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15 September 2017 Volume 30 Issue 9
    Research on the Evolutionary Design and Optimization Method of Reversible Logic Gates Based on NCV Gate Library
    ZHAO Shuguang,CUI Ping,LUO Xiao,LI Zhiwei
    . 2017, 30(9):  1. 
    Abstract ( 541 )   PDF (263KB) ( 693 )  
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    A design method of reversible logic gates based on genetic algorithm is proposed and implemented in this paper. Its feature is that given and stored the truth tables in advance of the needed reversible logic gate. Encoding quantum NOT, CNOT, Controlled-V and Controlled-V+ (NCV). Using the base logic gates to construct chromosomes (reversible logic gates). Evaluation fitness according to expect logic function and optimization objectives, and running genetic operations such as selection, crossover and mutation. Thus we can find the reversible logic gate which has corrected function and optimal form. The experimental results give some prove of feasibility and effectiveness of this method. This method is more advantage than traditional manual design in capability and speed.

    The Study of Switching Mode Power Supply Induced Ripples Influence on RF Transceiver System
    WANG Saisai,BU Gang,FANG Fang
    . 2017, 30(9):  5. 
    Abstract ( 649 )   PDF (209KB) ( 376 )  
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    This paper studies the tolerance of RF transceiver system to power supply induced ripple when the system is supplied by a switching mode dc-dc converter. The model of a IEEE802.11g RF transceiver system was built using ADS, then the effects of the leakage of power supply induced ripple to the baseband signal and the mixing of the ripple voltage with the RF signal have been studied. Then the maximum supply induced ripple voltage has been derived to be 15 mV according to the IEEE802.11g standard of communication protocol.

    The System of High Frequency Ultrasonic Signal Real time Enhancement Based on Pulse Compression
    JIANG Xuheng,ZHENG Zheng,HU Shengnan
    . 2017, 30(9):  8. 
    Abstract ( 494 )   PDF (230KB) ( 352 )  
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    The high frequency ultrasound imaging has the advantage of high resolution, but it attenuates too fast to detect more information.The coding pulse compression can solve the contradiction between the resolution and the detection depth of high frequency ultrasound. A real-time compression and transmission system of chirp is designed by using field programmable gate array (FPGA),it will enlarge the signal energy to improve detection depth by transmitting a large time-bandwidth products(TBP) chirp,and narrow pulse guarantee resolution is obtained by pulse compression at the receiving end. The experimental results show that the resolution of the high frequency ultrasonic echo signals with center frequency of 10 MHz and 50 MHz are 0.3 mm and 41 μm after pulse compression, respectively. The sidelobe level is 48 dB and 37 dB respectively, and the SNR is increased by 15 dB and 10 dB, respectively.

    Segmentation Method for Unevenly Image Brightness Compensation
    WEN Jingdong,ZHANG Xuanxiong,JU Zhiyong
    . 2017, 30(9):  12. 
    Abstract ( 886 )   PDF (233KB) ( 430 )  
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    Aiming at eliminating the effect of unevenly illumination on image segmentation, a new method of illumination compensation based on dynamic Gauss type filter is proposed. The unevenly image is in the HSI color system.,then the illumination component is filtered in frequency domain, and the improved Gauss high pass filter transfer function is introduced to it, keep the hue and saturation constant, then got the uniform image. At last use the Otsu algorithm for uniform image which was enhanced before. The experimental results show that the proposed method can make the image brightness and brightness moderate, and the visual sense is good. The accuracy of segmentation is more ideal.

    The Portable Ocular Fundus Image Detecting Instrument Based on Mobile Intelligent Terminal
    BU Zhaohui,WANG Liang,CHEN Haiyin,ZHU Shijun,XU Qiuyi,LIU Yinyin
    . 2017, 30(9):  16. 
    Abstract ( 487 )   PDF (205KB) ( 501 )  
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    A portable ocular fundus image detector is designed to be connected to mobile smart devices for capturing, storaging, displaying and analyzing of the ocular fundus image. A compact precision optical system is designed ,and a image processing and analysis software based on Android system is developed. By means of using the remote message sending software that come with mobile intelligent terminal, ocular fundus image is remotely transmitted to professional doctors for clinical diagnosis. Simulation results show that the illumination uniformity at the fundus exceeds 85%, and the stray light is within 2%. The experiment results that the ocular fundus image detector with a field of view of 45°,working distance of 30 mm,and overall length of 180 mm can adapt to eyes with diopter rank from -10 m-1~+5 m-1 and the maximum distortion of fundus image is less than 6%. is developed. Thus this design realizes the remote mobile medical examination of the ocular fundus.

    Deep Learning for Sentence and Token Boundaries Detection
    Toleu Galymzhan, WU Chunxue
    . 2017, 30(9):  20. 
    Abstract ( 401 )   PDF (252KB) ( 335 )  
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    Sentence and token boundaries detection is one of the important tasks in natural language processing. In order to avoid task-specific feature engineering, we have proposed character-level based neural network model for token and sentence segmentation (CNN-TSS). In order to share the information from these tasks, we have treated them as a combined task. The experimental results show that CNN-TSS can achieve high-accuracy without using any external features.

    A Design Based on STC89C52 Temperature Control Simulation System
    WU Yongling,WANG Wenjiang
    . 2017, 30(9):  24. 
    Abstract ( 665 )   PDF (185KB) ( 348 )  
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    Aiming at the automatic temperature control and based on Proteus software platform, this paper designs a temperature control simulation system combining the STC89C52 and DS18B20. This system consists of units like single chip microcomputer control, cooling control, environment temperature testing, environment temperature indicator and temperature threshold setting. Thorough multiple simulation experiments and researches, it indicates that this system runs stable and has high control accuracy, flexible temperature threshold setting, environment temperature indicating, cooling control and other functions.

    Based on Linux Multithreaded Management Analysis and Implementation
    SUN Shuai, LI Chuanxi
    . 2017, 30(9):  27. 
    Abstract ( 355 )   PDF (175KB) ( 228 )  
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    Presents an effective prevent thread concurrent software design method of chaos and process abnormal end, comprehensive utilization of the POSIX Threads library system function, adjust the thread of the default configuration, reasonable planning thread structure and properly recycle the child thread. The practical test results show that the thread management strategy is a kind of correct multithreaded design method, and has high application value.

    Design of Multi-channel Thin Film Pressure Sensor System Based on PIC18F4550 Platform
    WANG Meng,GE Bin,XU Mingzhe,SHI Tongyu
    . 2017, 30(9):  30. 
    Abstract ( 526 )   PDF (206KB) ( 312 )  
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    This paper designed a multi-channel thin film pressure sensor system based on PIC18F4550 platform. The thin film pressure sensor has the characteristics of small volume and low power consumption, etc. Multi-channel system can pressure sensor at the same time to collect pressure sensor signals and pressure values. This article chooses the PIC (Texas instruments) companys low power consumption MCU PIC18F4550 single-chip microcomputer as the master control chip, combined with the thin film pressure sensor and multi-channel signal acquisition, real-time acquisition of multi-channel pressure sensor data. Adopted the PC software of VC + + write a graphical interface, the interface shows the experiment data. Experiment analyzed the performance of the system, steadily rising pressure analysis, the results did not appear obvious jump, mutations, according to the Newtons value with the pressure value of the rise and rise; Zero pressure stability, the software shows that the maximum value of 1 Newton, with a mean of 0.23 N; Fixed pressure value detection, error all meet the 1% error range Flexi Force thin film pressure sensor.

    Development of CATIA Standard Parts Library
    DU Baojiang,ZHENG Feifei,LI Chuanlei,MA Dan,WANG Mengfei
    . 2017, 30(9):  34. 
    Abstract ( 517 )   PDF (203KB) ( 260 )  
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    Secondary development of CATIA Standard Parts Library was studied to solve its disadvantages of poor updating, less species and weak pertinence. Regarding CATIA V5R18 as the support platform, using SQL server 2005 to manage the standard part and the standard part information, the paper did secondary development of CATIA through VB.NET and made the main interface for entire system. According to the different requirements of mechanical parts from enterprises, different parameter was selected from the main interface, then the parts searched from database were compiled and assembled in CATIA. The results show that the management system has strong pertinence, avoids repeated modeling, reduces the design time and improves the design efficiency.

    Pavement Surface Measurement System Based on Two Angles Method and ARM Chip
    HE Weiming 1,2,QIAN Cheng 1,GAN Yi 1
    . 2017, 30(9):  37. 
    Abstract ( 382 )   PDF (261KB) ( 278 )  
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    In order to detect the pavement elevation data in a more accurate and fast way, designing a new measurement system based on Two Angles method and ARM chip. The system collects traveling distance and angle change by rotary encoder, and through the ARM acquisition system acquisition and analysis data, through the Modbus communication protocol, the host computer information interaction, In actual measurement, the accuracy rate of the system is 9992%, and the accuracy of the fixed point angle measurement is 9967%. In the single line measurement of pavement and the level of the measured data compared to the accuracy rate of up to 927%, the maximum deviation is less than 54 mm

    Design of Video and Characters Display for Endoscope System Based on Nios II
    XU Chao,LI Piding,SUN Ronggui,ZENG Hongyu
    . 2017, 30(9):  42. 
    Abstract ( 365 )   PDF (218KB) ( 266 )  
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    Most traditional computer-based endoscopic devices are too large to take along. To solve this problem, an endoscopic video display system is designed, and a character superposition scheme is proposed based on the system. The main control chip of the system is FPGA. The Nios II processor is built in FPGA . The video decoder chip, the encoding chip and related peripherals are used to construct the hardware system of the endoscope. The system video data processing flow, the ITU656 data protocol, the image character superposition principle and the related program design thought are expounded.Realizes the superposition of characters and images under the control of the serial port in the endoscope system. The experimental results show that the system can realize the superimposition of character and image under the control of the serial port in the endoscope,which has the characteristics of simple circuit structure, low cost, small volume and flexible design.

    Document Image Retrieval Based on Text Layout Block Distance
    WANG Mudan,WU Chunxue
    . 2017, 30(9):  46. 
    Abstract ( 329 )   PDF (211KB) ( 341 )  
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    The existing methods of document retrieval based on the conversion of image documents into text can not meet the processing scenes of todays large number of digital image databases. This paper proposes a document image retrieval method based on text layout block. According to the feature of distance between text blocks, a new distance function is defined. Then, the new distance function is used to calculate the distance matrix between text blocks. Finally, the best matching result is obtained by combining the Hungarian algorithm. A lot of experiments show that this method can effectively improve the image document retrieval accuracy, and can guarantee the correct rate of 782%.

    The Cores Sorting System Research Using Image Processing Based on Matlab
    ZHANG Jiajia,YANG Zhenchao,ZHOU Lü
    . 2017, 30(9):  50. 
    Abstract ( 431 )   PDF (172KB) ( 387 )  
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    The cores sorting mainly adopts manual sorting by the traditional visual sorting method. The sorting method has the disadvantages of low sorting efficiency, large amount of manpower and material resources, strong subjectivity of detection results, and unstable detection. In this study, a new sorting method is used to replace the traditional manual sorting method. In this paper, using computer vision technology, Matlab image processing technology and pattern recognition technology for sorting system and mechanical structure of the cores, finally realizes the automatic sorting of cores products.

    Design of CO2 Concentration Detection System on Water Surface Based on Non Dispersive Infrared Technology
    CHANG Min,CHEN Zheng
    . 2017, 30(9):  53. 
    Abstract ( 428 )   PDF (261KB) ( 263 )  
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    In recent years, Pollution of water in China is serious, it is of great significance to establish a water eco-environmental sensing system, which includes the detection of CO2 concentration on the surface of the water body, for the protection of aquatic ecological environment. Current detection modes are electrochemical method, gas chromatography, etc. But the accuracy of these detection methods is not high, and these methods with short life are susceptible to interference, cannot meet the detection requirements in complex environment. So in this paper, we design a CO2 concentration detection system based on infrared spectroscopy-absorption. Finally, we calibrate the designed system according to modified Beer-Lambert law. Finally,the system function and performance test show that the design system and the traditional method, improve the efficiency and accuracy of detection.

    Research on Image Analysis of Bank Card Based on Halcon Software
    LI Zhisen, CHEN Xiaorong
    . 2017, 30(9):  56. 
    Abstract ( 591 )   PDF (214KB) ( 332 )  
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    For the convenience of users first use mobile banking to bind the bank card number operation, the use of digital image processing method for identification of bank card number, can be convenient for users to quickly and accurately bind the card. This paper introduces the Halcon image processing software based on the acquisition, bank card photo convert the picture into a single channel image,the image pre-processing, threshold segmentation, regions of interest, optical character recognition technology to achieve recognition of bank card. The experimental results show that the proposed method is effective and achieves the expected goal.

    Design of Pointer type Instrument Recognition System Based on ADSP-BF609
    LEI Wen,WANG Zhenzhen,MA Huihui,LUO Wei,ZHENG Ning
    . 2017, 30(9):  60. 
    Abstract ( 363 )   PDF (236KB) ( 230 )  
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    One way of digital pointer type instrument is to read and recognize the image of the instrument by image acquisition and processing technology,which can improve the accuracy and efficiency of the interpretation,and avoid the error caused by subjective reasons.The paper proposed a design scheme of pointer instrument identification system based on DSP, using the median filter for image denoising, Canny operator for edge detection , Hough transform for central location and line detection , and so on pointer instrument identification algorithm.The function and performance of the system are tested with the integrated development environment CCES provided by ADI. The results show that the platform runs stably, and the pointer image recognition based on DSP has strong accuracy and real-time performance.

    Implementation of Wearable Physiological Signal Detection and Analysis System
    ZHANG Xiaoman,SHI Ping,YU Hongliu,XU Yankun,GUO Mingming
    . 2017, 30(9):  65. 
    Abstract ( 377 )   PDF (217KB) ( 256 )  
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    This system implements a wearable physiological signal detection and analysis apparatus, it can realize basic physiological parameters real-time detection. With STM32L152 MCU as master controller, photoelectric sensor composed of AM2520 and APDS-9008 and infrared sensor MLX90615 as core acquisition module, the device can collect the bodys PPG signal and the skin temperature, this signals transfer to Android smart phones through the Bluetooth module HJ-580. Android smart phones, as a client, can display heart rate, respiration, skin temperature and heart rate variability. The results show that the system is functional diversity and easy to wear.

    Based on The Regional Coverage of Cleaning Robot Path Planning
    WANG Zhilong,SHEN Jingfeng
    . 2017, 30(9):  68. 
    Abstract ( 480 )   PDF (213KB) ( 397 )  
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    Based on the planning of cleaning robot as the research object, through analyzing the motion process of cleaning robot modeling, which is put forward using the path to the memory of the present planning scheme and path planning based on dynamic map, by experiment and research more, achieving as close as possible to make the operation of the cleaning robot trajectory is full of the whole area, at the same time to avoid obstacles, minimize the trajectory of the repetition rate, so as to realize the path planning of a more efficient and concise.

    Potato Sorting Technology Research Using LabVIEW
    YANG Zhenchao,ZHANG Jiajia,ZHOU Lü,WU Fei
    . 2017, 30(9):  72. 
    Abstract ( 579 )   PDF (209KB) ( 770 )  
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    For traditional potato sorting and packing work is mainly rely on artificial to complete, and it has some disadvantages,just like low production efficiency, cost a lot of manpower material resources, low degree of automation,etc.This study is based on the LabVIEW to complete a potato sorting and packing system , which can quickly complete data acquisition, image processing, the result feedback process. We complete the potato image acquisition, processing work by using the NI Vision control in LabVIEW, and writing the corresponding sorting process to complete the relevant sorting operation. Finally achieving the qualified product sorting packaging purpose on the basis of machine vision and image processing.

    Research on Producer/Consumer Pattern Based on LabVIEW
    HUANG Shiquan,JIN Xuanhong
    . 2017, 30(9):  75. 
    Abstract ( 493 )   PDF (209KB) ( 317 )  
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    In designing the data acquisition program, it is found that the design pattern of program has a great influence on the efficiency of data acquisition and processing. As for it, in this paper, LabVIEW producer / consumer design pattern is introduced and applied to the design of multi-task audio signal acquisition system. In this design, the audio parameter setting and data acquisition and processing are allocated to two parallel loops, and the parameters of the audio signal are set in the producer loop while the data collection and processing are done in the consumer loop, which greatly improves the efficiency of data acquisition and processing, and improves the readability, expansibility, maintainability and reusability of the program.

    Research and Design of Automatic Irrigation System for Melon Patch Based on ZigBee Technology
    JIANG Biao,LI Rongzheng
    . 2017, 30(9):  78. 
    Abstract ( 392 )   PDF (201KB) ( 260 )  
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    A melon field of automatic irrigation system based on ZigBee technology is proposed in this paper. The system uses a distributed wireless network monitoring, through the hardware circuit with CC2530 chips, collecting environmental temperature and humidity.Remote wireless ZigBee controls the field irrigation valve, finally realizes the intelligent management of the field. The test results show that the system is stable, efficient, high practicability and great popularization value.

    The Method of Analog Quantity Measure and Calibrate of  Mobile Frequency Convertor
    SUN Bo,GUO Weisheng
    . 2017, 30(9):  82. 
    Abstract ( 470 )   PDF (232KB) ( 204 )  
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    There were too many required measurement analog quantities in the control system of Mobile Frequency Convertor, design the extended circuit of multi-channel analog quantity measurement can complete the job accurately and promptly to this problem. Use remote-calibrate method, written analog quantity measure program of the embedded system to accomplish the measurement job of multiple channel analog quantity. The process of calibrate was fast, simple and preciseness, it can be applied to calibrate and check of measure analog quantity in the industry field. Its easy to master for the relative engineering and technical personnel.

    Design of Cabling Prompting System in Mountainous Area Based on Wireless Communication
    ZOU Zhexiang,WANG Qian,GUO Ying
    . 2017, 30(9):  85. 
    Abstract ( 376 )   PDF (197KB) ( 202 )  
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    This design of the mountain road turning blind car will remind the system set on both sides of the road, part of the load in the vehicle. Using the microcontroller, infrared transmitter and infrared receiver constitutes a vehicle detection module, using a wireless communication nRF905 monolithic RF transceiver, transmission of information to the car traffic prompt system, ISD voice chip for voice broadcast, the LCD display module the data information. Through the system, the driver can obtain the relevant traffic information to predict, to reduce the occurrence of accidents, to ensure the safety of road traffic effect.

    Design of Smart Home Voice Control System Based on Wearables
    TU Yang,SU Zhan,WAN Shenzhan
    . 2017, 30(9):  89. 
    Abstract ( 440 )   PDF (198KB) ( 259 )  
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    The current smart home control system generally adopts manual control, which leads to inefficiency of operation and is not smart enough. This paper designs a smart home voice control system based on wearables and cloud semantic analysis and WiFi wireless network for intelligent voice control of home equipment. The key part consists mainly of smart watch voice recognition, cloud semantic analysis and wifi terminal modules. The smart watch receives voice commands from home users and then send them to the cloud, in the cloud voice commands were processed and smart watch will receive the analyzed results. Finally the smart watch send commands to home equipment according to the results. The system function test shows that compared with traditional smart home system, the system proposed in this paper is more efficient in operations and more intelligent in interaction.

    Design and Implementation of A Kind of Message Bus Based on Shared Memory
    WANG Hao1,2,WANG Xinran1,2,GUO Qifeng2, LI Yu1,2, YANG Jianxu1,2
    . 2017, 30(9):  93. 
    Abstract ( 370 )   PDF (226KB) ( 253 )  
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    Among current data communication modes, pipeline communication and socket communication are easy to be blocked. Whats worse, their efficiency are low. In this regard, according to the principle of shared memory, this paper develops a buffer pool consisted of fragments and blocks and designs a message bus communication mode based on shared memory. The design result indicates that the message bus faciliates quick and efficient data transfer in data communication and has strong self-adaptability.

    Based on Beidou Navigation System Optimization Meal Ordering Applications
    DONG Kunhuang,QIU Xuelian
    . 2017, 30(9):  97. 
    Abstract ( 453 )   PDF (271KB) ( 247 )  
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    Regarding to the popular meal ordering Apps in the market, we have developed a meal ordering system aiming at optimizing the current ordering platform through the Beidou Navigation Satellite System(BDS). The system realizes localization and achieves data transmission through installing GPRS and BDS orientation modules with messages shown on the Android client side in phones and data processing of the server side. In this system, route planning and navigation can be more easily to achieve through a series of procedures, transmitting positioning information of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System to server through GPRS, implementing functions of real-time positioning, SMS reminders and rest-time recording through data processing, as well as showing results on the client side. Apart from this, what makes the system faster and more efficient is the use of A* arithmetic to plan paths.

    Lightweight Design of Steel Tubular Joints Based on Optistruct
    WAN Lei,DING Xiaohong
    . 2017, 30(9):  101. 
    Abstract ( 404 )   PDF (212KB) ( 247 )  
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    In order to achieve the purpose of weight reduction and Structure optimization of space joint. The rectangular steel tubular joint is studied as an example in this paper, based on the finite element analysis of the traditional rectangular steel tubular joints and according to the law of the stress distribution and failure mode of the joints,under the optimization topology methods, sets minimal mass of the joints as the target to obtain the final design under the condition of ensuring the sufficient strength and rigidity of the joints structure. The results of weight-reducing design show that the total weight is reduced by 38.9%.3D printing process technology is also implemented in order to realize the manufacture of complex components which cannot be produced with traditional manufacturing methods.

    Design of Object Linked Storage System Based on ARM Cortex-A9
    XUAN Liping,WANG Tengshuai
    . 2017, 30(9):  105. 
    Abstract ( 449 )   PDF (224KB) ( 279 )  
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    In order to facilitate the intelligent management of large-scale storage system, aiming at the problem of traditional storage system which was low efficiency and low degree of automation, The paper  provides a combination of IOT technology, embedded Linux technology, ZigBee technology and other cutting-edge technology integration idea, and design a complete inventory system architecture, the A9 server can receive multiple information and timely data warehouse accordingly, the cumulative error is less than 1.5 seconds, to achieve real-time information monitoring of warehouse. Experiments show that the system makes the network and the data of the real-time synchronization has been improved, to meet the monitoring requirements of the Internet of things,also realize the intelligent unmanned monitoring warehouse in the true sense .

    Microscopic Visual Image Enhancement Processing based on Fluorescence Microscope
    CHANG Min,LIU Tiancheng
    . 2017, 30(9):  108. 
    Abstract ( 413 )   PDF (261KB) ( 465 )  
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    With a small microscopic visual depth of field, often appear problem such as image fuzzy, not clear, to take a method of image enhancement processing.Through microscopic to original image gray-scale transformation, histogram equalization processing methods so as to rapidly and accurately so as to obtain the image characteristics of the target.By image enhancement, target cells and localization of fluorescence image analysis in the information, to find the target location, improve cell positioning accuracy.According to image clarity evaluation function, the processed image is through the clear boundary and the details and help to medical applications.

    The Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Air Conditioner Pipe
    CHEN Chaoyu 1,LIN Jianzhong 2,HU Qing 1
    . 2017, 30(9):  112. 
    Abstract ( 377 )   PDF (245KB) ( 422 )  
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    This paper make a study on a prototype of the air conditioning compressor and piping for the problems on piping vibration and noise. First of all, modal analyzing is conducted by ANSYS Workbench and the natural frequencies and modal shapes of structure are outputted. Because the sixth and seventh natural frequencies of the pipeline system are close to the compressor excitation frequency, in order to avoid resonance on pipe, the paper have given some structure optimization suggestions. Twice harmonic response analysis on the piping and compressor are carried out, respectively based on two different exciting force.The two harmonic response simulation results are compared,based on the analysis of this thesis, the measures of vibration damping and noise reducing are presented for air-conditioning piping.

    An Adaptively Adjusting Improved Algorithm of Trajectory Tracking Based on Current Statistical Model
    CUI Longfei,ZHANG Xing,WU Xiaochao,ZHANG Caikun
    . 2017, 30(9):  117. 
    Abstract ( 353 )   PDF (302KB) ( 223 )  
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    In the case of the strong maneuver such as turning and accelerating, the tracking fusion accuracy of the traditional current statistical model goes sharply declined. To solve this problem, we proposed an improved model by extracting the information of the residual error sequence and measuring the variance sequence. The new model we proposed can adaptive adjust to the maneuvering frequency and maximum acceleration by the detection of the maneuvering mode and the addition of the covariance adaptive factor in the kalman filtering framework. Through the improvement, the algorithm can not only keep the good performance of general maneuvering target tracking, but also improve the matching degree between current statistical model and the real motion pattern in the situation of target maneuvering state transition, which makes the fusion accuracy of the track fusion system greatly improved when the target maneuvering state is abrupt. Finally, Monte Carlo simulation is used to verify the proposed method.

    Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Steering Gear Impact Tester
    CHEN Yunpeng,MAI Yunfei
    . 2017, 30(9):  122. 
    Abstract ( 406 )   PDF (240KB) ( 236 )  
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    the mechanical steering gear of EPS is one of the main parts of the automotive steering assembly, in order to guarantee the safety of the vehicle, it is necessary to understand its impact resistance performance. The mechanical steering gear impact tester is mainly used for the impact test of the mechanical steering gear.  For the valve controlled asymmetric cylinder electro hydraulic servo force control system used in the impact tester was studied. Through the analysis of all components of the control system, establishing their mathematical models. Then got the mathematical model of the electric hydraulic servo system who regarded force as the control object. And the system was analyzed in frequency domain and time domain by using the Simulink simulation platform. Analysis indicated that the hydraulic closed-loop system is stable and can meet the performance requirements.

    Dynamic Time Slot Allocation MAC Protocol for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
    ZHOU Wei
    . 2017, 30(9):  126. 
    Abstract ( 388 )   PDF (227KB) ( 194 )  
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    In order to reduce the average energy consumption of large scale wireless sensor networks, a scheduling based MAC protocol with dynamic time slot allocation (SDC-MAC) is presented for clustered wireless sensor networks. Among different clusters, the wireless channel is allocated with FDMA, and time slots with variable length are allocated to each node in clusters. With the change of cluster structure in the network, cluster heads dynamic adjust the length of time slots by means of time slot allocation notification, and the cluster members decide to sleep or wake according to control signals. Simulation results show that with the proposed algorithm, average energy consumption of the networks is effectively reduced, and the average packet delay is decreased when the network data flow is high.

    A VLSI Architecture of Hexagonal Search Motion Estimation for HEVC
    YAN Boran,HE Weifeng,MAO Zhigang
    . 2017, 30(9):  130. 
    Abstract ( 463 )   PDF (250KB) ( 160 )  
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    Motion Estimation is the most time consuming module in HEVC with high computational complexity. In order to speed up the encoding process, a VLSI architecture of hexagon-based motion estimation search for HEVC is proposed. This architecture can support variable-sized blocks in the HEVC standard and fully considerers the data multiplexing of hexagon search. The PE array uses the pipeline organization strategy to significantly reduce the on-chip cache access times. Using SMIC 65 nm technology, the proposed architecture is synthesized at the maximum operating frequency of 100 MHz with 101 thousand gates. Simulation result shows that the architecture is able to process 1 920 × 1080 p video at 60 f/s.

    Parameters Matching and Optimization for Powertrain of Electrical Vehicle
    LI Lang1,WU Mingxiang1,ZHANG Zhendong1,HU Yue2
    . 2017, 30(9):  135. 
    Abstract ( 472 )   PDF (279KB) ( 397 )  
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    An optimization method based on Linear Decrease Weight Particle Swarm Optimization (LDWPSO) is proposed for the transmission ratio to reduce the energy consumption of the electric vehicle and the drive motor and power battery are also matched. In order to improve the accuracy of objective function and achieve the real-time matching between transmission ratio and shift strategy, the transmission ratio is taken as the design variable, the energy consumption of the vehicle simulation model is taken as the objective function, the shift strategy based on the motor efficiency is embedded into the optimization model and the LDWPSO algorithm is uesd to achieve the optimal transmission ratio. The result show that the energy consumption per hundred kilometers of electric vehicles is decreased by 3.7% and the other performance is satisfied with the design index.

    Simulation of VRV System Based on Fuzzy and Fuzzy PID Switching Control
    LIU Ruichen,LI Shujiang,ZHAO Weiwei
    . 2017, 30(9):  139. 
    Abstract ( 388 )   PDF (202KB) ( 266 )  
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    VRV system with its energy saving and comfort characteristics have been generally recognized and a wider range of applications.Based on the established VRV room model, using a fuzzy control and fuzzy PID control switching method is adopted to design a VRV system control scheme.The simulation results show that the system has a short regulation time and a significant effect in the case of severe environmental fluctuation, while the indoor temperature has a high control accuracy, to meet peoples environmental comfort requirements.

    Tourism Route Optimization Based on Greedy Algorithm
    TENG Quan 1,SHEN Jingfeng 1,XU Bin 2,WANG Weiwei 3
    . 2017, 30(9):  142. 
    Abstract ( 403 )   PDF (243KB) ( 248 )  
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    In view of the present domestic tourist route design much favor from characteristics of scenic spots, and less from the travel time and path,Greedy algorithm is used to establish mathematical model.TIn the traveler not more than 15 days of travel constraints,201 domestic 5A scenic spots were clustered,and the 201 scenic spots will be reduced to 31 provinces and cities,Travel time is from xi an to various provinces and cities and get 21 conform to the requirements of the travel routes,The results are presented in a more intuitive image format,an innovative approach in the travel route design research.

    Modeling and Simulation of Hydraulic Position Servo System for Steering Test Bench
    CHEN Yongzhi,MAI Yunfei
    . 2017, 30(9):  146. 
    Abstract ( 379 )   PDF (216KB) ( 254 )  
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    With the improved requirements of the safety and comfort for motor vehicle, automakers pay more attention to the dynamic response and accuracy of the loading simulation system. In the motor control system, the mutation of parameters can reduce the stability of test-bed accompanied with shock. Testing the EPS according to the real situation by hydraulic motors which controlled by servo valve can reduce the shock. According to the step response of the system diagram and Bode diagrams, it is verified that hydraulic system is closed-loop stability. It can be used for reference.

    Structural Optimization Analysis of Approximate Middle Channel Plate
    FENG Yanglei,SHEN Jingfeng
    . 2017, 30(9):  149. 
    Abstract ( 361 )   PDF (188KB) ( 256 )  
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    Static analysis and optimize analysis is applied to design composite channel plate. The result not only meets the condition, but accomplishes meaningful weight loss. The finite element method is used to optimize ply design with the lightest weight of structure as objective, the node displacement as restrain, the ply thickness as design variable. The displacement of composite structures replaced metal material and analyzed by HyperWorks software demonstrate the structure performance improvement. The way of replacing metal material with composite can meet all demands not only in strength but stiffness. It is found that the optimization result is accord with the request o f structure strength and the structural mass was obviously decreased. The mass of middle channel plate after optimization is 1.55 kg and can be reduced by 34.6% compared with the initial mass of middle channel plate.

    The Calculation Model of High Precision Satellite Photo Pose Vector Based on the Principle of Attitude Determination
    WANG Fei
    . 2017, 30(9):  152. 
    Abstract ( 701 )   PDF (282KB) ( 226 )  
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    In the aerospace technology, in order to achieve precise positioning of satellite attitude,we must be in the sky of stars shooting through the attitude information processing for satellite access to satellite photograph, the attitude data played an important role in satellite positioning. Vectororientation principle and collinear equation in photogrammetry based on the design of a high precision satellite photo attitude calculation model, calculation method and catalog database using the apparent positions of the stars, improves the ability of judging star is greatly improved, the photograph of the satellite attitude accuracy and reliable. After a specific experiment, the attitude angle can be calculated to be less than or equal to 0.8 and 5.

    Problems in Designing Wide Frequency Range High Power RF Front-end
    CHEN Bin,LI Shaofeng,NIU Shaowu
    . 2017, 30(9):  156. 
    Abstract ( 336 )   PDF (169KB) ( 165 )  
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    In military wide frequency range communication systems, the frequency-hopping filters are used to improve the anti-EMI features. The RF front-end of such systems will probably produce Abnormal Spur while transmitting RF signals. In high power mode, such RF front-end will result in deterioration of  RF power flatness。The harmonic energy will be raised by directional coupler. The harmonic suppression of the frequency-hopping filters will be weeken, and the ACPR of the RF signal will degrade because of frequency hopping filters. In this article, the interaction between the different modules in RF front end while connecting them together, and the characteristic change of the modules in high power mode are analysed to explain the reasons for the problems above. In the end, the corresponding solutions are presented, which have been applied in engineering practice.

    The Application of Visualization Technology in the Field of Information Communication
    ZHOU Kaihe,XU Xiaozhong,FANG Yunhui
    . 2017, 30(9):  159. 
    Abstract ( 567 )   PDF (169KB) ( 231 )  
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    Through the multimedia and big data technology, we can carry on the data mining analysis and the real-time dynamic visualization demonstration to the power grid information system. In this paper, the data, network topology and equipment status of the information communication system of the power grid are studied more visually and intuitively. The system will run the data grid, the kind of expression in a flexible and dynamic way, shows the use of virtual reality technology, 3D map technology, big data technology, the dispatchers can obtain the high level information grid operation trend and the nature, which can find the existing anomalies and potential accidents, strengthen on the macro grasp of the information grid.

    Research on Obstacle Detection Method in Intelligent Vehicle Navigation
    LI Liang,LI Fenglin
    . 2017, 30(9):  162. 
    Abstract ( 383 )   PDF (207KB) ( 252 )  
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    With the development of the smart car technology, the obstacle detection is becoming a very critical part of the smart car for autonomous navigation. Some research based on visual and laser radar are introduced in this paper to resolve this difficult problem. Reviewing the advantage and disadvantage of these researches, this paper points out that future multi-sensor data fusion for obstacle detection will be the focus and difficulty.

    Security Evaluations and Countermeasures of Single Sign-on Systems Based on OAuth Protocol
    CHEN Jun,ZHANG Sheng
    . 2017, 30(9):  165. 
    Abstract ( 433 )   PDF (215KB) ( 277 )  
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    Nowadays, many users use QQ, WeChat, micro-blog to register and login in third party sites, the majority of server providers are using a sso(single-sign-on) system based OAuth2.0 security protocol, so there are many security problems. In order to improve the security of systems, In this paper, we test HTTP flow of log-in/out of the third party websites, and simulate the attacked process of the websites. Then we evalute the security of the resource and the third party websites by analyzing results from obtaining logs. Finally, this paper proposes countermeasures to deal with different safe problems.

    Research on Discrete Event System for LAN Attack
    ZHANG Bingbing
    . 2017, 30(9):  169. 
    Abstract ( 340 )   PDF (239KB) ( 175 )  
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    Since the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a stateless protocol and any IP-MAC pair sent by the host is accepted without authentication, it may be exploited by malicious hosts in a local area network. To solve this problem, a discrete event system for intrusion detection system for LAN attack is proposed in this paper. Using the active ARP detection to create different ARP events in the normal and attack state; and then constructing the discrete event system detector to detect the ARP events in the normal and attack state; Determine whether the LAN is in a normal or attacked state based on the detected ARP events. The scheme proposed in this paper is successfully implemented in the test platform.


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