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  1. (西安电子科技大学 电子工程学院,陕西 西安 710071)
  • 出版日期:2015-10-15 发布日期:2015-10-29
  • 作者简介:杨亮(1983—),男,硕士研究生。研究方向:电路与系统,DSP系统应用。E-mail:yl990212@163.com

Design of a Boost DC/DC Converter Based on Phase-shifted Full-bridge Technology

YANG Liang,ZHANG Qinglei,WANG Zhenzhen,WANG Chuangang   

  1. (School of Electronic Engineering,Xidian University,Xi'an 710071,China)
  • Online:2015-10-15 Published:2015-10-29

摘要: 设计了一种DSP控制移相全桥ZVS软开关式DC/DC升压变换器。主变换电路使用了移相全桥设计,能较好地实现零电压通断,且转换效率明显提高。控制电路采用DSP处理器控制,能有效地进行实时校正,获得稳定输出,同时由于软件控制调整移相角α,可实现直流输出的宽范围调整,具有较高的工程应用价值。

关键词: 移相控制, ZVS软开关, TMS320F2812

Abstract: This paper designs a DSP control ZVS phase shifted full bridge soft switching DC/DC boost converter.It can better achieve zero-voltage-off and increase in conversion efficiency due to the design of main converter circuit using f a phase-shifted full-bridge.The control unit adopts the DSP processor for effective real-time correction and stable output.The software control for adjusting the phase angle alpha realizes a wide range of DC output adjustment.

Key words: phase shift control;ZVS soft switching;TMS320F2812


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