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Optimal radar waveform design method in colored and non-Gaussian noise

ZHU Hong1,2;ZHANG Hai1;TANG Gaodi1;LI Zhongyun1;LIU Yinong2   

  1. (1. Institute of Electronic Engineering, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Mianyang 621900, China;
    2. Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing 100084, China)
  • Received:2016-03-28 Online:2017-04-20 Published:2017-05-26


This paper considers the design of optimal waveforms for detection of point targets in colored non-Gaussian noise. We present the likelihood ratio processor and derive an expression for its output signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and then use this as the basis for a cost function in a waveform design optimization which is solved by using a one dimensional alternating maximization algorithm. Finally simulations are performed to verify the effectiveness of the new waveforms.

Key words: radar, waveform design, colored noise, non-Gaussian