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  1. (1. 西安电子科技大学 微电子学院,陕西 西安  710071;
    2. 武警工程大学 通信工程系,陕西 西安  710086)
  • 收稿日期:2011-09-14 出版日期:2013-02-20 发布日期:2013-03-28
  • 通讯作者: 申振宁
  • 作者简介:申振宁(1976-),男,西安电子科技大学博士研究生,E-mail: zhenningshen@hotmail.com.
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Crosstalk network analysis in the presence of slots in the  return path plane and low-cost noise reduction method

SHEN Zhenning1,2;ZHUANG Yiqi1;ZENG Zhibin1   

  1. (1. School of Microelectronic, Xidian Univ., Xi'an  710071, China;
    2. Dept. of Communication, Eng. College of CAPF, Xi'an  710086, China)
  • Received:2011-09-14 Online:2013-02-20 Published:2013-03-28
  • Contact: SHEN Zhenning



关键词: 电磁兼容, 返回平面不理想, 串扰, 传输矩阵


A new network model is proposed for efficient analysis of crosstalk when tracing the cross split return path plane. The influence of the non-ideal return path plane is described as coupling between slot line mode and microstrip line mode, and then circuit structure is decomposed into the slot transmission line and microstrip transmission line which are connected by an ideal transformer. According to the characteristic of the cascaded network, the transmission matrix for the 4-port network is selected to calculate crosstalk. Comparing with full wave simulation, the analysis time is reduced from 60min to 30s with considerable accuracy. The shorting lines which cross the slot in the return path plane are used to bypass the slot line mode in order to improve transfer performance and suppress crosstalk. Simulation results and experiment test show that the near end crosstalk and far end crosstalk are decreased by about 25dB and 20dB, respectively. Compared with the traditional decouple capacitor method, the shorting line proposed in this paper has benefits of wide bandwidth, easy layout and low cost.

Key words: electromagnetic compatibility, non-ideal return path plane, crosstalk, transmission matrix


  • TP302.1