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  1. (西安电子科技大学 机电工程学院,陕西 西安 710071)
  • 收稿日期:1900-01-01 修回日期:1900-01-01 出版日期:2008-04-20 发布日期:2008-03-28
  • 通讯作者: 杨东武

Optimal design of cable pre-tensions of the tension truss antenna

YANG Dong-wu;QIU Yuan-ying;DUAN Bao-yan

  1. (School of Mechano-electronic Engineering, Xidian Univ., Xi′an 710071, China)
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2008-04-20 Published:2008-03-28
  • Contact: YANG Dong-wu

摘要: 建立了某天线索网结构的计算模型,提出了其预拉力优化配置的一种新方法.该方法结合索网结构的对称特性以及在水平投影面内网面内部网格均为正三角形的结构特点,从前索网面在水平面内的力平衡方程出发,以网面内部索段的最大拉力比最小为设计目标,将索网结构预拉力优化配置问题转化为受不等式约束的两变量优化问题,求得了前索网面中各索段在投影面内的预拉力分量;以此为基础,得到了索网结构中各索段的预拉力值.以预拉力优化结果为输入条件,进行了索网结构的有限元仿真分析,结果表明,索网结构的网面设计精度达到了纳米量级,网面内部索段的最大拉力比为1.40,验证了该方法的正确性及有效性.

关键词: 天线, 索网结构, 预拉力, 设计精度

Abstract: With the help of a mathematical model of some tension truss antenna, an approach to the design of a prestressed tension truss antenna, not in consideration of the elasticity of the ring truss, is presented. The approach combines two steps in getting a set of optimum pre-tensions. Based on force equations of the front net projected in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the parabolic reflector, and the characteristic of the cable net structure, an optimization model, having only two design variables and with the maximum pre-tension ratio (MTR) of cables internal in the front cable net as its objective function, is deduced. And then, based on the optimization result, a set of pre-tensions of the cable net structure is calculated. Finally, a finite element model of the cable net structure, with the designed pre-tensions as initial conditions, is analyzed. The result shows that the designed model is nearly the same as the ideal model expected and that the MTR of cables internal in the front cable net is considerably small. This approach has proved to be correct and effective.

Key words: antenna, cable net structure, pre-tension, design precision


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