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Work pattern recognition method based on feature fusion

LIU Gaogao1(),HUANG Dongjie1(),XI Xin1(),LI Hao2(),CAO Xuyuan2()   

  1. 1. School of Electronic Engineering,Xidian University,Xi’an 710071,China
    2. Key Laboratory of Electronic Information Control,the 29th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation,Chengdu 610036,China
  • Received:2023-01-24 Online:2023-12-20 Published:2024-01-22


Operational pattern recognition is one of the important means in the field of intelligence reconnaissance and electronic countermeasures,which is to determine the function and behavior of radar through signal processing and analysis.With the diversification of modern airborne radar functions,the corresponding signal styles are becoming more and more complex,and the increasingly complex reconnaissance environment also leads to the uneven quality of reconnaissance signals,which brings about great difficulties to the traditional operational pattern recognition methods.To solve this problem,based on the existing work pattern recognition methods,a new work pattern recognition method is proposed,which integrates parameter feature recognition and D-S evidence theory recognition.First,for the radiation source characteristic signals processed by each reconnaissance plane,the feature parameter recognition algorithm is used to quickly obtain the working mode information,and the recognition results are verified by the D-S evidence theory.Second,for the signal that can not be recognized by a single platform,the method of D-S evidence theory fusion recognition is used to distinguish the working mode.From the theoretical analysis,it can be concluded that the algorithm has the advantages of fast operation speed and simple structure,and that the new fusion recognition method can improve the recognition accuracy of the working mode.Finally,the feasibility of the method is verified by simulation.

Key words: airborne radar, characteristic parameters, D-S evidence theory, mode recognition

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