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  1. (1. 西安电子科技大学 雷达信号处理重点实验室, 陕西 西安 710071;
    2. 清华大学 自动化系,北京 100084)

  • 收稿日期:1900-01-01 修回日期:1900-01-01 出版日期:2003-04-20 发布日期:2003-04-20

A novel method for estimating DOA in the presnece of unknown colored noise fields

CHEN Jian-feng1;WU Yun-tao1;ZHANG Xian-da2


  1. (1. Key Lab. of Radar Signal Processing, Xidian Univ., Xi'an 710071, China;
    2. Dept. of Automation, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing 100084, China)
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2003-04-20 Published:2003-04-20

摘要: 提出了一种色噪声环境下的DOA估计新算法. 该算法通过协方差矩阵差法进行预处理,克服了色噪声对空间谱估计的影响. 由于不需对变换后的数据矩阵进行特征分解,所以该方法具有计算量小的优点. 计算机仿真结果证实了这一算法的有效性.

关键词: 阵列信号处理, 色噪声, DOA估计

Abstract: a new method for estimating spatial narrow-band signal directions of arrival in the presence of colored noise with unknown covariance is presented. A transform-based covariance differencing approach is given, thus overcoming the highly biased estimates. Without the eigendecomposition of the transformed data matrix, its advantage consists in a computational complexity reduced by the ratio of the number of sources to teh number of sensors. Finally, its performance is confirmed by computer simulations.

Key words: array signal processing, colored noise, DOA estimate


  • TN957.52