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MIMO radar waveform design in the presence of clutter and colored noise

WANG Yuxi;HUANG Guoce;LI Wei;WANG Yequn   

  1. (Information and Navigation College, Air Force Engineering Univ., Xi 'an 710077, China)
  • Received:2016-04-25 Online:2017-08-20 Published:2017-09-29


The existing MIMO radar waveform design methods only deal with the optimization of radar waveform with the presence of clutter or colored noise, and unfortunately can not get the optimal waveform with the scenario when the clutter and colored noise coexist, which is more realistic in practical applications. To address this problem, a novel MIMO radar waveform design method based on mutual information in the presence of clutter and colored noise is proposed. The proposed scheme considers the influence of the target's response, clutter and colored noise on the optimization of the radar waveform. The mathematical expression for the transmit waveform matrix is achieved by theoretical derivation. What is more important, an optimal pairing of the eigenvectors of the target, clutter and colored noise is given and the power allocation for each antenna is optimized by the water-filling method. Simulation results show that when the total transmit power is 10dB, the proposed method's MI is 8bit and 4bit more than that of the general water-filling method and the method which only considers the pairing of the target's response and noise, respectively.

Key words: mutual information, waveform design, multiple input multiple output radar, clutter, colored noise