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15 November 2016 Volume 29 Issue 11
    Realtime Parameter Extraction of Noncooperative and Frequency Agile Radar Based on FPGA
    FAN Zhongping, WANG Yasen, BAO Qinglong, CHEN Zengping
    . 2016, 29(11):  1. 
    Abstract ( 489 )   PDF (2248KB) ( 510 )  
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    A fast method for parameter estimation of the directpath signals is presented for a frequency agile radar. The pulse width (PW) is roughly estimated based on the method for the detection of frequency domain, and the accurate PW parameter is estimated by matching the PW template. Then, the accurate bandwidth (BW) is estimated and the carrier frequency (CF) is roughly estimated based on the dechirp method. The Accurate CF is estimated by matching the CF template. Finally, the proposed parameter extraction algorithm is implemented on the FPGA hardware system. The test results of real data show that this method enjoys good accuracy and computational efficiency. It has been successfully applied to an electronic surveillance system.

    Method of Logic Diagram and Waveform Visualizing of Reversible Logic Circuit
    DUAN Xueli, ZHAO Shuguang, FENG Ruofei
    . 2016, 29(11):  6. 
    Abstract ( 562 )   PDF (1242KB) ( 484 )  
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    The logic expressions for the reversible logic circuit are analyzed, and the reversible logic circuit diagram and the simulation waveform are given. The reversible structure of the truth table obtained from the simulation results is provided. The relevant results are presented in an intuitive form by the use of C language programming, an innovative approach in the reversible logic circuit research.

    Wafer Prealigning Method Based on Wafer Transfer Robot
    LIU Jinsong1,2, WANG Sen1, ZHU Dawei1
    . 2016, 29(11):  9. 
    Abstract ( 496 )   PDF (1762KB) ( 540 )  
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    A wafer prealignment control system of less cost and smaller size based on wafer transfer robot is designed, and an efficient and high precision positioning algorithm of the wafer center and notch is introduced. The prealignment onedimensional rotation and wafer transfer robot space movement are adopted to achieve wafer prealigning by utilizing exchange adsorption. Error analysis and prealigned experiment show that the positioning accuracy of wafer center is less than 50 m, and the whole prealignment process time is 10s.

    Design of Solar Tracking Controller Based on C8051F061
    SHA Chunfang
    . 2016, 29(11):  13. 
    Abstract ( 420 )   PDF (1772KB) ( 662 )  
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    The paper presents a dualmode solar tracking controller based on C8051f061 for better accuracy. The system combines the visual solar movement trajectory with the high accuracy tracking of four quadrant photoelectric detector. After the solar azimuth and altitude angle are calculated, the cell panel is adjusted vertical to the sunlight by driving the step motors that controls the azimuth and altitude to achieve high tracking precision, thus a higher utilization of solar energy. The experiment results show that the solar tracking controller can achieve high tracking accuracy.

    Optical Telephone ADPCM Compression Coding Algorithm and Implementation Based on STM32
    HU Xiaoting, SONG Shoupeng
    . 2016, 29(11):  16. 
    Abstract ( 435 )   PDF (1623KB) ( 460 )  
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    Some optical fiber laying and maintenance are carried out in poor wireless environment, such as mountain areas and forests. In order to solve the problem of call difficulties in such environments, reduce digital rate and save fiber bandwidth, a simplified speech compression coding algorithm is adopted and realized in optical telephones based on the STM32 single chip microcomputer. The speech compression coding algorithm adopts the adaptive differential pulse code modulation technology, which has high compression ratio. Simulation result shows that it can achieve highquality voice calls at a compression ratio of 4:1.

    Research on Transmit Diversity in Wireless Communication Systems
    CHU Haoying, SU Shengjun
    . 2016, 29(11):  19. 
    Abstract ( 434 )   PDF (1041KB) ( 578 )  
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    In the wireless communication system, there are different propagation models under different scenarios. In order to study the performance of transmit diversity technology against multipath effects, this paper summarizes the propagation model of the outdoor scenes in the wireless communication system. The emitted signal power loss of the traditional Okumura Hata propagation model, under different environments is studied, the copies of signal received power at the receiving end is calculated and compared with the preset received power threshold to obtain the signal availability of each copy and the copy of the equal gain combination in order to study the improvement of the signal availability by the transmit diversity. The simulation results show that the diversity technology can significantly improve the availability of the receiver signal.

    Research on Wireless Data Transmission System Based on nRF24L01
    CHEN Cheng, LI Ruixiang, LIU Tingting, LIU Yi
    . 2016, 29(11):  22. 
    Abstract ( 492 )   PDF (1793KB) ( 458 )  
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    Traditional data acquisition systems suffer inflexibility and difficult wiring. This paper introduces the wireless data transmission system based on nRF24L01, and adopts the method of modularization. The system is controlled by the MSP430 MCU, and the data is transmitted between the receiving and sending module through the nRF24L01 chip. The overall structure of the system combines the hardware and software design. Tests show that the system is stable, convenient, effective and reliable in practical applications.

    Fast Extraction Method of Filter Intercavity Coupling Coefficients
    LI Gang1, HU Xu2
    . 2016, 29(11):  25. 
    Abstract ( 569 )   PDF (1093KB) ( 530 )  
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    The traditional extraction method based on the optimization theory is complicated, timeconsuming and instable in convergence effect. This paper proposes a fast method of coupling coefficient extraction, which deduces the function relation between the characteristic polynomial of the filter and the zero pole from the zero pole of the single ended input impedance. The coupling coefficient extraction algorithm is realized in the MATLAB language. The method is used for the fourorder Chebyshev filter. The results are in good agreement with the theoretical data which proves the validity and effectiveness of the proposed method.

    The Design of Open Servo Control System Based on DSP and PowerPC
    LI Jianhua,ZHANG Renjie,LIU Hu,LI Xiaqing
    . 2016, 29(11):  28. 
    Abstract ( 371 )   PDF (2338KB) ( 231 )  
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    This paper introduces the design of open servo control system based on DSP and PowerPC. This system mainly uses TMS320C6713 micro controller to realize communication and control algorithm. The hardware part introduces the design method of dual port RAM circuit, power circuit and reset circuit, and puts forward a communication method based on dual port RAM chip for PowerPC and DSP ports. In the software part, once a servo sampling operation is performed on each 400us and the error compensation by PID adjustment. Finally, the experiment on the part of the PID algorithm is carried out parameter tuning and the error analysis. And the results show that the servo motion control system can achieve good control accuracy.

    Research on Nearfield Noise Sources Location Method Based on the Combinatory Array
    HE Panpan
    . 2016, 29(11):  32. 
    Abstract ( 312 )   PDF (1449KB) ( 477 )  
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    In the study of localization in shallow sea noise source, beause of  the problem of port and starboard ambiguity and the multipath environment, the combinatory array and time reversal mirro technology are adopted. Using the unilateral directivity of the vector hydrophone removes the false source, Using the time reversal mirror technology restrains the influence of the multipath effect, thus the position of sound source in shallow sea can be located.

    Driving the Area Array CCD Based on CPLD
    ZHAO Xinian,HU Qi,GAO Pengfei
    . 2016, 29(11):  35. 
    Abstract ( 393 )   PDF (1959KB) ( 379 )  
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    In order to implement the driven of area array CCD and collect realtime image,we have designed a power driven and data conversion system. Based on the extensive use of CCD, this system drives a backthinned area array CCD by the complex programmable logic device(CPLD). The CPLD control module is written in Verilog hardware description language (HDL), which is used to control the CCDs signal acquisition, signal transfer and signal transmission. According to the CCD data sheet, designing some power which the CCD needs to drive the CCD. Handling the output video signal and removing the low frequency noise such as reset noise and 1/f in filtered video signal and improving the SNR of system by the characteristics of the correlated double sample (CDS) of A/D chip. The system uses the CPLD as the core control device and makes full use the characteristics of CPLD, such as the highspeed parallel , "programmable" and the highly sensitive to the environment changing to make the speed of the signal acquisition and transmission speed be fast, and to make the output video signal be stable.

    Research on PVDF Piezoelectric Film Detecting Circuit in Low Frequency Load
    SUN Jingjing,SONG Shoupeng,BAO Yeru,WANG Xifei,LIU Wenlong
    . 2016, 29(11):  38. 
    Abstract ( 494 )   PDF (1729KB) ( 796 )  
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    A detecting circuit consisted of differential charge amplifier circuit with two capacitances feedback and two order low pass filter circuit is designed to solve the problem of high impedance of PVDF piezoelectric film sensor, weak output signal in low frequency load and being easily interrupted by external noise. An experiment of PVDF piezoelectric film sensor in low frequency load of 0.2~20 Hz is done in this thesis. The results of the above circuit and traditional circuit are compared. Results show that output voltage amplitude increases 90% and there is strong anti-interference ability using above circuit. Subsequent circuit is easier to process signal.

    A Self-Adaption Clock Recovery Method
    CHEN Jiacheng,LI Zhe
    . 2016, 29(11):  41. 
    Abstract ( 400 )   PDF (1402KB) ( 512 )  
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    In the high speed transmission system, the information in the transmission is composed of the data, the header information, the check information, etc. The the best clock for the circuit after decoding operation should be the real user data rate. This paper presents a method to recover the clock by using a fictitious FIFO and treat this FIFOs effective data quantity as the Frequency offset between the two clocks.Thus,we chen recover the clock. Simulation results show that this method can achieve the clock adjustment, and can make the real data buffer between the front and back circuit in the most safe data storage.

    Energy-saving Feedback Type Asynchronous Motor to Drag Test Scheme Design
    WANG Cheng1,LI Zheng1,JIN Jianzhong2
    . 2016, 29(11):  44. 
    Abstract ( 484 )   PDF (1642KB) ( 499 )  
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    This test is aimed at solving asynchronous motor to drag itself energy design with surrounding the motor load. This design adopts the model of the speed control and torque control mode of two kinds of test method. In of tow motor synchronous rotation, for speed, torque, two kinds of control mode of the load test, through the motor test system based on Visual Basic collect the test data and generate the data for analysis. By the test results can be two kinds of torque and rotational speed control mode under the load, the mechanical energy of main motor efficiency can reach 85%, 89%, this show that the proposed design scheme is compared with the previous solution with higher efficiency and practicability.

    Design and Optimization of DDR3 SDRAM Controller Based on FPGA
    SONG Ming,ZHAO Yingxiao,LIN Qianqiang
    . 2016, 29(11):  47. 
    Abstract ( 618 )   PDF (1546KB) ( 365 )  
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    In order to solve the problem of data cache in ultrahigh speed sampling system, a DDR3 SDRAM controller is designed in this paper based on Kintex-7 FPGA MIG_v1.9 IP core. A method to improve the bandwidth utilization ratio is proposed and analyzed. Finally, it is packaged as the FIFO interface, while shielding the complex user interface of DDR3 IP core, so that the DDR3 reading and writing operation can be as simple as FIFOs. System tests show that the proposed method meets the requirements of large capacity data cache, and provides with high portability.

    The Design of Smart Home System Based on ZigBee Technology
    LIU Wei
    . 2016, 29(11):  51. 
    Abstract ( 701 )   PDF (1088KB) ( 814 )  
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    There are some problems in the traditional smart home, such as poor generality, the complexity in maintenance. A wireless smart home control and implementation scheme based on ZigBee technology is proposed in this paper. This system uses the popularized ARM9 processor as the data processing center. It builds a star topology wireless gateway using ZigBee protocol, which could collect data, analysis, exchange, control them, and implement expansion experiment on the fault in the part of the gateway path. Compared with traditional smart home system, the system is manipulated simply and intuitively, easy to maintain, enhance the functional development of the intelligent home control system. It realized the efficient and intelligent management of the wireless network in the unmanned environment.

    Design and Realization of the Ebb-and-flow Irrigation Control System
    WU Junhui1,2,HUANG Rongrong3,CHEN Jie1,2,SI Huiping1,2,LIN Kaiyan1,2,DONG Miao3,
    . 2016, 29(11):  54. 
    Abstract ( 471 )   PDF (3033KB) ( 406 )  
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    Based on the background of serious waste problems of irrigation and fertilization, power consumption, and high labor cost in agriculture, and underdeveloped techniques and equipments, a circuit design of the edd-and-flow irrigation control system with water and fertilizer saving is proposed. This system is a use for the realization of the principle of capillary irrigation techniques from plant roots, plant roots absorb water fertilizer by high tide and waste water can be recovered at low tide, after some treatments can be recycled again, such as disinfection, all functions are accomplished by the control system. Meanwhile ,compared to artificial irrigation ,this method can greatly reduce water, electricity and the consumption of labor by 36.13%~44.21%, 57.06%~59.64%, 18.54%.This irrigation can promote the development of plant seedling in factory, and has a broad application prospect.

    Design and Implementation Based on the AD71752 HighPrecision Data Acquisition System
    YAN Xiaoming,TAN Jianyu,XIE Ming
    . 2016, 29(11):  59. 
    Abstract ( 600 )   PDF (1314KB) ( 532 )  
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    In view of situation that current data collection systems need highprecision performance, this paper designed a high precision data collection systems, based on AD71752 and STM32F103 single chip microcomputer. The system is divided into hardware module and software module. The former is constructed by AD71752 analogdigital conversion chip and its corresponding peripheral hardware circuit, the latter adopts the threewire communication mode, considering STM32F103 as the main control chip. Through the data collecting and analysis of DC voltage signals, the results of experiment show that the sampling rate of the system in is less than 200SPS, and the effective conversion of the voltage signal accuracy is up to 22bit.

    Application of FFT in Adaptive Control of Large Wind Turbines
    WU Changming, WANG Wenzhuo, GAO Kun, LU Jian
    . 2016, 29(11):  62. 
    Abstract ( 431 )   PDF (1519KB) ( 338 )  
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    The filtering and damping in the control strategies of drive train load reduction in large wind turbines requires the acquisition of the accurate torsional vibration frequency, which is difficult to obtain in running wind turbines. The article proposes a method for detecting the torsional vibration and obtaining the vibration frequency by analyzing the generator speed by FFT and calculating the energy density. Finally, actual data are calculated by this method, and the results verify that the method can effectively monitor torsional vibration and calculate the vibration frequency.

    Study on Fault Diagnosis System of Worm-gear Reducer Based on Wavelet Analysis
    YANG Yongming
    . 2016, 29(11):  65. 
    Abstract ( 442 )   PDF (2640KB) ( 341 )  
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    With wide application of worm-gear reducer, the fault type is complicated and concealed, which not only bring huge economic losses, and even a threat to the safety of workers. in order to solve the problems, this paper put forward a fault diagnosis system of worm-gear reducer based on wavelet analysis, which base on real work situation, develop fault diagnosis system by adopting LabVIEW language, achieve vibration signal for acquisition and display, wavelet analysis and off-line fault diagnosis, experimental results show that the fault diagnosis system of worm-gear reducer based on wavelet analysis can better realize the worm-gear reducer fault diagnosis, so can be used in the field of technology research and safety using.

    Detecting Analysis for Feature Envy and Code Refactoring
    LIU Dandan,ZHAO Fengyu
    . 2016, 29(11):  70. 
    Abstract ( 436 )   PDF (1165KB) ( 432 )  
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    Feature envy is a kind of bad smells of codes, which occurs when a method of a class is more interested in some other classes than that in the class itself. Based on feature envy essential concepts, a definition for feature envy is proposed and its measuring method is provided. A feature envy detecting algorithm is introduced and a tool  BADFeature is developed to detect feature envy and to refactory it. The experimental results show that BADFeature can detect feature envy and eliminate it through refactoring.

    A New Feature Index for classification of High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
    LIU Hongbin,CHAO Shuanshe,WANG Xing
    . 2016, 29(11):  74. 
    Abstract ( 400 )   PDF (1552KB) ( 495 )  
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    With the improvement of image resolution,the traditional spectral characteristics cant effectively describe the information of image with high resolution and affect the classification of high-resolution remote sensing images.In order to make up for the inadequacy of traditional spectral method,it presents a novel spatial feature called weighted object correlative index (WOCI) and applys this index to image classification based on support vector machine (SVM).The index is created by the objects with similar spectrum and can fully describe the context structure of image.The experimental results show that the feature extracted in this paper has higher accuracy than those approaches that only consider spectral features or pixelwise spatial features and the classification accuracy improves 7.16%.

    Size and Defect Detection System of Brake Based on HALCON
    ZUO Dongxiang,CHEN Xiaorong
    . 2016, 29(11):  78. 
    Abstract ( 734 )   PDF (1243KB) ( 905 )  
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    A detection system based on machine vision software named HALCON is proposed in the paper in face of the low efficiency of the size and imperfection detection of the brake. The system makes full use of the characteristics of the morphology and gray value of the brake, and uses edge detection and local threshold segmentation algorithm. The system locates position of margin, calculates the size of brake and marks the location of surface defect finally. According to the running result of the system with the input of 200 figure samples, it has a very high accuracy within 0.47% error, and the misdiagnosis rate of the defect is 1%.The system can run fast and stably, which meets practical requirements.

    Design of High Accuracy Pneumatic Pendulum Control System
    XIE Jingwei 1,LIU Wenqiang 2
    . 2016, 29(11):  81. 
    Abstract ( 488 )   PDF (2204KB) ( 520 )  
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    The system is designed to produce a set of precision control system of the single chip microcomputer as power source. using MC9S12XS28 microcontroller as the main control chip, choose MPU6050 six-axis motion sensor and WDD35 precision conductive plastic potentiometer for the pendulum angle detection modules,and uses four coreless motors as the actuatorof the system, designed and implemented this pneumatic pendulum control system.The system uses PID control algorithm, can control the pendulum does pendulum movement, which both swing direction and swing amplitude can be set and does conical pendulum movement, which swing radius can be set. Experimental results showed that the deviation of swing direction angleof the system is less than 3°,deviation of swing amplitude length is less than 5mm and deviation of conical pendulum roundness is less than 5mm.

    A New Virtual Piano Tuning Meter Design Based on Sound Card
    ZHANG Xiaopeng
    . 2016, 29(11):  86. 
    Abstract ( 424 )   PDF (1776KB) ( 465 )  
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    Design a new piano tuning based on sound card and LabVIEW tools. Using computer sound card to sound in the design of data collection, in the PC, LabVIEW tools as the core, the development of system operation interface and operating procedures, to receive sound data from the sound card, all kinds of algorithm processing, calculate the base frequency of sound, and calculates the sound frequency and standard of the sound frequency comparison and calculation, the relevant data and comparison results show that, and give reasonable advice and tips, so as to guide operating personnel related operations, then completes the piano tuning work. The results show that the system hardware and software design has reached the expected requirement, can be used in the piano music, also for the future design of similar piano tuning meter article puts forward a new way of thinking.

    Noise Processing of High Dynamic Image Synthesis Based on Multiple Exposure
    LIU Zongyue,XI Zhihong
    . 2016, 29(11):  90. 
    Abstract ( 327 )   PDF (2076KB) ( 435 )  
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    Aiming at the problem that the quality of image is affected by noise in the process of high dynamic range image synthesis, a high dynamic range image synthesis algorithm based on multi exposure image is adopted. By extracting, sorting out and analyzing the gray data of each exposure image, the brightness image of the light distribution of the original scene can be synthesized. By analyzing the effect of noise on the quality of the high dynamic range image, it is proposed to deal with the noise in the image before the image is synthesized. According to the characteristics of the photon shot noise, the mixed image noise problem is transformed into the average value problem of a multi exposure image sequence group, and the image visual effect is very close to the real image.

    Implementation of UBoot Loading Based on ICE Debugger and Openocd  Platform
    WEI Fangzheng,SHI Zhan
    . 2016, 29(11):  94. 
    Abstract ( 418 )   PDF (1188KB) ( 236 )  
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    Embedded development has very high requirements at each stage of the system development environment. At present ,embedded development process tends to the mode of the short cycle and high efficiency. For the question of software and hardware building , this paper presents a platform construction scheme of loading UBoot,which is based on the development environment of Linux operating system.It gives a detailed introduction to the key part of the program .And it realizes the UBoot loading with a fast way and high efficiency under the platform.

    PID Parameter Setting Based on S7300 PLC and Wincc
    ZHENG Shanglei1,FU Yinghua1,2,ZHOU Daitong3
    . 2016, 29(11):  97. 
    Abstract ( 503 )   PDF (1960KB) ( 312 )  
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    The trend of development in the Wincc figure on the basis of intuitive and easy operability, adopt the method of SIMATIC Wincc software and communication, S7300 PLC software used to own FB41 function block and through the programming design of FB100 function block used for simulating the whole closed-loop control system.Developed in the Wincc trend chart picture for PID parameters setting, adjust the parameters of trend diagram IO domain, according to the following signal waveform generated for setting the parameters of the PID controller.Through the simulation experiments of closed-loop control system, get under the square wave signal input given accurate stability following the signal, the proportion coefficient is 2.00, integral and differential time 10 000 ms and 2 000 ms respectively.

    Building Material Moisture and Quantitative Monitoring System Based on Database Design
    QIN Nan
    . 2016, 29(11):  101. 
    Abstract ( 345 )   PDF (1459KB) ( 448 )  
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    For building materials factory, the quality of building materials review is very important. In order to real time accurately building materials in the process of production water and quantitative monitoring, design based on near infrared sensors, AC6615 data acquisition card, VB interface, database storage monitoring system. By near infrared mapping to the production equipment unceasingly fast moving building materials, collect data for operation, with quantitative and water two values. To save the data into the ACCESS database, through the acquisition card transfer to PC interface, can display real-time curve, can also according to data.

    Design and Development of Substation Monitoring System Based on MCGS
    ZHOU Hao
    . 2016, 29(11):  104. 
    Abstract ( 329 )   PDF (1634KB) ( 358 )  
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    In order to improve the quality of training, so that employees of the power supply system has a more comprehensive understanding, this paper develops and designs a substation monitoring system based on MCGS, offering systematic anomaly analysis, processing, display, and automatic alarm, record and control, as well as real time acquisition of the grid system analog, digital and energy data. This system effectively improves the ability of the substation staff to grasp the theoretical knowledge and practical operation ability.

    Picture Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on Histogram
    LIU Mengjiao
    . 2016, 29(11):  107. 
    Abstract ( 385 )   PDF (3362KB) ( 462 )  
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    A fast segmentation algorithm based on histogram of picture fuzzy clustering is proposed by introducing the picture fuzzy C means clustering into the image segmentation since it is difficult for the traditional fuzzy Cmeans clustering algorithm to obtain satisfactory segmentation results for complex medical and remote sensing images. Firstly, the objective function of distributed picture fuzzy clustering algorithm proposed by Le is simplified to get the objective function of picture fuzzy clustering algorithm. The corresponding positive degree, neutral degree, refusal degree and cluster center expression are obtained by the Lagrange multiplier method. The fuzzy picture clustering algorithm is designed and its convergence is proved. The segmentation results of complex medical and remote sensing images show that the new segmentation algorithm has better segmentation performance than the existing fuzzy Cmeans clustering algorithm and intuitionistic fuzzy Cmeans clustering algorithm.

    Pedestrian Tracking Algorithm Based on Perceptual Hash Algorithm
    FANG Zhengtao, CHEN Linqiang
    . 2016, 29(11):  112. 
    Abstract ( 394 )   PDF (1708KB) ( 559 )  
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    Traditional target tracking algorithms suffer high computational complexity, occlusion, shape change, and loss of target motion. The image perceptual hash algorithm is used in target tracking and improved for the special target of pedestrians. First pedestrians are divided according to their characteristics into several regions that are assigned different weights. The perceptual hash value of the tracking target is calculated, and the diamond search algorithm is used to calculate the area of the hash value of the unknown. Finally the suitable area is chosen to be tested as the target region. This algorithm has better continuity of target occlusion and tracking than the MeanShift algorithm.

    Realization of Communication Between PLC and Supervision Computer Through Industrial Ethernet Based on .NET
    ZHU Jinjin, SHEN Tuhao, BAO Kejin
    . 2016, 29(11):  115. 
    Abstract ( 505 )   PDF (1622KB) ( 744 )  
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    The remote monitoring system requires the realtime monitoring of the operation of the industrial field machine. Not until the communication problem of the underlying control equipment is solved can the realtime collection, storage, dynamic curve display, data alarm and other operations of the industrial field data be achieved. In this paper, the industrial Ethernet communication between the upper machine data monitoring software and S7300 is under the environment of Visual Studio2012 and supported by the .NET technology. And the remote monitoring system based on Siemens S7300/400 series PLC is studied combined with the application requirements of an enterprise of the aluminum rolling mill. Through the industrial Ethernet communication mode, the PC data monitoring software can monitor S7300 PLC to collect the aluminum rolling mill bearing temperature for the oil pump, oil mist fan speed, pressure, etc. Experiments verify that our software can collect realtime data and control the industrial field devices.

    Measurement and Control Equipment Tracking Data Interpolation Method
    PANG Yuefeng, WU Xiaodong, NIU Panfeng
    . 2016, 29(11):  118. 
    Abstract ( 476 )   PDF (1154KB) ( 380 )  
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    Interpolation of the converted azimuth and elevation angle is required in the measurement and control equipment, and the interpolation method should be as simple as possible without affecting the accuracy of interpolation. The commonly used methods of the Lagrange interpolation, Newton interpolation, Neville interpolation and Aitken interpolation are introduced, and the effects of the interpolation points on the interpolation results by these four methods are analyzed.The conclusion is obtained through the calculation of a practical example. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of the four methods are discussed. It is concluded that the Neville algorithm is the best interpolation for guiding the tracking interpolation of space measurement and control equipment.

    Nondataaided Feedback Timing Synchronization Algorithmfor Multih CPM Signals
    ZHOU Guowei, WANG Xudong
    . 2016, 29(11):  122. 
    Abstract ( 435 )   PDF (1392KB) ( 235 )  
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    Since the feedforward timing synchronization for Multih CPM is not suitable for communication systems of continuous transmission mode, the paper proposes a nondataaided feedback timing synchronization algorithm. This algorithm adopts the maximum likelihood principle to derive the timing error detection signal, which is then used to form a closedloop control structure to track the timing offset. And the modified Cramer Rao Bound is presented for comparison. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can track timing offset and has good performance, suitable for communication systems of continuous mode transmission.

    Implementation of Lossless Image Compression Algorithm Based on FPGA
    FAN Wenjing1, WANG Zhaoli2, WANG Huijuan1, FEI Jufeng2, LI Xiaoxiao1
    . 2016, 29(11):  126. 
    Abstract ( 579 )   PDF (1520KB) ( 519 )  
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    The traditional hardware implementation of JPEGLS lossless image compression algorithm suffers poor realtime performance. This paper presents a fullypipelined structure based on FPGA to achieve the JPEGLS algorithm. The structure reduces the delay of every step through Multistage pipeline to improve maximum throughput as well as the realtime of the compression algorithm, making hardware circuit operating frequencies up to 120 MHz.

    An Iterative Image Reconstruction Algorithm based on Compressed Sensing
    LI Ying, XU Boqing
    . 2016, 29(11):  129. 
    Abstract ( 435 )   PDF (2061KB) ( 401 )  
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    The iterative image reconstruction algorithm is a classic method for the image reconstruction of computed tomography (CT), which can recover the image from incomplete projection data. However, the Iterative image reconstruction algorithm suffers slow reconstruction speed. With the theory of compressed sensing, an improved algorithm based on the minimization of the image total variation (TV) is proposed to improve the quality of the recovered image and the speed of reconstruction. In the improved algorithm, the initial value of iteration differs in different stages of the iteration, and the total variation is adjusted by the gradient descend method after each iteration. Experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithm not only improves the quality of image reconstructed, but also increases the convergence speed of the iteration image.

    Worm Gear Fault Identification Based on FSAACO Mixed Improved Algorithm
    YANG Lei, ZHU Lingkang, GAO Guowei, XU Kai, YANG Han, JIN Hao
    . 2016, 29(11):  133. 
    Abstract ( 402 )   PDF (1703KB) ( 257 )  
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    A new method for fault identification of worm gears based on mixed improved FSAACO (fish swarm algorithmant colony optimization) algorithm is proposed. The method first proposes mixed improved FSAACO strategies to optimize the relevant parameters of the algorithm in seeking a complementary of advantages. Meanwhile, in constructing the algorithm model that combines this algorithm with fault identification for worm gears, a strategy guideline based on the neighbor function theory is proposed, looking for a new fault diagnosis technology for worm gears based on mixed FSAACO algorithm. Worm gears of WPA40 are taken as the test model to testify the feasibility and effectiveness of the research method.

    Study on the Application of Fuzzy CMeans Clustering Algorithm Based on Quantum Particle Swarm C
    WANG Fuqiang1, ZHANG Zhenhua1, ZHU Ran2
    . 2016, 29(11):  137. 
    Abstract ( 390 )   PDF (2776KB) ( 464 )  
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    Fuzzy cmeans (FCM) clustering has an excessive dependence on initial parameters. The quantum particle swarm is adopted to optimize initial clustering center of FCM to address its sensitivity to the initial clustering center. The particle swarm optimization algorithm has stronger global searching ability, but insufficient local search ability. The quantum rotating gate changes the movement of the particles and increases the diversity of population, thus better local optimization ability of particle swarm optimization algorithm. The quantum particle swarm optimization algorithm is used to search the initial clustering center of FCM algorithm. The experimental simulation shows that the improved algorithm can speed up the search while obtaining more stable clustering center and better segmentation effect than the standard FCM algorithm segmentation effect.

    A loop Avoidance Tracking Protocol for Data Query in WSNs with Mobile Sink
    XU Huifen, WU Chunxue, YANG Guisong
    . 2016, 29(11):  142. 
    Abstract ( 541 )   PDF (1573KB) ( 208 )  
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    Wireless sensor networks are usually used to collect data from largescale networks. In order to reduce the energy consumption, mobile Sink is often used to collect the sensing data. In this paper, we propose a loop avoidance tracking (LAT) protocol for data query in WSNs with mobile Sinks. In this protocol, the Sink node can avoid the node in the loops by comparing the changes of angles but reserve the nodes which are not on a loop, and thus the data will be transferred to the Sink on a shorter routing path. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed protocol improves the query efficient and offers satisfactory performance in prolonging the network lifetime.

    Research on Data Management Problems Based on DDS Communication Model
    LIU Hongyi
    . 2016, 29(11):  146. 
    Abstract ( 401 )   PDF (1915KB) ( 218 )  
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    Non- center and multi-replica of this DDS real-time pub-sub model brings integrity and consistency challenges for data management. Different from P2P distributed storage problem, DDS applications has hard real-time/less data characteristics. Data managements core problem is to ensure the integrity and consistency of the data in distributed systems under hard real-time environment. This paper starts from the communication model used by the DDS and then analyzes persistent data management problems caused by such model, given a kind of appropriate solutions.

    Research on New Energy Grid Based on Current Deadbeat and PI Control
    ZHAO Yue
    . 2016, 29(11):  150. 
    Abstract ( 373 )   PDF (1619KB) ( 380 )  
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    In order to improve the performance of the entire system, the paper proposes a gridconnected PWM inverter controlled by current deadbeat and PI algorithm. The simulation system with LCL filter is established by Matlab/Simulink. The inverter voltage and current are compared with the gird voltage and current respectively when the threephase symmetrical load is connected to the system. The harmonic of the threephase inverter current is also analyzed. The resistive load, rectified load and sudden load are connected to the system respectively. The results show that the combination of current deadbeat and PI algorithm is good in dynamic response and grid voltage tracking with small waveform distortion

    Diagnosis of Crossflow Fan Leaf Blade Adhesion Defects Based on Support Vector Machine
    LI Jiankun1, SONG Shoupeng1, LI Jianping2, LI Xiang1, DING Nan1
    . 2016, 29(11):  154. 
    Abstract ( 357 )   PDF (1228KB) ( 410 )  
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    A defects diagnosis method based on support vector machine is proposed for better accuracy and robustness of crossflow fan leaf blade adhesion defects diagnosis. The linear kernel is used as the inner product kernel function. The mathematical model of crossflow fan leaf blade adhesion defects diagnosis is established under the premise of pursuing maximum interval in classification. The simulation and actual test results show that the model reaches a higher accuracy of leaf blade adhesion defects diagnosis even with less training samples and has better performance than the traditional defects diagnosis methods.

    Research on MANET Security Based on Intrusion Detection Technology
    ZHANG Yaoyuan, GUO Shuming, WANG Xiaoyu
    . 2016, 29(11):  157. 
    Abstract ( 521 )   PDF (1164KB) ( 280 )  
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    The intrusion detection system (IDS) can significantly improve the security of the mobile ad hoc network (MANET). This paper analyzes the characteristics of the IDS MANET, reviews the research status of some typical IDS security programs, and analyzes their advantages and disadvantages. Some existing problems in the research are clarified, the corresponding improvement methods are put forward, and the future research direction is discussed.

    A Review of the Condition Monitoring Methods of Offshore Wind Farms
    WANG Chao 1, XU Honghua 1, CUI Yangliu 2
    . 2016, 29(11):  164. 
    Abstract ( 411 )   PDF (1681KB) ( 596 )  
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    The development of offshore wind farms in China is introduced and the benefits of offshore wind farms condition monitoring are analyzed. The practical difficulties of offshore wind farm equipment maintenance are described. Condition monitoring of wind turbines, substations and submarine composite cables are reviewed. Some of the ways of the main electrical equipment condition monitoring in the offshore wind farm are summarized. A communication system based on IEC61850 is proposed for offshore wind farms. Two important generator logic nodes are recommended to be added in IEC61850. Condition monitoring of offshore wind farms is discussed with the current emerging technologies.


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