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15 July 2020 Volume 33 Issue 7
    Design of Data Acquisition and Processing System for Power Supply Integrated Protector Based on μC/OS-Ⅲ
    GUO Yanan,WU Yaohui,WU Haozhen
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  1-5.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.001
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    Aiming at the demand of multitask, real-time and reliable operation of the data acquisition and processing system of power supply integrated protector, combined with the M3 core chip,using μC/OS-III real-time operating system to design the data acquisition and processing system of power supply integrated protector. By analyzing the functions of the data acquisition and processing system, the system was divided into five tasks with different priorities,the planning and design of the operating system was based on the characteristics and requirements of the application tasks, task synchronization was realized by semaphores and event flag groups, task communication and resource sharing were realized through message queues and mutex semaphore. System operation was detected using μC/Probe, the application tasks Stack Usage was less than 70%, the CPU Usage was 52.35% ,and the Interrupt Disable Time was up to 3.31 ms, verified that the system could run reliably in real time。

    A Fault-tolerant Scheme for Data Flow Driven Computing Channels
    XIANG Yang,SUN Xiaoxia,SONG Yukun
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  6-11.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.002
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    When a single event upset occurred in the data flow-driven computation channel, it produces erroneous results or even the computational channel will not function properly. For this reason, this study proposed a dual-mode redundant fault-tolerant scheme based on address rewinding technology, which used double computing channel comparison to detect whether the error occurs. The address rewinding technique was used to restore the address information and drive the original data to be recalculated. A specific optimized rewind on the correlation data stream calculations was also performed in the study. Based on the data stream driven operator, the scheme was implemented. The experimental results showed that the scheme achieved a reliability rate of over 99%, the area cost was only 76% of the three-mode redundancy, and the time overhead was up to 50% compared with the dual-mode redundancy, indicating the scheme successfully achieved a balance between area and time consumption.

    Research of Emotional Analysis Based on LDA Topic Model
    LIU Yanwen,WEI Yun
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  12-16.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.003
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    LDA topic model lacks understanding of word association and related word pairs when extracting features, which affects the precision of emotional polarity classification. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposed a new model to introduce the feature-opinion pair extraction method in the LDA topic model to improve the extraction effect of the feature opinion pairs. Dependency parsing was used to design feature affective word pairs recognition methods of characteristic affective word pairs. Then the recognition method was introduced as a constraint condition into the LDA model to extract the feature sentiment word pairs. The parameters were calculated by Gibbs sampling, and the generation process of the model was proposed. Finally, the emotional polarity of the text was classified using the random forest classification method. In order to verify the validity of the proposed model, the experiment was carried out together with the other two models. When the number of subject was 20,the results showed that the precision, recall and F-Measure were 81.54%、83.13% and 82.33%, which were significantly higher than the other two models.

    Research on Double Closed Loop Control of Laser Attitude and Angle Sliding Mode of Crane Orbit Detection Robot
    HAN Qiang,LI Changhao,CHENG Jianpeng,ZHANG Xiliang,LI Boquan,YIN Jingtian
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  17-21.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.004
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    The automatic attitude adjustment system for the laser attitude angle of the crane track detection robot adopted the classic PID control effect, which cannot meet the requirements of the track detection. Aiming to this problem, a control method using a sliding film variable structure double closed loop was proposed. The mathematical model of the laser attitude angle automatic adjustment system was established. The synovial variable structure controller was designed based on the exponential approach law. Finally, the orbit detection robot and laser attitude angle adjustment system were built. Through simulation analysis showed that the laser attitude angle adjustment time under variable structure control was 0.11 s faster than the PID control, and the overshoot was reduced by 0.3%, and the movement was stable. The experimental research results provided a basis for the development and application of the crane orbit detection robot.

    A Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol Based on LEACH
    JI Lei,ZHANG Xin,WEN Zhang,GAO Jin
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  22-26.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.005
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    Aiming at the problems of LEACH algorithm energy consumption leading to premature death of nodes in traditional wireless sensor networks, an improved algorithm based on LEACH algorithm was proposed in this study. This algorithm firstly assigned different weighted probabilities to the selection of common nodes and cluster-head nodes, and considered the total energy of the current node and all nodes at the same time on the threshold value. Then, this algorithm realized the cluster division with the help of Veno diagram, and used the optimized A* algorithm to realize multi-hop transmission technology. Simulation results showed that the improved algorithm had achieved good results on dead nodes and energy consumption. After the maximum cycle times, the number of surviving nodes was 5 times of the original algorithm, and the remaining energy of nodes was 8.8 times of the original algorithm.

    Maximizing the Rest Time of Mobile Chargers Based on Relay Charging Model
    MA Hui,WANG Ran,CHENG Zongmao
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  27-32.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.006
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    Based on the relay charging model, this study investigated the optimal scheduling problem to maximize the rest time of the mobile chargers in the service base station under the condition of guaranteeing the permanent operation of the wireless chargeable sensor networks. Aiming at this problem, an approximation algorithm was proposed. The approximate algorithm consisted of three parts: the anchor selection algorithm based on charging benefit selected the stopping point for mobile chargers; the path planning algorithm based on TSP planed the moving path for mobile chargers and the rest time of mobile chargers were further improved based on charging set re-optimization algorithm. By comparing different charging strategies through simulation experiments, the results showed that compared with AASA algorithm, the proposed charging strategy improved the rest time of mobile chargers in service base station by 15%~88% under different sensor density.

    The Research of Ultrasonic Wave Signal Fusion on Array Sensors in Weld Detection
    DU Han,XU Zhenying
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  32-36.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.007
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    Aiming at the problem of signal fusion of array sensor used in ultrasonic guided wave weld detection, the asynchronous excitation was proposed to superimpose the signals from different excitation elements in array sensor through the propagation of characteristic guided wave in weld structure. The ABAQUS finite element analysis software was used to simulate the detection signal directly excited by the sensor array composed of different numbers of excitation chips and the detection signal excited by using time-division excitation. It was found that multiple excitation elements could lead to the disorder and irregularity of the signals, while the asynchronous excitation reduced the mixing of signals, and the energy of the detection signal can be steadily increased as the number of excitation wafers increases, and the signal superposition effect is more ideal. The time-division excitation method reduced the signal mixing, and the energy of the detection signal could be steadily increased as the number of excitation wafers increased, and the signal superposition effect was more ideal.

    Joint Relay Selection and User Pairing for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems
    WU Chunlin,LI Huifang,LI Jing
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  37-40.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.008
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    This paper proposed a joint relay selection and user pairing algorithm for the multi-user NOMA relay system. The algorithm firstly selected the best secondary user to pair with the primary user by using the shortest distance criterion and then performed the best relay selection to improve the system outage performance. According to the analysis of the system model, the system outage probability expression was derived in closed-form and the asymptotic outage expression was analyzed under high SNR regime. The derived system diversity order demonstrated the superiority of the proposed NOMA relay system compared to the traditional single-relay NOMA system. Finally, the correctness of theoretical analysis was validated by the Monte Carlo simulation results.

    Multi-feature Fusion Fruit and Vegetable Image Classification Based on Bag of Feature Model
    ZHANG Zechen,JU Zhiyong
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  41-45.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.009
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    In view of the problem that traditional BoF model cannot effectively use image color and texture to better express fruit and vegetable characteristics, this paper proposed a multi-feature fusion algorithm for fruit and vegetable image classification in BoF model. Firstly, the algorithm extracted and fused the color moments and SURF features of the images to form SURFC feature descriptors. Secondly, K-means clustering was performed on CLBP and SURFC features to generate a feature dictionary, and all features were quantized by using the feature dictionary. Finally, SVM was used to train the coding result to get the classifier and recognize it. Results of the experiment showed that the BoF model with fused color and texture features was significantly better than the BoF model with single feature or other feature fusion. The recognition rate was up to 94%, which was more suitable for fruit and vegetable image classification.

    Gesture Image Edge Detection Based on Improved Canny Operator
    BAI Liyin,PENG Yaxiong,LU Anjiang
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  46-50.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.010
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    Aim at the problem that the existed gesture detection was inaccurate and the gesture edge detection was deviated, an improved Canny operator was proposed to detect the edge of the gesture image. The improved Canny operator used adaptive median filtering combined with bilateral filtering to remove image noise. On the basis of Sobel, the gradient amplitude calculation in the 45° and 135° directions was extended, and the optimal threshold was adaptively obtained to discriminate the image edge. Finally, the Huff transform combined with the gradient direction of the pixel was used to detect, connect and enhanced the edge. Experiments showed that the results of the improved Canny operator detection were more connected than the traditional Canny operator. The edge continuity was better, the detection accuracy was higher, and the adaptability was enhanced

    Plugged AC/AC Frequency Conversion System Supply Based on dSPACE
    HU Xiaodan,LI Yudong,LIAN Haishan
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  51-56.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.011
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    In order to remedy the defect of frequency conversion technology, a new idea of pulse blocking AC frequency conversion based on dSPACE was proposed. The RTW was used to generate code for the mathematical model of the constructed blocking AC frequency conversion system, which was used to implement the dSPACE-based chopping voltage control strategy. The ControlDesk software platform was used to change the parameters and variables in the experiment, and the purpose of frequency conversion voltage regulation was finally realized. The frequency conversion system was simulated in the MATLAB 2011a environment. The simulation results were consistent with the experimental results and the theory, which verifid the correctness and feasibility of the control strategy of the system, and also provided the basis for the design and application of the industrial field variable frequency speed control system.

    A Common Illumination Source Super Spatial Resolution Three-dimensional Reconstruction Method
    HUANG Yuze,CHEN Guangdong,WANG Yuan,WAN Siyu
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  57-62.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.012
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    Due to the manufacturing process limitation, existing 3D non-scanning lidar APD array was not highly integrated. In order to improve the spatial resolution of 3D non-scanning lidar and to meet the requirements of high-resolution spatial sampling, a method for acquiring super-space resolution information of 3D lidar and 2D detector was proposed in the current study. The method used a high-resolution common illumination source 2D detector to assist the 3D lidar by combining the laser echo intensity information obtained by the 2D detector with the target depth information obtained by the 3D lidar. The result in different apertures was modified based on the principle of non-coherent synthetic aperture imaging to achieve 3D reconstruction of the target beyond the spatial resolution of 3D non-scanning lidar. Experimental results revealed that the proposed method could effectively improve the spatial resolution of 3D non-scanning lidar.

    Research the Stability of Polypeptide Polymers to Graphene Oxide Materials
    ZHAO Shichao,ZHU Hongyu,LIU Yu,HAO Jianyuan
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  63-66.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.013
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    In order to further improve the stability of graphene oxide in water, polypeptide polymer was used to modify the surface of graphene oxide. It was shown from Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and thermogravimetric analysis that they can be combined by non-covalent bonds. Then, the concentration of graphene oxide dispersions was determined by UV-vis absorption spectroscopy to characterize the stability of graphene oxide dispersions, and to explore the optimal dosage of polypeptide polymers when modifying graphene oxide. On this basis, the influence of polypeptide polymers on the long-term stability of graphene oxide in aqueous solvents was explored. It was shown from the experimental results that the agglomeration of graphene oxide sheets can be effectively avoided when the mass ratio of polypeptide polymer to graphene oxide is 3:100 under the condition of 1 mg/mL graphene oxide concentration. Graphene oxide modified by polypeptide polymer exhibits good stability in water solvent, and there is no obvious precipitation after eight weeks.

    Graphic Data Analysis Technology Based on Grey Prediction Algorithm
    FU Xinhe,YUAN Yongxu
    Electronic Science and Technology. 2020, 33(7):  67-70.  doi:10.16180/j.cnki.issn1007-7820.2020.07.014
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    Grey prediction is one of the commonly used algorithms for forecasting and analyzing situation data, but the accuracy of traditional grey prediction model is low in forecasting low smoothness data series. To solve this problem, a difference weighted smoothing method was proposed, and the Euler correction method was used to compensate for the error. The improved grey prediction model was tested on a library borrowing database. The test and analysis results showed that the variance of the relative error of the prediction results of the model had been reduced from 0.32 to 0.142, and the absolute value of the average relative error had been reduced by 4.458%. The improved grey prediction model could process the library borrowing data with low smoothness, predict it accurately, and provide a reference basis for improving the work efficiency and development and construction of the library.


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