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  1. (济宁市人才市场 信息与网上市场部,山东 济宁 272000)
  • 出版日期:2013-08-15 发布日期:2013-09-25
  • 作者简介:魏志静(1981—),女,硕士,工程师。研究方向:电子信息,人力资源服务。E-mail:48363001@qq.com

Design and Implementation of Overall Solution to Employment Service Information

WEI Zhijing   

  1. (Department of Information and On-Line Marketing,Jining Talent Market,Jining 272000,China)
  • Online:2013-08-15 Published:2013-09-25



关键词: 就业服务信息化, 人力资源配置, 电子终端, 客户服务, 呼叫中心


In order to reduce the job supply and demand information asymmetry caused by frictional unemployment and further improve the success rate of human resource allocation,an overall solution to the employment services information is designed and implemented.The program proposed relies on a professional job recruitment sites,and different electronic terminals are researched and developed to meet the employment needs of different groups.The terminal hardware and software designs are described.The program extends the recruitment business to the streets (township) of human resources and social security,community,universities,supermarkets,railway stations,etc.,thus expanding the coverage of employment information.The program has found practical uses with good results.

Key words: Employment service information;human resources;electronic terminal;Customer Service;Call Center


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