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15 April 2017 Volume 30 Issue 4
    Static Characteristic Research of ±60 kV Three Electrode Field Distortion Gas Switch
    PAN Linlin 1,LI Hongda 2,3 ,JIANG Jing 1,CHE Long 3,YIN Bo 1
    . 2017, 30(4):  1. 
    Abstract ( 812 )   PDF (890KB) ( 718 )  
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    In the high power pulse Marx generator, the gas switch is connected with the energy storage device and the load. This is a high energy output, high frequency Marx generator, designed a three electrode field distortion gas switch. Electrode switch using coaxial structure, with small size, large current discharge and wide range of working voltage advantages; through experiments on the static characteristic of different pressure and electrode spacing end distortion gas switch electrode were tested. Experimental results show that, field distortion gas switch breakdown voltage with the growth of the SF6 pressure from the linear growth to nonlinear growth since; operating voltage range with the field distortion gas switch between the two main electrodes distance increases and increases, eventually leveling off; breakdown voltage and current of the dispersion are with the increase of operating pressure increases.

    Research on Microdamage Identification Method of Intelligent Piezoelectric Plate Ptructure
    LI Mo
    . 2017, 30(4):  5. 
    Abstract ( 626 )   PDF (872KB) ( 574 )  
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    Based on the analysis technology of wavelet packet energy spectrum, the problem of micro damage and its degree detection in piezoelectric intelligent plate structure is studied in this paper. Numerical simulation is used to simulate the response signal of the structure containing micro groove damage with its degree changes. The response signal is decomposed by wavelet packet analysis to get a series of subsignals and energy spectrums accordingly. The relationship between the distribution of energy spectrum and the degree of groove damage is researched. Research indicates that the wavelet packet energy spectrums can sensitively recognize the groove damage and its degree. The results can provide important guidance for real testing work.

    Design of S Band Negative Resistance Oscillator
    CHEN Yingying , MA Wei
    . 2017, 30(4):  11. 
    Abstract ( 640 )   PDF (2615KB) ( 673 )  
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    This paper introduced the method of designing a 2.425 GHz oscillator by the principle of negative resistance. Based on the principle, with the help of the ADS software of Agilent company, using the [WTHX]S[WTBZ] parameter simulation and harmonic balance analysis method, we designed the oscillator. We processed the oscillator according to the simulation results, moreover, we measured and analyzed it with spectrum analyzer. Phase noise less than -122 dBc/Hz@100 kHz,harmonic suppression more than 23.6 dB.

    The Realization and Research of Inertial Pulse Output Signal Measurement in the FPGA
    ZHOU Hang
    . 2017, 30(4):  15. 
    Abstract ( 584 )   PDF (1484KB) ( 595 )  
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    Aiming at the problem of test procedures low degree of automation and pulse countings bad accuracy, this paper adopts the technology of finite state machine and realizes the function of threshold filter on FPGA platform, and uses direct pulse counting method and FIFO storage technology, solving the problem of pulse counting and inconformity of transmission rate inside measuring system. Adopting the technology of virtual instrument, the paper realizes the function of automatic data processing on the LabVIEW platform. Going through the experimental verification, the measuring system can make true that pulse counting, controlling the error of pulse counting within  . And achieving automatic data processing, the design can improve the degree of automation of measuring system.

    A New Method Based on Gabor Transform for HRRP Target Recognition
    WANG Jinzhang 1, XU Bingchao 2, REN Jie 2, YANG Ou 2, LU Wenliang 2, LIU Xiankan
    . 2017, 30(4):  19. 
    Abstract ( 547 )   PDF (1097KB) ( 557 )  
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    This paper discuss target recognition by HRRP from the point of view of pattern classification, and propose a new method based on Gabor Transform for HRRP target recognition. Firstly, the de-noise signal could be obtained by the Gabor transform. Then, wavelet packet energy method was used to obtain the energy distribution features in these bands. Finally, the targets are recognized by SVM. The result of experiment with the measured data of 6 HRRP targets indicates that the proposed method is efficient and very useful in ship target classification.

    Design of Ultra-wideband Banyan Tree Antenna Array
    YU Changlong,LI Jun
    . 2017, 30(4):  22. 
    Abstract ( 615 )   PDF (3783KB) ( 609 )  
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    Conventional  ultra-wideband antenna is large, heavy, costly, and need complicated Barron. In order to  design a 2~7 GHz low-profile, low-cost, ultra-wideband reconnaissance array, we need to adopt new forms of banyan tree antenna (BTA). Firstly, infinite BTA array is simulated and optimized. Array elements are feed by SMA connectors. Operating bandwidth of the infinite BTA array can reach 1.7~7.3 GHz, by adjusting the size of the array elements. An 8×8 finite array is configured. And two internal layers of elements are fed. Directivity of gain of 8×8  finite array is stronger than single antenna. Eventually come to the  conclusion: BTA array can achieve ultra-wide  band of 2~7 GHz .And BTA array is easy to implement , low-profile, and  suitable for the production of ultra-wideband reconnaissance array.

    Noise Source Identification Based on Acoustic Holography and DSP Implementation
    LI Yulin,XIANG Yu,WU Song
    . 2017, 30(4):  27. 
    Abstract ( 858 )   PDF (1714KB) ( 560 )  
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    Aiming at the problem that the traditional noise source identification can not make full use of the information of the sound field and inconvenient to achieve. This article put forward a new algorithm grounded on the Acoustic Holography method based on the principle of convergence of conjugated wave. The algorithm exploits 2-dimensional Fast Fourier Transformation (2D FFT) to calculate the complex surface integral thus improves the efficiency of calculation greatly. Based on this new algorithm with huge data and complex operations, the ultra high-speed floating-point DSP chip TMS320C6701 produced by TI Company is selected. Mixed by C and Assembly Language, application of acoustic holography algorithm on DSP can be realized. It is more accurate to identify the location of the noise source through the experiment and it shows the system has the features of high precision, high speed and strong practicability.

    Design of Vehicle GPS/GPRS Positioning System Based on STM32
    HUANG Yong,WANG Yagang
    . 2017, 30(4):  32. 
    Abstract ( 676 )   PDF (1625KB) ( 854 )  
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    A Positioning system based on STM32 controller is proposed for the safety management of vehicles,and realizes remote monitoring of vehicle position.The system is composed of a vehicle terminal and a remote mobile terminal.By GPS module satellite signals are received in the vehicle terminal system equipment.main controller extract the vehicles latitude and longitude,time,speed and other information which is sended to mobile phone client by GPRS network then.The information is loaded to display in google maps through applying Google Maps API in mobile client.The system uses the uCOS-II operating system to improve the robustness of the system.The experimental results show that the system has high real-time reliability,stable and effective communication,and can meet the users requirements for safety monitoring of vehicle position.

    Design of the Combustible Gas Detector Based on WirelessHART
    HU Binte 1 , WANG Yagang 2
    . 2017, 30(4):  36. 
    Abstract ( 584 )   PDF (2142KB) ( 605 )  
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    In order to solve the problem that how to monitor the combustible gas reliably in the industrial field, a solution is presented to realize reliably monitoring and response in real-time by using the combustible gas detector based on WirelessHART. The detectors use MSP430 chip as the main control chip. A variety of the power mode can make the detector realizing the low power operation. The sensor can detect the combustible gas rapidly using the passive detection, then the detector using the WirelessHART protocol spends these data to WirelessHART gateway. The detector can realize bi-directional wireless digital communication between WirelessHART instruments and control terminal. The experiment indicates that the combustible gas can be quickly detected and the wireless transmission of the data can be realized reliably.

    Design on Driver Program of High Speed PCI Card Based on WinDriver
    LIU Jinghui 1,JIAN Xianzhong 1,XIAO Erliang 1,JIANG Guanxiang 2,CAI Liumei 2,ZHE
    . 2017, 30(4):  40. 
    Abstract ( 617 )   PDF (1287KB) ( 800 )  
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    The method of designing the driver of PCI card was proposed which based on the kernel interrupt handling and DMA transfers, with regard to the problem of improve the stability of high-speed transmission PCI card and the environment of big data. PCI driver had been designed at platform of VC++6.0, which Based on the framework of driver generated by WinDriver, include the DMA data transfer and interrupt response processing. Then the driver was encapsulated into a DLL. User program drove PCI card by calling DLL, and processed the data transfers and detection. It was found that when the speed reached 131 MB/s, the driver was stable and reliable without losing frame or error frame, which provided a new way for the driver of high-speed and stable PCI card.

    Hardware Design of Multifunction Home Gateway Hardware with 11ac
    ZHOU Li, YANG Yuhong
    . 2017, 30(4):  44. 
    Abstract ( 579 )   PDF (1140KB) ( 591 )  
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    This article introduce the design of HGU, which can access Passive Optical Network , providing wired Internet access and wireless coverage (WiFi 2.4  GHz &5.8  GHz), using telephone (VoIP) and watching video (CATV) at the same time. The device solve the networking problem of multiple home terminal, one-stop solution for multiple devices home networking issues with high speed. In the case where many other AP(Access Point) around, it have a better user experience. As this device supports 5G 11ac function with high power output, which up to 20 dBm, it can effectively avoid the interference where 2.4 GHz signal very dense and strong.  As the connection rate of 5 GHz 11ac function up to 1.3 Gbit·s-1, it can meet the multi-user requirements for large data transferring.

    Aggressive Driving Behavior Lane-changing Model Research Based on Cellular Automata
    DING Shenzhen, YANG Xiaofang, WANG Baili
    . 2017, 30(4):  48. 
    Abstract ( 535 )   PDF (2902KB) ( 492 )  
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    In order to research the effect of aggressive driving behavior on highway traffic flow , analysis the realistic data from NGSIM I80(Interstate 80). Come up with an aggressive driving behavior model by the analysis of Space Headway, Lane-changes and other parameters from the data. Modeling ISTCAmodel with dynamic lane-changing probability based on single lane model VDR and two lanes model STCA through cellular automata. The driving behavior in different density is analyzed compare with STCA model. As analysis of simulation delays, with a certain amount of density, ISTCA model can improved capacity effectively.

    Research of Articulated Robot Motion Simulation Based on V-REP
    ZHAO Hailin,QIAN Wei,SUN Fujia
    . 2017, 30(4):  53. 
    Abstract ( 611 )   PDF (1174KB) ( 992 )  
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    An efficient method is presented to realize the virtual robot motion control and motion simulation based on V-REP platform.In V-REP robot control model is created and control script and the communication interface is developed with the Lua, and the external control program is written in Visual Studio 2010.Connection between robot model and external control program is realized through the Socket communication .Taking the widely used six-axis robot model IRB4600 as experimental object, this paper steps through the procedure of realizing the robot motion simulation with external control program.Robot responsed to external control instruction to reach the corresponding position in the experiment, whichveri-fied the effectiveness of this method.

    Research of Neural Network Model Based on Swarm Intelligence Algorithm
    WANG Shanshan
    . 2017, 30(4):  56. 
    Abstract ( 602 )   PDF (1071KB) ( 530 )  
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    It is not reasonable to select the appropriate weights to bring out the desired results with the global optimal solution on the misleading of local optimal solution in the process of neural network model.A swarm intelligence algorithm is used to obtain the global optimal solution and the neural network model is established by using the weight and threshold value of the sample to the lowest point. The results showed that the evaluation parameters of the network model showed good performance, the prediction accuracy and the correlation coefficient were 97.55% and 96.2% respectively among them. Examples show that the neural network based on swarm intelligence algorithm can be able to get the global optimal solution and the model has good performance under the modeling condition which can prove its great value in theory and market.

    Research of S Curve Acceleration and Deceleration Control Algorithm Based on Matlab
    HU Yongan,CHEN Caifeng,YANG Meng
    . 2017, 30(4):  60. 
    Abstract ( 690 )   PDF (1393KB) ( 718 )  
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    When the profile line of numerical control machining is broken line, the angle between the two path sections makes that it is necessary to take acceleration and deceleration control on the inflection point so as to make sure the trajectory precision. At present, we have many control methods of single coordinate motion by numerical control machining, among which the acceleration and deceleration control method based on S curve is the representative one. This thesis, on the basis of S-type acceleration and deceleration control curve, develops a new algorithm of S curve acceleration and deceleration control. With this new algorithm, we get a mathematical model of path sections geometric elements and the relation between allowable velocity and angle. We also draw that the transition velocity Vi of i path section is affected by turning vector angle ai, turning velocity of i-1 and i+1 path sections, and path lengths of i and i+1 path sections. Simulation of programming on the basis of Matlab leads to the changes of the corresponding coordinate velocity passing the point of broken lines, when the angles of the two adjacent broken lines are 90° and 135°.

    Simulation of Thermal Load of the Dual Clutches of Dual Clutch Transmission
    SUN Yi 1,CHU Chaomei 1,GU Jianhua 2
    . 2017, 30(4):  64. 
    Abstract ( 549 )   PDF (1436KB) ( 480 )  
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    The friction pair during sliding friction process produce the large amount of heat will cause the thermal failure during the gear box engagement. The article does research on the thermal load of the dual clutch transmission, firstly based on the help of the paper studied the friction pair heat flux model and established an finite element model of the friction pair by UG, This paper also analyze the effect of the width of the groove and the thickness of the friction pair on the transient temperature field by ANSYS Workbench and reveals the change rule of temperature field. Simulation results showed that the temperature of each point on the friction pair increased as the radial distance away from the clutch shaft,and the high temperature zones are near the outer radius of friction pair.However,the temperature dropped when at the largest radius. The different groove width and thickness of the friction have influence in the on the convection heat transfer in a lubricating oil.

    Study on the Strategy of Bus Evacuation Based on Improved ant Colony Optimization
    ZHAO Huiguang 1,HE Shengxue 1,HUANG Qing 2,XIANG Lejia 3
    . 2017, 30(4):  68. 
    Abstract ( 575 )   PDF (1004KB) ( 550 )  
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    Aim at the evacuation problems of large-scale crowd after the disaster without warning, presents the strategy of bus evacuation during the emergency rescue, puts forward the dynamic evacuation network and time load processing discretization, adopt the methods of numerical analysis and time-space network to shortest the total evacuation time ,minimum the casualties, then establish the mixed integer nonlinear programming model of bus evacuation, combined the evacuation process with improved ant colony optimization, proposed global pheromone updating to resolving the evacuation model, finally,to achieve the optimal evacuation path in an ordinary bus evacuation network.the results verified the validity of the algorithm by many times calculation ,and improved the speed and quality of solving the evacuation path.

    Application of Genetic Algorithm In Constant Tension Control System
    HU Xiaorui,LUO Yanjie,MAI Yunfei
    . 2017, 30(4):  72. 
    Abstract ( 543 )   PDF (971KB) ( 661 )  
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     Diaphragm tension system of the lithium-ion battery winder as the research object, analyzed its mechanical model and concluded that the system is a nonlinear time variable system; according to the fluctuating tension of the system caused by the change of the winding speed,using genetic algorithm to automatically complete the optimization of PID controls parameters , and using Matlab to simulate the control systems response.Test results show that the responses speed of the control system increased 50% and without overshoot.

    The Simulation Implementtation of CZT Spectrum Zooming Algorithm Based on NiosII
    ZHU Huaiyi
    . 2017, 30(4):  76. 
    Abstract ( 593 )   PDF (1070KB) ( 498 )  
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    The principle of chirp Z transform (CZT) is presented. To solve the difficult problems of realizing CZT spectrum zooming algorithm in engineering programmes, a design method of a kind of embedded processor (Nios II soft core) is proposed, using Nios IDE platform, simulation experiment is processed on the FPGA development board to achieve the CZT spectrum zooming analysis of a certain power fundamental frequency signal in the specified frequency range. Experiment results show that the method has characteristics of simply designed ,high reliability, achieving of good effect,it has a good practical value.

    Improved Hybrid Algorithm Based on Bacterial Foraging and Particle Swarm Optimization
    LIANG Yingxin,TIAN Haoshan
    . 2017, 30(4):  79. 
    Abstract ( 629 )   PDF (1053KB) ( 653 )  
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    Aiming at the phenomenon that the particle swarm optimization algorithm is easy to fall into the local extremum in the optimization process, an improved hybrid algorithm based on bacterial foraging and particle swarm optimization is proposed. Particle swarm optimization algorithm and the bacterial foraging optimization algorithm combined, the enhanced algorithm Alto global searching ability. The algorithm has the advantages of strong global search ability. Matlab simulation experiment, the results show that the improved hybrid algorithm is better than the basic PSO algorithm and the basic BFO algorithm, the convergence rate is fast, and has good robustness.

    The Parallel Fast Prediction Mode Selection Algorithm Based on H.264
    BIAN Fengjie ,QI Jinpeng, LIU Shujuan, LI Linge
    . 2017, 30(4):  83. 
    Abstract ( 559 )   PDF (1115KB) ( 471 )  
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    A new fast RDO inter frame mode decision algorithm based on thread level parallelization is proposed in this paper. It can effectively solve the data dependence between H.264 Intra Mode Decision and the inter frame mode decision, the fast RDO inter frame mode decision algorithm based on thread level parallelization can be proposed. In addition, the proposed method can be easily mapped to hardware architectures which use multi-core processors. The paper also uses the improved bit rate estimation algorithm and a low complexity integer distortion estimation method. Experimental results show that the algorithm in this paper reduces the total encoding time, and reduces the computational overhead of motion estimation ME, while maintaining very low PSNR loss and bit rate increment.

    Study on the Optimization of Internal Control and Camera Distortion Parameters Method Based on Matlab
    LI Chao,ZHANG Shichao
    . 2017, 30(4):  87. 
    Abstract ( 580 )   PDF (1352KB) ( 720 )  
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    Study on the optimization method of camera internal and distortion parameters is conducted in order to improve the accuracy of the results for camera calibration. On the basis of camera imaging and calibration model, we optimize the parameters by the method of maximum likelihood following the specific steps, and get the final result by recalculating parameters through the lens distortion model. Experiment results show that application of the proposed process to solve the camera internal and distortion parameters, simple and fast, with high accuracy and strong practicability.

    The Weighted Centroid Localization Algorithm Based on the Modified RSSI Values
    CHEN Xuan,DONG Shipeng
    . 2017, 30(4):  92. 
    Abstract ( 757 )   PDF (812KB) ( 593 )  
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    When using the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) to locate, RSSI values are easily affected by environmental factors which will cause the localization error.In order to reduce the localization error, using Kalman filter to optimize successive RSSI values based on the modified weighted centroid localization algorithm,achiving real-time prediction and estimation for the purpose of making simulating results close as possible to actual distance so that provide more accurate datas for follow-up localization. Simulation results show that improved algorithm reduced the positioning error, improve the positioning accuracy compared with the former method.

    An Improved Algorithm for LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
    SHI Shan,SHI Weibin,ZHU Bei
    . 2017, 30(4):  95. 
    Abstract ( 531 )   PDF (1032KB) ( 521 )  
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    The routing protocols of WSNs are one of the most hottest issues in related researchs fields .In view of the randomness of the traditional LEACH protocol in cluster head selection, and the disadvantages of the cluster head nodes delivering some data to the sink node by single hop, the article puts up with an improved protocol ,this algorithm will think remaining energy over in the select of cluster head.The article will choose the node .Its capacity of remaining energy is the biggest and the distance between it and sink mode is not long.This algorithm chooses it as next jump to realize data transferring between the clusters. Finally,through Matlab simulation ,we know that improved algorithm can make the consumpation of the whole wireless sensor network become more equalized,meanwhile,the lifetime of the network has been extended in 15%.

    Simulation of Speed Flexible Shaft Machine Based on Matlab and Adams
    ZHU Chengxiang,SHEN Jingfeng
    . 2017, 30(4):  98. 
    Abstract ( 557 )   PDF (843KB) ( 573 )  
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    This paper is a speeding enterprise design of general purpose mechanical strength testing machine. The flexible shaft speeds up under the high speed ,deformation is too large and affect the test questions. Using the Lagrange equations, and establishing the whole equation, then using the Matlab programming to solve the corresponding mass matrix, stiffness matrix, and the matrix of different units set. Using the method of center difference method newmark-beta final Lagrange equation for the numerical solution. Then using the Adams to flexible-body dynamics analysis, it is concluded that the running situation of each part of the flexible shaft system correct.

    An Improved MPPT Algorithm Based on SG/Simulink
    WANG Haiyan,QIN Jian,WANG Xujia
    . 2017, 30(4):  103. 
    Abstract ( 540 )   PDF (1467KB) ( 491 )  
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    Aiming at the problems that tracking speed and precision are not ideal in the traditional MPPT algorithm,the output characteristics of PV cells under different environment were analyzed,and an improved variable step size perturbation method is proposed.The algorithm use the new adaptive step size formal as the disturbance step length.It makes the photovoltaic cells in large steps to quickly approach the maximum power point, and then in a smaller step to stabilize the maximum power point.Finally,the simulations are carried out under the SG / Simulink hybrid modeling and simulation platform. The results show that the algorithm can significantly improve the maximum power point tracking speed and accuracy.

    Structural Design and Simulation of X-ray Machine on ADAMS
    JIANG Junjian, YANG Lihong
    . 2017, 30(4):  107. 
    Abstract ( 551 )   PDF (1203KB) ( 462 )  
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    A domestic companys X-ray machine, when the motor driven X-ray machine movement, need larger driving force and motion stability is poorer, the study found that the structure design is not reasonable. To achieve smaller driving force and good stability, is now to ADAMS simulation research on luffing mechanism. Through 3 d model, and then import the ADAMS software, the simulation optimization, in order to get a reasonable structure. After ADAMS simulation optimization, smoothly, the motion of the driving force is 141.975 was down more than 8.82% of the initial driving force 155.71 .

    Prediction of Surface Grinding Quality Based on SMO-SVM
    WANG Lanbo,LI Haolin,CHI Yulun
    . 2017, 30(4):  110. 
    Abstract ( 547 )   PDF (2039KB) ( 453 )  
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    Aiming at the difficulty of on - line monitoring of the grinding process, the support vector machine was used to build the intelligent model. Based on the surface waviness and roughness theory of ball screw, extracted the vibration signal in the grinding process combining with machining parameter are taken as the model input. The support vector machine and support vector regression machine based on serial optimization algorithm are selected for the different problems of flutter classification and roughness prediction. In addition the model parameters are optimized by cross validation. Judge the flutter at first, predicted surface quality in judging the case of non-flutter. The experimental results show that the model can better monitor the flutter classification and roughness prediction.

    RFID Positioning Method and Its Application in Intelligent Manufacturing
    GUO Huanyu,HOU Yuemin,LI Kang
    . 2017, 30(4):  115. 
    Abstract ( 611 )   PDF (1121KB) ( 556 )  
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    RFID technology is a key technology for information and data exchange in CPS systems to support intelligent manufacturing. Current applications in manufacturing industry include real-time tracking, positioning of production equipment and collection, processing, analysis of production data. The existing RFID positioning methods are reviewed and summarized, and the RFID technology in domestic manufacturing industry application direction is discussed.

    Resonant Absorption Spectrum and Near Field Characteristics of Subwavelength Metallic Gratings
    WANG Yaru,WANG Zhengling,HU Xinzhi,TONG Weiyang
    . 2017, 30(4):  119. 
    Abstract ( 647 )   PDF (1500KB) ( 650 )  
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    In this paper, the spectral characteristics and the near field intensity distribution of the visible band of the subwavelength metallic grating are studied, Influence of structural parameters on the spectrum and intensity distribution are studied by using the COMSOL multi physical field coupling method. It is found that the subwavelength metallic grating has the resonance absorption spectrum, at the peak of absorption rate, it exhibits a standing wave pattern of surface plasmons. By choosing appropriate structure parameters, a dark hollow mode is obtained, and it can be used to realize atomic trapping and guiding based on the subwavelength grating. Our result has a certain reference significance for the theory research and the application of the subwavelength grating.

    Techniques for the Measurement of Permittivity of Liquid Crystals at Millimeter-wave to Terahertz Frequencies
    GE Yi 1,YE Mingxu 2,YANG Jun 2,DENG Guangcheng 2,YIN Zhiping 2,SANG Lei 2
    . 2017, 30(4):  123. 
    Abstract ( 698 )   PDF (1506KB) ( 1132 )  
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    With the development of technology, devices based on liquid crystal materials have been increased considerably in the terahertz fields. This paper presents the research progress of terahertz(THz) liquid crystal devices, and the basic principles of liquid crystal phase shifter. In addition, several methods for the measurement of dielectric constants of liquid crystal are introduced, such as the transmission lines/reflection method, the resonant cavity method, the free-space method, the time domain method. The difference, involves range and relative merits, of those methods are compared. This overview also has revealed some experimental results of permittivity of the liquid crystal, which are measured at the different frequency ranges.

    Research and Design of Novel Double-layer TIR Lens for LED Source Array
    HAN Min1,YE Zhengnan2,SHI Yueqiang1,DING Guilin1
    . 2017, 30(4):  128. 
    Abstract ( 644 )   PDF (1378KB) ( 817 )  
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    A novel LED double-layer TIR(Total Internal Reflection) lens was proposed for the LED source array. And LightTools-SolidWorks bridge was used to design and optimize.The Die-Imaging and Yellow Hue Phenomena of spot was solved.The maximum diameter of the double-layer lens was 40 mm, height was only12 mm, the double-layer lens has advantage of compact and miniaturization. The simulation and experiment results show that the efficiency of the light system were efficiency up to85%  While the lens matched with SMD 3030 LED of 3×3 array. Light is soft and uniform and has no obvious Yellow Hue Phenomena.The lens is used for the actual spotlight.

    Research of ABS Test-bed Control System Based on Rapid Control Prototype
    HUA Fanfan,SUN Yuedong,ZHOU Ping
    . 2017, 30(4):  131. 
    Abstract ( 519 )   PDF (2043KB) ( 670 )  
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    This paper establishes the ABS test-bed control model using Matlab/Simulink and performs the off-line simulation to obtain the theoretical braking curve for the design and development of ABS test-bed controller. Based on the dSPACE rapid control prototype hardware-in-loop simulation experiment design, control model is downloaded to Autobox in RTI real-time interface; in addition, data is set and experiments are conducted in the experimental management software Controldesk. The results show that the control effect obtained by the designed ABS controller is basically consistent with the offline simulation results, which verifies the feasibility of the controller. The method of rapid control prototype provides a new idea for the development of the controller,    shortens the development cycle and saves the development cost.

    Design of a Torque Control System for the Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot
    DONG Qi 1,2,3,4 ,YU Hongliu 1,2,3,4 ,FANG Youfang 1,2,3,4
    . 2017, 30(4):  136. 
    Abstract ( 699 )   PDF (1609KB) ( 483 )  
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    Refering to the current inconvenient problems of controlling the output torque of the upper limb rehabilitation robot, this paper propose a torque control system based on magnetic-powder clutch, and put forward the corresponding driving circuit. The magnetic-powder clutch can output the corresponding transmission torque according to the current of the driving circuit, so as to control the output torque of the upper limb rehabilitation robot. The application shows that the system is convenient and safety. Itmeets the requirements of the output torque in different rehabilitation training mode and provides a feasible verification for real-time control of the output torque in rehabilitation robot.

    Based on the Source Code Pattern Mining Software Assist Development Technology Research
    FU Peng,SHEN Lili
    . 2017, 30(4):  140. 
    Abstract ( 492 )   PDF (1355KB) ( 446 )  
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    With the explosive growth of the open source community software code, software reuse is being more and more attention. Because of the complexity of the software code. To the novice that do not understand the framework, it is difficult to use the code from the open source community to develop software. As a result, using data mining technology to dig programming patterns from the existing code become a research hotspot. This paper mainly introduces the frequent items mining Apriori algorithm, and put forward the based on the source code pattern mining software assist development method. It can be based on user input keywords to intelligent matching to the super class, mining programming patterns based on the super class, give the methods that priority to override as well as the association rules. The experimental results show that the novice can use these coding suggestions, fast learning a new framework and improve the development efficiency.

    Implement of Analog Front end Timing by Verilog
    ZHAO Di,ZHU Xinghua,SUN Hui, YANG Dingyu,WANG Jin,LI Xiaohui
    . 2017, 30(4):  144. 
    Abstract ( 523 )   PDF (1218KB) ( 638 )  
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    A method of Verilog realization of the analog front end timing used in the flat panel detector is proposed for the implement with high precision and high speed of analog front end timing. Verilog programming uses of modular design including charge collection module, data reading module and counter module on the whole. Each module is set different clock signal by phase locked loop technique, and achieved by writing finite state machine and improved counter. The simulation results show that the method meets the requirements of realizing the timing with high precision, and achieves the desired effect with fast speed and high flexibility.

    Embedded Coder Generation of Motor Controller Based on Matlab and STM32
    XU Jie,DING Xueming
    . 2017, 30(4):  148. 
    Abstract ( 1113 )   PDF (1105KB) ( 1104 )  
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    Embedded coder generation based on Matlab and STM32 is combined with the BLCD control system, which makes the design and implementation of the control system more convenient and more efficient. First, a BLCD motor control system is designed and simulated by Matlab. Then, readable C code project documents are generated automatically with Simulink library STM32 MAT/Target and other software tools. Actual operation is performed on STM32F103, and the operation states agree with the simulation results. Matlab simulation offers easy designs the control system and the automatic codes generation facilitates the implementation of the control algorithm. The combination of the two speeds up the process from design to implementation with good accuracy.

    Research of Virtual Training Technique for Lathe Unloading Process
    DU Baojiang,NI Jiawei,DU Qiuyu,WANG Yanhao
    . 2017, 30(4):  152. 
    Abstract ( 475 )   PDF (1600KB) ( 511 )  
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    With the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, professional skills and experience of the operator continually increase demands, so their training is increasingly important. Introduction of virtual reality technology in mechanical training can help solve this problem. Proposing the design concepts and design method for mechanical process of virtual training technique , using VRML virtual reality modeling language to build virtual training scenarios and control model, Using external language interfaces to realize communication between VRML and VB.net and improved human-computer interaction. Finally completed a set of virtual training system for lathe unloading technology to provide efficient solutions and practical reference for training operators.

    Traffic Data Analysis System Based on Hadoop
    YANG Chenjun,ZHANG Xin,YANG Zhuodong
    . 2017, 30(4):  156. 
    Abstract ( 763 )   PDF (1184KB) ( 525 )  
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    With the great increase of traffic data in information construction project, the traditional way has been unable to guarantee the scalability of the data processing for real-time and data storage, according to this a series of problems, the design called a traffic data analysis system arises at the historic moment, the platform of Hadoop using the MapReduce of the parallel distributed computing for statistical analysis of the data of the vehicle, another platform called storm using the flow computational components for real-time traffic analysis, effective cooperation of two modules, play a good role to ease urban traffic congestion. The test shows that the system has high reliability and fast calculation speed, and it can achieve the function of supporting decision.

    Design of Wireless Servo-control System Based on Android Phone
    YU Lijie,SUN Yuguo,JIAO Jinhui,GOU Can
    . 2017, 30(4):  159. 
    Abstract ( 588 )   PDF (914KB) ( 581 )  
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    Wireless servo-control has important application in fields of virtual reality, motion capture and so on. Design a wireless servo-control system of angular velocity based on Android phone. Use the micro-electro-mechanical sensor inside android phone to sense objects rotating angular velocity that as the control signal, bluetooth module HC-06 as the wireless communication medium, and STC125A60S SCM to control following rotation of the two-phase hybrid stepping motor in follow-up end with the PID algorithm of integral separation. The experimental results show that this servo-control system works stably, and the angular position following error is less than 0.5°.

    Current Sharing Technology of Parallel Buck Converter
    JIN Aijuan,TAO Weihan,WEI Zibu,SUN Yumian,ZHANG Zhengyi,MA Beibei
    . 2017, 30(4):  162. 
    Abstract ( 600 )   PDF (1708KB) ( 436 )  
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    In the thermal power plant coal transport system, the frequency converter is used to change the frequency of AC motor to adjust AC motor speed. The traditional DC motor has many problems such as difficult maintenance, high cost and high environmental requirements.AC motor transport can save maintenance costs. This paper uses PLC and the frequency conversion control. The detection feedback to PLC is used to realize the logic control of inverter. Even further, this paper uses space vector modulation algorithm in the control system and the speed control system is modeled and simulated. The results show that the improved control system is precise and stronger. It can achieve a better control performance with the anti-interference ability.

    Intelligent Temperature Control System in Thermal Power System Design and Implementation
    JIANG Ni,TAN Aiguo
    . 2017, 30(4):  166. 
    Abstract ( 606 )   PDF (1249KB) ( 480 )  
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    For nonlinear, parameter time-varying and big lag system of boiler main steam temperature control system, based on the Labview platform, data acquisition card PCI - 8360 - v,which is adopted to realize communication of upper machine and control platform, boiler main steam temperature control system was designed and implemented.Adopted PID control, fuzzy PID and fuzzy integral algorithm to control boiler main steam temperature, at the same time through access to the data acquisition card to accomplish the visual interface real-time display in the form of trend chart.Results show that the control error of the target temperature and the actual simulation data reduced to 2~3 ℃, can satisfy the between 50% - 100% load, control the steam temperature range was - 10 ~ + 5 ℃ control requirements,with practical application value.

    The Technology Research of Double Closed-loop Control System for Permanent Magnet BLDCM
    YANG Zhenyu
    . 2017, 30(4):  170. 
    Abstract ( 497 )   PDF (1412KB) ( 508 )  
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    For the shortcoming of big error for open-loop control and bad dynamic and static characteristics for single-closed loop control, the double-closed loop control system is studied for Permanent magnet. Firstly the paper introduces the working principle of PWM speed regulation for PMBLDCM, and then expounds the design process of the double closed-loop control system, and inferences the mathematical model of the current regulator and speed regulator in detail. Finally, the simulation results validate the double closed-loop control system of PMBLDCM has good dynamic and static characteristics.


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