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  1. (广东农工商职业技术学院 机电系,广东 广州 510507)
  • 出版日期:2014-01-15 发布日期:2014-01-12
  • 作者简介:姚曙光(1971—),男,实验师。研究方向:计算机应用,物联网。E-mail:ysg_yaoshuguang@yeah.net

A Trusted Network Information Security Technology for the E-commerce Platform

 YAO Shu-Guang   

  1. (Department of Mechanics & Electrics,Guangdong Agriculture-Industry-Business Polytechnic College,Guangzhou 510507,China)
  • Online:2014-01-15 Published:2014-01-12



关键词: Web服务, 信息加密, 电子签名, 访问控制, 入侵检测, 信息安全


Safety and reliability is an important index of the overall performance of the electronic commerce platform.In order to improve the dependability and security of electronic commerce platform,this paper analyzes the main security technology of e-business adoption,and proposes an effective security protection electronic commerce platform method to improve the application of modern encryption theory,integrity and security,intrusion detection,digital signature and authentication technology in electronic commerce.The experimental results show that the trusted security protection techniques proposed in this paper is of value for the ASP model of electronic commerce system.

Key words: web services;information encryption;electronic signatures;access control;intrusion detection;information security


  • TP393.08