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Anonymous communication model with dynamic negotiation of identifiers

YANG Xiaohui(),ZHUANG Haijing()   

  1. School of Cyber Security and Computer,Hebei University,Baoding 071000,China
  • Received:2022-12-31 Online:2023-08-20 Published:2023-10-17
  • Contact: Haijing ZHUANG;


The past decade has been a big data era of rapid development in communication technology and computing paradigms.With the increasing application of big data,digital information transmission has become an important form of human communication.However,there are many hidden security risks in the process of digital information transmission.Data leakage often occurs in the process of information transmission.As one of the key means of privacy protection in the communication process,anonymous communication has been widely concerned.However,the existing anonymous communication models cannot effectively cope with attacks such as replay attack,man-in-the-middle attack,and statistical attack while ensuring the communication efficiency.This paper proposes an anonymous communication model based on identifier dynamic negotiation.In the preprocessing stage,an improved identifier negotiation method based on ECDH key exchange is adopted,which allows every two members in the network to negotiate the communication identifier and the symmetric key for encrypting messages,and improves the negotiation efficiency in the preprocessing stage.In the anonymous communication stage,identifiers can be dynamically changed with each communication,which effectively resists replay attacks and statistical attacks.The scheme also sets up a special investigation agency for giving the right to remove anonymity to the investigation agency,preventing malicious users from refusing to remove anonymity.Security analysis proves the robustness of the scheme.Performance experiments show that the scheme has a higher communication efficiency while ensuring security.

Key words: anonymous communication, privacy-preserving techniques, identity Tracking, identification

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