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15 January 2018 Volume 31 Issue 1
    Design of CMOS Switch-type Hall Sensor
    WEI Rongshan, YANG Shanzhi
    . 2018, 31(1):  1. 
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    In order to suppress the offsetvoltage of the Hall sensor, a orthogonal coupled with the spinning-current technology is proposed in this paper, which uses switches to change the polarity of the offset voltage. Then anti-phase offset voltage is sampled and added. And reducing circuit offset voltage by the correlated double sampling technique. Using Cadence tool to make simulation validation for the circuit, when the supply voltage is 3.3V, the offset voltage is 550 μV. The results show that the circuit effectively reduces the offset voltage of the Hall sensors

    Planning Route for UAV Cooperative Combat
    XIA Lingru,SUN Shouqun
    . 2018, 31(1):  4. 
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    In order to solve the problem of multiple unmanned aerial vehicle  cooperative planning military target attack, based on the theory of multiple traveling salesman (TSP) digital planning, path and the time of optimization. Multiple traveling salesman (TSP) was established by the digital planning model, and according to the theory of division and task performance, the annealing algorithm is used to derive the model of the optimal solution; Finally using the A * path planning algorithm, through the programming simulation time optimal path planning out of the unmanned aerial vehicle . Results show that the method solve the target assignment problem of unmanned aerial vehicle cooperative engagement, greatly improve the ability of the unmanned aerial vehicle cooperative engagement.

    The Transplanting of embedded Linux Based on Zynq-7000
    ZHANG Chao-Yuan, SHAO Gao-Beng, HONG Xiang
    . 2018, 31(1):  9. 
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    In order to develop the application program under the condition of no operating system, it is necessary to understand the hardware structure of the Zynq-7000 platform. From the point of all programmable devices, the article presents the embedded system portability method named Vivado+SDK+Linux, creates Linux system portability environment based on Zynq-7000, and generate Linux image which can start up system. The result indicates that the method improves the flexibility of the system and reduces the difficulty of application development.

    Research on Single Event Multiple Transient Effect in 65 nm Bulk NMOS
    LIANG Yong-Sheng, TUN Yu, ZHENG Hong-Chao, LI Zhe
    . 2018, 31(1):  12. 
    Abstract ( 438 )   PDF (1398KB) ( 499 )  
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    Aiming to research the single event multiple transient due to single event charge sharing inducing by heavy-ion radiation in NMOSFET (Negative Channel Material-Oxide-Silicon Field Effect Transistor), a 65nm bulk NMOS model based on TCAD (Technology Computer-Aided Design) simulation has been built , where a SPICE model and a set of date about SET pulse width in inverter chain based on 65 nm bulk CMOS(Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Transistor) processes are refer to. Due to charge sharing induced via injection of heavy ion, single event multiple transient was observed in the TCAD simulation. During the process of charge sharing, Observation on electrostatic potential distribution inside the device and current on the port of device reveals that source junction of the NMOS and guard ring structure play significant roles on recovery of single event multiple transient.

    The Design of Gigabit Ethernet Transmission System Based on FPGA in Real Time Monitoring System of Substation
    LI Wen-Hui, JIAN Xian-Zhong, XIAO Er-Liang
    . 2018, 31(1):  16. 
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    For the problem of large amount of transmitting data in substation real-time monitoring system and the traditional transmission network has been unable to meet the demand of the total transmission bandwidth, the embedded Gigabit Ethernet video transmission system has been designed. The system uses the Artix-7 series FPGA chip of Xilinx company as the main controller to complete the data acquisition, processing and transmission control. When using the UDP/IP protocol frame to transmit the image data to remote monitoring system through the gigabit Ethernet, the packet loss rate is only 0.00125%. In the monitoring transmission test on high voltage equipment in substation, the maximum frame rate of stable video image transmission is up to 150 frames per second.

    A Parallel Approach for Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
    MEI Kai, HUO Jiu-Yuan, CHANG Kou-Kou
    . 2018, 31(1):  20. 
    Abstract ( 537 )   PDF (775KB) ( 372 )  
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    Aiming at the slow convergence speed of artificial bee colony algorithm in dealing with high dimensional problems, this paper uses OpenMP multi-threading technology and regulation mechanism, and according to the improved way onlooker bees choose employed bees, a parallel artificial bee colony algorithm(PCABC) based on OpenMP is proposed. Simulation experiments are performed to evaluate the performance of the algorithm under three different types of cyclic parallel scheduling types of OpenMP. In the 4 core processor environment, the speedup of parallel artificial bee colony algorithm based on static scheduling can reach to 3.95, the efficiency can reach to 98.65%.The experimental results show that the PCABC parallel artificial bee colony algorithm has higher lifting speed and running time when dealing with high dimensional complex functions.

    Hydraulic Wrench Design System Based on NX Secondary Development
    HUANG Li-Zhi, XU Zhong-Hai
    . 2018, 31(1):  25. 
    Abstract ( 390 )   PDF (1175KB) ( 326 )  
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    Based on the current design of the hydraulic wrench, most of the traditional design methods, start drawing drawings from scratch after the design task, design cycle is long, low efficiency.The structure of hydraulic wrench is designed rapidly and the design program is given by using the method of UG NX/Open.Firstly, using the parametric modeling method to design the main structural system of hydraulic wrench;Then, with Visual Studio 2010 as the development platform, use the UG NX/Open API method development programming interface, using VC++ programming language to achieve the dialog box and the specific functions of the design interface. Complete the whole system and achieve rapid design of hydraulic wrench structure.

    Design and Simulation of Speed Regulator Based on Adaptive Fuzzy PID Control
    JIN Ai-Juan, ZHENG Tian-Xiang, JI Chen-Ye, SU Dun-Hao, JIANG Yo-Cheng, HAO Chen-Xiang
    . 2018, 31(1):  29. 
    Abstract ( 512 )   PDF (1117KB) ( 469 )  
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    In terms of nonlinear feature of asynchronous motor, it is considered difficult to adopt conventional proportional-integral-differential (PID) method to take effective control on the motor. A sort of controller via adaptive, PID and fuzzy method is then proposed and also applied to the speed regulation section. By using Simulink software tools in Matlab, a simulation model of fuzzy adaptive PID control for asynchronous motor is established. The computer simulation indicates the priority of the design which can be seen from that the overshoot and response of the system is reduced. The stability, dynamic responding and robust performance of the system are also improved comparing to the former control method of PID.

    Design of Interface Circuit Used in Energy Harvesting
    KUANG Xiao-Fei, LIU E-Ru, LIU Li
    . 2018, 31(1):  34. 
    Abstract ( 400 )   PDF (1028KB) ( 384 )  
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    The output power and voltage of micro harvesting generators is usually low,can not be directly applied. Design of a highly efficient, low-power and ultra-low-voltage interface circuit. A two-stage concept is used including a first passive stage and only one active diode as second stage. In order to reduce the power consumption of the active diode, a bulk-input comparator working in the sub threshold region is used to drive the switch of the active diode. Based on standard TSMC 0.18 μm CMOS technology, the following simulations are carried out using Cadence Spectre at room temperature .The simulation results show that the voltage efficiency of 97.7% and the power efficiency of 91.3% when the input voltage is 500 mV (100 Hz)with a load resistance of 50 kΩ .Rectifier can achieve high efficiency in the input voltage amplitude above of 320 mV.

    Design of Projection LOGO Lamp Based on LED Light Source
    JIA Lei, DONG Wen-Juan, MENG Shuang, TUN Yu, ZUO Hui, DING Gui-Lin
    . 2018, 31(1):  38. 
    Abstract ( 615 )   PDF (1143KB) ( 448 )  
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    According to the characteristic of LED light source, here presented a compact projection of LOGO lamp based on 3.5×3.5 mm Lambert emission LED light source. Using Code V designed a two-slice imaging system, the object distance is 2900 mm, the image distance is 15 mm, and the image height is 5.7926 mm. According to the reversibility of optical path, To match a light source with small angle and high uniformity for the imaging system, a two-slice collimate system was designed in LightTools. The angle of light is 4.2°after the collimation, and the uniformity reached 91.7%. At last, put the two subsystems into LightTools, the results with a complete and clear uniform-pattern, the diameter of the pattern is 1600mm on the receiving plane, which was 2900 mm away from the entire system. Compared with the current systems, it has the advantages of shorter length, more simple structure and high uniformity.

    Atomic Optical Lattice Based on the Metallic Cylinder Array
    HU Xin-Zhi, GE Bing-Tan, WANG Zheng-Ling, TONG Wei-Yang, LIU Chi, NIE Zhi-Feng
    . 2018, 31(1):  42. 
    Abstract ( 396 )   PDF (1399KB) ( 383 )  
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    In this paper, we propose a 2D optical lattice for ultra cold atom by the 2D metallic cylinder array. The light intensity distribution of Surface Plasmon with near field coupling is investigated by Comsol method. Optical potential and Van der Waals potential of cold atoms as well as the dependence of distribution of total potential and the height of center of the trap are investigated. We derive a dark hollow area with 350 nm length, 350 nm width, 60 nm height located above the middle of four metal cylinders, which can be used to trap cold atoms. Our research provides a new method for further research of periodic atomic optical device with an ability of breaking diffraction limit.

    Design of LED Hybrid Projection Lens Based on Prism and Microlens
    MENG Shuang, SUO Long-Feng, DONG Wen-Juan, JIA Lei, DING Gui-Lin
    . 2018, 31(1):  46. 
    Abstract ( 491 )   PDF (1042KB) ( 440 )  
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    The lens side prism and core films before and after adding micro lens to design a light angle variable uniform light mixing illumination lens. Based on using a new method combining prism and micro lens , prism and lens respectively on the outer core micro lens for new design. The calculation and derivation of the mapping relationship between the target angle, get the contour curve figure the total reflection prism, micro lens array and outside of the center part of the refraction type, the lens model is established by Solidworks, and then import the optical simulation software Lighttools for ray tracing. Using twelve 30 mm*30 mm patches with different color temperature LED as the light source, design a single practical projection lens of height is 20 mm, diameter is 52 mm. Simulation and experimental results show that the designed lens, the light source, the optical efficiency is as high as 87%, half intensity angle is 40.6 degrees, can achieve uniform mixing light projection illuminition.

    Text Location in Image Based on Convolution Neural Network
    XIONG Hai-Peng, CHEN Xiang-Xiang, CHEN Chun-Wei
    . 2018, 31(1):  50. 
    Abstract ( 415 )   PDF (703KB) ( 459 )  
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    Due to the complexity of the natural scene image, it is still difficult to extract the text information from the image, Based on the research and analysis of image text localization algorithm, a localization algorithm based on convolution neural network is proposed. Firstly, the image is preprocessed to obtain the candidate text region,On this basis, combined with convolution neural network to extract the text features for further positioning automatically。Through the experimental verification, the positioning accuracy can reach %86 and has better performance.

    Blind Image Deblurring Based on Optimized Fuzzy Kernel
    YOU Jia-Qi
    . 2018, 31(1):  54. 
    Abstract ( 424 )   PDF (1001KB) ( 400 )  
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    In view of optimizing image fuzzy algorithm,distribution characteristics of natural images is fitted by selecting gaussian distribution firstly. The bilateral filter is used to extract image edges from blurred image. Setting parameter for noise reduction, after preliminary estimate the fuzzy kernel, fuzzy kernel revision is normalized. Finally, in image restoration stage, optimized convex function is used to fit distribution of natural images and fast Fourier transform algorithm are used to improve calculation speed. The experimental results show that compared with other existing algorithms, this image fuzzy optimization algorithm has better visual effect and significantly reducing computing time about 20% after recovery.

    The Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Merged with Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm of Fire Rescue Way Research
    LI Yi-Hong, QIU Gui
    . 2018, 31(1):  58. 
    Abstract ( 395 )   PDF (1321KB) ( 362 )  
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    To obtain the optimal relief path, improve the effectiveness of the rescue and the real time,so a particle swarm ant colony fusion algorithm is put forward. The major thinking of the optimization is that on the basis of analyzing the factors influencing the path choice, using the analytic hierarchy process of fuzzy mathematics to evaluate the weight of the road, establish the fire fighting rescue model; Then use the particle swarm algorithm quickly get optimal solution,and take the solution as the initial pheromone increment of ant colony algorithm,put the solved each path weight matrix is introduced into the particle swarm ant colony algorithm to solve the model of state transition probability, then use this improved state transition rules, and consider the traffic speed to obtaine the optimal path of the model.Finally, the experimental results show that this method can accomplish the best relief path planning.

    A Design and Match of A Electronic Control System for A Single Cylinder
    BAI Bi-Ze, ZHANG Zhen-Dong
    . 2018, 31(1):  63. 
    Abstract ( 438 )   PDF (1160KB) ( 433 )  
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    To solve the problem of traditional engine carburetor for delayed response, inaccurate control and large exhaust emissions,Using a gasoline engine as the research object, designing a electronic control system based on the MC9S12XS128 single chip microcomputer. This paper analyzed the acquisition requirements of A/D conversion signal,designed the signal processing circuit and driving circuit of each sensor. Based on the analysis of the working process of the engine, the whole control program is designed, and the control algorithm of the main modules is described. Experimental results show that, the system makes the engine dynamic performance improved, maximum power increased by 6.62%, at the same time the fuel economy improved, fuel consumption (fuel consumption per hour) decreased by 5.26%,the effectiveness of the electronic control system is verified.

    Optimization Design of Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck Based on Response Surface Method
    WANG Wen-Tao, XU Zhong-Hai
    . 2018, 31(1):  67. 
    Abstract ( 378 )   PDF (1052KB) ( 449 )  
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    A method of multi-objective optimization based on response surface method driven by the magnetic force after magnetization and demagnetization of the electro-permanent magnetic chuck and the consumption of materials is proposed in this paper. In this method, some key parameters of the electro-permanent magnetic chuck model are selected as design variables to establish the response surface model, candidate points are designed by goal driven optimization, and the parameters of the design variables which are in line with the anticipated goals are found in the candidate points. Using this method to optimize the electro-permanent magnetic chuck, the magnetic force when magnetizing increases by 35.7%, and the magnetic force when demagnetizing is reduced by 92%, the performance has been significantly improved, while optimizing the use of materials and improving the cost-effectiveness of the product.

    A System of Foreign Object Localization Based on Graphics Processing
    KANG Xiu-Juan, SHI Zhan
    . 2018, 31(1):  71. 
    Abstract ( 378 )   PDF (701KB) ( 305 )  
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    In the clinical medical practice, small foreign object in the human body has brings to the patient a great impact of the physical and mental. Therefore quickly and accurately to three- dimensional location the foreign object in human body, has significant research value and application prospect. This paper focused on image preprocessing, geometric correction and human body localization carried on the thorough analysis and research,and designed the foreign object measurement and analysis software based on GUI MATLAB. The software system can realize the pretreatment of medical image and the quantitative description of the plane position and depth information of the foreign object. The experimental results show that the system measurement error less than 0.21mm.

    Programmable Integrated Scanning Probe Conditioning Circuit Design
    TUN Yu-Hua, WANG Ke-Jian
    . 2018, 31(1):  75. 
    Abstract ( 398 )   PDF (942KB) ( 334 )  
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    Based on a large scanning LVDT inductive probe integrated noise shortcomings, the measurement accuracy of the end, this paper presents a high flexibility and programmability of scanning integrated inductive LVDT probe conditioning circuit. The use of synchronous demodulator and ADA2200 analog filter in the analog domain to extract the location information and suppress noise analog circuits, MCU through the internal integration of high-speed, high-precision 16-bit A / D converters, and other functional modules of C8051F060 conditioning circuit programmable control and data acquisition read. Finally, the development of the circuit has been tested and experimental results achieved expectations.

    Current Situation and Prospect for Technology of Airborne Radar
    DIAO Wei-Wei, SONG Xiao-Wei
    . 2018, 31(1):  79. 
    Abstract ( 790 )   PDF (415KB) ( 607 )  
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    Airborne radar technology have experienced great development, but it is also facing great challenges on stealth target, heterogeneous clutter, complex electromagnetic environment and a variety of combat missions. In this paper, the current situation of airborne early warning radar, airborne synthetic aperture radar, airborne radar networking technology and the stealthy radar is introduced. Besides, the development prospect of the airborne radar system is put forward on this basis. It may have certain directive significance for the development of the next generation airborne radar.

    Power Consumption Reduction and Efficiency Improvement of Power Plant Units Based on Karina Cycle
    HUANG Meng, DIAO Liang-Yu, ZHANG Chu-Juan
    . 2018, 31(1):  83. 
    Abstract ( 442 )   PDF (1122KB) ( 373 )  
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    With the expansion of thermal power unit, the utilization of thermal efficiency of conventional thermal power plant has reached the bottleneck. The limit parameters of Rankine cycle power generation process, water vapor heat loss is higher, and will be accompanied by a certain degree of environmental pollution. In this paper, based on the Karina cycle technology, a scheme for reducing consumption of thermal power units is proposed. By analyzing the working principle of Karina cycle and combining it with the cycle generating process of thermal power units, we should give full play to the advantages of circulation and break through the bottleneck of thermal transformation efficiency, and further improve the utilization of heat and exhaust condensing heat of thermal power units. Besides, this technology can make full use of chemical energy to transform all kinds of inherent heat loss existing in heat cycle process, and complete two-way optimization of reducing heat consumption and improving power generation efficiency. The test results show that the power generation power of the lifting unit can be nearly 1% without affecting the thermal efficiency of the original electric field cycle.


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