming capability of data fusion is performed on the composite guidance.The simulation results show that the anti-jamming capability of data fusion based on the composite guidance is better than that of infrared imaging or active radar,and distinguishes fake target exactly.

    Design of Intermediate Frequency Signal Generator for Radar Signal Simulator
    LI Shiqi
    . 2016, 29(5):  58. 
    Abstract ( 467 )   PDF (986KB) ( 345 )  
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    The radar signal simulator is a common tool for the detection of the performance index of the reconnaissance system,and the intermediate frequency signal generator module is the most important part.The ADSPBF533 and high performance FPGA hardware platform are adopted to produce a variety of radar signal waveforms by the technology of direct digital frequency synthesis for generating radar IF signals,which form a simulated radar signal via frequency conversion,amplification,and filtering.A medium frequency signal generating module consists of a communication control board and 3 intermediate frequency signal generating module boards,capable of simulating 12 radar IF signals at one time.

    Error Analysis of Geometry Attitude Determination of  Spin-stabilized Satellites
    DAN Peng,CHEN Jianping
    . 2016, 29(5):  62. 
    Abstract ( 461 )   PDF (1003KB) ( 321 )  
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    The geometry attitude calculation is the basic method of spin-stabilized satellites,but suffers poor calculation accuracy in attitude determination in the actual engineering task.A geometry attitude calculation method using different type of measurement is given systematically.The limiting factor,the error sensitive characteristics,and service conditions are analyzed.Then some true metrical data of an FY meteorological satellite are used to analyze the error reason.And methods for improving the accuracy are proposed.The analysis result offers references in the analysis of spin-stabilized satellites' attitude determination and the improvement of the accuracy of afterwards attitude determination.

    Research on Multiphase Interleaving Parallel Boost Power Factor Corrector
    ZHAO Qin,JIN Aijuan,JI Chenye,SUN Changfei,HU Zheng,NI Sisong
    . 2016, 29(5):  67. 
    Abstract ( 572 )   PDF (720KB) ( 410 )  
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    In terms of the significant switching losses of switching source in the traditional Boost PFC circuit,the circuit has higher cost and lower efficiency.In order to solve these problems,the paper adopts the multichannel interleaving parallel technology on the main circuit topology of active power factor correction based on the traditional single-phase Boost PFC circuit.Taking the three phase interleaving Boost converter as an example,the converter's working processes are analyzed.Simulation verifies that the multichannel interleaving parallel Boost PFC converter offers less input current ripple,smaller inductance and higher efficiency.

    Design of Reactive Power Compensator Based on PIC
    WANG Shunping,ZHANG Zhenguo,XIN Libin,FENG Jijun,LIU Dong
    . 2016, 29(5):  71. 
    Abstract ( 521 )   PDF (714KB) ( 412 )  
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    Reactive power is an important indicator to ensure the safe and reliable operations of the power network.According to the different control strategies of the reactive power compensator,a power control system is designed with the PIC32MX764F128H single-chip microcomputer as the core and reactive power as the main criterion for switching to realize the dynamic adjustment of reactive power by controlling the thyristor switched capacitor.Simulink is used to build simulation model.Test results show that the compensator hardware and software design is reasonable and the system runs safely and reliably and meets the requirements of reactive power compensation design.

    Energy Saving Analysis of Active Power Filter in Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace
    SUN Yakun,ZOU Li
    . 2016, 29(5):  75. 
    Abstract ( 421 )   PDF (791KB) ( 305 )  
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    The intermediate frequency electric furnace has become the main induction heating equipment,generating harmonic pollution that poses a huge threat to the grid power quality.This article puts forward a new intermediate frequency electric stove with active power filter harmonic treatment device in view of the harmonic problems of intermediate frequency electric furnace.The main circuit structure and working principles are presented.The energy saving effect of the active filter on the intermediate frequency electric furnace is analyzed,and energy consumption by the transformer,the change in phase angle,and the change in ac/dc voltage is studied.The net energy saving is calculated to be 6.2%,a significant energy-saving effect.

    Optimal Defense Strategy Against Rational Attackers
    XU Didi
    . 2016, 29(5):  79. 
    Abstract ( 380 )   PDF (619KB) ( 331 )  
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    System reliability is often protected by voting algorithms and redundancy,but is still threatened by attackers.In this paper,the system reliability between system defense strategies and rational attacks is discussed.The Defender can not only choose voting components,but also create camouflaging components and protect system components.The Attacker can choose clusters and components to attack in system.The problem of deciding the optimal defense strategies against attack strategies is modeled with both the defender and the attacker are given fixed resources.

    Emotion Prediction of Public Sentiment Based on ARIMA and BP Neural Network Model
    WANG Nunu,ZHANG Weijia,NIU Liang
    . 2016, 29(5):  83. 
    Abstract ( 407 )   PDF (845KB) ( 316 )  
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    As the number of significant events of public opinion surged in recent years,it is extremely serious to keep the security of the Network public opinion and to warn early.Thus,it is important to grasp the trend of public opinion in the macro.This paper presents a network public sentiment forecast based on ARIMA and BP neural network.The emotional value of the text of "the flood incident in Yuyao" on Sina Weibo is calculated.Then the comprehensive analysis and forecast of the trend of emotional change are given.Forecast results show that relative to,method of combined forecasting is more precise than the single forecast method,indicating the application of this model in the emotion forecast of Internet public sentiment is feasible.

    A Privacy Preserving Association Rules Mining Method for Short Frequent Itemsets
    ZHANG Cuicui,RUAN Shuhua
    . 2016, 29(5):  88. 
    Abstract ( 419 )   PDF (842KB) ( 302 )  
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    The explosion of data poses increasingly challenges on privacy preservation.This paper introduces basic technologies related to the privacy preservation in data mining,and puts forward a mining algorithm under association rule to deal with the Boolean data set distributed in a centralized manner.The method compresses the data set while preserving privacy,thus enormously reducing the time of data mining.Test results show that the mining time is significantly reduced with acceptable errors by this algorithm.

    Design and Implementation of Generic Application Layer Security Protocol in Low Power Network Environment
    WANG Le,ZHANG Dong,SHI Yingchun
    . 2016, 29(5):  93. 
    Abstract ( 539 )   PDF (675KB) ( 371 )  
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    This paper introduces a lightweight application layer security protocol called uALS to address the security issue in the low power network environment.The implementation of uALS is based on openSSL,and tested on BCM2836 and CC2530 which uses Contiki as its operating system.In addition,we compare uALS with TLS/SSL by executing one experiment,and the evaluation result shows that uALS has smaller code size,shorter time for handshaking and less resource consumption than TLS/SSL.

    A Text Watermarking Algorithm Based on Character Color of PDF
    CHEN Qing,HUANG Pengbo
    . 2016, 29(5):  96. 
    Abstract ( 567 )   PDF (1071KB) ( 343 )  
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    For the current significant contrast between the active usage rate of PDF documents and the slow development of their digital watermarking technology,a text watermarking algorithm based on character color of PDF is proposed.The algorithm embeds the pre-processed watermark into PDF carrier document by modifying the operand of character color operator of PDF.The security and robustness are enhanced by using channel coding and cycle encryption in pre-processing of watermark insertion as well as majority voting in post-processing of watermark extraction.Experiments show that the algorithm has good transparency,strong robustness,high capacity and good compatibility with PDF.

    FIR-IFFT Digital Filtering Method Based on TMS32028335
    LIU Jian,LI Yu,LIU Zhen,LI Jing
    . 2016, 29(5):  101. 
    Abstract ( 632 )   PDF (773KB) ( 329 )  
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    There are a lot of Fourier transform and convolution operation in common digital filter,which are so time-consuming for the processor to compute in the field of industrial control,and thus not applicable for low-end MCU's to calculate 50 Hz signals.This paper introduces a new digital algorithm.After the FFT analysis of the signal in the window function,the IFFT waveform of the harmonic frequency is removed.Compared with the common IIR or FIR filter,the operation time of the program is shortened greatly,and a large number of convolution operations are also reduced.

    An Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Modified Cuckoo Search
    LI Ruifang
    . 2016, 29(5):  105. 
    Abstract ( 484 )   PDF (635KB) ( 364 )  
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    The cuckoo search algorithm (CS) is a bionic algorithm,but its application to image segmentation suffers from such drawbacks as large amount of calculation,appearing local minimum and slow convergence.In order to solve these problems,we propose a multi-threshold image segmentation algorithm based on modified cuckoo search algorithm.This algorithm employs the Otsu method as the fitness function,combines the cuckoo search algorithm with the K-means algorithm for better diversity of population,and adaptively determines the number and range of the thresholds to find the optimal thresholds of the image to be segmented.Experimental results show that the MCS algorithm outperforms the K-means and the cuckoo search (CS) in terms of segmentation thresholds and segmentation effect.

    Digital Watermarking Protection Algorithm Based on Format of PDF Document
    CHEN Qing,LU Yupeng
    . 2016, 29(5):  108. 
    Abstract ( 568 )   PDF (933KB) ( 327 )  
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    In order to solve the problems like document tampering that is leaded by multi-channel information dissemination on the Internet and the copyright of documents,this paper proposes a new algorithm that is based on the text format by analyzing the structure and content flow characteristics of PDF (Portable Document Format).The Kerckhoffs safety criteria and the digital signature algorithm are adopted to solve the problem of the copyright and to identify document tampering effectively.The author put the invisible watermark in the PDF document as a portable digital signature,thus modifying the properties of saturation without damage to the structure of the document through selective modification and adding related attributes to achieve the purpose of putting watermark in the document.Checking the watermark from the PDF document and the comparison with the original watermark can identify both the authenticity of a document and the copyright.The experimental result shows that the algorithm has good transparency and robustness,and has a larger capacity of watermark,which helps identify if the document has been tampered.

    Analysis of the Performance of Converted Measurement Kalman Filter Algorithms for Target Tracking
    HE Hongzhou,QIN Yufeng,YANG Yubo,YANG Liming,LEI Jing
    . 2016, 29(5):  112. 
    Abstract ( 563 )   PDF (781KB) ( 343 )  
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    The converted algorithms are approximations of the optimal solution based on different assumptions,leading distinct performance in different applications,thus it is necessary to uniformly compare and analyze the performance of different converted algorithms.In this paper,the typical converted measurement algorithms are demonstrated.Their performances in different scenarios are evaluated by simulations in terms of tracking accuracy,credibility and computation complexity.The averaged normalized estimation error squared of the best linear unbiased estimate (BLUE) is approximately equals to 1,which is theoretically optimal in the sense of minimum mean square error with superior tracking performance to other filters.

    A Cross-Layer Relay Selection Algorithm for D2D Communication System
    HAO Bin,WANG Ruishan,XU Pengfei
    . 2016, 29(5):  117. 
    Abstract ( 465 )   PDF (761KB) ( 313 )  
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    The introduction of relay nodes can effectively improve the D2D link throughput and D2D user interference where the D2D communication system and the cellular network coexist.We present a cross layer relay selection algorithm which combines the physical layer and data link layer,and a program of relay selection by cross-layer based on Decode and Forward model is proposed.The algorithm selects the optimal relay node through analysis of the channel state information at the physical layer and queue state information at the data link layer.Simulation results show that the proposed cross-layer relay selection algorithm improves the throughput of the communication system and reduces the average transmission delay and packet error probability.

    Three-phase Voltage PWM Rectifier's Modeling Method
    LI Minghui,JIA Wenchao,XIE Shikang
    . 2016, 29(5):  121. 
    Abstract ( 512 )   PDF (560KB) ( 331 )  
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    Three-phase PWM rectifier is widely used because of low input current harmonics and high power factor.The construction of system model is an important part of research,and the establishment of the rectifier model has a direct impact on the control strategy.Kirchhoff's law and the Lagrange equation are usually adopted to establish the mathematical model with coupling between variables.Since the mathematical model described by switching function is nonlinear and the controller's design is difficult,the average model of switch cycle average method is adopted to establish the system to get the steady-state model and a small signal model of linear and invariant.The results show that the small signal model is better in system controller design than the traditional model.

    Improved Wavelet Threshold Image De-noising Algorithm
    GAN Hangping,WANG Li
    . 2016, 29(5):  124. 
    Abstract ( 453 )   PDF (873KB) ( 335 )  
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    An improved threshold de-noising exponential function is proposed on the basis of hard and soft threshold method put forward by Dohono to address the discontinuity and constant bias problems in image noise reduction.The threshold value method overcomes the deficiency of the traditional threshold method and offers good flexibility.Simulation results show that the improved threshold method of noise reduction is superior both in SNR gain and MSE and in visual effect to the traditional threshold noise reduction method.

    Arrangement and Optimization of College Curriculum Schedule by Improved Genetic Algorithm
    LI Yang,ZHANG Xin
    . 2016, 29(5):  127. 
    Abstract ( 393 )   PDF (858KB) ( 562 )  
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    In order to solve the problem of the large amount of work multi condition and high complexity in the course of the college arrangement,we propose a schedule optimization scheme based on the improved genetic algorithm with the teaching mission and total schedule as the gene and DNA,respectively and the initial population randomly generated to meet the mandatory rules for the DNA.Some improvements of the genetic algorithm are discussed,including changing random cross column to be a local full cross algorithm,and random mutation to be random swap algorithm for the inside of column.The final form of a scientific and rational arrangement plan is obtained through several generations of iterative optimization.Experiment results show that the fitness schedule increases from 76 to 123,indicating a good optimization effect.

    Candidate Answer Sorting Method of Q&A Community Questions Based on RTEM Model
    LIU Yu,YUAN Jian
    . 2016, 29(5):  130. 
    Abstract ( 452 )   PDF (900KB) ( 313 )  
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    As a supplement of search engine,community question and answering is playing a more and more important role.But with increasing numbers of questions and answers,part of the answers fail to get the evaluation of other user in time,which makes it difficult for askers to choose the best answer.Based on the study of the user behavior of and its effects this paper proposes a new topic model on the basis of user behaviors.Experiments with large sets of data show that the proposed method is superior to other models.

    Verilog HDL Implementation of A Lane Departure Warning System Based on FPGA
    LIN Yingjie,LI Dongjie,LIANG Guangjing,GUO Jianping
    . 2016, 29(5):  135. 
    Abstract ( 619 )   PDF (785KB) ( 347 )  
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    In order to,a system based on FPGA is proposed for improving the speed of a rapid lane departure warning system based on PC.The whole system consists of several modules including the median filtering module,the Sobel edge detection module,and the Hough transform module.Each module is achieved by using Verilog HDL Language and designed in the way of parallel structure so as to make full use of the super power in parallel processing of the FPGA.The system is demonstrated to be fast enough to detect the lanes departure and applicable in daily life.

    BIT Software Architecture Design Based on ASAAC Standard
    DUAN Haijun,CHEN Fu,GUO Yong,HAN Chunyang
    . 2016, 29(5):  139. 
    Abstract ( 514 )   PDF (609KB) ( 362 )  
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    The technology of built-in-test and ASACC standards are studied for fault detection and location in the aviation electronic system.According to the multilevel structure of ASSAC standard,the system can be divided into node level,subsystem level and system level.Each level contains power up built-in-test,periodic built-in-test and maintenance built-in-test for the implementation of test of each phase in the system.The self detection system detects both the hardware state of the system and the starting and running state of the software,thus improving the self-detection ability of the airborne electronic system.


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